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Crash Cards

Crash Cards for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by David Han Games located at 211, 590 Whiting Way, Coquitlam BC, Canada V3J 3R9. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It does what it says. But ive got a complaint. The topic of "animal" also applies to dad, son, wife, and anything human! If you are gonna play the categorization game, make sure you properly understand you're categories!
i don't understand people who complain about the ads. Other games would put ads anywhere in the game but this game only shows skippable ad when you got a low score 3 times, and that makes players to do better in the next plays. And how can people complain about ads in a free mobile games? Game devs need money to sustain the game and themselves. It's their work. If you like the game, appreciate their effort by wait for 5 seconds to skip the ad or leave the phone when 30 secs ad plays. geez.
This is what every game should be doing; when there's an ad it shouldn't be a 2 minute long video, you surely will gain money if the game is good. Although I have to say that cuz I'm not a native speaker, I feel like the ads come very rapidly. GG
All these people complaining about ads, A. you only watch an ad if you score less than ten points three times and B. every ad I've come across so far can be skipped immediately. There can be a bit of confusion in some categories IE what constitutes an animal, but play the game longer than five minutes and you'll figure out what the developers mean. Super fun.
Despite another top comment, I believe the ads are very tastefully utilized. You only get one advertisement after getting 3 low scores, which gives more incentive for doing well. (versus other games which annoyingly display ads all over the UI.) The game itself is very fun and challenging. 10/10
This is really great. Some of the wrong answers are pretty funny. The amount that's available for free is pretty decent. The better you are at the game, the fewer ads you see. The scoreboard system is refreshingly Not-Google-Play and I like that. Found one little bug, if you score in the 11th percentile it comes up as 11st 😂
Ads are important, and if used properly can make a game better. Users don't want ads, so users should be rewarded for watching them, however this app uses ads as a punishment for getting a low score. I'm my opinion that is a massive turn off and made me uninstall this app instantly. Very poor advertising method. Extremely backwards, deal breaker, cannot bare to play it. Fun idea tho
really well designed time waster. love trying to beat my own score! only need to watch ads for about 5 seconds, which is awesome.
Everything was very well paced and clean! Very challenging for the brain, I feel the premium member shouldn't be hindering towards gameplay so I took off a star, but it's great to train your brain to think fast!
Punishing people for doing badly? what a horrible system. Imagine if you did badly on a exam so they put you in detention, that's what this ad system feels like. In a game too, a piece of entertainment...
I don't think the add are at all a problem. You will only receive them every 3 games at the least, which is about the same if not better than other apps. The ads also only last 5 seconds compared to other apps which have 30 second ads. One thing I will say to improve the game is the rude adjectives game, to me it makes it confusing tapping the green button for the bad words and tapping the red button for the good words. It makes it a lot harder to get your head around quickly.
It's a great game but I think it's pretty annoying if we get punished with an ad just because we got a low score
You only have to watch ads when you're bad at the game so it's less annoying and motivates you to work harder.
I like the way they include ads but I think it would be better to include more categories because gameplay gets a little stale after a little while
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Fun Retro Style Graphics, Fast paced, intentionally simple gameplay, with the difficulty derived from time limits. A great sense of humour. Love that it only shows ads when you lose, it incentivises the player to get a good score. And stops them from being intrusive.
I used CC for a week already and is preety good, helps me with vocabulary refining and mental accuracy/speed. I have recommended it to my upper intermediate and advanced English students but when you miss a sentence doesn't show the mistaken word anywhere. If it did, people could look for it in a dictionary and enhance their vocabulary. That would be a fine addition to the game. Very fun title indeed.
Just too bad that playing requires watching adds. There are better ways to encourage people to do so.
Not bad, I like that ads are based on skill. The main issue is clarity. Things like what counts as rude and humans getting pushed out the animal kingdom. It would also be better with a more legible card font.
I absolutely love it! I paid for the full version and it was definitely worth it for all the other categories. This is a very well designed and beautiful game so thank you developers for making it and don't listen to the haters!
If you don't score high enough you have to watch an ad every 3 deaths. That's bs and a scummy way to monetize your game
Really simple, enjoyable way to keep your wits in check. Ads are reasonable and aren't played at random. From what I've seen; there aren't any random video ads that would interrupt background music, which is a major factor for my enjoyment in a game.
Ads should never on any basis for a mobile game be punishments. Great concept, but the ad punishment is just dumb
Good Questionnaire But Some Of The Questions Can Vary Like Earrings. Then Also There Are A Couple Wich I Believe Are Wrong But I Plan On Doing Some Research On If It Is Or If It Varies Too.
For those who are unfamiliar to some words, they end up watching stupid ads because they can't understand it. You ask an English teacher to play this and he's in a no ads situation.
I dont like how I'm losing because I consider humans to be animals and it gives me tons of human answer choices that i automatically categorize as animals.
Is the cross on the card choice menu a menu? I cannot EXIT this without app forcing an ad down my throat.
If you do poorly or let someone else try the game and they do poorly you are punished with them asking you to pay or watch an ad to continue. That's not ok.
I like the app in general, the gameplay is good and cool. However, the fact that you use ads to penalise people for getting a low score completely kills the game, which is why I uninstalled after 3 minutes.
Fun, quick time killer. However you are forced to watch an ad if you score less than 10, three times. The ad never loads and it does not let me keep playing. I might revisit when it's fixed.
This game is and awesome idea and executed perfectly. Despite others complaining about the ad system based on low scores and "complex" words there is nothing too difficult. Only annoyance is the word "bat" due to the double meaning.
Great game, very simple but good for killing time and being intellectually stimulated. One downside is there's no way to turn off sound effects???
🎮 I like "Crash Cards" for a few reasons: First of all I never get bored with this games because it gets my brain thinking in a variety of ways (under the different categories). The strikes for ads are not only motivational they're well thought out. The free version comes with about 6 categories I believe; which in my option is a very reasonable amount. An last but not least, if you like pixels the graphic are satisfying. 🏅5