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Criminal Case: Travel in Time

Criminal Case: Travel in Time for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Pretty Simple located at 6 rue de Hanovre, 75002 Paris FRANCE. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence, Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Have been playing Crlminal Case games for ages and eas a big fan but I HATE the new format. It SUX ! Congrats way to run a good game. Should be called Travel in Ads. I never thought that I would dislike a criminal case game but this one wins the prize. All those damn ads put me in such a bad mood
Real different from the others and quite interesting. Love the new way to get stars and seeing my old partners. Still on it but already love it.
I try to go to play a case and it freezes. Will not let me play any case at all. Please fix the problem or I will uninstalled the game. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've been able to ay the game...
Not as good as the other CC games, definitely inferior quality game Don't like having to get double the number of stars, it gets very boring Don't like being constantly repeatedly asked if I want to use boosters Don't like the game play being timed, so an already tedious and repetitive level has to be repeatedly played because of the time limit Not enjoyable
I have been playing criminal cases for at least 3 1/2 hrs and when I downloaded this game and started to play I quickly when to the next section of the game. The new star system I didn't like and wasn't going to play it. Please don't make the next level that way, or I'm going to be in trouble with no game! Thank you!!
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Im wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting theirs to open and stay open? I think the android updates are causing problems with a lot of apps including the criminal case ones.
Most Excellent! See, each scene investigated gains you a whole star w/o any fuss... Much better than other "Find the..." games. Have to give `im count them five(5)freaking STARS....!
The story is interesting, the new gameplay style is also nice, but being timed to 45sec and forcing you to spend money on the game is ridiculous. The cost of helpers is way too much. Make it more accesible, like 90sec and reduce the cost and i will change the review. Other than that is awesone. I gave 2 stars because of you being so greedy.
I like the nod to history but the set up of how to play is a bit demanding, I preferred the format of the other games.
It was great to play the other games, though I have to say it was weird to find it changed. Although, I'm not sure if the change is good or bad but it is definitely worth trying. The coins for helpers is too much
Still the best. I'm on episode 29,please work on a new game. I'm obsessed with all your games. Just the buying of cash at the end is small, can't buy pets with than cash
This game is not the same as the other Criminal Case games. I don't like the way it's set up. I enjoy the other Criminal Case games very much.
If I had to rate this app don't get me wrong it's good but the time limit that u get for a crime scene makes the a little too hard and u can't save the coins to buy your police pets or for your avatar and you have to use coins all the time or buy them just to keep playing. I miss the time attack where u have to do it in a certain amount of time i like that and I also like it when it was just 1 star so u can look at the evidence that will convict the murderer and to talk to suspects
Ive never given a review before and i absolutely had to review this one...i love all the criminal case games besides this one. They got nothing right. The countdown rather than count up is just stupid. I am not aure why they didnt change it after all of the horrible reviews. This game is horrendous. Do not download
Love this new style. Definitely a favourite. I enjoy the fact that you can get a star every time you play the level. Storyline so far is amazing. I prefer this game over the others, I find it much easier. My friends play the other games and have the same opinion as many of those who've given this one only one star, but I think it's a really nice change. It allows those who weren't very good at the other games, to finally be able to play and enjoy a slightly easier version of the game. :)
The format is terrible. I will continue playing the other available games but if they change to this format I'll delete them too. Unlike the other games in the series, it's to expensive to play this one, spending money I don't have especially during this Pandemic. It takes a long time to get through a case. Waste of time.
These games are great. I haved played them all. And now they have made two more. Here I go once more. Come and play you will love it.
Not as good as the other CC games. Of course, it's still enjoyable, but the game's set-up makes it impossible for the game to include what I play CC for-- interesting recurring characters. Mysteries of the Past is my favorite CC season, because that game contains so many excellent recurring characters. Because TT requires you to, well, travel in time, it's impossible for the game to include recurring characters you watch develop throughout the game. Some enjoyment for me is lost because of this.
