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Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations

Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Pretty Simple located at 6 rue de Hanovre, 75002 Paris FRANCE. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game. A little cartoon like but still liked it. It takes forever to get stars though. You have to have them to do any investigating. Your energy runs out fast too. 20 per scene so you can only do 5 scenes and you need a lot more than that to complete your tasks. Just takes too long. Sure I could pay money but I'm not going to. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
It is a great game but the biggest problem is I have not been able to get ad suggestions. I have high speed internet and Wi-Fi connection but I cannot get ads or extra moves by watching ad. I have tried everything but it is not working. Kindly rectify it. I love the story but I can't play more because I don't have ad option
Since the latest update it crashes. Always. I had to open it twice just to feed my pets. Won't even think about trying to play.
Brilliant game, thanks for going back to the old formula, I love Criminal Case and always will. Keep it up Pretty Simple
I love EVERY ONE of these criminal cases. They are all unique and the story lines are intriguing. I love dressing my aviator and collecting the photo cards for the photo album.
The game is good but can you add the google play for the sign in because i cant sign in in my facebook acc i suggest to add the google play for this! Like i cant go to the other case because im stuck! It says you need to sign in in facebook. I really suggest to you devs to add the google play as an option . But its a great game i love it!!
Love this game! Glad you returned to your original 5 stars per crime scene! This game is playable unlike that Horrible Travel in Time game! Please continue to keep your future games easy to play! Thank you!
When I open the game and tap something, nothing happens. Can't even open case, pet window, avatar. Nothing worksπŸ˜‘ Not the problem in other Criminal Case versions.
I just had this game installed on a new phone. I'm on the third case. When I try to play the game, the app freezes and won't let me play. Would appreciate a fix.
As a player who completed all Criminal Case games, this game is also good. But the developers should change the way the game works. 1) The last two pieces of the puzzle should automatically get together. Why count them as in the time frame as well? 2) When we level up, we should get 110 energy points no matter how many energy points we have atm. PLAYERS: if you are tired of ads, just turn off your internet connection while you're playing the game (except for starting a new case of course).
It's okay. Not as interesting ( to me, anyway ) as the other Criminal Case games. I enjoy the series and hope the next one will be arriving soon and will go back to the basics. A bit heavier with the ads, as well.
The app i know its gonna be good but i rate it 4 stars because Pretty Simple please fix the bug on the tutorial where the arrest killer theme has double sounds and after the killer is arrested the arrest killer theme is still playing but i just restart my game and its all fine i dont know if this is gonna be a bug for all those 30 or 31 cases im gonna play well see ima play this through
I was enjoying this game until last update. Now it knocks me off every time I click on something! Please fix. Uninstalled...then installed still doing it so uninstalled again. Too bad i did enjoy it, maybe check back later to see if it is fixed.
Just started playing. Much better than the last one you put out, back to being a great criminal case game. Too bad you can't fix the last one but still have six good games.
could not get pass the tutorial, it wanted to show to zoom and i was unable to do this on my laptop and i was unable to bypass this action. i have played other Criminal Cases and haven't had a problem. was really looking forward to playing this game.
It has been fun. I wish I could get a full screen. You really should watch "Supernatural" with Sam and Dean Winchester. They always find "a better way".
Criminal Case: Supernatural - Another Good Game,From The Series Of Criminal Case - Twist & Turns At Every Step - Meeting New People On Your Travel - Graphic Very Good, Waiting In-between the Game Can Be Annoying - Overall A Very Interesting & Challenging Game.
There was nothing wrong with the game and it was definitely fun and engaging. I like how the new style of solving murder mysteries of the supernatural has been shown in this game. The puzzles are fun and the energy refill is fair. So far, this app works good for me
I've played all the other Criminal Case games, so I thought I'd try this one. Very disappointed. I thought my rank and energy would transfer over to this game, but, nope! Lost everything!!! Y'all owe me! The energy was what I had purchased! Now you idiots want me to spend $7.99 to play without ads popping up every 20 seconds! There isn't even a way to use coins to purchase more hints! Not that I have many coins, I lost all those too!!
Unable to get game to sync. I have started phone over for several weeks. The sticker pack book πŸ“– is there but won't open πŸ˜• keeps giving me error message "oops we need to sync your progress. Game must restart before you can open your sticker pack Which I have done for many weeks please fix πŸ™
I like this game, but it keeps automatically closing when the map loads. I uninstalled, reinstalled, it does the same thing? How do I fix this??
Very superb game Every time very interesting and wanted to play all time The is very good with offers, etc Love it very much
I tried playing a couple of the newer criminal case games after beating the first. I was not impressed to say the least! This game has kept me entertained and I haven't even started level 2 yet! Way to go Criminal Case: Supernatural! It sucks having to wait so long to unlock the next case without having 3 buddies to help speed it up, would be nice to watch an Ad or something to unlock it quicker!
