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Crypto Planet

Crypto Planet for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Phoneum located at Trinity Chambers, PO Box 4301 Road Town, Tortola VG1110. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi guys I change my from 5 to 2 star, why? Problem is, 1. When I open the boxes always gives me a Crypto out of the wallet. 2. Pls remove all the unnecessary cryptocurrency in the wallet. Fixed the problem guys, I don't like to uninstall this game because I love this game. Add pls add more cryptocurrency in the wallet. I really love this game.
Well for me 1) The game kinda gets boring for me after the quests you know, maybe you guys could add some new game features & maybe like somethings we can be upgrading to earn more Phoneum or Diamonds & XP. 2) It's hard to earn at least $5 with six months of gameplay like seriously guys. Why don't you guys reduce the number of crypto or you could just make it tailored to something you can afford in plenty. Although great game, working smoothly on my phone; try it out and see if it's your taste.
It was great. The game paid me crypto currencies. I used PHT to buy chest and get cryptos and had them tranaferred to my wallet. Love this game!
Seems a bit limited as to what you are able to do in the app at any given time however they have paid everytime so thats why the four stars id give it five if they let you ever get enough btc, ltc, eth or trx to with draw been going on six eight months ive been playing and im no where near the minimum in those coins.
Hi guys is the app still under maintenance because it doesn't want to open up using samsung s10+ is there a problem tried to start it again doesn't even show that I have to update just show still under maintenance
I am giving you people 5 stars.. I would have rated you guys 6 stars if there was a provision for that.. But try and increase the amount of crystals produced every day through the incubator
App is good but it needs a major update. Many coins are listed to be removed yet shown in the wallets. Also there are more collectibles in the chests rather than familiar coins. Nevertheless, funful app especially for children. Kindly update as soon as possible and lower the withdrawal limits.
Update. Not bad, will take a long time to earn the different alt coins.. not bad though for it being free. Their other games are better. The crypto treasure app automatically links the pht to the cloud Earning pht app. Way faster and same company. On top of that you can stake once you get 20,000 pht.
Idk about what all was done in the update but i had a 24hr incubation that i coukdnt open for day and now its gone. Frustrating!
It's a little confusing how to link to my phoneum wallet. If it was more clear with a couple more games I'd give it 5 stars
So far game is very good and hope the same in future. But I would like to know how we will get ruby or amythst in the game. I opened more than 700 chest but no Ruby
After getting told that I could update to VIP for $59.99 , I still stand by my 1 star rating. Why the hell would I pay $60 to make pennies a day? This app and coin is a complete waste of time and will always be. Do not waste your time with this app or any app related to this coin!!
Odd and boring but the pittance of crypto is trickling into my coinbase slowly so so good so far. UPDATE: some of the "rewards" are not redeemable in the US. Nolewater for instance has two redemption options Nolex and Polonidex both of which do not work in the US. Kind of sleazy to not let people know
There are lots of adds but its beneficial for your earn from playing which is way better type of game than pay to play.
I love playing this. The chances are that I will actually make any things happen with money I still enjoy playing the game
Pht, phoneum is my favorite cryptocurrency i will. Hold all of my tokens forever that's how much i love it i have all 6 games and i buy phoneum token every extra cash i have i wish there was more games, if there was 10 stars i would give the phoneum team 11 stars ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fun & unstressful, the asteroid smasher game is very choppy & hard to play, there is a slight delay between tapping and action other than that its good. Also a good way to learn about cryptocurrency & internet currency.
I think the app is very good given it's still in development. The games are really basic right now, but the small crypto payouts make it interesting. It's interesting to watch the evolution of this project.
The app is legit still,hqd no issues with it...couple bugs but thats why there are updates. Be patient and play and earn💎💎💎
After today's update, when I open the app, it'll hold for 5-10 secs. After that it is closing without loading the game. This issue still persists and have sent mail to support team with screen recording. It's been more than 72 hrs, no response yet.
