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Crasher: Origin

Crasher: Origin for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by 4399en game located at RM 19C,LOCKHART CTR. 301-307 LOCKHART RD.WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'd say the name matches what it is... Crasher, yeah it crashes a hell number if times.... I uninstalled after like so much if crashing....
my rating disappeared? oh well. i dont like vertical games. i dont like "easy to handle all activities". i like to feel like im part of the game. aint no part of the game by just watching it. stop and look at the gaming community first. mmorpg should be played not watched.
Dear developer can i request to merge my server 1699 to 1706 for better game playing because we have only have 5 to 6 active player here and also im suggesting the black market to change tickets to diamonds from purchacing some stuffs for better fast purchacing i hope my request will be granted for this thank you and godbless more power to the game..
Game is nothing like the ads at all just another auto play not a game game that they ofcourse want you spending as much money as possible.
A very nice looking game with plenty of content, just...there is really no soul behind it. This is essentially a wardrobe simulator. A very good one, I suppose! But for how meaningless it all is in the end, there is nothing to make it anything more than a 2 star experience. Gameplay is just menus and upgrades.
Like all games in this genre, being a heavy spender certainly helps in getting you ahead but I've played with pretty strong people here that have barely spent anything. Try it and see for yourself!
Bad company makes bad pay to win game then blames the players for not playing enough to keep up with the highest spenders. This is the most brilliant example of how to be inept and drive people away from your game, including spenders like me. You lose out on a ton of potential revenue by being so greedy out the gate, no one even wants to play. And how did this game go from 3.7 to 4.2 overnight? Stop deleting reviews just because you keep screwing up. It makes you look like a petty 5 year old.
reinstalling app. the launching of the game stopped at 5% . and this is better if the game is in landscape. and it's hard to touch buttons and options. after reinstalling the app, i cannot recover the progress of my account. i have to play it again from lvl 1. fix this
drop rate.is.so damn low...lot of players quit because of this drop rate and chances of getting rare items in events...im on the verge of quitting the game even if I spent a lot of money
As all other MMORPG out there, many people would of course want to play, is adding so many servers the remedy? why not optimize the server or add channels instead of putting up many servers which would quickly die eventually.
I liked the original Crasher, but this one is also a really good game. It's not pay to win because I became good at the game and I got good gear by grinding quite a bit. If you do however decide to spend stuff in this game go ahead, the player market is one of the top things to do after buying currency since it has many really good, high end items for sale. Events happen regularly but they do require a bit of money to participate and thats why I dropped it to 4 stars. Amazing game overall.
They are scams. They asked me to pay $ 270 to unlock my own account. My account is recharged from legal sources. They did not give me evidence of fraud. You should not join the game. We will sue them soon for acts of extortion and appropriation of property.
I love the game except there are to many bullies who won't allow you to progress or grow because they hunt you down and kill you
A pure pay to win game. 1M+ download with only few active players remaining. The thing is you have to keep on spending to keep up with other heavy spenders which drives away most of lower VIPs. Too few players that they created cross-server events. It is fun to play a game with tons of players so dont drive away free players and casual spenders.
At first I love to play this game but then I feel so dissapointed. It say if we recharge more and spend more dias in event we will get the corresponding rewards such as rare items, costume and etc none of the normal items mentioned. But after spending a lot , just a normal items I get. I feel very dissapointed in this game, i feel tricked, I tho i could get some rare items when I spend alot but no. ☹ This game not like others rpg game. I think Im going to uninstall this game soon. sorry
Spend all your money here! Could buy a new console game every 12hrs for what it costs to progress here. Games hella fun and that's where they get ya. My advice... just keep browsing for something to do. The top players in this game have spent $20,000 + to gain their position. So unless you have more money then brains... MOVE ON!! No I will not contact you on FB lol. The problem is to have any chance to be competitive in your games it will cost you as much as a new car lol. Ridiculous.