I gave this game 3 stars amazing game but I have a problem I hate how you have to wait 24 hours before you get to your next case which is very disappointing maybe change it but overall good game!
Love it, it is a harder then the others I have played, but that keeps me coming back to try to beat each level.
My only problem with this version of criminal case is that it only gives you 45 seconds to do the puzzle, that is nowhere near enough time! Sometimes it gives you 60 seconds but still, that is crazy to time you so harshly! Otherwise, this game is quite fun!
First: don't fall into the Facebook trap it's more trouble than it's worth. Love all the other CC games but you need to change the format of this one to be like the other ones. Remember the old saying " if it ain't broke don't try to fix it "
I can say that this is the most difficult criminal case i've been ever played because everything has a time limit and you have to spend coins for each boosters but im enjoying it maybe on the next play i can be master.. i love criminal case from the season 1 and i will finish until season 8
I do not like the way this game works. Go back to the way the rest of the games are played. Being given a specific. Amount of time to solve each statement and then cost a bunch of coins for extra time. Doesn't work
This version is very bad compared to the other Criminal Case games. The puzzles are very difficult, and if you want to buy help you're gonna have to waste a lot of coins which are hard to get. This game is frustrating and I suggest not to download it.
Its fun. You have to be fast finding items and I'm not.keeps locking up. Keeps locking up. Locks up all the time. Have to force stop locked up again, locked up again, locks up,locked up again, locked up again.?????constantly locking up😣So tired of the locking up and losing my power!
What have you done to a previously terrific game format? I've been waiting for a new game for months. Loved the last ones, and was so excited to download this. But you've changed the scoring format, need 10 stars per scene, among other wierd changes to what was a really good format. Why mess with a good thing? I'm reserving full judgement until after further investigation. Meanwhile I'm very disappointed.
The story sounds amazing but I hate that they changed almost everything about the game. I love the other criminal case games and I was excited about a new time traveling one but I played the tutorial and one round and then I uninstalled it because it is too different. Make it like the other games and I will reinstall.
Let me start by saying I have always enjoyed the time trial bonuses of Criminal Case the most, so this game really scratched that itch in the later levels. I like that the number of times you need to play the levels is somewhat set: if you succeed, 90 levels. In the original model, most nodes require >10 tries even with all the modifiers and perfect scores. What I don't like: the costs for the elite avatar shop is outrageous and lower levels cannot yield gold crowns (even with modifiers).
Spoken too soon. But then once a million you'll be lucky to get more spins and that's about it! Guess will not play this much
As originally released the game was unplayable. But with the new changes, it's so much better. It was 45 seconds to finish a level and earn a star, now it's 60. It was stressful, now it's enjoyable. I'm personally happy with the changes.
Love this game. I'm a big fan of criminal cases.played most of them. Its helps sharped my mind. Any more new ones coming out?can't wait. Having a ball playing crimmalcases app. God bless these games.
Game is very hard to play you have to get a lot of stars on each level it should be like the original criminal case game one star for each level
TOO MANY BUGS...... Time restrictions on scenes is quite short. WAY TOO MANY ads... unless you want to PAY $7.99 .... lmfao ... the ads are getting LONGER & LONGER
I experienced almost all of your games and this is frustrating and unlike the other seasons where you can freely do whatever you want like hints but this one i recommend it to the pros coz this is the hardest of them all
Tired of having to buy hints and not getting points in the different scenes.Daily spins are bs cause you only get 1 spin a nite
I completely finished this game 3 times. Still have it active because still feeding my last animal maybe can look into cutting down their feeding times in all the games.. just a suggestion. Love these games and this one in particular because it was ALL about speed! Loved it and this one is my favorite out of all of them!
I don't like it every thing cost way to much and it is timed..I loved all the other version except this one
Have been playing Crlminal Case games for ages and eas a big fan but I HATE the new format. It SUX ! Congrats way to run a good game
I am really enjoying this game now but I suggest that newbies play the older games 1st to get used to it and work your way up to this one as it is a lot harder...but enjoyable and I hope to see more of this style of playing than the older school (ho hum ) style.
