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Critical Strike CS: Online FPS

Critical Strike CS: Online FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VERTIGO GAMES located at Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is so good but there is 2 things that need to be added first: running and second: aiming.Thats all, this game is so πŸ”₯.
I liked the new update at first but its slow and the game is ruined all together now. I know for a fact that its not my wifi or any other issues since i am not facing this with any other app. Please fix it. It keeps lagging and its annoying
I love this game so much even i was a kid,but i have a opinion,because i want to get gun by level up,can you guys fix it,dont rush about it,about it,we know that youre doing your best to make the game more people play the gameπŸ˜‰and the ranking,the ranking is wrong but it so rare to see in deathmatch,free of all and Defuse,so fix that problem
It is a nice game though but 1. Too many ads mostly after matches 2. Earning money is literally so hard 3. The match making is not at all good like when I played this game first time, I got opponents who were at higher level and also had more deadly weapons. That's not at all fair dude, please fix the match making tier. Controls are ok, graphics are nice so that a plus point. last thing it takes a lot of time to reach the next level, because of this were are not able to play all game modes.
Yesterday purchased and upgraded weapons are not present now. Where did my weapons go ? Update - 03/06/2021 - Worst Update. Don't install or Update. Uninstall. Please invite and like this review to make it on top so that everyone can save time and data.
Congratulations critical strike team you have made worst game I've ever played πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Before update the game was good but after this update all bots are coming lobby isn't working . Don't install this game because skills doesn't matters in this game Your team can't update game properly before this update I used to give 5 stars but now it's became worst than 1 . All players want recent update delete this please ........thanks.
I mean its great alright but what I dont like is that friends cant send money to each other I have another phone so I'll switch my account but i want to change my name and good god 100 gold to just change the name?! Make it 50 or something lower and add a feature where you can send money to your friends Please and thank you
We're playing with my brother who has Iphone. After last update for Android we can't seem to join each others lobby. Would like to put 5 stars but it kinda defeats the purpose if we can't play together. Will put 5 stars as soon as fixed. Honestly great game All fixed with the Iphone update. If possible, release those two together and there won't be crossplay problems (I hope)
This rating is for latest update. There is huge connectivity issue, it always shows no internet connection in between and game stops. The new player model and suits is horrible, looks like zombies. And why did you make arms race event score 0. I had almost reached 45000.
With the current update the T and the CTs look like they have not eaten for last 10 days , It looks like they are playing against their will or somebody has forced them to play ,the realistic graphics gone , few of our squad has uninstalled as we are moving to some other game , yesterday was the first day in last 6 mths that I didn't play the game before going to bed. It's sad I have to let it go now. But will wait for a few day if developers can fix it
Game is so enjoyable easy to kill and controls are smooth! I'd like to see clan feature added to this game in near future. :)
When ever I go in the game after a period of about 20 seconds in then it says please check internet connection when I have other online games I play that doesn't give me that problem at all
New UI is good but. I am regularly play this game but this time i am not totally satisfied with this new UI, I can not play when internet speed is low because of UI and mobile configuration. Vision of target lookes fussy. Gesturing and sensing is not proper, a little move it will effect big, I tried change setting but not work like previous version and some of the people activate cheat codes so we can not defet them and always loose. If you want to upgrade then why u dont add new stages?
This game is fantastic, it feels you really are in the fight, it is super addictive, the best game i have ever played, the graphics are incredible to say the least, my compliments to the ones that made this game, i am very pleased.
Very good copy of Counterstrike for my S10 plus phone. Wish it had more maps and less ads. Edit 05/31/2021...new update is horrible with characters looking really bad with jacked up prices in weapon upgrades. I'm about to uninstall the game on my phones and giving this a 1 star game for now.
After the update, I cannot enter the game, there is always an "internet connection error" notification. I tried repeatedly to stay like that. Even though my internet is in good condition. Please fix it soon.
The game is really good and fun but the only issue seemed to be is the difficulty level. It seems there are more bots in the game then real players. Not a competitive game.
I love the game because its a play on counter strike. I am waiting to give 5 stars til you fix the glitch in the gun game. When you get to the knife level it glitches and won't let you spawn back in and also doesn't give you the potential win.
Happy to upgrade my review from 1 to 4 stars. Lot of issues seem fixed. Visibility is better and Friend invite related snags are gone. Gameplay is smoother. Some feedback... I enjoy playing this game with my 13 yr old daughter, and there should be an option to turn off blood in our UI. The red glow should be for lethal blows of over 500 pts... Right now a scrape and a lethal blow glows just the same.
Very nice game but some internet issus in new version so please do a better version which we play easly
After update game unable to load. What's wrong?and why after adding friends, i want to play with friends im unable to do so.very frustrating. Beside that everything is great. It reminds me during my school time playing counterstrike. Now after auto update gaphic was cool but dan lagging.bcux of that very hard to play. lots of cheats. dissapointing.reaches lvl 100 n it will be waste if i uninstall pls do smething
8.95 version update is awful. Uninstalling it for now. Hope they revert it soon. Had been playing it for over a year.
