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Cross Stitch Club

Cross Stitch Club for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Saba Games located at 191014, 60-154 Nekrasova, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing update. Absolutely love it. Please keep it that way as it's easier to know what I have not done. Please add more I have completed all so far.
Loved playing very relaxing lots of patterns to choose. Yes I would invite all friends to join me & to share patterns
needlepointing very much it's very nice I wish your dad some nice pictures from needlepoint without me the other to upgrade their pictures in there so I can do them free I like to do the needle pointing very much I am trying to learn needlepoint very much in my eye I could see very well I'm not lying and I could see very good but this please may God bless you all who can't you can't cuz I know there are many children and people who like to do stuff with needles and thread this be safe and be cr
I loved this game. I had 3 pictures left and they disappeared. At first I gave a 5 star wanting to give a million stars however I spent the 40 something bucks to only have weeks at a time go by with no pictures then when you put pictures on there it's only 10 at a time. Very frustrating. Money is hard to come by. I would have ever given money if I knew it was like this.
This is the best one ever if i could i would give a million stars. I am addicted to this game. I love this app so much i spent the money for the yr, i have never spent money like this. It is worth every penny. It did take a bit to add pictures but they are still worth the wait. Please add more pictures soon.
I ENJOY THIS one very much . . BUT, what happened to my free picture today it had already been done . THANK you
I love how it does pictures from Disney films and pictures from harry potter movies and why won't it let me get the daily rewards
The pictures are quite nice, but did you see the cost to unlock them?! You can't select a line to fill by dragging, in this game you have to tap every single square: frustrating. And the board is not anchored, so it's likely to zoom out or, worse, slide away every time you tap a square. The good news is that there's no undo function; hitting the wrong square temporarily greys it out then resets itself. Also, please be more generous with autofill points; it's too easy to waste them accidentally.
Yes hi, I paid for a one month subscription for the cross stitch Club to unlock all pictures and no ads etc. , and I go to pick out a picture to cross stitch and it says I have to pay for it to be unlocked when I had already paid to do so, right now I'm giving them a zero rating , and I think that this is just another way for them to scam innocent people to get there money !!!!!!
I'm a little disappointed. First I updated it and my subscription was gone and it wouldn't restore now its restored but all my saved pictures and progress is gone....its literally starting all over.
The game concept is very good but there are still many shortcomings such as if we change the device, the progress of the games we have finished playing will also disappear. And also we can't erase the pattern in my gallerry that we don't want to finished. The choice of images is also not to much. Can it be updated further/next update?
I only put 4 stars, not that I don't like this application/game, because I do. In a little over a year I have done 396 pictures. What irritates me the most is that YOU have NO problem taking $8.00+ from my credit card EVERY week, yet there have been weeks at a time when there are No pictures for me to color but you still take my money. Also from the trophies, I ONLY have 4 more pictures to do and then there will be no more. Can I have the remaining 4 please?
I really love this app, but there's no more pictures being added regularly and the price is just too much. It's a shame really, as this one, in my opinion, was better than other cross stitch apps I've tried, but once you do all the paintings there's nothing left to do. You should be adding more pictures everyday to keep people interested.
Wonderful way to relax and enjoy the rest of your day whenever you're done with the important parts of the day
At first I loved it, use to play it when going to bed. Super bummed that it doesn't seem to have a daily picture stitch, I've yet to get new ones. I'm still one Christmas and I'd love if it kept up with the holidays etc. I'd love doing some valentine's ones.
I loved doing the pictures but the last one I hadn't done disappeared off the page and now I have none left to do where are all the pictures can we have some more pictures please I've finished them all
I love this game but after the game updated I've been locked out of my subscription. My subscription ends on the 20th of March 2021. I have tried to restore purchases but it isn't working. I love this game so much but I would like to have my subscription put back in place please.
this "game" is tediously difficult; bunches of tiny squares to "stitch" w/ no easy (easier) way to color the number areas, except 1tiny square at a time, it's aggravating! Now i remember why i don't like cross stitching!
