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Cricket Star Pro

Cricket Star Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Deftouch Interactive Art located at Mumbai, Maharashtra India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Adverts.... Adverts...... Adverts..... ADVERTS..... no need to say anymore.... In fact why not just change the name of the game to ADVERTS CRICKET... Drop the Star in the name and drop the Pro... DELETED
The bowler bowls like an absolute crackhead his balls decide to change direction without any warning a fast bowler does not spin the ball after bouncing it bad game
Wayyy to many adverts ! Spoiling the game, could be decent but the amount of adverts have spoilt it. Uninstalled !
This is very third class game I have ever played. Spinners bowls like fast bowler. Very very poor or third class gameplay
Nice game but way too many adverts and they adverts are too long and can't even skip it. Sorry to say that I was getting more annoyed with advert time rather then enjoying it. !!!
Good game but strange!! Shot direction should be chosen before the ball is delivered, how the heck can i predict it before it is delivered else there can be NO boundary hit....crazyyyy.....Make those changes, it would be helpful....
The app which contain the less storage compare to other nd as well as the game was awesome to play. The visuals which made in this game is really fantastic.. .. .
Ads become very irritating. Also there is a bug, as I hit a shot little late the ball goes for a six and the umpire gives it out.
This is is very interesting. So you must try and I will ensure you that when you reach at a certain level without any difficulties then the games becomes so hard and your temper will increase so that you have to throw your phone.
game is nice and thrilling but so many waste ad is in the game ,, really very bad - so am uninstall this game
Add we played game for fun this game is just showing adds poor game only add olz do something and remove all add or give offline then we can give you good star
Veru worst experience Too much add in this game Excitment finished due to lot of advertise & video. Dont download and play this game
Old version is the best new version very very bad i hate new version i playing old version a long time plese update new version
Waiting for the next update like new shots , new levels etc. Wonderful game . Please give update I am waiting since 2 months
Doesn't hit boundaries if we want to. Doesn't specify that the players shouldn't get out at all. Keeps pushing ads for literally everything ๐Ÿ˜ก
Too many ads. I understand ads are revenue but you guys are just too eager to not give enough user experience and just loot money. More ads playtime than actual game time
I love the game best graphic but sometimes it's get hanged on my 6gb ram phone also I complete 49 level but after that there is no level please given the update for further level.
Game sucks after an advt plays after an over. So many times after playing all the game before win an advt plays and game will exit automatically. Got fed up with that.
The maker of this game is psycho,, 100% sure. After 40 level this game irritate your mind, pls don't waste your MBs,,
This is the finest game among the other competitors in android . The game has to develop more and more and include tournaments and commentary's as well. I would recommend this game to others, and it has less mb size also. Looking for further updates.
Game is good but showing so much vulgar ads which are not appropriate for anyone. Please stop those type of ads.
The game is great but the ads are irritating but luckily there is a way to get rid of rhe ads u just have to click on the level then open the match keeping ur internet on and then when the game starts just pause and off ur internet and play ur game u will enjoy the game
Too many ads irritated and only 49 levels are there, good game but increase more levels and should avoid too many ads.
Nice Game, still I wish if could maintain played game history n also provide options for bowling too.
How many steps in cricket star pro. And why so many ads there. So irritating moments when play game and seeing ads.
Not good. Need to work on the design. Spinner is getting lbw on googlie for the ball moving down the leg side. And you lr shot mostly depends on health. Difficult to choose left or right side while playing because it makes it random
The app keeps crashing, you could be close to completing level, and it crashes and knocks you completely out if the game and sends you back to game launcher page.
Ads have ruined the game, they force you to watch an ad which you cannot skip and the ad lasts longer than each over. Ridiculous. Deleting the game.
Game is very good.. But add more international and domestic all over world.. Add real playing match like watching in tv
It's interesting, but very bad game. No team is there, if Ben is out we lose the match.. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚
This is tha worst game I've ever played because once your captain is out then you lost tha game and ads are worst part of the game if their is an option of giving one star I definitely gave this game one star๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ
First of all let me tell you, those of all who are thinking that after falling a single wicket also shows game over or you loose, is only after you fall Ben Stokes wicket... In every level of this game Ben Stokes wicket is important... If he is out, than game over...And yes,I have gone through many comments that the commmentry or appeal is annoying,its true but what more can we accept from below 50 mb game... Its good... There are too many ads but we can skip within a sec.. so no worries
The game was good before the update. But after the recent update, the game has too many ads. Showing ads after getting out was atleast bearable. Ads after every over is too much for me.It gets annoying.
Totally random, pure luck. No consistency of spinners makes it impossible to determine which way they spin the ball. Totally ruins the gameplay.
Good game up until level 31!!! Why oh why is there adverts at the end of every over now??? Really spoiled the game
i dont understand the purpose of this game...amd what was going in developers mind when he was developing it....the rules and regulations of this game doesnt made any sense
I spent more time in watching the ads than playing the game. Game is good but ads are annoying. Sorry but uninstalled within 5 mins.