Criminal Case games are all good. You go at your own pace, can work your brain, which is what I need. The memorization is good to work the brain....I was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago so I work on repetitive types of games.
I loved this game until it stopped working. I play all of the Criminal Case games this is the only one I've had this trouble with
I really liked how the old format was restored with this new released game. I was just wondering why there isn't a character in the game with two hints, like Eduardo Ramirez in Grimsborough, Evie Holloway in Concordia etc. Also, what I really don't like about all the cc games is that whenever we update the app, we need to redownload all the cases again, can you please make a revision about this? Thank you!
Great game and graphics but some parts take too long to complete. You complete 1 section but it takes 24 hrs for you to even start the next part, so frustrating. Unless I pay cash, this will take me forever to complete. Advert also freezes my phone so annoying. You get 110 lives but each search takes 20 lives so you can only do 5 bits before you lose your lives....unless you buy more.
Love the game! Only thing I hate is the energy and the points. When you thought you're going to get a star but then it says 99% and low on energy to complete the percentage! Have to wait awhile to completed it.
This is super fun. What I enjoy most has to be that you can watch ads for more energy (which I'm willing to do, happily). What I don't enjoy so much is that when things go to the lab they take (imo) too much time to process. I know the game creators kinda have it like that to make money (which is smart because we love our instant gratification!) But it is a little frustrating. The stories so far are pretty entertaining!
I prefer Supernatural story because it relies on the same thing that the original and Pacific Bay have. Travel through time has that terrible timer which takes away from the enjoyment of the game . Travel through time also eats away from the coins which are easily accumulated in other Pretty Simple games. It's also something new and original
Very interesting game! Enjoy playing it, only issue is that as you progress in the game, the ads get more frequent!!
Ad keeps popping up interfering with game can't get it off screen.i don't want to buy game ad free . Very annoying just uninstalled game.
what I don't like about Facebook games is y'all take away one thing that we can't get back and that's time you can have us earned gems or watch videos to make that time up for whenever it's doing the autopsy or it's doing the laboratory stuff you make us wait like 9 to 12 hours it's really not cool you know that's one thing we can't get back is time
First rule of thumb... don't fall into the Facebook trap, it's more trouble than it's worth. Second: cut back on ads, if I want to watch them I will. Make the sponcers pay not the players. Third: cut down the time on the forincics. Fourth: come on guys, it's a no brainer... make it more player friendly and more people will play
I've always loved Criminal Case. One thing I do miss is getting to buy energy items with the coins I've collected. Other than that, awesome game.
Great game, but you can't get extra coins when you want to use them. Other than that its fine. Keep them coming!
It's an offline game and super interesting. I advise you to sign in so you can save your progress. I love that it helps my concentration especially with that SPOT THE DIFFERENCE game. In all, it deserves five stars. However, will you do this loyal fan a favour by making the female avatars more good-looking? The first Criminal Case I played had more lovely avatars. Thank you for creating this game. If you want to download, go ahead. P.S. I wasn't paid. This is genuine.
In observance in Travel in Time and Supernatural Investigations, I kind of imagine how Stars can be attained so easily in just one try like in Travel in Time, despite there's a time limit, coping it with the original format of the game. So when there'll be future Criminal Case games that will add up in this series, we can attain Stars in just one try;picking our teammates on our free will, unlike in Travel in Time where just only one Teammate pops up. Can't wait to see more of this series.
I love the Criminal Case series they are written very well. The graphics are great! The design is good, I'm glad they have changed somethings about the ways to get more coin and energy. Glad you have ways to save money on sales, that is Awesome, with times being hard and social distancing, we are playing more games now, so saving money is a great thing especially now!!!! Thank You for the great series the game is!!!
I think that travel in time gameplay was better than this kind of gameplay.In travel in time,it is so easy to play several scenarios in collection mode in same time .In supernatural investigations ,more time is needed , donkey work to achieve stars.May be a new blend is the best choice.
This is as great a criminal case game as the others. I love they branch out in different genres of crime investigation. I give all the criminal case game series a 5+ stars keep them coming. I'm truly a fan.
I love these game for years, but the reason why I gave a 3 star rating is kinda weird. You see, on Case 5, the Killer has more cards than expected. I didn't collect any of the killer's card in case 5. Same thing as case 3, the killer card showed 1 card of the killer, but I didn't collect one killer card from Case 3. I think this is a glitch or something else entirely. Also I made a purchase to speed up the process of Case 10 but it failed, maybe fix that glitch please.
This game follows the original format of previous Criminal Case games. Back to filling 5 stars and no limit on the clock. Yay! The only problem I have is that when I claim rewards from my teammates, they're not showing up in my inventory. I don't know what to do about this problem.
