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Cryptogram - puzzle quotes

Cryptogram - puzzle quotes for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Paul Lammertsma Dev located at Gustav-Gullplatz 1 8004 Zurich. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like cryptograms. But I like having the ability to check and see if the letter's right without a counting against me. I guess that makes me a little bit slack. And this is shallow but I don't like that it's capital and lowercase letters, please pick one.
Very relaxing app, works really well. I like the themes and the quotes give you a lot to think about Would recommend.
Enjoying the puzzles, just wish the ads weren't so loud, or an option to turn down the sound of ads without having to turn off media volume.
Even if you have never done cryptograms before, this is the one to try. Every puzzle has a hint, and your curser moves instinctively, which is less bother for you. The topics are helpful, the punctuation provided is helpful, and the finished quotes are always enjoyable. Give it a try. It is so relaxing and fun.
Really great crypto puzzle app with hundreds of thought-provoking quotes with more quotes added periodically. A great mental workout for all ages.
Excellent playing format! Flows well and easy to use right from the start. Challenging and fresh; a welcome step up from word search puzzles!
can i please turn off the ridiculous confetti animation?? i only noticed this the last few days. make it stop!
It's nice to see all the quotes from famous people. An interesting way to pass the time. I'm not CRAZY about it though. It's just not really my thing. But a cool puzzle game nonetheless.
It's a good app. Puzzles are nice. Some of the quotes are never heard. App can be improved by making it more user friendly and graphics can be improved too. Try to make it more attractive and eye catchy.
Great game to really get your brain working. From the start it gets you thinking, which makes a nice change. One of the best puzzle word games I have tried. I love the fact that there are no fancy graphics, there is just you and the puzzle.🤔👍
Difficulty ramps up quickly. I find it enjoyable to a point, but without stronger clues, I find myself having to use hints more than I'd like.
Dude this is a must have app on your phone good for your mental health. not only it activates your analytical thinking but it also feeds you lessons in life through these very meaningful quotes. Its also ads free which means no popups and interruptions so your mind is at peace and feels like meditating. This is an honest personal review. Thank you for this.
We should have had alphabets which we could replace with other letters. This is what we have in cryptogram books.
This is a code breaker game you're trying to figure out what relatively well known phrase the given letters stand for. Some of the puzzles can get frustrating but there are hints and a "reveal incorrect" tool to help. You can also give feedback on puzzles (too hard, too easy, etc). Overall a very fun puzzle game. Things to be aware:very English language focused.you can't replay completed puzzles. Negative: it's unclear how "scoring" works.
Letting my brain have some challenges. Like reveal mistakes, I mean you get it right the first time, every time
I expected some cipher in the substitute alphabet to solve, of which I found none. But it is still a great time passer with quotes to learn.
Great game. Makes you think and also provides some intersting and handy quotes on all sorts of topics. I'm really enjoying it.
I really like the puzzles but sometimes feel like it could use a little bit of variety in the color scheme or backgrounds. I also wish they had laid it out so it feels like you are progressing somehow, such as levels or a point system...etc.
Very easy to use and habit forming! Quotes are not difficult; I think I only used a clue once or twice.
Much better than paper and pencil version because it fills in every repeated letter automatically. I enjoy this app so much that I wouldn't even mind watching ads to play it.
Wow, this app is INSANELY Great!, just one more problem, some of these phrases are hard to guess, some of them I don't know, but, THIS IS AWSOME!
I'm hooked! I love this game! It's great way to build dendrites while killing time. The puzzles are just hard enough to keep you working for your wins! ... If you like puzzles, you won't be disappointed. There are hundreds to choose from through a myriad of subjects. With more puzzles coming out on a regular basis, you'll find it hard to get to the bottom of the list. It's endless, I say!! 🤣 And there are ZERO ANNOYING ADS TO DEAL WITH! GREAT JOB DEVELOPER! 🥂
BRAVO! literally the best game I've ever played. It's a bit hard, and that makes it challenging, but when I try harder, i finish the puzzle. Really great app, i highly recommend. Keep it up
I really liked the quotes in it.The quotes are inspirational.It's also a fun puzzle to spend some time.
If you love word puzzles, this is the game for you. Extremely engaging, free, and no annoying ads or in app purchases interrupting you as you work your way through what feels like an endless collection of inspiring, interesting, and challenging cryptograms.
I'm enjoying this app. Haven't found any glitches yet. Not quite clear on the scoring but I suspect the longer you take to solve a puzzle the lower your score. Still, who's counting?