Hello devs please add quick match and test and team options and more controls should be added and it's like career mode when you are playing with Ben stokes and got out it's fine when other players out but you don't have to out and please do this that computer should control other players other than Ben stokes and so so much
ADS ADS AND MORE ADS. Love the game play but the ads are too much. Ads after every over? Mid game? No thanks uninstalled immediately.
Worst app because it is full of advertisements which will block you for more than u play the game. I uninstalled it just because of thousands of ads after everything u do.
The game is based purely on luck. Lower levels seem easy to predict as to which side ball will move, but as u move up levels, bowlers seem to do magic, ball suddenly swings/spins from outside of leg stump to outside of off stump and vice versa and mishits always go to fielders as catch. game doesnt deserve more than 2 stars
The game is really good but the main problem with the app is the advertisements. The amount of ads are extreme and it gets irritable.
The game is good, but pls for god's sake remove that appeal sound that the wicket keeper makes, it's so annoying always gets in my head!
Uninstalling. Full of ads,unskippable ads. Game is ok but loads of unskippable ads from the word go destroys the experience. 25 secs of game and 35 secs of ads.Developer shall look into it,if they are doing it,sorry the game fails after being a decent game.let people enjoy before they plan to buy.
Very bad ! Only ads. After evey game there is a ad of 30 seconds .Too boring to play because of more number of ads.Game is better.
Bahut accha hi.super game banega.full kush hoga.super controls,graphics acha banega.so plz play this game all off u guys.super .fantastic game ever .
Just started and loved it. Lets wait and watch Editing my review 16/02/2021 There is bug Always timing shows ok And if i tap little late its says too late
Waste game I never played it like click on right and left side of the screen for run the sometimes the ball goes for 6 and the same ball hi for 1run
Game and graphics are OK ... But the worst and irritating part is Ads. There is game in between the ads here. If u are an ad lover, this game is perfect, cz there's no game at all. though there are so many ads, the game gets crashed in the ending portion of the level (again, due to ads). The developer just designed this in his free time and left it as it is. If the bugs gets fixed and reduce the ad flow, this game can top the list of cricket games. But, the developer don't want this game to.
Ads after every over are 40 seconds long. No option to skip. They last longer than an over. The game itself is quite good but I'll be deleting it as I'm spending more time watching ads than playing
Release new update for this game, and solve issues in it, improve ball graphics, ball physics, fielding graphics etc, waiting for the new update for it. And add new features like complete tournaments, bowling etc
Great addictive game. Downside is the constant annoying ads. Plus no choice of team. I mean who likes England Cricket Team. Ben Stokes is good though. Hope there were option to choose teams.
Game has some technical issues, it won't show you lost even when you lose. It just left/right tap, nothing more than that...
Aaaaaaaaaaaads I expect to watch ads when I play a good free game, but oh my, the game is bad and the ads are relentless. DON'T DOWNLOAD. Wow.
It's a good game but the adverts ruin it I find my self turning it of as you find yourself watching more adverts than playing the game
1. Advertisement after every over, is just annoying 2. Screen went black for some advertisement, and forced to close. And lost all progress
I really like the game, the shots are really realistic, however this is a 4 star because the adverts are ridiculous. This makes an enjoyable game become very unenjoyable please fix this
I have given 2 star just because of a bug issue Which is : When I was playing the last level, I needed 21 runs in 14 balls and then the game got struck I waited for 10 mins thinking it will continue but it didn't and therfore I had to restart the level, I tried the level 14 times after that but I couldn't win. If this bug issue isn't there then I could have given 4 stars A good game but bugs are too much Please reply me and fix this bug Please please ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Stay safe ๐Ÿ˜ท Thank u for game
Game is good but adds are irritating.. And are not skippable you have to watch 30 sec add.. That to every 2 over and after every match
After 49 level, there is no further level to play game. Pls add more levels or confirm if game is done and can be uninstalled?
I am 74 in January,and I like most sports.This little game is fun and easy to play.It helps me to keep feeling younger.Cheers.Bryzee.
May I know that why there is only only player as the game protagonist (Virat) and if he is gone and that's the end of the game .. along with virat each and every player must be playing, Rohit has just a guest appearance.. didn't like the new update..
Very bad game, interesting but not enjoyable. This game is ment for Ben strokes . There is no team , only england. If ben strokes got out then not able to play. It will show watch video and save wicket. If any other player got out no such options available. Also, if we hit the six, then it will given catch out. If we loss wicket at boundary, then it will be given as six. Also reapeated shots played. Also there is no accuracy in umpiring. In game add it will very interesting, but not in real.
Adverts are ridiculous. Honestly, the game is probably a 3 or 4 star but the adverts are possibly the worst iv ever experienced in a game. Regular 30 seconds adverts but then takes you to the playstore after the ad has played and then, when you return to the game, you have a 5 second timer to close it down. There are games with ads, and then there are ads with a game. This is ads with a game (a little). Deleted, due to this very reason.
Horrible game. Absolute rubbish controls Why is there an option to hit right of the screen. When you do you just get caught out behind. And how come feilds man appear from no where. Cheating rubbish game๐Ÿคฎ
The game is good but the ads are the worst. Such dirty ads for a game which even a child might play. Google really needs to regulate the ads. I can't play the game in front of my family members, imagine that for a cricket game! Really pathetic...