This is the best one ever if i could i would give a million stars. I am addicted to this game. I have been out of coloring for a long time i have to say I'm very upset that there is no new coloring added often. When will there be more?
Hey good people get this game β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘ it's relaxing pictures are great hardly any interruptions and it doesn't pause when you press wrong number you won't be sorry
Beautiful colors but no way to earn pictures. I am now out of pictures and cannot get new ones . 2 dollars a picture is ridiculous. It takes ten minutes to do one picture.
This is one I like doing except that once you have done the free ones you have to pay to do the others or wait for more free ones to show. Like others I am not able to pay for the others so get bored doing ones ive already done while waiting.
I paid for yearly and new pictures never come once you complete them. It has been almost 2 months and I have no pictures to work. I will not be renewing when it is do. There is no way to contact except through review.
This is a really relaxing at I love it. Is hardly any advertisements love it don't change it. Is the best app yet please don't change it that messes up things all the time I seen it happen they change and it gets messy to get 5 stars
I need to be able to finish coloring the pictures I started during my free trial but it won't let me finish them! I should be able to finish them once I've started them since I began them during my free trial!
Wish more discs would open up. There are many times that the bonus points just disappear, poof! Like they were never there. I would sure like to use them.
I had 65 hoops left to have all the trophies (I did 950 hoops) watched thousands of ads, did the Instagram and downloaded other games and couldn't go any further because the only hoops left were ones you had to purchase. You should have a warning at the beginning and through out the hoops to let people know that there isn't way possible to win unless they purchased hoops. Very, very disappointed.
I really love this coloring experience, what i dont love is that i picked the year subscription and the firt few days it unlocked all the pictures but now im backed to a limeted amount. If not fixed really soon; im going to cancel.
Got a free picture of Freddie Mercury done most of it then it disappeared and another picture appeared in it's place. Now have to pay to do it again. No way am I paying for it now.
Disappointing your taking money and no new games coming up !.........29th June 2020. Still no new games ? ? ?, lf l could remove the one star l would , and l'm still owed at last 5 weeks of games or a refund !. 3rd July 2020........lies , lies and more lies no new games, no faith in your company, thieves comes to mind you owe me 5 weeks worth of games !!!!!. SHAME THIS lS NOT PUBLIC !!!
I just wanted to thank you for having the kind of app that let's a person play for free, yes you can pay to unlock all the pictures but you don't have to. I love this app because it's not too picky, you don't have to "unpick" your mistakes.
Fun game but need more free photos. Since the last update it no longer keeps my progress. I've Uninstaller and reinstalled....loosing all my work and it still doesn't save.. I use to live this game....but have lost in it because of the glitches. Uodate......nothings changed. I can do some stitching and exit..go back and my work is not there. I really liked this app..but since the Last few updates...ive lost interest in it. Problems havnt been corrected. SAD. WILL BE DELETING. No attention given
Keeps moving as i swipe to fill. NEVER had that problem with any other app i swipe to fill, not EVER!
I love this stitch, when you fetching more out please? My name is my condition 47,XXY Klinefelter's Syndrome, I also have acute mental health this takes my mind off me, but I've done them all, but there was an awful lot of flowers lol, how about other things? May have too go elsewhere as well install some others, I tried one but it's not at brilliant as this please fetch more out like vehicles, boats, etc πŸ™πŸ».
Too expensive, I love this app but they now want $75 for a year. I will go back to my app that I paid a lot lower price for lifetime unlimited access.
How come no new update? It's still stuck on Christmas 2020 I've nearly done them all. I'll end up finding another to replace this. Please update thanks.
Wonderful. I have a lot of stress in my life right now dealing withbad back issues and taking care of my husband who is in the latter stages of alzheimer's. It helps me to relax. I just wish you offered more of the nicer pictures rather than have to purchase all of the beautiful pictures.
As much as I love this app and it helps time pass by. I HATE how easily it forgets the work I have done. I go back to pick up where I have left off to find now I have taken 10 steps back. One I had just finished last night I found out I had to redo from the beginning... I am pretty close to saying goodbye to this app. Oh and the "badges" you get are silly and don't make a lick on since.
