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Cross Stitch Joy

Cross Stitch Joy for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Creative APPS located at 2/F, Block 14, 28 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really wish you'd enable back up of your progress. Just upgraded my phone and lost 3 years worth of pictures 😭 not really sure of the point of a login in when data isn't transferable between devices. Don't think I can be bothered to restart.
Love it!! Wish I could always save the pictures I make to my pictures..I can on my tablet..I can get it to go to shutterfly so I can make things with it... was disappointed on how the picture turned out on a pillow.. didn't look cross-stitch much...so I'm saying hint hint hint!!! PLEASE FIX THAT PART... PLEASE:):)or make it so we can make stuff through you... again hint hint!!:):)
Im really liking your app i look forward to it daily thank you having problems with the app not wanting to open
I don't like the two finger move and whenever I use two fingers it just draws. I found the game hard to play. I hope you can make it a better game and easier to use. πŸ€—
I've been doing actual counted cross stitching for over 15 years, and Ive enjoyed using this app just as much as stitching actual patterns. It's easy to use, detailed, and I LOVE having the ability to covert some of my own favourite photos into a pattern!
The recent update took away the ability to earn coins by watching an ad. There is no way to earn coins anymore. When my coins run out, I'll find a different game like this.
The videos play and the letter isn't protected or coins are not awarded. This was my favorite game but I now have to findanohe one
This is a great cross stitch app. You get a LOT of bonuses, free spins to get bonuses, lots of cross stitch packs to buy with coins. It's a winner, winner chicken dinner❣ Some cross stitch apps are just WAY too expensive to use, this one is isn't. I love it! Thank you Cross Stitch Joy for creating this fun & relaxing app.
Had to delete the old one has couldn't get new Cross stitch pictures like I used to so I reloaded it and now the numbers are small and like the original cross stitch joy you had coins to collect after you complete one and everything I try and colour in the numbers the pattern keeps moving so I've deleted it now can't you go back to the old version of cross stitch joy I preferred that one and it still the same still can't do the cross stitch properly and now everything disappeared except the free
I have played this every day for years and is my all time favourite app. The new custom zoom feature is outstanding and I like how the auto select will change on its own once one colour has been eliminated (rather than previously having to manually tap the screen to activate the next one). One possible consideration for the next overhaul? It would be great if there was a better way to solidly identify what has been completed in the personal library.
I would've given 5-stars but can't since updates have changed or something. I've used this app for several years & accumulated lots of coins & bought lots of pictures. But now not getting any coins, no tab pop-outs when you first open the picture, no coins for finishing it, & no coins sharing. Only getting daily bonuses. What happened?? It's like the app died. So why even bother playing this game anymore. I love this game & relaxing but losing interest. Lastly, not very good pics for a while.
Very good for a long time but. Is it just me. Is there a way to find out the ones I have that are not finished?
I just started to use this app and I no longer get the pop tab to earn coins and I can only earn them through daily rewards. I currently just finished all the free pictures AND the 3 or 4 packages I bought. My screen frequently acts like its glitching when I touch my screen to do something and it's annoying when I let my screen idle to message someone or I look away and an ad pops up. I'd rate this higher if i could earn coins in more ways instead of either waiting or buying them
I loved it but now it keeps closing down and I am getting fed up. Don't like the new one it hurts my eyes. Should to spend hours on here now I can't. It's keeps me going through the lockdown down. The new one is rubbish thank you for spoiling it
I like it which really keeps me focused so Im not stressing. Relaxes me. Could really be a 5 star app with some tweaking. Would be a bonus if you added the option to view ads to remove the watermark on finished pictures. Who really wants watermarks on their pictures they do. Also itd be handy if there were an easier way to scroll across the screen besides using two fingers to slide it.
Since the last time the creator did the update I lost almost all the package I already "paid" for with the daily bonuses Gotta start over again with trying to get more cross stitch add to my account for me to color But worried I would end up starting over again if the creator does another update Already email them wondering what happened to the cross stitch I already paid for with the daily bonuses and I am getting no replies and the problem hasn't been restore/fix
been playing this game for years dont like the zoom and lost ability to buy letters just wastrd my money. disappointed with new updates will not pay for more. you could at least given us the option. changing my stars from 5 to 1
Love the app, but the new update is AWFUL! Much harder to complete a picture now. I much prefer the old format to the new one.
Love the app, but they have made some questionable updates recently. There's no way to earn coins anymore besides buying them or waiting for daily rewards. Not to mention if you're ide for a few seconds it will play a sponsor for no reason and no reward for it either. I've been using this app for years, it's sad to see it become like this.
This game is so tuff , and this game`s pics are tooooooooooooooooooooooooo big , I can't finish one pic in one day
This game is the best I play it everywhere weddings church family times even when I can't sleep at night
Loved this app until the recent update. Although you can revert back to the original zoom settings, they limited the amount of time you can search the current color you're working on. Why must people always "fix" things that aren't broken. :-(
The ONLY thing I would currently like is to be able to control the zoom in and out feature more. Right now, the app only has three modes: a full view, a partial close up, and a full close up. It would be great if we could just zoom in and out freely as it would make the controls way better and less nerve wracking for someone like me with adhd or something similar.
