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Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
add map, add Freedom mode(we can go in everywhere in the map) fix the graphic but little bit, add more character, andd............. THANK U SEGA for the update
It is fun and bring back my childhood memories but the turning control is buggy sometimes it's perfectly fine but sometimes when you want to turn it become unresponsive and I think the button should should be a little higher
Love it so much, but the game won't play without data...otherswise everything else me works perfect for me
I love this game so much. The graphics are okay. Interesting places I have been playing this for the past 7years till date
It's so nice to be able play again this game, guys we need to know that we are playing some fancy games, here's a simple one, it's not like it was because is an app now, but still perfect for kill some time, even with ads.
The game is perfect. Even in 2020 this game is still lovable. The 3D graphics are the best I have seen on Android. The only game that offers console-quality 3D graphics, if you make it HD, like the games of the present this will be unmatched by any Android game. The only game that gets 5 stars, without begging a rating, like all others do and I gave 5, without hesitation and I will do what I can to support it. You can also make it possible to get out of the car, walk, trade, do business and buy.
My dreamcast is not working and i missed many games including sonic adventure and crazy taxi . but this app gives me back my dreamcast experience . i would like if they even post a sonic adventure game for mobile
Worst game ever played... Never show arrow the correct way...... It's show ads in between the games and interrupt the playing and not able to see frontside... Very bad game... May I give it stars in negative... True bullshitting very disgusting game
this game is amazing, but the arrow is sooo confusing so you should fix that, this game is really good keep working
This game takes me back to like 1995. Playing this game at Nickel City back in the day. But for some reason the tilt control doesn't work on my phone. And I've been playing Real Racing 3 with the tilt steering control. I guess this game would be controlled just like the original Nintendo.
The turning is a little off on tilt control. If I had to change one thing about this game it would be make the left turn and right turn a little farther apart from each other
I love this game as a child and I love it now. The only qualm I have is that I could've swore I bought this game for as an offline game with no ads. Maybe I'm tripping with me buying it, but I definitely remember that there were no ads and that it was playable offline, now you have to be on wifi to see the ad just to play.
Unplayable with a controller, car is too fast, handling turns is horrible. probably an uncapped fps problem. Car is uncontrollable.
Now I know you need to use textures of images!! To make a cool game in old style!! I firebomb every car in order to make the cars go in a traffic the cars I diebomb flip over!
Better than other car games. This game is really enjoyable because it has got a clear objective and very simple rules unlike all those other car games. I remember playing it years ago on the pc and this mobile version is almost exactly the same, this is really a great thing. I can say that this is definitely better than the best graphics car games like asphalt if we compare them on the basis of actual gameplay. It's really fun.
The ads aren't actually intrusive, they appear after you beat one game or you restart the level, the controls are very good and it has some minor lagspikes considering that I'm playing on a 2 year old low end phone. Overall great port.
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Basically a perfect version of the Dreamcast classic. The only issues I have are that: 1. You cannot remap controls when using a controller. Also the controls feel like they're digital instead of analog. Turning feels abrupt rather than smooth and slight. 2. There's no option for 60 fps. I get that phones need to conserve battery but for more powerful devices I'd REALLY like a 60 frames per second option for this game. Otherwise this game is spectacular. Unquestionably worth it.
OMG!!! i can't believe my eyes that i saw this game in the app store, this took me back to when i use to break night playing this game on my purple gamecube! I know it was out for dreamcast but i had the gamecube at the time anyway this app rules!!! I πŸ’– Crazy Taxi!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ this is like reuniting with the best girlfriend you ever had!..😁
While it seems like a great port, the controls are unusable. There are only two control options: Touch and Tilt. And you can't edit the fine details of them at All. The tilt is way too sensitive. And the touch controls (which in both control schemes you use touch for gas and break) don't register my touches half the time. It'd be ideal if I could increase the touch areas of each button, and maybe boost sensitivity or something (I guess my hands are a little dry). But no way to edit it.
Love it since using my laptop and love is more while using me phone beacuse it has a crazy mode about driving and i rate the graphics
FIRST: Although other reviewers have complained about not being able to play offline after removing ads, I was able to play in airplane mode, so I'm disinclined to believe them. This is one of my favorite games ever and I was ECSTATIC to find it available for android, completely faithful to the original. I wouldn't change a thing. The ads are annoying if you don't pay to remove them, but why wouldn't you pay a lousy $2 for that? If it was like $10 or more I'd be upset, but $2 is VERY worth it.
Wow my favorite game when I was little. The only issue with this game is the sound goes low and then it goes high. Overall I love it it makes me fun and entertain of the game. :).
