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Crime Revolt - Online FPS (PvP Shooter)

Crime Revolt - Online FPS (PvP Shooter) for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Edkon Games GmbH located at Kurfurstendamm 52, 10707 Berlin. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The only way you can be used for a few days. If you are looking for a few days. I have a look and see what the problem. I will not sure about that I am not going anywhere else if I had the do so I am going through my own business in Cornwall and a bit
Not a good game at all have to pay to be able to get good guns or armour takes to long to level up unless you pay all people do on game is spawn trap you so i give this game one star
Very bad game .I was playing it and suddenly I exited from the battle .And it was saying connection lost while I was having full internet of airtel . Guys I tell you that never download this ever.This is like cover strike . πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ’£
This game is good but the character is so limited and this game is also dont have another character btw this game is relaxing and fun
Don't install it it's a verst game I have played when I have downloaded it it's lacking so much so please don't waste your net pack
Glitch when you PLAY the zombie mod it freezers you can hear the background people shoting but just freezes laggy game 😠😠😠
Very fun game at first when I seen the prices I was shocked like the swarm is more than $40k but I got 25k in a day.The zombie mode is amazing too but if you are with very skilled players and you got infected it takes a while to kill them especially if they have 200 armor.Please in the next update add a SINGLE PLAYER OFFLINE MODE! For practise!! Oh and I think it will be a bad idea if you guys add a radar cuz it will be VERY hard for new players to get melee kills cuz you can't ambush with it.
Very awesome game but in game add radar and few people are playing this game only team battles with 10 players but when I choose deatmatch nobody is playing so pls add a bot mod also for practice and when nobody is playing.
The game is ok but as you reach lvl 10 it becomes pretty much down unfair. you got the weakest gun and the weakest armor while you have to fight with players who has thecbest gun and the best armor. you will empty your entire clip and wont kill the enemy, while the enemy will kill you in 1 shot. there are sniper rifles that will kill you in 1 shot, and you cant kill them with anything at all. Even if you throw a grenafe at them their arnor will still be at 60 percent or more.uninstalling unfair.
This game is a disaster . The controls are in the worst places . While using a RPG there is no room for swiping and most of the times i fire by mistake and kill myself . I changed my name and spent my precious credits on changing and when i played a match after doing so the name is still the old one . This game is the worst fps shooting game . Do not download it . There are a lot of bug fixes to do. There should also be a option to grab medical kits and ammo .
Its one of the worse shooter game out there. I Uninstalled it with $22 worth of material, gold,guns money. πŸ˜†
Before you download read this I am very disappointed ☹️ in this game when you see the the mb on this game it will look cool but that is not what I expected 1, the game graphicsis like older i mean its really bad 2, and the personality is not really good i preferred if you can make difference on the face of the players or take good graphicsis on the face 3, i like the beginning its good for old android version and its really bad on good device's and i make it 1 star because of these reason πŸ‘Ž
It strucks at loading screen . Don't waste your data with this game . I have tried in both devices but same result . Stops at loading at 3 precent . Totally time waste . Don't we deserve 1 star !
The awp needs to get buffed it should do 200 damage in the head beacuse any one have a more armor then there is no point in aiming in the head
I give you five star. Because the game was so good but there was no map in game i play the game but i can't see enemy if you also make map it is good for everyone that he see her enemy in map
The app won't open! I got a new phone so I was gonna install it on my new phone, but it comes on, flashes the game maker and the game name the the little spinning wheel in the bottom right corner just sits there when it should be showing how much is downloaded. Please fix or help me fix!
This game is dogshit. You litterly have aim bot on 24/7. Thr graphics are horrible and the controls are terrible. The auto aim is so bad you auto lock through walls. Why is this garbage rated 4.5 stars?
