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Crypto Treasures

Crypto Treasures for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Phoneum located at Trinity Chambers, PO Box 4301 Road Town, Tortola VG1110. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great app. Consistant. Honest. This game linked with my PHT cloud miner/earning so the coins are shared in real time. Idk if that was intended but its extremely useful.
earning free cryptos for real. Not going to get rich but ads aren't crazy in your face and the app is fun. it's like the command center for all the games as well. keeps track of your crypto. right on good app.
Bitcoin, ethereum and litcoin are not increasing with the most tries in this regard please pay what have remained there in our wallet staying there would not make any sense!
Used to be 5 stars but now only 3 stars. When BTT and BTZC starting going up they adjusted the pay out to fractional coins but they doubled the min withdraw from 100 to 200. So its a double whammy. It takes you 2 to 3 times longer to earn coins and you need double then before (6x harder to withdraw).All of the games have different wallets. The BTC, LTC, ETH, and TRX all have extremely high withdraws. Again pay out was adjusted but not withdraw. If issues are fixed i will change back to 5 stars.
It a great game in particular, so fun and the reward worth more i love it and I play it everyday not only for the fun also to gain. I made transfer of 20,000 of PHT on my crypto treasure wallet to my tronlink wallet and I try to return it back to crypto treasure wallet the transaction was complete but the Crypto did not deliver, Pls you guys should help it all my gain for 6 months pls do something pls THANKS
very interesting game to play. Lots of tasks to earn. Lots of interesting challenges. Lots of choices on what to earn. Not like some decelopers who say this is the coin you are going to earn and thats it.
Simply Needs Work, don't tell me to adjust my review fix the game then I'll think about it. For future reference work on the communication skills. O ya almost forgot fun game good job.
Passable app overall. Looks and functions perfectly fine. Very bare bones tho, with very little that resembles a "game" you can collect items, open chests, spin the wheel and play Rock paper scissors then watch a bunch of ads. That's literally all you do. You can collect PHT which is cool but the other 6 Tron based tokens are basically useless. Theres only like 6 that they give out. All the other altcoins listed are there as dummies since you never obtain them. Game doesn't give BTC.
lots of real earning games on play store but this game and other PHONUEM games are different, no advertise, no foul play, only real! your rewards depend on your activities and I love them much!one thing I must tell to share is you can help our mother nature by playing there games too!so guy's try to check this out I told you this is the real game and I know you would love it too!
Love this game! Get all the phoneum apps to get free crypto. Last month the value of phm went up and I had a balance of 20$ it dropped again but it's very likely to go back up. Update: Well after 2 years playing this game, I'm ready to give it up. As soon as a coin becomes worth anything it's removed from the game and the only option is to swap for pht with a much lower value. Disappointed!
Stopped working yesterday and havent been able to go on since. The loading screen comes up and you see the "in game" background but then it crashes and goes back to the mobile home screen. Not a bad game. Not much to do but if you put the grind in you can earn some coins albeit they have little value and you have to earn so much before you can transfer them.
So far so good!!!! If ur gonna play games to try and make money, play crypto games like this, just do research and ask questions about how digital wallets work, how crypto works, and this game and others are 100 percent legit so far imo.
I can't log back to game I hope I can get my payment it's been 24 hrs since my request of payment. I will change my review as soon as I get my Payment thank you Crypto Treasures.
My review was deleted. Don't like people telling that it gives then takes all you got if you don't get it out at the right time without giving any heads up that partnerships are ending. They probably kept the high market cap coins on just cause they know they will never give enough for people to actually be able to collect. Way better crypto games out there that actually pay out.
As far a crypto games go it is one of the best I've seen. Sadly I was logged out of my account and lost all my points due to a bug in the system. I accumulated a lot of crypto which I tried to withdraw and just then the game kicked me. All my progress down the drain. Developers please restore my game play under my email and let me continue from where I was. Also provide with a direct app to withdraw pht without problems cause I have 36k tokens that cannot be used anywhere...
great app, it does what it says mini games that give you crypto currency is a long game app though no quick wins but what app gives you a quick win
Fairly good but little actual gameplay or community so you're looking for good crypto rewards and thats lacking. I've played for 2 months now and only accumulated $3.50 of coins in that time having watched at least an infinite (!) number of ads. Too many different crypto coins so hard to reach withdrawal limits and most coins are not ones you would usually look for (or probably heard of). Several bugs\glitches as well. Has potential but rewards need to improve although I appreciate its free.
Phoneum continues to steal from its users daily. When confronted about their shady practices and receiving threats of litigation, they updated the TOS and made a check box you must check before you can play. So instead of stopping the constant bait and switch tactics and reductions of promised/paid for rewards, they just covered their own a$$.
