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Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Critical Force Ltd. located at Kauppakatu 7, 2 krs - 87100 - Kajaani, Finland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My problems are Toxic players, FPS drop and broken matchmaking but the graphics, gameplay and animation are the best almost perfect and add more gamemodes so the game wont be boring like Hide and Seek/Manhunt dont make it temporary make it permanent like TDM, Defuse, Rank and Gun Game so it can be unique not just a CSGO on mobile Rip-off. And by events and new skins wont make the game exiting create an update that will be exiting and fun to players. ESPECIALLY THE CONTROLS I ALWAYS GET STUCK!!!!
I absolutely love this game! The skins are absolutely amazing! I am really competitive when it comes to gaming and, this is the best for me. I recommend to any really competitive people. The devs also put so many hours into the making of this game and honestly, it paid off. 50M+ downloads! Even though it may be a cs:go type of game, give it a chance. It's actually really good.
OMG LOVE THIS GAME. There are a few problems though. Firstly there is clearly many hackers in this game. Secondly I am getting matchmaked with people 4+ levels higher than me (I can tell the difference between a good player with weapons I have never seen before and between someone up miles in the sky shooting everyone in the lobby with the weakest weapon). Thirdly it's very hard for mobile iplayer to match anyone on a different platform
It's a very great game just the only new gun this year is a deagle so add more new game modes and guns.Can you pls add a game mode where you have snipers only that will be great.And please make the aiming easier
i love that they have way better anti-hack system than bullet force. graphics is great. but the gameplay. i think not so much. bots move like counterstrike back in the early 2000s and i can't find the scope in the settings so i uninstalled it immediately. i can't play hip fire all game long and movement is too slow.
Great game for a mobile online pvp fps lots of gun skins and maps holiday and seasonal game modes takes skill and some patience great community and a all around fun experience but nake sure your mobile device is good enough to run the game because lots of firefights on large maps been playing on different accounts since legacy was Tokyo and canals was Amsterdam live the game keep it up
This game is good but not that good, you can play and have fun but it REQUİRES real practice to start having fun. Lots of things are a bit broken and unbalanced but the worst is the matchmaking and reporting system, if you try ranked you will get crushed by the enemy or crush the enemy team, rarely you can play a contentious game, if you get lucky enough to be the crushing side on a game probably enemy is 2-3 ranks below you, and if you're getting crushed enemy is 2-3 ranks above you. :/
I really like the game and it's really good, but since the last update I haven't played a single game on a server I have a good connection to. Literally 200 ping every game on SE server isn't fun. Please fix that so I can play again and btw your Matchmaking is broken, I'm platinum 3 and all my enemies/team mates are diamond and master. I'd like to give this game 5 stars but as it is right now I won't. It's really sad because I enjoy this game so much. Please fix your problems.
You can earn free stuff through the critical pass; however, those rewards amount to nothing. The old reward system was fair to devs, f2p players and those who spent money. The new system favors those who buy the pass and spits into f2p players' faces. It is really simple. If they cannot earn, they leave. If we have nobody to play with, we leave. This is an arena shooter. There is no content, only 1 type of gameplay and rewards. If there are no proper rewards, there is no reason to play.
Pretty decent game and gameplay is super fun. I like that you have skins for guns a lot. The thing is, credits are TOO hard to get. And one morr thing for developers, i completed an offer for 1400 credits and didn't get them. Can you please fix this? Btw i conpleted an offer for Lords Mobile to get lvl 12 castle in 30 days.
Ummm, I've played this game for a while now.....the experience was pretty good, but then all of a sudden, I got banned permanently, and I didn't hack in any sort. And when I asked the developers why did I get banned (permanently) , to keep it short, they didn't tell me the reason... Tbh I always felt the developers don't feel official.
I love the game very much but the players do be kind of toxic dou but I played the vr version (I suck at that one ) and supriesly I'm better on this one sooooo I give it a 4 star. Maybe you could add like a thing were if someone is being toxic have a message on there like a warning or something but if they keep doing it then kick them out of the game
This game needs some work like I can't get any knife make the tac tool a reward for winning teamdeathmatch and the other knifes,there almost to even get this is just a pay to win game I still like it add a new gun such as the m107 make it do whatever health they have add the m107 in custom games and add all the knifes except the default knife is a daily reward and also it wastes too much space on my device I used app cleaner just to download this game and also remove the hk417 and add the hk416
İ like this game so much, but i gave it 4 stars beacuse of that; İt always wants us to update it but sometimes I am not being able to update it beacuse of my other games, and I don't want to delete them. If I ignore that... Then it is briliant and such a fun to play. But as I said, this game was better before all of these updates. I don't think it need that much update, beacuse as I said; This game is good without these updates too. I just update the game like 1 week ago but "it needs update??"
This game is quite fun! But seriously BRING this game back to IOS so I can play on Ipad!!!!! I play better on Ipad and my KD ratio keeps dropping when I play on my weaker phone. The new c ops reloaded has seriously bad reviews and I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY THE RELOADED VERSION because I have my rare skins that will be lost when I migrate my account. I don't want compensation, I want my skins.
