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Color Nonogram CrossMe

Color Nonogram CrossMe for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Mobile Dynamix located at 15215 Dearborn Street, Overland Park, KS 66223. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game. I get so excited when there is a new update but I hate having to wait so long between updates.
I am frustrated by having to do them all in order. The beginner puzzles are too easy, but I didn't see a way to skip them so I went through all of them. Very tedious. To get more hints I had to pay - I'd rather watch an advert, but I wasn't given that option. Not sure yet whether I'm going to delete. Probably will
Fun! Has color which is awesome. Not many out there like it. It does have ads per level but its not overbearing if you switch between harder and easier levels which is possible. You can even alter game controls which is nice. Its very fun and easy to maneuver so thats a plus as well.
Fun and challenging game, although, so far, I prefer the original, colorless version as it seems to be even more challenging (although it's possible that I just haven't gotten to the more challenging levels yet!)
Do not have to spend money. Can continue to play after original free puzzles. Easily transferred to different device. Great variety of levels. Complete control over difficulty level to play. Extensive variety in pictures. Can move to different puzzles if struggling to figure one out. Can then come back to it later to work on more. Only negative, cannot figure out how to use hint feature. Black and white game great also, but prefer color.
The interface is straightforward & uncluttered. The pictures are fun & cute. NOT FULLY FREE, levels can be played free, only after watching a 10-30 second ad before every puzzle (once past the intro stages). Otherwise puzzles can be unlocked in a large chunk for about $1 & all puzzles for about $5.
I don't understand why people are complaining about having to watch an ad to unlock each puzzle. It's a free app, they have to make money. If you don't want to watch the ads then it only costs $1 to unlock 300+ puzzles. It's a way better deal than 90% of free apps out there. I really enjoy this one but I think it would be more exciting if there were events or something to do instead of just completing puzzles. But it is the best nonogram out there 😁👍🏻
It's alot trickier then regular picross. It makes you slow down and think. This is more rewarding when you finally finish. Pics are cute also.
I love how this game doesn't require the internet to play. I love doing puzzles, just getting to the last level, and Bam! They put out an explosion of new puzzles! I'm never bored, always challenged, and look forward to the new updates to see what's been improved. I especially like the latest: transferring your progress to any device! Great job, developers!
Great! Have been playing this and its black and white version for years. There are so many puzzles you'll never finish them all. Love the way you can play for a bit and it saves your progress.
"My 2nd most loved puzzle game" I love that when i get stuck and before i start getting frusterated on a certain puzzle. I can always move on to another puzzle because the game saves my progress. which allows me to come back to it and continue where I left off ,without having to start the puzzle from the beginning again.
I've been trying to find a good intro into these puzzles and this is it!!! It gives you a lot of simplistic ones so far i have done 21 of their what seems to be thousands upon thousands of puzzles.
There are wide variety of puzzle sizes.The control is easy. Colours makes it more fun. Hints could be improved. It has limited hints and the hints are randomly mark few spaces which sometimes u don't even know which part has been marked. A "check" function would be good to know whether u made an error. Otherwise, great job developers.
Relaxing and enjoyable. Love that mistakes don't cost lives or coins or some other ridiculous thing. My only complaint is there is no explanation of the controls anywhere. Wish I knew what they changed... might make this game even better.
Color Nonogram CrossMe is a very challenging, relaxing, and enjoyable game. Playing this game is a great way to exercise your brain, while passing time. I enjoy playing when sitting in a waiting room, especially during this pandemic when magazines are rarely available in waiting rooms.
Whether u r a pro or a newbie in this genere u will enjoy this game and others by the same devs! These guys are the best at making these puzzles. Graphics are beautiful, instructions are simple easy to follow, and playing them is relaxing to me . I recommend this app100% !!
Awesome! I love the different colors. It's hard to find a nonogram that's not in plain black and white.
I have been playing this game for years. Still haven't solved all of them. Don't even think I'm half way there lol! Absolutely love it!
