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Crowd City

Crowd City for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think the game is really fun and i love all the little people,animals,and monsters that you can be in this game,so yeah.i hope yall get this game bc it really really fun.
Love the game especially the new update... BUT!!! WHENEVER I GET 300+ THE GAME STARTS TO LAG AND IN TIMES IT FREEZES!!! so please if you can fix this only problem that would be awesome thanks
Used to love this game but stopped playing it because everything was unlocked and was at maximum level. Decided to play again to find new features. Yay! But no. Half time is just a distraction as is the extra time at the end. ( your opponent gets to keep running, you don't, which make it pointless too.) And you have to start again every time it kicks you off and you have to reload. Also, there is no support. You have to put all this in a review that the devs probably don't even look at or read..
Used to be pretty fun game, my favorite even, with unlockable skins. Had some ads, but enough to still keep playing. Now they added halftime feature that plays an ad in the middle of game, game ends and then another ad... Game now freezes all the time too... Skins now require no skill to unlock and need to be unlocked via character points... Way to ruin a great game Voodoo
Oh my goodness. We have come back to this game after not playing for a few months and but now it's horrible. Previously I'd paid for the no ads version and now there's a million ads anyway. Why ruin a great game? Big uninstall here.
I just got back into playing this game after a few months and I must say that the new update is utter garbage. The whole "halftime" feature ruins the game by forcing you to watch an ad in the middle of a game. There was also an ad right towards (what I assumed to be) the end of the round. It was trying to get me to buy more time. Really? I can't even restore my skins either. Uninstalling for now. Will change rating later if the game improves.
Good fun until you max out, then there's nothing to do but the same thing. I'd be happy to pay to get rid of ads if there was more to do and real mutiplayer, the ads make it obvious the others are bots... That and they're terrible. Solid, but short.
Play for one minute and then a 30 second video. You fixed part of it.. the half time is stupid. Its only a two minute game ...This update sucks, why break at 1 min, the update removed the level I was at and had to start over.
It's a shame to see what this game has become. I've had it for quite a long time now, but the amount of ads has become ridiculous. They even feel the need to interrupt your two minute game with a half time ad. If you like watching ads, get this game, since that's all there is to do. Devs, you did a good job of screwing things up. Way to go.
This game used to be decent but the ads are just out of control at this point, you can't even play a full game without getting an ad. They introduced something called "halftime" so 30 seconds into the game they will have an excuse to put another ad in your face, it's really ridiculous. I mean 2 ads for only 60 seconds of gameplay ????
The game was ok but when you turn into a ball its sooo hard to turn and also the game forces you to watch an ad to upgrade something with is a huge waste of time. If you guys or gals can remove that feature and improve the turning when your in a ball I would appreciate it very much. THX
I had given it 5 star but now downgrade it to 3. There are adds even after purchasing the game. This means I will not buy any other voodoo games. Bug: if you want to double your score, you have watch an advertisement. But the tally doesn't get added at the end. You want extra time, you have to watch an ad. Common, I paid for the game already. Will have to uninstall it.
I used to enjoy this game a lot. Now it is overfluded with ads. Specially the mid-game ads! If a game lasts a little over 1 minute you don't need to press an ad in between!! To cut off a player in the middle of the game to show us the same ad you've already shown 50times is just sad!! it's just too much! How greedy must you be?
Cool game. I've enjoyed conquering the other armies of avitars the game has provided. Just seems to need a radar screen telling you where and what size of armies the opponents have and where they're located. So,one can have a better tactical advantage. That way taking over the entire game is feasible. In the short amount of time allotted
It's a very cool & addictive game, i really like it!!!!! One of my favorite games... I have to take some stars off because of these issues......when I went to restore my phone I had to install everything all over & the zombies that I paid for & the spiders weren't there & I also paid for no ads...If I paid, why can't I still have them? If I can't get them back, I want my money back or credit for the purchase, this is suddenly not my favorite game anymore!!!! Please fix
This game had a chance at being on of my favorites an so I don't play for a week and when I come back today it's all messed up the new updates they did little while ago they suck the halftime used to not be a thing they took away like half the skins and just overall controls get buggy and just like other things like all over all just to me ads it's just really fall from grace & With great sadness and a heavy heart I uninstalled this game and give a horrible rating. This game had my respect 😒
Good game but no up to date skins. I played this a few years ago and re downloaded and nothing has updated. Gets boring after a while. No rewards, no bonus, no skins, nothing. They have a half time and have to watch a ad when the round is only 2 mins long anyway. Also they have this thunder ball when you get 3 kills. It gets stuck all the time and is very annoying.
Used to love playing this game, till now with all the ads. And what the hell is half time doing in this game. We r not playing footy are we. U have ruined what once was a very good game. Only giving u one star because I can't give u zero.
I really liked this game even though there were more ads than play time. But now Google ads are continuously popping up and cover most of the screen! I am un-installing this game for those reasons.
I do recommend this app a lot because it's a great app but it's kind of boring and you lose a lot if you don't have a right things but my experience on the game is being a complete amazing I have love this game so much and I think I'm actually going to give it a for that so that I'm so proud of this game the makers of this game are I'll probably so proud of themselves because this is the most amazing game I've ever played I would have to give this earth fireable but I'm giving this before now
Do not spend money to remove ads. Customer support is non-existent. I changed my review to one star. I reset my phone, and cannot restore my ad free purchase. I've contacted them repeatedly, and they have not responded. The game is overrun with ads, so playing without ad free is not an option for me, as I'd be spending a lot more time watching ads than playing the game.