Game continuously gets worse over time. It gets slower and slower to be able to withdraw, and they keep raising the limits! It literally takes months to earn a couple dollars, spending maybe 5 to 10 minutes a day at the same time every day. I just cashed out what I could and I'm done with this game after maybe a year of playing. No more ad revenue from me.
is leveling up will unlock some features or some games to gain up more gold or pht / other crypto? this app is interesting but very lack of explanation. i hope more features will be add
My experience of 10 days playing this game ,this is worthless guys for just couple of dollers ,these apps make revenue with their ads ,if you play any game after 3 games you have to watch an ad , means in 1 hour you have to watch 20+ ads , worthless don't download for just couple of dollers ! Stay away
it's a good game but when you win a quest chest and there is no add you totally get screwed. you get nothing for the win!!
Nice App! A bit tiring to flip a coin but it's fun. I have no idea about PHT wallet / address. Now I have .00000500 crypto. I will see if I can withdraw this and how much the minimum withdrawal.
I like this APP because it's Syncing or Sharing Wallet with Cloud Earnings PHT , & so make it a little faster to get to Withdrawal Milestone But my Observation is on the Other coin like Btc, Ltc, Ether & TRON; Please its not possible to get to Withdrawal Milestones, can you please create Conversion of those Coin to PHT 🙏🙏🙏
The app is entertaining for a while but then it becomes repetitive, so boring. They have "challenges" where it is only possible for pay to play to win. I should rephrase that, when they have challenges, they rarely have challenges. The only tokens I ever seen to get now are Tron tokens and they are just plain useless, no real world value. I only keep this app around because I've used it for this long. I'm sure I have plenty more not to like about this app but it eventually cuts me off. AVOID APP
although unclear about how the currency will be utilized, the game is a true treasure hunt and I love it !
When I first started playing the game unbelievably fair. But seems like any other shameless games they changed the withdrawal target from a 100 crypto to now 500 that's just crazy. I really thought that this game would be a game changer but unfortunately they started to show thier real color. Sooner or later this will drastically affect PHT support badly. Shame on you Dev team.
I'm still kind of getting the hang of this game not sure if I should trust it completely fully but it is kind of interesting and it keeps your mind of elements but still not sure if I want to trust in trading or sending money out on the blockchain to another wallet I only have like three wallets I guess you're supposed to have a shitload more I got to get busy I should have done this a long time ago regrets and not learning about this sooner
I'm loving the game been playing it now for few months. However I reached level 40 an now XP says max. Will there be new levels an new addition to the game or is the game over at level 40? I really hope not because I paid over $1000 invested. I still have over 335 days in captain status triple play which cost near $200 alone. Please fix this. Add more levels. I want a full refund of upgrade package or I will file a lawsuit. Or promptly upgrade an reward us for losing after paying!!
Yes, it's quirky, and no one is ever going to get rich playing it, but for a casual time-killer, it is much better than the other PHT games. The amounts are small, even over long periods of time, but they do payout, which is not something every crypto game can claim.
I like this game app but recently a bug ocurred... The spin wheel just says loading... It worked in morning ph time... But now not again...customer service said its just net and android phone but mine its not... Coz i can still play call of duty mobile smoothly... Even mobile legends plays smoothly... Please fix it
I do enjoy this game and believe PHT has massive potential. My only critic is that I don't ever get BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX only in the beginning of the game. The other tokens are good but honestly if I can't get the other Coins as mentioned rather not have them on display. Otherwise keep it up!!
For now I'm giving it 5 Stars. It's slow going earning crypto but I'm earning. I noticed when I go into the wallet that there are cryptos being discontinued by the game. It takes a large amount before u can even think to withdraw. Now I have to wait and see if I lose any crypto collected when something I have is discontinued and I'm not at the minimum withdrawal. That will change the game to 0 Stars. To be updated...
No rewards after sending it to my klever wallet. What's going on? Update: Payment came through thanks! Update: made another 7 transactions and more than 48hrs passed and haven't got it
It keeps on updating but your winnings keeps on decreasing after this last update my bitcoin cash is missing how's that for an update
Nice app. Happy to play with. I will give 5 star when I can withdraw the coin. I definitely recommend this app.
Great game. Please help us with work on pht value. I would also suggest more interactive games. Some times I just open for 5 minutes and almost nothing to do. Please add more mini games and quests. Even if it's for little reward. Great game guys. Keep up the good work. I forgot to add. Fast withdrawals too. Thanks phoenum
just started will update when I figure everything out and what's a good wallet to use to deposit pht without losing it I have coinbase and lumi
nice game ... the last star will be added when fractions of the big coin starts becoming available ... thanks to the game developers!!!