If been playing this game for abt a year or 2 its gotten way better over the years but like i seen sum1 else say its like every time u join a match 1 of the teams is always better then the other i get sum games where its not like that but if u guys could try to fix that or sum that would be cool
1/12/2020 I downloaded the game and opened it. First of all it takes at least 10 minutes to open the game and second when it does opens it takes five more minutes to log in. The gameplay is super laggy and till now I've played only one match! Which is the tutorial match.22/12/2020 I am used to waiting for it to open now a d I have changed my rating to 4 stars from 2 stars, as I have to wait for it to open and also I would suggest you to add a free for all game mode
The game is nice. The graphics are great and theres alot of guns. I like how each sniper is very different. One think I will say is if you're playing on a phone you're screwed. The only way to be good in this game is by playing on an iPad or a tablet. I played this game on my old tablet and I was really good but then I got it on my phone and I was not good and I put alot of hours into this game on my phone.
Very good details very addicting game but the rank timer is very long and you have to wait but other than that the skins are good and the maps too
Actually a good FPS game that is Multiplayer instead of other games that have 'fake multiplayer' , Great Graphics, Only problem is Competitive Match making is rigged, sometimes you will get pro players on the team and soemtimes you get players that are unranked new players. Critical Pass has very less prizes, should probably increase the prizes as it is very hard to get knifes or skins...I havent seen them add a new gun in like more than 1 year so i want to see a new gun... Everything else is fine.
Good game add more guns. Can you also add where you can choose The amount of ammo you get in any gun, and where you can make all the pistols from a single pistol to a dual pistols. Can you also add a new map like a boat map where you are actually on the boat. Can you also add You sniper to the game like 50 CAL BMG. Can you also add a colt 1911. Can you also add attachments to all the guns. Those were just a few things I wanted to go over with you. Can you add dual Beretta m9s. Overall great game
The game is one of my favourite games and you should try it. But one thing should be added like when a person is died by wallbang the mark of it should be there in kill message
From my experience, it is a good game, I have been playing for almost 4 years and I'm still not bored, but there are a few issues. 1: (Probably the biggest one on here) the health and damage system is completely broken. 2: if you play defuse or ranked( Its in mostly in these gamemodes but can be in others) the players are really toxic and un-friendly, I've probably learnt half of the swears I know from this game.3: the really unfair matchmaking. 4: the report system doesnt really work.
Easily my favorite game for mobile. The skins are great and its got a lot of players. The community may be a little toxic though. ( like other games). But this game has good guns with awesome skins. It has a battle pass feature for 10 bucks worth of in game currency. You can level up and get rewards along the way with a special reward at the end. I love this game. You should download.
It's a really nice game! I have played it for many years now, it's just like cs go....however I didn't find any glitches except for one thing and that is ranked game.. it takes so much time to join a ranked game:( but the death match and defuse match are on another level⭐
One of the only shooters I've played on mobile that felt like it was made for the platform. This is the mobile equivalent to CS:GO and Valorant with fantastic animations, original art style, and the multiplayer is fantastic. I actually don't have any problems with this game aside from the sensitivity sometimes getting wack in custom rooms, where the crosshair jumps up and down, making it hard to aim.
Best matchmaking for sure unranked players are getting matched with diamonds. Developers must have been drinking when coding that in. And as new the game gets we get added with glitchers and hackers. Was a great game once and now it's just sucks
Game is good and not pay to win, but lucky spin seems like a scam, and there is a glitch which freezes the game when i press the button at the top centre which lets me see kdr of other players during a match. Also, i believe it would be better if number of credits received on watching an add is changed from 7 to 10-15ish.
I love this game, I've played it on multiple accounts for about 3 years, this game has amazing graphics and it's super fun, and it doesn't copy any of it's maps or skins from other games like cs go, overall it's an amazing game and it's also really smooth. Btw devs if ur reading this can you give me a butterfly knife plz that's my dream knife, my ign is HotTrash. Alright thx for reading.
Theres a lot of glitches such as sometimes when reload my gun, the game acts as if i didnt reload at all, and another glitch i encoucters is when i jump it bugs out for a bit mid air. Other that the game is perfect.
The games is great, the graphics is great, but my problem is that I cannot get a knife, ive been playing this for four years and yet I dont even get knife in cases, events etc. So please grant my request to increase the percent level of tier 7 and tier 6 in cases and events, please increase the percent level to 4-6% because it is not fair that you always get tier 2 in cases. So please grant my request, i hope you guys understand
We'll, it's a good game and brilliant FPS, and personally my favourite. But 2 major things. Make skill based matchmaking a thing in ranked defuse because when I join it (I know it's only when your unranked) there's people who are like Gods at the game but there are also OPS-62927394 and it's unbalanced. Two, MAKE IT EASIER TO GET CREDITS. I swear add credits when you win a match or something I don't really want to watch 10 ads a day with 5 min cool down or play some game thats really hard to do
Wow that's awesome game this game graphics are like 4D this game is awesome of other games I know this is the best game I tell only one thing to developers be happy and make a event in next update like you want to play in this game Zombie Mode can you please add this Mode and no kills player only counting zombie killing points I think it will be 1 killing Zombie 5 points the last point is 250 to WIN please add this mode please add nad be happy Bye Bye and Thank you .
Amazing graphics. Nice ragdoll animations. Guns are very good. The cross hair is perfect (well for me lol). The reaload animations are very realisic. The game has very fun maps. Cool spaces to camp and wait for a victim, especially on the Office map, the vents. The guns are very OP. Very nice gun skins. Addictive game. Good job whoever thinked of this game idea.
