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Craps - Casino Style

Craps - Casino Style for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Vegas Casino Slots by Phonato Studios Gaming located at 427 N Tatnall St #53866 Wilmington, Delaware 19801-2230. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i like the game its pretty good. it needs to fix hard ways on OFF, it should not take your chips. there is no way to clear the table when in OFF. if it sevens out it keeps my bets on table and if I close the app it comes back without bets without adding to my coins balance. i wish it allows input my coins. i like to start with 100 or 60...so i have to bet to lose all and get bonus collection. but what i want to see is a mode that you can input your real dice values, so you play w real dice
I've played this particular game for a long time because it works! You can play late at nite without bothering anyone by turning off volume or pretend you're in the casino with the volume up and cat call to the crowd. Other challenges lie within such as winning highest pot, receive bonus money and more good play!
Cant have placed bets "on" for the comeout roll. Of point is 8, and you placed 8, you lose the money. This is a bug or they made up their own rules. Dice take too long to roll and dont look realistic
It plays the 7 or the point way too often seemed like every 3 to 4 rolls you 7 out or point out. Always throwing a come out
It seems to be very realistic. It even seems to know when you post a high stakes bet and rolls a 7. Just like the casinos.
I bought coins twice and never got my purchase and when I contacted them they said they would credit my account and never did
I love the game but lately they been taking my chips fix this bug other than that this game is 💯💰⚄👍
A good app. for craps. It is easy to use, moves along without getting bogged down in shooter changes. Most like playing in a real casino as a game on a phone can be.
Highly skeptical of this games "random" number generator. If you play the pass line, you'll rarely hit a point. If you switch to the Don't Pass, you'll suddenly defy all probability and consistently hit points as if the shooter is some Jedi dice manipulator... Like 10 in a row. House statistical edge aside, this game feels rigged to drain your stack sell you chips. Uninstalled
This game used to be cheap fun, but it has evidently turned into a pay to play format. It's extremely rare that the point hits and it becomes fairly predictable when a 7 will roll and it won't be in your favor. It's still a decent game to play if you have enough free chips to utilize, but it used to be so much better when the odds were more realistic. Update: The odds just keep getting worse, so don't waste your money. A 7 will hit anytime you place a large wager.
Lot of fun and great practice for when you play the real thing in a casino. Bet wisely and win! 😎👍
Experience is fun, great way to test some strats but don't expect fair rolls. The system feels slightly rigged. I only say this because for the past week I was betting the light side, today I wanted to test some dark side bets and the thrower suddenly went on 28 straight hot streak no craps. Yeah right lmao.
Really not any good at all. The music had cut it off and the voice will make you beat your head against a wall.
Try betting high and it is a GUARANTEED loss . Absolutely nothing realistic about this app .. waste of time .. too many ads .. rip off .. dont do it
Payouts are wrong. After testing the dice rolls through 500 rolls the distribution of rolls is way off. This could have been dumb luck, but I am highly sceptical of the "RNG" of this game. It does teach the general rules, but a lot of the play is wrong.
Something has changed since latest update. The odds are stacked against you even more than before. There is NEVER a decent run on anything.
Just learned how to play craps before the stay at home order shut down the casinos so this has been great strategy practice while I'm stuck at home!
I love this game. It's too the point, doesn't drain my battery and lots of fun for a craps lover like myself.
Hey guys. The app is fun to play but what are the odds payouts after a point is established? It seems generous to other apps. This is what I think the oddds should be. 4/10 Place. 2:1 and Dont Pass odds 1:2 5/9 Place 7:5 and Don't Pass odds 2:3 6/8 Place 7:6 and Dont Pass 5:6 Please tell me the odds you have programmed in, I'd hate practice in this and lose money in a real casino! Cheers.