The game's nice and all. I earn a fair amount of Phoneum and other cryptocurrencies. The issue now is with the withdrawal of the crypto currency.....it keeps showing transaction pending. I hope you'd look into the issue. When it's resolved you'd have my five star rating ✔️🤝
Was a great game. Had few glitches with few losses of dig treasures. Had to jump thru hoops to rectify but still did not get reimbursed. Had great potential for buy ins and long term play until update cut-down the payputs to fractions that aren't worth anything at all. Waste of time and investment for PHT games.
it's good so far been on for 7 min and actually got paid. It was a little but still it's the first game that paid 👍
I just started playing, My treasure chest open fine. The rocks, paper scissors is fantastic oldie but goodie!! And who doesn't love to spin a wheel!! I think the game is an amazing concept, fun to play and Phoneum an interesting project!
Way too many ads for the rewards, the blockchain chest is pointless as you spend more value in phoneum to open it one time than youll get out of 100 chests (not exaggerating), its buggy. Its not a 1 star though, as it is somewhat decent in that it actually gives you some scraps rather than being a complete scam
Love it! Love the idea of playing games to earn crypto. Awesome interface; simple and could be used by all ages.
Please add auto spin, so annoying having to wait for every spin. I dont care about ads but the auto spin is the one feature that will make it more enjoyable, other than that its a good app it just needs auto spin
Very good experience with this app especially, however I believe all 4 or 5 of their apps are great. Cloud Earning PHT, Crypto Connect 3, ALL OF THEM GET ALL THEM NOW LOL! I am sure the earnings won't be so plentiful 6 months to a year from now. Highly Recommend thank you to the creators.
Very good game and I hope that the Phm coin to go up. Keep it like that with the game and I hope a little easily to earn coin will be great.👍
ok. this game has been very solid. i changed my initial review from 3 stars to 4. why and because is this app is very stable. the company makes good apps very stable as well. however.... please email detail on how two transfer two bitcoin from the accumulate currency within the app. very confusing.
The app is good, but after checking the speed by which you earn pht and the exchange rate, it's not really worth the fifth star.
One star, because in order to claim the treasure, they force you to buy the ruby with real money. And it costs 15 euro. I'll adjust my rating if devs confirm there's another way to get the ruby.
pretty cool game for finding differnt crypto, very few ads and they actually give you something for watching the ads, not sure what I'm supposed to do with these tokens so. just going to let them sit in here until I need to move them I guess. I didn't give it 5 stars yet because I havnt withdrew yet when I do and it works definitely get the 5 stars!!?
99 dollars vip and the rewards are terrible Vip member here and not once has it given even a small percentage of bit or eth. Always some mousecoin or rpi that hold no value at all and need special wallets. Have been playing for months and still haven't received any coins that have any value. Game developer is making a fortune and should reward the players accordingly. Until I see the developer actually giving small pieces back to the players I wouldn't recommend downloading any phoneum app
Out of all the boring games there are to collect Bitcoin this is by far one of the funnest that I've ever played. I actually enjoy this game very much ,great job.
Hi, I would like to know if there is a problem with the app since yesterday? It is stuck in the main screen and cannot move forward to the game. I'll change my rating back to 5 once the game is fixed again. Thank you.
Still having a blast collecting the crypto! The game(& Phoneum in general)create a fun, easy way for newbies to acquaint themselves with the crypto universe. Thanks Phoneum, keep up the great work!
So far so good!!!! If ur gonna play games to try and make money, play crypto games like this, just do research and ask questions about how digital wallets work, how crypto works, and this game and others are 100 percent legit so far imo. Update!!! All withdrawals have worked. Pricing should go back to pre crypto explosion levels, now.
Edit: There are now two issues, I just had to drop to my rating to 1 star because of #2: 2)Also, I purchased the $3.99 adventure starter kit. You took the money from my account but you didn't give me my purchase. That's pretty bad. Real bad. I'll be filing a complaint to Google about this. 1)There doesn't appear to be a way to shut of that annoyingly repetitive music! That's enough for me to quit playing!!!
If you're looking for a game to generate cryptocurrency, this is one of the worst. But! If you're just getting into cryptocurrency, this is kinda great. Games are trivial (rock-paper-scissors, spin the wheel) but you earn chests for random, worthless Tron based coins (with a small chance for BTC, ETH, or LTC) and min withdraw limit. This got me curious and I ended up learning a TON about Tron Coin and it's subtypes. I'm actually really having fun collecting coins now.
pretty good so far . seem to accumulate decent although I haven't tried to withdraw any funds yet . will update with a review after a few weeks when I try to cash out earned crypto
Shouldn't be hard for the rock paper scissor to be accessed with a single swipe instead of pressing a button. Apart from that its the infinite quest to the red ruby that won't ever be found. Sometimes the last 2x wheel spin delivers the regular 1x prize. Entertaining as such
Worst game I've ever played. extremely slow game play, but at least they have a multitude of overpriced things to buy! it's about digging and treasure. the fastest dig option is 8 hours, but you can always pay to speed it up. bad graphics, no storyline and really uninteresting. waste of time.
pretty fun game. saved up for a couple weeks then used the gold in the shop for special crates. seems good and I'll keep trying.