This is fantastic game . This game graphics is excellent but this game is not good than free fire . I think you can make this game more better
Everything is fine now, but I want the feature that allows the user to quickly change one google play account to another, or from one Facebook account to another. Or you can make a specific type of game account for users to log in directly, for example like supercell id of clash of clans. I will give this two-star rating for the developer to read it :)
Everytime I delete this game and install it back . I have to go through practice mode again and that's making me fasutrated . So there should be a login option before starting the game . From my view
Really nice..... Game....but... Some time some lags.... So... Please fix this problem.. because sometimes don't work fire button .. so... Please fix this problem and i willl.... 5 🌟 star in this game..... Thank you.... Developer... And one more thing... So... Please next...season will be sooon... Because some more time in... Next... season tiem... thank you developer for .. this.... Pvp game ... thank you ❤️
I really love this game and i wont stop playing it and i reccomend it to anyone reading this . My only request is for you to let us play practice mode offline , my friends and i always talk about this problem
The game is fun and is very entertaining yet it's slightly unfair, players with MnK (mouse and keyboard) can easily connect their keyboard and mouse to their phone and be able to have an unfair advantage in speed and accuracy, i find this unfair and would like to see controllers being able to be used. Overwall it's a great game 4/5.
I used to play the game often then I stopped for a while and now I come back and the game is dying. Especially sad because I played this game for a 3 or so years. I joined a game twice today and in the first I played against one single opponent in the second there were three opponents and one teammate. The game used to be full in the first 10 seconds.
It is very fun N.G.L but the thing i have a problem about is credits. It is litterally impossible to get at least $1000© in one day unless you buy it. And if you do buy it it might charge you one dollar even though it didn't say that. T-T. So please Devs Pls, Pls make it so it is easier to get credits thank you and Nc Game! ;)
This game is really good I wish there was a merging because I have skins on google play and skins on facebook I just hope there Is a feature of this soon. Two more thing is a problem is theres no matchmaking thats is in your level of skill.Also the new update messed up the ipad POV I feel like both phone and ipad should have that old pov. In the long run this game is Awesome! try it out!
Been playing this game for a while and yes there are hackers but you rarely see them anymore and the game is very strategic when it comes to rank and there are good maps and a variety of weapons so in conclusion it's a great game but I would like to see new weapons added in the game more frequently and also new events but not like the repeated ones.
First of all it's a great game and I would recommend that people download this. However there are a few issues, it would be much appreciated if you could fix the matchmaking in rank, walling- it really does need to be fixed and disconnection needs to be fixed- people have good wifi but for some reason constantly disconnect. Banning hackers has improved and some even are banned in-game! For the future it would be nice if you could sell skins, increase case probabilities and credits accessible.
It's a really good game but one thing is why did you put commands they always kick other people for no reason I just hope you guys can fix this or just change it.
The best fps game ever, I barely have any glitch which is common for every game, I always have a lot of fun playing it and I don't think there will be a better fps game! But there is one bad thing about the pass, the first passes were good but they keep getting worse please do something about it!
The game is literally a mobile CS:GO, but the matchmaking is not good and the direction of fire markings are horribly inaccurate unless you are taking it straight on. They need to be in the direction that bullets are coming at you, not where they hit you. The Aug is also a massive problem. There is no bloom at all, it goes right back to 100% accuracy after each shot
The most important game you need to download! The graphics and not just graphics! But the game its so amazing, trust me guys you gonna enjoy this game forever and also nice job critical force! And i hope youll some more improvements at this game (niether wise i havent seen a bugs at this version anymore!) Otherwise all that i can say is i love this game I've been playing this game for allmost 3years and also goodluck and be safe guys!
Critical Ops is a mobile FPS. There is 5v5 Team Deathmatch, and 5v5 Casual Defuse. There is also 5v5 Ranked Defuse, as well as limited time gamemodes. There is Custom matches, and a friend system. You can also practice by yourself against bots. It is Fair to play, with no advantages. Does not lag if you have good WI-FI and play in your region. It has optional Aim Assist, but is still very skill based. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a Mobile FPS.
It's a great game, the controls are easy to use but I have one problem. When you try to go into a ranked match it says my ping is to high so I can never play ranked. You should allow the people who have high ping play because it's there falt if they start lagging in a ranked game. Other than that the game is perfect
I wish i can give it no star. Or minus the game is so annoying. Good graphics,excellent game play but the death rate is too high... With jost a shot with any gun you are dead immediately at least you should live for like 5 secomds and there's no battleground...that sucks.. Normally i dont like rating games badly but this one deserve it to be honest...i am ashley
Well, you see, the game is fun, but if you make 1 wrong movement you'll get bullied for the rest of the game. Very, very toxic community, and sometimes taps don't work. In order to actually succeed in this game is to have an iPad. If you have an android, 1. You'll get bullied. 2. You'll have a lowest advantage ever.
Just fix the ranking system. you fixed it by doing with the points but it is now also not doing it there are just too many smurfs and low points platinuims or higher leagues players.
Really good game, but I have a few notes. One: You should add some way to heal yourself, like a medkit or something. It kind of sucks to play without it. Two: There should be different skins for tje coalition and the breech, keeping with the cops and robbers vibes of course. Really good game tho!
