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Crayola Virtual Design Pro

Crayola Virtual Design Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Crayola LLC located at 1100 Church Lane Easton PA, 18044. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A waste of time! I spent over an hour trying to line up the squares. My son was very upset as I was unable to scan any of the pictures that he had taken ages to colour. Would definitely NOT recommend.
Horrible. If you could actually scan anything it would be nice. My daughter couldn't even play with this because it's impossible to scan anything. No wonder this was on sale! Highly disappointed.
It does not work propley when I tryed to scan it keep coming up with a message So Know One DONLOAD This Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What?!?!??! Ok so I tryed to be nice here but look if you want a app to work you get people who know how to properly program and not a lazy ass who sits on he/her computer and goes on Facebook and then gets a call from his/her boss saying that the update is not out and than he/she goes on a programing app and types 01100110110011 aka make a bad and gay update that dose nothing only make it worse so crayola if you can make it work
Doesn't work. Refuses to scan. Amazing Crayola would even sell this garbage. I wish we could get our money back for the coloring book. Lame
Does not scan at all. No way to align to even scan it in. Big disappointment Crayola. Big company without programming knowledge. Stick to just making crayons.
this is a joke of an app.. it never opens up and when it does it never saves your drawings. needs to be uninstalled for every use.. multi billion dollars industry and can't even come out with working app so so disappointed
We have two of these given as gifts for Christmas. The app will not scan so they basically received glorified coloring books.
Can you pls make the small □s bigger,because when the big one is in the right place then the small ones are't
This is such a fabulous idea, but the implementation is weird. Scanning is a lot of effort, and it doesn't save scanned pictures. My kid wanted to go back and play with a previously scanned picture almost immediately, and why not?
It would be okay if I could actually scan a picture and it didn't take 30 min to scan 1 picture. Why would you have 4 boxes that need lined up. There should be no more then 2. This is for children. I am 30 years old and have trouble lining it up. How do you expect kids to.
I CAN'T EVEN USE IT,don't listen to those stupid people who rated this 5 stars you can't zoom out so I had to stand up and its IMPOSIBLE to aim the camera at the right thing.IS THIS WHAT YOU'VE GONE YOU CRAYOLA!?
Absolute rubbish! I have 2 very upset boys who were very excited to receive the colouring book as a gift! BIG let down! And a Big con! I though with it being Crayola it would be worth the cost! Very disappointed!!
Can work really well. Works great on my Samsung Note 8. Scans quickly and shows the model well. However on my sons Lenovo tablet it makes the camera sluggish and requires a bright light shone directly on the image to scan. The delay in screen movement means its too complex for my son to scan the image whereas he can do it fine with my phone. Tablet camera is fine with its camera software,so its the Crayola app causing the issue.
WORST APP EVER I spent like 2 hours coloring in the lines FOR NOTHING I was a crayola kid buying crayola every day THIS IS MY LAST CRAYOLA SHOPING make somthing fun like crayola dolls you can color then wash in the sink think of how fun that would be. A crayola book create a 102 page chapter book. Crayola dollhouse school that comes with markers to write on the white board. Barn comes with grooming combs horses pigs places to keep them. Think of how fun those are some fun ideas
Bought color alive for my granddaughter...it's from crayola, it has to be good...WRONG! After she carefully colored her princess, we had to download the app on 3 different devices before we thought we finally had it working...NOT! Impossible to get all boxes green to scan. Feeling beyond disappointed, my son tells me I should have read the reviews. Not what i wanted to hear, but so true! Not sure which app/product the people that gave 5 stars were using, but it surely wasn't the virtual design pro princess.
I try to line up the squares and the on top but it is to far apart from the page and the squares at the bottom are not even the exact the same shape from the squares so this was a waste of money for my Christmas present!!!!!!please reply if you are dealing with the same thing.
Part of the only reason I was willing to spend $15 is because the app. It won't scan the picture. I have a very disappointed birthday girl here.
My son bought this with his own money, thinking he could do something cool....he is seven years old and very dissapointed. I, as his father, am also very dissapointed. How do you expect a little boy to line up four boxes. How do you expect a grown man to line them up? This app NEVER WORKED, we even put into a light box to avoid shadows and gave it various stages of light. CRAYOLA, PULL THIS ITEM, DELETE THE PROGRAM. HIRE A BETTER PROGRAMER OR JUST STICK TO THE BASICS, LIKE UHHHHH...I DUNNO....Maybe.......CRAYONS!!!! This item will be returned, colored in and all..........
Asus ZenPad, can't scan the unlock code, something is messed up in the camera controls and the box that you are supposed to center the code in goes diagonally and clips across both edges ic the screen. my daughter was disappointed.
This is a great idea gone wrong.....this is so hard to line up. Kids are unable to do it. Then adults try and it is impossible!!!! This really needs to be fixed.
This app is fun, but gimmicky and not worth the money yet. It's extremely hard to scan a picture in. Once you do, the missions are just watching. There is no involvement, no game play. To be quite honest, if there was a game, however small, centered around your scan, I would rate this 5 stars. Until then, though, it' s not worth purchasing the crayola come alive book for this.
I tried to scan one page and only 3 boxes would fill up, and it would never lock on the box with symbols. I am verry disapointed.
Had to delete and reinstall to get it to work. Got it working the second time, the scanning is tricky but took less than a few minutes to figure it out. Not much to do after its scanned either. Could be better
Count me in with the others who cannot scan. It is impossible. I could not do it with 30 minutes of attempts. Frustrating for an adult and upsetting for a child.
My daughter was so excited to see her creation come to life. It is nearly impossible to get these things lined up. The bottom two light up green easily, top left lights up green with a little adjustment, but top right rarely lights up green at all. On top of that, the app is so choppy it adds to the frustration. Thanks a lot crayola for disapointing tons of little girls and boys. Hire a better programmer who can make this app work!
Why do people even make games 🎮 that do not even work when it said to scan the couloring only two or three boxes only work. It says the you can race people but you can't it just shows a random space ship flying!!! WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the worst app ever I try to scan my picture and it wont work cause I have to buy it and my family doesn't have that kinda money and im just a kid crayola I got this as a late chrismas present I stood up to you when my frinds said crayola is the worst company I said its not .now I think they are right im just a kid crayola