I keep getting ripped off on chests. I complete a task, No ads at this time try again later BOOM disappears can't try later. I wait the 24 hours for a chest game freezes or some other BS never gets redeemed
I give them a decent rating, because they are constantly updating which is awesome and not so awesome sometimes. This latest update got rid of ALOT of tokens (for me the erc-20) tokens specifically, and now it's all TRC-10 and 20 tokens. To me it makes this app not very useful, so now I devote less time to it. The payoff isn't really woth the efforts ATM.
Great game that connected to PHONEUM mining! Enjoyable for daily earn ang games. I like the ROCK PAPER SCISSOR. Fair enough for the Spin. But it's to hard to find the last piece red gems.
Was great till the crash but whatever. But they screwed up and gave me way less back than was in my account. Hours and months of playing. Not very interested or happy at this point.
I hope everyone held onto their Cryptyk tokens just discovered my wallet balance had jumped over $3000 . I got each one using crypto treasures they don't give them anymore but here's hoping one of the tron tokens do well . Thanks a lot crypto treasures!
It's easy to earn phoneum here but I always lost many chests because there were no ads available so that I can open it. The devs should save the chests so we can open it when there are ads. Or give the items inside for free.
It's good, but 3 star for it because I'm still at 2500+ PHTs even almost 2 months of playing. I guess a year is needed before I can withdraw with a minimum of 20,000 PHTs. Crypto Cards is better than this, I hope you will update this game to resolve this issue because some will not play this game thinking that it's a waste of time.
Customer service and response for my issue i felt could have been faster as whale as some incentive for the dely in my captain subscription becoming active. As far as the app itself id put it at 4 stars overall
Good and correct game. I like crypto treasures... I would like you to introduce crypto signal for BTC ETH and litecoin when claim is to be made on them.
Too many bugs, disappointing when you wait 24 hrs for a chest that gets stuck "loading" and never opens to reward me, then it just disappears and you have to start the timer over. This has happened to mea few times this week. I enjoy the app overall but this a few other repetitive bugs dampen the fun and my desire to continue playing.
Iam downgrading my review from 5 stars to 3 as its still really buggy. My phone gets notification to claim digging and it restarts. Also why are we payed such small amounts of tron. It should be payed like btts/btzc 0.30 to atleast seem like ill get to the withdraw amount. Also i have eth an ltc and btc. This is never going to go up so how about a swap function in your wallet menu so i can trade my ltc/eth for alt coins in a automated swap funtion??? This would let me use the crypto in a way
This "game" is phenomenal! at first I was skeptical because of the bad reviews and just the idea of earning crypto on my phone. But it really works and the company truly takes constructive criticism to heart. this along with the other Phoneum apps makes learning real crypto easy and fun! it honestly does take an initial investment but over the course of a year you are guaranteed to make your money back and so much more!
amazing way to pass free time and invest for the future!! great game play!! fun & educating too...relaxing kudos to the developers & team!!
I find this to be very boring. It is do a small task and then wait hours before you can do another again. The mini games are something a small child can do. I am guessing to get any reward or benefit from this game, you have to pay $.
It should be NO or 0 star for my rate.. Because I can't log in my acct, I got more than 150k pht on it.. What happened?, why I can't open my google email address on this app?, please fix this, once it's fixed I'll change my ratings
Edited review Latest update Earning is too slow only low value currency in treasure box.Not high value currency of bitcoin Ethereum. Pleaae increase chances of getting reward amount and high valued currency. Every day you would give 1$ airdop to everyone user. Captain is not good chance.
Not a scam app and it actually pays tokens to my wallet (about 24+ hours arrived). I only have one concern on the app. Can you put an expiration period on listing an item on the Trade market? People who do fair trades can't list new items because the Trade market's list is already full of people who offers unfair trades (and can't be taken down unless someone accept their offers or they cancel it.) I hope you do something about this. Thanks.
The game is nice i gave it 4stars i will complete it when i can be able to transfer to my wallet,please i want the producers to add another wallet not only klever wallet
It's cool app where you got crypto tokens whenever you open a treasure chest and the withdrawal always landed on the wallet as per request. Although, it will even awesome if we are able to move our cryptos from one phoneum game to the other and combine it for withdrawal since the minimum withdrawal is way too long to reach there (like btc, I have 0.000000500) and we don't even know when we will be able to withdraw it. Overall I enjoyed it a lot
so far this game is amazing I just love all the collectables and task. I cat wait to see what they come out with the next update . amazing work guys
Common to get "quest failed" pop up when completing quests or watching videos. And to be completely honest many of the offers look like scams. Also one of the surveys I did wanted some very intimate details that would have left me completely open to being a victim of identity theft or fraud. Safe to say I'm deleting this and would advise no one ever uses this app at all.
