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Crypto Connect 3

Crypto Connect 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Phoneum located at Trinity Chambers, PO Box 4301 Road Town, Tortola VG1110. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far so good. I wasnt aware I could earn pht playing this game, so I just passed it by. Knowing now that I can, I have actually stopped doing my chores to veg out on CC3. It's simply addictive and, though I'm not far, has posed a few minor challenges. I'm looking forward to what more is to follow as I progress
when it comes to crypto, BLING is still the best game so far to earn, 4games connected with one acct where you can easily earn BTC and send directly to your coinbase wallet.... i like this game though but earning is too slow, you have to reach 100level to withdraw.. i hope you can increase the points per level and set minimum amount to withdraw :)
2nd comments 1⭐: I am disappointed after I upgrade and paid I cannot log in using my google account. If using fb account my upgrade account is not possible. What is this Dev team? Pls rectify it immediately. 1st comments 5⭐: good games. i will recommend this to all my friend. earning while playing...
I was 15 to 20 levels in and for some reason I can't log in anymore with my Gmail. I tried from 3 different phones. I can use another Gmail or fb but I would have to lose my earnings at 90 coins per level. I really don't think that is fair. The only response I have gotten about this is that my theory is not true and that I need to send them more info like an account ID and screenshots. I can only get that if I log in and for some reason their system isn't allowing me to log in.
You never get paid. Once I recieve my payment I will give 5 stars. I have contacted customer service and keep getting the same run around. It's been almost a month.
Game does pay which is great as I really liked the levels. Sown side is that there are only 100 levels and then you need to pay to reset them. Wish there were more levels, or at least give users option to reset levels by watching adverts as opposed to paying for reset
I just finished my 100 level today been April 5 2021, I bought the premium package, and I withdrawed my PHT I was told to wait for 36 hours for manual payment, and started a new game, from level one due to my premium privileges that gave me automatic game reset, awaiting my my coin in my #klever wallet. 5 star then.
I heard lot of people complained other issues. There is a bug, once you are on timer, even if you complete the goal it will not treat as level completed and you have to make another move, which makes the level completion and the game useless.
Would have given 5 stars but sometimes when you complete the level it doesn't register right away and you waste moves (stars)
Don't waste your time playing this game. I reached the 100 level withdrew my PHT to the klever wallet for almost a week the tokens didn't reach the destination.
love playing this game . . . thanks for the team who create this kind of application now I found myself having fun comlpeting 100 level this is my first day to play this game in just less than 30 minutes I'm on level 10 and still have to achieve 90 levels but it's okay it's so addicting and had adorable graphics . . one more thing totally recommended πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
I waited to complete the game levels and receive the reward before rating. Very good and fun game, the coin was sent to my wallet as promised and I appreciate that, though it hasn't worth anything but still the game and promise is not false.
Not a bad game, payout time is reasonable and can earn PHT crypto quick, unfortunately the phoneum market isn't doing too well at the moment, I'm sure if I hold these coins long enough though they will most likely go up in value.
Seems good enough, still waiting for my crypto to be transferred to my wallet,will update stars once it's there. It left the game 3 days ago but still nothing in my wallet. I also play several of the others from the same company. Am a bit worried about what's happened to my PHt from the game? Edit: Got my crypto, only wish the other apps were the same tokens so I could merge them all together.
never got my tron after completion, and I have no problem with the 36h, except for the fact that I have been waiting much longer.
Please fix this. Just last week, my PHT bugged out and has been increased. However, whenever I play even with many levels I passed, I cannot earn anymore PHT. I will bring back my rating once this will be fixed. This value of my PHT also synchronizes with my Crypto Planet.
I love this game !!! Determination patience and a little use of the ol noodle (brain) and you'll love it too. It does tend to crash... if you lose anything it's not noticable....
It's really hurt when the programmer of this game make it's so hard just to earn little money after taking a week to complete and unity game just need to fix all that shows and says connect to internet's and it would then take one back to the state he has already finished like 10 or 5 step back pls help fix it and pls increase what one could earn you guys are making good money from this add cos hav not gotten to the end my friend that plied it said he saw almost more then 87 add getting stage 55
This is great game. But when I try to withdrawal say open Crypto Planet, But crypto Planet Wallet not add my Crypto Connect3 PHT Please Solve this issue. After first withdrawal I change my rating.
App not working since 28 May 2020. No earning. Candy crush was still better than this in terms of UI and UX.
Game is faster since its on a new server. Design is also new. But the levels and gameplay is the same. Also the reset payment is not worth it so its good for one playthrough.