This game has rare potential, in that it gives you the chance to be someone that gives that alter ego feeling . It is fasinating and intriguing.I give 5 stars for the well thought uot dialouge and overall game play. It does have its draw backs that the energy dont last very long but you do have the choice to watch ads to recharge your energy and you do get to level up so that has a lot of potential to keeo me playing . Keep up the games and giod work.
I have played Criminal Case for years, but when I finished the last case, it would not let me go on to Supernatural. I had to download another game to play. Now I have none of my benefits I earned. My husband had finished and went straight in SI. I worked so hard and have to leave all my goodies. I really enjoy playing, but it is annoying.
Its a decent game however it seems overly difficult to get stars. Its just such a slow burn compared to other games. Surely the scoring system should unlock more stars. It just makes me not want to play the game.because its such a slog to keep coming back to play some games to maybe get close to getting one star. The 2nd case you need like 6 stars to do it all. Taken me 2 days so far... Seems wrong to me.
Glad they finally went back to the regular game playing instead of that silly Travel In Time no one liked that game. I barely played it before no fun in something that hard and now lost all interest. Love this game thank you please don't go back to anymore of those games you will lose many players if you do.
The game itself is ok and originally gave it 5 stars but BE WARNED I spent money to get rid of the ads but after a couple of weeks they came back ,including a request for more money to remove them. Tried to contact the developers and got back a form letter that was no help at all. Hence my removal of 2 stars
Normally I would put a 5 star. This is a great game. For some reason, I had to re-install the game and now I can't open the second case... Please fix this as I want to continue playing this game. If it begins to work again, I will give a 5 star.
I love these games but I can't download it on my Kindle. I have the rest of them on there so I know it accepts them. What's going on. If not for that, I would give 5 stars.
Fun game! Too bad you barely get to play it. They continually make you wait up to 12 hours unless you pay a few dollars to continue instantly. What's your reward for paying? A tiny bit of progress, then another wall where you must pay to continue.
My levels along with everything else reset to level 0. Why couldn't they stay at their previous level which I was above 500? Until this is corrected, I'm out!
I LOVE THIS GAME! Ive always loved supernatural stuff. And to see a game that reflects me is amazing! I love all of ghe criminal cases, havent played them ALL,but they all look very interesting
I really love this game. But the reason why I am giving it 4 stars is when something we found and we send it to laboratory it takes so much time to analyse whatever it is... You should fix it one hour is enough but 12 to 18 hours are so muchπŸ˜• fix it and the time it takes should be 30 minutes to 1 hour Overall i really like this game
I literally love these "Pretty Simple" games... I found this game recently and immediately installed and going on playing... I would suggest that you guys should get more different ways of tasks in the game I think... But as far as now it is too good and I can't even think about leaving this game...
I was playing my game and something happen and I had to uninstall it and reinstall it but now it will not open any of the scences and I cant feed my pets
Actually Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations is the Bomb & l am having a Blast at the moment! This is the best Criminal Case mystery you guys came up with ever! & l totally love this game it is my favorite mystery game! Out of all of the Criminal Case mysteries you guys made beforehand thank you! You guys Rock!πŸ₯°
I like that Criminal Case:Super Natural has the same format as the first 5. I tried playing the Criminal Case:Mysteries In Time I think it's called but I didn't like it's format. If the Criminal Case game programmers would change the format of Mysteries in Time to be the same as the rest I'd play it again. Only thing I don't like about playing this game is the ad's that pop up every so often.
I played this game before it was supernatural, and loved it. This is really cool! New stories, same game.Good graphics.My favorite is the timed puzzle to see how many objects you can find in 30 seconds. You CAN get them all if you try hard enough. Best way is to learn the screen from the first game in the row, then do all of the timed ones in a row, so you will get really fast. It is a sense of accomplishment when I get them all, lol. Enjoying it very much, thanks to the creators!!!
I like it, but I am liking the Future Criminal Case better than any of the others. I like the fact that even though it's all timed, if you get everything found in the time frame you earn a star. I do wish you could name your pets
Just wish it had more chances 3 get energy. In the beginning when I started playing Criminal Case aka the Original 1. I had 25 people playing it now I have 1 playing this Supernatural Game & 2 people playing the original Criminal Case. My friends R saying that the wheel doesn't help. Also getting people 2 get Ojs, chips R impossible. I have people playing since 2010 since it came out. I started playing Criminal Case since 2014 when my Son was in the Navy. I was played when we went 2 pick him up
Good game love solving mystery murder the only thing the sucks with this game is how long it take to get results it takes to long 15 hours or Pay $5.49 it does take some of the fun away from the game a few hours that's ok but 15 hours way to long
I love this! I have a very slow tablet so this is the best! Not laggy at all. It also has fun activities for the investigation! Like, search for the items, look for the clues on the suspects and find out who it was!! Absolutely awesome.