In my opinion, this is the most entertaining and lucrative phoneum game available. It is sad to see some of my favourite tokens delisted but that is across the board and new tokens are being listed, although less valuable. We will see what the future holds. I still love PHT.
I love this game,supper! because it is legit.. but how can i get my withdraw it always says that you should have minimum amount to 0.0003 atleast to withdraw at bitcoins.. i already have lumi wallet and coinbase.. i hope you can help me to withdraw..
Has a lot of potential. A lot of things to do. Would appreciate better mini games.Not a good variety of wallets you can export to. 2 of them are banned in the US. The crypto aren't too popular either. I wouldn't mind but like I said there aren't good wallets to export to. But who knows it could be a great investment in the future. If you want to try it go for it.
All good with the app. A game that works and pays a bit except adds don't work at times. So why 3stars? Because out of a list of 20-30coins you only receive about 5. At least update the list lads erase them from the game if we can't win them. And to end this pht is dropping with entire market. Kinda sad by the time you manage to get the minimum to withdraw it still worths pretty much nothing. Other apps pay satoshi. Why not here? Why such high limit to withdraw :/?
From last 3days i m not able to access the game due to maintenance and from yesterday onwards it asks to update but when i clicks on update open it takes me to app when it is showing open option not the update option please get me a solution for the same
On 30 July 2020 - Not able to login . Last week an update took more than 4 days to finish and today i am not able to log in. Can someone inform us when this app will run.-- On 31 July 2020 - I was able to login but all the winnings built up 2 days ago are gone. The app was reverted back till before the last update. Can anyone explain to me why
For being one of the first of apps for this genre it is Great for Earning Crypto-Currency. The best feature is the Crypto Wallet that it comes with which holds nearly all the different Current Market Crypto-Coins available today including the very first Giant, Bit Coin!!! Of which I've already earned .00005 of a coin at current market values of $58,000 per coin!!!
Overall is good. I just recommend a thing that is more ways to see ads such as view a site. Sometimes i can't close those vids.
I just started 2days ago, really nice game. with good inflow of pht, even helps with all coins but in a small portion. hope to get more coins ahead.
It really is a decent game, but I am having a hard time with playing for seven months on each of the four games you have and making just over a dollar and a half total on each game. I apologize, but honestly, I don't qualify to be V.I.P ...VvvvV...
It's pretty decent & you can earn crypto. I just wish you could make more. The value of the crypto isn't that much when u convert it to the US dollar. it will keep you busy if u don't have much going on & ur looking for something to do.
Game is not that fun and is repetitive, but withdrawal was working after small delay, if you have nothing to do, it's alright. 👌
Has some major flaws still. Great app but 4 days in row now I lost my 24hour crypto mined chests when trying to claim they just vanish. No coin, no gold, no collectibles. Fix your flaws. I paid captain price I want my lost chests back and the corrupted video viewing took over 500 gold opportunity as well.
simple and addictive game. I really love e the opportunity to earn various types of crypto in my free time with little effort.
I still have no recieved my free 24 hour dig chests thats 3 that I lost due to technical errors or updates on your end. I paid for the captain subscription and not getting full payouts. I emailed the email you said to reply the issue to. No reply at all in 3 emails. Still having issues. No I will not change my review. Reply bk, fix issue and then ill adjust my review.
Game is funfull but also full of bugs. Needs a major uodate. Also withdrawal limit is too high, lower it.
App is not able to login to google account. It's keep on loading when I click on Google. Please fix the issue asap.
i havent received coins to wallet. And its valid trc wallet.......and after 30 hours still 0, so please you can review your answer.
Great game! Helps add PHT to your cloud mining. I think you guys should definitely add the option to trade a Ruby for PHT, maybe 15000 PHT? Cuz a Ruby costs 15 dollars in the shop and is also super hard to get so that would be a good deal I think. And there really isn't a large jackpot of any kind in this game like there is on crypto cards. Crypto cards has multiple ways to earn many thousands of PHT, but this game does not. Pls consider
Update/change of review. Now 3 stars. App is entertaining, does what it says. Don't expect any of the top 5 cryptos because you won't get much if any. However, you will slowly stack other alt coins such as Wink, Btt and a few others. When you reach the minimum for withdrawal, it's nice and simple to withdraw. I am still not a fan at all of how the app is mostly Pay to Play, needs constant challenges as there are never any. I will come back and update review after another few months.
This game is having serious issue with ads. It doesn't show ads for me when ever I want to claim my bonus points so it makes me lost the treasure box rewards. I have lost more than 10 boxes due to this issue. Please help me fix it. Thanks I love the game it self.