I have all of the criminal case games, Ive played 3 so far, and out of those 3 this one is my favourite I definitly recomend this app, there are mysterys and you can interrogate suspects, and you can find and examine evidence, and also theres a different mystey in every case.
Love it but I don't like that the scenes are timed. It makes it tough for me to complete them since I have a disability.
this Criminal Case could be fun if it didn't cost so much. Every charge is twice as expensive as any charge in the other 5 versions of your games. If any one asks me, Not worth the grief. It is pretty, but really is ridiculous, messing with time doesn't serve anyone. In our real world enough false history is being given out and is causing great confusion, hatred and grief even death. What I have said so far I still believe, but the method of filling Stars is much better.
I found the game was bizzare, although it has the capability to entice you. I did how ever find the puzzle's slightly difficult, you need loads of coins to buy your helper's. Because you dont get much time to complete each puzzle, it can be frustrating but on the other hand it can be easy to collect the star's because you only have to use 20 energy. As to (mysteries of the past) i wish that there were more access to engergy's and coin's than what is given. Certainly an interesting game though!!
Seems a bit more awkward than the previous games in the series. No instructions to say how to play it properly.
It's fun. But I don't get the rewards, like extra time, when l watch the adds it kicks me out of the game and when l start up again l'm back to needing more time or money or reward that l needed before watching the add.
Please change the way you force player to buy your boosters its just so frustrating. For the players like me who wants to earn money up to million like I do last time on the original criminal case, please remove that, thats my only disappointment in this game its all okay but not for forcing to buy boosters. Great game by the way
Love this game. It is more challenging than the other CC games but I like that. My only wish is that I have 60 seconds on the timer when I play on my laptop as I do on my tablet, there is no way I can get 38 items in 45 seconds....that's way too fast for me
This is the most difficult criminal case game to play. One shouldn't have to view ads to get time to find more clues. I don't spend real money on any game. But I will continue to play.
Don't like the way this version is compared to all other Criminal Cases. I tried to play this 3 times and now I've un installed it. The story of the game is fine but the stars are all wrong in my opinion. If this was to be revamped and styled like other Criminal cases then I would download it again. As is no way.
It terrible cant even play a case or investigate scene without them need a item and with a timer not all criminal case dont require 2 stars for everything. Season 1-5 fine 6 they just ruin the franchise .
I'll be honest, at first I HATED how this one has less cases and more difficult than the previous versions, but couldn't stop playing at all! Really love this game, and the story was amazing. Wished to know more about my partners like the old versions. Waiting for the new adventure like crazy.
Really? Seriouslys? You HAVE to buy the booster? Give me a f**kin break! I'm agreeing with everybody else on this game. However, I like the story plots, the new star system to use 2 stars instead of one, and I like how you use the star to talk to people and objects. But do we have to suffer while we try to build up our game like we do in the original and Pacific Bay? I wouldn't even give it a star, but consider that for the story plot! It's coming uninstalled!
Bestttt game everrrrrr!!!!!!! I want all criminal cases like this!!!!!!love it sooo much Its graphics are amazing and its so entertaining!!! And the new advancement is dashing and these should be in all criminal cases please!!!! Keep it up!!!!
Fed up with having to uninstall and reinstall to get friends back when they all disappear. Why does this keep happening?
It can not be played for a slow old player. Need to stop the fail every time not enough items are found.
Iam playing this game to increase my english knowledge.In order to finish very fast i should pay huge sums of cash.no ads. available for my region .Iam so sad but i should continue playing.
Worst one! I love the criminal case games, but this one is absolute trash! The game play is not the same and they make it so you have to use coins just to get through a level. How do you expect us to save our coins for animals or outfits? Doesn't make the game fun, just a waste of time and makes you frustrated.
