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Crazy Defense Heroes - TD Game

Crazy Defense Heroes - TD Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Animoca Brands located at Unit 417, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its Good Game, but its need some improvement 1. make a sell button, sometimes we miss click/the tower need to changed to better ones. Wether we can get placement back or not is up to dev. 2. Better UI, i don't even know we can scavenge already finished area until i was upgrade to card until my materials runs out. i'll update later when the new updates implemented
I have to watch commercials to use the lvl 20 battle card deck space. That was a lot of work to be forced to watch ads just to use a perk you were supposed to unlock naturally. I mean really wow.
I'm rate 2 star due to always stuck at loading screen when start the game. If can soft out this problem maybe will get more player
Actually a very fun tower defense game. I was expecting adsapalooza, but so far the only ones I've found are voluntary for a free chest. Also the artstyle is cute and pleasant. I'll be playing this one for a while <3
Couldn't even get past 3rd level. Game crashes about 50% of time loading into a stage. It costs energy to enter a stage, even when it crashes for me...so my first experience is 2 tutorial rounds, crashes, and not enough energy to continue. No thanks.
F2P just be patient. Free games if you join the event... Easy to play, just focus on a 1 tower, 1 spell. Just started monthly subscription for faster leveling.
Really neat game, only bad thing is the energy. It takes forever to recharge, you don't have much to begin with, and restarting also costs energy. I've played other defense games where restarting a level (in-game) is "free", no energy charge or anything to retry the level.
Visually appealing tower defense game. Controls are simple and straightforward. The card elements allow for different playstyles. The pacing is quick so it's never feels like a grind. Would definitely recommend.
Game seems fun, lots of potential, but right now, progress is heavily gated by energy system. You play 5/6 games and you need wait for a while to continue playing. Retreating or restarting also costs full energy, which is needlessly harsh compared to other games that let you retry at no cost. Game could be great, but is evidently held back by the dev's greed at the moment.
A good game that is getting better with every update but it still suffers from the same problem that keeps me from giving the 5th star. Currently level 40+ and still only have 1 4* card. The drops are just absolutely abysmal considering how many resources you have to put into cards.
It takes a very long time to get new defense cards, and it's reallyyyyyy difficult to get anything good. I have two 2 stars towers and they are so bad i cant even use them. And the only 3 stars card I have is a ground warrior and i was very disappointes it wasn't a tower card. I will. Stop playing because of that probably
its a good game :) Expensive free to play. :( I would have preferred to just pay a one time price. its a good game that brings new ideas to the TD genre. but only to monetize your progress... Kingdom rush did it the best. I would have liked to be able to make a purchase outright. not through the free to play model -2 stars. The developers deserve something for new content in the TD genre. but not $100 every turn. no thanks. would love to see this on the Switch
No matter how much you throw you will get rubbish item or gold never get food unit drop rate is super super super low worse of the worse
Gameplay is fun, has potential to be a great game. But the drop rate is just....... your typical gacha game. most of the time, chest only drop gold. and later it will be difficult to advance with only 2 star card. energy regen is really bad, 9 min for 1 energy. make it 3 or 5 min, or raise max energy (double or maybe triple). and please make it dont consume energy if we fail the stage. overall, decent game for killing time
I think everbody should install this game. Its no 1 game in whole play store. Admin or creators are too responsible and keep on adding new things in a day or two. Excellent game .
I love this tower defense game! Kudos to the developer and team behind it! The chibi illustration is also cute! I can't wait to collect more strong cards for my deck :) my suggestion would be the ability to remove/destroy tower position so we can put another tower in it, in case we put a wrong tower in a certain position (maybe cost mana to destroy) Also more activity for clan so we can work together as a team? Make the co-op be emphasize, i am sure many will love this!
Decent game. Can be challenging @ times. The chest probability is a joke. Your more likely to get low level cards you already have, gold or gems. Even the method to level cards is laughable. It takes way toouch grinding to build cards by replaying levels or sharing items from guild members if you're in one. This game can be great, but it's either pay to win or grind to a sloe halt as energy builds slow. Apparently you developer's don't want players constantly on your game much.