Interesting and superb combination of gaming and mining. More importantly, user-friendly and responsive app.
Whenever they delist a project on there it says you can convert it to there coin but only a few times it actually gave it to me other times it just takes what you have earned. I have adjusted my rating down because I wasted my time collecting all these coins that I lost out on because they don't even tell you when they are taking them off. So was thinking I would get all these interesting coins when I found wallets that actually hold them but ended up losing them all. Disappointed and irritated
Edit 2: MY ACCOUNT IS FIXXED. THANK YOU! 5 STARS - Edit: It seems below problem is fixed. I will just wait a day, because it started off lind of strange again. If it works again in 24-48 hours, 5 stars!! I promise. - Original: I'm not able to incubate crystals. I'm getting an error that I'm already digging for crystals (I'm not trying to dig for crystals, I'm trying to use the incubator..), but that doesn't seem right. I used to be ably to do both. Can you please fix my account?
Don't waste ur time with this. The withdrawal amount minimum required is ridiculously high and you'll never be able to get it because once you get close they'll raise it again. Invested a year of my time and money when they had the times 2 packs. what's in the last month they have cut the crypto in half the amount that they give you and also within the last month they have raised their minimum requirements on any crypto ridiculously high. It's a rip off. All 4 of their games.
I Bought 2 Blockchain Chests and both time it said "Try Again Later" but it still used 1000PHT.... That was on 27 Oct 2020 at 21:10 SA time....
Well, I gave 5 🌟 because you're doing great job with your Apps but since the separation of Crypto connect 3 and Crypto planet, we don't really have more features to earn PHT and paying for Crypto Connect3 to restart it doesn't worth it
Still a great app to earn pht. But I think it's a bit outdated. I wish this would be like Green Karma wherein there would still be mini games + a spin. This could be awesome when earning through mini games and through spin.
Been almost a month now the site is unergoing maintenance. Please is the site really undergoing maintainance or no more functioning. Kindly clarify. Sorry it opened fine now. I can now continue. Cool app, yet to withdraw any phoneum. I pray its real guys. Still studying until am able to make withdrawer then i will rate 5. I dont know why my card transaction couldnt pull through.
There is a problem with the commercial system in the app, it doesn't give you mentioned reward afterwards it only shows it but it doesn't get transferred.
I figured it out now exactly how you contract out the coins you will be including in your games. I'm going to to be positive in my review and share the good you are doing in the block chain community. I admit I was wrong in my other review. I hurts to say it, but I was selfish and focusing on what I wanted to get for the money spent in your app. But what you people have made is more important than my rewards. You are bringing awareness to the Blockchain and internet of money and I'm greatful 4u
Updated and now every time I start the app it crashes..I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck..
Awesome game love how you earn actual crypto currency Easy connection to wallet haven't withdrawn yet hope it's instant so far so good😁❤️👏
To be honest im probably not going to be able to withdraw cryptos in my life time and im 42 years old. I think you should lower your withdraw minimum. The games are simple but pretty boring. Im not sure its worth the effort. Other games are better and earn pht alot faster. I think you need to make your games a bit more interesting to motivate us to enter every day.
This is an ok game but needs more ways to be able to make more crypto currency for the player that would be real nice.
I like this. I'm reserving my last star because I have not had it long, but so far my only reservation is the inability to press the arrow buttons while firing, and vice versa. If I like it this much in one week, however, I still intend to update my rating to 5 stars.
Good game for PHT Inside game Planet protect game is not fun as you can only use one thing at a time either shoot or move and it's kinda slow Sometimes even if you shoot brick they don't disappears
Great so far gain can be slow if you dont add the other apps. Cant wait to get enough to withdraw when ibcan will change to 5 star!