I think about the ad free coins option shoudn't be added and it will be always be there for free yellow coins so people can understand and have coins to do something for what there acheiving for. I really like this game and I recommend playing it. I have to create another account on play games so I can have the access to get coins by watching advertisements. If the moderators see this, Please! respond something.
It is a wonderful game with good graphics and game play and have good gun skins but I am not giving it 5 stars for it's wrong ranked match making if you play with random then there are very low Chance to get good team I am in diamond but many times my team is of diamond and platinum and opposite team is of master and special ops Change:I want to ask that before I was not getting any thing good from cases but today I got 2 knifes back to back has it became next reload or maybe I am lucky
I like the game and I would rate it 5 stars only if they fix some thing like1.The way you get skins (the currency) i dont like the the fact you almost have to pay to get skins there should be a way to get it for free (ik you can watch ads but they don't give much) maybe if you would get some every 10 levels.2.The hackers please fix the issue with hackers I would love if I would be able to play a ranked game and actually have a fair game 8/10 games i play i get a hacker.thank you for your time.
It's not installing in my Lenovo 4 10 tablet. But I know I have saw the game it's actually interesting but I can't install it. It's not storage problem as I have 2 gb storage left. Please fix this bug🙁☹️It says an error occurred. It's a good game btw. I can't wait to play the game
Best fps game for smartphone gaming, Great gameplay, Better controls than most fps games, and Graphics are also Great , i have been playing this game for 3 years and i love it, the only thing that bothers me is that the ad reward should be increased upto 10 credits, please make this change❤️😇
Gr8 game , nice grafics , needs matchmaking improvement bcz I cannot play bcz of the ultimately pro players which brings me to the next point , can you bring this on eSports level cause that would be epic! It is a nice match for csgo and can even beat it if work good (or rather best ) . That's all I have to say , and critical ops : reloaded is not compatible with my device , so make it that it will be compatible
This is a great game! But my only problem is when my device turns off during ranked matches, it won't let me re-join. Instead it will give me a penalty and i cannot play ranked again for days. Please fix this. But overall it is a very good game
After the latest update, the game has been crashing almost every match. I'm in the discord and the community helpers sent me links to try to fix the game. I did all the steps it said but the game still crashes. I put alot of work into my account and I dont wanna let it go to waste. Please look into this and hopefully you guys can figure out why it's been doing this. Thanks!
I don't like the movement(too slow) just want something to go faster like bhopping, or slide jumping. Also pls add a way to get skins for free(crates are good an all but some of us don't want to spend money and not watch ads)
The game is nothing but a masterpiece and I hope you improve it in the future as well, like adding a feature where you can vote maps in-game ranked matchs,some weapons are nerfed, the ability to change sniper scope button sens in settings, fixing the bug which can't allow players to see other people's level, fixing the bug which can't allow players to see friends if they're online when servers are different.
Critical ops is a very good Fps online game, there are cool weapons and the graphics is also outstanding, but my problem is earning money. Earning the credits is so hard, for the yellow credit you need to watch advertising videos, and rarely in critical pass and then milestone which just gives 30 credit. While the blue credit, you can only get it when you get a duplicate reward and convert to blue credit, the worst is the purple credit, I have no idea of how to get that. Please make earningeasy
This game is so much good in graphics. And I like that there are graphic settings. Over all I Have a very great experience playing this game. But devs you can do a fever to beginners. That give them 10 credits every day. So that would help so much. And I have a problem whenever I try to play ranked match. It takes 6 or 7 minutes To find a ranked match. So plz fix that issue BY THE WAY THE GAME IS SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY
Critical Force your game is good in graphics, maps,skins,knives,gloves,events but this game has only 2 worst things first the bug "operation denied" it's kicking players out of ranked matches in between and then we have afks and second the match making is so bad ffs masters diamonds are coming in gold lobby and in plat lobby spec ops gg. Plz improve this 2 things ffs plz plz
This game is so good but in costom game if we make anyone co and he kick it will be not good make any feature that co-leader can't kick real owner . Last ita ban at asia server cause of c-ops reloaded but I want only c-ops and I can play with my friend in his no c-ops avaible but c-ops reloded available so I can't play with my friends please allow to download c-ops so we play with friends graphics good and please give creats and creadits so we will rich in game ... THANKS 😊
Great game, but the ways to get credits are hard, so could you make it so that daily missions give you credits please that way i would be your number one fan and i would give 5 stars then. Also it would be cool if you could make a game mode where you could earn credits, like 1 credit per kill or something like that. That would really help a lot of people out who cant afford credits. Plz consider this. Thx!!!
Graphics are good and all but the only thing that's a problem are the hackers in the game. There are hackers in almost every single game and most of the hackers are ranked or have a rank. Plus, most of these people who rated this game 5 stars are most likely hackers, the ones that didn't mention the hackers in this game. Plus, when there are too many hackers in the game, it will start to act glitchy or laggy. Hackers need to learn to play the real game, honestly they are nothing without hacks c:
Im so glad that you come back the old version of Critical ops!thanks!but the reason why i make it 4 stars is because of a game glitch were if i start ill see a crashed screen and loads to the liading screen it keeps me irritated 😕so pls fix it ! For me to thumbs up this.By the way good games fellow developers!keep going😆
It's best game because I have played it when I was younger would recommend you This game and I would say that to make a new pro video of critical Ops so other would be inspired and install critical Ops So ye just wanted to say this 😃 Edit:btw there is a bug it is when the party button is gone it's really annoying man I cant party when my friend is online so plz fix this bug thank you critical force have a great day :D
The in game item is really expensive u really should try to lower the prices even if it only for special occasions like Christmas or like that because then the game should pick up more players and I feel all the developer's are working on are skins because that's all that comes out they should be working the games gamepaly it's smooth but it can be smoother and also the graphics are amazing but it can be cleaner because some textures on walls and stuff are hard to see players
All I want is to fix this glitch when u sometimes jump or move u get stuck in a something and it's hard to get out and once ur stuck u start to lag really bad. Other than this glitch I really enjoy the game!
