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Cryptogram for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Andreas Schulz. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is repackaged Sudoku!!! Certainly something is lost in translation because although this has elements of cryptography and cryptograms, it in no way meets mere sufficiency to be referred to as cryptograms....I prefer "logic puzzle" or "algebra" as more apt designations. Whatever these crypto-pop terms that are also used...I have no idea what they are supposed to convey other than "math." A better title to go with, & this is absolute gold...for free, is "Fancy Dan Math Game for the Closet Sudoku Fan."
Straight forwards problem solving game/exercise. While tempted, did not need to breakout the linear algebra; only careful reading/scanning. Would like to see a pseudo-random stage generator option w/ difficulty options in the future... cant describe how to implement w/out spoiling the fun of discovering new patterns.
Frustrating! Good game. Awesome graphics. No annoying ads. I could only manage to work 5 levels. Maybe some levels that are a bit easier?
Loved it. I wish there were way more levels. Perhaps an option for planned vs. generated? Varying difficulty degrees? One minor inconvenience, the rack for unused tiles is exactly in the position my screen uses for the menu pull down. Not overly frustrating, just minor! Nice job. Simple. Relaxing - I enjoyed (for real!) not being sent into a seizure while the game attempts to captivate everyone with ADD.
each puzzle tests you logic, problem solving, and flexibility. most of the times, i need some note to write down the equations and every probability to solve the problem. but, that's why it was so interesting and fun! thanks for making this great game! :)
Better than the word-cryptos. I'll keep it, waiting for more levels. It's the best thing to zone out with. I think a generator would be better than a few handmade levels.
Fantastic game if you like this type of maths problem, used up a couple of hours of my time to do the 10 available levels. If you were going to expand it I would recommend adding an undo feature or at least a button to clear the board. Also the levels get hard quickly so plenty of opportunity to expand by adding more easier levels. But overall throughly enjoyable.
Clever, fun, doable but challenging! Only 10 levels, but hopefully more to come. Grabbing tiles at the top of the screen sometimes pulls down UI notifications; maybe fixable?
Great little game. I come back to it about once a year and play it all over again. Good mental exercise.
A cool game but since there are so few levels, it takes less than an hour to finish the whole thing. Still quite challenging though.
Brief but good 'fun', this app consists of 10 littles brain teasers which I solved in a few days, leisurely. Thanks. Since it is not likely to be developed into new exercises, I am installing it now.
Nice little puzzle. Would be nice if the number of different types of tiles you have to use was written somewhere on the screen. Knowing all ten tiles needed to be used was sometimes useful, but counting the colours could lead to a mistake, while using tiles to count took a bit of time.
Great game especially considering there are no ads. Just the right level of difficulty. Wish there were more levels. A couple annoying little quirks: the screen won't stay on, and a couple times a level reset itself if I came back to it after a few hours.
Quite interesting, please make the screen stay on while playing, it's really annoying because these take some thought and so the screen keeps turning off.
This is a great game that is perfect for when you've got a minute here and there and want to simulate your brain on a math level ranging from basic to challenging.
amazing stuff! I fully understand why only 10 levels, but I do like to have more! handpicked is better. Don't forget to enjoy your free time
Thanks for no ads. I loved this puzzle style and want more content. A slight tutorial or an instructions option would not go amiss either. But still loved this
Had to rate 4 before even trying it as it does not require any extra access to my phone like other games. Privacy is something I have learned to appreciate! :-) If it's good I will review again and up it to 5.
It took me a long time to figure some of these out. Its not just logic, but putting yourself out there and testing different ideas that will make you win. For one level, I ended up programming my calculator to give me the list of possible values because it was so hard. It's way more fun to solve it by hand though, which is why I enjoyed most of these levels so much. Thank you.
Game was well-done and very enjoyable. I look forward to more levels in the future. The music was nice but got a bit monotonous; maybe a variety of tracks would be nice. The game itself though was a blast. Thanks!
Great game! Solved all puzzles, loved them all. Would be nice to have a level generator with adjustable difficulty. Longer numbers usually means greater difficulty. Division/multiplication is harder than addition/subtraction. If you wrote this in C or Python, I could try to put together a level generator if you have no time.
Loved this game. Just the right amount of training until it got tough. I'm thrilled to have gotten through all levels. I highly recommend this!
First, if you're expecting a typical Cryptograms game where you have to break a code to translate a quote, look for another app. This one has nothing to do with that type of Cryptogram. Having said that, I did enjoy this game. There are only a handful of puzzles, and I blew through them in 2 days. But, it's a free game without ads, and I enjoyed it while it lasted, so I won't complain.
Awesome, very challenging. Im not the trial and error kind so I ended up with one sheet of paper by level full of equations, matrixes, precedence digraphs, specifications of ranges and possible values. So much fun! Randomly genereted levels should be allright if they are the same for everyone. Thank you!
Could finish all of them except puzzle 9. There is a mistake in puzzle 9. It is un-workable. Try finding the correct position for 1 and 0 and u find that none of the positions fit.
Awesome mind challenge. Great mix of easy and challenging. I can tell you worked hard to put these together. Can't wait for more. The included music off option is very useful when you need to concentrate.
Fun, challenging, music was great. Issues: No screen locking (motorolla droid), so you have to touch the screen or it will time out. Short. But considering the limitations of development, a great find! And no ads! I would love to see a puzzle pack with more levels.
My friend showed me this app because she was looking for word cryptograms, and then I got this app and played it. I ended up really enjoying it! I would LOVE there to be more levels. I don't care if they're handmade or generated. If the generated ones are actually interested, then that's fine. Wonderful game!
It is encouraging to find an app that makes me use my brain rather than the mindless click bait so prevalent in the app store. Visually neat. Well made.
Great game, some levels took more time then others, cause they were really hard to guess from first look, byt if you take a short rest and look again to it you will find a solution. It has very few levels but as it is free and wout ads I give it 5stars
Very nice game. Challenging but very playable. Love it. Wish there are more levels though. Perhaps as suggested by the creator of this game, an in-game generator will be good, with the option to pass a level if the generator came up with some crazy unsolvable level... Looking forward to new updates with more levels and or a generator. Please please please keep the levels coming. Love to continue to play