Energy regeneration is way too slow compared to other games. Constant "cheap packages" popping up makes it obvious their greed. Any chest you click on for the roulette is not even a roulette... it is determined immediately (watch your gold amounts). Not sure what the point of having the user have hope it may be a good reward while you do the roulette.. waste of time really. Let's not even mention the extremely poor gatcha rates.
I like the game. However, I wonder if there is a customer service channel I can reach out to. Today I made a purchase for a starter kit. The payment has been made but I didn't seem to get the reward I made the purchase for.
It gets a 3 star, I like the gameplay. But I absolutely despise the energy system, energy costs are way too high
This game is emmaculate so far with a few minor tweaks to make is a god ridden game. I only have about an hour of play time, but an option to sell our towers at 50% yo 75% of purchase price incase of an accidental purchase would be fresh. Stay tuned for more leads to make this game even more addicting than IT already is. Bear trap should cost more than it does...
Honestly restarted 20+ times now and only ever get 2 star pulls, the first one is rigged to pull a sword. I dont know if the rates are purposely this low.. but this outs me off instantly. Knowing that 40 chests wont give a 3 star or whatever that impossible 4 star is, probably won't play long. Gameplay is ok, that's where 2 stars comes from.
This is an awesome game. I highly recommend to fans of TD games. Only a couple of suggestions: A weekly or monthly accumulated login bonus (like a guanteed 3 star after 1 week and guaranteed 4 star after 1 month); some sort of tribe/guild where players can work together to beat a boss; Different avatars would be a fun addition.
I also have had trouble logging in since the last update. The game doesnt log in all the way and it freezes ehile playing
Why does it have to be online? It's single player, right? I also don't like the idea of the same cards can have different rarity (hopefully the cards with the same rarity always have the same stats). Graphics are very basics, not really ugly, but definitely not 'unique visual experience featuring high definition anime illustrations to feast your eyes on'. And the sound effects are only slightly better. Didn't remember an ad tough, maybe because I haven't played that long.
Tower Defense games with energy systems are trash. It's a cheap way to monetize, and I don't support it. Beyond that, it's barely an average td anyway. There are better out there already that don't fleece you or limit your play.
Crashes all the damn time, and uses a daily energy system, so if you crash mid map, you can't play again, awful system
Guys, I've been with this game for perhaps 2-3 years. At first there were only 2 difficulties, then it got enhanced to 4. Some of the 3/4 tier difficulties are really tough. Been playing this game for a few years trying to tank up the defense towers but still to no avail. Really hop some of the difficulty levels (monster health's), can be reduced to fully enjoy the gameplay. I don't mind that you make it hard to get 4 star cards, but it would take AGES to actually enhance them to fight.
"Unable to play current video. Stop the current video and retry." Is a very common random error message that pops up anytime. No amount of closing the app or reseting device changes this. The game crashes randomly possibly due to the error. This game interferes with other apps like netflix, it cant be left running in the background. The game is otherwise long and grindy and heavy on getting random spells, towers and heroes which can also drain your bank acount if you let it.
So far, so good. I hate being prompted for a review within an hour or downloading. it seems like a typical tower defense with standard rpg progression. I'll rate 4* for now and adjust accordingly once I've played a bit more.
Edit: My clan need a limited event card (kirito tower) to clear a clan quest but none of us have the card, and we don't event know if the event will come again or not. I think it's unfair to give us such quest!
I'm still kind of new but so far it's a fun game. I would have rated 5 stars but nobody wants to start a game and run out of energy within the first 20 minutes of playing. Shouldn't be taking energy when you pass a level. Now I have to wait...
Great game, Tower Defense with CCG aspect. The difficulty is not that hard, its not like it suddenly becomes so hard that you cant pass the level. Just keep playing and earn more chest for better unit. The only problem in my opinion is thr cost of Premium Chest is a bit too high. Like 400 Crystal thingy is hard to collect, and it only guarantee 2 at least. Getting 2* for 400 is a big OOF for me...
Tower defense game combined with cards collecting game. Lots of different towers, spells, and heroes. You can get 4* cards as F2P, even 3* cards can be useful. FUN !!!
i complain and when i log in, all my info has been deleted and im starting forvthe beginning! 0 stars because i spoke my mind!