I have a subscription paid until August 2021. Today I am locked out having to watch videos to get into crossstitch. I've tried about 16 times to restore purchase but the system won't let me in my account. I've tried the support email but that too isn't letting me send message. I love this app but I've had difficulties before so I'm about ready to end this subscription after it expires in August of this year 2021. Have recommended this app to many friends now I'm not so sure about it.
The Mona Lisa cross stitch is absolutely stunning, l hope you'll be adding more like this. The Egyptian cross stitch patterns were also awesome. I've completed all the patterns. I check in every day to see if you've added any more. Please say you have some. I eagerly await your response. I still check for any more patterns, please can you add some more. Regards Maggie Bowen
Its great for stimming in my oppinion, very relaxing, and incredibly satisfying. Only wish there would be more diverse categories for the art peices though.
Loving the pictures ...watching videos to unlock doesnt take much time but I've now run into an issue where I've unlocked via ad watching only then to return to have to rewatch ads to finish the picture. Would have given 5 stars otherwise could do with a save feature as I've had to reset my phone and lost all progress
A great color game where the colored squares look like cross stitches. There is an icon you can press to fill in large areas of the same color.
You are stealing my money! There is mention of "purchases in app", but the fees and frequency they are charged is never disclosed. I get charged $8.09 AT LEAST four times a month, which is way more than any streaming service. The charges comes through my account under "DMITRIY". Chgs for Feb, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, & I got a preauth for another one today. I haven't even played in over a month! Charges 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 12/4, 12/11,12/18, 12/12/26, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27.
Best pixel coloring app by far! If you go to setting hit the + button to turn the lens on....then you can long press in a picture to color multiple pixels at a time.
I wish there was a way that all the ones you have finished are only in my album that way the gallery is only the ones that I still need to do. I don't mind watching the ads to get more pictures, but it doesn't work very well. Even with a steady internet connection. That sucks. So now I will find another app because I either have to buy the pictures now or watch videos that aren't available most of the time. So, I used a free week and bought a week. I have done every picture. On the daily pr
Loved the app but they need to add more to do more frequently. I paid for the subscription and finished everything. App is no longer useful to me.
The Mona Lisa cross stitch is absolutely stunning, l hope you'll be adding more like this. The Egyptian cross stitch patterns were also awesome. I've completed all the patterns. I check in every day to see if you've added any more. Please say you have some. I eagerly await your response. I still check for any more patterns, please can you add some more. I've received your latest patterns and I love them Regards Maggie Bowen
Its nice, clearly well made, but the extra zoom in circle is not needed when im already zoomed in close enough to not only see the numbers but also press on them comfortably. honestly its just making the game too confusing to be playable. i know you're probably going with "lets make this game take up some time to actually get somewhere" but you really should keep in mind that there are some people that like these sorts of games but like to "speedrun" them so to speak.
Boring, not worth the money or time I'm donw with this app . No more subscription payments until some decent new pictures are added.
Hello I got this app I paid for a year and I haven't received any new pictures whatsoever so therefore I can give it three stars but start giving me some pictures and I'll give you more thank you.
Love it. Gives me variety and lots of choices. Relaxes me and brings my stress level down. Thanks for the enjoyment of digital cross stitch. Since i ran out pieces to complete and with no way to get more. The screen doesnt stay long enough to get to it to make a choice. Ive been without things to do for 4 months now. Ive tried for over 6 months to get new pieces. Finally got new ones; finish them and now cant get any more. Its a shame I did love rhem. Have to find something else now.
I have subscription, for quite some time now. All of sudden the pictures are back to where it is asking if I want to unlock all the pictures? Why is this? If this don't get corrected, might as well as cancel my subscription.
Was great until I ran out of pictures to color and now I've been waiting for months to get new pictures to color. I am still waiting.
I absolutely LOVE this game, but I was ripped off! My grand daughter was here and bought the app, thinking it was free. As soon as I realized what had happened, I tried to reverse the charges,, only to get charged close to $8.00 for one week, when that amount is normally what a full month would cost. I had seriously thought about actually buying the app, but after having my money out right stolen from me, I don't think so! There for only the 1 star. It would be less than that if I could!
