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Crazy Shopping

Crazy Shopping for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Kwalee Ltd located at Kwalee Ltd Ricardo / Midlands Technical Centre Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CV31 1FQ . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So when i don't have wifi it keeps saying PLEASE CHECK YOUR WIFI. And i turn it on it goes away then i turn it off. (for no ads) It shows it again so please get that outta here.
I don't know if this is meant to happen or not but I can't seem to get through the open doors to get the items, it's like there is an invivable wall there or something.
i used to give it five stars. but when i played again after not playing a long time it spammed my browser with lots of pages, i had to turn off my cellphone to stop the blank pages spamming. also it has ads while the game is playing and it doesnt even pause the game. sad cause i really used to like the game.
I like the game... But every time I try to do the first level it goes to a bad but the "X" never showed it though. So I am uninstalling it. And also giving 1 star. Yall need fix the game please. If you want a better review please fix the game.
This game is really crrrrrrrrraaaaaaaazzzzzy!!!!, its a really fun game but there are too many ads, and needs more room to shop in and sometimes it get stuck too many times
It should be 100% free because I'm sure there are not a lot of people who can afford to pay, I know I'm one them. There should also be more and different rooms to shop in. Finally, after every level there is an ad. That's getting annoying. Other than that, it is a fun game.
loved it until now....I didnt mind the ads before...but now they pop up during the game wasting my time....its one thing to have to watch in between levels...but its literally popping up during the game for a good 5 secs u get 3 secs to move to get another ad pop up...and it's like the add is zoomed in....so u cant even see what it is...its annoying...was gonna get the vip but afraid it's going to do the same thing...I've been playing this game since 2019 and this the first time I've been disple
1st time I played, it worked beautifully. It was a decent game. But then I reinstalled it and I couldn't get past the first level. The ad popped up immediately and I couldn't see or do anything. And it never went to the next level. It was just too stressful. :/
This game is grossed with ads. The LARGE amount of one stars is proof that others are not enjoying the game and the owners clearly don't care and only intend to "farm money" or atleast try to. The ads actually make this game completely unplayable at times making it not at all a pleasuring game. Such a high graphic game TAINTED by its irritating astronomical amount of ads. Completely dissatisfied.
An offline game that needs an internet connection just to have ads? Fantastic. Do yourself a favor and spend your time on another game
I can't even do the first level because it won't let me into the shop. It's really dumb because i played it before and it was fine but it's not fine anymore. This game sucks
Ughhh this game is soooooo laggggyy what the heck it's so laggy and always frezzes! I don't like it!!! Only 1 star make it OFFLINE alright!!!!!!!!
The game asks if I want to see an ad to triple my $. I say yes, it shows 2 ads and triples my $. I say no, it shows me an ad anyway and doesn't triple my money. So if I choose not to see an ad, it shows one anyway. It does lag and it makes my phone hot after about 3 games. Edit: I stopped playing for a while and tried it again. Now there's a full screen ad in the middle of the game that wastes time while the clock's counting down. Do not download this game.
The game is the perfect game, but the game controls are not that good, as I thought they will be good dragging in the time, yeah, the time is not that long for us to get to the finish line.
READ REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every level u have to watch adds?!?!?! Cmoon man be mercifull...!!! Played 5 minutes only and bye!!! Every one who wants to install please read review!!!!!!!!!
I installed this game after seeing an ad. I was really excited to play this game. But when i started playing this game i understood that I'm losing my patience, because whenever i start a game an ad pops up and blocks my game. There is no x button to cancel the ad. So i have to wait for many seconds for the ad to close by itself. I feel relieved when the ad closes thinking that i can resume my game, but the game ends along with the ad. It was really disappointing for me.
I LOVE THIS GAME but the reason I give it 4 stars is because its really easy for the people to trip .)
there are too many ads that's why we cannot play the game and their ads are not going and we cannot play the game it's coming in the between of the game so I am getting frustrated and I am giving this waiting to because it it is interesting also
I don't care about ads, i don't even care if they pop up between levels... But when you get them popping up right when you're only 10 seconds into playing the game it's frustrating!!! And then the ads last 20 seconds!!!! You can't even play the game let alone enjoy it!!!! Im telling everyone I know NOT to download this rip-off unless you can fix it...ads between levels is no problem whatsoever...but not when 2 or 3 pop up in a row... how are you supposed to play the game when its just ads!??