Game seems good so far. Has good graphics, short and very informative tutorial. Its cool that there are many different kinds of tower for you to choose. There's the energy system that some may not like, and the card level up system that may make us stuck at some point. Well, I cant say for sure it is gonna happen. Anyway, a pretty good and different Tower defense!
I love this game, however just today it will not load pass the intro screen, I have checked for updates, and restart my phone but no change. I don't want to lose any progress I have gained.
Fun but will stagnate after a while. Only one main deck, no options even though there are maps where towers, heroes or spells will be disabled.
Since Ads are working properly now, we are back to our good old adventure. The game is very good, a little bit repetitive but it can be addicting. Just lack some features to 5 stars, like an almanac(I would like to know what cards I'm still missing), the possibility of sweep stages (playing easy things over and over sometimes is boring) and more progress to higher level players( The stronger the player is, harder the content should be[Except for events, they are hard enough]).
Surprizingly, very interesting tower def game, easy at the begin, harder and harder till late game but playable without donate.
the developers cares the iOS version a lot, the Android version is pretty much screwed, no account recovery, ad chest not appeared any more
Nice TD game, I just start playing, only one issue, lower your gem prizes a bit. With the number of tower you promote and the ingredients you require for upgrade, i can see this game might become p2w fast. i dont mind spending some money here, but i won't spend a fortune here.
I really wanted to like it, but the pull rates for 4 stars seem to be absolute trash. Been rerolling for 30-45 minutes straight and I've gotten like 99% 2 stars, 1% 3 stars, and 0% 4 stars. Not sure if I'm just super unlucky. But it would be nice if pull rate percentages were given because it seems very very very low. Edit: Many many rerolls and literally hundreds of summons later. Still ZERO 4 star units. The premium chest clearly says "2 star to 4 star battle card". If you can't get 4 stars at level 1 this should be stated. Unless the rate is seriously just that bad. This is definitely the worst summoning rate I have ever seen from any game ever.
i really like the game, it's the only tower defense like this that doesn't want to make me delete it right away, also i guess you guys are still developing the game so in a future update could you add the ability to sell or remove towers that you want to change or accidentally place? That would be nice and i wouldn't have to restart just to fix one tower. Thanks
The game has potential, one of the better TD games gameplay-wise, but it has glaring issues that make it really hard to enjoy. Here are some suggestions: -Running out of energy shouldn't prevent you from playing, maybe remove stage gold and exp only. -There needs to be some means of getting a specific card, maybe a recycling system or an evolution system, or even a special merchant. -A practice map would be great, where you can try out cards you don't have and spawn enemies for damage testing.
The game is great. The only problem im facing is its keep saying connection error. It make me scare to even buy the newbie item. I hope this can be fix
When i login and saw that the game require stamina to play stages.... I straight away logout and now i gonna uninstall it..... However, it look nice.... But this type of game, do not need the stamina system,it gonna destroy the user experience.
It's fun and free, but crashes on pixel2. Every once in a while, game won't launch for days till an update gets added.
Downgraded to 3 star. Raids need updating. Boring and frustrating to do a whole raid and not get the crafting material I'm raiding for. Don't even bother to raid most of the time now. I need materials not gold. Update chests so there is a guaranteed minimum. Make raids mor challenging with better rewards
This game is great in many ways. Rich environments, customizable loadouts, and plenty of chalange. One problem though, when you get to the 5th world, a summoner from earlier levels become tankier that the first boss and the summons, who are suppose to be swarmers, become tougher than the grunts of the level. Maybe a patch can help, but just be prepared for fat summoners, like very prepared.
Card draws are garbage, keep getting the same 1 star cards. Completed several missions to get free gems and received nothing. Emailed the customer support twice over the course of a week and heard nothing back. Developers don't care about the game anymore don't waste your time or money.
Reminds me of my favorite game crazy kings but it's on Apple only so I hope they can make it on all platforms
I spent 20dollars and not even one of them are above 3 stars. Disgusting. I'm done with this. ***Edit: you kept up with nothing, stop lying through your teeth.