Something has happen in the last update, colors (very often I don't see the opponent), controls ( mi sensitivity and game play somehow got changed), bug ( every time I play a have one guy that don't die but he can kill... It's very annoying), weapons ( way to much expensive...).
Perfect game without any lags and issues but the problem bis the prices u have to pay is high, so be aware while spending
I like the app a lot, however lately ive been getting lots of bugs, the hugs ones are not giving me my after game rewards like the cash, and sometimes it doesnt let me even enter the game itself its just on a black screen, ive tried everything. I do enjoy the game tho, I find it fair, maybe we could get more cash a game but I dont mind, also I love the small events I loved this new years one, I love the rewards and the gamemode.
I love the it's just I think it would be if you could put scopes and stuff like that and maybe an aim feature
Really good for the CS fans. Few bugs, about the final tally and lag in the game. Rest, still online game, it feels like AI or computer or bots playing the game. Difficulty level can be increased. Secondly, making squad and playing with friends is the issue.. We have to restart game after every match.. New update, people are hacking it easily.. They are not dying to head shots also.. Nevertheless grt game.. ❀️❀️
The new update sucks. The player looks horrible after the update. There was absolutely no need of adding red outline to the enemy player. Its easy to differentiate between Black and yellow team
500 characters is not enough to describe the amount of bugs that this game has. Deleted my previous review. No option for 0 stars unfortunately. Winner error is "no internet connection" which is occuring in game while I'm editing my review LMFAO!!!
I have some issues i.e.1: Please make the game realistic as it was before 2 there are only 3 maps in diffuse , there should be minimum of 5 map in diffuse. 3: you should have grenade option which can be thrown in the game.4:if game is drawn then bronze chest should be given to both the teams 5: extra rewards for leaders because sometime game is won because of leaders. If you will edit this I will give 5 ⭐
I think you shoud add a surf mode and make more knife skins but anyway make more skins a surf mode and ya but thanks for making this free love 4 star becuase theres no surf mode but love it and keep pumping out updates :) love the game
The new current update , made me discontinue the game...it became very fast..in three bullets you die. ..plz bring the last version before these...i will upload after next update ..hoping everything will be like before
It is a nice game, but could have been a lot better if there were no glitches. I have played it for a week now and following need to be fixed. 1. Map called india fails to load, even after 100% loading. 2. A glitch were some players dont move the whole game but can shoot through walls. 3. Upgrades are too expensive, you would have to play for weeks before your next upgrade 4. Non-skipping ads, i understand the ads and revenue but if you have ads, upgrades shouldn't be that expensive.
This is pretty cool and it's fun I haven't encountered bugs at all and but plz fix the arms with the knife it looks kind of funky but its fun
Outstanding ! It reminds me the Counter Strike 1.6 and it really works good as far as Play_Store has it . Good job !
It's easy you just kill people think it's hard but it's easy you just battle it's not hard it's a five star rate because its amazing
Great game. Takes ages to get upgrades unless you want to spend real money but it can all be done just by playing. The premium features are accessible to everyone if you play the game and complete the daily missions. The game does have a few bugs with connectivity however support have already notified me that they are investigating.
Good game,nothing is bad here.Except for the ads,but it pop after match which is not ruin the experience,and the price to no ads is good too.I recommend this game
I'd give it a zero stars if I could. I can't go a couple minutes without the screen having a seizure, and all the players are just AI. It's garbage.
Internet connection issues for me and my friends, whether we are on different wifis or data, its not our internet. Every other game works flawlessly. It happened after the last update. Other than that, the game is fun and good job. Will increase rating if its fixed
It's very osm.....u just don't think of anything go install it... It's a very gud game...but there is only one disadvantage of this game is u cannot play it offline I wish it could be offline but alright!!! I've been playing it since so long...and there are even hard levels in forward....I loved it .......
I am a big time counter strike fan and this game was the closest to Counter Strike so I was very happy to install it. I also subscribed for the premium pack, the first 3 days trail went well but after the trail my subscription was still active but no features were available and my money was deducted too. They don't even have a customer service option so we can log our complaint.
Hi, the Arms race option hangs up almost everytime while I am just about to win... This has been happening since last 3 days where 7 out of 10 times it hangs up. Appreciate if u can fix it.
Can you add new feature....about new crosshair for in-game and also reduce the spawn time limit to 3 second so player can rush-in.... Last one,maybe make the gun sound feel smoother in the next update..TQ Sorry if I give this opinion too seriously
Error In the new update, if we close the game forcefully the entire money collected in the stat to end will be gon
I want to make a bug report. Most of the times the number of kills and assist is not matching within my squad members, even if we were part of the same game. This situation is there for all modes - team death match, diffuse or free for all.
I wanted to put 5 stars, BUT: 1. I understand that you need money and ads are everywhere, its a scam to put it right after a match without a choice to close it. 2. Its related to first, when you're in a squad, you are supposed to remain in it, but if somebody will be tricked by your scammy ad game will not recognize your friend. Fix it.
