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Crowd Bomber

Crowd Bomber for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I gave this 2 stars because the random abilities that you have to roll in each area sucks. You hardly ever get the ammo ability. You should allow us to choose which abilities we want. The stages are challenging enough without having some unhelpful ability. I do love this game concept, but am uninstalling it. It just sucks when you have to spend 15 minutes on 1 of 3 stages.
Fun game but when you actually purchase the game, the No Ad tag still remains on the screen. After you get to level 62 when you get the people with the crown instead of getting more money it actually takes 2 billion from you. Do not I repeat DO NOT purchase this game.
Gameplay is rigged. Even though I purchased the adfree game, it still rigs the gameplay so that you will spend over an hour trying to complete a level if you dont watch at least one or two ads a level. Once you buy the game, it is the same three or four levels. The whole set up is shotty. I advise you not to even play the free version.
Love the game but newest update puts an ad right over the playing field. I'm out, nice way to ruin a game
Was good until I paid for no ads. Now it has an odd glitch where it's not counting the points earned correctly so it doesn't matter how many points I get I can't purchase the necessary items to move to the next level. Please fix this.
Everything I earn per level is now converted into negatives. After a couple games I am now at -21billion. Fix this! I can't upgrade anything. I've restarted and reinstalled. Only at level 63, cant get any further.
To much ads every say 2 tries and the zombies take the longest route to get to the noninfected which sucks because i play hard levels but this makes hard levels look bad and how are you suposed to beat it without missing atleast once even though you didnt miss and the hit marker is too small to hit anything with
It was kind of fun for like the first couple times I fired, but then I got bored. Ads aren't just frequent, they're also directly on the screen, blocking gameplay (why would you even design it like that?). Beat level one and then deleted, it's like this game isn't even trying to hide the fact that it was created in 5 minutes flat just to make money off of players. Like, there is only one silly little mechanic to the game, and it isn't even well-designed.
Riddled with ads one in the middle of the screen. Is it monatized enough? Makes you watch part of an add when you don't pick the money boost option. Lagitemitly a perfect exampel of over monatization ruining a game. Oh and when you are trying to buy upgrades somtimes it just shoots your shot... Then you have to watch part of an add.
Honestly, the one complaint that I have is ads. If I wanted to watch and ad every 30 seconds - 2 minutes I'd click the free upgrades or X2 money at the end of every match.
Game was cool. Stopt playing for awhile and went to play it, ITZA BIGAZZ ADD IN THE F****N WAY... WHO TF IDIOTIC HAIRBRAIN IDEA WAS IT TO PUT A BIG DUMB ASS AD IN THE WAY? HOW TF AM I SUPPOSED TO SEE WHAT I'M BOMBING? It screams desperation or drug addict... it's the dumbest f****n thing I've ever seen... Uninstalling... it's already enough ads r-tards... good way to f up a good game... morons
This game is terrible. For one you only get three RANDOM upgrades. 2, I am pretty sure that the longest i have went without ads is 2 tries. 3, just like to mention that a lot of the time the zombies take the longest path possible. 4, Some times when the zombies are literally inside of them, they don't get infected. That is why I gave it a 1 out of 5. I only wish the scaling of rating was wider so that I could give this terrible game a lower score.
I bought the game just to get rid of ads but I'm sick of watching ads to get more money and also the luck is totally worthless. 3 times it has taken me over 50 tries to beat a level and this level I'm on now is over 60 and can't win because I have luck and ammo. I'm fixing to install this game.
Okay, really. So you need any more ads. You got banners, pop ups, and even a giant ad in the home screen. Just another money hungry game company.
Ads take up too much of the playable screen, and coincidently they typically cover the area where you need to shoot. Additionally, the bonus reward button stops working, and you must close and reopen the game to claim the extra currency. Lastly, 3/4 of the time, you play for 3 to 5 seconds, and get a 15+ second ad that has max volume you cannot control. Personally speaking, I play games to relax, not to fight or be annoyed by obnoxious loud ads. Otherwise, it's a super fun game!
It's an okay game,and a little sad that the only video ad you have is Facebook messenger. It's super annoying seeing the same ad,it's like watching TV and seeing the same commercial 3 times in a row
Has great tracking unlike a lot of other apps, and also allows you to turn off vibration which is also a bad part of a lot of other apps, a great app, and fun too! Also not many ads or useless vanity upgrades.