Its quite cute but not really upto what we wish for. I don't know aince i just started and it asked for a review but I think more options on upgrades rather than just damage or elemental boost would be more preferable, like the range upgrade or speed upgrade which i see none. A game like this would only be popular if it goes in this kind of direction than only damage upgrades. Also ask thus review like after 20 or some levels because in this review even I feel like I haven't played enough to say
Very fun and balanced game with a lot of potential! Playing f2p as the store is pretty uninteresting and useless. I would like to see a leaderboards, more hero and cards customization. :) Edit : I rate 5 stars for the slime event, which is pretty fun! I like this game!! Edit on 08/2020: stopped playing this game as it became a big paytowin. Events are no more fun. Edit: Got back. Perfect for now. :)
Great game overall, but it's 2019 and there's no way to bind your account except for contacting the spprt team manually. Please use Google Play Games for the acc binding, and do it quick.
Game is fun but energy system is super lame. Also not enough crystals given. Update: after over $150 in premium chests I didn't get a single 4 star, incredibly low rates not even worth it. Won't be putting any money in anymore
Edit....Guys dont forget most of us are on phones or tablets with limited memory. Your updates are making the game too big for my space, slow down lol :) Awesome game, easy to progress and no demands for money every 5 minutes. Would be great if we could sell off several one star cards for a 2 star and so on, also be great if we could swap directly with our clan. But overall....probably the best game available yet. Well done guys:)
The game could be fun. The stages are great. The problems are the energy system. You can't play. It takes 6 energy to play a stage. 9 for hard. You have a maximum of 30 when you start. You can buy more though. The game is all in your face trying to make you spend money and it's insulting. Buy buy buy. The VIP system is super stacked. I'm pretty sure you can't get 4star cards without paying. Horrible pay to win greedy game.
One of the best tower games I've played in years. Later stages get challenging but you don't have to pay to beat them
wont load past network error screen. error comes up whilst im on wifi and phone internet. nothing wrong with my internet.
for a newbie player will be anger with energy, the old player will be like this game but for newbie player its not, because the energy recharged is 9 minutes per 1 energy but if you want play need 6 energy, you must wait 54 minutes for 1 play. please change energy recharged to 5 minutes or 3 minutes. its will be work good
So far pretty fun. Well balanced with no annoying ads and graphics are decent. Only problem I have is it is one of those games that require a certain amount of energy to play levels. You can either wait for your energy to build, or pay to advance. Have not experienced any crashing or freezing of the game.
It's an alright Tower Defense in general with nothing new to the genre, although it has a few major issues with progression in general. For starters, cards have a star rating which determines their potential, on its own that wouldn't be an issue, but you can get the same towers at lower or higher ratings, making the valuable resources you invested into lower ones a complete waste. Which is compounded by the game's energy/stamina system heavily limiting how much you can actually do.
Still a few bugs with energy not replenishing properly, support doesn't respond to messages and there is nothing micro about the microtransactions. A few essential resources are VERY rare to get. Shame because it could be a good game if you could progress better without forking out a ton of $$$
This is one of my all time favorite tower defense games. It is seriously like me playing old Final Fantasy 4 or Fire Emblem. Honestly it plays similar to a FF Tactics type of game with just as many options! The best thing is that you don't have to wait 35-180 minutes just to engage a match! Please put as many man hours as possible into expanding this Thank you .
the game itself is really fun. the tutorial is very clear also. the only problem I have is distinguishing the cards at the bottom they are not very clear when you are playing the game and you need to remember the sequence that you put them in your deck or else you don't really see the difference between them this could be something that can be clarified in the future.
The energy recovery time takes quite long (9 minutes). If it could reduce to 5-6 minutes, it will be much better.
Ik im asking alot but can you change the target of a tower and see info of orcs in the world map either ways the game is really good i suggest you play it.
Simple yet fun, havent hit a paywall yet. Been playing for a few days so far. And then the pay wall. Oh well. Uninstalled
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
the games is great and fun to play, but the opening chest mechanism is seems unfair. So many times I opened the chest, 80% I got money, materials or energy because i can't see the next prize. Maybe the developer can change opening chest mechanism to roulette model so the player can choose more accurate.