I Like this game .but only the VIP4 can go to boss center and the other player not VIP is so sad Just because Not VIP we cant Enter to That Boss center😪 please open for all player for challenge 😢 and i hope you understand💖
too bad... i'm already play this game and was lvl 186. When i'm logout last night, i can't login anymore, it always "reconnecting now" ... and the apk restarting. Than back to "reconnecting now" every time i tap the login screen
Theiving bastards topped up then lost the ability to play that account this developer also has a code they plaster all over Facebook that doesn't even work. Screw this developer and their generic response. Lucky for me it was only about 5 bucks regardless avoid at all costs the Game sucks the program is janki and the developers are a** holes
What happen to your system now. Always updating i cant log.in to the game. I spent big amount for this game just to upgrade my character...fix this problem pls...
lousy drop rates even v6... open so many servers but not planning on merging. give suggestions to customer support/chat nothing is considered or done and answers back useless and stupid... i have seen some of the comment mkae by players.. do u really care with the suggestions?? mostly identical auto msg?? haha really well done most server is dead/ghost town.
I loved the graphics, the characters, the animation, the gameplay. Easy to control, easy to upgrade, easy to level up. It plays on the background. Fighting enemies n upgrading automatically on the background. For examples, I reached level 120 in just a few minutes after i come back to the game. The downside is the movement of the character. Sometimes it's blurred when it moves.
The game is ok but the ad is out of date. I put the code I got from the ad and it was out dated. I would give higher rating if it wasn't for this.
Kindly stay away from the game ,the game developer create their own characters in the game and force you to top up ,you will never be first in the events ,some one from developer side will be first in events like mount ,pet etc ,you will top up more thinking that you will be first, but there will be some players created from developer who will stay always more powerful than you forcing you to top up,deleted the game after realizing this
I'm enjoying it. --------- Problem: 1. I'd rather call the Fencer a Warrior. Cuz it doesn't use a rapier . Kinda dislike it for that reason. 2. Feels a little generic ----------- But overall this is pretty decent MMORPG. I like it.
bored game, no strategy, no need to think anything. just one tap and all mode goes auto. even all upgrading, enchancing, etc are all auto. theres no fun at all. play like 3 minutes and boomm, jump to level 50 like nothing happen. not challenging at all. sad
This game is not challenging,,you only need cash! I suggest to minimize the event,,don't make it daily
at first it was nice but after getting higher levels you will somehow get stucked at 320 if you are not a spender. too greedy game. not recommended for f2p players.
I bought a 10$ package then refunded it because it's a p2win game. I tried to login today and they banned me haha
cant login server maintain and i do not see any notis , when the maintainant done tell me , i will rate 5 star , when can i login also i dont know . pls tell me also ya , tq .
The game is getting way too boring now.. the drop rate is extremely awful and way too low.. this who spend too much dollars are the only one able to get the superb rewards from events.. i am not a free player but it feels like i'm one of them.. i hope you adjust the drop rates and make it fair.. everyday i dont get good runes, gears.. even change class items also wings and spiritus.. seriously? If this continues you will lose all your players..
The audio is the game killer, wow. Cutting out audio when fighting, there was a ticking noise that didn't go away. Gender locked classes, only 2 classes, no customization. Very low graphics and bad Ui. Not worth download.
this game become langing after i update it from playstore. fresh install doesn't fix it either. please fix it. my network connection is fine, tested it with speedtest. gonna re-review this after dev fixed the problem. EDIT: Dev solved the problem. good customer service. If anybody cries about this game being pay to win, well most game do. I'm VIP 0 and enjoying the game.
Game is good but lately i having lot of issues with game login and many times ends up in Login failure and i dont know whats the issue with it so please fix that bug.
The gameplay and style is good. The bad thing is the game gives so much disparity between players who can pay and cannot pay. The gap is just too much. We can't even participate in events that require purple diamonds. Players who cannot pay are getting left out. What is the point of playing if others could easily pay and shoot far ahead. Give VIP advantages but allow non-paying players to have a way to atleast obtain VIP privileges by working hard.