There is no way to leave winning bets running, so when the point is on and you hit a number, it removes your bet along with winnings. So you have to constantly put your bets back up on your numbers, complete waste of time. The game glitches after the shooter hits the point, when you try to bet pass line again it says you can't bet. You have to hit ok then place bet anyway before new roller. STUPID
Hello friends, this game is worth the download. I am a professional gambler, I have spent more time at the tables then I have at the dinner table. Graphics are good, hardly any glitches and it follows the rules of the game. Keep it up and also people that are reading this that are questioning the download go for it. Its as good as it gets.
Broken game. I've been playing craps for almost 20 years so I know how the dp and dc bars work. They pay out your points on a 7 but this app took the chips as if I bet on p and c bars. This is completely broken. Please remove your broken app from the play store or fix it.
It's ok if you place small bets, but if you place a large bet, you'll lose your chips quickly. Not a fair game so I uninstalled it. They want to sell you chips so when you place a large wager you'll lose most of the time.
The worst craps app ever... It always hits the opposite of what you bet on, and many times it stacks on a specific number that comes again and again and again. You can't even try a stradegy due to this fact!
This game is a fantastic way for me to remember the days when I had enough money to play on the casinos here in .y city of Las Vegas NV. Those days are 30 years in the past but the memories are still there and the game is so real. I enjoy it very much.
Good game. You could make it more realistic if you could leave winning bets up and also have bets "working" as options in settings. I use it to try out betting strategies
good craps game. seem to win a lot... I'd like to think it's my luck/skill but maybe the game favours the player?
I disagree with most of the negative reviews. I've been playing real craps for years. The only adds to buy more chips is when 12 hits or you run out of money. it's a great app for learning different strategies in order to win at a casino. Payouts are exactly as they are supposed to be. The only thing I would like to see is the statistics track the place/buy bets.
I dont mind ads on free apps... but this one drops down a full screen add at the exact time of a win or loss (just before the dice stop), thereby making it difficult to see the results.
It's good practice for when you play the real thing in a casino. Bet wisely and win occasionally! Small bets you'll do ok at times, big bets and you'll lose everything almost everytime! Uninstalled it!!!
The game consistently cheats you. I rolled 3 sevens in a row and each time I increased my bet. If it's not gonna be at least enjoyable to play then what's the point.
The RNG on this game is horrible, it's clearly designed to get you to spend real money. Was looking to try out some strategies before I go visit some friends, not with this app. Last go, hit either craps right away or hit the point 7 death roll 15 out of 17 rolls. Literally a statistical impossibility. Glad I didn't spend any real dough. Really disappointed.
Contains spam. Hit the wrong button and it throws you into an ad that blares music and is difficult to dismiss.
decent app - it's free -- good app to have fun with -- you will never get this many sevens on a real casino table when playing the pass line - the odds on this game are 5 4 3 -- in the real world I only play where 10 x odds are offered - it gives the player a little bit better edge.-after playing with this app I did roll 17 sevens out of 36 rolls -?????? losing most hands on past line betting - also betting the don't you lose most of the time - buy chips - buy chips and buy more chips
This game used to be cheap fun, but it has evidently turned into a pay to play format. It's extremely rare that the point hits and it becomes fairly predictable when a 7 will roll and it won't be in your favor. It's still a decent game to play if you have enough free chips to utilize, but it used to be so much better when the odds were more realistic.
Totally rigged. Just when you start to win a little you start crapping out over and over and over. No Fun!!!!
It's cool but algorithm gets too predictable sometimes also miss the ability to hop bets. Otherwise awesome Download very addictive to the craps lover
Felt likely to have fixed odds in place due to the current build. [Try making it use AR] have no ill will against you Developers, just hoping to find a better game than what is of now on [Google Play Store] #robots_txt #webcrawler #searchhistory #fairandbalanced #againsttheodds #setup4greatest2become 7+7+7=21x1=21 isn't actually that being used by the LEGAL proponents in set by casinos in las vegas NOW? #ibetthehouse #thehousealwayswins reality basis of sound logic is what guarantee needed HERE.
