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CrimsonHeart2 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Anbsoft located at 서울 강남구 강남대로 364 미왕빌딩 17층 1717호. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Decent game. Fair amount of grinding however towards the endgame the grind is ridiculous. Wing cards are their but they're far from essential and hard to obtain for sets. The story is simple and the map is very linear. Some bosses are just ridiculous when multiple hit attacks trap and destroy you (okkulon) wouldn't recommend
I love this game and the artstyle but theres some bug that make the game close by it self. I hope it can be fixed soon. Oh and would you make another rpg game? (But Full offline)
the story is good but the side quest really confusing... already finish the quest but cant find the person who gonna give the reward even the map already told he is here but cant find the man... this is happen many time... move control have some small limited area, when u move more than that ypur character gonna stop
For the OGs that played the first: they took out the -Old Crafting System -Preybird (Can't even ride it postgame as of now) -Farmable Bosses (Preybird doesnt work) -Lackluster armor/weapon models -Passive Skill Trees -Online Hub -Online Storage -Trade System -Worldmap NEW THINGS ADDED : More sets, new story (pretty good), new characters, new models for armor and weapons, new place and mounts. This isn't by the same caramel games so don't expect it to be like the first. [HAPPY HOUR IS IN KST].
I really enjoy playing this game. It is so creative and i also like the story but i feel like, wining some of the demons is impossiple with such low exp that we get from little demons. It is reallyyy hard but anyway i love playing it :)
I love the game.. Cute character.. But, I hate pay to win. Seriously you guys sell equipment every level..selling weapon of course pay to win. Why just make it fair, make equipment only can get from hunting monster. This game will ends so quick b'coz p2w. And the arena always not fair because pay to win.. I can't give full star for that reason. Btw, thank for making cute little game. I will change my rate anytime..
Nice game engine. All attacks are melee and have knockback. But pull instead of knockback would be much better for gameplay. Game offers absolutely no build diversity.
i got stuck in *Fight for the future of the empire*, all the monsters back to low level and the quests are error, it is a bug i think
This game is nice but its hard to level up 4 in a row character it will be good if i can see a couple set in this game haha it was fun playing this game i love it keep it up....😀😀👍👍
Been waiting for a good idle rpg games with the feels of inotia and zenonia like. Very good storyline. Gopd graphics. May concern is the control it's kinda hard to navigate using the buttons. I don't like the touch controls because I prefer buttons. If you will be able to optimize or fix the controls it would be perfect. Overall 5* keep up the good work. Hoping that you will this available to play in offline. That's all !
Hello, im playing your game and this error at the starting screen is very annoying and confusing, i have optimal connection and it still says error.
How the hack to get out from forgotten dungeon? I don't see any exit function. And the pillar block my way, can't attack the enemy. My character stuck in forgotten dungeon..i just force close the game because no exit. Even I check the pause menu still same no exit. Feels like wasting 10 energy enter that dungeon. It's not easy to get energy.
Edit: for people who's progress got reset to beginning, there's an "Escape" button in the bottom right of the options menu that will fix it. Odd solution to a bug. - Good game but there's a bug where it thinks you're back at the beginning of the game again. Triggers if you go back to your room in the hospital in the start town. So now I'm Lv75 but everything around me is back to level 14 and I can't progress with my quest anymore.
make it offline to have better review... many of the players ryt now is in quarantine..most of us dont have unlimited internet access..to make it pay to win..its ok.. but make sure PTW in online to buy good stuff..make a decent loots in grinding..have a achievements base on the players who had been playing for a long time..THANKS #STAYSAFE #STAYATHOME
Umm first the control is like trash. Second, the storyline is not interesting. Third, the inventory is so bad. Why you want to get money from selling bag?
I've been looking for a game to stand up to the old Zenonia games, since 2 and 3 aren't... anywhere, anymore. This game has been fantastic, and like old Zenonia there's just enough story to be interesting while focusing on hack n slash rpg gameplay for the most part. And the party system? Sick. It's obvious this game was approached differently than the mass produced microtransaction farms that are most mobile RPGs.