I like this game very much but I gave it four stars because my is strted to to crash very often even if I change my deviceand there are. Many glitches like o bought some creditsandit took about 2 days to add in my account.
I have been this game for almost a year and I can say 2 things it takes up too much space and matchmaking is broken. It takes up around 2 gb of space and if you don't have a good phone or ipad than this can force u to remove 3 to 4 apps the main reason I haven't removed this game is because I've spent over 1k on skins. And for matchmaking I am currently Master 3 and I am going against platniums and sometimes elite ops! (Highest ranked players) but other than all of that the game is very fun!
This game is very good I highly recommend it ,but my issue is when I first entered the game there was no servers like I cannot change anything,i was in us 1 but i selected sg 1 and i am always getting disconnected with good internet and the disconnection takes so long,hope you fix this Sincerely,Critical ops player
It's great, but it has many issues. First of all, there's a glitch where when I join a match, it'll take forever to let me spawn (I have to sometimes wait 10 or even 30 seconds!) Also, credits are way too hard to obtain. You only some from the free pass and milestones give you like 30 first time round. This part isn't about the game's mechanics, but the community is full of toxic people. 99% of the time, there's people who are rude and maybe even racist. But alas, Devs can't fix its playerbase.
You see when i first got a tablet and play a lot of shooting games but it never feels the way in your body that you have success. In critical ops is the most competitive and the most amazing first person shooting game out there on mobile. I will always support and be dedicated to this beatiful game and i will live stream it to grow it bigger and better. Critical ops can be the number one esports game out there. But the developers and players are missing something in the game.
So firstly I would like to say about the game. The game it's awesome with special effects its awesome. What I personally don't like it's in the ranks there are some accounts that they are spesiat ops or diamonds or master. The are join in other accounts and they be u runked to boost their friends. So want I wanna say it's that it's not fair for some of us. And please fix that in rankes there are some guys that go disconnected. example you can kick them for the rank and other peopel join thanks
I love the game and all but heres 2 things about the game that needs a change better real life graphics can be improved and add some more weapons daily. After all good game! Edited: After all the game is still good 2 things are improve the hitbox by decreasing its range from bullets and lastly pls do a tab bit less damage to the aug and thank you and also make the credits from the rp pass more like125 or 135!
Hey critical Force team. This game is really good but there is a problem. I saw that I have played some rank and won and even did 20+ kills but still I didn't ranked up. If this is a glitch please Fix this.
The game is awesome The only thing that sets this game apart from pubg is the all chat you should seriously think about adding a Mic so that we can talk with our voices as well as play at the same time or while we are typing the enemy comes and kill us
This game has gone down to be a major downgrade to what it was back in the days. Battle pass is nothing special, getting rewarded for playing well doesn't matter you don't get anything special from it, matchmaking is as horrible! You'll either get a toxic player in your game or someone who doesn't know what to do, rank is ridiculous bringing new maps no one knows how to play on isn't fair.
The game is fun and all but the game recently been closing and not letting me in the game causing me to have to delete the game. And this started happening 2 months ago and on my entire five yearsnof playing it before two months ago it didnt happen. What gives!?! I give two stars because i enjoy playing this game.
I really love this game. I have been supported critical ops since 2014. I keep sticking with this game because I believe it would get BETTER AND BETTER. This month I have spend 88myr for u critical force. I do believe this game can be the most popular game than pubg and ml one day. Back in 2014, this game only had 10mil downloaders but look at now 50MILLION DOWNLOADERS!! CONGRATULATIONS CRITICAL FORCE! I hope u guys appreciate my loyalty. KEEP UP THE HARDWORK C.FORCE! MY ID IS -unseen
This is the best game ever i seen but the problem is that we didn't get pass right after the old pass. In other games the pass comes directly after the old pass ends. so pls solve this problem.
I love the game! I've been playing this game for a year and a half, I would love if this game can be played in PC or Laptop. But the thing is, getting credit is super hard, I watch ads like 10 times a day to get credits and there is too many large updates. Anyways, this is a fun game and I recommend you to install!
Love this, I play it with my friends every weekend, and the added games are always fun. Controls are easy, not a complex game, but its hella fun!
Sad to see that it's getting removed. Was such a good game. Why must we seperate US and Asia playerbases? Edit as of 3/11/2020. New update coming out. Sad to see it's actually getting removed less than 2 weeks after Asia's FINAL update. Goodbye critical ops. I bid you a very fond farewell.