Really fun and easy to get into. Progress seems fast and rewarding. Great animations and level design so far. Only about 15 levels in.
on the treasure chest : map screen, sometimes the back arrow disappears and i have to restart app. i am still looking for the play to earn option
it's a fun game. but the drop rates for anything above 2 stars are incredibly low. I've bought several premium chests and never gotten anything above 2 stars.
Awesome game, easy to progress and no demands for money every 5 minutes. Would be great if we could sell off several one star cards for a 2 star and so on, also be great if we could swap directly with our clan. But overall....probably the best game available yet. Well done guys:)
A good, solid tower defence game requiring a fair bit of skill and some fast timing. Card towers look cool and powerful, not heavy on wanting money and so far not a single advert. 5* for an awesome game, keep it up ^-^
Fun game, enjoying it enough, playing a fair bit. The one star is because i still only have 2 star items because 95% of the time you own a chest you just get money. Definitely trying to get you to buy more chests.
Very slow upgrading mats. Even if you complete a task, you then have to roll for a chance to get the reward
Game does not start up (black screen) after recent update Edit: Turning it off and on again does not work. And contacting you in game, while the game does not start, would be a nice trick. I hope for a hotfix. Edit 2: The update changed the saving position of the game in the preferences without moving the files. After I changed my preferences back, the game started again.
Great game and played it for over a year. However it gets crashed extremely often after Android 11 upgrade. No update to fix crashes for a long time. Please resolve the issue or will have to abandon the game soon
I was having a ton of fun with this game until the last week or two when it started to consistently crash when opening. When it does actually open it crashes any time when trying to play a level after the 5% difficulty reducing video. Disappointed as it was a very fun game. Unplayable now and a sign of a bad developer.
Was really enjoying the game. But now it wont let me log in without updating. The update is too big for my phone and there's no option to ignore update. So I guess I can't play anymore....thanks a bunch
Been playing a while but can't get anywhere unless you buy a pack, would be a good game if you could progress
OMG! this game is amazing! If you want a fun but simple strategy game to test you planing skills then this game is for you! It doesn't matter if you have a 1star tower/spell/hero or a 4star one they are all amazing with different types of damage ranging from: basic single, stun single, slowing single, poison single to: basic splash, stun splash, poison splash, flaming splash, rapid splash rapid single and so on. In short this game is epic!
It's a mediocre defense game that legitimately doesn't want you to play the game. You have VERY little energy to enter levels, many of the chests are time gated so you have to wait 4+ hours before using them, and you get almost exclusively weak one star units and gear which you have to level up using a ton of materials that at some point you're going to either have to pay or grind for. Even if you grind, you would need lots of energy to do so, which you just don't have. Don't pay, don't play.
Advertisement does not work properly, wish that we could buy cards, instead of getting lucky with the chests, chest should not be rolling because it is a chest, not a wheel, even then it does not stop when we want them to. Gem collecting and avatar leveling should be seperated from other quests. Great tower defense game with graphic, but requires story to go along with the game. From 2 stars to 1 star for no changes and always auto reply to every comment.
Good defense game with a few twists. You also need to manage resources to upgrade. Treasure randomizer is a bit weird but overall its a good game to kill some time.
Simple game, acceptable level of diversity in enemies, and tier 3 rewards are reasonably accessible. Edit: After another 5 more months of playing, I've increased this to 5*. Turns out getting tier 4 rewards actually gets a lot easier as you go, and the latest addition of clan quests makes this even easier with guaranteed tier 4 rewards available. I'd say it has very fair monetization for a free to play game.
heiiiiii, its me again with my new review.. i stilll love this game, the only thing i want is the clan so i can play with my other account, and make it the same server with ios please. and we need merchant too! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ps: i rarely write a review and now i make it twice! hahahaha thats how much i love this game
After having to constantly watch ads for card slots I unlocked to be used every other battle this game got to pay to play for me. Definitely don't expect to beat the game without dropping insane amounts of money for overpriced junk
one of the better tower defense games out there. been playing since it launched and still have lots to do. interested to see what new updates come out....edit... after reading some reviews you don't need 4* cards at the start. take your time...accumulate chest/map rewards and you can build up your deck easily without spending cash. it's a marathon, not a sprint! :)
A good game that is getting better with every update but it still suffers from the same problem that keeps me from giving the 5th star. Currently level 40+ and still only have 1 4* card. The drops are just absolutely abysmal considering how many resources you have to put into cards. UPDATE: Unfortunately dropping down to 1*. Two events back to back that are overturned for even the top players to not be able to complete them. As the only real way to get 4* cards, it removes any reason to play.