Game looks pretty good. Almost as good as Zenonia 2, but lack of passive skill. I give 3 stars because the game will crash everytime autosave happen or when certain main event end. Maybe because I changed the resolution to high? Idk but if I have to manually save the game everytime I go to another area I'd just uninstall it.
Because I dont know how to finish the quest "Nest of the Bird of Prey" I've been trying to figure out how to end this quest because there's nothing on the hell road to the freaking Nest. How I suppose to finish that? Been playing that quest for 2 weeks!!!
This game is fun to play i even manage to convice my friends to play it and they loved it but there is one problem can you please make it east to kill the bossess becouse its sooo hard and different weapons should have different attack like shoot fire,plasma beam and the character should chang there face 😅😤😵😍 and characters should have different skills as well anyway great game keep up the updates
Here is my review for CH2 after spending nearly 200 hours worth of gameplay [Both final dragon boss + dimensional portal]. Great storyline, fast pace action/combat, and amazing exploration system. The boss fight mechanics are the biggest impact of this game. It required skills/controls rather 1 shot/op damage. TIPS for new players, work on gunner class first! You'll thanks me later. Also, is this game P2W? Nope, and all gears obtain you obtain through crafting is 2x time stronger than CShop.
Good game, except for the saving system When I save my game and exit it, the next time it'll go back to the previous mission, this has made me very angry Except that good game
old school rpg game with beautiful pixel art animations and AWESOME, detailed story & dialogues. a great and amazing game. controls could use some improvements. please dont abandon this game and always give it updates & improvements to make it even better than it already is. also please make more games with beautiful pixel arts like these it's really good i'm willing to pay for it (instead of dealing with the tiring IAPs). thank you devs.
What a perfect game to play, love every about the game but it just that i am not able to save offline and find it in the same position i left, but anyway just love the game i want to thank the developer very much for a rpg game which is so interested
Great game but the class are a bit unbalanced(like the gunner is op) and it is quite hard to level up.
Spontaneously leaves the game even if you do not stop many problems in the game many errors So only one star if there is no star, I hope you can do that! I hope you can improve the game you made!
Just a few minutes in and I like it so far. However I have a longer device so the game is 'stretched', which makes the game quite blurry. Hope dev could add support for longer devices.
It is really worth 5* but tends to crash a lot when changing maps and controls are average. Very fun to play. Will definitely give 5 rating once crashing issues are solved
I enjoyed it, but as soon as I reached episode 3 the game stopped. When I tried to make it work again, it didn't work.
For an old school rpg its very good n enjoyable specially compared to the rest of it's kind I like to take a break from current games n play an old school game n this game is perfect for that
I thought it is offline. Why need internet to play the game? You shouldn't have put "OFFLINE" in the label of this game. Yes. I mean you put Tag on this game as Offline. In other mean. its Offline category. It would b better if u remove it. Thanks.
It's a very fun game. The gameplay is smooth, the story is actually interesting. A very engrossing and enjoyable game. Was having an issue with my saves, and I recieved a response to my issue in short order. Definitely one of the better games I've found on android, and I've tried dozens. Would suggest.
Quite impresive for a classic RPG. I like it very much when the boss has some parts that can be destroyed and yield more items if we managed to destroy it. Makes the boss hunting much more fun. But please consider making a job system or allow us to create our own character instead of roleplaying as someone. It will be much much more immersive I'd say. Or maybe if you can't allow it, I'll be waiting for your next RPG that have job system and character creation. That'll be exciting to see.
This game is great but still does not reach its full potential. Please consider my suggestion for this game or your future rpg games. I love the idea of npc party, the destruction of boss's parts and the dash button so please don't remove them. It would be more interesting if you can create your own character and create our own appearance. Furthermore, having vareity of classes or elements to choose from will make it even greater. A maximum 4 man party will be nice. Thank You
Game itself is good but the control is a bit hard to use, and also there is issue of game crashing after playing a while causing a need to replay
I don't like the idea that the forgotten dungeon grows along the player. What's the point of grinding and leveling if the enemies is as strong as the player all the way to the end. That's just stupid.