Ads Ruined this Classic. The game will not play unless you are connected to the internet so that these schmucks can get their add money... plus if I am out in the middle of nowhere and I want to play this game I am out of luck... I shouldn't have to purchase this game in order to play it offline...
This app allows you to drive a taxi as a taxi driver. In this app you can choose your favourite (or any) character and car that are given in it. In this app you can also choose the time to drive the taxi. Maximum time to play with 1 taxi = 10,000 seconds .
SFX-is not doing great, while playing I only can hear the drift sound of the car and the some/other SFX is not working VFX- sparks, drift smoke,etc effects shouldn't be optimized and Must be HD for better entertaining.. Graphic- The 3d model of the Drivers and the Taxis must be HD for better Entertaining.. -Improve your UIs -High framerate rendering... More* the app must have overall options and settings》like: rendering distance level, SFX, music and VFX off/on/level settings(e.g: shadows),
They definitely changed the handling in this port. The cars accelerate way faster and turn sharper than on PS2. I play the game on PS2 and I struggle to get 9 passengers and a class C license(I can't remember the cash), but here I easily got 14 passengers and a crazy license. The game is still great, but they should have kept the cars handling the same, at least when using a bluetooth controller.
Im actually having a lot of fun spending 20-30 minutes on it now and then. The controls are real bad though the drive and reverse is too close to each other, si is the left and right.
Yay i can finally play it after not be able to open it. It's good to play it again because i miss playing PS2. Also why do u need an internet for this?? Tbh the ads isn't that much and annoying like bunch of ppl said. How am i going to play this if i dont have internet?? I love this game so much this kinda make me dissapointed.
Sega have done a great job of porting this super fun game to Android. The ads aren't too intrusive, but I just paid the Β£0.99 to remove them. Sega deserve money for giving us this great game and it's a bargain. Support the developers and pay it. It's worth it and then some.
This game is great, I love it. I use it for getting rid of my stress but one thing I'm so pissed of about this game... Is the ARROW! So when I'm driving a customer to someplace, the arrow points me to the "direction" and then after following it, the game says I'm going the wrong direction. Excuse me? I'm following the arrow. Then the arrow spins around to the right direction and at that point I just lost the customer. FIX THE ARROW!
I love the game its so fun and addictive even though it has ads it does not interupt the gameplay its really fun and i reccomend you download it!
Great! Great! And great! Just please make it offline, i don't care if some of the features have to be online but at least we can play arcade offline
I play this game in Dreamcast emulator and psp also, now I hate it's size is 800mb But now I get a lite game in andriod, sega After the play of 2 weeks; I don't found any gaming issues it's fine and best game Comepare to emulators, but it's all offline No Comitablty that make game online so, I Request to you please make this game offline and without ads and I get 5 Stars⭐
I enjoy this game so I bought it cuz I wanna play it without ads, despite me paying for premium I still get ads, how do I stop this? If this issue is fixed I will rate 5 stars.
I've played this game in the arcade and on the Sega Dreamcast, if you don't mind a few ads, this game is pretty close to the original.
The game is nice. I'm giving it two stars because everything come and download after downloading too if you come next time too you have to download again Secondly it needs internet connection for some services
Can't change the controls for my xbox controller, and the ones already there make 0 sense, pushing on the right stick is brake??? What???? Makes no sense, you should be able to remap, that would be a simple addition
Cool and it's nostolga but one problem voice audio either plays really low or is simply cut out for the drivers plz fix and for all those struggling on the the final crazy box to unlock the bike simply boost and keep mashing boost sounds reckless I know but you will always make good time and enough to achaully make it all around the whole map happy driving and lets go make some crazy πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
I loved this game, I used to play it offline. but now, because of the ads, y'all ruined it. at least put an offline mode to this game, where you can freeroam or something. I really wanna play this offline, pls do something.
This isn't just about crazy taxi, I want to know when more saga forever games are coming out, ive just paid for the saga saturn controller so I want my monies worth.
Another Sega classic!!! If you liked their Sega CD port, well, why not try their Sega Dreamcast port? I remember seeing the Dreamcast at a friend's apartment decades ago! Crazy Taxi on my prepaid Android? Take my money while I adjust my nostalgia goggles!
Too many adds and sometimes if my internet connection is very low, the ads will just pop up when i'm playing. I hope you can add more streets and upgrade the cars because it's kind of boring after playing it multiple times
Finally! I've had a couple ports of this game on PC and Android, but none of them lived up to my experience on the Dreamcast. Until now! Thank you for making such a great port and for getting the songs back! Plus the controls are faithful on a gamepad and even easier than the original via touch! This is great!