I love this game and look forward to notifications of new puzzles. Thank you for the update that solves my previous bug bear regarding the difficulty of finding the "missijg" puzzles when already existing puzzles are uodated/replaced. Going to make aying so much easier to scroll back to puzzle #1 and advance to "next unsolved puzzle". (Rating and review edited to reflect change).
Like the quotes. Easy to play. Easy to get hints along the way, without having to use coins, or watch ads, like so many other games.
it's a beautiful game. step by step you'll get clue while solving puzzles. improves vocabulary power, and also improves your guessing power.
I got to install this after I saw this app in my feed. And since then, this app has never disappointed me ! The quotes dispell a lot of wisdom and the game is challenging and fun. However, in quote #617, it has been mistakenly attributed to Kahlil Gibran instead of Rabindranath Tagore. Hope this is fixed soon! Edit: Thank you for fixing the bug! Also, you can add a search bar where one can search the already solved quotes based on author/first word of the quote. I often try to find but can't.
Wonderful game. Worth giving five stars but reserved one star for the future expecting more categories.
Some are fairly easy and some are quite hard. Pretty good mix for different levels of experience. I'm enjoying the game.
Really good little time killer. Sometimes very challenging. My only issue is (very minor usability) that it is not super easy to navigate using buttons near the keyboard and tapping the correct place in the quote can be tricky as they are very small. It would be nice to have buttons for next letter, previous space, etc. Also if the next button would select duplicated (red) letters, that would be super
I've been playing this game off & on for years. It's really well-designed, has a ton of puzzles, AND recently received a new batch. Really impressed it's still being maintained. Thanks so much!
Such a great game. Its challenging but relaxing. The quotes are uplifting and very rewarding to solve. I'll be playing this daily for a very long time!
Overall a good App. The increased delay between ads makes it way better. Maybe the game should give a little bit more clarity about the effect hints have on your score.
The is absolutely amazing, it improves your knowledge and thoughts about different situations. And I recommend this super app, and I wish that we see more from you
Really great game, challenging but not frustrating, and a great selection of quotes. Highly recommended to people who enjoy word puzzles.
A nice little puzzle. Find out the quotation by working out what letter has been substituted with what. It works very well on small screen. The quotations themselves are a bit bonkers - lots of inspirational quotes which are a bit wearing, and I prefer the scientific ones. Quite few I can't believe are by the people they are attributed to, but again it's mainly the inspirational ones which exhort you to do various things. I find the difficulty of the Puzzles just right, but you can get clues.
I love this game! It is both engaging and fun! Thank you for developing something different than the rest 😊
A very nice, entertaining cryptogram game, with options for font and recognizable quoted sources. You can choose to have a few letters revealed at the start, but you can't choose which letters those will be... a minor gripe.
Lots of fun. I've been playing this every spare moment in the 3 days since I downloaded it. I love that all of the spaces with the same letter are filled in/deleted simultaneously. My only suggestion is that the puzzles should be able to be sorted by theme.
Cryptogram puzzles are one of my favorites to solve! The app is very easy to navigate and I love that I can skip around. I also like that I can play when I am not online. One thing I would change is to mix up the categories a little bit, other than that, it's a great app!
Fun and learning. It can really help your brain be functional. Think through it and solve for the right words. I really love the motivational quotes in this game.
This game is soft, yet hard on the mind. I feel relaxed, but my thoughts are restless. It expands the ranks of vocabulary. I would love for you to keep tending to this masterpiece, bettering it any time you can. 🤝
Very relaxing, hard to think about anything else while I'm doing this. Also difficult to quit playing.
This is a great game with a very cool concept that also enhance language learning combined with some awesome historical quotes. Thank you!
Some are easy because I know that particular quote, but others are a bit of trial and error. Loving it.
I've always loved doing cryptograms. The puzzles included here range from very easy to somewhat brain taxing.
It'll be a little frustrating at first til I get the hang. I grew up watching my mom do these for fun & was always like "huh!? How she figure that?!" Guess they were big stuff back in the 50s & 60s cause she could do em in her sleep if she wanted to.
A clever, thought provoking game. If you can't spell, this game isn't for you. Personally I enjoy the difficulty of guessing the correct letters. There aren't a kazillion in game ads either. Definitely a great game for thinkers and vocabulists.
This is not typically my kind of game...the ad from another game got my attention and I'm glad I gave it a chance. I love trying to figure out the most logical word/letter placement and the quotes are awesome.
I love these puzzles and don't get newspaper that has it often. These have been enjoyable for me! Only negative is the 5sec add after each one but it's only 5 sec.
I LOVE this app!!! So relaxing, challenging, and brain stimulating...all at the same time. And help is there if you need it, just a click away. The only problem is...I need more puzzles because I finished them all!😫 Please, please, please create some new ones soon! I just want to personally thank you for creating more puzzles. I am very inspired by your choices! Thank you, thank you thank you!
