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CrossCraze FREE - classic word game

CrossCraze FREE - classic word game for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by ORT Software located at 39 Bluebell Close, Horsham, RH12 5WB, UK. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
On the whole I like the game but am frustrated with words that are common and in the dictionary but are not accepted. I have tried adjusting setting as recommended and it still rejects valid scrabble words.
I do enjoy this game but it's lacking in a couple of ways. 1.) I'd like to be able to see a tally of my wins and losses. 2.) It would be great to be able to see how many remaining tiles there are. 3.) There are so many levels of AI/computer opponent and the difference between each one is WAY too vast. In other words, I very often win playing the L3 computer, but NEVER win playing L4. That speaks to too big a jump in challenge. I do enjoy the game but would appreciate these changes. Thanks!
great level from easy to challenging the higher level of computer is more challenging. Thanks game maker developer, :D ditto (13/02/ 21 not opening.... ) will play tomorrow
I love this game. It is great for training yourself to play scrabble on a real board. Do not set the difficulty level above 8 as the bias in favour of the virtual opponent is silly -it gets dealt letters that make up long words and you get low scoring words or none. Only go to level 8 when you get wise to its strategy.
I had been enjoying this game for a few weeks when suddenly English words were not being accepted and the other player was using Dutch words! I have emailed the developer.
Good for a free game . Hate to lose but fortunately doesn't happen often , which keeps me happy . And that is good .
My favorite word game. Still my favorite word game. Makes me think of new words to try and spell as well as learn new ones.
I am giving 5 stars because I am really enjoying this game. However I am now getting a persistent ad which will not close. If I hit the close button it takes me to my browser and their site. Now I have to hit the home key to go out and come back in. I see others have similar experiences so it's not my tablet.
I love it. Better then my favorite game scrabble. A great stress reliever and helps the brain cells grow. So awesome to use. Great job to the creator. Thank you for upgrading. Love the dictionary function.
When I play against the computer on my tablet I get a -10 (minus 10) as my starting amount instead of 0 (zero). Please explain.
Love it!!! I'm a word person and I'm really enjoying this game, can't put it down!! The way the ads are done doesn't bother your game.
Still favours the computer in letter distribution as computer makes longer word while the player struggles with making a four letter one also suspect letters being held back when player needs them to make better words it is as if it is done purposely
Any game that's free is worth a look at and this gives you the chance to do everything by yourself or opt for help. This leaves you to be the brains or work together,or don't, whichever you choose try it out.
What a wonderful game! It is just that the full version is not available in my country. How can I get the full version. I'm from Liberia.
Wah wah am just so happy I found CrossCraze scrabble! Am 64 and it keeps my mind very very busy, for free it's more than worth it.
It's a great free version of scrabble. Why are we unable to play real opponents as you do at Scopely Scrabble Go?
The closing of ads has been corrected. I no longer experience that problem. It has also been improved, where the screen was cutting off the lower portion of the scoreboard. Thanks. i am enjoying the game again.
Its seems after awhile. The computer comes up with too many big words that cannot be possible. Also it sometimes uses words that are not in dictionary.
Really enjoying it sometimes it freezes and you lose it, annoying but have used alot of games that do that and it really doesn't happen often. Managed to move up a few levels, so you can choose whatwvwr levwl you like to play against. Dont get too many adds or waste of time rewards and promotions. Would highly recommend.
Thank 4 that hint answer. If the game says we're playing in English why does the computer put different languages in the words and it accepts it and when I use the word that is another language it will not accept my word and I looked it up to make sure it was a proper word that I don't understand this is why I don't give it a high rating
Since I have been playing the game it has been great I will recommend it to anyone also I use it for spelling. I have been playing it for years and I have bought one so I can play it with my sister.
I Love The option of the One on One Game not multiple.. Just wish There was Harder options as in Different Levels. Other Than that excellent ๐Ÿ‘Œ Game.. I have learnt New Words.. and That in My Book is Amazing!!
I had been playing the Hasbro licensed Scrabble, which had a nice feature of being able to look up two letter words for any letter, but had very intrusive ads. When it began misbehaving, I tried several free apps and this one was the best. The ad-free version was a bargain, too. Give this one a try!
Love this app. There is a five second ad when you go in first but that's really a small price to pay when you can play for free.