Overall it's a good game to play though but it has some limitations too such as if you are a beginner and you are strong enough too win easily then the game puts you up with the people who's level way above you and you won't even get a chance to win and secondly there are way too many ads which makes the player lose interest in the game
Auto shouting game. I don't like if the game anto shots. I didn't look there is a option to true of auto shot but I hate it
Pop up keep coming up. Saying no internet check your connection. My internet is just fine. Something wrong with server or is there some bugs???
Doesn't starts on Mobile data, too many ads after each play, and takes a long time to find any battle. :/ Other than that, game is addictive when available to play and has good graphics.
Everytime I start the game I am stuck on a specific amount of cash regardless how much I earn before quitting the game. Absolutely ridiculous and frustrating. If you don't pay money the code will screw with you.
It gets disconnected again and again with mobile data as well as if I am on WiFi , I think this issue needs to be fixed ASAP and please add more Rifles and apart from random map selection make it custom so we can select the map of our choice.
Additive game. Critical Review: 1.sometimes don't starts properly saying network issue, despite network is perfectly ok. 2. Latest oct. Fancy UI upgrade made the game slow. Kindly make sure I was using ultra high quality video in previous version and game was working perfectly. In the recent version even high quality lags. 3. Games works at medium quality but it's very irritating for eyes. Feature Request: Add live voice intrection with others if possible.
This game was very good few months back when it used to be super smooth, but slowly the app has lost its smoothness and the swiftness of movement which it previously had, so I used to play it a lot, but sadly I'm not going to play it anymore, contact me when the smothness and swiftness is back again, as because I was a loyal user of this app. Regards
This game is good add the kick button I was creating a server a hacker joined my server I HATE THAT PLAYER! It's a troller add the kick button
the controlls are good, but there's no stroy mode, limited guns and no match making... i mean i'm level 8 and found a level 100 no exageration... this is completelly broken, but otherwise good game
Way to easy. Way to much aim assist and auto shoot is basically hacks. "players" are ai bots since I can join a game with no wifi.
Did not like new update. Difficulty in seeing opponents. Graphics too flashy.Should have an offline version to play or maybe select a map online of our choice. We just have an option to join a room. We don't know what team we would be or which map we are going to play.
What is wrong with this game's back end team? The game's graphics are too good but it wont let me play multiplayer with my friends. It keeps getting one of us out of the squad.
It's an ok game but the issue is that the developers are consumed by their money lust. The supposedly 'free' stuff needs actual money ('premium' pass), red markers appear in the loadout on things that you can't even afford which brings up an option to purchase more gold when you click it, and there are game changing bonuses which only the 'premium' people can get, which further results in your opponents gaining a major advantage in battle if you do not waste your RL money on this game.
It's an okay game, definitely pay to win, nothing like the game it's trying to emulate other than the weapons, the maps, and microtransactions of course. They definitely don't monitor their world chat because there is really some disgusting commentary going on in there almost every time I look. I would imagine should be borderline embarrassing for the developer to allow that. While I know you can't monitor everything, the least you could do is sensor it. I play it, it's cool. pay2win for sure
If you want to show advertisement then open channel instead of showing in between games...... stop showing add more frequently
It's honestly really fun and 4 finger hud (which is what most professional player in mobile use) is really ez to learn with auto fire and when ur ready you can turn off auto fire and move ur hud around
Bad really bad every one is hacking and cheating on this game its ridiculous you can continually shoot them and they dont die then bag you dead onr shot from the same player then you spawn in and bang your dead shoot from across the map by some one that can even see you and has all the building and walls in front of them. This game is a big waste of time need some serious fixing and maintenance
disgusting. I download it and open it up to play it and it takes me to the tutorial. So far, all cool. Then i start the tutorial and i get 2 steps into it and its crashes. Oh, maybe some lag. So i try again and it crashes again.I tried 6 times and everytime it crashed. I uninstalled and reinstalled and tried again.The same thing happened.I dont recommend downloading this game as its a waste of time. If there are any changes to the performance, ill change my review.
Perfect game except for 2 things... make it so we can sprint and I was playing with someone who's name was assclown. Fix the fact people can set cuss words to their names and make it so we can sprint. Thank you for listening!
Man, just another pay to win game. Downloaded it a couple days ago, decided to give it a try today and BLAM!!! Can't go very far in the game without having to watch a BAZALLION ads, and then I need to upgrade after two..(2) friggin' rounds...otherwise I won't last unless I buy a bunch of pixels with real US currency...Hmph...not impressed. Controls suck, player view for fps really blow chunks, and tutorial REALLY stinks. It only took 3 min to figure this game is BS. Uninstalling.UR GAME SUX!
It was great before the update my gun won't shoot half the time please fix and your game is so unrealistic I had the same gun as the opponent I unloaded a full clip and he didn't die but I took one bullet with full healthy and was killed and that happens very ofton
Pls Fix it that new year event arms race this is i wanted i sould give 5 stars,but need to Fix arms race...because i playing with knife kill enemy but........he stuckkkkkk pls fix that stuck in arms race Please Fix itttt
After the new update, the game becoming ridiculous the most! And definitely have to pay each time to win again & again (insanely expensive) the developer of this app is avaricious greedy!