Its been months since i last played, i jumped back in played a minute and found out they now have ads cutting threw the game... I closed it as the ad was still playing and am now going to delete πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–• only five of anything your game deserves
This game is so awesome you guys have to get try it every time I get in a thousand people I used to not like this but when I saw the ad again I wanted to get it again I'm now I love this game
Very Addicting game. Update.. However...,I purchased so I don't have to be interrupted by Ads... What the heck is this halftime watch a dang ad in the middle of the game..? I paid for NO ADS! I guess I am needing a refund since I still am forced to watch ads.. In the middle of game play..smdh. I have changed my rating to one star for that reason!
I quite enjoy wasting time with this game but I'm REALLY frustrated that the buttons to remove the annoying ads. and to restore previous purchased don't work. The ads. are really intrusive and ruin the game experience. Fix this Mr. Developer and you'll get a decent rating !!
NOTICE HOW THE DEVELOPERS DON'T REPLY? THAT SAYS ENOUGH FOR ME. Really like the game too bad it's crammed with advertising. I can deal with some but this has so many advertisements it ruins the momentum and fun of the game. There's actually more advertising time than game play. I know ya need to make money but C'mon people SERIOUSLY? Also doesn't save my progress. What's that about?
Newest features totally cheapen the have experience and only succeed to make the game more annoying. There is no need for a halftime in a game with 2 minute rounds - It's just an annoying pause in the action. The new power ups and "extra time" also make it obvious that your aren't playing against real people and that the game is just trying to get you to watch more ads. This isn't what I paid for and consequently the game gets a poor review.
This game is good I would give it 5 stars but the controls are the worst whenever I start playing the controls work good but when I got a big crowd its stops I wanted to go left but the controls are going right I missed a very big crowd. Do something for this then I'll give you 5 stars. Pls, its starts hanging when we get crowd more than 200. Pls do something .πŸ™πŸ»
Horrible. Used to fun and addictive. There was some update or something and now the game only works for a few seconds, then an ad pops up and freezes your game. And never unfreeze it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted phone, deleted other apps . And it still won't work. I usually don't mind ads, but these ads won't let you play the game, it is just stupid. Reading some other reviews seem like this is a common problem.
Asking permission for personal data and my id address, I naver accept for any game to access, and they not given any option not give access, if want to play must be give access ofter few game's, Aside to Google play store why you are encourage this kind of things,
Too many ads. It ruins the fun. It would be better if there were less ads. I have to watch 3 ads per 1 minute game that you play.
Cant even play it anymore. Wonderful game a year ago and now it sucks. Ads in the MIDDLE of two minute game. So you shot yourself in the foot. Made a 5 star game into a 1 star. This is the second game from these developers to do this too. Wish I could block all the games like this so I don't accidently download another ad machine like this.
Ads are unbearable and contain sound. Used to love this game but this has become out of control. Also spend 4 bucks to remove ads would be fine but unsure if this means I won't be able to double rewards or start with a bigger crowd.
I LOVE this game ! Its so fun eating the ppl lol but the more you eat and higher your score it's like it starts to buffer and slows down which is annoying but not enough to make me not want to play lol
I don't know why Voodoo describes EVERY Crowd City update as "Minor Bug Fixes." Usually it's very misleading & just means MORE ADS &/or annoying features but this most recent update was actually GOOD! It returned the game to it's original form without the dumb Power-Ups & FINALLY REMOVED the annoying stupid Halftime ads! YAY!
Super fun once you get a hang of it. NEEDS to have an option where you play till your last man standing or a certain time frame. It kinda cuts you off no matter where you are in the game. Would also be cool if there was a map or some way to tell how far away the other players are, as it stands you get a direction, but just have to guess.
This is the wonderful game. Best I played ever in my life one complain from my side is that the time very less please inscease the time and adds are not coming to much so i like very much and when I take phone for some time I play only crowd city best game for all the kids I give 100 out of 100 to this game. I request to the person who made this game to make crowd city 3 soon thankyou.
Way better game play with the update! Also looks nicer! And NO More half time! Now if we can just get more skins or other prizes to unlock and maybe different landscapes to roam through as we collect followers would be amazing.
I used to love this game, but the latest update has ruined it for me. I do love that they implemented power ups that you can buy with "followers". And I still love the vast selection of skins and the ranking. I also don't mind having to watch an ad after every round or to get stuff. Now for what ruined it, the new "Half Time" that forces you to watch an ad right in the Middle of the round, it throws me off and I do Not enjoy it. If Voodoo took the "Half Time" away, I'd happily give 5🌟 again.
Too many ads, specifically halfway through each match which, considering the length of each match, is ridiculous. The game now keeps constantly crashing, I can't make it through a single match anymore without it crashing and shutting off on it's own. It's fun game play when it works but that seems to be rare. I think I'll be uninstalling it.
The game would have been fun if the controls were better, I mean the people in your gang would zigzag all over the place, it would be beter if you made it where the gang actually follows the mouse.