Had a level 70 ish character last night, spent money on getting gear, went to play this morning and everything I had worked for is gone, my gear I paid actual money for is gone.... everything just gone
Wow what a crappy game. Cheat hack steal say racist things. That's all allowed they CAN'T BAN players and REFUSE to. Message them on Facebook if you don't believe me all 4399 games are like that. Also they have a 0 refund policy you need to dispute in PayPal or Google. If you use Google play the money has to still be in Google's account otherwise they can't help. I recommend just using APK file and cheat your heart out. Because after all they don't care if you do.
I really dislike games where you have to spend dias- meaning you have to top up to open chest you gain. That to me is really underhanded and I wouldn't even look to support a game like that with my cash. Lots of other games out there where you hand isn't forced to spend cash to open loot you obtian and more fun to play . I have uninstalled the game.
Worst game ever my character was lost after not playing for one month, even through I was using my Google Account as a Login method. Now I have to make new character and back to zero. Don't download this guys, this game is just a waste of time
Don't play this game. I will make you purchase more to be stronger. Upgrading the level of your weapon does not guarantee that you will be stronger. Mine got weaker when i level it up. I mean, whats the point of upgrading the level of gears, if you will be weaker. You're suppose to be stronger not the other way around. It doesnt make any sense. Its upsetting. Two thumbs down! Giving it 1 star, had there been half star, i would have given thar. Don't play.this game.
Coz this latest update i cant log in.... Then when i log in i cant see any damage of my magic skill then the ping is red... i cant play... what happened... fixed this now thank you This game is awesome... please fixed thank you
Seems to be an Asian based game. Good luck if you speak anything else, a lot of racism based in the game.
I love the game, I only complain is that the beeserk mode or spirit mode or whatever, it takes too long to recharge, 60sec, make it 30sec, and please put a source on every item where to find and be clickable
i give 1star because when i tried to log.in my account on another device it i cant use my old character, same i account i used on my other phone and same server but my old character was nit there it made me start from scartch again please fix this Reply: i have bind my account, and i used same log.ins on my new device but no character is there,
I love it,casual and very fun to play as well.You should also make more classes,this game deserves it!🙂
seriously if you want to target whale make this game a premium. cant even clear world bosses etc no thanks to stupid PK. make it peace for god sake.
I try to Recharge my account, guess what? Takes my money, and I get nothing in return. If this was a bug with bound diamonds you can earn in game, I wouldn't care. However my money was taken and I recieved nothing in return. Not Impressed.
on the first day I enjoyed playing this game until I spent a week and reached lvl300. And in my opinion this game is absolutely sucks because GM is only thinking about money and not thinking about the situation F2P players.Nothing much you can do to improve yourself even though you spend 24 hours a day grinding. It's absolutely P2W though it has a trading system to get diamonds.P2W players can easily kills you in any boss mode and steal your loots and nothing you can do about that.
Wings and Spirutus drop rate The wings and spiritus feature are great but their drop rate told a different story.Its not just me but it happens to anyone.I want you to increase the drop rate percentage of rare item,wings and spiritus. At least told the game user about the total drop percentage each rare item holds.
Its actually best games but i give it 3 star because my game really crash.Or is it something about my ram?Or memory?Anyway,good job
This is my second review.... last rate 1star and after month playing i still hope i can give zero star.. 1. PAY TO WIN you can't win against money spender's.... some players where stronger even not vip is a lie base on experience......
Massive money blackhole if you care about investment. Shared server with Chinese version so you will experience the same laggy issues even in the newest server has only less than 100 players. The game will keep their promotion with big prizes such as those glamorous riding pets but you will never get after you spent tens of thousands out of your pocket. It never exists. Many players in Chinese servers already quitted game. Be wise, stay away from it. Play something else. I wish I could score 0.
stupid game..everytime i want login they kick me out...whats wrong with ur game stupid asss hole...i have make a 1st recharge...i didnt get my recharge gift..i thought its a bug...im logout..when i want login back i cannot play it..its kick me out...stupid ever game i have play...not deserve even 1 star review..
I absolutely love this game but there seems to be a problem with the login. Everytime I need to uninstall and reinstall the game just to login.
