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Crime Mysteries: Find objects

Crime Mysteries: Find objects for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by G5 Entertainment located at Birger Jarlsgatan 18, Stockholm 114 34, Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was interesting, and it was lots of fun, but the items need to be larger larger for folks that have eye problems
This is an interesting game and relaxing to play! Hopefully I don't have to spend to much to get Crystal's to continue. Loving the theme and case files!
It is a fascinating game, I like crime drama, crime is like a puzzle, I love putting the pieces together, and catching the bad guys or bad girls and putting them away for a long time!
It's an amazing experience to play this game. Usually I play this type of games. But if you give more offers for app in purchase, it'll be great and helpful. Hi ! Team ! As I asked earlier, if you decrease the cost of flash light 1daimond instead of 3. It will help us to play continuously. And please allow Lueprehent pot offer frequently Hi ! Team! Again I'm asking for the same favour, decrease the cost of flash light to 1daimond. I'm spending lots of money on this game. Leprechaun' pot offertoo
i like this one. i played some that i can't see too good but so far that had not been a problem on this one.
Really happy with the update. Really like the graphics with this update. Wish the New York one would update more like this one.
U need better ways to earn diamonds on this game instead of making someone pay to get them reloaded. Otherwise great game
I'm loving this game so far there's endless missions to do and you can switch it up a bit from finding objects to the match game and you get tons of energy to play longer then most games.
Honestly I really truly enjoy this game a lot. The puzzles and search episodes are harder than I was expecting to be but even being harder I seem to get extremely stuck on the game and don't wanna seem to quit. Only thing I do not like is it takes forever for your energy to recharge and sometimes don't have the money to buy any so have to wait what seems like forever. But honestly 5 stars I love the game.
Pretty much the same as Homicide Squad which is a plus point for me as I can play this whilst I'm waiting for some energy to refill on Homicide Squad, and vice versa. Good stuff.
I have fun playing this, it's got some humor in the dialogs, the graphics are pretty crisp for the most part and the layout as a horizontal scroll is AWESOME no more up and down AND side to side to find map locations Great game G5 guys!
This game is so awesome it's keeps my mind sharp. Because I'm a 60 yr old woman and it just relax me soo much and works my brain.
No new cases except special cases that bring decorations monthly. Bad for players that want cases continually without needing tokens, even past cases need tokens to continue
Love it so far just wish it would let me sign into my Facebook account it keeps saying that it's not available. That's why I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5. It keeps saying that it's unable to login to my Facebook account to check back later. I checked back a few times and still saying the same thing. Thank you for getting back to me
This is a great game you have match 3 and hidden objects all in the same game. Plenty of energy or ways to get energy plus solving crime scenes.
I absolutely love love love this game. I just cant stop playing it. Love your characters and their characteristics lol they are awesome looking and have such uniqueness and eccentric ways... Espically Chache so hansome and funny as well as alittle smart alec lol. Graphics are fabulous stories are wonderfully written. However some 3 match dont have enough moves and your using all energy up on that.And may I ask what we need the money for? and pls fix the tapping things over and again Rebecca
Great game, but it would be much better if you didn't have to pay for things. Rather do one of the hidden puzzles to earn things like the diamonds.
Friends tab not working, it is a mostly white screen. Unable to give or receive gifts, interact with friends.
I really love playing this game but I have been trying to load game but it keeps saying downloading new scene then it says failed to connect to server please try again later so can u please get back t o me to explain why this is happening thankyou
I keep asking when I take an item such as a torch into a level how do I activate it? They appear at the top of the screen but no matter what I do they don't work. I finish the level and they have gone from my inventory even though I did not get them. It is impossible to contact you and you never reply. This is the last time I will try. Improve your customer service. Don't bother I have now ditched the game and will never play any G5 games again L
Love it. Always interested in crime tv, books etc and love solving crimes. Keeps you involved in the story and the two detectives are fun.
Liked this game at first. Wish there was not so many pick 3 puzzles. No matter if you get through the puzzle you still do not find any items.
It's an amazing experience to play this game. Usually I play this type of games. But if you give more offers for app in purchase, it'll be great and helpful.
I love this game as its different from all other hidden object games. Also love the animation inside and the story telling by officers about case.
Starts off nice but gets a boring afterwards...i hate games in which they decieve people trying to make them think that this is a mystery thriller game but ends up matching puzzles like playing candy crush
Love this game but since the new update it just constantly crashes and closes can't email u cos u can't get that far before it closes
Fun so far. Not trying to make me buy things on every move. I especially like the music. It's not the same over and over again. I will continue to play on. I'm only @ level 7.
I have fun searching for hidden objects or matching three or more objects. I can play for a long time without spending much money.
Fun game but to many pick 3. Some you can choose from hidden objects or match 3. There should be more like that
I love the game but it's been extremely difficult to sign in onto my previous account. I have tried everything uninstall reinstalling. Changing my email and starting all over again so I just play without saving my game.
Very addictive but also complex. The crystals are very hard to get which makes the game less interesting
I love this game, but there should be a way to earn the crystals to buys power ups with, most people don't have a credit card or even money to spend. And more places to get keys. Those r fun
Pretty fun. Like the fact that energy restores quickly. So far has not been a constant requirement for money to get to play.
Brilliant game characters and graphics are fabulous well worth downloading and definitely well worth giving this game 5 stars hope more of these games are made love playing them
Great graphics, game play, I wish there were character voices. Extremely addictive. It can freeze every now and then. 😀😍
I enjoyed the crime scene, I like more search but that match 3 not good there is nowhere you can hit on in take all the one colors away at one time there's nothing like that on there what makes it easy for you to lose.
It is a great game just appears too be a little tight on giving too push buying. I do support good games as I wk with kids and elderly on some so keep up the good wk. Just throw out a good bone now and then..