The Gameplay: Absolutely Addicted especially for a user who love puzzle games. Graphic: Mediocre. There are plenty of rooms for graphic improvements in this game. Payment: On going to level 100 (the requirement level to Withdraw the coin)
The game is nice and good for killing the time... I enjoy it... I will suggested this to my friends and family... I LOVE IT...
I try to login into my game account but it directed me to login again then i loged in.... I have 15,000 pht on my wallet balance, but non was there again, again i subscribe for premium i didn't see it again the game demands for restart payment again....i invited people and still want to invite more pls fix out this problem i really sad πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
I just started playing the game..and as started playing its easy..but i know soon it will become harder as i thought but hopefully i can make it, until i am be able to cash out.. anyway great game..
Fantastically improved after the update. You might not wait for long before you play. And you are rewarded PHT coin. It's good for everyone.
The game is very nice. Ads are not popping up often. I have not gotten to the 100level to withdraw but the game is nice
Your update deleted all 15k tokens I had!!! You've made this app worse by charging more then you earn once you reach LVL 100. I also close the app to avoid watching ads. This is supposed to be an earnings app, not one that cost more to play. Your update is a fail.
Love it. 4 month update and still the games played with their apps consistently pay crypto. Not gonna get rich from it. Unless one of the tokens they pay you with suddenly become worth even $1 you could actually hit it big. Small chance but definitely could happen. Anyways 4 months later and I have transfered easily 1000 tokens into my wallet, mostly Tron wallet. I still give their games 5 stars and will say one of the few that actually pay regularly.
I'll give 3 stars as encouragement to update this game. Great game, real rewards, but it's still far too glitchy for a lot of people.
Did my withdrawal didn't receive. I don't think I wil ever receive. I used tronlink Pro address as they have given option to use tronlink wallet or tronlinkpro.
This is a app i thought do what it says but i am not seeing my cashout come into my wallet why i cannot get pay I await so much the game getting boring to me now ! Can u guys helpme with this problem I dont see the coins in my wallet 36 hrs looks like that mean 2 days for you guys !
The only thing missing is, I cannot find the withdrawal status Tab, just withdraw and wait till 3 - 4 days to arrived..cannot find the history of withdrawal also
2 stars I played got payed in klever wallet, but not really un my tron. It shows something abou pht. I trien coinbox wallet and still the same thing. The game is not paying in tron wallet. In another crypto currency which is not possible to use
This is a good game, although a person is able to play only once, but worth to play and earn. If any problem, send them support ticket, they act fast.
Best PHT game because there is actually an element of 'gaming'nessishmaybe, kind of, not really, but devs kind of suck, how have we been stuck on the same level for weeks with no PHT rewarded for completing levels
From 5 to 3.. I cannot charge my ship with ads. I cannot proceed to next level right away because of internet connection error although i have stable internet connection. I have been restarting this game and made successful withdrawal(s) to my klever and tronlink wallet, suddenly the game is buggy.
Love the game can be a challenge but that's what makes it great. Hopefully the payment will be just as great have not reached that level yet. Will let you know
If you are playing this game for fun purpose go for it. This game is full of entertainment and challenging. But if you are playing it for earning cryptocurrency don't waste your time. I completed all my 100 levels to claim for reward and I waited for 36 hours mentioned there for transfer but it's 3rd day and payment still not arrived in my wallet. Update after the msg arrive I contacted the support they gave me ticket no [##33593##] now its day 3 and still my payment pending.
This is awesome game and I really like it but recently doesn't pay pht anymore, please fix that. Otherwise all your games works great, after update game works brilliant thank you
I'm too much upset form them are you know why.. Because I have achieve 100 level also 1100+ coin and when I add my pht token address from trust wallet and I had wait more then 10 hours but I haven't received any one coin😠😠😠😠😠
Be careful, I paid for an in game upgrade, the funds were debited from my bank, however, I did not receive a confirmation from Google.
This is very annoyed app I spent a lot of time to finish the level hundred,but withdraw no coin inside wallet,the told me to wait for 3 days, it's almost a week I don't receive anything,I will only adjust the review if I received the coins
I had fun playing the game but as far as transaction system is concerned it has been over 40+ hrs and still I haven't received the amount
Great fun, a lot like Candy Crush. Only downside is you can't withdraw your PHT before completing 100 levels. Also am unable to figure out how to invite others since I can't find the invite link.
On my like 4th restart now and keeps going back to lvl 2 after app is closed. Im doing levels and getting no pht and the app keeps resetting. Pls fix this devs. Will check again in the morning and adjust the review when fixed. Thanks!