Absolutely love this app. I especially love the idea of cross stitches going to gallery after done saving scrolling for the ones you not done. Only fault is the prices for unlocking the cross-stitches. Its such a waste of money especially when you hardly update. Why not be a completely free app.
Very easy to complete the pictures, so you are easily motivated to finish it! So many interesting pics that are free, or easily unlocked by watching a few ads. Once I get the ads watched as required, BOOM! The app delivers on its promise, and lets me access the pic! One cool feature: when you tap on the spool of a color ur working on, it takes you right to the next section (s) of the picture with that number! No having to zoom in and out, just to find them all! 😁
Love doing the pics. I'm confined to a bed a lot and this gives me something to do. More pics please...πŸ’œβœŒ
Love the game!! I wish it did not take so long to update to get more pictures but overall im obsessed!
The images are nice and all but the coloring is so slow that it can't keep up with my fingers and to be completely honest its just irritating and tiresome. Makes me wants to give up on finishing one.
App keeps crashing. I know its not my tablet. Please fix issues. Love coloring, but hate that it doesn't work half the time. Ughh
I like the way it's done; I like how I can use one finger to move the pattern around; I like how the wrong squares just fade away after a bit; I like the number system better than the alphabet; it soothes me and I just like it! There's only one thing I don't like and that's after you subscribe to the club and all pictures are done, there are no new ones to chose from, I've just had to undue some to have some to do! Wish there were more patterns.
Just wish there were more free with video pictures. Ive done them all and can't afford a subscription!!!! Love this app! Will miss it bc there aren't anymore free pics available, 😭!
Love this app but wish you could make it a one time or a 1yr time payment it's a really great app thanks
The app freezes up when I am trying to do a picture. I love the game except for this. Also need more options to cross stitch!
Love this want MOST pictures on my wall or on something. Just one thing, boost need to be more often and LOTS more of them!!!! Your details bout app sas hundreds!!! Where they at???? I'm in love with this app! ADD MORE DESIGNS TO APP!!!!!!!! 50-60 eould be AWESOME!!!
This is a fun game if I could play it. Why are games made if we can't play? I got all the free ones, but now It won't even let me watch a video to open up new ones..😑
I wish there was a way to earn coins to unlock pictures. I now have to wait until I get a free pic or redo ones I've already done. I would have given 5 stars if it were not for this.
Revised: In this game there are several unique and fun ways to fill in the squares, unlike other crossstitch games. I feel stupid that it took me so long to figure out how to use the "lens" feature but there are no instructions. The pictures are also unique and quite nice, tho the cost to unlock the premium pictures is exorbitant. I've changed my rating to 5!
Amazing update. Absolutely love it. Please keep it that way as it's easier to know what I have not done. Please keep updated as I go on nearly every day.
I would like to know why 2 payments are being taken out week. I had two payments come out last week. One on 3/24/21 and on 3/26/21. Only supposed to be once a week.
Bought 100 boosters, used 8, closed app and came back and had none so bought 25 more. Not making any purchases in this app- rip off. Great app but steals your money. I want my 92 boosters back.
I love the game but as much as you charge for a subscription , new patterns should be made available at least once a week.
App does not update at all. No new pictures as stated in "Description/About Game". Videos freezes 80% of the time. I enjoy doing the available pictures.... (almost finished with the free/short videos pictures, and achieved all but 3 Trophies/Souvenirs).
I like the cross stitch concept but do not like most of the pictures. Most of the ones I like have to be paid for.
It would be 5 stars but the app stopped storing my progress. I come back in and the picture I'd half completed the day before is back at zero. :(
On the last update I lost my subscription on this slot on this update it has gone back to the original status I have pause and hearts that I have already done that are now back and it's the same ones as before and it won't let me take any of the paw things that are on the pictures unless I pay for them and I already have a subscription
This is the second device I have installed this on. I love the app. But this is the second time I have paid for full access and ran out of art work. Since I am being charged for this you should add more to it or refund the rest of this week's money since I have several days before I am supposed to be charged again Also they are not enough art for the last trophy. And I still had 2 pieces of art that I was supposed to be able to do and when I went back into the gallery they was gone. Can you help
13 Novemember Update:just cancelled my renewal (app valid until 17 Dec), now they want me to repay for patterns included in my previous payment. This game is a big rip off, definitely not as good as others for pattern updates. Paid a year's subscription (overpriced), completed the last pattern 15 days ago, still waiting for more designs. Will not be renewing unless it improves. Chose this game because of the hoops.
