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Crazy Hospital

Crazy Hospital for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by ADQUANTUM LTD located at Boumpoulinas, 1-3, Bouboulina Building, Flat/Office 42, 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It takes time and Effort to make a good idle type of game. I give 5 stars, its well made, and its mostly abour strategy. Great Game, I reccomend it.
Be prepared to watch a ton of ads just to play the game. you will spend far more time watching ads than actually gameplay.
I read the reviews before downloading and thought "the ads cant be that bad". Well, yes they are far too many for this game. I get it, the company name is ADquantum and you gotta pay the bills and Im not one to complain about a free lunch but Adquantum needs to find a balance with the ads. They might find they get more downloads and a higher star rating as it isnt a bad game......
ads ads and more ads. ads before and after you watch an ad. in the middle of something like a pill party? ads. have to operate in grandpa? ads for every transplant. more ads in this game than fb and youtube combined.watched an ad to collect a medical bad. got the bag, another ad.i am use to ads in games but this is excessive and abusive.
I downloaded the game because it looked fun...5 minutes in it kept crashing. I unlocked the gp and it wouldn't let me upgrade without watching ads first. The game forces you to watch ads just to see the roulette wheel. Game forced me to watch 3 ads before I even really started playing. I get they want to make money from the ads but my lord. When you have to watch ads to even progress. Worst part was it wasn't optional to watch the ads it was watch or don't play.
i want to play this game i actually do however, the game won't let me, as i cannot skip the tutorial and it wants me to start automation i don't have enough to get the automation, so i can no longer play the game this is an incredibly stupid problem that shouldn't really exist to begin with
It's a fun game with a nice art style, I appreciate the add settings and I'm sorry that everyone else who gave it a low rating due to the adds didnt change they're star rating. This game is good and dosent deserve the star rating it currently has
Riddled with ads but this game doesn't shove them down your throat which is really nice. Instead they're offered as incentives. You choose what would benefit your goal and speed up the process of achieving it then watch an ad to help with a LOT of choices to choose from. 4 stars because it doesn't hold my interest.
It is just the ads i cant even play and it wont let me whatch ads to this game is terrible if you take the ads of i will give it 5 stars ok ook BUT SEORASLAT TAKE THE ADS OUT thanks
If there was a lower rating I would give it simply because of all the freaking ads. It's utterly ridiculous!!!!! I have played similar games in the past that did NOT have ever half as many ads. There is simply no reason for them other than someone is very very greedy. If it wasn't for all the ads this game may have been enjoyable but who can tell you watch so many ads you can't tell if it's fun or not. UNINSTALLING!!!
Game sucks. Everytime I go to hire a multiplyer, old man organs, or the bonus chests. I might get to watch 2 or 3 videos then no ads available keeps popping up. I know it is not my internet connection because I have played several other games and had no problems. I even restarted my phone and the problem keeps happening.
love the humor but they really push you to spend money. Without doing so after your fifth doctor you'll be idol for a a while in order to really progress.
I've played a number of games similar to this, 8n the past. Did quite well, too. Kind of a "Set-it-and-forget-it" game. As long as it doesn't eat up all my battery, while offline, we'll be fast friends. If it does kill my battery, it'll be "Sayonara, baby!"
Hey you CRAZY HOSPITAL you sure is crazy! But not in a fun way. You are crazy because you must like lagging all the time!!! And then my system ui comes up to say app is not working. Then I can either: Close Crazy Hosp app or wait. So I close it! You guys who are involved with making and promoting this game are fortunate to have gammer's who care enough to let you know what is wrong, you and your advertisers are LOOSING 💰 MONEY by not fixing games problems! Good luck. I'm disappointed with game!
I spent more time trying to get rid of the ads that constantly interrupted or were used just to activate certain things over half my gameplay was spent in some type of ad I'm sorry Developers but this is a ultimate fail in my book
Game sucks, ads are near constant... for a buy and reset game it has major flaws, you buy 10 ranks of a biz you think you're getting 10 - you'll get 9 and the game will turn generously allow you to watch ad after ad to get more ranks and not allow you to buy them using your game money. Really can't state enough - this game sucks.
Okay this is good but I do not recommend this for kids under 6 I recommend this for 8 year olds but there is something that bugs me the doc's they are insane and that is why I recommend this for like 8 or 9 year olds plz don't freck out
Lame, the game play is nothing like the ads. It is not entertaining for longer than about 2 minutes. TONS of ads. Try some kind of puzzle game or something. Tapping on cartoon characters that really do nothing is rather ridiculous.
Fun, execpt it forces you to watch ads to continue to play. How you should fix this is making everything free the first time around and then make it so its an ad.
Had the game for a while, got a new phone an d had to start all over again. No way to pick up when I left off. WAY too many ads, not worth it.
Its fun... But there is SO MANY ADDS!! Its like every time i click something it has an add. So if you dont like adds then don't get this game.
Yeah, I'm going to repeat other reviewers. There are A LOT of ads, way too many. Ads are required for literally anything you might want to do that's not super basic hands-off idle cash collection. Might as well close the app and come back in a couple hours for more of the same. Pretty boring. The art is cute, but the appeal wore off in less than a day of play. There needs to be a lot more ad-free freebies to keep me engaged (and I love to have idle games running while I'm at work).
I downloaded because the Ad made it seem like you could play an enema target game on a nurses rear. In fact it doesnt appear you can and I am now uninstalling.