I was always a fan of this game series. I don't really like the way you limit the time to only 45 sec but i just took that as a challenge for myself to complete the task within time given. But why, just why on the latest update, in order to give snack to my pet I'm forced to watch the ads or choose wether the 4 hours/ 12 hours option??!! I hate both options! U guys really ran out ot money to force us like that huh? Should give 1 star only, but giving u an extra just bcs great storyline hmphh 🙄
Edit this series use to be free to play but not any more. I know you need to make a living y getting paid , but making us pay to play hidden objects is a laugh . Unless it's because of covid19 .ive been playing h o games since they were made and have always been free. Once you have brought it and installed. Use to be a big fish fan but not now there games are not free.
I'm back after I left a couple of years ago. I finished the original (Grimsborough) and I got a good way through 4 others, but.....It's a lot slower for me this time and I don't know if I still have the patience. I'm playing without paying! It feels better, but it's hard to tell if it's fun or i'm just a glutton for punishment.
Worst criminal case game ever. You need to buy boosters every time you investigate a crime scene. There is no any partners while investigating crime scenes like in other criminal case games. Plus you need to play each crime scene to earn a star and that star's score is not added in another star's score. Hence, in order to earn all stars of a particular crime scene, you will need to investigate the same crime scene 10 times to get 10 stars (all stars).
Nice storyline and concept... Being stuck in certain eras made the game feel a bit long though...for example, if i were to be stuck in an era, the 1960's wouldn't be my first choice.
SOOOOOOO GOOD I like how there's 10 stars on each scene and stuth cost 2 stars solves the problem of spending like 80 energy while being fun install it try it and if I'm wrong...it's just not for you...but if it is for you you will loveeeeeeeeeeeee it
Liked the story, but doesn't liked much the gameplay. I can't even reach the highest score anymore! Maybe if you'll just bring back the old style it's better, idc if I'm going to fill-up stars to complete the case, but I prefer that than being timed and the requirement to use boosters just to help you pass the level. Update: Can you reformat it like the other games? Thank you!
Requirement to enlarge object by touch on screen doesn't work on laptop or desktop computer. Can't even get past the tutorial. I want to play this game but can't see it well enough on cellphone. Gave ONE star for the intrigue of it.
The formula has changed this time, but once you get used to it you realize you're actually spending less energy on each scene. Getting high scores is harder, but those are more vanity than crucial. Plus I'm a sucker for time travel shenanigans.
Clunky and feels about ten years old. Too many ads also without game rewards. I was quick to delete this one.
This game isn't like all the other Criminal Case games. You only have 45 seconds to solve each scene and all the hints now cost you coins to use them. Edit: They've now taken away all the free coins you used to get in the Criminal Case games. It's still fun to play but you hardly earn any coins to spend. And I'm not willing to spend real money for a game.
It wasn't broken...why did you try to re-invent the wheel? I'm a big fan of your games...but this new star gaining system is dumb...I would've given you 5 stars for this like I have all the others if it wasn't for this one thing...uninstalled.
It's really trash! Apart from what others complaint, there isn't any ads for us to watch in order to get free energys. The daily spin, we used to get to watch 3 ad videos in exchange of 3 free spins. But no more of that now. When clicking on the game, it still asked whether if you want to use any boosters before bringing you to the crime scene, which I always need to click 'no'. After that still have to wait about 5 secs to get into the game! Really wasting time! I stopped playing! Horrible!!!
This game needs coins to play and it takes weeks of spinning the wheel daily to get enough to play if you don't buy coins. The other CC games are great but this one is just a cash grab.
Some people find this season too difficult because of the Time Limited scenes. Just practice a bit, and take screenshots of the difficult scenes.
Not at all happy with the changes made to the game. I have played all the Criminal Case games and have loved them. Why did they have to change it? The time limit on scenes sucks and the fact you have to 'buy' the bonuses you used to get just by playing also sucks. The wheel you spin each day only gives me one soin, even though it says come back each day for bigger rewards. I will try to play for awhile longer but will probably delete and go back and play the first one again.