I purchased the remove ads on another phone and when I put this game on my current phone it won't restore my purchase even though I click to restore and it tells me ive already purchased it if I try to rebuy it. I really love playing this game, as its just a nice time waster. Any response or help would be appreciated.
I used to really like this game, but it is so ad heavy now that I just can't deal with it. You can watch an ad before you play, you get stopped in the middle of the game to watch an ad, you watch an ad at the end got extra time, and then you still get stuck watching an ad. I mean I get it to use the ads to increase time or stats, but why interrupt me in the middle of the gameplat just to show me an ad I don't care about? 70 percent ad watching 30 percent actual game play. smh
Love this game but the ads. I usually don't really care about bc they go away if you press the back button but in this game you have freaking watch the ads to complete a full game, I don't get it. It ruins the fun a lot. Each ad is 30 seconds.
Game is fun but , it will only play game if I keep right it will go either front or left , actually every body is saying more adda but one advise for them who has the same problem off their net. Please change that.
Was fun to play until the "halftime" ad was brought in. Interrupting game play half way through to show you an ad is just greedy. After a long time playing, I'm uninstalling because of "halftime".
Used to be really fun, ads present, sure. Not a big deal. Well, now they added a halftime feature, when hallway through the round it stops for an ad. As soon as the game ends, ad. Want to extend your time, ad. Ad's everywhere. I actually like this game, so I figure I remove ads. Well, I've clicked on the remove ads feature a dozen times and it won't pop up. So, in closing, annoying features and annoying ads you cannot get rid of.
I'm starting to see a pattern here. more specifically this developer, every game they develop is constantly riddled with ads which is a shame because some of their games are decent. This one however rubbed me the wrong way which is a shame because I personally really enjoyed this game. Not only did they reset ALL my progress, they tripled the ads which is just ridiculous. Like come on guys you can't be that starved for money.
Much better now this game has returned to it's original form. However...would still love different backgrounds to choose from, more skins to collect, more goals to reach, the option for more time at the end also to start with more characters If wanted. Then it would be perfect
Changes have made the game less challenging. That's good and bad. Gus time waster, but nowhere to go after a while. Down to two stars this week because it freezes every time I open it. No updates to fix that - I can't be there only one experiencing it. I'll keep for another week or two and then delete. This isn't the only pleasant diversion in town.
I hope the money you get for your ads is worth everyone deleting this game because they can't even play the game. I usually don't have a problem with ads popping up... it's one of the prices to pay for playing a game for free. But when an ad blocks the screen during gameplay while the game continues and you can't click out of it, it renders the game unplayable. UNINSTALLING!!!
The game could be better if the map was different every time. I've memorized the map, so taking out the competition is easy. A different map, every time, would make the game more challenging.
I would have given this game A5 except it keeps glitching and freezing and it does not want to let me get out. This is the third time for me deleting and reinstalling this game can you fix it I've had it now for at least a year or two thank you so very much for your time and consideration and a good game P.S. it just started doing that. I'm sad to say I have to delete the game it keeps freezing and glitching and one other thing it says I have 10 man but yet I will only have one.
Ruined a fun game! Ads, Ads, Ads! I had this game a while back and it was a fun game with a few ads. I redownloaded it today and it is horrible! Now they have reduced the play time to 60secs per round (used to be 2 mins) and interrupt it with "halftime" to show you another ad. There's more time watching ads than playing the game. I would give this zero stars if I could.
I used to love playing this game it's addicting I hadnt played it in a while but the other day I went to play it and it started off like normal but once I got bigger it barely wanted to move it was laughing so much 8 hope y'all fix this soon
Used to have a 5 star rating on this. But now it's 3. Even if you pay for the 'ad free' version, you get prompted to watch ads in order to play longer, and the games are definitely shorter than before. Even if you do watch an ad to play more, it gives very little extra time. This is the AD FREE version. That's just ridiculous. Game is still fun. Just more annoying now.
This game has gone from 5 stars to 1. The halfway time is absolutely ridiculous and it makes me aware that I'm not playing against other real people, as the whole situation would be dependant on my opponents playing the half-time Ad at the very same time as I do. I've also noticed my simulated opponents aren't competitive enough. All of this has made the game become boring and I very rarely play it anymore. I miss it!! :-(
Why did they put halftime for a break or something it forces you to watch an ad in the middle of the game i see no point of it. When the match ends you can still be able to play for like 25 seconds if you press the Get it button, so i press the Get it button and it just takes me to the lobby also the frenzy ball thing is not working anymore everytime i get 3 kills it does nothing. I really hope they are gonna remove halftime.
Very interesting game. It will never let you to become bore , graphics are also too good . Everything is just perfect but there's only problem that when there is a big crowd of players the game starts glitching . But after all it is one of the best game I have played . One must download it . πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Lastly I request the developer to fix the glitches .
Not to sound like a Karen here, but I get ads on this game every 30 seconds, I know ads are necessary for growth and development of the game but at this point it's too much, unfortunately because of the extent of the ads I will not support this game, if the ads decrease I will be happy to install it again. Little side note the controls and movement for this game is a little buggy would recomend taking a look at that if anyone on the dev team decides to read this. Thank you. Have a great day.😁
I want to give five star but giving you 1 star just because you have set up the time limit. Once we got more interest in it.its end that time. Why can not you give a lengthy time duration to play this game. I m telling seriously. Its amazing game but giving you one star because when I got strength. That time got over. So please have a look in it and increase time duration so that we did not irritate more for this timing
Have played this off and on for a while but its very annoying everytime I get a new phone I can't pick up where I left off I have to start all over the restore purchase button doesn't work at all
When I downloaded the game I thought it would be fun but it wasn't, first of all the controls were so hard to get a hang of, I was just spinning in circles and it was hard to go to where I wanted to go. Next the ads were terrible if you kept getting eliminated like me. Overall, I think this game only gets two stars from me.