Amazing job. All withdraw are okay. Legit app and project. I will give 5 star when and if they will add a option for convert all the other token you earn in game in PHT. Thank you
Love all the phoneum games. Go phoneum team. Thanks for the easy to collect games. PeaCe So here I am to add to my review from when I started. I can confirm that the game does pay out when you reach payment thresholds. 😁. I made a withdrawal and the depot is showing in Tronlink Pro wallet. Happy days to you all. ✌️👽💚
It's legitimate and made by a crypto inventor. Lots of fun and you earn while you play, so just give it a shot.
When I see better I will give better rating .Not getting adds and when you get money it's to little plus it don't add sometimes
Great game, the captain addon is popular and worth it!! EDIT: I dont think I have opened any chests with anything of value in it in a while. No btc, LTC, etc. Sadly the addon is no longer worthwhile.
I've been using this for quite months, at first i they give bitcoin and altcoins but ever since an update coming it didn't give any, they only give token. The app updates are getting worse! If you don't give any bitcoin or altcoins then just remove it!
Been with these guys for a while. Big fan of the concept not a fan of increased withdrawal limits.... Used to be 100 units now it's 500..... Seriously A 500% increase! Ridiculous....
I absolutely love this game. But the problem is they won't let me reach the minimum withdraw limit. When I'm close to the minimum withdraw limit for one of the tokens, it would stop giving me that token or give very small amount that it's impossible to claim. This is soooo unfair. (I'll edit my review if I ever get to withdraw.)
this app is entertaining but I'm still blond to the subject of crypto currency and what to do with it. maybe add a little more education on the topic of show an easier way to find it. but all in all it's great. I really enjoy this app.
Only time wasting I collected more than PHT 100000 for one year, but it value $7. They add latest crypto coin into app. When they become demand we cant withdraw them into our wallets. We have to convert them into cheap PHT. Useless app
Very difficult to earn bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest. I have been playing this for over two years now and nothing to show forth. Every effort is in vain and my data is been consumed. Withdrawal should not be limited
I enjoy the quests and mini games. I hope more will be added on. I find myself running out of tasks & wanting to still play but all in all it's been a good game so far.
Had just downloaded app and had been using it for 1-2 days. I was enjoying it when suddenly my account was deactivated. I made a review and they responded that players took advantage of a bug in app (?) Ive emailed developers like i was asked and am pending a response. I will adjust my review accordingly IF the issue is fixed. It's unfortunate players are being penalized for using the app and it's capabilities even if its the developers mess up. They "fixed" by wiping my whole account. Uninstall
I absolutely love this game and the other ones that go with it (cloud earning, co2 cards, crypto planet) but for some reason, whenever I try to cash out with the alt coins, my klever wallet doesn't keep them, even though it says I received them. If this is an issue I can fix, let me know please
Yep seems legit and fun but I'm thoroughly confused on how to get a good transfer over to the Klever wallet. I set up the Klever wallet and attempted to transfer 3 different kinds of coin. My first one failed and I'm guessing those are lost, my second one went through but still hasn't posted in Klever wallet and my third one is still pending. It's a confusing transfer process. I dont completely understand at this point. I'm willing to give this thing 5 stars if I can get one transfer to work
I love it I haven't seen problems with the app, and I bought a 650 coin chest 2 days ago and got a ruby I'm like wow $22.99 real money to purchase a ruby I got it for nothing, also have claimed some tokens already only thing is I have to learn what to do with them, awesome app update have just got another ruby in a chest five stars plus plus
This is the best of the PHT games, easy to earn with and has some nice rewards of TRX side coins to boot. This is also currently the ONLY one that links your PHT balance to the main Phoneum app, which is great, I wish the other apps supported this.
Don't let some of these reviews discouraged you. Most are false from greedy people.They are very legit. This is a Pht game app,that means the main tokens you get is "pht" every other token is like a bonus and their payout is high too. You get 3 to 4 btt, or 0.13 tron tokens on the 24 hour dig if it shows up daily. Even if you were claiming from a faucet website no one will pay that much for a 24 hour giving the increase of prices of those token. Payout are sent within 2 to 3 days. Get free pht
App is funful and good means of earning crypto, however, it needs update and withdraw limits are much higher. Kindly update this funful app. Given3 stars are because of higher withdrawals, there are many bugs and not timely updated.
This game is very awesome and 100℅ legit. I got my first time balance after playing 1 week. I want to suggest is please fix withdraw time to short and must have to give BTC, ETH, TRON, and LTC more. I got 0.0000005 BTC 1 time and still didn't get it. Please give those currency more. Thank you.
pretty awesome faucet for phoneum, and some of the micro coins. payout amounts are actually super realistic too, sometimes less than a penny even.
This used to be pretty great. But they've now substantially lowered btt and btc rewards as soon as there was a price rally across both of their games without warning and they've decreased substantially the amount of PHT you may earn from their cloud mining. Not to mention you cannot earn any actual btc or ltc or eth. 3 stars if you've got plenty spare time.