Pretty fun game the only thing that holds it back is the lack of a brake button and the steering controlls but other than that its a fun time
This is a very addictive and fun game to play. But I'm giving it only 4 stars because there are too much advertisements in this game. If Sega wasn't this greedy this would've been an amazing android interpretation of that great classic game.
This game is basically the same as the original, which I enjoyed, the controls are OK but the songs are still limited to 4, why not just port other songs from the newer installments, another problem is that it is always online, meaning you can't play it on a plane or in the passenger side of the car. The fact you are forced to cough up Β£2 just to play without ads is appalling and therefore is why it gets two stars from me.
I like this game but the time should be till 5000 i think that who have made this game please time 5000 it is my request
Absolutely a blast! I used to play this when I was a child and love it. Please add option to remap the key for controller, then I would rate 5* and buy the no ads version
Exactly the same game as the PS2 one. I love it. Totally needs to be made for the Nintendo switch with some new levels and longer gameplay. Best freemobile game I've played though for sure. While it has adverts it doesn't feel over advertised
What have you done?!. This game used to be great, but you have played around with the algorithm to much and now it's terrible.
I wish it had a multiplayer mode where players could pick up people and a the person who picks up the most people the most wins in a short period of time
This game is my favorite part of my life which I have done that from 10 years old this game is very very much nicer than the other
Paid for the premium app which is no longer supported, and there's too many ads in this version to be enjoyable. I'm not going to buy the game a third time
I love this game it runs well the controls are decent and I haven't experienced any lag its unfortunate there's ads but they aren't really a problem definitely install this if you love crazy taxi 😁
Beautiful looking, but impossible to play ... it should have some kind of auto play feature, wherein the user can sit back and watch it play automatically
Dear team, theres something wrong with this game. I mean I love Crazy Taxi and have been playing it since my childhood but now the game doesn't work offline. Second thing, whenever I open the game it starts Downloading additional Resource files which are of whopping 225Mb and after downloading it the screen turns white and only one word 'starting' appears on the top left corner. Though the game shows 'starting' but never really starts. I've uninstalled and installed it thrice by now. Plz fix it.
I loved this game back in the Sega days but if you don't have a good sized tablet, I wouldn't recommend downloading the app.
Nice game but ads and the game is not opening without data It is educational It is complex It is shootemup Etc Secondly when we want to download it, it takes time
Great game, just wished they would've made it 2 where it was offline instead of online. I can't believe that I have 2 have internet just 2 play a classic such as this. ☹️😞
Back on the game cube in the 2000s this game was a blast to play and on mobile in 2020 is still fun, controls are well done and many features including the memorable music remain fully functional. Only two things hold this back from being a good re-release and that is certain audio cues (Stamps, narrators voice clips at the end of sessions, customer voice lines) don't function properly and leaves it silent. Online Requirement sucks though it's understandable still drags when you're out of range.
It's nice that Crazy Taxi is available portably and all, but this Android port has a number of bugs that need to be worked out. The biggest ones are audio bugs; the music has a tendency to stop playing after each game (this can be temporarily fixed by turning BGM off and back on) and the sound effects and voices in general don't really work at all.
Great game. completely faithful recreation of the old console versions. Good controls that translate well to phone.
I loved this game as kid. Also, I was glad to see this game available on mobile but these ads are super irritating. The game hangs after every ad and does proceed at all. This has happened multiple times and hence uninstalling it. Please fix this issue.
This game is really fun. The graphics are good (for a Dreamcast game) the controls are pretty tight. Definitely get this game
Its the best game! The only problem is pls remove the arcade thing that needed wifi to play the whole game dont even need wifi i think its just the lisence that its like in the arcade ls remove the thing that needed wifi i love this game so much but i dont always have wifi oof so ya i will rate it 5 starsif it updates like that!
It's a great game but it only has one problem that makes people not want to download it anymore and the Problem is we need internet to play it which is Ridiculous
My only problem is not playing offline.. I really like this game but it's required Wi-Fi connection.. It's soo bad for sega.. I give it 1 star
Good, but not good enough. Apparently, the character dialog plays for 2 seconds and stops working. Even the BGM stops working when going back to the main menu. C'mon, get with it, Sega. It's not that hard, and get out of the gutter.
I love the game but I purchased the upgrade for no ads and they still pop up. Am I the only one having this issue? Please Fix for 5 star review.