Enjoy playing this game. Has different levels and great to be able to check word meanings of more obscure words with the online dictionary. Ads are not too obtrusive- short and usually between games so they don't upset the flow. Great game.
Excellent, easy to use entry into Wordgame, online. Helpful "x" tells you how your letter placement is going. Thank you
I love this app! This is the least invasive app I found in terms of the ads. In fact, there is none that pops up while playing game. You see ads after a game for a few seconds with an option to mute. It is very cool that players can set the level of challenge and how the screen operate beforehand. It is the best scrabble app I used so far!
This is my new favorite game. Its fast, makes you think and is a great way to build your vocabulary. I have the paid app & I highly recommend this game.
I'm a word person and I'm really enjoying this game, can't put it down!! The way the ads are done doesn't bother your game.
This is a beautiful game, but it has problems. The animations are smooth and beautiful, but very slow and you can't turn them off. Some obviously useful features are missing. You must double tap to shuffle your tiles, but there is a ton of empty space between the Hint and Swap buttons and in and around the scorebox. Plenty of room for a shuffle button. When the computer wins, you can't see the final score. The potential score of a word only stays there for two seconds. Out of characters...
Have free version; love it. I play just for myself, not with others, no interest in group challenges. That's why I use free version. Used Scrabble for years and this is an excellent replacement game. Fun, challenging, keeps my brain active. I teac English and love working with words. Thank you.
Was happy with it until recently. It started about one week ago. FaceBook AD comes up, then locks you on it. You are unable to get back to game. I uninstalled it and now reinstsll it to see if it helps. FB is controlling everything... like they need our $$ or our trivial time.
I enjoy crossword games. Each new game reminds me to use combined words for extra points. This is quick and fun. And you can increase the level of your opponent gradually, giving you a chance to learn and improve yourself.
A very good Scrabble-like board game, played one-on-one with computer. Simple, yet challenging at the same time. User interface is unique, with many boards to choose from and other options. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys word games without time limits or emotional people who can sometimes ruin the entire gaming experience. Thanks to the developers for bringing this game to android users. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Great game. Been playing for awhile and I totally enjoy. Great game to pass the time away. It has short ads unlike some other games I have played. Indeed a classic.
I used to play Scrabble....until they messed it all up. It actually wasn't that great to begin with.....BUT THIS GAME ROCKS!!! ๐Ÿ‘
I am at level 6, but after choosing random or balanced selection of tiles, I ALWAYS end up with many vowels, especially Os and Es. The computer always gets the nest tiles so this is not a fair game
I prefer a straightforward game without all the flashy background popups that can be such a pain. CrossCraze has some ads, sure, but nothing suddenly pops up in the middle of the game. thankfully.
Enjoy this scrabble game more than any I have ever played in the past. Game board is great but may change back to traditional so can identify the double word and double letter!!
I am really happy to have found this app. Thank you, and compliments to the developers! I'm using the free version and I love it. It works perfectly and is very addictive!
I love this game. I have loaded at least 6 other crossward games๐Ÿ˜’They stank! The gameplay is more natural. Easy to navigate.
I enjoy the game, but there's a problem that happens at times--my opponent couldn't find a place to put its last tile down, a letter E--so it kept passing enabling me to eventually go out&win. There were plenty of spots it could've played that E !!! And I have the game set at level 10. Ps: I always set the game to avoid rare words--I meant the opponent might have the choice of WE or BE and can't "see" it.
Good- customisable board, CPU opponents are not too difficult to beat. Not so good--cannot cross check opponent's answer, 5 second ads before new game
Have been trying to find such a game after not being able to get the Scrabble game anymore. Love it. However I would like to be able to play with a friend.
Thank you for your quick answer re the timer. I didn't realise there was a timer to accidentally turn it on! It's now off again. All is good. I love this game - without the timer of course!
Could use a one move redo feature. Otherwise, good game. Clear, responsive, no extraneous reimaginings of a classic
Some of the words the game allows are questionable. Some words it does not allow should be allowed. Still a fun game and way easier to use than than Scrabble which is way to busy and the game that uses British English.
Nice that there's a choice for international vs American English. Such a relief. I really like the format and the ease of play in this game. It trumps the Scrabble game. But the dictionary they use appears to have a lot of flaws. They accept all kinds of foreign words but not some basic English words. Just now it wouldn't accept "uninvite". And also on what basis do they select some foreign words and yet reject others? Where is the line drawn when we live in such a culturally diverse society?