Firsr of all, your class only have 2, no male mage? No female warrior. Please dont make a half baked games. Yes its vertical, and everyone use the same class. Not challenging. And the bug on boss respawn and grinding still sucks. Please make it better first before you add more ads to all the apps. GGWP.
Game is good. Visually appealing. Far to many steps to get into game. Do not like the marriage aspect. As I have been playing awhile now and can not find a character to marry. Won't be an issue as long as when I get farther it is not something that has to be done to advance.
i like this new portrait rpg, i just pay 0.99usd then its enough because we cant win with rich player but , rich player here is not toxic + they helping each other so you will power up soon, i just played this game 1 day++ easily 1.3m power if you know where to farm, and you can sell item or trade with item that not your class, for f2p player also can power if you know how to play this p2w game
Completely lost interest when I found out this is just an identical version of strive for glory made by the same developers under different versions of their name... Money grabbing at its best.
When I am reaching Lvl 3oo you are getting the privilege of the non vip in war corridor because there are already no drop items killing boss 14o below. I can never recommend this game to a friend. Be fair for those players that dont want to top up yet
WARNING: PayToWin cash purchases literally required for basic progress, cash shop forced in your face every 5 min, character delete DISABLED, new server every day (making old servers + all player progress die out eventually) restarting the PayToWin race till it is again replaced [this is a $ scam tactic to force new account restarts], only 2 classes that are gender locked, pure auto play (you're not even allowed to use your abilities without auto on). I don't know how this even is legal!!! Wow!!
i really dont understand how can you have over 200 servers (realm) and not allowed to switch. if i have a friend playing the game but different server meaning we need to play seperately
i got problem. went i go on in game..its just stop working.. got stuck in the loading game..it's been 2time got stuck.. and only solution i did is format data game.. and the game loadiang working well..but poor have to dowload back all data game and playing new id again.. so i drop 3star please fixx thiss i really love this game..
i really like this game but there are certain icon/button i cannot seem to press for example i cannot collect my achievment i dont know why i try tapping it like so many times but i cant seem to open it. It would be a great if you can look it up. thank you
Good game, I would love an area or map where players can fight one another no detrimental effects for losing, and a rank system to show off your skill, also more stuff for free 2play users can have a shot to be big-time like me! Muhahha! Also more customization, I would be willing to sketch some outfit ideas and email them to your concept design team free of charge, I wanna see this game be the best Android apple and mobile game around
i will rewrite my review... as i continue playing, it seems good.... but there are some problems that am hoping you will be fix anytime soon... the game needs imorovement in smoothness... there are some events that are lag... and i dont think it is in my connection or device since that i am using a high end phone with 20mbps wifi connection. Also, please make your guild medal a little cheaper than 100 diamonds, maybe 50dias may do... (just a suggestion).
It was working when I started this game, but when I restarted my phone and tried to enter the app again, it gets stuck with 99% loading page and can't proceed. Some controls are a bit sloppy as the buttons are either small or its responsiveness seemed to lag for a few seconds and have to press twice or more, even on a fast wifi the responsiveness lags. I'll give a higher rating on this once these issues are solved.
K so as a beta tester im here to not actually bring down this company the game is gpod bur you people in the comments need to seriously grow up complaining about auto? Go play farmville mmorpg are designed to be auto because players like us dont want manual stupid.2nd quit calling them a p2w you have no idea what p2w even is 100$ a month big whoop thata how the devs earn money. Simple to say quit crying and give the game your all before being a panzy
Love the game if only after paying over $200 in it the developers would care enough if i was having troubles getting back into it
First the graphic is good and the gameplay is consider good also. The event is quite nice but too short to join. The game is consider grinding game if you don't use money you can still fight others but if you want to move upward faster then you hve to pay. The only problems is botters or hackers or cheaters especially from Thailand which you can't see like when you want to add the person it say the person is not around. I have a few person which I can add to blacklist but not from this country. file faild to download, i tried to uninstall and install again, finally, file failed to download. Why?