By far my favorite app! I don't usually write reviews, but Cross Stitch Joy is the best app\game I've used. It is easy to earn coins to buy more pattern sets and the selections are great! I highly recommend this app\game. Fair warning, it can be very addictive.
This app is a great way to pass time. I'm also quite happy that I can download my own pictures to cross stitch if I get bored of the ones I'm given with the packs. I love this app!
Awesome wish there was a way to get rid of the completed ones from the ones I haven't done. Bring back the coins with the ads. Some of us don't have money to pay for coins
I love this game. I think this set of pictures will be the last I will be able to do, as you don't get coins for ads you watch.
I don't know why but I enjoy this app very much. I play it every single day. My wife doesn't understand why I like it so much, but hey, neither do I. I just do.
Loved the app... but you can no longer get coins during a picture or for sharing the picture on social media after its done. If you sit idle for any amount of time, you have to watch an ad. Now the screen blinks like it has a glitch. 😣😣😣😣
Use to be a great game but since the update can not open any pictures everything is blank. So frustrating getting ready to Uninstall the game. Wish they would fix problem.
Nice pictures, and I like the spinny wheel. But while doing a picture the thing is too sensitive and constantly having to click the unpick tool and click on each mistake is annoying. If there is a line of squares of the same color going diagonal, you'll need to click on each one individually unless you want to fix a ton of mistakes. Even when I use the tip of my nail to make sure I don't slide onto the wrong square, going diagonal just doesn't work!
How do u earn coins to open new packs bit unfair that u have to buy coins why can't u get free coins when u share the pics
This was a good app but needs more than two size options for zoom. Installed on a new tablet and now both zoom settings are too big. Cannot play.
I hate the new update. The ads that are supposed to play when viewing new packages to purchase come up with an error that freezes the screen. Haven't been able to get any new packages.
Heyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I've been with you guys for the last few years and you mean to tell me all the effort I put in this game, all the money I've won and all the pictures I've done is gone!!! How can I retrieve my progress, I just spent 5000 of money I've won to not be able to find my progress 🀯🀯🀯
I love apps like these. I get into spurts of playing this one alot. I like the variety of picture packs, and the time lapse at the end when you finish a portrait. It can sometimes glitch the zoomed out portrait while your in the middle of one, as if the same image is overlayed in a different position. Can make it frustrating to find the spot you want. Also, there has been the same ad to buy 18k coins for quite some time every time you load in, and you have to click 2 screens to make it go away.
Im droping my rating to 2 stars becuse of the recent update now I cant play the game it keeps saying the app stop working till Im able to use the game again I will change my rating
Love it! I have it on 3 of my devices! Been coloring this app for a couple years. My fav of all the "stitch" apps!
At first I wasn't sure if I would enjoy your app I had 1 before that told me how many squares for each color there was, I thought it would make it easier However I was quite surprised to see that when there was only 100 stitches left that you let me know! When I was finished I still had 2 different stitches left & no idea where they were instructions on how to find them would've been nice. I figured out how to find those 2 stitches & love my picture & will definitely continue to use your app
You only get a handful of free pics, the rest you have to get coins for which takes forever. You can use your own pictures but that cost coins too.
Not liking the new packs lately, especially how many small cross stitches there are! Please bring back more of the supersized cross stitches in every pack and more art packs!
This app used to be great. Could watch ads for coins and share finished images for coins. But slowly they started removing every way to get coins. Now it's either wait a whole day for the daily reward which sometimes doesn't even load, or pay money for coins. They've gotten greedy and won't acknowledge reviews that want this fixed. Not to mention now the reward for watching ads is 50 coins instead of 80. They'll keep losing users if they don't fix this soon. STOP BEING CHEAP DEVS!!!
I love this game but why cannot you get coins for sharing the picture anymore? How am I supposed to collect coins now, I couldn't play this game for a week now because I don't have enough coins to buy new pictures
You hve got to do something about not getting 200 pts after finishing the pictures. What is wrong with this app now???? The same problem I've had now for awhile is half of the picture is cut off. I've sent in pictures showing how it is cut off and no one got back to me and nothing has changed
Love the pictures would be 5 stars for the fact that you can't retrieve purchased packs and finished pictures don't resemble cross stitch. Overall keep up the good work.
I loved thus game, but they you used to change the game play like you can chose to play the new or old, but now you can't not since I got my new phone, And the game play is harder.
The app keeps crashing. I uninstalled, lost all my work and it still crashes. This was a favorite a 5 star but I don't think any one is caring for it
.. Like and Love This Cross Stitch App! .. .. Like and Love All The Pictures πŸ“· .. .. Great πŸ‘ Job Guys and Gals 😊 ..
This is my favorite app!! For more than 2 years, I've been playing every single day. It's what I do in my free time. I upload my own pictures. Vivid detail and colors are vibrant on this app. Minimal ads is a major plus!!