Liked the plot and design . The controls were a bit sloppy to me. Could use improvement. Otherwise everything else is good
Why is this game tagged as an offline game when I can't play offline -.-" i can't log in without internet connection, if I play offline today and log online tomorrow I lose all the progress made when I was supposedly playing offline. I love the game but I HATE false advertisement. Don't say it's offline when it's clearly not (-.-)
Final boss too difficult and don't make 2 boss one after another.Kinda annoying when you can't defeat the final boss and then you gotta to fight the first boss again.Other than that.Pretty good.
I will change the rating once this horrible game mechanic has been removed. -very limited inventory.the potions,the loot and the cards took almost all the space.why? -you can't multi sell all the trash weapon and needed to click one by one. Overall,main complain is about the inventory slot management.fix it,and the game deserves 5 star
Holy shirt! This is nostalgia in its purest form. I love the animations and the mechanics like knock ups and knock backs. Only drawback is the joy stick movement is bad. Your character does not face the right direction when you press skills in quick succession but still this game is better than anything I have played (pixel arpg) before. Goodwork and I hope you fix the movement mechanics while in joy pad mode.
I can't save my game, when i stop playing then i save my play, when i open it, its start to the starting point of the game, i really like the but there's bug on it
The game is Great but when it becomes to re-enter the game you cant open it, because it needs internet data.. I hope in the next updates it will be 100% offline..
i really like the game but there seems to be a bug. im stuck on a map that i cant move to other directions please fix.
I hate this games because of the b**l*h*t glitch that i can escape the area in the vortex dimension just because i go to the dungone for exp
I'm liking the game so far, though if I had one bad thing to say about it is how the notifications for free stuff show up at the wrong times, making me lose the chance to grab them. If you're going to notify me of something do it based on my device's timezone settings, not some god-knows-where time that doesn't match with the notification. Fix that and you'll get the remaining stars.
I only have one issue. The game crashes randomly when I go to a different location, losing some valuable progress in the process. Please fix this in a future update.
I do like the story, as well as the gameplay. But the controls are a bit hard to navigate. That, and I should add the fact that it's actually a bummer that you can't restart a boss battle. Instead, you have to go back to your last save, and it's really a hassle. Reviving is one thing, but it would be great if you could just restart the battle itself, especially when you have two consecutive boss stages to handle. Overall, this game is just alright.
Easy control, good story, classic fun hack and slash RPG, but I stuck at story mission "Fight for future empire", already did all dimensions but nothing happened.
This is exactly the game I've been looming for. Amazing storyline, great controls and gameplay. No loading screens or gaps in the map. The upgrading and equipment is extensive. Zero glitch issues. Perfection. I hope you plan on continuing this series, and plan to keep it just like this one.
omg ... this game is fricking incredible. .it has litterly anything a rpg gamer would love , and even has a retro style resolution for classy game play if not the best kind, if there was a rotate screen support for Samsung that would be nice ..but I have no problems so far yet I am wanting a co-op mutiplayer mode to be added .
The Game is great in First Impression easily a contender to Inotia and Zenonia series since they haven't made any sounds. My only problem tho would be the Joystick like controller where you toggle it. It's kinda hard Is there a way to add settings to make it just Tap Up,Down,Left,Right, and Diagonal with just tapping simply on circular button with arrows not just Toggle. Kinda a nitpicky type of issue but the game would be better if done well. More power to the developers.
It's very good to be honest, the only problem that I wanna complain about is the lack of exp gained when you reach level 40+. The exp from side quests and monters is garbage you cant even grind monters higher than yorur level because they give a low amount of exp too...hope you guys can do something about this...