I thought when programmers update games they're supposed to improve and NOT GET WORSE. Graphics are horrible, lags even worse. And those freeze solders are very off putting. I've been putting off uninstalling this game for a while. NOW I'M CERTAIN. BUY
1) It's a shameless copy of CS. From the ads (which have nothing to do with the game they advertise), to the guns and maps. 2) It's pay to win, you can upgrade your armour and guns (lmao) 3) It's boring and easy. All you need to do is aim towards the enemy and it auto shoots. I'm pretty sure 99% of the "players" are bots because you can run around knifing them and you won't die. I'm waiting with glee for the day this "dev" gets sued by Valve. I already gave them a heads up.
I am done with this game if I ever try to move my games freezes and kicks me out if you guys fix the problem i might reconsider my choice.
I have been trying to get into any game on and off for two and a half and it will not load into any match at all. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed quickly. The second thing I played with a person last night it shows they was ranked at 43 but they had less than 1,100 kills and only played for 5 hours that's it. How's does that happen?
The game itself is good but after every match there will be pink glitchy bars flickering on your screen and its very annoying.
Game is superb but after every match there is 30 second compulsory ad.if you wanna sell the game then make It pay not free because if someone want enjoy the game then he/she can enjoy not irritated by ads...kindly look into the ad problem
Latest update came with lot of bugs, the game is great and it's fun to play. But lates updates made all players look like zombies and system crashes, hangs, sometime it just jumps from one player to another player.
I like to play this game a lot !!!! (Just a suggestion) can we get the offline version with some other features in the same game, it will be great playing online and offline versions in the same game mood
Before it was gud to play but after I updated it , it has become like child play please make it realistic as before and it lags too much please solve this prblm as well change the person quality of the shooter, it's looking like zombie I'm very much disappointed with the latest update
Why would anyone change the animation of the characters?? Its worst then ever. And the game is lagging a lot. Now you should a little increase award amount for those of us having level 100 or you should change limit of levels for higher growth in the game. Please also work of the glitching.
Me and a friend wanted to play together but were unable to. After 10 minutes of trial and error we both gave up. It said on screen that neither of us was online. Serious bug needs fixing
It wasn't a bad game a couple game play errors and also not rlly all that smooth also the amount of ads was bad... The weapons take forever to get and unlock... Even though I drop about 20-30 kills a game and it's not the best but compared to other games I like the mix of AI's and real players it's a nice PvP experience but if some of the stuff was fixed it would probably be one of the best mobile fps out there
I liked your app a lot but after this new update there are adds after every match. Even when I achieved the premium service after completing all the tasks it still shows adds after every match. Please remove it, or many of the regular players will have to leave the game. Earlier there were adds to but that was somehow bearable. Kindly look into this!
This is overall a very good and fun game but i would like to know if the players are bots or real people. Also the auto shooting makes the game a whole lot easier so it will not be as fun as the other shooting games. But its good.
If you want a balanced and smooth shooter, this is not it. Don't get it. 1. Games is super buggy because they have very limited servers, so your ping is constantly at around 150. 2. Games is severely pay to win, you have to buy premium pass for many weapons and people will have 5x as much health and armor because they've bought all the armor upgrades. Overall, saying this game is laggy and unbalanced would be a understatement, its trash and will make you question why u even play mobile games.
Good game but this game needs a very fast internet connection. I'm on Wifi and can't play this game. Deleting.
I like this game but the some things which is not good is that the are of very big levels , they are very expensive also and lot of time we have to upgrade our weapons and armors .
Very bad csgo knockoff. Needs no skill because the aim assist is very strong and feels like aimbot. You dont even need to tap to shoot you just need to have your crosshair aiming at the enemy and the gun will automatically shoot. The time to kill is too quick and guns have almost no recoil. If you want to paly Counter Strike play ACTUAL Counter Strike, it runs in most generic PC's don't play garbage knockoffs.
Good game so far but when playing in the event i spent 5 tickets for 5x rewards but when i died i didnt respawn it glitched out and leveling up is way too hard if you dont upgrade your equipment you wont last long most weapons i like must be in a high lvl i think its pay to win somehow and the card game wont give you rewards you if you lose you must pay so dont waste time playing this game its very bad
Update was awful. Actually took 400 armor away from me! Honor those players who have been with you for years and are lvl 100.. Why are you taking things from us that we have already worked/paid for!? Seems like you are trying to honor memberships more. The game is getting worse by making everyone more similar and harder to kill. Did you just double bots health?! I'm reloading all the time now & I run out of bullets often. Why not add maps like Nuke, Inferno & Aztec?! Do you need a consultant!?
You can't call back up and when you are low health there is no medical bag in the game and and to get more money and when the mission start I want everyone to be in a helicopter jump and start fighting this is what I want not just me everyone even kids in need so what do we say let's make this game a challenge
Good game, I love it. The only problem is it always get kicked out after 1 completed match, which makes the game unplayable
The game was just fine, the new upgrade (UI) is not really usable, I'm not playing the game as often now just because of how hard is it now to control my character and shoot. I said it before and I'll say it again, the developers of the game need to stop fixing something that's not broken.