I was frustrated that my favorite Scrabble game was taken down. I tried this CrossCraze Free game and have fallen in love with it! Lots of levels for the CPU, very little difference from the "official" scrabble game, and the BIG plus is, the ads don't interrupt the game! You'll see them at the beginning and end of the game only, which is mighty thoughtful of the developers. Took me a little bit to get used to the game, but now I play it all the time. Great job, guys!
This app is just okay. Too easy for seasoned Scrabble players. I wish I could play with Facebook friends but they don't have that option.
I have played CrossCraze for many years and still love playing. Great way to pass the time and improve my vocabulary.
Was great to play scrabble like game against computer, until today Lyft ad would not allow me to access game so uninstalled.
Overall good game. A pass button would be nice; but even nicer would be if you made how you place the tiles less sensitive and jumpy, cuz its all over the place trying to drop it in. Very annoying. Please change this...thx
This was fantastic for the first year or two. I played it all the time and didn't mind the ads. Then all of a sudden I was getting ads that I couldn't get out of. Ads that wanted personal information. I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling it but the locked-in ads continued. I couldnt get to the game at all.
I like it for the most part. Being able to adjust the difficulty of "Player 2" really does make it harder for me to win. Seriously, I like that a lot! If you love Scrabble you'll enjoy this game as well.
when loaded the playing frame appears too low and does not show the lower portion of the playing board. This cuts of the computer portion of the score so that you are only seeing the top of the scoreboard. The ads continue to be unable to exit ad. So the only way to change the screen is to exit all.
Great game would like to know how many letters opponent has left sometimes hit play when sliding letters back
Great game. Ads are unobtrusive and the ai is variable enough to be helpful to novices or challenging to pros. Glad I got it. PS: After playing a few days, and losing a few games, I recommended to the author that "You Lose" was rather harsh. I suggested "Player Two Wins" would be more positive. I suppose several people might have made the same suggestion. I was pleased to see this change in the last update.
I've been playing this for about a week now.Love it.The computer plays fair on this game where I have found other games to end games saying they've won when they had tiles they hadn't used.Kudos to to playing honestly.
Just wanted to let you know that I ck'd the options and figured out what I did wrong about using a word even if it's not in the app dictionary. But please ck into my comment about the bank/mortgage ad that D.Francis on 8/05/20 commented on, too. It's kinda fishy that 2 random people had the same issue and you said it was her phone's issue....I believe it was not and you should ck further and deeper into it. Thank you.
Started out ok. Was thinking about getting PRO version. Few days in ads got worse. To point where several times mid game full page ads arise that won't shut down until app is closed. Several times in a row now. Forget about playing just keep opening and closing app. Guess more money must be made from ads than PRO. For having my time wasted and taken for granted I'm uninstalling this and trying a different maker. I'm tired of priority being taking for gtanted and nagging users to buy.
The premium squares are all in the wrong places whichever board layout is chosen. Unplayable, uninstalled.
The 20 sec countdown is annoying. Also, I don't believe google is working on a fix about that teeny little x -- where you try to press it to close but always open the ad - it's been set up to do that deliberately. I'm convinced google does everything it does on purpose. And the 20 sec thing you've set up--I feel I'm being punished for still using your free version, well too bad.
Absolutely love this game. I play it every day. You play against the computer. Like it better than words with friends as the computer plays a word immediately after you do. I also love that you do not have to be online to play
Why do you keep having ads with no way to clear them?? No X. So have to restart game and even that doesnt work sometimes. Its ruining what used to be a great game!!
Hopelessly poor dictionary behind this app. What's wrong with "ZION" and "REPAD" ffs? And once you try level 7 it's impossible to beat since it always deals itself with the high-value tiles and combinations that allow long words. Uninstalled it.
Great game until today. 8/5/20. Had to uninstall bank and mort apps take over you system to force you to calculate a refi of your mort. You cannot redirect you have to uninstall the app. The developer committed a no no never interfere with a customers system with a f_______g game AD.
Enjoying it till now. Computer has walked out and keeps saying ordinary words don't exist! Not sure if I inadvertently changed something!!!
I have been playing for a long time it's one game I can't seem to let go. Thanks for making it so enjoyable.