Simple App, Slow Earnings, Good Support. While the interface is simple as are the mini games, quests and resource gathering to earn in game currency used to purchase chests that give random cryptocurrency coins (in very small amounts with fairly high withdrawal limits) their support for an issue i had with an in app purchase and its functionality was good. They were responsive to my emails and fixed the issue quickly. It may not be the app to become a cryptorich, it does what it says itll do👍
I went to claim a 24 hr chest but I guess it didn't have a strong connection to the internet and it timed out and now the chest is unclaimed and when I click on claim it says I have to complete the first claim first but there's no way to do that. First big glitch I've found but otherwise, great apps! I play all of them.
Why does it want permission to access to my precise location and to take pictures and videos?? And, the "Migrate PHT" option doesn't work, trying it gives the message "Depositing PHT is currently disabled. Please try again later".
Huge waist of time. Not only BORING as hell, but isn't clear what you do at first, then when you figure it out, you also understand that they are a huge scam. Uninstall.
Amazing legit app. Earn crypto. May not have much value right now but if you hold the tokens you will be rewarded. Pht is going to do big things. Just my opinion but I've made a lot of money from these types of apps. Anyone who says it's a scam doesn't understand blockchain and legit companies.
It's a realy good app and it's easy to use. But I'm suggesting that they should include a swapping system so you can easily convert those crypto you don't need to another.
It's crypto mining PHT. Free. Every 24 hrs you can mine 1000 crystals. Turn the crystals in for chests, and the chests contain crypto. You can also play games to take advantage of other features of this app to collect crystals. Do the quests. You get PHT for those too. GOOD APP!
A BIG thanks for the entire development department for the streamlined design and cool graphics. Also the continuing of updated bug and glitch removal .
They upped the amount to withdraw, if you do that at least give out more so its not unattainable unless your playing for months. With all the ads you're playing in between your making a killing.... so the response was pay money to get more and lowers the withdraw limit you have adds going everywhere that should be your payment selling our clicks and Metadata
Its best amongst Planet Games App, it took a while to reach PHT withdrawal milestone! But my Observation is on the Other coin like Btc, Ltc, Ether & TRON; Please its not possible to get to Withdrawal Milestones, can you please create Conversion of those Coin to PHT in all your APPs? 🙏🙏🙏
It is a fun Ap, but I played it to earn Pho (Phoneum), but it does not link back to the Phoneum App, so you end up with two wallets with some Pho in each. This should be directly linked like Crypto Treasures. I feel like I wasted a lot of time.
Good game, recomended. Only problem i have is after the quest completition, and watching video, i didn't get my pht that was reward for that watched video, and didn't get pht for level upgrade... Other than that great game, earning crypto by playing minigames, and finishing quests...
This game is not connected to any of the other PHT earning apps. Which makes it harder to withdraw and harder to combine PHT. Which makes it harder to earn real money. The app itself looks and feels like it was made by someone that has never made an App before and it includes one of THE WORST Space Invaders clones as a minigame that I've ever played. This game is nothing but a lazy cash grab by the Devs. What's worse is that they keep deleting my reviews and telling me to adjust accordingly LOL
I had an issue after one year, I contacted support and they fixed after one day. 5 stars now of course
Wish it would explain better on how to collect every item and what they are used for i have looked and can not find a page that explains every thing to the last detail of what is what and how it all works and what is the purpose of the game and why i need pht and other gadgets cause i have alot of every thing but one item and how i get that last item i do not know
Update: with the miner now back and the incubator available for you to make 1000 crystals per day is awesome. Click the crystal is back but the VIP option is good for those looking to have multiple claims per day. I do wish the withdraw minimum wasnt as high which is what prevents the 5 star and it's rare to get any worthy crypto. You mainly get fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a cent. This game is for the long run, I hope it pays out.
I need more, RPG's, maybe casino games. The only thing lacking is variety. I've already staked and cashed out PHT on probit,so its all legit.
