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Crazy Eights 3D

Crazy Eights 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Toni Rajkovski located at bul. Jane Sandanski 83/3-31 1000 Skopje Macedonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best UNO style game I've found yet. Doesn't have some of the overcomplicated rules and timers that the official UNO app does.
The so-called upgrade to this game is horrible. Much slower, sound effects gone, scores do not carry over. Put the game back to the way it was.
Game seems to be fun but not sure how the avatars are programmed to play in a strategic manner. Ads are ridiculously long. That why I give it a 3 star rating. Seems to be a glitch in play sequence, changing color in front of an avatar holding final card will always allow avatar to win. Changing ratings to 2 stars.
Ok so I was watching my brother play this game, so i was like i want that game! I went to download it and I just kept waiting and waiting for 5 minutes to load. So then i said forget it. Fix this plz! It looks like a lot of fun!
The Creators of the game, Computer put too much +4 for themselves. I have played 3 rounds and I have been hit +4 by 5 comps before I had a turn. Thanks developer, maybe If I give you $1000 then you would give me a very tiny handicap. Thanks but I'd rather keep that money for something more WORTHY!
Unrealistic. Cheats. The Wild 4 challenge doesnt work anymore. Poorly written. Rather than logically playing the highest point cards, the computer players know your cards and team up to keep you from playing your higher point cards. By the way... I already have the crappy Amazon Mobile App.
I wish original Mattel Uno would come back! No game compares! 👎🏻😡 Uninstalling- causes phone to overheat.
Great game and great response from developer. Thank you for reducing chances of ads. Looking forward to getting an option to remove them completely. Fantastic.
Great game of UNO, even says UNO when you are on the last card. Only thing that I wasn't sure how many cards the others had. The numbers are top right corner but in a square rather than a diamond as the players are.
Update 1 May 20: Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you meant device settings, rather than app settings. Tried your suggestion. It made it significantly better, but did not completely resolve the issue. Update #2, 1 May 20. Yes I found it after your last post. Signing out and then back in to Play Services alleviated the issue to a great extent, but did not eliminate it entirely.
I love to play this offline. It's the only game I can play all the time anywhere. UPDATE : This game was great until you added all these ads. This really bugs me. Offer a pay version but don't just add commercials you have to watch.
Its like everybody starts with draw twos and draw fours! When u look up you have 13 cards and every one else has 1 smh atleast give me a fighting chance
1 Dec 20: Crash problem fixed, but not the color change card problem. Frequently, but not always, the game gets stuck when one of these cards is played, usually when the card was drawn from the pack. The card doesn't get played until the timer runs out, slowing down game play. Even worse, it won't let you pick a color. Instead, it automatically selects the color in which the player has most points.
Unreal how many draw 4 and skip cards computers have. No possibility to win. Also, cheaters gang up on you for one of them to win. Can't win on their own so have to get buddies to help win.
MORE LIKE UNO! Love it, this is what I've been looking for. Have seen others comment that it's rigged and they never win but I play the 2 player mostly against the computer and I definitely win more than I lose. Ads aren't that bad either, when you consider it's a free game...Try it, I'm sure glad I did!!!
If you're like me, you suddenly had an urge to play uno on your phone. However you didn't find a good version of uno that's visually pleasing and plays with the right rules. However this is the best I've found so far. I like the design and the joining system (which can be a little confusing at first). This version gives you more freedom that the others out there in play store. I only have one complaint: I think you should be able to keep drawing cards until you get a right card. Thanks!
Very very good version of the game Uno! Straight play. Without all the eye candy. I don't know why they call it crazy 8. But the game is so clean I am going to purchase it through move the ads for a couple bucks is worth it!
It's better now that you can play people instead of just computer players. However the games are just hand by hand, no point total to reach. Also, no rankings. The original version was the best.
new games i do not like. it does not let you change colors. it puts cards in your hand once you play them i do not like it!!!!!!!!!
I've enjoyed this game so far. It is reminiscent of my childhood, playing uno with my family. Only no way to "say" uno. I had to buy it to get rid of interruptions - only irritation. Nice graphics for a simple game, and entertaining sound effects.