This is a fairly good representation of the game. I think the random number generator needs some work... throws 7 far too often. It also almost seems that a 7 is thrown anytime you cover the numbers... i could be wrong, but it's far too often that as soon as I cover all the numbers, a 7 is always thrown. However if I leave one or two uncovered then I get realistic rolls. Seems rigged in order to subject me to ads to get more money...
Awesome! I love playing this. I'm new to craps and I wanted to see how it would work. Thanks for such an amazing game!!
The rolls are unrealistic. This game is geared to getting you to buy chips. It used to be fun now it's just a cash grab designed to make you lose so you have to purchase chips. Edit: What kind of canned response is that from support? Notice the deflection? They did not dispute anything I said. App Deleted.
terrible game if you want a realistic craps experience. great if you want to think you could always win at a casino. no way this game is providing real random dice throws. i monitored the game and 7 comes up far below statistical averages. belong that it has awkward betting procedures where each time you win you must replace you bet to keep it on. finally, it has some bizarre nonstandard formula for odds payouts.
as a professional gambler its easy to tell the game is loss generated if you win to much that's why you don't trust computers when gambling
It's okay. A couple issues I have. When do your place bets ever automatically come down when you win? And you can't turn place bets on or off.
My game totally reset. I had amassed over $250k. GONE. It took me better part of year to get my winnings up there. New update freezes constantly. Not happy.
Ok for developing strategies, at first. Like a loose slot when you start, but as you progress it rolls to house interest far more often than a random generator would suggest. I don't mind as it simulates house hedging percentages on low ball players, but I dislike that the app lies it has a random dice roll. Frustration will set in about lvl 14, it will hit a 7 every 3rd or 4th roll, c'mon really.
Good game overall. Some things that could improve this game is not automatically taking the bet along with the winnings because it's hard to keep track when you're practicing strategies. Not too sure about the payouts/odds and also the way it lets you bet (6 & 8 place bets should be in multiples of 6). "Buying" 4 & 10. It would be nice if it keeps track of points hit in a run & how many rolls have been rolled before 7 out. Maybe a small history of numbers rolled in a single run. Just some ideas.
Great app for people who want to practice strategies. Place bet resets after hitting a point are cumbersome and the box to place the place bets is small so I have to use the undo button a lot but other than that it's the best practice app I've come across for craps
I've been looking for a good craps app and decided to try this. I'll update the rating as I go but I'm kind of leery seeing that any review positive or negative has the same word-for-word responses. Obviously boiler plate stuff. Not confident reviews are actually seriously taken into account
This game seems to hit heavily on the 7's. I have seen it throw 3 7's in a row very frequently. Also... it's a complete pain having to put my bet back everytime my number hits. The "rebet" button is broke... and finally there is no "off" for the hard ways. They are always on, even on the come out. Finally the dealers voice is cheesy. I have to mute the game just to shut him up. You have got to add a way to turn off his sound.
Crazy way to lose free money! Hahaha However, I did learn that in legal Craps, if the point is off, you cannot bet on the 'field line'... In which this game allows a player to do. Just sayin' don't take this method to Vegas. You'll be laughed out of the casino. (or kicked) haha Kindly fix that guys and gals.
Mostly pleasant, just wish that it would reset you if you ran out of money instead of making you have to wait an hour for only 500 credits. (You can reset yourself by uninstalling and reinstalling, but it's boring af.) Outside of that, it's pretty decent time killer for a gambling addiction lol
Found a bug. I bet wrong, don't pass and then 2 don't come bets. The point got passed and my don't come bets came down. The odds layed should turn off, and you should be able to turn them on for the come out roll. But instead the wagers return to the player.
play is pretty well overall, some things aren't right but decent for a little phone app, the annoying thing about this app To me is it's too hard to manipulate the chip values, I like to do the place Betts and multiples of six dollars work with the odds the best overall if you want to do place beds you can't use 6$ a suitable amount easily to play the odds.
