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Nonograms CrossMe

Nonograms CrossMe for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Mobile Dynamix located at 15215 Dearborn Street, Overland Park, KS 66223. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They just don't stop adding puzzles. Every time I think I'm done forever, they go and update AGAIN. Best value in any mobile game I've ever played.
I've seen quite a few picture-cross apps, but I like this one the most for its UI and controls. It would be pretty frustrating to solve 20x20 puzzle if the only way interact with it was by tap-tap-taping without an option tio zoom in. Although in general I can't appreciate developer make me watch 30 sec videos to access every single puzzle all of a sudden, but I actually felt like paying a bit, and the premium key which solves the issue is rather cheap. Totally worth it.
Love love LOVE this app and the color version as well. I've had this app since I got my android phone about 8 years ago or more and I have NEVER stopped playing. Regular updates -- plenty of challenging screens. WELL WORTH THE MONEY THESE DEVELOPERS ASK FOR!!!
Play this every day on my lunch break. Perfect amount of working my mind without overthinking to help me unwind.
Puzzles are fun and very few annoying ads. I only wish it had a separate button for the "x" and filler button instead of double-clicking because I accidently click twice and don't always notuce until the puzzle fails and so I have to revirw block by block
I've purchased both apps made by this developer. The non-colored version i purchased many years ago, and i just recently bought the colored one. To my surprise, they are STILL adding puzzles to both apps! I've dealt with greedy, unethical app developers in the past, that have made me hesitant to spend money on apps. These guys are the complete opposite! Well worth the money to support them, but the ads are more than bearable if you can't.
I like the background color, easy on eyes. Interesting puzzles. Quickly moves to bigger puzzles... almost to big for my phone screen within 3 sets
I love the game. Played for a couple years. I would give 5 stars but I got a new phone which is still an android and when i opened the app all of my completed progress was gone. Over a year and a half worth was gone.
Good time killer, but some times frustrating when I get to a puzzle that makes no logical sense and when you try hints on the puzzle not working it shows how messed up it is. There are also puzzles that I complete and shows complete but won't show as solved. Example of a puzzle error is 2.119
Thank you developers for using such a refreshing and responsible monetization strategy. No ad bombardment, incredibly good price for more puzzles, and a way for people to get more levels for free if they'd like with an ad. I hope that more devs use your game as an example for monetization in the future. I like that there were some good attempts at new controls. Many nonogram apps struggle with bad controls, and while I don't think you've quite solved it, you at least give us some solid options.
Disappointed. It started off really nice, but it is nowhere stated that at some point you have to pay to unlock all the levels. There is an option to watch an ad for a level. Just 1 level. If you see how many levels there are.. No thanks.
Why was my progress lost on lots of puzzles? I've gone back and checked and I have definitely completed a lot of the ones that are now marked as incomplete. I've also lost the pinch and zoom ability which I really need. I've played and enjoyed this app for years. Please fix it
There are some challenging puzzles! But I took away a star because you have to either watch a video for each individual puzzle or pay to unlock them, with that being said, it's only like nine nine cents to unlock over 300 puzzles
I really enjoy playing crossme. It's aesthetically pleasing, soothing and straightforward. Well done :)
It's great. The controls are great, the puzzles are good, the backup and sync works well. I've been using it for around 3 years now and haven't run out of puzzles.
One of my favorite games I will ever play. Having ADHD has made me abandon many games, but I always come back to this one.
Love the game, but since I updated it, all my completed puzzles are cleared and it won't save any of my progress.
I've had this game for a long time and love it but the watch advertisement option to unlock puzzles doesn't work anymore. It just gives me the loading symbol but it never loads. Theres times where i dont play anything on my phone so i rather not pay to unlock everything when i have no idea how many puzzles I'll get through.
The very few you can play are good. It's a black & white Nonogram (which I prefer). But you can only play 24 puzzles. After that you have to pay for either each puzzle or more for a package of puzzles. Or, to get puzzles for free you have to watch a video to play 1 puzzle. So on top of the ads you have to watch longer video ads just to play each puzzle. There's nothing about there being a limited number of puzzles, or anything like that in their description of the game. Uninstalled.
Love nonograms. App works well, lots of puzzles. If you don't want to watch ads between puzzles this game actually costs $6 CAD. A fair price for the amount of enjoyment I get.
Super fun game, have been playing it for over 2.5 years with the goal to complete all the puzzles. June 2019 update shuffled up all my progress and now I'm very disappointed at what a mess it has become.
It's been at least 5 years since I bought that game. I only play it casually from time to time. I never manage to finish it, because once in a while, a new update will come out and add new puzzles to it. Judging on the time I spent on it, and how much time i will keep spending on it, it's the best investment I've made in a casual puzzle game, ever.