It is a good game it has a lot of fun but i should recommend one on one battle in this game so everyone can play one on one with their friends
Constant updates brings constant problems. Every time I reach 17th lvl on event can't join battle. Same sometimes with deathmatch... needs lots of work, waste of time for new players, very frustrating.
After the new graphics update, i am unable to go to lobby after winning video spin. There is no option to go back. Need to restart game everytime!!! Hope it will be fixed asap.
Christmas update is good., with all the new features.BUT THE MAIN PROBLEM NOW IS WITH LOBBY CREATION.... We can only play one game creating squad, after that we have to restart the game to play again.. We have to restart the game for each time we want to play in lobby.... Please fix this issue...
nice and addictive game. one suggestion, make it more nice, to be able to drop your weapon or pick enemy weapon from down
All things are fine. But there are some problems. 1. Lots of ads. 2. Stack when playing and on home screen. 3. High cost to buy helmet's & armor & some weapons. 4. To many hackers must be out of the game.
This games COOL AND GOOD but there's a problem when I have enough money to buy something it says low on points buy this chest AND THAT SUCKS. edit:NOW THE PLAYERS HAVE OP WEAPONS IF YOUR ON A HIGH LEVEL
It's a definite grab at your wallet game you have to watch ads after ads for money or gold and the gold u get is only God to unlock certain things but you can't buy money with it which is so stupid and then I swear you have people with endless wallets cause I know they never stayed to earn all that lol I still win most of the time
It's a very fun game, very fast paced. guns are a little bit overpowered so you could fix the guns. overall the game looks nice and fascinating. It reminds me of CSGO
Still bad graphics!! You've got a ton of bad reviews, yet you maintain current update. You ruined it with latest Update!!! Soldiers look like old men running around.. why?? Been playing for quiet some time, but not anymore!! Uninstalled again.. sad
The game seems to be working fine. The gameplay is good. However there are minor stutterings. Anyways a huge progress can be made, even if you do not pay cash. But the prices do not seem to be exorbitant.
I was in the impression that the game i'm playing is online. Then when i exit the game and return after few minutes, it resume to where i stopped.lol
When the game was made it was the best but now it's not good and for new update don't force the game for me to update the old version and the game laggs a lot please fix itπŸ™
This game is just a cheap cash grab. There's no real opponents, just bots. And when there's actually human playing the game there will be some disadvantages as this game is so pay to win
There's a bug. Whenever I play Arm Race and reach Santa Knife level, I will not revive after tapping on the 'Battle' after I die. Please rectify.
this game is so hard when you don't upgrade your gear, upgrading gear costs money, or even sometimes REAL money, there is this one time I'm playing on 'guns game' everytime i rank up, my enemies keep on ranking up with me β€” i have no idea if they're bots or real players (plus they kill me easily, sometimes in one shot) this game is very-like csgo, i love it, but the difficulty and getting currency in this one is just hard
Latest update is really bad. It has lot many bugs. Please fix all the bugs soon or Revert your code changes to previous version that was really good and stable. It is not allowing all the players to be in the game. Sometimes only 2 or 3 including CT and T. And sometimes only one player. LOL. How can we play with ourself.
The controls are implemented very well. Having aim assist makes it easy to play for beginners. Overall it is a quite fun game and has room for competetive gamepkay.
Three flaws. 1: the guy shoots automatically. 2: The enemies (and friends) are bots. 3: if you're looking at multiple enemies, your character automatically changes his target every time he kills his previous one.
First of all the game is too easy. I get about 18-23 kills a game with at most 1 death. Its also VERY LAGGY. If the game had better servers and less lag it would be OK. Snipers also take to long to shoot if youre on auto fire and aim assist is too op. I once went AFK for a WHOLE MINUTE and still got two kills cuz aim assist drags my crosshair to the enemy and auto fire kills them. As I said the game would be fine if it was less LAGGY. Follow my yt: Midnight as I might post content on this game.
Game is good but seems like its using a terrible server that never has a stable connection. End up always getting disconnected from the game halfway due to no connection
You have ruined the game after new upgrade.. listing down few problems.. - It's taking too much time to join the lobby and teams r not balanced after joining and sometimes no one else is joining. This is most serious problem. U hv ruined it. - Players r joining in mid of the game. - CT has also bomb after team flip..lol - No option to exit the game after joining the lobby. Many issues with UI
the game is really good and their aren't any bots and it's multiplayer which I love. I'm rating this a 4 star because in game like when it's at the middle it lags so much that it crashes but then freezes ur phone, Pls fix this as soon as possible. thank you,
After the new update there are no more bots .. Every time we play in a defuse mode we have on one to play as there is noone in the opposite team to play with .. kindly Fix this bug or give a compulsory update to everyone who is playing the game or give us the last updated version so that we can play as it is very irritating to wait for a game and no one appears on the opposite team .....