Every time i click the event activity to collect my rewards, the game always shuts down. Please fix this problem thanks!
hello, i want to complain, im your fans since ur game thumb empire. first of all, the event period time to short. the event is only for top up player. non topup player cant finish the event.
So darn good ! I love the graphics so much. New style of millenial game. So addicted ! It's not matter if you VIP or not. Everyone have a chance ti be No.1 . Just spend your time and enjoy the game. Don't too hurry play this game. Slowly and you will love it.
Your game really did crash.. All time.. All boss and dungeon entries are wasted everytime your game crash.. Me and my friends are very disappointed.. We are using high end phones and crashes always occurs.. 1 week of playing and ee had enough.. We will uninstall and will never recommend this always crashing game..
when i started the game its all good. when you change the manor to cross server it sucks. too long to wait for cool down less loot and items right now. Right now alot of players are getting banned without any reason!! I cant login to my account and i dont know what is the reason behind it!!! Dont play this game!!!
Nothing to do! Enough of these auto games, where the only skill that counts is how fast you can type that credit card number in. Only gave it a second star because it does look nice, and run well for the most part.
Why are you deleting my review? I will escalate this and make sure you will pay me back ! After blocking my account since I've dared to request a refund after been asking for ages to fix issue in game what you didn't bother to repair!
Always laggy even tho I'm not lagging when I play call of duty mobile and even when I got close to my connection it keeps saying reconnecting and I lost my level 54 account which I spent all night on that the username was poop please fix this
I really like this game but suddenly my account was banned earlier because of illegal act which is an accidently is there's any way to retrieve my account? feels bad.
I give 3 star for now. Game is good. But why the game is Vertical. I want horizontal. Make it horizontal.
Remove the system of paid to win from this game, and make sure u give all the player that join the game a free diamond gift of join the game and permanently status of VIP for the player that join this game. Keep up the good work on the game update
Great games but with bad devolopers... Sad. Now to many hackers, reported with proof but no action was taken i think the gm want to keep the hackers so all the player will run to a new server and start fresh. It's pretty stupid.
this game is so awsome and the graphics are good and also the gameplay and other things about this game😍😂 but I just want to suggest the landscape version of this game 😊🙏 #awsome
Im so confused, this games has no story, when i enter the games it's automatic battle the creeps, graphics is good, and there also have 2 class to choose. You should put more classes, to make this games entertaining.
Where am I supposed to put the starter code at? You advertised it on Facebook and I've been trto find where this code is supposed to go.
Hello again...Can you make spell bottom to beside like MU origin.Starting game is nice but can bore late because we can only watch fight.We need to fight ourself and auto mood .Pls fix two way gaming and can rotate for more vision?Other idea is good.Pls fix it.I want to play this game a long time.....
I do love the game from the start..it addictive.Feb until now...but today I lost my account..and I need to start new ..I don't know what is my account is coz you guys provide it ..so better I uninstall this give.its not good to recommend..and it's a play money games too.Worst. .buset!!!
i didn't understand what game is this but still going on. this is my first time to play this game, and i dont even know how to used this. am just waiting for my level up to boost .. my hero are moving by its own way ,, and keep moving for killing the enemies who was my heroes encountered ..
Very nice I've been playing this game for over 2 month and haven't met any problems,(my opinion only )why not developer do marriage system with npc thank you.
I top up but I cant even enjoy the game. Its always reconnecting? I have 20mbps internet speed. I can play youtube with 1080fps and I have no problem. This one I can't even complete a single auto quest! edit: kinda ruined already... I was late and now people are monopolizing vip boss... I am so weak for being a vip4 on a new server... day one top up... I missed recharge for today, I am in a very awkward situation where I cant join a top league cause they are already full... VIP TREATMENT!
The games just bs...... can never farm or get items cause the top player was monopolies all bosses how is that fun?
Attrocious The game basically plays itself for first however or so before I stopped playing. The controls are clunky if you try to play and the UI i horrendous, I have to click things multiple times for it to register. Cosmetics are terrible too, getting new gear wont change how your character looks. Not even the sword. And why am I getting notifications in the MIDDLE of my screen for people I DO NOT care about with no option to turn it off? don't waste your time
That golden fruit event is so unfair😐😐😐..very unfair..this game is just for earning money!!i was disappointed of this game!!