Thought it was a fun time waster (albeit a bit of a battery drainer) and a challenge, until the crown characters started taking money AWAY from you. Now it's just a stupid grind, as you need to get ALL the people in order to move on, even the ones that take money away from you.
Game is fun and I enjoy the ability to watch ads for double points and extra perks, however game does not always permit that even though it gives you the option, then immediately follows up with an ad that provides no benefit. If you are going to give the option to watch an ad for double coin or extra points then not permit that "reward" to follow through, then do not follow immediately with an ad that does not benefit me. Uninstalling.
Why created game and have ads blocking half of the screen?? Can't see where to shoot and then you want money to remove ads?? I want to play but because of the screen being half block and then wanting money to unblock is smart but maybe choose a better time of place to put them..
Game completely froze when.. what else... an AD played. I understand the need for ads to make money to make these games/apps but when it freezes the game completely during the game, goodbye, game uninstalled
The dumb asses run in the same direction instead of goin after multiple targets. Then they run into walls and stay there. They got stupid bonus that dont help you out. For example. Luck and range. This really needs to be changed. Those bring the game play experience down. And makes you not want to play anymore. I've been on it for the day. And u get those useless ones on too damn much. Im deleting the game off my phone. Maybe if they fix those bs boost up. I may be back. And too many ads.
Ads in the window while you're setting up your shot, then more ads between shots. I can't say if the game is good or bad because I just don't care at this point. It's insulting.
I had originally given a good review after paying for add removal. But due to in game glitches and after an attempt to contact the developer with no response i am changing my rating. This is a good game but they are doing nothing to help their gamers. I will be unstalling this game which is unfortunate since i paid for it
There is alot of things wrong with the app. First off the people you bomb tend to chase after people who are on the other side of the map. Second they tend to have the little people leave the screen where you can't see them. Also sometimes the little people tend to stop chasing while still having a lifespan. The ads to get a free power up never work. Then with talking about the ads there is a 30 second ad you can not exit out of every 2 turns. Also seems they won't fix these problems either.
I loved this game! I even paid the couple bucks to remove the adds. But it has a few bugs that need worked out. Sometimes you can not watch the ads to get double the money,and now I've come to the problem of money being subtracted when I hit the people with crowns. I will not play again until this is fixed.
Too many ads, game has a huge inflation problem with the in-game money rewarded, after a while it just becomes a grind and to get ahead having to watch ad after ad just to build up some of that in-game money. Also level after level, your in game abilities are supposedly supposed to increase, they don't, and the ability "luck" is completely useless. It's a good game but has some serious drawbacks in the long run.
The game is fun. I hate reviews that complain about ads because it's how the game is paid for. But here we go. This game has video ads playing in the bottom right corner that literally takes up 1/4 of the board while your playing. Not a banner across the bottom. It's like someone put a post it note on the bottom right quarter of your screen. The ones in between boards are acceptable but this is way to invasive to enjoy the game.
Was fun at first. But with the ad before the first bomb blocking the field ruins it. Plus too many ads
The zombies always freeze for a second and it makes me lose and its dumb that u roll for upgrades bc i always get bad ones so it takes weeks to beat a single level and they also run past healthy people to get to a healthy person on the other side of the map this game is so bad do not download it
I absolutly love this game. I find it very fun to play on my off time. Its very addicting. Ive made it to level 13 as i write this. I have a suggestion tho. Maybe there could be a new power called "Lasting" or something of the sort. Where dead bodies have a lasting chance to spread the infection after they are dead. The chance grows with lasting levels.
I loved this game. The ads were fine and I even followed them to more downloads and purchases. It was annoying that I couldn't drop bombs in one spot because of the "no ads" icon. But now they've added a big square ad on the screen, blocking out a big chunk of the game board. I guess a bunch of my time just freed up.
Fun game but has a lot of ads. I just get through them to see how the next level goes. In reality, the ads don't last that long .
0 stars. I understand ad revenue helps fund the game. However the fact that you an ad on the game screen 1/4 the size of the game screen and make us watch ads every other shot is ridiculous.
Do you like adds after playing short missions? Do you like adds all over your screen before missions? If so, this is the game for you. If you don't like adds you can pay the low price of $2.99.