I enjoy this game and had rated it higher but I've lowered it after this last update. At first I was happy there is additional armour to use but what's disappointing is all the extra ads that have been added between matches. Many more than before the update. The mission objectives have been added to and in most cases the completion goals have doubled. This means we spend twice as long doing missions and have to watch all the extra ads.
One star off due to no Australian flag. Can grind without spending $$ and get weapons and skins. Skins can be gained by recycling excess skin parts. A few bugs like not being able to respawn sometimes but still awesome mobile game! Love the events. :)
Matchmaking takes way much more time, Some time crosses 3-4mins, Even for a team death match... Maps are good (Cs based), In game matches are also good. At the beginning you get to fight bots, for a. good 10-15 matches... then you will be matched with real players, taking around 2-3mins for each match making.... please fix this
Game was fun at first and still kinda is but it seems like after the new update, it's just ad after ad after ad after every game. Fun game but wouldn't spend money just to buy guns when you can spend hours leveling up to reach those guns.
Not bad, definate potential but needs more work. Not sharp enough and sometimes the auto fire is sketchy
A good game but we need more location. Although the game is smooth but it has some bugs like while playing it gets stuck and many more problems.
"PLEASE UPDATE CONNECTION ERRORS GALORE, either way the game is Awesome but if I could stay connected I'd play it more. Just wish there weren't as many connection issues. Please fix bug so the people who downloaded your app can enjoy it for more than 7 mins. I'm just saying...#PLEASEUPDATE
After today update, the walking speed is very slow. Please removed the recommend key, buy or upgrade pop up before & after battle as we can buy or upgrade if we want on the start up page. MOST IMPORTANT is the game play, please change back to the old one, new update the movement is slow, turning also not swift & blood effect blocking the visibility. The only thing okie is start up page was abit better than before. Search battle too slow. Super chest show lowest 2400 to 4000 but i get only 700.
It's good I really like it but for some reason sometimes when I press battle after dying it won't send me back in to battle just lets me spectate the one that killed me but it's a really good game fix that and it's a 5/5 stars
Cheap and not even worth of being called CS. Why cant u just make this game look like counter strike? This looks like an entirely differnt game and the experience is very poor, in the pc version, counter strike is the most balanced fps, were you can 5v5 with fairness and a full range of weapons to choice from, but in here youre just trying to captilise and make some money, instead of building a great game. Pubg, call of duty and even games like mobile legends made it, why cant you?
At first a very good game but in era of people being stabed when playing weapon race knife shouldnt b getting kills and advance progress as its bullshait that bullet doesnt kill faster then knife delete the game now because of this shame started other game maybe will b better
The latest update is got glitches and during the play i undergo alot of Lag in the game please fix this as soon as possible
Very poor experience after upgrading this The new upgradation have very bad graphics quality and visualization. It seems that a novice graphic designer has made this. Sorry to say this word but Players are looking so awkward Please don't install this game untill unless game graphics will be not change.
I have played this game before a year ago at that time it was just 75mb but the game was very exciting and good at that time , but now im gone through big disappointment and frustrated for What the devolopers did to this game . I have coustomised hud or controls in this game when ever i touched fire and scope button it returns to its default condition. Very bad experience and i imidiately uninstalled this waste game.My review for this game was 1/10 or 0.5/5 .
This gameplay is too simple it's like a teenager designed it. And this game has more bugs than the amazon rainforest. Bogus.
Dear develover, why my earned cash become low. I played in the morning and earned cash. After couple of hours when I came online to play, my earned amount redused to same balance as it was in the morning. It has happened many time. I want my earned cash back.
After update, it's getting worse than ever. Could not even invite friends into squad, it showed friends are offline but my friends are definitely online.
The new update is the worst. I think the game is full of bots no real player more. Also it keep stopping. And those adds I am just fed up, the add are Unskippable and just take a lot of time. After every match there are adds now. Things need to change. Developers are requested to do so. That's all.
Customer Service was poor. Was not responsive, and not responsible. Due to an error in the game, I lost +- $30. I emailed the support and they were not helpful at all. Please give me my 30 dollars back, as I do not want to assume that Vertigo is a thief. In terms of the game, its great although sometimes it glitches once in a while. Please refund my money, and change your support operator as they are useless and slow. Thank you
This is a very dirty game, there is the option of connection error in it all the time and I did not like it at all. Please don't Download. This is your own time to go, it's better than download free fire πŸ’”
1. A lot of ads all the time. 2. Earning money is hard enough, and erasing the money earned is just idiotic. 3. Lacking exit button is also a big minus. 4. Forgetting the time. You have to exit the game, than erasing from recent apps, and opening again so it will adjust the time. 5. Many more drawbacks. If you pay me, i would gladly inform you about it.. QA is not free ;)
Seriously guys the game is getting worser and worser after each and every update. Now I seriously start regretting about why I installed this game. In starting this game was pretty god being it gameplay or the graphics or the controls everything was good but now Its just gone...I always gets bots as teammates, neither the player moves faster, their r a lot of bugs in the game. Therefore i m uninstalling it. Plz set the prev gameplay and try to make this game more realistic
What the hell developers did in last update?90β„… time game is not able to launch at all. It's a full buggy game. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game lose your progress and most of the weapons they have downgraded to level 1 which was earlier fully upgraded. Don't waste your time in this game. Better to switch to other game. Need to uninstall at all and move to other game. Lot of issues and bug in latest version like most of the times game is not Initialising.