It was working perfectly for me before the new version, but after i updated the game, it became unplayable. It keeps on reconnecting even though i have the same 4g connection as i was using for the last version. Please fix the problem
fun at first but progress is slowed once you reach a certain level, and horribly imbalanced in favor of players with money. EDIT: I have told you many issues with the game, and most of all the pay to win system. the game pretty much forces you to buy diamonds if you want to have any chance at all. I have spend a lot of money, but then there is always the bigger spender, requires no skill.. I am forced to quit because i cant afford to play it. BAD GAME, regretting i download this money pit.
I love the game, but after update it wont start, can not play anymore, and i am already vip6.... Help me please...
please. i made my second recharge of 500 dias and it did not appear on my account, but appeared in googleplay. fix this.
This game is much easier than others. I have just downloaded it for a few days and become the top 1 at all achievements. And, it is now cheaper to buy some VIP or diamond. I really appreciate it. But the bosses took so much time to end. I hope you can downgrade it. So the bosses will become much easier and spend less time on it. I also love it because i have founded a wife and become a really girlfriend at the real world. 😘😘😍😍😂😂. Thanks for the "Karma" feature. That's all. Thanks. 👍✌️
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU GET ADDICTED. I had played on several servers, everytime you recharge/top up, there're always other player will get powerful than you. This is due to the G.M they themselves are involve in the system to trick us recharge more to get top 1. After some time those accounts will be abandoned. Play smart and not get cheated. Play it casual without recharge you can get plenty of fun from this game as well. Vote this review up so that every player like us can be aware of this developer.
im new to this game. but had already a problem. loading resources 200 to 300 and still not done. cant play the game. should i wait tell it Finnish to 1000? i need explaination about this.
Fix the lag and downloading resources it takes too long in every update you do I can't play normal so many lags
I love the whole art of the game, the skills, the the characters reminds me of ran online its simple but with awesome costume, too bad you can't fully control the characters and the skill, most game nowadays have auto farming which is a lazy way of getting your level up by yourself. I miss the old days when we eager to finish a level just to unlock new skills, new item new map. Nothing but manual gameplay. Don't need much character just the basic 4 will do like swordman, brawler, archer, mage.
U guys did a great job But still need a little work with the size of the picture its kind hard to see and the chat is small
I play this game almost a month and this game really nice and have really good graphic even in portrait...also the event always keep update after last event finish..even only buy vip but i think this game doesn't only use money,it also really need your time..hope u guys always make really good event for someone who don't want to use money but use their time..
Poor activity tracking. I participate in one of their event twice after the server merger and forgot to claim some rewards because I'm at work and they also have a feature where they will send unclaimed items or rewards to mail after the event but nothing came in. I get in touch with them but unfortunately they told me I only participate once. Goodbye Dias 😡😭🔥😈. Just a piece of advice make sure to report it immediately to them if you have missing items. Don't wait for days to pass.
I like this game. It's simple, easy to get powerful items, and many events and rewards. It's not really a pay-to-win game because the rewards between VIP account and non-VIP account are not too distant, and it really depends on your luck and strategy. But if you want to get really powerful items, purchasing VIP or just diamonds (which are cheap actually) give you many rewards.
Graphics are good... but its boring. Notin' to do in this game, the character autobattles, ya just have to watch it. But i suggest y'all should give it a shot, hope y'all might like it.
I really hate the system notification of other peoples achievements/milestones. Its already at bottom console but it also pops up as a notification at the middle of the screen. Theres not even way to remove it. I mean seriously? we get it they are already strong so stop shoving it in my face, its very annoying. To be honest this game is super boring. Its like watching paint dry but a lot more boring.