It's a good game. I would give it 5 starts but the reason I gave it 4 is becuase it keeps crashing and I need to start a new game which is sooo annoying might be a bug if it is a bug please fix it
Good game but can you add options to increase the time limit or we can remove the time limit and let players eliminate each other.
This game is really fun and its kinda about achieving your goals if you think about it. I give it four stars because as much as I like this game, its a bit glitchy but other then that its fine
I have some problems 1.When I'm Going 1st It Becomes Lag Or Buggy. Or Becomes 100s Players Or Avatar. 2. Who The Heck Will Eat 1000 Players!!! Because It Is A Reward. And Who Will Ate 1000 Players For 2 Minutes!!! So Please Higher Time Like 5 Minutes Like That. I Don't Want 2 Minutes It So Short To Eat 1000 Players. Sorry For Saying "How To Eat 1000 Players In 2 Minutes" In Several Times. Breaking News: I Uninstall It Bye Bye Have A Good Day, Nice Effort. Bye Mua Mua.😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
The game is fantastic I love this game and you should download it, but I have gave it only 4 star because of half time why they have updated and added half time, it interrupts at middle of the game and I don't like this interruption while playing other wise the game is very nice.
Used to be a 5 star game. Now nothing but ads everywhere. After every game. All over the home screen. And the was AFTER I PAID FOR THE AD FREE VERSION!!! COMPLETE BS!!! And now they shortened the length of the match and guess what? Watch an ad to continue! Game used to be my favorite. Way to mess up a good thing!!!
I used to love this game, took a hiatus and came back to bad changes! My skin stayed the same and my high score (1307) remained the same, but my number of people dropped to 1. I've collected enough "followers" or "population" to max out all the upgrades (I'm not sure what the stars are or why the ball doesn't work) but I'm still collecting followers and idk what I'm supposed to do with them! Furthermore, now in our 2 min game, there's a halftime where we have to watch an ad before continuing!
Used to be good, until all the ads started popping up. Now, in between each game the us an ad and there is now a "half time" in the middle of the game that shows you an ad. Very disappointing πŸ˜•
Wow... The last version is much better. This game became worse! Instead of having no currency, fun, long and peaceful gameplay, it completely became the opposite! There's this half time thing, everything needs ads, and there's a damn currency. You just ruined the game!
Has this game about a year ago really fun. But I just got a new phone and downloaded it. Turns out now every game they half time to squeeze in another ad every 30 seconds. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND 2$ FOR NO ADS
I love this game but the problem is we have only one level to play with the same other team which I don't like please make some more levels and play online keep some difficultys easy medium hard type overall nice game πŸ‘
There are lots of ads so I just play on airplane mode. But my biggest problem is that once you've powered up, there's no goal to have. Kind of pointless after that
Edit- ads in the *middle* of the match, playing against only bots and it ends just as it's getting good. Bleh uninstalling. Like most of these ad farmer games, the match ends just as it's getting fun. It's not fun dealing with constant ads and playing with 90% bots. Addictive games, just wish they were actual games and not revenue generating ad farms.
Would give it more stars but the fact it's completely offline doesn't make sense. Turn off WiFi and data and you can still play the game. Basically you just play against AI and never real opponents...
Same issue as others. Problem with ad covering the screen. It wont let you use the game. Please get it fixed. The game is great. I would like to see more maps, longer times. Ad is an issue right now. 7/6/20 z ad issue fixed. Its just not as fun as it was a year ago. To many new features. More is not always better. There some small things i would have changed. They went to far.
The game was good the only reason I'm leaving a one star review is due to the fact that your game gathers information or so called ad data. You have no business to know what apps I have downloaded on my phone and other related information.
This is a fun game, and I used to love playing it a lot, but they've decided to become obnoxious with the ads to try to annoy people enough to buy the ad free version. Each game session is two minutes. There is now a "halftime" in each one to force you to pause and watch another ad in addition to the ones before and after the game. I understand the need for ads, but as much as I have enjoyed this game, this move isn't making me want to upgrade. It just makes me want to find a different game.
It's a 5 star game with -4 star Ad issue. Half-time. Really? The game session is 2 minutes. A 3 year old has a longer attention span. I thought about paying 3.99 USD to remove Ads, but I really don't trust that the Ads would all be gone because of the way you have Ad-blitzed the regular game. Here's the kicker.. this game has so many Ads that I am now avoiding Voodoo games completely because I figure they have the same issue : (
I would, and did, really enjoy this game, but now every time it gets to half-time, it goes to an ad that I can't skip. 9 times out of 10, it's a Yahtzee ad, which for whatever reason, doesn't let you close out of it, even after waiting until the SIXTY-SECOND-LONG AD is done, I cannot go back to my game and have to restart the app, only for it to do the same thing again.