I like the game but the matchmaking is just off i get players with 15 armor and 15 gun when im over here with a level 5 ak and level 8 duel pistols and 4 armor and really good players and i can't do anything bc of how there weapons r and armor πŸ˜’ and its not fair so I can't have fun...
Great game overall. But this is not what im looking for. Here is why: - The game has p2w system in it. - There are aim assist and auto fire option, these two things make the game totally uncompetitive, and too easy to play. - Last, i dont like the ui at all xD. This game feels kinda for kids, and im not playing kid's games xD. This game is just not suitable for me, but this is still a great game. 5 stars from me :D
What the hell is your server????!!!! My wifi is extremely well, and you tell me my connection has error???!!!!😠 How dare you Vertigo!!! I have spent lots of money, and everytime, when I play the card game and reach around level 30, your f**king server disconnect my device and all a sudden, my reward didnt pay off!!!!!!!!! Please explain why there is such f**king bug. If you dare not care player's voice, I will take my legal law action.😑😠
Giving 5 Star because game is great but you guys need to work on some issues. 1 it takes a lot of time to find a game 2 I am using Airtel Fiber which is 100mbps and it shows no connection randomly. Fix these points asap before It start irritating
I played this game ever since I was in my childhood and I used to run a game server as well for PC until my son died then I gave it up but man on the mobile this is pretty f****** decent you get more kills actually then you would normally in PC play I just love this game I wish that I could work as a game designer making servers and skins and different modes to play in double guns would be awesome hint hint shoutouts to Sierra and half life for creating this game they really overdid themselves
The game isnt bad its just every time i finish the practice round i takes me off the game thats why i rated it 4 stars but i should just restart my phone and see if that works i dunno πŸ˜•
Match making is poor, spawns are poor, making play the same three small maps over and over, hardly ever played the bigger maps. All this makes the game dull which is a shame. County biased when it comes to connection, devs must hate the English.
Its fun at the beginning but it just gets boring and annoying when all the bots become over powered and have like aimbot and a million health. Not enough money each game to upgrade your stuff to kill them quicker. For the fun modes you need to spent tickets to have fun and its only around maybe 10 a day because you only have 5 tickets. I played this for an hour and then I could get any kills, kept dying every 2 seconds and the game is unbalanced. Takes way to long to level up for better guns.
Guns are not even for all players. Sometimes bot has high advance gun and will kill you with single bullet. Also match making is more or less fake, you always play with bot.
The game is nice, amazing, wonderful I would like if anyone who seen my feedback so plz install this game and u will like it because if u are looking for shooting multiplayer game so this best for u πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ₯³ and sorry for one star
Good game to play very accurate and responsive you can shoot in the head with one bullet from miles away.Also you can pickup weapons from the deseased and use them along the way.I've seen better graphics but so much fun to play.One thing l find a little annoying it takes quite a few bullets in the body to kill but thats quite common with these types of games.
Great game! A good time piece for lockdown. However... the new update rolled out today and I am on of the 1 in 5 males who suffer from colour blindness. The new darker colour scheme does not work for me. Will it stop me from playing? Probably not, though the previous version was better suited to my disability. It would be good if the developers could look at winding it back. Naturally there are a few bugs in the new version also, namely trying to play another game. It freezes on my Samsung S10
Even tho: --Ads after most matches (sometimes unskippable 30 sec ads).--Unfair matchmaking, specially in smaller levels (lvl 6-8 vs people with 3x-4x my level, and a few levels above that, against people lvl 60+ with maxed weapons).--Bots know how to locate and defuse the bomb, but don't know to locate and plant after it've been dropped so they just camp bomb sites waiting for the match time to end. It has: ++Nice graphics ++Accesible weapon level cap ++Nice gameplay ++Balanced weapons (mostly)
Super alot bug, I using data it say I lost connection I play other game no problem, also toxic bug is player standing there no moving I kill him nothing happened but he suddenly kill me when I already go far away, 1 more thing I dislike when you make the desert eagle level 15 became level 20
Its a fun action packed fps. Not for you if you like big map arena's but the control system is superb from my standing point. Although I didn't upgrade it is still pretty fun. Thanks.
this is surprisingly very fun! although the graphics are a tiny bit bad, the gameplay is actually very fun!! Very addictive game!!!
Worst update ever. why you update the game if you don't know how to handle it. Iam giving 1 star because in play store there is no option for half star. Very disappointing.
During the New Years Event, the game would not let me respawn on the last knife level. I'm pist off because I was about to win the match and I wagered 20 tickets that I just purchased with 150 gold coins! Now I lost out on the points to get me the next tier prize. Please fix!!!