I have been playing Criminal Case for years and I think I gave all the versions 5 stars. I found this one and it's different from the usual Criminal Case games. I personally don't like the timer with a 5,000 coins needed just to have additional time which is normally you just need maybe 10 seconds to complete the scene. I gave it some time but I'm uninstalling now. I still love the other CC.
I don't like any of the changes they made. The other versions are great. Some updates have made the game better but still not as good as the original.
Great game, good graphics, addictive BUT they have left the best additional game out, the timed one, the others are spot the difference (eugh) and shuffle some square for you to put back in right place (double eugh) this one you get twice! I avoid both of these as I dislike them intensely and , personally find the stressful. If they still had the timed game in I would have given 5 stars!
I am a huge fan of your games. I like to play . Story plot is best & enjoying a lot. At first it felt tough & more challenging . The entire comfort has been lost & running like a mad cat for achieving the star . But now I have grown accustomed. I love the new time traval universe. Thanks for wonderful content , scenes, characters.
The game is good however I do not like the 2 stars nor the booster and time frame....not as fun as the other criminal cases I play. Love the other ones, this one falls short. You dropped the bomb on this one. Do away with 2 stars and the time frame 😒
A lot of people say that they were disappointed by how much the criminal case changed on the format. But they needed money also considering it was free and how many hours they took on making this game just to perfect this. They must have gone through a lot of effort learning history just to have an accurate depiction in every scenerio. Hear me out people they are just doing what it needed to be. Be thankful that you could get this on your hand for free.
Why can't l add friend's or send any energy, Juices , chips, an error message keeps coming up saying Invalid token use.
Really like these kind of games, they are fun, Would like to see the double points back,when playing on the second time of the game
Dont like format at beginning of each scene why cant it be like other criminal cases it's to long winded
It's virtually impossible to progress in the game without buying coins to supplement the playing time. That brings the enjoyment factor down CONSIDERABLY.
I honestly don't understand why you made changes to the star system, the number of stats, but most importantly, you can't pick your own partner, you can't look at the item helper at all, you can't fill stars, you don't get hints, the stars cost double, I honestly loved the tutorial case better. And worst of all, It's now timed. Gosh, if you guys kept it how it was in the first five games before this, I would enjoy it. But now, it's just not that fun. Please change it back to the way it was.
my opinion is the same as everyone else’s: i don’t really like the star system and how you have to buy boosters. as someone who LOVES history (seriously, you started with napoleon and followed by caesar!!) the game is too exciting to me, that’s why i’m a little disappointed. i’ve been playing cc games for years and i think i would’ve enjoyed it if you use the same format as the others. still love it tho — historical figures + cc just makes me soo happy
It was great to play the other games, though I have to say it was weird to find it changed. Although, I'm not sure if the change is good or bad but it is definitely worth trying. The coins for helpers is too much. But I've gotten used to this change and the game has a great storyline.
If it's not broken don't fix it! Why did you have to change the gameplay? I can understand getting whole stars but putting time limits, but no clue hints during the game unless i buy boosters? Come on!! The only good thing that came out of this game is the plot.
I love the game series; but why the different starring effort? I'm still trying to figure out the scoring system!
I like this new game. When I finished one of the other ones I thought I'd be down a game. Definitely different but not bad if you don't mind the ads.
I have been playing all your criminal games for awhile, and I love them them all, but the travel in time is so far off from your our other games,I don't understand why you would change it, I really hate playing games where I'm timed, that's the reason I love your games, I will continue to play it but it is my least favorite.