If I could rate less than 1, I would. 1st of all, it took forever to load. When it loaded I immediately got an ad before I could even play. When I tried to play, nothing happened. It wouldn't let me play. Worthless waste of an app.
just short of "watch ads:the game" you can barely do anything without having to watch an ad, and they pop up randomly when you try to switch screens, or open a menu
So many ads its unplayable... for evey 5 to 10 seconds of game play expect a 30 second ad that you didn't request. I don't know what kind of spam bot gave this game good reviews but they are largely unintelligible.
This isn't a bad game but I hate that it forces you to watch an ad to continue playing so that's why I'm taking away three stars.
Terrible terrible game!! Do not install this stupid apps!! Game keeps crashing, shows some random pages whenever I tried to click, I tried only less than 5 min then decided to uninstall it!!
Cannot review Privacy policy or terms of use. Don't use and uninstall if you already have it. DATA MINER.....
Was fun in the beginning but after spending money go buy upgrades and opening up all but one doctor the game freezes up and you can go no further. Tried to reset game and lost all progress.....
Wow what a really awful game, First off is the mind blowing amount of ads, then there was the tutorial issue I had to upgrade the doctors only I didn't have enough coins to do it, there was no way to exit the tutorial and collect enough coins to do the upgrade game was stuck after barely 5 minutes of playing the game was stuck and unplayable. Seriously shocking that something like this is even on the play store would rate at zero stars if I could
If you like ads and want to give this game all your money than this is the game for you. No really in the freaking tutorial they force you to watch ads. I mean come on you greedy greedy people. Have some respect. We don't like ads and we don't wanna be spending all the money in our wallets to turn the ads off. Can at least one game maker think of the gamers not themselves. Geez!!! And the ads advertising this game are just gross. You people make me sick with your super GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY ways!
Forced pop up adds. They offer to remove if you make in app purchases. I get that adds are a way for developers to make money, but most people will watch adds if the game rewards are worth it. Being forced to endure adds is just a shady practice, most likely from a shady corporate company bound only on greed.
Adpocalypse. Also, to get rid of ads and unlock VIP... $7.28 a week. That's $29.12 per month or $349.44 A YEAR! Crazy hospital is just an idle game... But the developers are the actual CRAZY ones. $350/yr for a $.99 game. Advertisement overload pays you, and you want $350/yr extra... Pathetic.
I'm not too impressed. There are way too many commercials, all of which are way too long. The part that really forced an uninstall is the fact you can't play the game if they have no commercials to show you. If you don't have any commercials, then at least let us continue to play!!! Sheesh! There are no real goals in the game, other than being forced to watch more commercials. Definitely an uninstall for sure.
Tried it despite the comments on the over abundant Ads. Was fine at first but then after getting the third and fourth doctors, started to need to watch an Ad for every upgrade. Uninstalling and I don't recommend for anyone to download and play.
Was doing good. Stopped working, uninstalled, reinstalled, have to start everything over. This game will be permanently deleted. I don't Facebook.
Thought it was going to be fun. You get stuck and have to upgrade. Alot of stupid ads. Not worth it. Uninstalled.
all I've been doing is collecting coins and nothing to do with actual helping the customers like it suggested in the video ad. that's false advertising. fix it to where you help customers like the video said, and maybe I'd give it 5 stars instead.
My patience has run out. I've played100s idle games and this is ranking most advert intense. Who in their right mind would pay the astronomical VIP £22 monthly to remove the ads? An idle game that won't keep players returning for that reason alone. No option now but to delete and unfortunately the devs just can't get the balance of gameplay vs these intense adverts. Who wants to sit through ad after ad after ad? Ta Ta!
The game is fun I like it but WAY to many ads and you can't even progress in the game without adds and it's to hard to get coins.
Not worth the ads. It gives you ads all the time plus in order to continue you need to watch ads. You can play in airplane mode but I don't think it's really worth it. The ads for this game also lied so there's also that.
forces you to watch ads before you can progress in the game every couple minutes way to many pop up ads. As soon as I start to enjoy the game a ad pops up
Probably the worst "game" ever. Imagine watching television and someone keeps changing the channel every time the commercials end. That gives you a idea of what it's like to play this farce. Even the tutorial makes you watch commercials. Keep your trash. *uninstalled*
Game freezes because nurse ask for automated coin collection that cost 3k if you dont have it the game freezes with no way to collect coins or back out. Thought this would be a laugh but right now all I can laugh at is how incredibly lame the bug is....
I honestly like the game. The ads arent really an issue for me. I guess im either lucky or just patient. I mainly got the game after seeing the ad, and wanted to see if it was for real. Im not on it all day, but i check in every once in a while if I can afford a new doctor yet. It takes a while but somewhat worth it to me.
Would be a great game but the constant videos get annoying quick. Not to mention most of the videos freeze my phone to the point I have to shut down the app. If this isn't resolved I will be uninstalling.
Welcome to ad hospital. A game(?) where you cure patients between ads. There are more ads than game. This should be called ad simulator 2020 2.0. It is seriously ads interrupted by some game play. I thought maybe the reviews i read were being a little to harsh but it seems that they were being kind. Download at your own risk. 10 minutes and i was done. Uninstalling immediately. Don't care if i get a response.
Too many ads to play the game... even after paying to remove ads... you're still forced to watch ads to upgrade doctors so they're ripping players out of their money. In game link to service centre is also broken so you can't get through. Horrible game until they sort it out.