I don't know if it's just me but lately it has become boring for me to play this game. In quick match, I keep playing with the same players, and almost everyone is diamond or master. Because I can only play at night due to how bad the servers are, basically giving me time constraints, I can hardly find anyone to add to my friends list due to how small the player pool is. And by that means, I can hardly get someone to play with me in ranked, especially when everyone is offline when I'm logged in
I've been playing since December 2019. I haven't found any major problems so far with the game. I have found however that some pistols could use a firerate buff i.e p250, gsr. I also think there is a lack of crosshair customization. Changing the color, removing the black border around the hairs, adding a dot. I also think that to make the game more skill based, rifles should have even less accuracy when moving (especially aug). Other than that it's a great game that isn't pay to win.
The best FPS game I have ever played. Good maps, decent graphics for Android players and just amazing. There are a few bugs like your character just moving on it's own but as long as you enjoy it :). I definitely recommend this game for those who love android FPS games.
The game is good and i have downloaded it today only but the problem is i can't complete a single match on my redmi 5 2gb ram phone, in the middle of the match it gets disconnected, and after again getting connected i can't play smoothley, it lags sometimes and after that it says the room was closed anx get disconnected, so i request the developer to please fix this issue. Thankyou
This is a good game, but I took away 2 stars because it takes 18 seconds to respon in a death match, WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG?!?!
The game is good other than constant updates. There are tons of maps and you can chat with your team. For bad things your teammates are random and you don't know if they are good or not so a win is not very likely. Animation is good but you can't run and aiming is very difficult. Other than that it is a good game and I recommend it to people who love action and have experience with.
I have been playing this game for a year and I don't think the new map is good for rank. The map is too open, the angles are not placed well, and overall the map is just annoying to play rank on. The servers are also bad and the matchmaking sucks.
Love it great game I can't describe how good it is but there's one problem in rank when I go to rank I can play the match but if I win I don't get promotion and if I lose I don't get demoted it's kinda annoying plz fix as soon as possible because I'm stuck on iron 1 and it is getting in the way of my dream becoming Diamond plz fix soon sincerely yours and only xXSNAKEXx 🔥🔥🙂
Hello Devs, iam here to report a bug! So what happens is some times when i am playing rank or normal defuse or any mode! It suddenly says operation denied and sends me to my play button page, and not only that what happens next is when i hit yhe play button it goes to lobby and the authentication page stays forever or somtimes it sends me back to play button page! And it keeps looping like that for a hour and then i could log in! Please fix this i have already got a 7 day penalty on rank!
Please fix it!!!!!!Latest update has ruined the game. Control settings all messed with latest update and match rankings very unfair - masters in games with unranked players - what is that all about?? The game is meant to be fun not a breeding ground for sweaty try hards and hackers joining lower ranked matches for a 'laugh' - come in team C Ops - get it fixed!!!
It is a nice game nice graphics, nice animation, it also looks realistic but the main problem is it needs high network connection if you don't have high network connection don't play this game. For one sec connection is lost you will be disconnected from match. Although it is good game under 500mb.
Its soo good game i love to play it its so fun to play it thank you all developers for making such nice game all people say that they have no money and wanna have money without giving real money so i have idea do complete offers , malistones , and watch ad for 6 credits , daily u have to watch 10 ads and 60 CREDITS u will have , so i advise dont waste money on buying credit its fun and buy pass thank you ,,,,and i also found developers in tdm (team death match)if u wanna see my id (IM N0OB) id
hey fix this damn login issue i lost my account Gyspy avenger omg so let me tell you the story when i open the game i press play and it said do u want to login in facebook or google play and when i press facebook and when i finish the turtorial and everything my facebook account was linked into a ops account why dude it's suppose to be linked in gyspy avenger this game broken i swear FIX THIS LOGIN ISSUE put the login in information after the whole tutorial man.):
The game is good so far, but it is so annoying when i get clipped on the floors and walls for more than three seconds.even worse, the weapon stops working, I end up being shot, do something on that and i will give it five star.
I played this game for atleast 4-5 years and left because i had my boards..... and when i reached this game again few months ago it was nearby ok, but it is getting worse. i also asked few users in room but they also thought same!!!. so pls make it better not worse. mostly map are getting worse but one bright side that you guys have customised the graphics and environment a lot better. hats off to you! Edit: and its getting more n more storage
I like the game, but..... everything is to expensive. The skins arent really that cool yet they cost so much to get, please lower the cost of packs and make credits more accessible. I know this is all about money, but this game truly has potential but if you're a penny pincher with the game it will eventually loose players in a years time. Critical Ops if you read this thanks and please take in my criticism in thought. I saw this game grow and I would like to see it compete with CSGO.
This game is actually amazing, but i have a complain, why my Game getting crashed every time i play Rank, the only reason, i am giving it 2 stars is, the Game crashes every time you try to play rank. Please fix it, so that I can give this 5 stars.
This game is awesome its gameplay is entertaining and everything is great....until the 1.24 update happened,my fps was so good until this update happened it ruined my fps to where I can barley Evan walk. I spent a lot of time on this game earning things I wanted until I couldn't say it anymore. So I think you would only recommend playing only on and ipad, Samsung 20+ , iphone 11 or above, So creator's please make the game better buy leaving the fps back to where it was :(
Okay first of all, sometimes when I try to shoot someone there's always when my aim flicks up and down and that leads to me getting shot at and it's so frustrating i play on mobile tho so take note of that. Is this caused by me or the game system? Because i've never seen someone experiencing the same problem as me. Please fix this or give some advice so I can rate it to 5 stars.