Like that this game plays like the original game. Good so far. Have dropped my rating because the bonuses they give you,like hint bonus doesn't work.
Would have given them 5 stars but a pop up keeps showing up about $7.99 to get the game ad free .. But not REALLY ad free and the only way to get rid of it is to stop playing for a few hours or give them money. So the pop up only allowa for the one option pay the money or you cannot go back to the game
Criminal case game franchise is one hell of a great game by all standard. The only case yet to be solved by me is Save the World. I love the game. Kudos to the development team.
Love the game would have given 5 stars if it had its own style/ look when it came to the juice. Travel in time change hopefully this game will too
Love the game my problem is that the game now will not only let me go into the case I'm working on due to a glitch of some sort but i also noticed that my energy and money amount is the same i have uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times now so hopefully that issue is fixed but other then those problems the game is great
I love this game , this is boring sometimes but its ok . Sometime i don't like it when the energy ended , i need to pay for it or watch a ad but its ok because I just stop playing it and comes later.
After watching the ad, some of the ad cannot be closed by itself. I must clean the history of play and open the app again.
The app has this ad for no ads that tries to force you get it or clear out of the app completely and go back in and start fresh. It's annoying. I'm seriously contemplating deleting the game because of it.
I absolutely love this game! It's one of my favorite games in the series! I love the characters and the cases that you go into! It gets a bit glitchy from time to time, but it's okay! It doesn't glitch that much and I don't care about the ads that pop up sometimes. I say 10/10!
I've played every criminal case season and I think it's really sad that Pretty Simple has decided to end the game after the next season Paris the city of romance. I'm not really sure if they're not making enough money from it or they just got tired of it. This season is nowhere near as good as the previous seasons but it's almost all that's left of a great game.
Very nice game but somewhat monotenous and can get boring. Would be nice if there were maybe new puzzles and games to solve every now and then instead of the same ones which aren't very challenging. It is a nice game if you're looking for a quick and easy way to kill time though. But for me it wasn't really interesting enough to keep me addicted.
Great to have the original Criminal Case gameplay again! So far I'm enjoying the characters and the supernatural theme, too.
The best criminal case game ever its the perfect game because of case solving with supernatural creatures I meant priya I have played every criminal case game but this is the best and you must add a pause button while investigating a crime scene. BEST OF LUCK doing that😁😁😁
Nice game or so i thought but lately soon as u log into game and click on something it crashes, havent been able to play for few days
Man i love the criminal case series and the fact that this is a new one and I and many other players get to play it right after its release makes it more the fun to play
Love the game as much as I love all the criminal case games. But, I cant send or receive anything from friends via Facebook which is really frustrating. Not happy about this
The game is perfect, as are all of the criminal case games. My only problem is the sticker album. For some reason they are changing. I have earned some stickers and they don't show in the album, or there are stickers u haven't earned and I find them in the packs but they appear as if I already have them. This of course doesn't affect the gameplay, but I really wish this error would be fixed and then I'd give it 5 stars
This is the second time playing it. It was my favorite from all the levels I finished in FACEBOOK I am around level 600 on it.i have been playing for 10 years. Well done.
New and different just too many ads and it's ridiculous to expect someone to pay, especially in this day and time, not to see them
Different conception but as good as the other Criminal Cases. Characters are interesting. Keep up the great work!
Another great whodunit Criminal Case game. I love the storyline. The graphics are great. For all you criminal case gamers ... you will be pleased to add this game to your list of whodunit games. Are there ads, I cannot remember as the ads are expected. Again I love this criminal case game!!!
The best game ever, keep up a good work guys. I have one complaint related with the adv, can you put the adv before we play the game? Mostly i found out that my energy is gone because of the adv, so irritable. But beside the adv, overall it is a good game
I like Criminal Case but the some of the story lines are a stretch. They need better writers. I absolutely do NOT like the "government cheese" as a clue in Case 17. Besides being outdated, it's racist. It's the only case (so far) with a black victim and 4/5 black suspects. Again, better story lines are needed.
I love this game so much πŸ’– πŸ’– It's full of mysteries and interesting cases to solve. I had also completed all other seasons also and I know that this season will be better than the last season that is the conspiracy... In a positive way 😊😊😊
This is a fun game but is ruined by the game creators greed for money. Every game takes 20 energy to play. To earn more you either can pay for more or watch ads. When completing lab actions I have had it take as long as 4-18hrs. The only way to speed the process up is pay cash. So this can hault the story mode. Then to move on to a new chapter you need 3 friends to do so. I dont bother my friends with game invites. So the option is either wait 24hrs or again pay cash.