The worst game ever in existance. I can't go one second without an ad that I can't even see. I can't skip the ads, ads last way too long, ads crash the game, game too laggy, everything expensive, airplane mode doesn't work for this, fix your game guys. Like seriously? Add an option to skip the ads at least.
This game is awesome but at a certian level it starts to stop. P.s this is an eleven year old talking
Redownloaded this game to see if it has improved. Now it really is not playable when a zoomed in ad pops up and interferes with no option to remove add to continue playing
I wanna rate it p stars Cuz first way too many adds, And I get adds in the middle of my game that cover the WHOLE screen!!!!! Like can't you advertise them in a corner or when I finish my stage!!!!!!!!!! It's fun but the ads annoy me!!!! Please make it offline too
It is not good say that this game is not good there is one thing which is making it worst ,which are ads. Otherwise this game will take 5 stars ok , so please work on it !
The thing thats i hate is the fact that there's a limit for you to have little guys to shop and that they should let there not be limit so I can raid the shop and just take the stuff
this just bad, so apperantly if you want to play this game with no ads, no wifi, well, you can't, because this game forces you to enable wifi for ads, im okay if the wifi is needed for multiplayer and stuff, but not ads, i really hate games that forces you to enable wifi just for ads, for peoples who hate mobile game ads, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, and if you instantly press play, you stuck on the screen that said, PLZ ENABLE WIFI SO WE CAN GET ALOT MONEY" which is terrible
FIRST OF All, I can't skip the ads. It is SO distracting. You can't close it, because there is NO X button! SECONDLY, because of this ad, I can't give the game itself a review, good or not, or even recommend it. FINALLY, I am deleting this game since I can't even play it.
The game has to many ads and random ads,and random picture ads. Also This Is Eat The Rich For Mobile,and you need wifi to play,and ppl cant get offline rewards bc they need wifi
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Fun little game. Used to really like it, cute. But they have a tik tok ad that automatically maximizes and makes the game totally unplayable. This is in other reviews, maybe someone will read it Monday and fix it. Maybe not. Don't waste your time till they do.
I used to love this game but the ads pop up way to often and theimyre huge and make it almost impossible to play
I really don't like the game 😧😥😧😥😧😥 There is an issue to my tablet and maybe even your own tablet , phone, iPhone and I pad. It seems to show you and me the sign that says. Pause with seconds and the game i can hear even when I restart it. Please let me know if you fixed it . Thank you ☺😀😊😅😤
i give it 4 stars because it updates but it's very good and i love super good game but it needs some updates
I tried to play today after not playing for a few months and the the first in game ad (while playing) dimmed and blocked my screen so it was unplayable. I put up with ads after a level is complete, but the ones that come up while playing actually keep me from playing. It used to work fine but something changed. Poor design. Uninstalled.
Ya so dumb people who made the game STOP PUTTING INVISIBLE ADDS WHILE YOUR SUPPOSED TO PLAY!!!! So everytime you go and play they will put an add on while your playing and make you lose so you cnt play since your on a timer it just turns your screen black and wont let you play I tried "playing" and I restarted it 24 times just because of that reason and wouldn't let me play so make a better game
My daughter used to love this game. Now ads open in the middle of game play and waste her time. Also a tiny ad displays in the top corner and greys out the screen. So she can no longer control her runners. This also wastes her time. I understand they offer an ad free version but this is ridiculous. We still have to watch an ad after every game play. She loves this game but if it doesnt get fixed i will uninstall this game.
There are two to three ads coming in each level. This is not a game, this is an app in which we can see just ads. I've seen many games with lots of ads but I have never seen a game which contains ads that we cannot get rid off. I cannot play this game because of these ads. When one ad ends, the other ad will pop out. And the people doesn't carry some things even if their hands are free. And sometimes, the crowd will disappear in between while playing the game. Very bad game. A stupid game.