The app is good, the games are exciting, lots of long ads to watch..but the withdrawn tokens still didnt arrive in destination wallet
Amazing app, however it shows you ad, but it really gives you PHT. I have recievied in my trust wallet😍 thank you
I am at level 50 but when i open game i want to "Refill my Ship" by watching ads it always shows "Check your Internet Connection" even my internet is very good and Fast. That's why i give 3 stars.
Love the mixed gameplay similar to bitcoin blast. Only better graphics. Very modern looking and runs smoothly.
Great app to earn extra PHT but it doesn't sync with crypto planet. I wish this would be updated soon.
Boring Game that not only doesn't pay off at the cash out time, false advertising about the points you get. They would NEVER give away more than 10 points per game, And ONLY after you finish the level, and once you finish all 100 levels, you have to PAY to restart the levels, or you don't earn points. Do not recommend
Now too very bad experience. It shows a pop that a new update is available but there is no update and I uninstalled the app and installed again but I can't login through Google mail.. pls make the proper and allow to login and withdraw...
You now need to pay for you to be able to restart the game. That's so sad and disappointing. I'm giving 1 star for that
App wont reset the game after reaching level 100 and withdrawal requested... Update now once you teach level 100 you have to purchase to reset the game and continue playing... So delete after reaching level 100 as they just making money off you from adverts with no reward!!! Shame cant give less than 1 star
Rewards are promising but again the major flaw is integration of apps. I tested withdraw and it's taking to crypto planet app and none of your apps are in sync, they all show different total earnings which is messed up. Instead the total earning from all phoneum apps should be displayed on all apps. And withdraw should also be in sync with all your apps so that members shouldn't have to withdraw separetely on each app.
When I have ran out of life everytime I want to see ads to gain life it alway says "CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION" even if my internet is stable and fast please fix this bugs. For now I'll just rate you 2 stars I'll give you five if the bug already fixed.
Game is good but only having 100 levels and also withdrawl is giving but no further levels so 1 time download and uninstall if one not able to purchase their product and phoneum value is 0 so wasting money on game is of no use. If more levels and free restart option open then I will consider to give 5 stars. 2 stars only for good game.
Great game. I actually enjoyed it and had 2,480PHT sent to my wallet was awesome. Only down side is after getting to 100, you'd have to pay to reset the game. Quite pathetic.
I am updating my review because finally I did get the prize that I just played for it was on another app so it was third-party which is why only give you four stars it's kind of complicated to figure out and hard to find but besides that they did pay out and the game is pretty fun so thanks again guys I appreciate
Ok this one is pretty cool, all the apps from this phoneum company are legit and awesome. First get the miner and keep that going and earn while you play a decently challenging game. Been stuck on it ever since I downloaded it. The other ones are pretty cool as well. Collecting cards and the spin wheel. This coin is increasing in value get it while you can!
never got my tron after completion, but later found out from the team that I was using the wrong wallet. it was an amazing game! I just cant afford the reset.
Im liking the app so far but id like to see some other lower cost and new or newer cryptoes like algorand earned that could be moved to wallets for staking rewards or stake through your app.
Good game, not a lot of adds. I find the games challenging enough to hold my interest. Will edit my rating after I find out about the payouts
App looks great with updates, disappointed my balance was moved. Im sure this will set me back for my next withdrawal but we'll see.
app stopped crediting pht to account after each winning. its the 3rd day now.in the past i had the same problem but it was for 1 day maximum. edit:half month and the problem still exists.read latest comments and you will understand.i think crypto connect has been abandoned.
For a match 3 game it's kool . Great graphics & cool design it definitely takes away the clock leaving you mad when you run out of lives or whatever crypto connect 3 calls them. Ten is what you get then you have to wait for more. Stay safe & continue to bring us more cool games to play. Thank you keep up the good stuff
The game was great. I already finished all the levels and I'm still waiting for the payment. I hope that it will not be delayed. I'll come back and change this to 5 stars if I received my money.
A pretty fun game. However, the rewards sent to a wallet address did not come through. Spend quite the amount of time to complete all 100 levels. So finding out the rewards weren't sent is kind of a bummer. (It's been at least 3 weeks by now)
I really love this game easy to play with simple user interface, keep the good work phoneum I am affraid when reach level 100 you might not pay bcos there is no reward for each level when passed it shows loading but unfortunately can't see the balance
Pretty amazing game. I'm not really smart with these kinds of games but it took me a while to get 3 stars on level 8 but overall it's an amazing game, keep up the great work. Should update the game to where we don't have to beat all 100 levels to be able to withdraw the PHT.