It's very good in the start but after the updates it's become worse and second thing when we are healing up why do we act like animals. I seriously don't understand that and in zombie survival the zombies have like more hp than needed but that fine, oh ya and how can I forget abt the weapons which are so costly and on the other hand we get such less money per kill do something abt this. Oh and too many wall, radar, autoaim hacker.
Terrible game unfair badly designed must be fixed or taken off unfair too outher players worst game ive ever played in many years of playing games many problems with this game outrages
Man awesome game thanks...😍😘...i have a suggestion plz add classic mod i mean survival mod like pubg and free fire then this will become legendary...very good game
Great game. Reminds me of a pc game i played years ago named SOF2. Keep up the good work Devs! Add more maps and ill give you 5 stars. How bout a Saharan map, asia map, mayan temple map........
There's one problem with the game with getting weapons blueprints everytime I get gems to get wepon blueprints I get the same weapon blueprints for weapons I already have upgraded that I don't need not really getting weapons blueprints for weapons I don't have yet or still need a few more blueprints like the Hornet and the lethal blow can that be fixed or changed .
Nice game and graphics. sometimes the server doesnt work properly so playing becomes problemtic.. thanks
Each time i try playing a match i get in empty servers!!this not what i downloaded the game for!!Fix this and i might change my review but for now i'm deleting this game😠😠
This is an incredible and fantastic game.When I kill an enemy I feel good and that gives me enjoy. It will be more enjoyable when I can kill opponents with two guns. I want to use double guns but there are no system of double gun. Please solve this issue .So, we can kill enemies quickly and fast.
The game was good but everytime when I join there's no other players I'm alone roaming in the map but nobody join me and when I try to find match again still don't have other players please solve the problem
Nice game but it heavy time I play this game is boring only 10or20 minuts this game is OK but heavy can not I Play this game but nice gun sooting game nice gameplay and controls is also nice no any more problems nice and good game but bugs another problem
Very cool though, but I have some request about the controls, wish yiu had the jump and crouch controls in a good view for the player can access easily.
I'm very disappointed in how many pay to win players there are. I played this game about a year ago, and deleted it once I was bored. Back then there were almost no pay to win players. Now whenever I join a game, I am plagued by pay to wins. Disappointing in an otherwise ok game
Good and fun game,but want you to fix something,when I cahange my region,it change my account. Im back to first level,so I uninstall the game,but I still like it. Thank you...
Not that game.everytime game freezes.i have better net connection and also tab.but didn't play right so resolve his issue.
I like the game but there is one problem when the other team player is near me and i am reloading i donot kill him plese correct the problem plese the game was superb i open my moible i open your games plese make another like that
Ultra HD graphics, no map, but two teams so not much issue. No lag, very smooth. Everything is clearly visible like a bright day light. Auto shoot. Should include option to jump. Should indicate where the grenade will fall.
Very2 good game!! And the graphics too!! I hope you can make the survival battleground games like *PUBG* and FREE FIRE!! Its maybe be a good idea for your team development!! Im very support you very much and rate 5 stars again if you make the survival battle royale game!! Thanksss!!!
the graphics, the controls. everything about this game needs fixing. the graphics are TERRIBLE and i can't stress that enough. i've never had such a bad time playing a fps game.
This is a very good game i just wish that there was a way to customize your guns like the color and whatnot. I love gameplay and controls they aren't that many ads and I love the zombie mode just add other guns and put more ammo in the snipers but that's about it. Love it good game and five stars forever
Super but no enemies in this game in 9 games after that I got Many enemies someone is telling that it stops but it runs quickly and it good playing I played modern ops first It got lagging many times and I tries this
Best multiplayer game forever but i give 4 stars because every thing is okay, but this looby is filling emty and blank means this looby look plane or no look intrusting ,, please fix the gun damage and add more details in player .and every body should play this game ..
This is my only problem with the game when you buy premium and it says you have get a lot of gems it doesn't give you gems
Amazing game but can you make so that you can use more than 2 granades in a fight and also can you add a jump skill too
The gameplay is smooth, I didn't notice any issues so far. I'm definitely going to play more. This is a cool PvP shooter and others should definitely download this.
