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Craftsman: Building Craft

Craftsman: Building Craft for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by StarGame22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game could be so much better if the ads were not as excessive as they are. Also the end, what's the point of the frame but no end perals it does not make much sense. It would also be nice if the graphics were a bit better and the ores had more texture. For the ads when playing with other people it really takes the fun out of it when you have an ad and you get stuck some where or your fighting then die cause of an ad or even getting kicked cause of the host has an ad. Over all needs work.
This is a really good app if you can't afford or don't have mincraft available in your county . But it feels like the creator of this app just forget about it and doesn't keep up with the updates like the nether update and some things or mobs aren't available and they have saddles but no horses or carrots on a stick and they have the end frames but no eyes of ender its really wierd and obviously dont have end city the don't have tridents or crossbows.
first of all I don't know why people keeps giving it to stars or three stars it's really good game it's really like Minecraft for some reason whenever I saw the picture on the app whenever I download it it looked way different I thought this is going to be a rip off but it's actually really good game and it's literally like Minecraft but a little bit different things to keep the budget and not get copyrighted one person said there's no security cameras what the hell do you mean?
i like this app but when i dig the ground as much as i can and then i fall down to the place where there are nothing their, there is a hole which i fall down and can't go up their and i can't do anything and need to be deleted this app and i have lost all my building and house .Then i started downloading again and still the world which i fall down was still appear and what I can do? i delete it forever because the world is again and again appearing. the game maker should know this.
Especially i like it,like it too much but the reason that i give 4 stars because: I want to found somoene so i on the mutiplayer but it can't founding some player.So can you pliss do a multiplayer really like multiplayer?Just hope you answer it,but this game still really good❀️😸
Game sucked, tried many times to make a new world but the same message popped up " 'My World' could not be opened" I tried about 10 times in each gamemode to open a world but the message kept popping up, wouldnt let me upload a custom skin from the internet either, anyone know how to fix the world thing?
Its a great game, pretty much one of the better options for a "fake" mincraft the only issue thats stopping me from rating it any higher than a three is the fact that there is no sticky pistions. I'd love this game if there were more blocks added because there are quite alot that are missing. Also maybe more animals like horses or mules. The good thing is i really enjoy the way it looks. Overall great game but needs improvement.
Great app,it looks like Minecraft but the thing is there is a lot of Minecraft stuff that was not in the game very unfair.....but it's pretty fun to play:)...well there are things that wasn't added like lanterns,bells,pistons,and more! Also some of the stuff has different texters and that is not good It also don't have pandas,foxes,turtles,fishes and some more😞 Well I don't like that but the game is okay it's not that bad,can you put some updates or something for more stuff?
Hi, I say this is a pretty good game but please add fishes and turtles different beds cuz alot of these only have red beds. I saw a game called lolkie craft and it's the same but does not have a flower pot and. Please put colour glass and seaweed, bee's, chairs ik they have them and, fishes, turtles, turtle eggs, Plz let us put emojis etc.
I really love this game but could you pls make the multiplayer game be used even without internet so me and my sister and could you add new items and mobs pls but today when i opened it every thing was dark and even though i had light ..and i saw the grass was all black i hope u can fix that glitch but when i closed the app and opened it again it was Okay and today it keeps stoping but iam not gonna unistall but i hope you fix it ...
I like it but I hate the add it keep coming while I'm playing with my friends I get so mad when the add comes cuz if the add come my friends get disconnected from the server please check that out and also I saw plenty of animals in sample but not in playing please update this game make it more cool and awesome I'll be even more happy then before and also the sponge is not working fix that please so hard to make underwater house
Help. I rated two stars because my daughter was very very frustrated that all her crafts were gone. Please do something about this. It's so sad to see her crying because she put all her efforts and heart when building. All of a sudden, she cannot see her house. So sad for a mom :( I know how she feels. Pls fix this right away.