When my PTH ABOVE 25000 SENT MY WALLET I WILL RATE 5 STAR. Oke it have been sent to my accont thanks you so much. But why when i upgrade my account before now this app update i lose my premium.
New update cleared all the coins I earned on Connect as I'm down to zero. What's the sense in that please help me understand?
Please fix the issue that is happening: I have completed level 58 3+ times and made it to level 70, but will log in later and it will be back at level 58 and show no completion of the following levels. Fix the bug
The game is easy... I don't like that I have to finish all the levels before I can withdraw my winnings. Because of that I am giving it 4 stars. But the app does what it says. I have already withdrawn all my winnings once. On the 2nd round now. Great game and the earnings are real.
I'm happy for this game app It's a very simple game. In make Earn pht tokenπŸ€‘ thanks I love this game
Lotsa fun, great gameplay effects & music, great way to pass free time & invest wisely for the future, all while playing neat crytpo based earning games!! Kudos to the dev. Team!! Thnk u
So far so good, easy quick mini game...we still have a fair way to go lol I have not withdrawn pht as of yet but when I do I will come back and rate this 5 stars...Thanks
Entertaining and addictive with ads to let one's game proceed smoothly. Will rate app 5 stars if it increases its PHT reward per level attained. So far so good an app made by its developers.
I liked this game, sadly there are onky 100 levels, and reset of levels needs money, but still good idea πŸ‘
I played and finished all 100 level, the game is addictive and the graphics are good, I Cash out waiting to get my coins. Thank You Phoneum.
This game is amazing, I can play it all day. As all games has rules, on this you have to reach to level 100 to be able to cash out. So far so good.
This application was very nice. We can earn PHT while playing based on our performance. Withdrawals are processed perfectly. But we can earn only upto 100 levels. If you completed 100 levels with 3 stars, we can't earn without buying the restart facility. If you give the unlimited restart facility either free or with PHT token it's good. I completed all the stages with 3 stars. But I haven't purchased the restart facility. So, kindly give the restart facility for free or provide by taking PHT.
The game its fine, but I opted out for the paid version and don't see the extra earnings and I see the same amount if not more adds now than before. Whats the point of paying then?
Game was working just fine but now it is stuck at level 43 and no matter how many times i play it next time i restart the game its again on level 43.. please guide how this situation can be resolved..
This apps is working smoothly but i gave only 1 🌟 which means widthraw days took more than what they said 36hr but i have wait for 1 week but still not credited to my tron wallet... What a hack apps
It's odd, that the promotional websites... of the 2 available the one I chose isn't available anymore... Fun game. And you will have fractional monetary gain... Just kind of rough having to get through 100 stages. Still fun nonetheless...
Fantastic. I'm addicted already. Easy way to earn PHT. Good job. My thumb up for you guys. I was blocked for a couple of days suspected of cheating but later reinstalled after proper investigation with all my coins intact. Kudos to your team. The latest update is more fantastic since they at least allow advert to let you continue. The problem is that I withdrew on the 17/05/2020 from phoneum portal. Up to the time of writing, it has not arrived.
Good so far. Always on the look out for different ways to earn crypto. And even better it can be used on my mobile. Great work
Fantastic game. Actually paid me out. Not huge payouts but at least payout. Easy and flowing app. Try it very much worth it
I request a withdraw but nothing receive in my wallet it takes 36 hours to withdraw to receive but now is 48 hours.every level and for free lives i watch totally 100 plus ads. but now i disappointed plz give solution πŸ˜₯ Edit: I received it thanks! after 2 days and half. i suggest you add more level and life plz and the ads is worse every level can you make 1 ads in every two levels?. more power pht team. πŸ‘ pht to the moon πŸš€
This game is decent. Your average mobile puzzler. It DOES pay out as well, but you have to beat all 100 levels before it allows you to withdraw. The really weird thing is that after you beat all 100 levels you can't play the game anymore for PHTwithout paying money which is weird. Should just be the energy system. Why is there a cap What's also weird is that the game isn't linked to the site like the other pht games, which is unfortunate because you don't have the option of withdrawing to site.
Cannot log in, same on their other app Crypto planet. Probably locked me out cause I was earning too much and didn't pay for subscription. Update: I've emailed at the requested address. Update: received reply asking about "suspicious activity" sent second email explaining how I save gold then open many chests at once, also informed them that I play using two devices. Update: I was locked out due to their mistake on Crypto Planet. I am now able to login again.