This is probably one of the best ways to play Crazy Taxi. The songs are actually the full versions, the controls are a lot more accessable, even with the more complex driving tech like boosting and drifting, and it runs pretty well, and it's not even totally necessary to pay for no ads, since ads play pretty sparingly, mostly before and after gameplay. Compared to other ways of playing this classic, like the Steam version and just emulating it, this is definitely the best way to go!
I remember playing this on my psp back then, i didn't expect that it's harder to play this game in mobile device, but this game is fun... Not until there are a lot of ads..
Rubbish i download the game and instead of it playing telling me errors ...I dont know what u guys think about this ..but i would advise u not to waste your data in downloading this game.😞
Amazing revisit of a classic Sega game. Removed 1 star because I'm still seeing ads after paying money to have them removed. Please fix!
You gained a star because it's a great representation of the game, but it's way too buggy. I'll be holding the drive button, then it'll stop registering my finger or swap to reverse. I suggest adding an option to move the buttons around, so they're more spaced out and/or bigger.
Yeshhhhhh I've downloaded this on like 50 divises and still love it never get bored.But can you add offline to the game??Just asking I really don't have a reason?
An almost perfect port of a beloved arcade classic, let down only by the somewhat muted sound and voice work (the original's voices were loud enough to be heard over everything, so fares could be spotted earlier). The controls have travelled superbly to touchscreens - about as well as most other flagship racers up here - and the gameplay remains perfect for series fans who log long sessions and newcomers who play short stretches, in a way that preserves its timelessness and appeal to everyone.
This is my favorite game when I was kid. And now I can play it on mobile ! Just one thing: You should make this "real" offline when people purchase without ads. Their love you games.
Simply a crazy taxi port. Crazy taxi is so fun with it's hectic gameplay and funny glitches. I have this on my Xbox one and my phone and it's a great game to play while waiting for food at a restaurant or something to pass time, however it's nothing crazy, it's just crazy taxi with nothing new to it, which isn't as expected. If you want a new crazy taxi, there is an "updated" version on the app store/playstore.
This was the game I used to play on psp and still do ! The exact same replica! With all the sounds and vfx exactly the same! Thank you developers!
Cant get past the first screen. A screen BRIEFLY pops up asking my age, then goes away leaving me with a black screen. I loved this game as a child, please just let me play it!
i tried to restore purchase and it redirected me to an error page, mind you i actually paid for no ads on my old phone- cross my heart, so i know what i'm doing. do i really have to pay again?
I remember playing Crazy Taxi on my Dreamcast back in the day, and this is pretty much a perfect replica of that experience. Speed is king, and if I can take a shortcut by flying through the air, then I will. The cast of drivers is diverse and the game usually runs without lag, providing not too many apps are consuming resources in the background. This used to be a full priced game in the 90s, and I'm grateful I get to relive it for free.
I installed it and uninstalled it at the same time after playing a few minutes.the real problem is i didn't feel the originality of the game ... I felt old but not that old enough ... also the drifting isn't that cool and tilting isn't a powerful tool specially in this kind of games . i still give 4 stars to bringing back a badass game like this to the present community and trying not to kill the game forever ... But the missing star is still for things i've mentioned. Thank you πŸ’›
Oh my god! If you havent played crazy taxi on a sega console you are in luck. Play it. For newer audience yes its outdated but in those graphics thre is a gem waiting.
You use to run over people get chased by cops and yo to jail an do jail activites go to airport get airport lunch delievered to you in your home drive customers from india to america to london idk what happened to the real crazy taxi
Ok so first of all, the ads aren't in your face and happen every 2 seconds unlike other mobile games. Second, the controls are really good and usually I hate mobile controls such as Minecraft pe. My only compliant is that it's online even though it's an offline game. Seriously Sega what the heck. Make it offline and I will give it 5 stars
Online network required to play!? Original dreamcast version did not require online connection which massively limits where and when it can be played. Why is this even required? An offline paid version would be much better.
This game is very super natural game. When I am not happy, this game makes me more happier. But the space is very bigger.
Love this game BUT there are 3 flaws with it. 1: The taxi's shadow is weird and not how it should be. 2: The background music plays fine but that's all the sound there is! There's no sound FX from the taxi drivers or the customers even though it's set to the max (2). 3: This is the biggest flaw. The countdown timer is completely wrong. I've tested numerous times against the PS2 version and the Android version and the Android version is counting down the seconds much, much faster than the PS2 version. After 1 minute of gameplay (timed on the PS2 version), just driving around, the Android version is 1 minute and 10 seconds into the game already! This sped-up countdown makes it incredibly difficult to complete the last level of Crazy Box (where you speed through the city in what should be 4 minutes but what is actually closer to 3 minutes). PLEASE FIX THIS.