Developer please fix all the bugs and don't put ads on games, i will rate it 1 stars because everytime i craft something it duplicate on my inventory when i join to my cousin's world i got an ad every 5 secs, developers next time fix this issue and i will rate it 3-5 stars if you update the game a little bit, my cousin is also angry at this ad...last thing i wanna say when i create a world and then my cousin join he got an ad... Xoxo Mr.NiceGuy
I love this game It just has a few problems some of the animals are not here like dolphins and turtles and fish and a lot of others most blocks look like the ones in mincraft but they don't have a lot of things mincraft does I think that the game can use a little bit of improving but to some good things about it in creative mode you can build a lot of stuff and it is pretty fun I think this game could use some improving b ut also I think the game is really fun to play also boats are so annoying
i love this game so much! But there is alot of ads and i cant build or have fun, and i can't even join other people's servers only my siblings server, And Zombies or others, kept on going in my way even sheeps kept ON bitting grass in my garden to make it turns dirt, and i really like the minecraft's diamond block but ur diamond block is different, i also want COLORED windows In CraftsMan Like Minecraft but i don't see any, i don't see Everything in CRAFTSMAN like Minecraft and great game!
This is really good game but my tablet keeps kicking me out, idk if you add more animals i would do 5 stars like cats or horse i love this game i can't download the real minecraft but this is okay at least i can play this. Between there was a another cameras like to show yourself, did you changed it or im just blind like i can't find i don't really know this game but i like it lol i do 4 stars for no reason (:
Version of Craftsman is 0.14.3 Nice Graphics Nice sounds Nice items If your new at the game there will be many ads So i can consider close that wi fi and enjoy Believe me , if your new at the game and add a server and then play For example: you play skywars and then it start The ad will pop up as soon as you back in the game your dead Don't blame the owner because of the ads ! Blame yourself cause if your new at the game there will be many ADS!
This game is cool and all but needs to add a branch where you do nothing but build famous ships, like the HMHS Britannic, RMS Titanic RMS/HMT Olympic, and more ships, and replay their darkest moments, like the sinking of Titanic, sinking of Britannic and more, and make your own ships, and do anything with it, also add a search system in creative mode and more items such as cars, trains, train tracks, buses, lockers, and more, also note, the game keeps on corupting, please fix this so we have fun
I love this game but I think that it could be updated a bit though but I think I learned more from this in survival mode then I ever did in Minecraft! That reason is because of cheats! So thank you for making this game if there's a way you can connect it with Minecraft that'd be awesome but I know this is not supposed to be like Minecraft anyway thank you for making this game I love it and it should def be recommended to more users! So Thank You ad Thank You for reading this comment! πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜β€πŸ‘
The biomes load like Minecraft but the game lags like CRAZY! My phone has a lot of storage in it and it still lags. I tried to play multiplayer but it just crashes the game. I downloaded some Minecraft skins from skindex but when I press custom skin it says you don't have any skins. Creative mode is the worst! I cant even take anything from the log of blocks just view them. So I am forced to build my builds with whatever is already in my inventory. Plz find these issues.
This game is cool but there is a little problem here,there is no pistons,sticky pistons,coloured glass,eye of ender, leads, And ender pearls. And there's another problem.. before, I downloaded another game called "Worldskraft" if I'm correct, then I deleted it installed this game, "Craftsman" but then suddenly,I saw my old servers in "Worldskraft" I deleted all of my old servers then made new ones, like "Ice worldwide". And please fix these problems that I may found, ONE MORE PROBLEM it corrupts
I love this game but the reason why I gave 4 stars because I have some 2 problems (1) it need some people a round In the world (2) it have's soo many ads you need to turn your Wi-Fi off. soo fix these problems plsπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ but the my worlds is saved when I unstalled the app and my skin too omg wow
I love this game but there is one time I built a house on a flat creative world, then I did not play the world for 4 days. Then when I log in, I noticed that the name of my world dissappear, I joined my world when I see so many mountains and water everywhere, it's like not a flat world anymore. And I think that it's a glitch, if you see this, please fix it. P.S This is a very fun game.