Good game to pass the time while also earning a crypto with actual potential considering the connections with the TRON Network.👍
Cannot incubate, as the claim button up top keeps pulsing from miner, even tho I already claimed it. Incubator keeps telling me to claim but the claim button keeps telling me I already claimed. Its an endless loop
Since the new update, pretty much all smaller cryptos have been dumped and new ones added, after 5 days of not being able to get online due to the update i just used my crystals on chests and recieved a decent amount of the new cryptos, but when i went into my wallet 0 was their..... absolute joke, loads of daily work for no reward at all?? Would not recomend anymore at all!
after reading all/every review, i decided to take the plunge and download all the corresponding apps as well. so far, so good. A few unresponsive actions but nothing major. Nice work!
This is the best app EVER, for earning free cryptocurrency. Its fun, free, and legit. Awesome support if you ever need it. Try it. You'll LOVE it. Download Crypto Treasures as well. Its the same company, and that game is awesome too. You can earn lots of PHONEUM, for FREE!!
When i tried to start any quest It showed nothing Not any option like ok or dismiss But when i tried to watch an add it came Fix it
Awsome game! Love everything except the astroid tapping game and rhe missle control game needs to be polished. Ofher than 2that, good experience.
I feel much obliged to rate crypto planet. Much similar as all the other pht games does have a long wait to collect your daily stack but that's the key of the game. All and all I rate this 7/10 remember u get pht rewarded for playing and it's worth it. Secondly I want to as can you put a bid çontract on to acquire the crystals you need for your collectables or a trivia about the pht games the highest score for the week wil win a crystal. Or gem. All and all all pht games are all great thanks
I'm definitely liking this game so far. It is a different take on what most other games are doing so in a way it is refreshing. Plus side is I'm making passive crypto income (not becoming a millionaire but that's ok lol)
I really enjoy this game, lots of rewards and it's easy to earn crystals for your chests and other stuff. Earn lots of crypto. Reason why I gave it a 4 star is that you earn only 8 PHT per 600 crystals chest and min withdrawal is 20 000pht
App is good but it needs a major update. Many coins are listed to be removed yet shown in the wallets. Also there are more tokens or little known coins in the chests rather than familiar coins. Nevertheless, funful app especially for children.
At beginning was working , now only gives me diamonds for incubator, dosent give me from videos or task, I watch video said 1000 Dimonds and dosent add them , already 20 30 times lost many dimonds...
Dear phoneum team. Does not synchronized Crypto Connect 3 and Crypto planet games pht balances. In Crypto Connect I have 5575 pht, but in Crypto planet my balance is 4445 pht
Haven't been able to play since the update. Paid for the vip program here, on treasure, as well as pht cloud earning. Horrible customer service. Unresponsive. I don't plan on picking this back up even though I have 10+ months left on vip. Buyer beware. I want a refund. This game should be delisted.
Been with this app for a long time and had many diff coins in my wallet. Now I can't get my account to show the anything I had and keeps starting me back at nothing. Weak.
It's been all almost a year and I haven't gotten bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin at all in all that time. I wouldn't complain if they at least removed them and offered the equivalent value of what we've gained in phoneum instead...but nope it just sits there, as no one can get more and it's not enough to transfer. I'd give negative stars if possible
Probs the best app IV tried this and a couple other but this is a must play for sure ↓↓ EDIT ↓↓ RUN DOWN; play once a day pick your hour if you play consistent and play it for 20 mins and do as follow( incubate crystals- 24 hour crystal dig- whatch your adds- then play your mini games) then spend crystals on as many of the larger chest as possible and make sure your starting and completing your quest. Hope this helps
Under maintenance since i install it, am fed ip rigth now, and this app is connected to connect 3 app where i got my pht token, pls and pls fix this bugs for God sake.
zhfx7yy4 use this to start ahead. this game is ok, i feel like they forgot about this one, the minigames gets boring after a while, but it is still playable to win some pht in the long run. I really hope to see a uptade in this app soon
I enjoy playing that game. It takes me only half an hour daily. You can earn a enough PHT for real. The best game ever.