I like this app also Looking for a gambling game Vegas World flowplay on google play free to play Pinay find my free parties I gift all the time.
This game is awesome but there's one thing that needs to be added and that is the option of Stacking the +2 and +4 cards ... I'll rate it 5 stars once its done thank you.
Why does it only play one hand. The way it used to work, the winner would have to get a score of 300 or better. I liked it much better then. I am considering deleting if that issue can't be resolved.
I would LOVE to know the rules & an explaintion of certain functions. Can someone please post where I can go for this? 🙏
When I play off line I experience Nothing but cheating when playing with the avatar's. The other team almost always😲 ends up with all the trump cards and almost always knows what suits I Have. 😤Almost always ending up with 15 20 cards from being trumped by avatar's on either side of me.😠 AND, my avatar team players give way to other team to win. It's frustrating when I enjoy playing with live player's. I don't want uninstall game. I just might if not changed!
It's a solid game, but the multiplayer with friends is sadly very unstable. Can't recommend it for that local versus.
I wouldn't have installed the update if I'd known there would be an ad interrupting at the end of each hand. The green background is too dark and heavy, while the blue/purple color used to inform you of another player's cards remaining is completely indiscernable using black to display the number.
Many reverse,skips,black,+4 cards. And the probability of winning is very low. I felt that the computers are cheating since when I start changing the color of card,there will be a 95% they are going to change the color again. And also to the numbers, when I put down no 3 they are gointo put no.3 of dif. color then another 3 of different color. Like hell, is that even possible in real life? I mean EVERYTIME? . Please Lessen those cards, it's very disappointing.
Bad game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!??!?!?!?!
This used to be one of my favorite games. However, the latest version does not appear to support the ability to specify a user name or multi-player mode. I used to play with the same small group of Crazy Eights friends every day, but now there doesn't appear to be a way to find the in-progress game that my friends are playing. As a result, I have stopped playing. Third problem with the latest version is that you can't see your opponents' cards, so you don't know how close they are to going out.
The game truely sucks! Such a bad liars! Gaming using facebook with friends is totally fake and doesn't work! For offline game there is a bunch of better apps there. I don't recommend downloading
Really awesome game. There are ads after every round, but not too bothersome...but the screen orientation/rotation is just aweful...please provide an option to lock screen
A Fun game to play, especially the feature with more than one player. I personally have difficulties with it freezing or crashing at times. Right now I have a problem with it not connecting to the server I'm hoping this is just a temporary problem because I really enjoy playing this game.
I love this game, but it doesn't show the final scores at the end of the game. The 'you are a winner' banner blocks the screen and no matter if you enlarge or minimize the screen, you can't see the scores. Please fix.
I feel like I'm playing some 2004 or 2005 game graphics is so much bad in this and music is very irritating in this
There's not much sense of strategy. Plus, its difficult to tell how many cards are held by players on the left and right. The game moves very fast; so, if you like that, this may be a good game for you.
Too often game doesn't play card you select but drops it back into your hand then next player plays. Also, you have a take two card of the same color but will not allow you to play it. Plus too many times will not let you play same number in different color. Plays like UNO not like any crazy 8 game (standard 52 card deck) I have ever played. Game actually called UNO when computer was at 1 card. I'm looking for better game app.
The game is an interesting one .This game helps people in passing their time.I have downloaded the game just for spending time but now I love the game.Overall I like the game.I would suggest people to download and play the game and also rate it....
It's definitely not Crazy 8's which is what I thought I was downloading but it turned out to play like the game Ono which I love more than Crazy 8's. I stay up all night playing it & I like it alot! Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised!
Look good but where pay without ad ? Been cut off believe want join facebook i never use Facebook ! And dont let choose animal ??? And where remove stupid cheat reply they want me join them facebook huh i never use facebook too much hacker
It's a fun simple and straight forward game, with pleasing visuals, you should just sell the game though instead of the ads, they're really annoying, but not enough to ruin the great time. Love it.