ADS ADS ADS ADS. I PAID for the No Ads option and it basically is useless...ads on the waiting page, ads after each game, ads at the bottom of the page DURING the game. Fun game but pretty close to uninstalling and getting a refund for the no ads because it's a lie. And I restarted the app as well as rebooted my phone. This us bait and switch of the worst kind. UPDATE: THEY REMOVED ALL THE COOL ADD-ONS FOR SOME COMPLETELY UNKNOWN REASON.
5 stars ! Must try the best. I have collected all the characters like penguins, wolf's and many more! One issue is that every time half time comes, I want to watch a add but no matter how hard it try the add doesn't come . My Internet is also full but nothing happens. Overall really satisfying game. Try it !!!!.....
it's fun but sometimes freezes and It would be more fun if it was online with real players. Also in the recent updates, you can enable special powers such as magnet and etc., and you can upgrade the powers using your scores. It works until level 5-6, but after that you should just watch videos to upgrade them and still it won't work!!! I'm uninstalling the game because of its various bugs
I actually like this game. Along with other Voodoo games I have played. If I want to play a quick game of something, thier games fit the bill. Unfortunately I have only been able to play about 4 complete games of this game. There is a banner for an ad that pops up at the top of the game screen. This turns the actual game dark and I cannot steer my crowd. The crowd will run and trap themselves in a building corner or water edge. Halftime comes and I cannot even tap the continue.
Great time killer . Lots of adds Havent played in over 12 months Wow the adds now make the game unplayable . Use to play 2 mins ever 2nd game have 1 add . Now has 1 add at 1 min. An other at 2 mins . Just adds . Runed the game Great work made it easy to decided to delete
Just discovered this app after all these years. I do sort of love this game, it's so addictive and calming, but seriously let down by the fact that you are not pitched against real online players and the horrendous amount of ads. Playing against bots is so unchallenging, I keep coming first, the AI 'players' do not even compete. Perhaps they can do an option where you can choose to play others on local servers, I'm sure then people would endure the ads, perhaps even make in game purchases.
It is good game which run without internet the back foot is it taken lot of time to open and getting hang when you play online and also it get hang when you are at first position .
I love tjis game, the only game I play but I gotta complaint about the ads, I mean I understand the reason for ads but make sure that the ads are child friendly, my nieces and nephews play this game. I just saw an ad of a porn app. I was shocked when I saw it, good thing my niece wasn't playing the game at that moment. MAKE SURE THE ADS ARE CHILD FRIENDLY AND NOT 18+
Too many ads! When the game says half time in 5, 4 , 3 , 2 , 1, i press continue and an ad pops up!That's why I only gave u guys a 1 star! I'm sorry for the bad review, but just please FIX IT AND GET RID OF THE ADS! I'll give you guys advice. Only show ads at the end of every game not when half time comes,only at the end dude! The ads play at half time and at the end. JUST PLEASE GET RID OF THE ONES IN HALFTIME! Sorry for the bad reveiw, but this is one of the worst games on google play! πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬πŸ‘Ž
The update adds unnecessary interruptions and power-ups, but the core game can still be found in there. Not sure the Dev really wants our money, as the buttons to purchase 'No Ads' (both on the start screen and the settings menu) do nothing when tapped.
It's a fun game, but all these games keep getting worse and worse because they add more ads, the halftime? Why? The other players are robots, I don't understand why it can't be online anymore? However I put two stars instead of one just because I used to like this game, before the new update, and I still like the gameplay, but all the reasons I listed is what makes me leave out the three other stars and just not like this game as much anymore. Edit: the game has gotten worse. 1 star.
For me a very addictive game so far. The only things that this game misses out on is content upgrades, gameplay sound and music, software and graphic optimization so that everyone can play it without it lagging, and maybe some gameplay enhancements so that it's not always the same but a different challenge everytime. A few of these things would make this already good game more complete and better. Please please consider. Thank you. 5 stars easily if I finally see some changes.
You can pick your own characters and you can learn about the game I rate this everything of 5 * and you should too the download game and play it and you have so much fun and don't be boredπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€žπŸ€ŸπŸ€˜β€
Wow come back to play after a break to find new update and TONS of ads, even half way through game?? Used to be fun to play! Need to be able to play until only one team is left. also how about audio?? Be awesome to be able to hear you gaining more or losing more men. So yea, audio would help alot. And cut the ads !!
I love playing this game but i dont know why it always feels like i am playing with bots and not real players. This game could be played without internet thats a good thing. But i always wonder how players will be connected without internet? And i have noticed same pattern of players names most of the time. Overall its good for timepass
I like this game because it about having the biggest group. The more you have the more skins you unlock. You can upgrade to start out with more pepole and if you get alot if kills you turn into a ball and you can become magnetic and get more pepole. The Game Might Look Boring But It Is Not It Is Fun SO GET THE GAME!!!!! plz πŸ˜€πŸ˜Έ
It used to be kinda fun. I ended up paying for no ads to support the developer. Got bored and quit playing for a while after maxing out my starting group size. Decided to come back and I'm again back to starting with 1, have ads even though it says I should be ad free and now this half time & extra time nonsense? Ruined a fun app.