Despite it being possible to be a fake version of a game called "Eat the rich" or at least some thing among those lines, but I still accept it into my life as a game................
When I first got the app it was fine but after not playing for a couple of months I come back to play again and every like 3 seconds a ad pops up and I can't see my screen and by the time the ad is done the time has run out and is unplayable. Your game sucks uninstalling.
Cool game that a like you can go shopping for crazy! And also the game gives a timer. So better hurry up with the shopping. And you can't play offline.
I love the game its awesome but every time I try to play there's an add but its not really an add its more of a picture that just stays there for forever until my time runs out on the game and I don't even get to play! I love the game idea but the adds just ruin it!
I used to love love love this game and I stopped playing for a few months and when I got back I wasn't even able to play because there is some kind of bug making the ads take up my full screen even during the levels, so it's unplayable.
Great game but ads are absolutely everywhere. And the gameplay gets a little stale after a while. It also gets quite laggy the more people you have and it isn't my phone because I have a Samsung a71.
An ad will completely cover the screen when you try and play. No X, no way to get rid of it. It would be a fun game of it were playable, but it's not.
I'm having the same problems with the ads as everyone else. They pop up in the middle of the game and take up the whole screen and/or pop up in the corner and dim the screen light and have no way of exiting the ad screen... this ap is literally unplayable.
This Game is the best game ever i played and i invite friends to play and they love it to this is there coment to. (I very loved this game my best friend recomend it to me and i say no at first but i see hey playing and i amaze so i try it im so probaly that time and i try it im not probly so its so cool! I hape u try it and recomend it on ur friend to like us, LOVE IT❤).....
every 2 seconds a add pops up i can not play the game because of the adds and there is no way to make them stop coming but on my phone this app works perfectly so please fix this problem and you will get a better review and you better hurry because i dont keep apps that dont work very long and it is so laggy where i can hardly read what i am saying right now
The game is amazing i don't know how to they say it's bad but it's amazing🤩that's why I voted 5!!!
Legit can't even play the game. For me ever 2 seconds an add would come up while the game continues playing in the background, and believe me I'm not exaverating. The adds would come ever 2 seconds. Looks like such a fun game if only the adds diffent ruin it
This game is one of the worst games I have ever played🙁. Every 5 seconds an add pops up and stays there for 30 seconds😡😑. This game is so slow too. Save yourself the frustration and don't install this game!!
What is wrong about some ads BEING SO HUGE THAT IT TAKE THE WHOLE SCREEN,IT APPEAR SO SUDDENLY, I CAN SEE THE ADS HALF FO THE SCREEN AND ME REALIZING THAT THE SIZE OF ADS AS TWICE THE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way, i love playing this game, so addicting, fun.FIX THE ADS POP UP APPEARING SO SUDDENLY AND THE SIZE OF SOME ADS.This game a few weeks ago it is all fine but now whyyyy.
I loved this game so much but now there is to many ads and they popo up out of now Ware and its dumb pls fix this
I really used to love this game. I've been playing it for sometime now and recently while playing in the middle of timed shopping the tik tok ad cones up and I can't get out if it. It just makes the game stick and when it will finally go back to the game the time has run out or its just about to. Ads are annoying enough...then to have the. pop up in the middle of you playing a game and then not bribg you back to the game where it interrupted you . it sucks! Uninstalling uninstalling it maybe
I love this app,but i can't play it with no wifi theres too many ads so i turned off wifi and then i can't play please let us play with no wifi
Liked the app when I first installed it. I didn't play for a while and now as I'm playing ads pop up and I can't do anything but close the app to get rid of it. I thought maybe I hit something but upon further testing it seems the ads take up the screen when they fully load.
This was my 1st time playing this game and it has way too many adds. One I was playing this game and add appeared out of nowhere, then when the add ended, a second later, another add appeared. Those people are right about the reviews, please make the ads way, way shorter, it will be way more fun without the ads appearing so much. If you add way more less adds.
I gave 3 stars for the game it is really fun but in the middle of the game so many ads pop up and leaves us not to play in the bonus level also ,I was so frustrated because of this app. but the game is very nice 👌 .