A) I love this game, it's unique to play in portrait mode.. But it will be more great if we (player) can setting it for landscape mode.. It would be great. B) Can you make it market for cross server, it will help other server getting item easier. C) since I'm top 1 at my server, i would like you to improve the attack button, the skill change and etc. Sometimes in battle mode, I'm bugging with skill that launch randomly...
I Try The Game For 2Years because the graphics is good and the game was good but as long as you play it become PAY TO WIN and most players QUIT in Late Game That's so much PAY TO WIN that they only allow VIP players PLAY the game....... Like They Have Everything Rare While You Farm in Limited, And Limited Access
yesterday, i play to lv 18 and stop go to bed, 12h next, open it and lv118, i dont know where i am, i dont know what happened, when i stop to find out what happen, the auto is auto attach creep. this game play itself, i wanna a game that i play not to view it play... so bye bye, i unistall it now
Is this game really full auto play? nobody wants to ply a game that plays itself... the only thing im able to do is manage items and go to different places but the rest, like attacking and using skills are all automatic its not even fun.
This type of auto is great if you're, say, extremely busy working 9-5 or something. Level 150+ (barely even mid game) is great if you have money to burn. This isn't a game for kids (unless you happen to have your parent's/guardian's credit card) because there are VIP only features, making the game basically pay-2-play. Obvious target market there. Two stars for trying and the fact that the team is replying to reviews manually. Uninstalled.
DO YOU HAVE $50 a day to spend on keeping up with schill/company players with endless resources at their disposal? NO WELL STAY THE HELL OUT OF HERE ! WANT TO GET ENVOLVED IN A THE HIGHEST VIP WINS spend $$$$ ? THIS GAME IS GEARED SOLELY AT CASH GRAB PERIOD. YOU HAVE TO BE VIP 4 TO ENTER DUNGEONS FOR JUST OK GEAR, then someone who's spent $300 will thrash you and gank your loot...... I'm going to stop hitting myself in the nuts with a hammer and uninstall...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED
Click the red dot, that's basically all you do. I got to lvl 115 by clicking on wherever the red dot was for something new. Everything is boring. Had no incentive to read any text. Icons are horribly small. Prompt for maintenance on the 16th, but it's the 26th today.. good job. It's okay for a game that you randomly leave open and do something else.
1s for now need alot of improvements 1. need to improve the char gender. people should choose the gender female fencer or male fencer and f magician or m magician 2. need to change the chat lvl. lv100? tsk tsk its better to change it to lv1. 3. need to put normal attack. when I stop the auto grinding I cant find normal attack. 4. no map. need to put it on the upperside like the other games. 5. its you want to unique your game. the player could choose vertical or horizontal graphics.
I love the graphics, and the format of the game, i just wish i could zoom in on my character so it appears bigger and also i would prefer if i could play the game with my device side on like a console controller rather than the upright position , to get 5 stars the game would have to have those changes.
The cross server pk event are so lag. Not even moving. Since its idle game. It should automatically fight when matched to someone
I've jus installed the game and now I can't log in the game ... It's stuck at the very beginning. Trash
Great game its a new experience but can u guys put more class like rogue,assasins,etc cause there are only 2 type of class warrior & mage..dont get me wrong i like those 2 class but wish there were more classes to pick & experience...
worst game,, i don't want to say this but it's really worst, im starting to like this game but you're account is not secured, i lost my account, i reach the level 292 or 293 then you will lost your account i almost buy a VIP, good to know that this game is not secured.. i will review this again if you retrieve my account. and please secured this game, 1 negative review can destroyed the reputation of this game.
i hope i can give zero rate... but i can't im stuck in the game after phase 3 this im almost full pack in items... game is all about money.... means not a friendly game they only priority does vip players... they don't give chance to regular players regulars players are only or almost 10% of the game ... while vip takes more than 100% bcoz of the event that only for vip
this game has became so buggy that I am unable to play mostly because the same attack skill is all that is used preventing me from killing and there should be a option to turn off chat i just spent 500 bound diamonds and cannot play due to game crashing. This is Insane Game sure lives up to the name u have given it.
no story nothing all you have to is fight monsters from start and buy VIP packs to power up.. basically first vertical pay to win game... people who say you can power up normaly without any money.. I say that's all lie. if your rich and want spend money here is a game to you.. where you find people who money and spend alot. thanks for the game
Everything went well until cross server chat appears. It's really annoying.. Non stop talking for the first 1 hour.. People talking dirty and nasty.. Remove this feature please.. 1 star for this stupid feature..