Wow, ads. Ads everywhere. Used to be one of my favorite games! I could actually play this for hours. I hopped in a game today and noticed a tidal wave of ads, plus a new half time for ads, followed by shortened game times unless (you guessed it) you watch ads. I never write reviews, but wow talk about tanking a decent product with terrible monetization. This is what you get from a developer that doesn't care about the end user.
No ads are great in new update. Would liked to see the extra time stay. I'm finding the rounds too short...
even with wifi off it's only enjoyable for a couple days before you reach max level. and then it literally just becomes pointlessly boring. I've managed to eliminate all the other AI players in a game, and every time I get to that size the game lags horribly. not gonna waste more time on this one.
Pretty fun game to waste some time, but the people behind it.. Not so great. I tried emailing them because i paid for the no adds sometime ago and the game was at least nice enough to remind me of it. But when i tried emailing the makers about how the remove adds button isnt working, tjey refuse to reply to me. Thats not cool. The game would probably get 5 stars from me if it wasnt for this company choosing to ignore me. I want my no adds back.
Unplayable. Early into each round the game glitches and then freezes. After about 20 seconds an ad plays then it freezes the entire phone. If it worked this is a four star game at least but rn it's just wasted space on my phone
This is a very fun app once you learn how to play it i mean I get 500 usually and sometimes 700 and 800 but my higest score is 950 and trust me it's not easy. one thing I would like to add to the game is a rankboard like who is the best player and who us the second best player. Please community of the game answer me and fulfill my wish. thx for making this fun game
Fun game, but frustrating that ads still pop up constantly even in the purchased version. Violent ads too. I dont feel safe letting my 6 year old play. He will more than likely see a violent ad and possibly start downloading things.
I love this game soooo much. My 8yo son introduced me this game. I hope i can change the theme of the game for example we can choose our own city other than skins. I get bored with the same building and view. Edited: i used to love this game. But now, i dont think its nice. So much ads and the appear in the middle of your running game!!!!! Time to say goodbye to this game perhapss?!?!
VASTLY improved as of 09/24/20. The horrid lag is gone, annoying Half-Time is gone, time-wasting Extra Time option is gone, accumulated followers is gone. The original game is back, you start with as many followers as your level awards, and the flow is so much smoother. Paying to go ad-free is worth it!
Very Addicting game. Update.. However...,I purchased so I don't have to be interrupted by Ads... What the heck is this halftime watch a dang ad in the middle of the game..? I paid for NO ADS! I guess I am needing a refund since I still am forced to watch ads.. In the middle of game play..smdh
The game is good but there is something I can't understand. That is how can we play with players without internet?? How can they connect with no internet connection. The creators should improve the graphics of the game and keep making such games. These games are good for time-pass.
Constant ads ruined the game. For every round there is a "halftime" ad and it's literally the most annoying thing ever. I used to play all the time but it's unbearably annoying now. I literally cannot imagine why they decided to ruin their own game with so many ads.
Okay game. Paid to skip the ads but if you don't watch the 30 sec ad to start with more people than you're going to be behind from the start. So...you're still stuck watching ads if you want to compete. Edit: Idk whose idea it was to put in a half-time stop in the middle of the board. It makes no sense and just compels me to delete the game.
Used to be a fun game, but now it won't let me play at all. It used to pause to show ads or just display them as a banner, but now the banner is at the top while the game is happening but pushing anywhere in the game just opens the ad in a browser. I'm literally unable to press anywhere at any point in the game without it just opening an ad, has become completely unusable? Strange bug, hope it gets fixed, my daughter loved it but it's completely broken. Complete reinstall did nothing.
The amount of ads in this game is numerous, I seriously am ill of those ads between and after of the game, if only they pay a little attention towards how the ads in this game is taking away users, the game might be better. Please take it seriously πŸ™. Ads are important but not more than the game itself.
I would have given this game A5 except it keeps glitching and freezing and it does not want to let me get out. This is the third time for me deleting and reinstalling this game can you fix it I've had it now for at least a year or two thank you so very much for your time and consideration and a good game P.S. it just started doing that.
I am giving this a one because I purchased this to remove the ads and with the updates I'm back to the ads and it wont let me restore my purchase. Either give me my money back or remove the ads!! It's also confused on why there was a bunch of levels now there's no levels but little extras you can use but I can never us them Andi still have stupid ads
This game is very fun, but the thing is you don't get that much time in a match and I don't really like that. It's a good time killer game too. I wish there was unlimited time in a match, but other then that I like it
Its nice game nice grapics new skins no half time all thing is right but in this game here too much ads i paid for money for do not see ads but again you so ads so please fix the problem
Nice game , but can u please add a feature of LAN mode, through which players around each other could play together, it would be really fun
I like it but why the ads welp there is a solution that is turning off WiFi and that's what I'll do but still acknowledging the fact that all they want is money makes my blood boil also if you pay attention they are lazy on their games
Will change once I am contacted by support. Bought the ad free version and then changed phones. When I go to restore purchases, it does nothing. If I try to purchase again it tells me that I already own this item. I have contacted support twice and I have heard nothing back.
I only played for an half an hour and already annoyed with the obnoxious ads and freezing up. It doesnt make me want the buy it, it just makes me want to uninstall it. Its a fun game but the freezing up and ads every 30 seconds doesnt make it worth buying nor downloading. Good luck.