Great game i love it i play this game because i cannot afford minecraft and this is the best minecraft like game theres not even a single ad in this game. well sometimes there is but this game need to add ender eye,ender portal,ender dragon. I highly recommend you to download this app.and you could even change skins just go to skindex and download the skin you want and then go to custom in skins option in craftsman and them choose the image you downloaded and then you got the skinπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„β˜Ί
I don't like this game because when I'm playing with my litle sister our items are glitching into another, so we need to find that item we lost bc of game again. And even if we find it it happens again. And ads are realy too often. Atleast every ad per 10 minutes and I'd be glad to play this otherwise it's too difficult. I know it's hard to program and it's even harder on mobile phone I guess. Have a nice day :D
i love this its the best app even if its not real Minecraft but there a glitch i had a world it was fine for few weeks but then a glitch happened every single block was black and i couldn't see anything but other then that this is a wonderful app the glitch is geting more worse whenever i try to play on my world everything is black and I can't see anytging it lags and then crashes and j can't also delate the worlds i reinstalled it but it still happens please fix it
This game is great! I've come across many rip offs and they were horrible. The game would of been perfect of it had more blocks and colored beds but it's ok. I'm waiting for some updates.🌟
uhm i love this app but why did they put end portal if they don't have a ender eye and ender pearl and sticky piston and piston. and please put some colorful bed and colorful glass pane and glass. and put some many blocks like Minecraft beta please i love this app.this app is now multiplayer!!!!!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ.... Hi its now multiplayer but when i was in my daddy's house my cousin and me play this game and now i was in my moms house my lil brother tried to play multiplayer but it was not workingπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
This game is just so good and graphics and everything is just so good too... it's just what u want ...but from my point of view i rated it 4 stars because there are no concrete blocks , there is no coloured glass only white coloured glass and pane is there and the colour of some of the clay blocks are different from thier name......so please if you can change these things .....the game will be excellent!....but still I love the game!
The game is not good I see in ad that the game has security cameras diving board some animals do not have eyes please fix because most of the kids download after seeing the ad and they download and after opening what they see in ad and hoe the game is there please please don't make fake ads and graphics are also confusing and plant are also black
This game is great I love it but I'd suggest that you can make the game have a point, like beating the game with the enderdragon I wish It was more like minecraft but its literally pointless. It is also missing a lot of items like sticky piston, firework, ender pearl and more.. so maybe add the enderdragon and items and I'll be happy with the game😁
Listen people or players out there who wanna play this game. No need to turn on ur Wi-Fi for no ads when u got in the game just turn off your WiFi! I rated this because it's similar to minecraft but the missing blocks tho. Well no need for Wi-Fi free to play really good and that's all be safe everyone!
This app is good just that they can add more features. I wanted to play multiplayer in this game but i could not. I got to know that you cant play multiplayer if whom you are playing with lives far. So I tried it with my mother father in the house and it happened. Next day I tried it again but it did not work. I think craftsman has deleted this feature. I have a request that if you can please add a feature so that we can play multiplayer even if whom we are playing with lives far.
it works really well!!! me and my cousins have been addicted to playing it ever since we started, but i do have a few issues. one, i hope that the server won't disc us whenever there is an ad to the owner of the server. two, i hope that you guys can fix the lagging that happens everytime i log on to a multiplayer server. it really does get annoying. that said, you gusy did a great job.
This game is great, work like minecraft but pls add piston, sticky piston, name tag, horse, saddle, horse armor , end pearl and ender of eye. Hope i can ride a horse after this. I like this game so much. Hope you add some of this thing. Do your best.