At its basic form it's good and fun. But have issues. Especially payouts. place bets on the 6 and 8 have odds 7:6. So you bet in increments of 6 dollars. First, the program let's you bet any amount which wouldn't happen in a casino. Second, I bet $6 and it paid me $6.84???? It should be a $7 payout. what the hell is this 16 cent shortage? Come on. This is basic stuff in craps.
It's fun and good practice for when you play the real thing in a casino. Bet wisely and win occasionally! Be careful, I bet big and lost everything. Small bets you'll do ok at times, big bets and you'll lose everything!!! The goal of this app is take your coins and sell you more.
I had accumulated a total coin balance of around 25 or 26-trillion prior to your having changed/reduced the minimum and maximum bets for the table games (e.g. Craps, Black Jack, Video Poker, etc.). Based on screen shots of past wins and accumulated coin achievements, I believe Phonato Studios changed its minimum/maximum bets for table games (for example, Craps went from having a category wherein player could bet a minimum/maximum of 50-milllion/10-billion to the same category now having a minimu
This game sucks. I rolled a 7 the very next roll after I rolled the point number 4 times in a roll. Dont download!!!
it is a nice simple craps game, but you can't remove individual bets made or turn them off. If you realized you bet 13 on 6 after a roll where you were simulating 10 minimum bet and had other bets on the table, you have to clear the entire table and rebet everything else. The rebet button doesn't do anything in roll.
This game is programmed wrong it does not hit craps as often as the real game of craps, there are 6 ways to roll a 7, so this game should hit craps way more often then it does.
This game is not very realistic. There are rarely any long dice rolls, and as soon as you bet a huge amount, the system detects it and you 7 out.
I love the game of craps but unfortunately the RNG in this game is most certainly rigged. The game does allow you to collect free chips every 5 to 10 minutes or so, I wouldn't call it a scam because of this. Problematically the RNG hits the opposite of whatever you're pressing. 90% positive there is rigging.
Is ok but I think payouts might be a little wonky. Have had it not pay wins correctly. $10 pass line win says I win $20 but my bankroll only goes back up to what I had pre-bet. (100 - 10 bet = 90. with a win I should have 110 not 100 after payout). Since the update you can no longer make a $12 place bet as they have removed all denominations less than $10. Also their feedback is a limited number of characters so you can't really send them anything. Shame their updates made this app worse.
This game is designed to sell chips. Bet the horn numbers every time and they don't come. Bet the field large and you will never hit. Just a waste of time.
Like the graphics & crispness of the layout... Wish the dice were a bit more random, but it's fine. Only one major flaw: When betting against (don't pass & don't come) the 6 and 8, the free odds lay payout is reversed. The odds on the don't are 5:6, not 6:5. To be accurate, the wrong bettor ALWAYS puts out more money to win less. Fix that & it should be perfectly accurate
The RNG is definitely not random. I have proof if you would like it. When your game is centered around making money from selling chips, it makes sense to rig the RNG. Don't play... A waste of time... 2x 5s in a row has ALWAYS followed with a 7 out. Remember that folks, save yourselves some chips.
The graphics are nice, but the RNG and way the chips play is not. I've played real craps in a lot of casinos and never had the kind of bad luck I do on this game. I can't help but think the RNG is designed to make you loose chips so you buy more. The other problem I have with this game is there's certain bets you're supposed to be able to cancel, or at least turn off in craps, but for some reason this game doesn't let you cancel them. And guess what? That leads to you loosing more chips.
would be great job but whenever you log off all your winnings reset to 46.00 then you collect 500.00. if I win I can't save progress
Game works great! It follows all the rules and the interface is relatively easy to use. I have just a couple of recommendations: 1) Please make the "place bet" area a little bigger/easier to tap. 2) Add an option to let winning bets ride rather than having them taken down, thus forcing the player to replace them every time which can be tedious (especially as the "place bets" area is difficult to tap). Overall it's a fun app, thank you!
Was fine until the last update. Keeps going back to the home screen every time I roll now. Very frustrating. Worked fine and like the app before that.