I enjoyed the game a while ago and just came back to it. They have added a "half time" pause in the game where they play another ad. An ad in the middle of the game! I get the need to make money so the game is free but that is absolutely ridiculous.
This game is really awesome and enjoyable too.But the reason for giving only 3 stars is while playing, the game halts and hangs.So please fix it.
Great game to kill a few minutes. Must admit, I play often enough that I bought the ad free upgrade. My only complaint is that they recently added a frenzy mode - concept is great but execution not so much. I keep getting stuck to building or in other places I should not be able to reach, both when frenzy mode kicks off or when I get too close to a building. Need a little work on map boundaries during frenzy mode. Nothing more frustrating than doing great & then spending all frenzy mode stuck.
Don't download this game. This game used to be great, but the developers ruined it. They added a rampage ball, which is difficult to control and gets stuck in corners. It's probably the worst feature of game because it's broken and the developers refuse to remove it. They also added a half-time feature, which slows down the action in the middle of the game. And they added an overtime feature, which is pointless, unless you like watching ads.
Fun but full of ads. Had to buy the ad free version for my kids to enjoy. Why cant we have unlimited time? Hey Developers, please add that to the paid version.
Its fun but it has WAY to many adds. And they have this crappy thing were in the middle of the game is a add. I want to play the game not watch adds this is the worst game EVER! Im not kidding you watch more adds then you do play the game. If you want a real game play among us. You know if i could give them 0 stars i would.
To the designer of this game, I would request you to make this game is little more longer. Look, the game is really amazing and the idea to it is also very good. But the less time in this game ruins all the mood ,because the score we made is lost in a factor of Seconds...Please check to this problem.. Thank You
The game was fine before this major update. Ads only played after you finished the game. Now there's a ad in between the gaming session which is stupid. The devs are really pushing us to watch ads now. Plus before the update I had already collected all the skins. But now they removed those skins from my collection and want me to replay the game again to collect the same skins again that I've already gotten before.
Hello Vodoo.Im sorry for a 1 star,but because of if I play,it will have a grey thingy on the background of the menu and besides from that,its I play it the Grey thingy will still be on screen making it so hard to see. I restarted 5 times buts it's still there .Please fix this,I played this game for almost 2 years now,but now I will Uninstall it because of this bug.Please replyπŸ‘
It very stupid game always it is strucking and do not goes which direction we says it goes on another direction before once I have installed it but I deleted it that time that game was nice but now I don't like it why like this I don't know why is it updated before game only it is nice now I want before updating version but now it is not that much not strucking but in last 10 seconds it is sometimes not moving it is in one place only
Like the game but recently it severely slows and drags about half way through. Not sure if it's related to the point in the game is your size/number of crowd, or something else. Big bummer thought and complete deterrent to playing. Separately, more challenges/goals would be good (maybe more skins). One you complete them all, not much left to do
Improved as of 09/24/20, but in less than a month, we're back to the sad interim version. The annoying Half-Time interruption is back, time-wasting Extra Time option is back, accumulated followers is back. The original game was awesome, you started with as many followers as your level allowed. Now we're back to starting with one guy. Paying to go ad-free is worth it, but the game itself is not.
I used to really enjoy this game, it was a lot of fun. You could watch ads to get an advantage every round. Now it forces ads every 60 seconds. It interupts your game to show ads and often crashes app at that point. I wish they hadn't gotten $ greedy. Now uninstalling this ruined game.
You took a great game, a ruined it by being greedy. I used to enjoy playing, but now are you kidding me? You had to add a halftime in the middle of the less than two minute game just to show an ad? Are you guys serious? Someone needs to regulate the ads nowadays, I swear most games are just unplayable now... Totally not fun anymore. Uninstalled.
This game used to be alright. Now they've added the stupid half time thing which is just them trying to cram in more ads. Then there's a time limit when there never used to be. They've made this game worse and almost unplayable. Don't bother downloading unless you want to be swarmed with ads. To be honest, all games by Voodoo are just ad traps that are created to made money.
Game is so cool it it just blows my mind up! Also this game is called crowded City it's just so cool and I just know how much I think of this this is just the best game ever you have to download it
"super fun io game" was my original 5 star review. Now the creators got so money hungry they have added an ad in the middle of the match. This completely screws up the flow of the game and makes in not even worth playing. This is the second game from this company that they ruined and have officially lost a customer.
A fun game. However, the following would improve it even more: a) a longer play time, 2 minutes is no time at all and b) perhaps made an online version. I don't understand the point of the new feature "Half time"? either. Utterly pointless. Also, when the two minutes are up, you can either end it or have an extra 30 seconds if you watch an advert - it keeps ending it when I've opted to watch the ad! Very frustrating. Please fix this. Anyway love the game but could love it more!
Now the reason I have it a three is because the amount of ads is disgusting. You have to watch ads to upgrade or even just in halftime. I never played a match without one ad. It's still a good game but, way too easy. Great game, but If you improve that then maybe I will give you a five star rating.
I'm going to give crowd City 5 stars because it is entertaining you can collect different skins try to grow your army by going around the city and running into random people, part of your team. I have been playing for a year so that shows that I can be fun for quite a while.
If only there's zero star feedback!!!! Too laggy!!!! Please stop making game..all your game is so laggy!!!