Such a worst experience about after completion of every over ,the advertisement duration was 1.00 minute,such a disgusting app ,plz don't install it
1. There are far too many ads 2. You are only allowed to be out once even if you have several wickets left 3. It displays 'you win' when you lose 4. The bowling and batting action is jumpy 5. The fielders can jump about a mile 6. The ball disappears when hit 7. In some levels you are given absurd targets that are almost impossible to reach 8. The batsman's swing is slightly delayed after you tap to strike 9. Sometimes the ball travels through your body 10. The story is ultimately pointless
It is a decent game. However some players bat with wrong hand. They should add more players. Spell names probably. This makes it realistic. Should give option to choose team.
Nice game bro if you want to make cricketer in life then he is the best game it give you a true lesson of how to play spin bowler my opinion is you play at least one time wonderfull experince
Good but while playing some type of shots the game is going to hang at one screen it is not the first time it happened too many times.
Full of ads... Ads are really disturbing....its like ur playing ads insted of playing cricket.80% ads and 20% cricket.game was really good but ads made the game boring and boring
It is a good game but the intrusion of adverts in the middle of an over and at other inappropriate times is ludicrous. Just spoils the game. Ads at the start and the end of a game would be more acceptable.
Why is there no option to auto rotate and play in landscape mode. Kindly enable that for better user experience
While the game is alright, the ads are disgustingly long and lasts nearly twice the time of a match. A full ad followed by 15 seconds of a timer rundown is too much for any game.
Worst aap don't install this, there is so many bugs are here, this game is only for bent stocks, if Ben is out then you lost match and player can't move, stick in one position, we can't play different shots please fix the issue and add new feature release new version of app
Cricket theme ok. These are surviving on only AD's. Ad's ok but give some time for playing game also.
Death by adverts! It's got potential but when there are adverts every few seconds it ruins the game! I uninstalled it after 5 minutes
When retry after a match lost is clicked multiple times at a single moment... All my energy is spent for that one retry. I think its a bug.
Poor design. Buttons overlaps so that you click on advertisement. I think developer wants to make money overnight. Uninstall without regret or second thought.
Complete rubbish, spoiled by far too many ads and no instructions on game play. A piss poor rip off of Stick Cricket.
You have spoiled such a nice game with adding limited time option to play. Before it was soo good when I played for hours. Very bad
I loved this game this game become one of my favourite cricket game but the only problem is there are only 49 level and after 49 there is no level which is bad things about this game
When i have several players still to bat then why it left me with spending coins or accept defeat. Spiners ball going outside but still lbw given, very few shots are available for batsman.
Good for a very short time. Get's repetitive and boring very soon. Could have improved on adding in more dynamics!
Worst app. Ads are worst. Even in other apps ads will play but it will provide some rewards, but here ads are playing unnecessarily.
Worst game after level 40 which side u hit the ball u misses everytime it says early but in low form when u hit shot so early also ball hits the bat and goes to where fielders have it frustrating game after level 40 so always out why do u put levels more than 40 u need to stop the levels 40 only after level 40 the fast bowlers also turning balls like spinners if fast bowlers also spinning the ball how could we hit after level 40 we need to play means we doesnt win thats very bad about this game
Worst game ever in cricket. This game sucks after level 40 you have to chase 200 in 90 and ball start swinging nearly came to the bat. Worst Cricket game ever plz don't install this
The graphics are nice. I would have given 5 stars. But there are 3 problems. 1) If Ben stokes is out than the whole match is gone. 2)We cannot choose our playing 11 and the batsman who is going to play after the fall of wicket. 3)After every time I lose the match it ask me to watch an ad.
Terrible experience.ads come flying at you like an angry magpie,and the tutorial is complete wack.fix this game!
After level 40 batsman get struggle to defend his wickets you can't hit neighter lofter or stroke shot please update it play atleast higher levels. But graphics and joy sticks are extraordinary..
Suddenly game was struck when I am about to win the game. It was happened so many times after level 40. If the developer wants to put end to game then don't put the levels next to 40.
After completing level 40 it will be more challenge to complete the level. According to me, it's an good game currently I'm in 47th level.
There should be a 0 star option for this kind of sht games. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't install it. Total waste of time and energy. Only ads and nothing.
Nice game, but I'm not seeing any of the different playing kits in my game that are displayed in the screenshots. What's the deal with that?
Very poor game. Controls are very bad. You don't have any other team to choose only england & player is ben stokes. No choices. The batsam don't even move from crease. No choices of a shots. Very bad game
It was challenging.especially from 35th level.it was very difficult to play the slow deliveries.at first attempt it seemed impossible.then i got the trick n i madeit.lastly the crowd cheerement is good.
Too many ads!! This game as potential but don't bother the frustration of ad after ad will kill any enjoyment.
Great game, let down by way, way too many adverts. I'd even pay to play this game to remove the adds, it's utterly ridiculous.