Much more challenging gameplay .. Payin' for the perks ??? Gotta say that I love it !!! Keep 'em comin' !!! 😎
I'm very happy to play criminal case Travel in Time but I have complaint that one crime scene is 10 stars This is not good and also There has Time Attack for 45 seconds this is very Difficult so I humble request to the Pretty simple Company Please Change the correct decision of this game This is Very problem for all players. Thanks you
-Makes you pay to use hints. -gives you a time limit rather than more points if you do it quicker -They have doubled the number of stars need to complete a level but getting them is easier
No longer connects to Facebook same as mysteries of the past I unistalled both games thinking it would sort the issue out I have lost all my progress on both games now
I loved the previous games, but this just isn't fun to play. It not the plot that is bad, it is way you changed the way to play it. Criminal case went from great to boring.
From Grimsborough to Time Travel. I always follow the story lines and it makes one interesting gameplay.
This is by far the best criminal case game it has a completely different star system than the others and I love the theme as well
Quite ok. Miss the old ways of the games. This one's a bit pressuring. Cant achieve gold ranks like previous CC games. But it's faster to earn cards here.. 😅😄
I'm really enjoying the changes. You need to get twice as many stars, but you earn a star every time you finish a round so you actually progress through the game faster.
Don't like this new format. Don't like the fact that you have to have 2 stars to examine a clue or interrogate a suspect. Why fix what isn't broken. I also don't like the fact that you are timed, and it's a countdown. I miss the boosters, I don't like that you have to pay for hints.
😠😠😠This version is absolutely awful I do not enjoy the way the scenes are timed in the slightest and how you have to buy the bonus for extended time nor do I like the star's the way it takes 2 stars to either talk to someone or examine something I had only downloaded it 6 days ago and played it a handful of times and I have now uninstalled so I can download one of the other criminal case games I was really not impressed in the slightest and I normally love the game
I was liking the game but now I have lost 2 juices right behind each other and that really makes me lose interest. On top of that I hardly ever get my spins like I should. I will change my review once I see better.and just because a person don't play for a day or even a weekend that's not a reason to start over so instead of getting 5000 coins you start me back at 1000
Im really enjoying this game so far , it offers a variety of puzzles which im enjoying ..just finished my first case hopefully the next one is on the same par...heres hoping
I was really excited when I saw this because I love Criminal Case games, have played them for years, and I thought the time travel concept sounded really fun. I quickly lost enthusiasm though at the new style where the time counts down and you have to say no to boosters every time. You get a star every scene no matter what, but not being able to track and improve your score takes away some of the fun challenge. It's also twice as many stars for each suspect or piece of evidence.
Since I love the Criminal Case game series so much, I feel compelled to write this review for Travel in Time saying how much I dislike the changes to this version of the game. The star system feels unchallenging since all you have to do is play the scene and you get a star. It feels like a participation award just freely handed out. In other versions of the game, I felt a satisfaction of beating my previous score and wondering if I would get enough points to fill that next star. The timed addition to all the maps is something I despise. It doesn't make it fun to find all the objects, but rather annoying because I'm worrying about the time instead of challenging myself to a memory game of where the objects are. When I fail a level, with usually only 3 objects left, I hate that I either have to waste 5000 coins to add another 45 seconds on, or waste the 20 energy I spent starting the map in the first place. It's a lose-lose situation. The puzzle maps were my least favorite in the previous versions, but those are way more bearable than the Travel in Time version. There are too many pieces in this version, and with the added annoyance of the time limit, they're even less fun to play. In the previous versions, the time attack scene was my favorite because the time limit made perfect sense, and it was a challenge, not an annoyance. I will most likely uninstall this version of Criminal Case, but I will keep playing the other versions because they are astronomically better than this one.
Love this game have to wait a while for energy and have not got a lot of friends who play. It's a great game though.
uninstalled almost immediately... so many annoying changes. but especially the fact that i cant get more energy by watching ads. no longer an option. if that's how it is it'll take me like three months to solve a case..... absolutely not
It is an interesting app but not enough time is allowed for locating items. It isn't always needed but so many items are added your hands just can't move fast enough. Plus there never seems to be any videos available for extra energy. I've almost quit several times having to use up my money and energy to be able to gather stars to move on.