The game controls are really poor. You can't easily switch between filled and x, and there is no auto fill with x's once you have found all the blacks. Very frustrating. Uninstalling.
great game but last update messed up auto complete. it won't complete until the next move and sometimes not at all. please fix. Update: auto complete issue fixed!
love it but i cant seem to get the completed line autofill back. i went through the game controls but i can't figure it out. and i will echo another review...more free hints after completing a certain amount of puzzles
So glad you keep adding new puzzles. Been addicted for years!! 4/6/21 update: still love it but took away 2 stars bc I switched to iPad and it synched everything except the fact that I paid for this game years ago and now all my puzzles are locked! I'm not paying again...I supported this game when it was new and now some company bought it and wants me to pay again? I'm done unless you fix it!
I enjoy challenging my mind with games.This one can be challenging. I love that every puzzle is solevable without having to use cheats. Also I appreciate that I can choose to pay money to unlock uzzles or pay with my time by watching ads.
Even some of the early puzzles make you think. I enjoy the game because it keeps getting more challenging.
Отличная игра, удобное настраиваемое управление, большое количество кроссвордов
The new way of filling squares is terrible. Please change it back. I have been playing this game for years and I am super disappointed with the latest upgrade. I also had many completed puzzles erased and missed the reason why.
Could of been a good game. Even though you can download the game for free it's not free. You could watch a add to unlock 1 puzzle at a time and with all the puzzles there are that would get annoying. Or you could pay which in total is $59.43 what I don't get is why put a game in the free category when it's clearly NOT free
I love this game. I have been playing for a couple years. The touch sensors are actually pretty good in accuracy. The game is relaxing and fun. Similar to sudoku but a good alternative if you want a puzzle that takes more than 4 minutes to finish. There was only 1 thing I did not like and that was transfering saved data to new phone like a year or so ago. When I tried to transfer the way it said, it reset my saves on both devices. Not a big deal, but I was upset when it happened.
I used to be able to enlarge or shrink the board with the volume keys. Now that I can't, it's too easy to make a mistake. I wish it hadn't been updated. I did not care about ugly puzzles. I only cared about solving them.
It is fun the puzzles are great and they don't interrupt you with ads every ten minutes! I do wish there was a separate button to pushnto put "x" or a dot in the boxes that aren't filled in.
No other nonogram apps even compare to this. Well worth the $6.99 I paid to unlock everything almoat 3 years ago. When an update accidentally caused a bug they fixed it within a week. Excellent developers.
I bought the full version of this game 6 years ago and they are still adding new puzzles all the time. The extent that the developers have supported this game is unlike anything I've ever seen for a puzzle game like this. It will definitely keep you busy for months with an insane amount of puzzles. Only microtransactions are for hints, which aren't required, as well as for a full version which unlocks more puzzles if you'd like. Definitely recommend the full version though.
I would have given this a 5, but because every time over the years I've changed phones, I can never get my "all puzzle" purchase to restore, I had to give it a 4.
Best nonogram app, but the ads have become a major nuisance. Back when this app was ad-free it was by far the best out there - simple, intuitive controls with easy zoom capability and grids up to 70x70+. Now that all puzzles are locked with required video ads it is a harder sell. Although you can purchase 1,700 ad-free puzzles for $4.99 which certainly seems worth it if you're a nonogram fan.
I love these things and making pretty pictures. Great app that's well designed and simple to use. One of the best apps in existence hands down. Keep up the great work, dev!
I am obsessed with this game. I watch every single ad to play each puzzle I cant get enough I've easily spent over 100 hours on this. very addictive and satisfying once you get the hang of the puzzles. pictures are cute and interesting.
Slick implementation of a well known pencil and paper game. The only one slightly annoying aspect is the updating mechanism: the satisfaction of having finished levels is lost as new puzzles are added to every level.
For the harder puzzles, experienced 2 so far, (I'm up to 2.187, expecting more of these to come) where you pretty much have to guess. give us a 3rd marker; to mark possibilities when we have to ask "what if" to solve puzzles.
I've had this game for years. No regrets. Lots of fun, honestly. But beware, only suited to those who like details and puzzles. In general, it's casual, but at times it can get tedious, but when you finish, it is totally satisfying.
Amazingly fun, it keeps my brain sharp, especially with the new puzzles coming out. Is there a way to drag the cursor over two or more rows at once though?
Been playing this app for around 10 years now. Every time I try to sync my game when I get a new phone I lose a few puzzles.
A fun yet challenging pastime! The early puzzles are an easy warmup. Later puzzles make you think. Controls are intuitive and easy to master.
I bought both CrossMe and CrossMe Color on my old device. When I downloaded it on my new device, I now have to pay again. I contacted the creator, and haven't had a reply. I am deeply disappointed as I really enjoy both games. Poorest customer service I have experienced. Would not recommend.
My favorite game. I can play for a 5 minute break or for much longer to kill time. It is worth buying the puzzle packs because you will be playing them for a long time.
I bought the full version several YEARS ago and I play it nearly daily. My progress travels with me from phone to phone. It has been my only digital constant for the last few years, I love it!