I will only give 3 stars as of the moment, why? 1. More room for improvement, any updates in the near future? 2. Shop items are expensive vs. looted gold, ex; potion 3. Most looted item/s is just for selling, poor stats. 4. Craft item/s menu, rubbish, why not make something useful? 5. Gift system, make it a habit to give generously. Like what I have said, this is just my opinion as of the moment, I am hoping any reply/ies from your end. Not auto-generated, I want an game admin. tnx, GB
This gake is quite same as Inotia , the party system ,skills etc,bilut lacka passive skills and multiple selection of items when selling, Forgotten dungeon always get harder based on Player current stats which leads also hard to get rewards,Hope you will add these in next part of game
I like the game but i most like it if you could make it offline so that many offline gamers would play this and would love to experience it😁❤️
Well...I give up. I made 50 LVL. with my warrior and game made autosave exactly on the beginning of the battle with one of the bosses. Now...I can't do anything. No extra side missions to make myself stronger. No enhancing weapons or wings. I spend all my resurrection tickets and I'm still where I was before. It's ridiculous. How I spouse to make a progress? I'm done.
I love this game one of my all time favorite story is good very enjoyable and has some of the best soundtrack the title theme and black knight theme are my personal favorite for anyone looking for a fun rpg to play this is the one
Its a very good game with a lot of potential. A bit sugestion with the craft system which is a bit off. If u can make it more detail and aranged reciept from armor,weapon,accesory,potion,etc. Instead make it randomly. If it can be fixed it will be a good , veryyyyy good game . Thx. Keep this game update
game is good , but when i try sell stuff , and i do ONE by ONE its make me lazy , so i uninstall, wasting time even for selling trash in my inventory
An action rpg like those marvels of the past that once existed. Really fun to play, story is nice, micro-transactions are entirely optional since all you need to do is play and progress through the story. No gacha, no spend one dollar today and one tomorrow, no ads, no "energy" stuff that limits gameplay. A true marvel in this dark age of Mobile Gaming. Crimson Heart 1 was great, this one is so good too. 5 Stars!
Its been a while since I get to see another classic pixelated hack-and-slash RPG. This game is sick. I really liked it. Graphics, cool. Controls, not bad. Story, cool. ANNNDDD you get alot of freebies, which is, pretty cool. I'd look forward to more improvements or, if you want to, more games like this. Overall, its pretty damn nice to have this. Would recommend.
ONE THING I WOULD LIKE TO ASK: PLEASE MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE OFFLINE. Jrpg are more enjoyable when you can play anywhere. Though not bad considering this game is still in development. The controls need to be optimized since its hard to control the character when using skills that involve moving so please fix that.
Hi!! I enjoyed the game somuch ~ this bring me to suggest some things if they can be done.. PVP is Online against NPC there's no way to reach 10wins against someone with equal power since we can't heal in pvp while the NPC every round has full health kinda imbalance so give us a way to heal every round.. next is forgotten dungeon it cost 10gems to enter and restocking takes time unless we use gold cubes so either lower the consumption by half or faster replenish ~ Great game! gonna grind again😘
Based on the reviews i've read,this online?though they categorized it as offline. Im downloading now this while reading reviews and zenonia 3 is the best game similar to this,thats offline..hope you make it offline but i guess the developer neglect this game..no update in almost 1 year.
I loved this game when I played it the first time,but when it again the doesn't let me play anymore when you,when you start the game there's an alert sign even i'm opening my mobile data it won't let me in even how many times I try to start it,pls fix this error.
Game is fun... but controls(especially gamepad) is really bad. When you're using a skill to link combo you can't face correctly... and sometimes it abruptly stops you from moving even though your finger is on the game pad. Sometimes you may not notice but your think might leave the sensitive area for moving and everything just stops... it's too bad. The combat was pretty fun.
The graphics, the art style. Not to mention the story. These should be the games on playstore. Very good looking rpg.
Hi,devs. I have a problem. I cant install the app for some reason . Ive been doing this method for 30mins so i tried to install it from some random website it still giving me the same problem. Is it because of my phone? Or it just dont want to get installed. Pls reply me
The game is somehow good but when you accidentally cancel during the connection to the network you'll no longer be able to connect even after clearing the app's data. I don't know whats with this but this is really frustrating and a waste of time.