Can't use crystals to buy chests. That's the point but in so it goes right to wanting me to purchase crystals when I have thousands. Why can't I buy chests with the crystals I have?
Have not been able to use. I downloaded this app about 12-14 hours ago and its been under maintenance. I wanted to investigate the withdrawal process before devoting my time to earning crypto so tediously. I wont be utilizing any related apps until this one is working since its required to withdrawal.
Can't collect a claim that flashes at top of screen says I'm already collecting another thing, I liked it allot more before most of the app was removed , I would give 5 stars if it didn't keep flashing a claim I can't collect I've tried not getting other things in the other apps but I still can't collect it.
I started with crypto connect and now I am playing all the apps. They are all addictive and what makes all of this unique are the extras ex. different crypto currencies and then of course ProBit. It is more then just a game. I mean there is even an environmental aspect. STUNNING
Two problems: 1) Ever since Crypto Connect stopped adding PHT to this wallet it is impossibly slow to get enough PHT to withdraw - I gave up and bought all blockchain chests just so I could withdraw tokens (which doesn't work anyways) to uninstall and stop using this app. 2) It makes absolutely no sense at all to buy any of the extremely over priced in app purchases
Was a great bunch of apps the phoneum earning Apps but for damn near the entire last week it's been under "maintenance" which is irritating otherwise it was a fun entertaining way to expand ones Crypto portfolio, will give 5 🌟 once the damn maintenance is done with
So far great experience.After seeing the reviews im surprised how this app works. I will update to 5 stars once i see any gain.as it can take alot of your time here and there but do not get put off by the reviews
It's telling me to update, but when I go to update, the only options on Google Play are "Uninstall" and "Open".
At first i didn't understand how some work. But i learned as I explore the app. It gives crypto. I just hope the pht earned is connected directly to phoneum app just like crypto treasures.
I like the game but it seems to be stuck on level 44. I play through 44 and others but when I return to the game it's back on 44??? When will this issue be fixed?
I originally rated this 2 stars with my first review because the withdrawal part was broken. I received a message that withdrawal was now working but the limits are minimum 500 and not 100 like some of the others apps. I will rate this five stars when I get to that level and if a withdrawl works. Would love to hear other experiences
It would be way easier for the users, if all the apps are connected to one. Instead of them being separate, cryto planet is separate from cloud earning pht. The same goes for the wallets why are they not all connected? Its going to take forever to withdraw them from the wallet.
Just started playing and so far this.game is more fun and easy to play than i thought it would be. Plus you can just set it and in 24 hours they will send an email to let you know when your stuff is.ready so you can grow your rewards faster even when your not playing any games.
I just love this app. Ok I was unsure at first.. I just like how I can hit it up each day for couple min and be gone to do something else. Earning crypto each day....
So after about 7 months I was able to finally reach the withdrawal limit and earn about $3.44 worth of pht. Went to the Probit exchange and found out that you can sell the pht for Tether which is ok after paying fees. The trading collectables really do help with the progression. My suggestion is get rid of the altcoins that are not even close to 1 cents worth and add others that are of more value. 5 stars.
One thing i noticed is that whenever you got rewards is not adding to what you have. No idea why so, but i hope dev will do something about it. Thank you.
It is a good game to collect PHT and by playing you can collect all the coins. I wish it had more various games so that we can enjoy playing.
Love it the graphics and the audio, I really like the tune in the app, and many different ways to earn many different Cryptocurrency
this app is amazing but withdrawal threshold for relevant coins is not easy it's has been long(several months) i earned Bitcoin, Ethereum or litcoin it's has been given me unnecessary coins that are worthless 😥 I suggest it should be giving out something good and worth it 🙏🏼not spending precious time earning worthless cryptos 😥
Fantastic game u will earn a reasonable rewards for playing the easiest game, but it does far more than that, it introduces you to some secret golds, the rewards you are earning as you play the game are little gems of currently low value, they have potentials
Very boring. Very hard to get points. They do not link between games. And the amount you have to have to withdraw is too high. Waste of time.