I like this app alot, way better than the similar other apps; however, I'm paying for this app weekly and monthly and that's not right!! My bank acct came up short one month so my cross stitch acct was dropped. I subscribed to the weekly one because that is all I could do. Somewhere down the road I saw the monthly cross stitch acct for $17.99. I subscribed to that because it was better deal than $6.99 weekly. Haven't been able to drop the weekly acct since! Please help me!! I want to continue with this acct but need this amended! Don't need to have the acct double-dipping on me! Thank you for listening, and hope you can help!
What is the deal with getting a good picture. Your site said free! Well very few are free and the ones that are, are ugly. Really disappointed might as well uninstall
I love the game, my only complaint is watching a video it won't load or takes forever. I don't want to delete this game cause I enjoy it, but if it keeps happening I will.
I like this app overall. The one problem i have with it is that i cant use it on seperate devices. It doesnt give me the option to sign in anywhere so i cannot pick up where i left off. I have to start as if i was a new user.
Love this site so much, I think its probably my number1. The only reason that I held back on the fifth star is because I think the animals would be better in shades of their natural colour but I LOVE being able to buy 100 stitches for such a little amount. When you are as passionate about this app as I am and 3-5 pieces a day that wonderful little bit if help is so handy at the end of the day, being able to cover large areas with just 1 tap Ellen x
This game is really fun it doesn't make you pay for literally everything and it also makes time pass after the Quake whenever I'm bored or when I just don't have anything fun to do I just go on my phone and start playing this game it's very fun I really recommend it
It's good...... I can't say is very good...... Its a little boring. We must only color the picturesπŸ˜‰ I give 5 stars only because there's no adds in game Thanks how made this game
Love it. Gives me variety and lots of choices. Relaxes me and brings my stress level down. Thanks for the enjoyment of digital cross stitch Since i ran out pieces to complete and no way to get more. Then when there is a choice the screen doesnt stay long enough to get to it to make a choice. Ive been without things to do for 4 months now. Well when ou run out of things to you cant get back in to purchase more. Ive tried for overy 6 months and still cant get new materials to due. Its a shame i
Please could someone help me at the moment I can't get rid of the + - I have checked the screen which it not showing that it's all blank thank you Mary I have reset my tablet and it still there the true the ring with the + & - is still on the pattern screen Mary I have just reset my tablet and it is still there. The only thing is that every time I do set my tablet and reinstall the app i lose all the boxes I have open Mary
Once again , my free picture went away a few minutes ago . The blond lady . I didn't have time to start coloring. Please help . Thank you .
I do like the app but can the menu for different pages be sorted to tabs. As when I want to find something you have to scroll down a lot.
I really enjoyed shading numbers. When its done its really amazed. It really looks like cross stitches when your shading the numbers. But the other pictures need to buy before you can do it. But the rest is you need to play 3 to 5 videos so you can open a new image.
Passes the time to tap on each stitch.I like seeing the finished embroidery picture. A good brain excercise.
Why do I get the picture with the pink heart telling me to install app? I've already purchased this app and even though I click on restore purchase, system won't release picture. Please respond. I would also like to see more holiday pictures instead of so many animal and weird human faces. I purchased the cross stitch club app. Thinking about canceling after my year is up in August. Need a variety of pictures. Need new flower pictures. Tired of all those animal ones.
I really do love to play this game but I paid for a year and after I have done all stitches I can't get any more to come up... I really hope that you can tell me how to get this app to work, I even hit the restore purchase and still nothing. Am I going to have this problem for the rest of the year.. HELP me...... Could you please send me my stitches to do.
I like the game but I can't get any extra pictures because it won't let me watch the videos. About to delete the game.