This is the 5th of the Criminal Case games I've played, so clearly I like the game. One thing has bothered me with each game though. When I level up & the energy is supposed to be refilled, why if I have a full energy bar, do I just lose out on getting the energy that I earned? Why can't the energy be added to what I have? This is so unfair! You really need to change this aspect of the gameplay. Then it's a 5 star game! Now, not so much. I don't like being cheated out of what I've earned!
I love these murder investigation games! This one is my fifth one. It's interesting, fun and the dialog is ADORABLE! Keep it coming! Thanks again. Jodi Weiss😍πŸ₯°
Fun and exciting when playing. Laboratory has too long waiting times, and it is infuriating that you can't stack the energy points you earn when you level up.
Wow, I am really having a great time playing this. The advertizements don't bother me as i can energy out of them and spin the wheel a few more times. So far i have no issue with the gameplay or anything else really, i enjoy the story and puzzles. It is a thrill solving a muder in a fun way which is why it deserves a 5 star rating. I will update if anything bad happens, but so far so good!
I really enjoy the criminal case games, especially the supernatural one. It puts a different twist on the game.
I want to thank the developers for putting this back to old format. Any chance you could change travel in time back also? Am really enjoying the supernatural investigation. Keep up the good work and have a little think about travel in time please
Its a cool games. But the timing for everything takes forever. I like the concept but its sucks you have to wait an entire 12 hrs for one thing. I'd like to play not wait majority of the game.
All things are ok but when we collect something they didn't show in our rewards.everytime I collect potato chips orange juice or sending reports not showing properly. There is a irration level created. Solve it then I gave you five stars.
Overall this game is good and I am a huge fan of it... The amount of time u have to spend is disheartening and the no. Of times one have to play the same case... And also in my sticker collection I own some stickers but after some time i don't own that one but own anothet in exchange which is not letting me complete the page!!! Plz fix it....
I really enjoy the game but why the long waits? 12 hrs to analyze? Its ridiculous πŸ˜’ I was going to recommend this game but with waiting periods like that what's the point? It's a waiting game. Not a playing one.
The game is as good as its previous games. Shame I could not link my old account from Facebook to this game as I had already completed at least 4 through Facebook and had a lot of credits. Also the ads can be annoying at times especially ones that seem to have no way to exit so I have to restart the game.
I love these games. I can't wait to play any new ones that will be released. I really miss the crew from Pacific Bay. I really hope we get to join GIA, the agency that protects alien life. I look forward to more of these games.
I love the Criminal Case series they are written very well. The graphics are great! The design is good, I'm glad they have changed somethings about the ways to get more coin and energy. Glad you have ways to save money on sales, that is Awesome, with times being hard and social distancing, we are playing more games now, so saving money is a great thing especially now!!!! Thank you! Only one problem to many ads!
I really like the reguler criminal case game and when i seen the super natural game i was cool this one has to be better but its not i really hate those pop up adds we have to watch they are very annoying. They dont have those in the origanel game. Other then that i love this one
Ok. I like this game, but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because, when you first start the game, you login to Facebook, that part is all good. But when you go to give life's and cards to your game friends, you have to login to Facebook why? I am already logged in. I am having problems remembering my Facebook password. Is there a way you can make it easier so we don't have to login to send lives to our game friends?
Play criminal case supernatural investigations and explore the mystery of the mosters living aside us , cool graphics , nice gameplay , and a fabulous storyline . Play it to solve spooky cases , to discover which monster is the murderer - yet find all the hidden clues along the way . No lags , no freezes ! It's the best game for anyone who wants Spooky + fun ! Enjoy the game , I am sure you will enjoy it . Cheers to pretty simple 😊😊!
I love the game itself but when it comes to leveling up it most of the time the play points are full. It should gives us the points to play with. My other complain is that I have played this game for years. Usually it just continued from that game. When I have to download a separate game I lost all the money I had, the points I had and the level my character was. Please give it all back to up.
I love these Criminal Cases games! But I miss having 5 teammates to play with, they got rid of the #2 in this one, so you don't get as many energy from them as you use to, but you can still collect it pretty quick. I did notice it's harder to get stars in this one. Still overall love the game! They did go back to their original format in this one also, there's only 1 that's a bit different. But I wish in all of them you could get as much energy as you want from watching ads!!!
Addictive game. What I don't like, and it's a major issue for me, is that unless you pay real money; you literally have to wait many hours for results to lab results, autopsy, etc. Anywhere from 3-18 hours. If you don't have have Facebook friends from their page, you have to wait 24 hours before going on to the the next part of the case. Unless, of course, you pay real money. When I play a game, I want to play. I don't want to wait for hours or spend what little I have on a game.
I love the Criminal Case series they are written very well. The graphics are great! The design is good, I'm glad they have changed somethings about the ways to get more coin and energy. Glad you have ways to save money on sales, that is Awesome, with times being hard and social distancing, we are playing more games now, so saving money is a great thing especially now!!!! Thank You for the great series the game is!! I'm having trouble playing the game it won't let me play!!!! Pleas help
Glad to see the game back to the original format. The back in time was a nightmare. Played it a few days , so annoying I deleted it. Supernatural is perfect especially with Halloween approaching.