After the last update on july...i can't play the game anymore...as in at opening the game it instantly crashes...instant close....only crypto treasure are working but this crypto planet not working
Was pretty good until the update now I can't get into the phoneum cloud mining.... O.K working now back to 4.5 star.
Amazing. You don't have to stay completely focused for hours on it. NOT pay to win, but instead PLAY to win. (Real Money too btw)
Reduced the amount of coins to harvest, are you adding any new ones?? Put mining ability lately with the app has reduced significantly from over 600+ to 42 weekly.. definetly on the decline. Wouldnt waste your time
Thanks for immediate response to my concern. Good job guys. Happy earning to all.... ( Useless update unable to open the App, always pop up the update, forcing us to update in Playstore even if already updated. I uninstall the App, same thing happens, always pop up the update, unable to play. Fix it ASAP, or else all your customer will be vanish. I will change my rate if the problem will be fixed. )
It really is a decent game, but I am having a hard time with playing for seven months on each of the four games you have and making just about a dollar and a half total on each game at level 12...??? Free copper, but if you want silver, you have to pay gold. Nice concept ...VvvvV...
I have like 500pht in my crypto connect. I tried to click withdraw if it is same amount in crypto planet but it is not the same. In crypto planet it is only 20pht. Even if I increased the pht in crypto connect the pht in crypto plannet stays at 20. Please advise
Really enjoy all thebvarious phoneum based games. What would be really good if like the soul coin games you could keep your balances together rather than in each game.
It's telling me to update, but when I go to update, the only options on Google Play are "Uninstall" and "Open". **UPDATE** Incubator has not worked properly for the past 2 days. It's not collecting and there's no timer but it's telling me I'm already incubating.
This game is very well made, its fun very easy to use and the best part of it is your earning a small amount of money while playing cool and fun games,thank you so much and keep up the good work
The app is good, but after checking the speed by which you earn pht and the exchange rate, it's not really worth the fifth star.
It always ask for may email everytime I open the account. Literally everytime. I dont understand crypto this app as well as Crypto Connect.
Great way to earn phoneum pht tokens/coins & enjoy at the same time too!! Phoneum pht is a real crypto-currency & can be found in the stock exchange's list of real-time, traded cryptos!! A very smart investment for the future! I highly recommend it!! Not a scam & 100% totally legit...Phoneum pht coins are real, have real value!! Thanx so much, Phoneum team!!
Just started playing but for some reason everytime a video is watched for the Quest Chest or the Rewards Chest, it pops up level up rewards but never gives any rewards.... probably a 5 star if issue was resolved.
Enjoying the game so far and started playing other pht earners too, my only issue is when it says I get credited pht for watching an ad it doesn't actually credit. Its really annoying and at a loss for me. Is it a bug? Otherwise 5 stars..
Oh it's done but there is one more problem I think. I play crypto connect 3 but it says you need to open or download this app but it only redirected into this app when I open this. How can I withdraw PHT from crypto connect 3 by using this app?
After 9 months the max crystals in a month is about 60,000, at first it was over 200,000. Not being able to pick individual crypto to earn (or at least narrow it to a few possible) has always been the primary problem with these apps. Unrealiable notifications about chest times. It seems all the changes have been things done to us users, and nothing for us. I don't even want to think about how many months it would take for another min payout. 2 stars instead of 1 is for actually paying out.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Drop rate for Amethyst is freaking BROKEN! I had spent 700k crystals for chest and ONLY got 1 (ONE) Amethyst. I had been playing for more than a year now. Pls fix this....
Super long and unrewarding grind. Wonky coding. Constantly dropping coin partnerships with no notice or user choice other than to convert to a small amount of pht. The altcoins are more like alt-altcoins. Minimum cashouts don't really seem like very much thought was given re: the user. 100 doge is not the same as 100 airx. If you're into very small amounts of Airx, RPI, and MIC3, then this may just be your app.