Almost perfect. Will be deleting. Not enough free pictures. Its been over 2 months since my first review and mentioning of more free pictures. Since then nothing has been added. All pictures now are to be paid for or come after so many days. Now i am very bored, so will be looking elsewhere for something to do.
I love this app but yesterday I had 3 pics left to do and all of a sudden this morning 2 of them was taken away. I am 22 pics away from finishing the 400 please send them so I can keep going
I think this game is brilliant alot easier than pixel although I do that as well keep the pictures coming. CAn you tell me when we are going to get more pictures?I bought a year's subscription for this game in October but it still locks the pictures when I go into it Can I just say how infuriating the icon is to get an advert, and I don't know what the 7 means anyway, it has only just started recently and the quicker it goes the better or I might consider quiting this app and I don't want to
I love this app i just wish that there were more pictures that done have paw prints on them so they can charge money for them. I'm even willing to watch a video instead of having to pay for the pictures. Anne Haney
I like the app a lot, but to get more pictures you have to watch ads; which I would be fine with, but most of the time the ad doesn't load. So I'm stuck unable to get more content
I am so excited over the new Christmas photos...it's like Christmas morning. Thank you for the update 😍
Don't like many of the pictures. And it sucks to have to watch 3 of the same videos to get one picture! Many of the colors of the pictures aren't even close to what they should be. Come on l mean a green buffaloe, a multicolor giraffe, really?
A really nice coloring game...the only problem I have with the game is I paid to get everything open and I can't get any new pictures...needs to update pics...i have paid for the year subscription and now its trying to make me pay for the pics...YOU NEED TO FIX THIS...
Its lots of fun but they should put up more pictures for people to choose from plus you have watch ads to get the picture you want and then the ads DON'T come up all it says is wait,which is not right at all and you don't get the picture Ethier way it's not right to do that to anyone at all
I love this Pp! since I wrote the above I nealy finished All the pictures then I lost all my pictures all of them I loved them is there anyway you can return them back to me thank you victoria
Hi can you tell me why I have to pay for my pictures again when I have payed for the year is anyone going to get back to me tryed email but it say your inbox is full
I love the new up date! I play every day! But the game has taken to CHEATING ME OUT OF EVERYTHING, QUITE OFTEN! I will play one day, get 3 boosters, go back to play the next, expecting 5 boosters, and ONLY get 3,AGAIN!! It's done this several times, so I don't know what to do! But the new system of boosters and new pictures is awesome, thanks!
I finish all the cross stitching on game have not recieved new one n I'm paying for this n getting nothing, please restore my purchases to my new device please. I lost all my progress signing into my new phone and I'm using the same Gmail and password..
Why do I get the picture with the pink heart telling me to install app? I've already purchased this app and even though I click on restore purchase, system won't release picture. Please respond.
Why do I get the picture with the pink heart telling me to install app? I've already purchased this app and even though I click on restore purchase, system won't release picture. Please respond. I would also like to see more holiday pictures instead of so many animal and human faces. Holidays please. I purchased the cross stitch club app.
Love this app, except you have to pay for the really good pictures. I like how it replays your work when you finish the picture.
really fun and relaxing game, great to kill some time. just wish more puzzles were added, I've finished all the free ones (including the ad ones) and can't afford premium.
The game is honestly very well made. It's got a bubbly look to it, and it's very unique from other cross-stitch games. Although, there should be more variety to the pictures. People don't have money to unlock all the premium pictures, and sitting through a bunch of 20 second ads isn't worth it. There is also a slight lag issue. TL;DR Honestly well-made. Needs a larger variety of pictures and less premium pictures. Lag issue needs fixing. I love the game, but it's slightly unstable.
I really enjoy doing these. It's just a shame that after a while , there are no free pictures to stitch, no videos to watch for free pictures. I've brought all the ones I really like and often the free picture given in the daily reward is one I've already completed. Disappointing.
It's fun and addicting! But majority of it need to purchase... Thought that new pictures would be added if updated but sadly it did not. Would be better if there is more pictures that can be unlock through watching ads instead of paying it. Looking forward to it!