Lots of bug. I recharge but the gems didnt come. How awfull this game better shut down this game. Please dont try to create other games if you cant make it better
The game's graphics is cool.. But I got bored... I just control the joystick and click here, click there.. It is better if we can control our own characters..
I can't play in my Asus android version 4.4.2 kit Kat..always stopped..I restart my phone but doesn't fix..plz give me reasons why this things happen..thanks..I hope you read my comment..waiting for reply.
this game is just try take your money away,don't top up!!!because i log in to facebook before i delete it and when come back again,i log in to the same account and they just tell you to play the game all over again.this game sucks as hell
i dont really have qualms about the gameplay but whats bothering me is the fact that top 3 leagues get +20 member slots. how on earth are the rest of the league going to catch up knowing the rest can only accommodate 30 atleast and you expect the rest to match top 3's power? its so freaking unfair.
I like the game but now I can't open it, it keeps on loading even though the sound that I hear is already log in. Please fix it, I really want to play. [Edit] thank you for the response in my problem, it was fixed, giving 4stars Edit: the game is becoming more boring. Please do something about the loot. We can't even get enough of it because of low percentage. I'm losing my interest in playing.
This was a 5 star review but i change it to 1 star becuase of the update that gives you 2x the rewards when you reach V4 because before that update i had no problem obtaining top 1 rewards on events with V0 or f2p againts V4 but after that update theres no chance on obtaining the top 1 rewards on events because im a competitive player that hates losing againts VIPs that update made me quit this game(atleast remove that 2x rewards so that us V0 or f2p players can have the chance winning top 1
More than 200 servers should be enpugh to describe what this game is. Pay2Win. eithout paying or purchasing VIP status, they lock you put of integral game mechanics like gem gem slots. some players will have 5 slots while you only have 4 or 3 even with the exact same item if you dont have VIP status. new servers everyday to milk gullible people to buy "server opening packs" to get ahead of everybody else. Avoid this game as much as possible. gameplay itself is boring and automatic.
Not played it yet and already giving one star, just read the reviews and none of you are actually answering the questions asked, try answering them in the reviews and then maybe people will actually play your game, you are literally skipping the questions everytime.
The updates have been horrible. App drops connection, reconnects every few seconds and it isn't my connection, same issue with raider. Both apps have gotten terrible when you first load it takes 2 min to login then reconnects every few sec
Slow at first. Then gets good !!!! :) I just started too. Wonderful Graphics. I'm on an LG Journey phone and it runs smoothly on Low settings.
Beware of this game I spend $600 in 5days when the recharge event is up a G.M will try to steal your place even when you recharge large enough it will try to beat you to milk our money. This is my exprerience in many servers with high amount of money topup inside within this game testing the recharge event. If found to be true thent will be a case to discuss. I hope action shall be taken for this kind of company.
I'm going with a 4 star for now but after a week or 2 I will come back to update my opinion. So far, so good! The development team did it right, as far as I have seen! Great job with the game in all areas I have seen and if regular updates should put you above most all other games of this type. Let me know what you think,...
Ge is trash doesn't even let you play just claims it needs updated then u go to app store and it doesn't need it
what this suck game if log out and log in my account already gone and still creat new acc,,that 3 times already,,this game is nice but nah that not in my mine if still lost acc..that log in use google play game,,first time im play game like this lol
this game awesome..but can you make a weapon that we can buy using gold or diamond(red one)...and add other character such as a Orger, Orc, The undead or other champion hero..it would be cool..and add a pvp where we can challenge other player on the world chat.. love this game and hope the next update would be great
Need to consider how the low level player could survive. No changes Entering Mythical Being Isle, have play get kill and boss stolen. Too much Bullying. Sad.