I have played most of your games and enjoyed them. This is an excellent game but for the fact, every scene that is played has a one minute time on it. I find it a little stressful to play this way all through the game, when, to play a game it should be relaxing and this one is not as relaxing as the other games you have created. There are two more of your games for me to play, I do hope there not like this one.....
I have been having issues with Criminal Case: Travel in Time, I upgraded it but since I did, I can't play the game it keeps saying the app stopped, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game at least 6 times if not more. I enjoy the Criminal Case I have been playing since the beginning with Grimsborough,
Don't like this new format. Don't like the fact that you have to have 2 stars to examine a clue or interrogate a suspect. Why fix what isn't broken.
The game is fun but the problem is on the time limit please increase the time not to run fast. So this game ends with level 31??? Come on let it continue please
I just love this version!! Do not care for the other versions. They just don't hold my interest. But, this one, I just love it. Wish you'd make more episodes. Playing this one again.
This is the worst game they have done. The rest are really good, but I am removing this one. I gave it three days, and nope. I hope this is not their future because I won't be playing their games anymore if it is, and certainly won't recommend them to my friends anymore. This game is terrible compared to their others.
I don't have any problm with collecting 2 starts for exemining each items or interrogate suspects, but I find the countdown of finding objects irritating, also if you want the player to buy booster in each scene, why the reward is so low?
This Criminal Case game has an entirely different star system than the others. Instead of filling in 5 stars per crime scene, there are 10, and each interview or investigation costs 2 stars. However, each star represents one hidden object hunt. So you don't have to repeat a crime scene 5 times to fill in a single star. The downside is you're limited to 60 seconds for each one. (You can extend that time by watching an ad.) The time travel schtick is entertaining.
Criminal Case Travel in Time Fix Case Number 4 it was just working a little while ago but it is not working now as it won't download. Uninstalled it & reinstalled it & still won't download Case number 4. Please fix ASAP.
I was always a fan of this game series. The storyline for each game is great😍 I don't really like the way you limit the time to only 45 sec but i just took that as a challenge for myself to complete the task within time given. But why on the latest update, in order to give snack to my pet I'm forced to watch the ads or choose whether the 4 hours/ 12 hours option??!! I hate both options! U guys really ran out ot money to force us like that huh?
The storyline is AMAZING! It would be better if the hints and time feature were as before.But altogether it's literally the BEST!
Love all the other CC games but you need to change the format of this one to be like the other ones. Remember the old saying " if it ain't broke don't try to fix it "
LOVE this game, my only complaint is the analysis. It takes wayyy too long, that's just my opinion though.
I love the games and the story plot, but recently I opened it, and it wouldn't let me open the case I was on. At first I restarted my phone, but it didn't work, so then I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but it still didn't work. That's why it lost stars
Really loved all the others, but this one is very poor, don't like the really short timer, don't like having to put no every time to helpers. I understand games need to evolve but this is just too far. I'll possibly keep playing but with a LOT less enthusiasm and nowhere near as often as the previous ones.
Okay, decided to give this version of criminal case another go, it's okay, not a big fan of each level having 60 seconds to complete, but starting to change my mind, just wish the old clock was here counting up rather than the clock counting down.
I likes this game but unfortunatelt i changes my previous mobile to new mobile...it is not workinf in my new mobile i finished abiut to altered presemt i want to finish furthet districta wihtout playing from case one...all progress is alos synchronised wiht facebook still it is not workimf what cud be the reason
Don't like the way the game change completely. I love playing this game. If only it change to previous where there no timing, no need money to see the hint. Won't waste money but it become difficult!!!
It takes you getting used to this game it is quite expensive with the coins but all in all it earns out
Disappointing. This version would have been great but the new adjustments made it annoying, filled with pressure and less fun compared to other versions of criminal case. Uninstalling as it is a total waste of time.