I love this app. I do wish there were more phone size puzzles. Its very hard to do the bigger puzzles on a phone.
I was absolutely loving this game until section 2, when I had 3 choices: 1- Watch a 30 second video to unlock every new game (no thanks!) 2- Pay 0.99 to unlock 300 puzzles (ehhh) 3- Pay $4.99 to unlock all 3000 puzzles. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of paying but I'm glad I did because this is a great twist on puzzle cross-type games. Graphics are nice, basic gameplay is easy, BUT the different shades of blue can be a bit hard to see. They even let you restore purchases, which is AMAZING!
Would be five star if there were less ads. You have to watch an ad to unlock each level. Makes it really not fun to play
I got this way back when the original Kindle Fire was new. They promised no ads and never pay again for puzzles. They promised to always add new puzzles. They kept their promises. I don't play everyday. When I am playing I play a lot, then I close it for a month or 2. It is the best of these Nonograms. The puzzles are diverse, the colors are endless. And I've never had to pay again or deal with working around an ad.
I have both B&W and Color versions and I love them! New puzzles are being added. My only complaint is minor. I used to be able to save the screen in a file option but it's not there anymore. I used this when I was stuck and wanted to try different options for moving forward. This feature is currently available on the plain version but not the color. Otherwise, I LOVE these. I have done every picture on both and I am always looking forward to new puzzles.
This is a fun game. It's very pretty and it grades from really easy to really hard. I think that the advertising (and other options) to unlock a new game are more than fair. I have puzzled over some of these for a good long time but the pictures you get are actually pictures OF something and not head-scratchers (which have made me abadon other nonogram games because I didn't see the point) ! The tools and functionality are very good Very enjoyable game.
Possibly my best purchase on the app store. I've had this game for 6+ years and they're still updating it with new puzzles. Great job devs.
100% Excellent. Love these puzzles. Love that it's free to play with a single ad per level. Levels can take a really long time to finish, so there's plenty of play between ads. Love the challenge and helps me wind down at night to sleep.
Great job! Very challenging and nice pictures, controls work well and hardly any adds at all, thank you for this game))
Good game but I don't know if it's worth theoney and one ad per puzzle seems a bit steep. Maybe one full ad per 2 puzzles? Feels like the ads are as long as it takes me to do a puzzle...
I really enjoy this game. At first I didn't care for nonograms at all. After trying this one, I bought the premium after the first set that was free. A great time waster, before bed relaxer or anytime game. Music (continuous) would be awesome but doesn't take away from the game play.
The game is great. You only have to watch an ad to unlock a puzzle. This isn't worth it for the easy ones, but if you skip to the harder ones it is.
I like this game. Its puzzles are frustrating at times but its able to be completed if you have the patience. That's probably why I've had the game over 7years on different platforms. And i still havent been able to finish all the puzzles.
Had the paid version of this maybe 4 years ago. Then it had excellent quality, challenging puzzles. This version wouldn't inspire me to buy again. The puzzle quality is extremely poor. Example #2.70 and #2.71, record player and apple? Really? Very poor quality. Want to buy the full version again but can't be sure the quality will improve. Very disappointing.
If you like logic and counting, this is the game for you. The puzzles start out very easy, to train you, but get progressively more challenging as you go. Very fun and satisfying to see the finished picture. The black and white version by this developer is awesome too.
Love this game! I've passed hours & hours with this game & still have tons of puzzles left. No annoying ads, just endless puzzles.
Was a great game, but just when you get the hang of it, you hit the next level and you have to buy the game or watch an ad per puzzle. It was fun though
Love that it's in color...it would be nice to have a separate x button instead of having to toggle to it by selecting square twice also would be nice to have the slide selector on a quicker response time. Currently you have to hold your selected square until a counter appears and then you can slide to color in a range of cells.
My favorite type of puzzle game. I've tried several apps with this type of puzzle and this is definitely the best one there is.
This is the only game that I have consistently played for years. It's the perfect mix of thinking and relaxing, and it's easy to pick up and put down in between other activities.