As usual, a top class effort from ge5. I liked the way you put the Indian in the jewel case. Surat is really the diamond hub in 8ndia and 6he character is a gujarati.....impressed with the research 👍
Great graphics, love the choice of 3 match or search hidden items, awesome music, and the crime investigation cases are enthralling! I highly recommend this wonderful game to everyone of any age! The one thing wrong....way too expensive, during a pandemic shutdown, where players aren't working. And after update.....can't play. Fix it, please,.
No fun bc they are greedy. They want us to pay for things and I dojt do that. Free with your ads is how real developers do it
Not easy!!! Very challenging but I wouldn't have it any other way!!! I love a challenge!!! I'm going to keep on playing!!! I made it to level 6!!! Wasn't easy but it keeps you motivated!!! Don't stop until I win!!!
I like this game and have been playing it for awhile now. My mediocre rating is because you have to do WAY too much of the same thing to get to the next case. I am very close to uninstalling it, and all other G5 games as they all suffer from this annoyance. Revising to 1 star. I am at a point where I cannot advance because I have to clear multiple emergency scenes and never get the item I need. 3 darn weeks I have been trying. This game sucks because of the developer and poor algorithms!
Awesome graphic, it's so real. But wish there can be less match making. Not much exciting like the other homicide squad game
I used to like this game I have gained so much money but the money you can't even use like I got so much money like from playing at you do you get every time you win you get some money I can't use it and then I spend so much of my own money getting things for it to Beat It but if you don'not like have the stuff to beat you never going to make it so I'm about to get rid of it.
Hey really like this game. Having fun with it so far but I don't know if it's me or my WIFI but the game cuts out once in awhile. Aggravating but I always go back.
I love this game! It's just like my New York version! I've been playing that game for almost 2 years and NOW I HAVE AND PLAY THEM BOTH! 🙃
Not a bad game. I was under the impression that it was a search game, though, when it is predominantly a match-3 game, which was a little irritating, as I prefer the former. My only real issue, though, is that when I installed it on my phone it would not allow me to log into the game already started on my computer, but instead forced me to go through the tutorial again. It should be possible to log in right from the start, or exit the tutorial for people who don't need it.
Very interesting game with nice story line, great interface and graphics. But fewer lives, thereby hindering the enjoyment. I will be glad if future updates, will come with increased lives, so as to keep the flow of the game. This i think will make the game more enjoyable. Outside the observation of few lives, it is a game i will recommend for mature minds. Thumbs up developers. Nice job!
New game for Me! I would like to see more search games within each location or a choice. Other than that I like the game!
I really like playing this game! To me, it's a lot easier than the first one. I enjoy playing both games! They both really get you involved in solving the cases.
Its very interesting game but its need internet to download the another crime scene but i really enjoy it
This game is very you mean I love playing that day and night and just can't put my phone down from playing it I just wish that the coins won't run out quick so I can just keep playing but at the end of the day this game is awesome thanks for making a great game
The crystal rewards are too small. Once I have to start paying for stuff I'm going to uninstall. No, I meant the reward of one crystal is too low. Having said that and your lack of adequate response, I'll uninstall my second game from you and not download another.
Its a really fun game. I enjoy it.the only problem is they want you to investegate another case before you are able to finish the first one you are working on..then you cant get some items to finish asembling them.
This is great you get to be like a police officer and have to try and work out the clues as you find them it's not your average hidden object game more please
I really like this game it keeps my interest everytime I play. This game really is to me works my brain.
Games is great do far! But I cant sign in? It won't read my email? I've got enough emails cause I've had to make for certain thing's? Dont wanna have to make a new one? Pls fix?
They have made this game so difficult that there is no way to pass levels without spending money. Was really fun for awhile but I'm done.
Since I've updated, I can't play the game. It keeps on loading and loading but doesn't enhance into the game page Please do something about it
Loving the game great graphics Hi my game keeps cutting out i go into the crime scene and it will go out
Its way to hard to beat the levels without paying for extra stuff. Plus I can win the same level 3 time and not get anything I need. 4 times it found nothing. They need to make it like their other crime game. This is a waste of time . Very frustrating . Deleting now
There should be more hidden objects and less match 3. Also, I agree with some other comments in regards to the match 3 puzzles are rigged to make you spend money.
So far this seems like a really good game. I'm only at level 6 right now. I'll amend my review if my opinion changes. Edit: I really enjoy the stories and the game play. What I do not like is the stingy rewards and expensive power ups. This game is basically a clone of Homicide Squad, which means that it needed minimal developer input. The only way to justify the higher costs is greediness on the part of G5e. Fewer assemblers and tokens as rewards mean that the gamer has to buy more. Sad.
Not enough other things to do like seeking and hands on lab and research stuff but really nice graphics
Just another game that lets you play and have fun for a little while.... and THEN it switches over to NOT having fun unless you want to start shelling out the money! I hate that! I can't afford extra spending! Uninstalling.
Vnice game 5 stars very easy and not difficult going to next stages, just match 3 that gets bit hard to do
It's frustrating but it's also exciting. I like the story that goes with it. And you can go from one game to the other. MEL.
Too many match 3 only scenes, I would have preferred to have the option of finding objects or matching 3 in each scene..... if I want to play match 3 games then I would have downloaded such a game .... a bit disappointed
I really liked this game until now....I'm at the point where it's impossible to find stuff or assembling my collections without having to spend real money for diamonds & the prices are stupid high!! Think I'll uninstall & find something better....just a big waste of time :(
I did like the new feature that lets me make fidget spinners. However, when I am playing Match 3 mode, the power ups were locked and couldn't be used. G5 Entertainment has to fix them.
I give this game a 5 🌟 rating, my problem was fixed, it was something I was doing wrong, not the game.