Best online shooting game ever. But now whenever I start a match it places me in a match where no players are there, its not for one time, everytime I start this happens, Fix it as soon as possible.........
This game play is good but my main complaint is that the timed "rented" weapons will expire and run down their timers EVEN IF YOU DO NOT USE THEM!!!! Seriously, that is ridiculous that the rented weapons from cases expire without even being played with. The timers should start when you equip the blasted weapon, not as soon as you open a case. 3/5 stars.
Really really nice u should download this game if ur watching and plus it has very good graphics and very very very good controls only thing missing is a jump button but other wise than that everything is great so that's why I give this game 5 star rating keep it up guysπŸ‘
Its nice but there are somthinks to do this game is little git slow if u make this game fast so i can give 5 stars its almost over reality u can see cod we move faster this has to be little vit faster as well
Despite the pay 2 win, you can still use your own skill to defeat overpowered enemies, great one of a kind game
Please i was been waiting for play a gamè while A Loading 6% and it's still not working fix this loading screen
I have to agreed with some viewers, This game got potential but.... Everytime i go in there is just me hanging n floating around. On 3rd time it still the same so i got no choice to withdrew the red card.... Thats it
After level 10, your nightmare start!!! You will find out even you have skill you still can't beat people who spend money on best gun or armor. Like you have best max sniper gun and take 3 shot to them and they still there and shot you to death. How funny!!
I got a problem with the survey to if i want to change it nought america to south america take long to load the controls got a small problem with the jump butter it doesn't show on the screen please can you fix it please so far as good as i see the game is great johin me player around the world please .
Wow i recomend this game Nice graphics,smooth controls,real players I very good and addictive game And please on your next update if you could add battle royal it will be great Anyways great game nice workπŸ‘
The game is great but what is this developers i had joined the battle but there are no people in the game i had tried 5 to 6 times but there are no changes please try to solve this
This game is good but please let all the weapons to be bought with coins and diamonds and please add more weapons and arenas so that it will look like call of duty. The Avatar does not look good, please add Avatars that look real.
I don't know why.... But I stuck at loading page at 6% only for a hour so I assume this game doesn't work. Uninstall.
I like the game but the graphics r cartoonish and your character slowly jogs instead of running so it taked you 1 or 2 minutes to get to where your going.
Game is not connecting to server properly. Kindly solve all the technical issues so that I and my friends can play the game.
Amazing game i love this game so much that i can't tell you My first experience was fantastic I want to give this game infinity Stars but there are only five stars
Pay to Win system, very bad, uncostumizable controls, element damage (fire, poison, etc) is a good idea but was bad implemented. Weapon range almost doesn't matter, shotguns shoot WAAAY too far, you can gun down someone with an AR the same distance you can do with sniper. Also, snipers suck, to kill someone when they are at full health, you need 2-3 upper body shots.No real motivation to keep playing, unlocked weapons are far more expensive than the normal (and also expensive) weapons from lvl1.
I played the game upto level 29 but after that i am not able to connect the game. Why? So much problem. Loading is showing 6%
This is a very very very very very very very butiful game but i have a littile problem and hope you fix it the game just open when it finish downloading and then if i close it then open it it does not open
This game as good graphics but it don't show a map so you don't know now where enemies or untill they start to fire at you kmt
I am playing this game very smoothly in 1gb ram phone some little bit lag that is no problem very nice game and update the game please
An other good shooter until.. you reach a level around 12 when disadvantage appears in weapon and armour. CPU pair you with guys which you just can't kill 1v1. Delete.
Amazing game but can you make so that you can use more than 2 granades in a fight and also can you add a jump skill too an climb up containers etc
This is very good game because there are very featurea in this game. But this game is not opening on second time. But there features weapons sensentivity is very nice.😊