There is not much of a strategy required in this game. Whole concept is build on endless farming to get at least 3 stars towers/card. You can feel very lucky if you get within a year couple of 3 star cards. Without paying you have no chance to get 4 star cards and without those you will not have any success in the events which are unbeatable without high level cards. In summary: some fun in the beginning until you realize there is a huge pay wall before you.
The game wants me to update but it looks like you haven't pushed it to Google Play yet. Its just stupid to go back and forth.
Not a bad take on the old Tower Defense game. However, wish they supported the tablet's keyboard/mouse (like other games do) - will make it much easier for me. Other than that, a fun game. Energy system is fine.
The game is fine in the beginning, so I spent some $$$ to get a starter pack and gem subscription. Immediately regretted it once I got into medium difficulty. Scum developer tactics to strong arm players into spending more money after beginner maps are completed. For a single player non-competitive game you guys do this? Just got a special offer for a 4 star spell card at $99.99 and that's AFTER supposedly saving 80% off! Go to hell.
PLEASE READ so this game is amazing but there is a bug on the first worlds boss. the minions freeze up and eventually stop spawning. my wifi is fine, i made it to the boss with no problems. ill keep attempting to run it but please look into it? edit: yeah no it keeps happening.
Very fun and balanced game with a lot of potential! Playing f2p as the store is pretty uninteresting and useless. I would like to see a leaderboards, more hero and cards customization. :) Edit : I rate 5 stars for the slime event, which is pretty fun! I like this game!! Edit on 08/2020: stopped playing this game as it became a big paytowin. Events are no more fun.
Please update "beast quest" i love that game 😁❤ ... there is a mistake in the downloading of the two areas , please fix it soon ! Thank you for aswer ❤
9/10 chests give garbage (Remove gold and materials from chests, you get plenty from duplicate cards which you start to get a lot after a week or 2). Scavenge should have a separate energy system. Getting a higher star card should remove lower star card from deck and chests and refund spent materials to make selection and upgrades easier and more enjoyable. This could be the best TD ever, but it needs to be streemlined for a better pace and less reliance on slot machine chance.
Very good! Just lack some features, like something to keep track of the new/missing cards. Once you get mid-high level, energy won't trouble you anymore, instead gold becomes a scarce resource. Additionally, there could be an option to sweep low level stages, playing something too easy is boring, and spending batteries to autoplay them is not the best trade you can get. Anything else is fine, in my opinion.
Nice game, great potential! (5*) Edit: The game does not track its energy system properly and keeps notifying you energy full when it's not, it also keeps notifying you kingdom under attack more often than necessary, very annoying. (4*) Edit2: Server all of a sudden is down without announcement/status. (3*)
I can't play the game, it's asking to update although there's none ,tried reinstalling but still same 😭😭😭
Excellent service and I am exploring as I advance stay tuned for honest update in service. Well guys so far every patch and update are smooth No issues.
bugs, developer doesnt respond. rare fairy dust stuck at 6, even getting more from battle or chest, it will remain at 6. maybe its on purpose so player must pay to upgrade cards inorder to advance. Adding more: You cannot get Epic four leaf clover from raid, even with all 4 raids perfect 3 stars. So you cannot upgrade beyond lvl 2 on cards. Forcing players to buy the four leaf cover item.
Great game but incredibly over priced. I mean one 4 star chest is $114 which is massive .. that is equivalent to a weeks food. It can be played without purchasing but it is slow. I have spent what I thought was a minimum fair price on things but that gets you not much at all. It is a shame as it makes it out of reach of general everyday people and caters for rich gamers who can afford to waste hundreds of dollars.