Can you make this thing work in portrait mode? Wgy the developers always tell everyone to rate our reviews accordingly? We are rating you according to our satisfactions. The earning is way freaking too low it will take 1 year to get 20 dollars while you're earning millions in a day. We view the ads more than 10 yes in a day and all we get is just few diamonds or coins.
Simple and you can get Phoneum real fast the game was fun at first but after awhile the quest start getting a little boring. It is a simple way to earn coins . Developer's need to throw giveaways or add random missions to earn prizes or more coins . A marketplace were items can be purchased with coins that someone has saved up . No matter what gets changed or stays the same I happy to be apart of it and are a honest developer's that pay outs and replies to ur messages when you receive them.😁
The app seems wonderful, due rewards little. My opinion is for the rewards to be added/reflect in ur cloud earn pHT so as one to be proud and constantly play the game. Coz my didn't reflect in the cloud earn, and, I'm not happy about that.
The worst game of all of the pht farming games, simply due to the 'catch you out' layout of the block chain chest. I don't want to purchase this chest but if I try to close a game too vigorously it will often close and purchase the chest chest as it lies directly underneath the close button. This is the third time it's stolen my PHT for Tron Weekly Journal and other alternative coins I don't want. Reverse this unwanted transaction and adjust the layout. Until then this review will stay.
It's got some appeal but you guys need more action in your games. You would pull a lot more people in by adding maybe adding a simple side scrolling action game or maybe some sort of city builder. I would love to be a part of the development team for building onto this platform. Let's make this idea work!!
Love playing. Cool platform that doesn't incessantly bug you about purchasing to level up. I've not purchased anything and am successful at the game. Would be fun for kids, also and what a fun way to learn about Crypto platforms!!!
The concept is cool. The one thing that isnt working is the Remove Ads purchase. After purchasing this feature in the store, I'm still seeing ads after the Tap the Crystal quest. Once that gets fixed I can update the stars
Good game. Fun buding a pht balance and other crypto balances little by little.calot of ads unless you want to pay for the premium. (As expected with any rewards game). The wait times between some objectives are a tad bit long. But overall it is a good faucet app. The PHT project in general so far has been really awesome.
Decent amount of crypto rewarded if you put time/money into each game. Watch adds to earn PHT coin then exchange for blockchain chests there you'll find the best rewards. Not much depth so no need to think hard for lack of better word, sit back watch some TV or what ever and have it playing in back ground while making crypto
Why are all deposits unavailable at the time. Did this become just another useless app or will it be able to withdraw soon. I know you get paid for us watching videos. I'd like to get paid for watching them too.
Still a great app to get pht. But now that crypto connect and crypto planet has different server it's kinda bit slow to get pht unlike the other apps. I suggest to change the asteroid tap game to be a spin like the others. Still, it's great so far. Keep up the good work. ^_^
Similar to crypto treasures, its a good game to play about 10 min a day. Not a ton of crypto will be earned but its fun and can earn a little each day.
The app is great to earn PHT. And since it migrates to Tron network there have been lesser choice of other cyptocurrency, which is great because lesser cyptocurrency means faster chance to exchange. More power to PHT and Tron.
I like the app. Took a day to figure out full concept. Now enjoy playing it and opening up the chests! LOL. Earning cryptocurrency, great concept app!👍🏻
You think If you pay them to remove ads they will stop forcing you to watch advertisements, but you would be wrong! I paid roughly $5 to remove ads & $75 for VIP. first they stopped forcing ads to autoplay but always retained the time delay(~5seconds) before I could tap to skip it. Then after only 2weeks the forced to play ads came back as if I never paid for it. emailed support, they only increased the problem and now I can't even login and they don't respond.
Needss to give information so.one can.understand what they are suppose to do on the mining for diamonds and what the goal is. And the astroid game should have a short description of what you are suppose to do in order to collect coins