This game is amazing, and i liked it because its the craziest game a have ever played, And also i had a little proplem with the sound the sound is pretty loud but its still the amazing game i had ever had. THNK YOU πŸ˜˜πŸ’Ž
It's a good game, except that even in the free version there are some ads or videos that can be play, so the screen game stay in black and doesn't respond
This is is great fun - exactly the Dreamcast game I used to love all those years ago. I would give 5 stars but it's the same 4 songs that go around and around (same as the original, and I love Bad Religion). I would pay for a feature that let me choose a play list from song on my device!
App blocks apps from other apps. I wanted to play while listening to something else and it won't let me. No matter what I tried, including turning off all audio from this game, it wouldn't let my other app play audio while the game was open. Completely cuts out as soon as this game opens.
There is a problem with the time in the app, it skips from 100 to 50 all through the number of minutes I choose in the app anytime I want to play that is why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5
I like the game but it has alot of ads and it seems you cant play it offline so thats why i give it a 3
The onscreen controls work about 50% of the time. If I could reliably turn or brake, it'd probably be a pretty good port. As it is, it's virtually unusable.
this game was my childhood! I used to play it all the time and I think it inspired my love for punk music the fact that they remade it was amazing it still has the same graphics the same music the same modes and it's my favourite game of all time since I was a kid
SCAM! BOUGHT this game in 2016. Because it was not a free game it didn't have ads. Recently bought a new phone and upon installing the game on the new device I found that it contains a TON of ads now? I feel robbed. Also the emulation has magically gotten worse. Don't get this game.
I've driven IRL many years; I'd take off an hour down the turnpike to play the sitdown arcade version... better and cheaper than therapy. Android port, two thumbs up!
I launched the game i chose the game mode and add appears, i watched the add then closed the add when promoted. But what i got latter is a dead screen game did not started. I tried it 2 to 3 times. What the use if can't play the game. I m uninstalling it. Worst experience with any game.
I initially gave this app 3 stars, because it was a great version of Crazy Taxi, though the voice clips would almost NEVER play, and the app wasn't optimized right for phones with longer screens such as the Galaxy S8. I'm happy to say that both of these issues have been fixed, although now there's a new issue: the music kind of drowns out the voice clips! I understand that Offspring and Bad Religion are loud bands, but an option to adjust the music volume would be very much appreciated.
Spent many of rainy days as a kid almost 2 decades ago playing this on SEGA Dreamcast it's so awesome to see its still around big thanks to the creators of the app for keeping this game alive good job guys!!!!
Plays very well, but sound mix is off. Music is so loud you can't hear most sound effects or speech from customers.
Very cool. I like it but when i was small i play Crazy taxi but the new version. The problem is, where did the new version of crazy taxi go?
Keeps crashing, can't load it on my new tablet (samsung tab A7) Loads up the Sega logo, then gets to the age verification screen then a black screen. Bummed cos I love this game
Love the game however, I bought the premium so I would get rid of ads and they STILL appear everytime I launch the game? What's the point of paying to get rid of ads if they are still going to pop-up?! FIX THIS!
Growing up, I was a SEGA kid. I've always enjoyed the arcade style of many of SEGA's titles. Crazy Taxi is a fun driving game that is even a enjoy to play in short spurts. This title was on the Dreamcast which was a very underated gaming machine. The fact you can play free, or buy for little cash for a ads free experience (better option). Controls well, for being on the mobile platform.
Nice game there should just be more cars and charters to play as and the graphics is also a but to low for my liking
Decent port of this classic arcade game. Suggestion for devs: use another channel for sound, it's disappointing that I can't listen to a podcast while playing the game.
Core game is great but the control port ia broken. The left arrow randomly decides to not work or be much slower to respond than the right. Could be a screen issue (i doubt that, new phone) but nevertheless, an option to change the arrow positioning is missing.
The game is very fun to play. The only problem is the volume for the voices. Its too low that I can't hear them anymore because of the loud music. Can you please turn up the volume for the voices on the next update? That would be great :)
I paid for this game when it was S$6.95. And now after they update it, I still need to pay another $2.95 so its ad-free? Damn wasted my money. πŸ˜ͺ
I love Crazy Taxi in general. I played it on PS2 and saw that there was a mobile version on it. But, when I installed it, after saying "Sega", it shows a black screen I have waited for ten minutes for it to load. Nothing happened. So I deleted it
I paid for the premium upgrade but the game is still showing ads and it needs an internet connection to play, I should be able to play it offline.