The game has to understand that when we LEAVE a match (either a deathmatch or a defuse), we DON'T wanna be back in it. Today, I LITERALLY left a deathmatch TEN times and every time I looked for another one, I'd be back to the same one. That's REALLY annoying. Please fix it.
This game is like my other games I play like modern ops! Anybody looking for a good game to play is this one the controls are easy-to-use...its graphics amazing! Of course there's in-app purchases or you can try the weapons they give you and try to upgrade it. You'll eventually have to purchase a weapon if you want to reach your goals! I'd try it anyway if anyone is looking for a cool game to play its this one!
Critical ops is my dream game. I want a team game in which equal players in both teams and different- different types of weapons in high quantity of guns collection and good maps ( location ) with high graphic game. So, I thanks🌹❤😊 to F. U. L. L Critical ops team members to invent this game and make true my dream.
Vwry cool but i can't get ads for credit and thise credits are so hard without real money. Damage taking effect is so ANNOYING that gives me no chance to see or successfully hit enemy. There's many server also almost every servdr is like empty. Custom servers are also RARE. Some players in default name ( OPS-20348829 etc.) like bots and kinda team killer for me cuz. Aight thank you so much
Rank issue Today when I tried to play the game it didn't allow me to play it. Somehow I fixed the issue and played but the matchmaking is trash. I am matched with diamonds and plats even when I am silver. When I played the rank it automatically removed me from the game and told me that error code google authentication then it continued and at last it allowed me to play rank when i started playing I again was matched with pros and when the match was over it told me that I have a leaver penalty.
It's a great game and all but the way that they sell things and their in game currency is trash. You cant get money unless you watch ads or do the long battle pass. It's so annoying and it gets boring. Please add more ways to get money.
the game is good but like some people can wall bang u when that place can't wall bang and another problem is that i was in rank it was 12 to 8 my phone died when I charged it and when it had 1 percent I logged in to c ops then I got a penalty for 6 days like that f*** up ngl for 6 days bruh if u can change that every time u get a penalty it should be like couple hr not 6 days if u can fix that thx.
I love this game doesn't take up too much space on my phone, great graphics, one tiny problem sometimes you glitch and have to wait longer then usual. Also there's hackers which makes it annoying but otherwise it's awesome! I wish we could sell skins though to get better ones and I also wish the plain skins were more then just basic like make then shiny at least.
This game is fun to play but has many hackers, bugs and ban legit players without any reason. If we get disconncted during a rank we get a leaver penalty if have a genuine reason like internet went off . Plz improve match making and reduce the time of leaver penalty.
its the best game ever. there are loads of guns and grenades, i think for each match you should get at least one credit, you can play forever . there are 3 game modes and each month the theme including the 3rd game changes .the good thing is that they show you how many minutes the game is so thats why i put 5 star rating. its the best game you could ever play in your life.
Great game, good graphics but I think they need to do more about hackers always messing up the game and my mood
Good game and all, but the reason only three stars is because the matchmaking. I'm not very good, only got one skin and I'm being matched up with people that have 100k plus kills. How is that even fair? With the new matchmaking, its basically impossible just to level up. I used to have a 5 star rating, but not anymore. Maybe kinda make them matchmaking a little more fair and I might put my 5 star rating back. Please do something about the match making though.
Very good game and just like CS:GO.Fells like we are playing csgo on mobile.the graphics of the game are also good but the is a drawback that even if we spend money on credits and open crates I only get tier 2 or tier 4 skins. I am waiting for the knife from the crates from a very long time please try to give a knife or some rare skins also, but leaving this aside the game is very good.
Nice game so smoth but it have internet problem so fix that plz i will be very happy to play the game better and yeah i wanted to report about afks i got afks in ranks so manny times please do somthing about that too and I don't like the match making it very unfair I got like unranked 5times in a row I am gold 1 because of that
This is a great game. It's like if you wonted to play cs:go but for mobile. You can get cool skins for all kinds of things.
Perfect game feels very light and smooth, has been improved drastically through updates it is way lighter and a lot more fun than other games out there. Just one issue is that unlocking skin is very tough but that doesn't make much difference in the fun part as skin doesn't give you skill every player has equal chance. You Should Definitely Try It, Play 2-3 Matches and You'll Love it.
Awesome game!!! Decent graphics which is good for low end devices. Skill based gameplay is making it awesome. Sadly this game has lots of hackers and bugs. One special tip to improve the gameplay : Blood splash, when i kill someone blood should splash according to bullets direction. This could also help other players to locat the enemy. Also you can colorful blood splash animations like skins. This could make the game twice fun.
Aawesome game i like it very much.i will also recommend it to you.One thing that i want to say that add some more gernades health packs and many other game modes.bythe way it is excellent.they also want to give us some more credits.........thanks aa lot
really good gameplay, but i do run into alot of connection problems, and somtimes everyone stops moving and you shoot and they dont die, and it still does not say it has low connection (edit, kinda fixed), so it might be a glitch, but it is stil the best mobile game you can get. Edit, cod mobile is the best ever. C ops is trash edit, i started playing again and its not that bad
This game is really very good. It's graphics and gameplay are so good. But I think that this problem is only with me? I have opened many premium cases but, I didn't even got a t5. I saw people getting a knife in their first try even with skins but i didn't. Is this my badluck or what?