It's a good game and pretty fun but once you get everything leveled up all the way which is literally lvl 11 it's just boring bc there's nothing else to do, just keep playing but not too fun after everything is max. If there were like different maps or something or game modes and more level up options not just the max being level 11 which is mega easy to get.
It was really fun game. the reason for giving 3 stars is ads. After playing 1 round the ads come and don't let me play the next round any more thus I gave 3 stars. But I love this game. And the reason for giving 3 stars is clearless it's the main reason for the 3 stars I gave there is no clearness any more but I like this game. There more and more voodoo games there are interesting so tell me yes if you played any one of voodoo game thank you. And also say "yes or no" if you like my feedback
The game is simple fun and addictive... one drawback is that after the update, my minion count just keeps growing uselessly as i be teached the maximum level ul in all the powerups... its kindof killing the spirit of the game.. Also when we turn into that humongous minion ball, it tends to get stuck inside buidigs , in corners etc and doesnt move for quite a while. This costs precious game time...
Awesome I really like this game. because It's a good time to play this game this game is sooooooperrrr I really forget the time when I was playing this game....... I'm pretty sure that you can download this game.. This is one of my suggestion for gamers... Download it now..
What the hell have the Devs done to this awesome game??? One day it was awesome, the next day looks all different, doesn't work properly and my purchase and saves gone?! The button to restore purchase isn't working. Seriously?! Sort it out Devs!!!
Pretty fun and addicting. I prefer to keep the ads, as I don't know if removing them will affect the gameplay and rewards from watching them. I play for 10-15 min at a time, so the ads really dont bother me much. It's really not hard to get used to, and although I wish there were more options in the game, it is a worthy time-wasting game.
Recently put this down to two stars. Fun, single player game designed to play as if multiplayer. The adds are insane. 1 minute of adds for 1 minute of play time. Fix that and I can put the rating back to 4 stars.
The worst. It's been a few years since I've played and same as everyone else, it was good, but then it turned bad. Halftime feature ruins it, too much ads, but my own problem, the bots teleport infront of me and I instantly die. Some bots even start with a bunch of people already, and then every time the halftime happens, my entire tablet crashes and I need to restart it. My tablet has no viruses, and no corruptions. I checked. So, you really need to work on this and yeah. Good to bad.
The duration is too short. Whenever i start to really enjoy it, the time is up. If timing consisted of 4 halfs instead of 2 or were extendable by watching ads the game would be more fun than it is now. Yet good game.
Good game. But the thing is its very glitchy. Once i was 2nd, beacause of the lag, i got killed. I beat my record but then died. Bad internet. Not recomended
it's a nice game to pass so whenever you're anyway we don't have any Internet it's a nice game to play but I would really like it if that I did a few more characters to make it more than just think so people will want to play even more to get all of them but I really suggest it if you're I'm bored and have no internetπŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
It's an interesting game no adverts in it and you have to make the biggest crowd in the game crowd city its your job to take over different crowds and you can make up your user name on the game and I'm not exactly sure but I think you can unlock different skins and because I can't give the game a 3 three because it's not just a good game and I can't give it 4 four and a half because it won't let you so I would rate and give crowd city 4 four stars.
When I first starting playing this game, you could collect people and use them to buy upgrades like magnets or a bigger start crowd. They recently updated it and now you can't "buy" upgrades, there's no running score to increase, no way of making any changes at all. The challenge is gone! Now it's just running about collecting people so you can do it all over again. No ads now though which is definitely an improvement.
The halftime is annoying, but bearable, so is the "watch a video for more time" at the end even though that can be hit or miss if you'll get the video. What isn't really bearable is that when you close the app, you lose all progress. So, all the followers you accumulated, the power ups you may have bought, just gone and you're back at square one. I'll likely uninstall it because while it's fun, there are other games like it that run better and don't have these annoying walls built into them.
This game is super fun but playing that it makes me laugh little because it's little funny because some characters, look very funny.
Loved this game. It's been maybe a year since I've played. Started playing and quickly came to realize the HUGE amount of ads. And they even have a "half time" add in the middle of the damn game. COMEON! Deleted for good.
Ad farming game, they just want you to watch ads so they can get paid. If you pay to remove ads, it doesn't remove any ads. They pause mid match, for another ad.
The game is really fun and great. Besides ads, its a very satisfying game. My only issue is SOUND!! GIVE IT SOME SOUND FX! lmao! Please it will amplify the experience by 10x. Until then, 4/5 stars.
Huge disappointment. Used to love this game but now it's more about your ability to watch ads than actual challenge or game play. You have the option to watch an ad to double your score at the end, but it doesn't even double the score! Totally pathetic. I feel jipped!
Out of all the crowd city I play this is the best one. It's good challenging game love it but needs ways of getting time by collecting items or team killed and be in real time challenging other person's. Will be more fub. Would like challenge of removing everyone. Uhh the adds go away at a higher level but where is the music in the or some beat in the game. Where is the sound of when you kill a group Or someone foolishly run into u. Some beat or music
Advertisements were not the problem for me. It was the CONTROLS!! At one point, my crew kept moving in circles, and not responding to where my finger moved. The developers completely ruined the game. It was so laggy! And the half-time feature makes the game worse. Loved the game once, but now I hate it because of the updates. Do not download! Complete waste of time.
Please add more time..its so quick..hope it will stop till you win...the game is addicting but too short the time..