#Fall_From_Grace I really loved the previous instalments of Criminal Case, in fact, I'm a huge fan. But this version? Is utter rubbish! I downloaded it hoping to find it you know, interesting but what I saw and experienced was...how can I say it... an eyesore, a pain that keeps on coming back! I'd advise you not to download this version because it's just a waste of time! Please I'd love the management of the game to change immediately! The previous instalments were a lot better, go for that.
Don't like the timer it takes away from the enjoyment of the game. Also to finish the scene for some of them I use coins to complete it. This depletes the accumulated coins otherwise used for obtaining pets or accessories for the avatar.
Welll..... I really really loved the game. I'm done with all cases and I still want more. It was so hard, I must admit I almost dropped it, but curiosity won't let me. It was funny, sad and annoying in some cases. I hope you'll do more like this, though you have to increase the time. The time was small, but I still managed to do it without helpers except for the Preview which I use once per scene. Good job guys! I expect more!❤️❤️
Everytime I need to reregister on to my facenook account. Whats up with that. The other C.C. I simply change over with no problem with my FB account...😣
It's too long to get where I am going. The time limits are so long, that I forget to come back to it.I started playing this game again and got to the last chapter, and it won't let me in to finish, because there is a new version that I don't want right now. It did have an X to just go on with the game, but now it doesn't!!! What should I do????
It started out good but today it froze up and won't work. Horrible! Uninstall. My device is brand new. I waited a day and tried again, no connection on a NEW device.
Harder than the other games. Plus the timer and having to purchase additional time makes playing the game less enjoyable. I don't like the time travel theme. Hope improvements are coming. After playing for a while, my opinion still has changed. The game isn't enjoyable with the 45 second time, coins to receive hints, extra time. They haven't increased ways to get coins and they had sense enough to remove the unlimited time for 10000 coins. What was the purpose in creating this game?
Tge stars are to many and the boosters are supposed to be optional not by force,and besides the boosters are too expensive apart from all this the game is amazing,and i love the way they travel back in time😂😂😂
I loved all of the Criminal Case games until I got to this one. This one sucks. I couldn't bring any of my coins or energy forward, and the 45 second time limit is ridiculous. You really blew it with this one.
Like others I'm not a fan of the new changes - timed scene and constant repitition. Including having to press 'no' twice each time it asks you to buy boosters. This game was boring enough with the slow build up of stars, having to redo things all the time just made it worse. I tried it for a while to see if it would improve. It didn't: uninstall.
Completely different from the other five games, I'm still giving it five stars though as I really like the new changes, the only thing I'm not so keen on is the time limit, apart from that the story is fun and I'm enjoying it
Nice my experince the brain turn and you need to think all what kind of pc you put and much learn etc..so nice i like it
Terrible changes to the game. The gameplay is totally different to all the others . The crime scene stages now have a time limit and to extend you need to use coins to buy more time or start again for 20 energy. I have played these games daily for years and this is the worst change there has been. I play to relax, now the time limit makes it stressful. You need to collect 10 stars instead of five, and you need two to question suspects or examine clues. The game is now rubbish. Deleting game.
I didn't like it at first it's a little different things cost more stars , and you run out of time. I'm playing it cuz Im a loyal Criminal Case player.
Wish you did not change the game play, but once you it get used to it it's ok. I just suggest if it is not broken don't try to change it next time.
I am a HUGE FAN of your games. All are great and same interest continues. I like the way of earning stars especially this game. But I am shocked of no.of stars in this game. It's higher than any of your games. But earning them is so easy. That's ok. You can reduce the energy required for entering the crime scene (20 to 15 or 10). But anyhow, the same thrill continues. Good changes in crime scenes and they are so challenging. Great stories in all games. I am addicted to your games.
This Is quite challenging because you have to find all the listed things before the time runs out and at first I was annoyed because the scene background is too bright/dim and sometimes the objects collided with the background hue, but as I played it, i became accustomed and even challenge myself to find everything before i reach half the time given. Others might think it's not as good as the other CC games but I find this as challenging and as great as the others. 😊😊❤️