My main issue with this game was the persistent fps drops, which hasn't happened as frequently since the previous optimisation update. Changing my review to 5 stars.
Well I would rate a 5 star but here is the problem. The match making servers are horrible. It always does pros vs noobs or something like that. Please fix this. Another thing is that someone keeps stealing my credits or they vanish even tho I'm not using them I lost about 3000 credits because of it since I've played. Please fix these things and it would be a 5 star
hey game please buff the grenade i would like that for the next update because the grenade is not effective on enemies sure it will kill the enemies is low hp but do more damage or nake the blast radius bigger because i dont get hitmarkers in grenades even tho it landed next to them please if you could read this PLEASE BUFF THE GRENADE and another thing to do in the next update skip the tutorial part because im really annoyed that i have played this before and it makes me do the tutorial again
The game has nice graphics and I like how the weapons are balanced. The Anti-Cheat is currently ok, at least i dont happen do encounter much hacker anymore but the problem in this game is mostly griefers. They throw the game without hesitation and do stuff like revealing mates location and so on. Is there a way to prevent that?
The game is quite nice and fun to play , Various mods and options , And not Pay2win , but I hoped for more options regarding controls , specifically having something to add in aim , since the aim assist is kinda busted , Using the Fire Scroll to balance your aim leaves you with no ammo since it fires on touch , if would be something like the fire Scroll but only works when taping it would be perfect ، filled with hackers and emulator users .
This game is just perfect! Just the server sence new update isnt doing any well n people are often seen walling... Which would probably fixed in the new update, other than that this game is epic.. Also i have a great suggestion in mind.. Like u know how we regenerate when we used to play survival/defend etc. Giving an option for regeneration like that would be awesome n also if u could make it so that u can chose if u want regeneration fast/slow. Commands should help change this mid-game!😃
The best FPS and time killer game. I love this game very much I have been playing it since a month. But I have a request for the studio that if they could let us choose the map in deathmatchs. Other than that the game is really great.
This game is really amazing its fun but hard at first you will get better once you learn the maps and hone you playing style lots of guns the only thing I don't like is its really hard to get credits and if the could maybe make premium crates like 500 credits or maybe make it a bit easier to earn them without having to pay money but this game unlike most games are not a pay to play game they just have some really sick skins
This is a very interesting game,I love how the design and detail of the game is so realistic,but sad this game will be reloaded and so far this is one of my favorite games and thanks for making this amazing game I wish we can play this game more! And I still want to support this game as much as I can ! So thanks you developers!
This game is the worst.It desperately needs skill based match making and there's no fun in it.The people that play are all trying way to hard and there's so many places to hind or just sit and wait to kill somone it's just boring.You do not want to install this game because it's just spray in pray pr use a sniper and camp the other persons spawn so you pick.
I like this game. Great graphics, nice controls, cool skins, and really good guns. But i dont like how the bullet curves on some of the guns like the Uratio when i move a bit even when scoping, 38% of the bullets hit the enemy when i use the MP7, and more. Nevertheless... its still a good game. Feels like playing CS:GO on my phone. Kinda
best game look like a c.s go many gun skins. and knife's. skin and. brilliant event in pass. and free credit daily collect on ads. very nice game 👍
Very good like the models but the problem is with the 'credits' can you please make when we watch an ad instead of 6 credits to 10-15 credits just an idea im not forcing you guys to do it and put like 1-2 mins apart between each ads but great game
This game is a fun.I love playing critical ops and in this game their will be an examination of your skills and techniques to kills. There is no scope for any weapons living snipers. I hope critical ops developers will bring something new in version 1.21 critical pass .
This game is amazing 🤗 but u may be wondering y I rated it as a 4 star. Well the matchmaking is great but it takes me into games that r half way through and i barley get to play. There should be a way to get credits through missions and there should be a spot where u can cancel a match when your going into the matches. Btw there r no ads.
I use to have it at 5 stars now its four there are some bugs in the game that don't bother me but one of them are just getting to much it doesint let you update your game when there is a update I have to now disdownload it and re-download it and it takes time they need to fix this glitch ASAP but overall the game is really fun
Its counter strike on mobile. Been playing since like 2016 or 2017 and the game is still really good. I got a bit sad that they took away the feature where you get credits from completing mission and replaced it with exp but you can still get at least 60 credits a day from just watching ads so I think I'm ok. It's not pay to win and you get used to controls immediately.
This game is pretty good, not many problems but it used to be so much easier to get credits to buy cases for gun skins and stuff, and now if you're free to play it's extremely hard to get credits. The pass gives you some but otherwise it's tough. Still fun tho
Excellent game actually but theres kinda disappointing at this game because once if you got pushed into every wall in every map there will be chances that youll die with no reason so c ops dev pls fix and i also found some glitches at the map port so pls fix but overall nice game...yeh but before that can you pls tell me the reason why did you all closed the subway at legacy pls tell me! Thank you!!
This game is lot of fun but there should be easier ways to earn credits and one thing i love about this game is this game is very hard, but it is interesting to play and very good for time passing. It is a real hard FPS game for real FPS gamers. If you all master this game rhen you all can play any FPS games easily...... This game should be the best FPS games in the world......
This game is better than critical Ops reloaded. This game has good graphics and have nice gameplay. This game is too good. It has only 1 problem that when the season ends next season comes in very late. So please give season as early as the previous season ends. At all the game is very good.........