Hi guys I played till level 23 when I logged back in my crypto currency was 0 and it never returned can you please investigate I'm at level 27 now and are not willing to play further unless this had been resolved.
Was fine before the update. Had gotten almost 6000 tokens then after thebupdate my token was all gone. Just like that. Not nice at all.
Like the game but don't like paying to restart it every time when what you earn does not cover the cost..
I would like to say thank you for fixing my issue and I enjoy this game and would recommend to friends.
1st I truly hate giving bad reviews... Sometimes, With that said, this game reminds me of a crackhead begging for change. ( guess who'll be the head in this scenario?!!! ) You'll see.. Unless you managed to eat all your paste before the teacher got there to stop you. ...Anyways. I get it, they're cashing in on real paying cash ads from co'$ while you grab @ foodstamps in a glass air-filled tube. Thank god its not live broadcased. Well, It was a gas, but I'ma, im gonna pass it. Keep ya change. 😘
A nice "pass the time" game. Kind of disappointed though that we have to pay to restart now. I'm guessing the $1 is just for one go through of the game?
A good program, I think the more steps, the better it will be, for example, 600 steps in each and other things like now
It was going great till I got to higher levels with timers then it started glitching. I kept running outta lives on the timer levels. Redeeming all phoneum at level 100 is absolutely ridiculous!! This game is not worth wasting time and energy. There are other crypto currency games that are more fun
I like the game and the graphic. But, once i completed the lady level, i couldn't withdraw the waller do there no way to check the name of the wallet. I put my email but is keeping asking for the wallet. This is the first cryptocurrency game that i couldn't withdrawal the currency to sent its to my wallet. Dont lose your time.
My first impression in this game is good but when I already reached almost level 80.. I'm excited to play full lives after work... But the lives is not recharging... It's always 1 life... What happened?
Previously I praised this game and gave it 5 stars but they are now trying to change. They claimed that one will receive his PHT within 36hrs but I sent my PHT to tronswallet pro for more than 48hrs and nothing is receive in my wallet. I will edit my review after my problem is solved
The game is nice and I hope they give us estimate how much to withdraw amount and could lower the stage to withdraw.
Instead of giving reset option increase game level and put withdraw on every 50 or 100 levels.. This will make game more interesting and less repetitive.. The game is ok but user experience needs to be polished.. If user experience is smooth as candy crush and 1000+ levels it can be universal hit.. Lastly name is also not that cool πŸ‘..
Game play is definitely fun but it is impossible to withdraw funds & only about 100ish levels (maximum to earn $0.16). I guess I'll wait and see if they add levels
Edit: This is pretty much a scam. If you pay for a restart you are not getting any PHTs. I'm also suspecting a friend and I have been banned from the game because we cant even log in. Please do not fall for a paid restart or Premium adventure. Be happy if you get anything the first time you play it, but in the case of my friend, not even that.
So far, so good. This is my first day. So I'm just getting to know the app yet. But if this does lead to the help of Crypto currency, purchases. I will be very happy. I will update this review in a couple months. Hopefully I'll know by then if it actually pays to my crypto account.
The game is great but I've went through 5 levels already and not got a single PHT. I'll play again when it's fixed and update my review then.
Its very hard to play with various designs makes it more hard and its takes like a week to have a coin not up to cent pls can u increase the value of the week stress 10 and 20 or 30 of the coin not woth it i dont have to upgrade cos ar tge moment its so poor to to make attempt am so disappointed i guess the owner of this game owns this crypto why dont u make it easy easy for people to use this as a used cased to promote the coin and u hard to give coin so poor for the stress 100 is to far aswell
This game is going well, but the coin is giving very less even if there is so much score. I just did not get the Withdrawal .After the withdrawal, I will give it 2 stars .
First the new updates and background are great. Great effort PHT team. I gave 1 star because of the payment for restarting which is illogical. If we play the 100 level we will earn 3000 pht for max equal to 0.26$ as per coingecko but we have to pay 3 times more in order to restart 1$=11487.65 pht. Also in the Google play description you mentioned unlimited restart which need to be corrected to 1$ for every restart
I love this app No ads if you don't lose a stage but also nice design and development. Phoneum is reliable and trustworthy. Keep up!
Great App, Don't like that i have to finish all level (the reason for the 4stars) about to submit wallet address for the first time (the reason for the 3stars). When i receive it i will make it 4stars
Still running the app for now no problem,but don't know what the feature will look like. So try and maintain this sample format,for easy accisibility.