This app really does pay out to your crypto wallet. I collected over 100 bittorrent tokens the minimum amount for withdrawal is 100 tokens and I put my request in and it was 2 days and it was in my Trust Wallet. There are other cryptocurrency you can collect . This is a simple easy way to earn some random crypto currency to build your wallet portfolio. Thank you Crypto Treasures developer for being a honest legit paying app. It getting harder and harder to find a app that follows thru.
I love this game. It is really awesome, fun and interesting... All thanks to the wonderful developers whom have taken out time to create this beautiful game.
Fun, log in daily and play for 10 min though seems that the update process can take longer than they state. New merge to tron is good, but chests dont credit your account when you find Trx.
At first it was great, but after the updates you can hardly receive top coins as well as rubies. Feel a little disappointed.
been using the app for a while. its good for killin time. however, you guys really need to add a feature to enter how many crates you want to buy. sitting here with 100k gold takes nearly an hour to spend on the crates. wish there was a "buy max" button or something.
I think one thing that would really help these PHT crypto apps is having them be intigrated with each other, otherwise you'll never be able to get enough in any of the apps to withdraw them individually for them to be worth anything. If these apps could all share 1 wallet that'd be great. Also this app is incredibly glitchy, quests often can't be completed.
Paid for the vip program here, on planet, as well as pht cloud earning. Horrible customer service. Unresponsive. Still giving ads since the update even though I have the captain program paid for. I don't plan on picking this back up even though I have 10+ months left on vip. Buyer beware. I want a refund. This game should be delisted.
Omg this game sucks so bad. Only once I get the real coins like btc. Everything else is some coins u never even heard of. I withdraw for anything might take a few months an it about $1
Poorly made and frankly just annoying. There is no way to use quest boosters the rock paper scissors is too slow and the forced adds afterwards are annoying and the scramble word just doesn't work for me. It's like somthing you would play on Windows 95
This is absolutely nonsense!!!!!!! Jst imagine,I've being playing this game for over three months jst to reach the minimum amount of PHE coin to withdraw, eventually with all the hard work and time that I spent on this game for over three months didn't yield me anything 😓 I placed my withdrawal and I wasn't given any coin, I even checked my wallet address trice b4 I placed the withdrawal and I was told withdrawal successful but I didn't receive any coin !!!. Am highly disapointed.this's trash
Good luck getting .00003 cents in a crypto and before you can withdraw it's delisted. Edit in response to developer: I've made 6 cents in a week. If I get VIP I get at max 3-4 times that a week. Why should anyone pay $120 for at max $13 in a year. Save your money folks or just invest in crypto through an exchange plenty of apps that'll invest $120 for $2 and you can actually make money. Edit in response to developer again: I know what an investment is. I'm not changing my review.Improveyourscam.
Well it's a good app to accumulate more pht than the actual phoneum app. But the worst part is it used to give crypto in opening chests.. some or most of those cryptos they took off and gave pht in return. Also you never get the good crypto like bitcoin, ethereum or lite coin anymore. No matter how many chest you open. It's fixed. But overall, I will still play yo accumulate more pht through this game.
This is a very good game.. and would love to adjust my review to five stars. I am just having problem with ads and it has made me loose alot of rewards and crest
I love this app! It's one of the easiest and legit app where you can get real REAL cryptos! I'm on my way to cash out a very soon! Been just playing it for weeks! Thank you in advance! I'd love to recommend this app to my friends sooner and suggest them to rate 5 stars!! :)
Game is fun it's good but don't know about the tokens they are really giving it or just wasting our time soon will know that I will get my tokens or not because right now all requests are pending.
Fun and looks like you can learn about and earn lots of different types. But it actually says: Do not withdraw to Coinbase! What the heck?
So far so good. Not at a level where I want to cash out yet. So I can't tell you honestly if it is legit because I haven't attempted to cash out any of my winnings. There is details of the different types of crypto currency in the crypto coins markets. Only worth cashing out in bulk atm into a relevant crypto wallet due to fees to buy and trade the various new coins on the market for the likes of btcgold, btc/Tether or Ripple. Will change rating based on the site being genuine & payments made.
great fun. makes collecting coins fun. What I like most is how the developers linked each game to the users account.
Don't really understand the game package, sometimes you're meant to watch ads to receive some coin and some other package, and when click on its, it will tell you adds not available why!!??? Just lose 900 coin just not 😠😠
I totally love this game! It is fun to play and you earn real crypto. I highly recommend this game along with the Tronlink Pro wallet.
I'm new in crypto currency. I have withdraw some currency from the game, NoleWater and Wink. Each of them transferred to different wallet provider. The question is, how long the currency arrive at the destination wallets? I have long waited. And are developer provide a specific wallet app? I read from the disclaimer that C*inbase and other are no go.
Fun to earn tokens. Why is so little tron found in chests? This game is engaging. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is I dont feel like what I have earned is mine. Most other games just have an in game wallet that you can withdraw from. The fact that I cant transfer to an exchange baffles me.