THERE IS NOTHING FREE ABOUT THIS GAME!!! Unless you want to start spending $$$ as soon as you drag through the tutorial, please don't bother to install this! On my first "case", I needed to "autopsy" my murder victim and "examine" some evidence. Unless u want to wait 25 minutes for the autopsy results... you'll need $$$. And if u want examine ur evidence...u need stars (which u haven't had time to even earn). The developers need give u chance to get started, before showing their GREED!
I like the criminal case series and the various angles they use for their murder mysteries. The supernatural version is along the same lines. I wasn't sure if it would be actual paranormal stuff or if it would be "meddling kids" catching pretenders. I like how it turned out.
Love the game ,but dont like finding the pictures blocks ,cause we got to the same thing. Finding the miss things in the other pictures thats /. I am just saying .
I really enjoy this game, and since my internet can be really wonky, it helps a lot that the game can be played offline. Sadly, I still have troubles to connect the game with my Facebook. I don't know why it keeps failing. And, can't we change the character name (without changing the gender)?
Lovr these apps&yet they take toooooooo long to give me access to next game waiting day,s,yes Dayzzzs I feel wait is,nt an option, Also. Most Importantly WhyYYy do I always get TOP UP off new lives when I already full ALMOST y is,by that new life not out on hold untill am finished pervious level, hush just Love playing lol
Wow, this is your best one yet! I'm halfway through the game and am loving the plot! Been playing CC games since 2016, only one I couldn't handle was Travel in Time. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Love the game ,but I have one complaint with this & all criminal case games . That is when you go up a level your energy gets refilled but if you've got a full energy bar already you get nothing. It would be better to get an amount say 110 units
Sticker pack algorithm sucks. Too many duplicates. Opened 6 sticker packs and got 4 new and 26 duplicates. Why.??? Fix it please.
Predatory. I'll spend money on some kinds of micro transactions. I don't have any issue supporting a game I like. But this game doesn't have gems or a more subtle way of getting your money. Nope. You have to wait 24 hours for this task to be done OR pay 3.99 now! I got through the first murder.. had the stars to progress and when I clicked the next chapter BANG wait 24 hours OR INVITE THREE FRIENDS TO PLAY. And they must download and actually play the game. That's predatory and unnecessary.
I love ALL you CRIMINAL CASE Games but they are TOO expensive!! 20lives per move is way too much and have said so before. Nice to see other people saying the same!! Maybe the makers might take noticr
Love this game. I was a bit worried as the last title Travel in Time I did not care for, but you bounced back with an awesome game.
Love this game but you can only play for 30 minutes before you run out of power. Then the reason you suddenly realise why the game is free, it is because at every opportunity they're trying to get you to buy meal deals to increase boosters. Also when you put something to be checked for evidence it can take from 5 to 12 Hours for results. Not Happy.
In love with the game, I have always been interested in supernatural and read plenty of books about it. Having a game in this category was the last thing I expected and I have played different crimnal cases ,they were all good but I never reached more than case four but this time I will try to play the whole game thank you for the amazing game ❀️❀️❀️❀️
I do not recommend this game. It's a money drain. For one, it requires the player to gain stars to perform any task. The energy level needed to gain these stars is short and quickly runs out. If you want to continue to play, it costs money. If you don't want to wait HOURS for results from items that are sent to be examined, it costs money. The list goes on and on. You can't advance very far without spending quite a bit of money. Don't waste your time on this game
I started with Grimsborough up until this. Playing Time Travel which took some adjusting with the gameplay. Playing both at the same time because I'm following the storyline. All in all, hoping to play more criminal case games in the future.
The story's decent, and the option to get more energy via ads is tolerable. The reuse of scenes through star requirements is more than a little repetitive, though. That said, the big issue is backups: I've lost the entirety of Chap. 1 to my device acting up, and the only way to back up is Facebook. An experienced company should be able to manage manual or Play backups easily. It shouldn't be required to go with minimal security just to save progress. I'll be back when there's another option.
Outher cc games you get full daily rewards, so for not this one, so I rate this a 0. However time travel is worse!!! Whats up with your first pet??? 200 coins so sad!!! Oops wants again come back later. No rewards and vidos.....
The game is great! But, it has bugs. Hint frenzy was supposed to furnish hints in every crime scene, nope, no hints. Nothing. Old format is great, now how about doing that to Time Travel?
Would be find if i didnt have to wait so long to play the next case. It gets boring after awhile when u have to wait so long to play. So for that i will be deleting this game.