This game is crappy. You never win. And when there are too many cards in the deck. It's poorly set up. Its hard to keep up with the tempo.... It's just crappy!
The probability of actually winning against a programed software with the odds in it's favor are pretty slim as it is. But this "game" has made sure to make it even smaller, thus, if you win, you have the greatest luck in the world.... or the game decided to let a few win so it can get a tiny bit of stars. All-in-all, this game is rigged more than the jackpot in a Las Vegas Casino.
it's a good game. I love uno but the ai's have too many +4's and +2's. I was playing a single player game with 6 players and at one point all of the ai's went crazy with +4's and after that ended I couldn't even see all of my cards
I like it a lot, and this is really fun to play you know everybody's doing this they should reconsider if you don't know what is reconsider it is means change your mind and I'm in third grade and I think 12th and we don't know why that means you need to go back to 3rd grade I'm smarter than you and I get a report card what are a are E if you love dove Cameron songs you should listen to her new song glowing in the dark
Love this game until the glitches start up. Makes me feel as though your putting a bug in/on my phone. Don't like that part. Other than that addictive!
It's a good game I just would like to know when the game is over how you even exit out of the game I tried to exit out of the game and it reached keeps restarting a new game after the game is finished
There are so many ads that i can't see anything on the screen. Also some ads keep flashing so badly that epileptic people would get seizures
Looked promising but would not let us play as our own player. An AI character was in the private online game in the place of the creator of the game. Maybe will try it again in the future. Exiting is also a bit difficult.
The computer always gets better cards than you, no matter the difficulty setting. If you play more than one computer they team up against you when you're about to win. The amount of draw four and draw two cards they get is ridiculous. The game us frustrating.
Good game, but biased against you in playing against multiple AI players. One on one your chances are better!
I was able to win 3 out of 15 games against the computer. Other than that, I am not joking when I say that the computer kept slamming me with multiple "draw 2" or "wild draw 4", it's ridiculous. The game is rigged for the computer.
This game is great! Play online or off...either way, it's got challenges galore or just play the classic game. Hours of fun! 👌👍
I don't like the updated version because it doesn't allow me to choose the AMOUNT of players, or the type of game, so I've UNINSTALLED IT.
This game used to work fine for the last few years, now it won't even load properly ! I don't know what you've done to it !!!
Used to love this game, but now it sux, you need to watch 30 sec add after every 10-20 sec of playing Changing my rating from 5 to 1 and uninstalling
It's not crazy eights its more like uno , which is what I was trying to find. Very fun and challenging. Fair game too! Amazon ad only pops up every so often for me. I just wish the graphics were a bit more rich and maybe there was some nice elevator background music. Otherwise👍 well done! I'm so addicted!!
The recent updates have ruined the game, I don't like it anymore. I play a wild, it puts it back in my hand and I can't make anymore moves. plus the circling arrows around the cards played is very annoying. I use to really enjoy this game before the updates. I'm sad to say I can't stand it now.
Thanks for fixing most of the issues Some of the very minor issuesi still see 1) when i try to see my rating game doesnt show anything after clicking crown icon hangs at "loading scores" but i do see popup as "your new rating is .." so looks like game does rate my play 2) when hosting private game if sometimes mutiple players get dc bots take over( very nice feature) but when players reconnects it is difficult to know which seat belongs to whom, perhaps bot taking over should take over player na
Was really enjoying the game until it begin to disconnect every hand for no reason at all #ughh bout to delete
new games i do not like. it does not let you change colors. it puts cards in your hand once you play them i do not like it!!!!!!!!! Thank you. It looks like you fix it.
I can't seem to want to stop playing this game, it is so much fun. It's cool that you can see how many cards your opponents have so you can nail them with "Draw 2 or Draw 4".
I want the old version back. Some how it got updated to this dumb ass version. Really, a kid game. Now i cant find the pre updated game from this garbage. Fk thanks. Aholes
Don't download this money hungry game. $2+ to remove ads just to get ads anyways & multiplayer games are based on the host. Playing a 1v1 will always have the host win. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. LOOK FOR A BETTER ONE.