It is one of the best game I ever played. It is to much good game but the reason why I have given it only 4 stars is that, it is not online game and there is not any map because of which some times I have been lost in this game . So the developer of this game please update it and make it online and also provide a map πŸ—ΊοΈ . Please
The reason I give it four stars is can you add more animals and blocks plz and the time in the game is a little buggy let me explain I once destroyed a useless bridge but when a played again THE BRIDGE WAS BACK!!! and when I had leather armor and a little later I found iron and made iron armor BUT THEN I HAD LEATHER ARMOR AND THE IRON ARMOR WASN GONE ALSO MY IRON STUFF!!!!!! So can you plz fix this bug thx
I really like the game, i've been playing this game with my lil brother for almost 2 years now! But. The problem is, can you add more blocks like, i wanted to do an end portal but sadly we dont have any eye of ender stuff. So i really want you to add more blocks, change the mobs a lil bit, and thats all ! I really appreciate your work and thanks for sharing ! Hope you have a great day ! ❀❀❀❀❀
This game is actually pretty fun! But there is a few problems I'd like the developers to fix. For example, there's a lot of ads. And I also noticed (if it's just me) when I type in the chat, it kicks me out of the game... So I would please Iike if the developers would fix these problems. There is more too. This game is fun, but with a few issues. But otherwise, this game is great! 4 stars!
I really like this game but I hate how every minute there is an add! I don't mind the adds but I can't even play with out the add poping up soo plz fix that. also I what too ask if u guys can add more spon eggs With bears, camuls, monkeys, pandas cat and dogs, maybe even so dragons and unicorns would be nice.Also for the animals can u add a name tag so we can name the animals pls?One more thing I think this would make ur game better than mincraft, soo can u have the villager talk prsonality
I love it but I want it to be multi-player it is but you have to have the same net work to play with maybe you could add a system where you can search your friend's username and server name also a glitch happened when I went in the game everything was black I couldn't see anything and also maybe you should add the end I understand that this didn't updated and probably will not but if you wanna update here are some tips add the end,Ender Dragon,eye of Ender,Ender pearls and make the enderman
Very great game! Its like minecraft but free and a bit better! Its 'cause you can have any skin you want but most cost money + you can add your own character and theres options if you wanna zoom in/out. Anyways some blocks are different but they are pretty cool! I advise you to install it! The reason I have 4 is cus you can't delete/put blocks if you are facing where the block needs to be placed/deleted sometimes other than that, its a great game!
This app is the BEST me and my siblings play it and it brings complete joy to us! But there is some things that need to be added fish,horse, texture packs,more spawners horses,birds, mabe behavior packs but otherwise ITS AWESOME also and eye of ender I would very love the game to be updated!
It's just like minecraft but only a few texture changes and none of the big updates and stuff...alsontherevis a glitch where if you spawn a bunch of mobs then it will mess up the game and then the hostile mobs are god in every world even if you delete them
I really love the game but if they could add leads, name tags, ender pearls pistons, eye of ender, the wither, the end, ect. That would be amazing. The game is still awesome without these things but it would be a bit more fun with these things.
I rate it 4 stars because of some problems and when i go to the game its lagging and it breaks stuff that i worked hard on and i don't like it and it takes FOREVER to install cuz I always uninstall it cuz it takes alot of storage when i play for long it's like 16mb everytime i press it and when i leave 20mb and it keeps on going but overall its a very nice game :D
This game is same like minecraft but there is so many glitch if I have one thing it will duplicate it will be 3 or 2 items in my inventory the command doesn't works the skin we want to put it tell the skin is silly there so many things which are missing for example piston,observer,ender pearl,etc and why there is no end city the piglins doesn't trade with us the villagers can't make what we want example,we need librarian,farmer and many more there is no temple in jungle there is no hoglins.
Everything in this game works normally, except for one certain bug that REALLY disturbs gameplay. At random, whenever I tap something on the overworld with an item, whether it be a tool or a general item, a random slot in my hotbar changes to that of what I was holding. This REALLY disturbs me as for the only way of preventing this is by putting all the items in your hotbar in your inventory. If you can, please fix this. Thanks in advance
It's a good game but first of all, my world always gets deleted, and I built a mansion that I really worked on and it just disappeared idk why, and also ads every 10 minutes. Idk if I recommend it :(
I love this game. The reason it lost a star is that there are NO ENDER EYES AND ENDER PEARLS!!! I found a stronghold, near my house, while digging for some ores, but instead, I found a stronghold. I was in creative so I checked that where are ender pearls. So please add them. Also the fortress doesn't have blaze spawner. If you fix the problem,then I will give the game 5 stars. Please fix it.