I have played all the previous Criminal Case games and enjoyed them all apart from the mess that was Travel In Time. That game was just too far a departure from the classic adventures that came before but at least something different was tried. I am happy to say that Supernatural is an excellent return to form and to the tried and tested formula so loved by millions. Thank you very much guys I don't mind if I do
This app is awesome, the developers aren't money greedy so there isn't much adds. You can customize your character, play scenes to earn stars, and much more. Al the other CC games will help me since I'm hoping to be a cop someday!!
The game itself is similar to the original criminal case which is a good thing but the reason the rating is so is that the time it takes for the clues to be processed is too long usually taking more than 6 hours which u can already complete the whole crime scene with full stars and still not be able to progress on since the wait time without spending money is too long. Now having issues with the daily bonus unable to spin the wheel due to network error even after changing and reseting network
There's only one thing I could say for this game: its AWESOME. I love the whole new take of investigating supernaturals instead of plain old boring murder cases. (No offense to the original, I like it too but I prefer this one much better :)) I also love how the main story arcs blossom to unexpected twists and turns and I personally think it makes the game a lot better. Keep up the good work!
Thank goodness, This is the one, To save the seasons, ✨, I was very happy with this, graphics, story, characters, plots, locations and everything is great, well on the past seasons it is also very great but this one is very amazing, especially, it is halloween, and its upcoming πŸ‘»πŸ­πŸ­
Glad to see a return to form. I just couldn't stand the changes made in the previous one to the extent that I never finished the first non-tutorial case so i was quite relieved when i read this one was the classic formula. Only thing i would suggest is an option to close the 'buy criminal case' thing without having to close the whole game.
I have played this game before and it was fun but i gave it 1 star because first off i couldnt open the app, second it didnt show up on my home screen and third it took two days to install.
I'm so happy for the 7th series....Time travel was a lil difficult because of the time limit to complete the crime scenes. At first it was difficult but as said love for something changes everything and I managed to play it.....Am just about to complete the 6th series for Time travel and was wondering what next and this showed up. I'm so in love with it..just bring on more and more series....love criminal case😍
The game itself is similar to the original criminal case which is a good thing but the reason the rating is so is that the time it takes for the clues to be processed is too long usually taking more than 6 hours which u can already complete the whole crime scene with full stars and still not be able to progress on since the wait time without spending money is too long
The app is very good, but in this last days I am finding plenty of problems with it! It isn't opening . When I click on the button of play, it doesn't open. I can't play the levels, because it doesn't open ! I am playing the case two but I can't play it more on my cell phone.
Love this game! I have all the other Pretty Simple Games ( Criminal Case) except the time travel game which is not optimal for my tablet.
This is my best so far... patiently waiting for more from Pretty simple games. One thing I don't like is when an energy bar is refilled, it starts from the energy on the bar already,I feel it's supposed to add to it. Please work on this
Excellent! I'm sooo glad the developers listened to everyone and returned to the old format! The last game was awful. I'm looking forward to playing this- thank you developers! πŸ‘πŸŒΉ
I rate it 4 star the game is good but if i accidentally press the back button or the home button in my phone and then go back to the game.... the sound doubles i know criminal case is ending but before that can u fix the bug? To fix this i have to restart the game which is annoying.
I love the "Criminal Case" games. My boyfriend took over "Grimsborough" lol! He's addicted. They are FREE to play, with options to pay for things if you're in a position to. I don't mind the Ads to get energy and fund the game. One improvement would be able to use your coins to get energy. The "Supernatural" twist is a cool new idea. I've only just caught my first rogue Vampire in Case1. So far so good...
I am so glad that the developers abandoned the terrible platform that they used for Travel in Time ! The game is highly entertaining and enjoyable.
I refuse to wait 12 hours for blood to be analized making it so that that I can no longer play until the process is over. You charge for each and every one of these clues that take time to be analzed. I am also very bored with the repetition of game play, riding the van and searching the same area .
The game is great ,it has really great cases and it makes me feels like I'm a real supernatural detective, the only thing I don't like the game is how to get stars, you have to play a particular scene, four times , and it really drains my energy level
Terrible. Not worth trying. I swear people on here, like this janessa davis are paid to say how great this game is! Its a total LIE. You get a add forced on you every other scene and receive no reward. And can only get a few that reward energy
Just started playing so can't say how it is. So far though I am finding it fun. A bit less complicated than the original criminal minds.
The game is really fun,but the energy is gone so fast and it takes ages to reload or one has to watch loads of adds. I love the graphics the artwork and the stories!
I love this game & my other 2 Criminal Case games, but you guys messed them all up doing whatever you did. Now I can't play any of them!!!😠😑🀬 You need to resolve this issue immediately!!!🀬
A great continuation of a Criminal Case. I docked a star because you reset to level 1. Forget all your hoarded orange juice and pets. All gone. And if you paid to go ad free in the original game, that is also taken away. I gladly paid before, the original game took me years to complete. This stand alone game only has 30 cases. $7.99 feels steep for far fewer cases. The quality is top notch though.