You hve got to do something about not getting 200 pts after finishing the pictures. Whatever u just did, made this app way better and I'm enjoying it so much better. Changing from 1 star too 4 stars. Still want the 200 pts back. Thank u
This used to be one of my favorites. Most recent updates changed all the things I liked about the game. I don't even like this anymore. I would like to have the option of the old setup that I enjoyed.
Great app! Nice patterns. Runs smooth. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes cross stitching. Thanks Devs!
I could not get to patterns I had already bought. It said access denied. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and lost my work and still can't get into my patterns. I need help!!!! I don't like the way it is now, my picture moves around. It used to be one of my favorite games but not anymore unless I can get it back like it used to be. I do not get rewards anymore, no daily reward or reward when I share.. WHY??????
It's now been another 3 months and the game still doesn't credit you 200 coins for sharing. This game has been my favorite for years but the last couple months it doesn't credit you coins for sharing finished products. I have steadily kept plenty of coins to buy new sets when they came out and now I am about to be out because of this. I went from always having 20k to now I'm down to nothing. I was so impressed you didn't need to spend real money but I guess that's what they are going for now.
Since the ads for free coins are gone it's been super hard to get coins for more custom patterns and I have to be super stingy when I want a new pattern. It's too easy to just run out of coins and be stuck with nothing left.
I find this app very relaxing. I think the numbered squares are a very good size to click on and I enjoy seeing the pictures emerge
I love this app! So easy to use, smooth controls, nice graphics. So relaxing and enjoyable. I only wish there were more free picture(s) choices. I don't really want to buy anything (not in my budget) so I look for freebies.
I love this game and have been playing it for ages. But they've removed the coins for sharing finished images, meaning getting coins is much harder. Seems they want to limit users to paying real $$ for coins to buy more pictures. Too bad, it was so much fun. Update: wow, things have gotten even worse. Latest update is horrible. The new zoom function is just awful.
Well, I have been asking for a black background to save my battery, play longer, however, all I've had is a black screen for a week! It's stuck. I can't get my daily bonuses or extra coins!
I love cross stitch games and the gameplay is beautiful but you hardly get any pictures and to buy them you have to either spin a wheel that gives you 60 coins EVERYTIME or buy them with real money. Considering puzzles come in packs of right and are usually 2500-3000 that's slot of ads or money. Please fix the wheel or make them cheaperπŸ™
The last update made things worse instead of better. They added a new really bad format and that's it. The app is still very buggy and glitchy especially since the update. They have at least one ad that makes you have to restart the app the whole thing is in constant glitch. Seriously these devs suck shiz. FIX THE APP!!!!!!!!!
Played this games for years, loved it before the last update, but since the last update it's lost me interest.
Really good at, I just wish you could crop the photos better because I tried to make a photo horizontally and had to have a whole bunch of a white beside it so that it would fit correctly.
Amazing but 1 glitch it deletes chunks of your work I dont know if that is in all of them or just in the unicorns pack because it happens when I use it.
I love the game and i don't mind the ads and i am giving this game 5 stars because this game is so satisfying and it has good graphics so i am giving this game 5 stars because it is so cool and amazing.
I am dissapointed, You copied another stich game and on my Samsung it is very laggy, And you made the pictures obnoxiously big. I couldn't even finish 1 photo on color A, You cannot zoom out at sertain sizes. Which makes it harder to find anything, It's too easy to zoom out cause I keep doing so, And it's annoying cause it keeps thinking I am sliding my finger AND When I am tapping it keeps messing me up. This is annoying and bad quality. Uninstalled. Very dissapointed. 😑
Very Nice. Love it πŸ’– You need to work out some of the bugs in this. Gets stuck, doesn't move, doesn't give me my coins/awards I've earned. Very frustrating πŸ˜•why do you black me out? Getting ready to uninstall.
What happened to the free coins like spinning the wheel or watching ads for more coins? Can only buy coins since last update.
Great app!! One of the best colouring apps I've used. One change I would like to suggest is to keep the finished picture in a video like format. This is so you can go back and replay how the Pic was colored in (as often as you'd like), like how its played back for you immediately after when you do finish a Pic. Plus, be able to see the playback in a more slower version. Ok, hope that makes sense! Lol!
Now, I like this app still but the new update since I re-downloaded it the app became more confusing what does new update I previously like the old one now it feels like it's kind of all over the place.
Actually I wanted to give 100 stars but they are not possible. But really amazing game just don't show many adds please. Otherwise really a good app😊😊😊
I give this game 5 stars . This game is superb amazing i love it you should really install this game .it is good for passing our time ijust love this game i never uninstall this game .but there should be more drawings
Game is good apart from when I click to make my own photo the app closes down everytime I try to create my own picture its annoying now
Great app! Nice patterns. Runs smooth. You guys should make it to where you could set the picture as wallpaper when finished. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes cross stitching. Thanks Devs!
Well it's been 5 star, until you just updated. To sit there and hit one at a time just ruins it! If you have one letter with 20 in one spot, it's a pain to hit one at a time! 😑