I generally enjoy this style of ARPG as long as it's done well, and Crimson Hearts 2 is done very well. It is unfortunately held back by 2 main issues, #1) It's an online only game, which makes the game much less convenient, if not impossible to play at times w/o a wifi connection. #2) You WILL hit a pay wall. Progress is smooth until the gifts stop coming. From there, upgrading your character will take an investment
I really enjoy playing this game. It is so creative and i also like the story but i feel like, wining some of the demons is impossiple with such low exp that we get from beating little demons. It is reallyyy hard but anyway i love playing it :)
Its a good game overall...but its short...and a bit lame ....as in after lvl67 its only possible to lvl up inside the dungeon and that costs 10 crystals each entry with a 24h reload time...that is lame... instead of making dungeons 1 crystal each like pvp or infinity tower...u made it on 10...the drop rate is extremely low same as success on enchant...ohh yea u cant kill the last boss even on lvl 85 ...even so his lvl65...
I love this game, its remind me of heroes lore that i play on my mom phone back in 2010, i hope there will be more game like this, plz game developer, dont leave us like hands-on mobile leaving us 😭
I loved this game, it was great. One day after busting my but to make my chars. better it stopped letting me log on. So I have to give a 1; can't give a good rating to something i can no longer play. Especially after investing time in it. Otherwise id give a 5.
.. the quest so terrible ,. im stack in dimensional fight for the future quest ,. im search all around the area , defeat the all remain dimensional but nothing happen ?? is this the last quest ? . or it is bug ?? sometimes it stuck !! .. need more update ! to improve the quest and the map quest ,. getting bored ..
Really bad game. Spent cash in this game? Not worth it because when you miss click something in a bind you will be stuck forever. Just like me i was stuck twice in this game... Ccant move forward since im stuck on quest for example i was doing time attack main quest i died but missclick into resurection using tickets not regular savepoint. At that moment im stuck since time attack quest is dead with no chance of re activating it at all. Now all thats left is just a mobile hero with nothing to do
I got up to day 5, but what they don't tell you is that the daily reward is sent to you just before you fight a boss and you are not able to open it. If you die on the boss, you will revert back to before you got the reward, however, you already claimed it so you can't claim it again. The mail will still be in your inbox as if it was read but both the inbox and inventory are empty. This little instance is the most annoying thing that has happened multiple times. This is otherwise a 5-star game.
HELP! This game is very fun and I invested alot of time on it but when I checked it this morning I went back to the first chapter. I LOST AROUND 3HOURS of gameplay and rare drops, idk what happened. I saved alot of times
the game is good its actually extremely good for me i always like this kind of game. although alot of things is missing in my opinion. im actually someone who only focus in attack and passive abilities which this game lacks especially passive abilities. and since this is beta i want to recommend that we choose our own character and make the 3 other just like npc's of the game that is only if you add another fighting capabilities to the heroes like passive and more skills as well as SP per lvl.
*1st of all, Thank You for this Gem !* Have played Crimson heart 1 way back 2015 (around 3x & finished it once). Knowing that there is this 2019 Sequel, I've rushed to download & see. Such NOSTALGIA while Playing. Only one 'BIG' Problem I'm seeing is, the game needed to be "Online" all the time IS NOT NECESSARY. Pls make it Playable OFFLINE. Online features such as PVP/dungeons must "Optional" & can be access only by being online. LOTS OF POTENTIAL, but the game being online might BREAK IT.
Four playable characters (You unlock the 2nd pretty quickly. 3rd and 4th a bit longer after that but not too long). You can swamp amongst which of them you'll be playing and which one will be your AI partner at any time (even in the middle of a dungeon) Overall a nice action RPG with a good story. Customer support is fast to respond if a purchase messes up too. Though it can be a bit difficult if you're going after heroic mode bosses.