The market is a huge problem that needs to be fixed .. why letting players scamming each other and watch ?? I mean almost all of'em are trying to trade one item for 8 or 9 items ... you need to fix that so it can be 1 for 1 .. or 1 for 2 in case the other item got a higher price or is harder to get .. its simple .. check the market to see this unbelievable miss there .. hope you look into it .
Was fun at first, but then realized the crypto money they give you is worthless since it doesn't transfer right to the wallet the way its supposed to. So basically you invest phoneum coin and actual real money at times into this app, but when it comes to claiming yours the system won't give it up. Basically wasting crypto currency on this and having the crypto you earn off of it only to disappear is the only thing this app does.
This app is good but the marketplace is broken. Please fix it. By fixing it I mean 1:1 trading. Marketplace is full of post of people looking for 9 items but only offering 1. Makes the marketplace ful and people who want to make reasonable trades can't. Please fix.
At first this seemed pretty legit but After spending over $60 on the app to get the double rewards and even more on some of the other phoneum apps ive came to realize the Phoneum team clearly does not have its investors/users best interests at heart. I am very disappointed that they are now advertising a new triple reward upgrade for $69.99 right before they are about to reduce rewards once again on all apps slowly destroying their credibility,reputation, and overall main excitemnt of the games
I'll change it to 5 stars when they make it possible to withdraw our BTC, ETH, LTE, and Tron. As of now they set the withdrawal threshold too high, and are no longer dispersing these coin.
Pretty hardcore judge of things. This is worth my and your time. Yes i spent real money for change but at least its not trash like 99.993% of these games advers. Bitcoin and rubies are rare and no real useful other coins like lite/ether etc. Also noticing small gliches and dropped benefit events in earned menu, so make good choices n have fun.
Excellent app, I've had one issue with the advertising when opening a level up chest, other than that this app is one of he best I've tryed and payout is instant every withdrawal has landed in my wallet within minutes but guidance does suggest it takes longer all in all A****
The deposit and migrate PHT options are switched, and the migrate one always gives the message: "Depositing (which in this case should be migrating, like I stated, it's switched) PHT is currently disabled. Please try again later!". Also, why does it want permission to access my precise location and to take pictures and videos??
takes forever to achieve payouts. So pay you to get a liwer cashout that akes weeks to get .06.. That don't sound very wise.. Other games i can make way better crypto and thier fre and cash out weekly.
it's simplicity is what makes this app a winner for me oh and the ability to sync your account across all games/cloud miners from PHONEUM is not a bad feature so thank you!
I dont know what wrong with my app its been loading since 2 hours now, i cant sign in. What will the problem and the solution to it???
Been in maintenance mode for close to a week. no game play. Tells multiple customers that they will be in maintenance mode until friday at 5pm (07/24/2020) but game is still down two days later. Phoneum, please adjust your reply accordingly.
Just love the game. It's addicting and a good way to earn extra PHT. But not earning the top cryptos is a minus. Generally, I love the game. Fantabulous!
Not bad so far. I've only had this app for a day though. One problem I'm having is that I can't watch any ads for the watch ads quest. I'm still gonna give it a few days to see if I can pump some numbers up. It would be cool to if the other PHT games would let you cash them out earlier and see the numbers climb.
I like the concept of this game. If you want more money find a job this game will not make a person rich, this game created to intertain people not to make rich.
Some coins suddenly can't be withdrawn anymore (WIN LVH, TWJ). I have reached the 100-minimum for them, but can't withdraw them now because of this. It would be 'nice' to at least add a reason to the 'error'-message.
Bugs cheated me of coin rewards. Pressed claim button for 24h dug up chest, which started a loading dialog. After 10 seconds of waiting, I responded to another app notification. When I returned to CT the chest loading was gone, the button was gone, and starting another dig warned me to claim the last one first. First time this happened yesterday I abandoned it and started another 24h dig. Only to have it happen again today.
Great all around game to earn crypto. The wheel is the best part, don't forget to double your winnings. The rock paper scissors is such a pain in the butt to win, (great ai). All around fun with minimal ads. I can't wait to see what the future has for this game.
Ruby is impossible to find. Lots of coins and high minimum withraw. It take years for some of them to reach minimum. If there was a way to trade coins with other users maybe that way was possible to reach minimum. I will change my review if coin trade added to game. Since ver 2.2.2 app crashes continusly that is so annoying.
Great app/game for earning free crypto. Really love it and nice graphics. My only complaint is that transfers take 2+ days to get to my wallet. Which is strange because Tron based coin transfers are always instant. I believe this is because the payments are made manually instead of automatic which is not a good sign for future. Also BTT was reduced from +1 to +0.40 with the new price increase. Which is disappointing. However I still got my free crypto so I rate it 5/5 stars.