In general this is a lot of fun to play and the puzzles are challenging. My only complaint is the repetition of Family Guy clues. It seems lazy to stick with a single show (that I don't watch) considering the universe of available quotes. Thanks to the developers to allow me to Go To specific puzzle numbers and bypass blocks of quotes.
Excellent game! Without Ads too! Works perfectly and it's really fun too. Looking forward to the next batch of crypties! I made a donation a couple of weeks back, keep up the good work!
This is very fun and had a lot of enjoyable quotes to find. There are sometimes a lot of ads, and I keep the volume down.
Great interface. Although it has ads, none have exceeded 5 seconds yet. I will update my review if they do, so you'll know in advance, too.
While the cryptograms are challenging enough to be fun, what you are deciphering also gives meaning (quotes from Ghandi etc) and makes you look forward to reading/revealing the puzzles. An excellent attempt at cryptography, although at most points i find myself guessing words rather than deciphering.
The game is good but the ads have sounds and I can't play this while listening to an audiobook which is the whole purpose of why I downloaded the game. I don't understand why developers of apps don't mute ads by default. It's enough we have to watch them, we don't have to listen to them.
First of all, I really love the game and the quotes too! I am very thankful I don't have to pay for anything and I am totally enjoying the game. I only play games offline and nothing seems wrong with the app, my friends and I love the design and how clean it was.
I've really enjoyed this game so far. I love solving cryptograms and this has plenty, with a nice interface. 5+ stars
Numerous updates have come along and I really enjoy the continued developments here. Quotes are thought-provoking and encourage a balanced perspective.
Nice app. Plays well. Plays smooth. Ads are between puzzles so thats all good. I'm really liking this puzzle game
Hi Paul, I absolutely loved and enjoyed Cryptogram. The sheer amount of dedication and hard work poured into the game is just amazing and I would like to suggest a poet whose work will positively influence your game. Allama Iqbal is a renowned and the most influential Pakistani poet whose poems are studied in great depth even till today. I would highly appreciate if you add some of his quotes to Cryptogram. Today also happens to be his death anniversary :)
It is a great thing to practice your brain but as you play the game there are stages where its really impossible to identify the answers.
There are a lot of puzzles that vary in difficulty and they are all fun to solve. I could spend hours on this app.
Love puzzles that make you think, instead of just pushing a button and watching the wheels turn and lights flashing
Just started a couple of days ago. Got every one so far but perhaps it's easy early on. Enjoyable. I'm sure it will get more difficult. Good inspirational and instructional quotes as well.
I really like this version of cryptogram puzzle games. The quotes are pretty good, there are lots of customizations under the settings and it's a user-friendly interface. 2 changes I'd like: I'd rather have the "How do I play?" and "Gameplay tips" under the settings so only hints are available when clicking on the lightbulb icon. Also remove the heart icon from next to "Donate" so it's less distracting or have a one-time payment option that would make "Donate" not appear in the settings menu.
The game worked well and I enjoyed it until Android pushed a patch that broke the app. It broke several, actually, but I was able to re-download the others and get them working. But this game seems permanently broken. When I click on it, the splash screen comes up, then it slams closed immediately. I have re-downloaded it and reinstalled it, but no luck. My other apps that broke from the Android patch are all working again, but not this one.
I give this app a 5 stars! Hooray! :) I love its feature - where I can go to the next level whenever I can't answer my current level - which I found nice. A simple mind blowing activity for a person like me whose killing time, most of the time. HAHAHA. And I do not need to buy anything such as coins, etc. All I need to do is PLAY! And it's FREE! ;) Very addictive, so far. And I love it! ;* - Yhen
This game is very fun and takes up time and is a little challenging but not to much that you get frustrated or don't want to play it anymore. This game has BEAUTIFUL inspiring quotes that truly make you feel good 👍.
Very well designed. Great selection of quotes. It's a great game to have if you only have a few minutes to kill. I do find myself playing it far longer than I intended, but that just shows how much fun it is. There are ads, but not too many.
This is a great game. I usually do from 10 to 15 a day. Great alternative to Sudoku, which I also play. My only problem with the game... I can't find out what the star on each quote is for....
Nice way to test your mind and it has great feel good quotes..even if it challenging it's so worth it when u get the quote
Love this game and have sunk a lot of time into it. I'm so happy that new puzzles are constantly added. I came here to inquire about why some puzzles get reset on updates, and suggest a "go to next unsolved puzzle button" but it seems that this was already suggested a few days ago. I'd love to see that implemented! Keep up the amazing work!