7/2019 - There's potential, but room for improvement. Without some basic QoL changes, the game will get tedious. The energy and gacha chests are unsatisfying. I don't see an option for lower star duplicates. Energy being used when you fail, retry, or back put to the main menu is terrible. Dragalia Lost is an example of a better energy system with enough refill rewards. The refill here doesn't even max your energy.
once again they get an asian game and release here on the west, but with no updates, events, nothing, ios version is miles ahead, the asian version is even more, game is fun but it doesnt take long to u to notice that the game is just there to grab ur money , first few days is fun, but after that ur progress is really slow , with little to do and very boring
This was fun until you get to levels that dont allow you to place towers. Thats the whole reason I played this game. Developers obviously dont know their audience.
it's a decent tower defense game, one annoying thing is I'm getting notifications for everything and not just once but 3 times for each thing. was looking for a way to stop it and the if it's there it's not working for me. also the 3 or 4 star cards drop rates to low.
Quite a fun game however I am on my second day and have already grown increasingly frustrated with the common upgrade materials in chests. Even the daily chest and medium upwards, makes collect new cards hard when the odds are heavily in favour of these nothing pulls and 1 star duplicates are crazy (I am more than half way to a chest with fragments after one day with the amount of duplicates I've pulled). Please remove basic materials from chests and make the chests actually worth while.
Game play is very fun but the rates for the cards is just insane. After a while, all the dungeons become too difficult if you don't have anything but 2*.
This is a massive pay to play game. You hit a pay wall early in the game. I only tried it to get a reward for another app, but this game isn't free to play friendly. Uninstalling
7/2019 - There's potential, but room for improvement. Without some basic QoL changes, the game will get tedious. The energy and gacha chests are unsatisfying. I don't see an option for lower star duplicates. Energy being used when you fail, retry, or back out to the main menu is terrible. Dragalia Lost is an example of a better energy system with enough refill rewards. The refill here doesn't even max your energy.
The fact that this game use game stamina, it becomes flop for me. Sadly, you limit your players to enjoy your game.
Great tower defense game. Actually the gameplay is the same but the whole concept of the game is just great. Probably I expect more from the Art since it looks a like "Anime" but the UI and texture didn't feel like "Anime" so it's just feel something missing there
Takes 6 month to max a card and they will nerf that card to the ground out of no where. No possibility to reset and get the ressources back.
I love tower defence games but there is a shortage, found it from YUB and found out he wasnt lying, it WAS super addicting
Don't like game that have 24 hours coundown, when player missed to claimed, it will be longer and longer... Why don't make it once a day instead of 24 hours??? There for the player can flexible to collect it. This is basic gaming phsycology, don't make things complicated, make player feel comfortable.
Game is excellent. But minus points is energy counts.Very less.and secondly,i was waiting for particular level up card of medium raid.after 6 days that raid was given. I spl.cleared so that i get that card. But i opened chest,i recieved 45000 coins.and still that card randomly not came.This is very very stupid .developer should have common sense if u are giving particular 4 raids for that card,then why u keep other options then.This is very very stupid in this game.These things decrease interest
Decent tower defence game. The tutorial is kinda annoyingly long though and the font is so small it's hard to read.
It's fun, but the game freezes and I lose my charges when I have to restart. This has happened multiple times and I'm not sure why it happens. Why can't they just let me save the progress and get back to it when the game freezes instead of me losing charges?
This game is no longer fun to play. It's so painful to play. It freezes all the time and making it harder to complete the quest. I'm loosing interest in this game fast. Needs major improvements. wished you can play without the internet. Most time, I'm playing when I'm on the train and have no internet. I don't like needing energy to play each game. Which means you can't play until more energy is generated when you ran out of energy. The game is very glitchy. It freezes up during the game play.
Im smart enough to know that it just came out so it would have a ton of bugs...first of all when u go to item equip...it just pops up black...and when u go to open the chests...u cant see anything but the pink backround...I REALLY wanna play this game so PLEASE fix it and ill give five stars!
Well firstly Thank you for the 1000 gems! and secondly this is a brilliant game! i have had it for less than a day and i am already hooked, the visuals are simplistic in a few ways and places but extrenely detailed in others, well done on making such a good game! however it would be cool if you could customise your avatar
In the recent update mortar tower targeting seems to have been changed. It was my best card and they miss all the time now and are just useless. It will shoot bombs anywhere but where there are troops. Will uninstall if not fixed next patch.