Lot of bugs... enemies shoot through walls and even better, people die without any injury while running.Why did you add blood splatter in this version? I enjoy playing this game with my 13 yr old daughter, and there should be an option to turn off blood in our UI. The red glow should be for lethal blows of over 500 pts... Right now a scrape and a lethal blow glows just the same. Rest of the releases look nice. All the best.
game suddenly stops what happen??? my connection is good... but it says i dont have internet connection??.. i played my other online games without problem except this what happen????...
Good game. Need skills and smart thinking to kill, however shotgun on level 15 should be nerf, distance is too large, unbeatable weapon. Skins give 5-20% firepower find it useless, sometimes want to keep my gun with origin look. Bots not the worst but matching players with 100 lvl vs my 23 is nonsense. Lost fun in 25 level. Great version of CS:GO. Overall the only one mobile fps where team play and aim matters, not only gun on max level until level 25.
Recently I updated my game and all my HUD settings were back to default .Then I customized my Controls to 4 claw ,but what happens is when I join the game and click on the fire button , it comes back to its original position everytime i.e the default position and also the size of the button remains the same . Please advise and try to solve my problem .It is difficult to play . This happened for the first time.
Game was superb until the last updates you pushed, that update ruined the entire game, its sluggish, sometimes gets hanged on starting new mission and worst part you have slightly changed position of fire button which would be major issue for old version users to play on this new updates. Graphics improved but previous version was better too!!
This game is Totall failur imo, 1) Ads every 5 min for 30sec 2)The Auto-Aim and the auto-Fire suck, does not even shoot on moving target. 3)The snipers are totally nerf, The assault rifle are over-powered. 4) This stupit Tier System, totally destroy the balance in matchmaking. 5) no medkit, no recovery, no Grenades. this game Rank 4.4 ?? I don't understand how...
The game is ok but its full of bugs. Its keep disconnecting me no matter what internet im using. I constantly get killed by walking corpses and also a lot of times i get right in front of the enemy and i just dont shoot. I cant kill him.. these are just a few from all the bugs the game has!
πŸ‘ fantastic game. Always improving. Would be great if there were more maps and maybe some grenades. Definitely need to add more maps
The game is awesome but the amount of ads is ridiculous I cant do anything without seeing an add...clean it up😑😑
Event bugs : sometimes after knife stage the game should end, instead you spectate and you can see only others play and you finish second. Another time I arrived first to knife stage, made 1 kill, i should won the game. Instead I spectate for 10 minutes and wached another players, I finished first, but I lost the game. Unreal. No points for victory. So frustating. A lot of stuff to improve. Fix it asap.
Excellent game brought down by developers greed for ad revenue. Was enjoying everything including the new Arms Race, they don't even give the option to pay for an Ad Less game. Maybe I'll check back later when there isn't an ad after every single game(typical game lasts 3-5 minutes), until then Uninstalled and looking for a new game.
This game is horrendous. It's just another Counter Strike knock off with stolen sounds and character ideas. The game is pay2win. Unlike all cs rip offs, this game wants you to buy weapons with real cash. And they arent even skins, literally they want you to pay for a gun in the game. That is probably the only reason this game hasnt been taken down by copyright and I wish it will get taken down. This game has so many flaws that I dont have enough letters to mention them all.
Could be a good game. Though deathmatch put (me) lv 6 against lv 35. And come on,,, $25k to upgrade 1 spec (50) armor on tier 1 armor????? Shows off the bat that if you want to play you have to pay.. ALOT.. UNINSTALLED
Game is good. But problems comes with ads and graphic. I just wanna tell developer to improve graphic.
A cool game for mobile ,no ads , very cool settings system but needs skill based match making and more weapons plsπŸ’ž and new looking knives
Not sure if you ever play with real players. Every match I played was with bots. If you disconnect from the internet the match will continue as if nothing happened. So basically a scam.
I love this game, so much maps and different weapons to use, and it is easy to control! I have been playing for around 5 days and I am already addicted (good way)! However, when I try to friend my brother and give him a friend request with his EXACT username, when he goes in, there is no request from me, same for me as well! It makes me frustrated and disappointed because I really wanted to play with my brother! Please fix this bug ΰ₯€
When I play the game in the A72 set of samsung, the game's shooting sound cut comes out during the game, which is a problem with the game. This problem has come after this new update. Please solve this problem
I don't usually do this, but this game got me hooked. Of course there's room for improvement. Yet still the game is just so much addictive. I wonder how awesome it would be at it's peak. Let the updates keep coming. Congrats. Cheers!
Game is great. Please resolve one defect Scenario: The moment User enters Santa knife level and is dead(both together), User is unable to resume the game. User can then only view the game as a third person.
1) The game lags so much this is not the problem. 2) So many advertises, as one match overs it show again one ad but even then i won't complain. 3) My problem is when the game lags even if I have full network range after i played for half hour, I loose my all progress my all earned money So i will give 1 star. 4) My humble request to the devlopers please do work on network problem.
Heyy!! Its written that an event update (helmate update) came 2 days ago but the game is not getting updated yet. Please work on it. And please end the new year event now. 5 star because I like this game alot. Thank you