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Crowd Fight 3D - Crew Riot

Crowd Fight 3D - Crew Riot for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by HOMA GAMES located at 76 Rue faubourg saint denis, 75010 Paris, France. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Boring. Redundant. Repetitive. Overridden with ads. Just a few terms to describe this game. The ads are insane. After EVERY level there is at least one ad. I made it as far as level 35. Nothing changes. Just repeat the pattern. Over and over again. If anything, it gets EASIER to kill the giant at the end, as you go on. I kept expecting changes, new enemies, or at least different routes through the levels The game has potential. But it hasn't been "tapped" yet. Sorry, Uninstalling.
Its a cool concept but the gameplay is repetitive. There is no real challenge because its obvious to go through the largest numbered bracket. Ads are unskipable and are before and after every match.
I don't ever really post reviews, but this game is honestly such trash I couldn't help but to do so. It's not even the excessive advertising that ruins it, although that doesn't help. I wouldn't even let my toddler play this because it's so simple he would get bored. That was the most boring hour I've had in ages, and I did say hour. Don't say I didn't go d this garbage a fair shot.
I will only give this game one star because it takes sooo long to install,I am still waiting for it too.
The setting button is perfectly situated behind the camera so I can't turn off the horrible obnoxious haptics. I wish I could delete this game from existing just for that.
Fun to pass the time but upgrading the attack does nothing all you need is numbers very easy simple game
Filled all the squares and no option to increase the squares. I can get past the ads. Even to be able to delete warriors would be good. Nice game to pass time.
I cant go past lvl 21, and I've tried every thing I know, but I cant go past 38 people and end up dieing on the last big group of people. So I give this game a two star. YOU CAN DO BETTER GAME CREATORS!!! UN1NSTALL1NG
Ad overload, non-stop ads after every level even if you watch the 3x bonus ad afterwards. Another disgusting game that is a disturbingly obvious cash grab.
Good game except once you fill all the available spaces with different characters, you have no way to merge new ones. Sure be swell if you fixed that.
Probably the worst game I have ever seen. Depending on how you upgrade it is possible at lvl 3 that you are forced to watch ads over and over again in order to beat the level.
Way too many ads. After the first level I got an ad. Rediculous. The only thing about games now a days it's the ads
This game is fun, and it has a nice concept, but on level 4 my game stopped functioning completely. And before you say it's my phone at fault, hear me out. Once the game stopped working, I checked my internet, my wifi, my Bluetooth, my battery, and I even opened every application on my phone. All of it was functional. I hope that I can get advice on what the next steps for fixing this would be, then I could be more open-minded
This game was fun for the first 5 levels then you realize your just playing the same level over and over again. Would not recommend.
Fun game and kind of addicting, trying to keep merging the characters, but you can only go so far. I got to Level 90 something when I had all 9 spaces filled and no longer able to keep merging and advancing characters. There are still levels to play and you can keep improving your power and money, but being stuck with the characters, what's the point.
I like this however when I click the add for 3x gold I dont expect a forced add right after that one....
Too easy and too redundant, cool concept but lacking enough to make it worth playing long term, not bad, just too easy
Another game that is just one massive advert platform, the little game is okay if you got to play it for more than 15 seconds.
If I Could rate this game negative 5 Stars then I Would don't waste your time playing this Game to much Adds
Basically the same board over and over with slightly different obstacles sometimes. Also there is a point where u cant advance your troops anymore because u run out of slots to keep advancing them.
Couldn't even play the game because if he creators being lazy and making the game run at 1 phrase a minute
After you fill the different character slots with different levels of characters it's impossible for you to level them up and after you get to a certain level it is impossible to win
I give these Facebook ad games a chance every so often. They look like a good game for minimal brain power or for 1 year Olds. But when the game has 4 ads after the first level. Uninstall.
For me, the second level was impossible. I kept dying in the caveman section. I tried eight times to no avail, before you say "what if you didn't get the expected amount of caveman so you lost?" I made sure I got every ×2 and ×4. Still lost by 6. I dunno but this is also a rip-off of some other game. I can't remember but I have played it recently. The only changes are the caveman/evolution changes. In conclusion, this game sucks. (And to be fair, it's repetitive and boring. Filled with adds)...
Entertaining until you realize that your units do the same amount of damage regardless of how much you upgrade them or the weapons. Just keep 9 units at all times and hit the highest multiplier and you'll win every time. Can't say much about the ads since I had my phone on airplane mode but I'm assuming there is at least one ad in between every level like usual.
These app developers really need to slow down with the bloody ads. If you give me an option to get a reward by watching an ad and I click "No thanks" but you still show me the ad anyway? That makes me uninstall an application faster than anything!
Good game bit bad when it comes to ads. But how ever once you hit lvl 31 even if you have fully maxed out carachters to start with it's I'm possible the first round after you kill the people.your left with 10 people which turns in to 6 and after wards you can only.get up to 27 people and you go up against 38nsso no matter what you lose so it gets a one star review
If you love watching ads then this is for you! I watched 3 ads in a row before being able to play the next round.