Except for the time travel one I like all the criminal case games. Some are a pain when you have to get another star to go to the next chapter, but other than that I enjoy them all.
What a game! Excellent gameplay, great graphics! I like that I can work and play because it takes hours to analyse, it might not work for some people though... Tip : If you're annoyed by ads and don't wanna pay, just shut your mobile data and go offline. No problems in playing as the game's offline, just remember to open it when collecting sample/opening new case because it starts displaying a really wierd number sometimes.. Download it now folks! (Not for computers)
Definitely my favorite game, been playing the crime scene games for years. Would like to either see less adds or be able to pick up more energy from watching them. I Install several crime scene games so I always have one to play.
The game was awesome..but it would be more interesting if the money earned in game could fetch us energy!!!Anyway the game was amazing...I will try the remaining series!!!It was the best game in all the criminal cases!!!
I'm giving it a low rating as it doesn't seem like the game doesn't work well. I got a hint frenzy, only it's not working, I just started playing and already a screw up. I'll pay a little longer and see if it starts working better. Will give it a better rating if so. The concept is fun.
I played their Pacific Bay game all the way through, and am enjoying this one's unique twists, though there's still things in the game design that are dumb, like the "crowns", which take up time and mean nothing, telling me I "passed a friend" on the scoreboard when it's just in-game characters, and other little things like that. The art has fallen a bit in quality, too. More importantly, today the game started crashing when trying to play. Have uninstalled/reinstalled...hoping this fixes it.
Thank you for going back to the old format and although the new format was challenging. Thank you for this series, but now I need my all girl series or have a series where it is like a descendants of the series like have frank's daughter or Dupont's great grandchild or something like that. After that I'm dedicated and living for these series.
I love/hate this game. I love the stories, the rooms to search and the mini games. I dont even mind the ads. I absolutely hate that you have to wait 12 hours to have evidence analysis. 2 days on 1 level just waiting for the clues to be analysis. I unfortunately wont be trying to play anymore.
I'm really glad that this game is NOT like the time travel one. It's fun like the ones before the time travel. I understand wanting to make money, but let's not get too greedy like in Time Travel. It would be great if all your games were like this one.
This new series brings more to de table. Makes it more fun and suspenseful. I'm now solving supernatural crimes. Yeahhhh. I love it.
I love the game, but ever since it updated it hasen't been working. it'll run for a minute or two, then crash. I made a lot of progresss so I don't want to delete the game and have to start everything over. until I can figure out what's wrong, 3 stars
I'm so glad to see that Criminal Case has gone back to the old format of the game, I was disappointed when I downloaded the previous game and was a little worried about this one. But it's back to normal, thankfully. I adore the supernatural so this one was a hit for me from the beginning. I have played all of the Criminal Case games apart from the last one. I'm glad to see that the series is still going.
I absolutely love this game but I am disappointed. I got to game 6 and it went let me play. The arrow points but that is as far as it goes. I have uninstalled it 4 times in the hope to rectify the problem. But it stays the same. Please somebody help me.
I have done all your criminal case and this one seems to be missing something the others had. It also takes a lot of energy to play . But I just started so we will give it a little time.
Love this game. I have all the other ciminal case games. I eould guve it a 5 star rating but it froze after the third case. I can't get past it. There is a glitch somewhere. If you can fix thus priblem, I'll give thus game a 5 star rating. I love this gsmr snd would love to ckntinue playing.
I have played all of the CC games in the last 2 years and this if it stays true to the 1st case throughout it Will be one of my two favorite games. Really enjoying it!p
The gameplay,graphics and storyline is wonderful. But I think the avatar face and hair options could be better. Overall I am in love with this game ❀
This game is very enjoyable and addicting. I'm glad you went back to the original criminal case style where there's only 5 stars in a crime scene, and you have unlimited time to search the crime scenes. I hated how it was in that awful Travel in Time game, where you only had 45 seconds to search a crime scene and you had to buy more time with your coins. I love this game, can't wait to play the next one!
Hello, PrettySimple TeamπŸ“£ Usually All Criminal Case Game Are Awesome. Including This One. However, Suddenly The Game Is Not Moving Ahead & I Am Struck With Case#7 As The Analysi Is Showing Wrong Time. I Hope Your Technical Team Will Look Into The Matter. ThanksπŸ“ PS. That Is The Only Reason That I Have Rate It One Star.
The game was awesome..but it would be more interesting if the money earned in game could fetch us energy!!!And it would be the best game if we could reduce the time taken for analyzing process through the money that was earned in game!!!Anyway the game was amazing...I will try the remaining series!!!