I love this game it looks like craftopia i like that! But,Have cities nice and i can spawn villagers in city villagers looks like citizen maybe? Just install this guys its awesome! But there's a ads i hated that but its ok its little bit.so i love this game i can set survival game in the city or build anything else? but owner u need to update this like features new packs or there's more think so are there multiplayer right? Or not its ok But just fix the bug in my account okay owner😁 byeπŸ˜„
Well it dose not have a lot of stuff but this is why I rate 5 stars brother it was kind of laggy but we had fun building some stuff we build a lot of awesome house's we had fun so I would still like it it's a fun game it will always be rated I love your game so much it's like the regular Minecraft but you don't have all the stuff I would like it when you add some stuff and that's in the other Minecraft hope your game gets good and make the animals have eyes pls be a good game soon!!!!! β™₯οΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜!!
I love it because other types of app like this don't work ,such as mastercraft,worldskrafts 2,miniworld etc. or they just work on some phones but this will allow every phone to play it. Everyone might not like the graphics but it is a good game. We can even make our own skin. And we can also play it online with our friend and also crate a online server to play with more people. And also you were here before and then you were gone, but you come back. Welcome back craftsman . πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜
Id give it a 3 at most unless they update it. Yes its fun And good if you dont wanna pay fir minecraft and multiplayer. 1.multiplayer sometime messes up and you cant see any of your friends worlds. 2. They have a panda on the main screen but missing all the good mobs 3. Blocks that need certain items to work dont have them 4. No nametags for animals 5. D I N N E R B O N E D O E S N T W O R K .
This game doesnt do anything whenever i create a new world it always says ("My World"Can't be opened) and whenever i download a mc skin app and download some of the skins in always says (thats not a WorldBuilding silly.) i keep on doing it but it always keep kicking me out of the game. And Ads are rlly annoying i don't reccomend installing this app is useless.and a rip off
There are quite a lot of problems with this game. It's playable and enjoyable, but the graphics look too confusing. I mistake many items to other items. Also, the storage that it makes on my phone is terrible. It uses my space and I can't make room for other apps. The gamemodes are great, but multiplayer mode makes it worse for my experience. Whenever my brother and I play in a multiplayer survival server, our items glitch. I had to delete this game to make more storage and I am quite sad
It's a very great and amazing game but....it would be more fun if there were more mods and the end portal but over all very amazing game it's amazing because it's a multiplayer game me and my sister play together with this and its very fun when it's multiplayer I would recommend this QwQ Edit:... I have been playing this game for months but today it keeps glitching Pls fix it
The app is alright,The thing is that it doesn't have everything that Minecraft has like leashes, lanterns, campfires and much more!+There are those kind of ads where if u click on the close button it will take u to a random website and this is really triggering bc this happens every 5 mins and I have to get out of the game every 5 mins!! But the thing I like that there are servers.I downloaded this app when it had 1M+ downloads and now it has 50+ downloads,Congrats!!
This game is best but, there isn't any horse, fishes, pola bear, and I cannot even create wither skeleton or iron golem. It also doesn't have name tag, few of block, day settings, statue stander, and colourful bed. Also concrete. Please add some πŸ˜‰. I rate ONLY two star, because I also cannot swim like in minecraft. Real swimming act!
I like this game bc its so fun its like mincraft but its free .... But its has an add but its okie cause its not that long its just 1 second add or 5 second and the things the food its look. Like mincraft and theres already a bootifull house its pretty and if u life mordern house dowload this I LOVE THIS GAME!!!πŸ‘πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“β€πŸ’•πŸ’ž
This game is close to minecraft but it needs a magour update. Theres enderman (that seem to run away rather than attack) and ender portals but no strongholds or pearls. Minecraft is also getting alot of new updates so this is very far behind. But other than that its a great game,I would just stick to playing in creative on here and survival in the real Minecraft when I can eventually buy it
This is a fun game except for all the adds every time an add comes on and I have friends visiting me it kicks them off the game and that is very annoying and frustrating that I can't even play a full minute without adds, I know this is how you make money but make it so you can play longer and it doesn't kick people out.
This is a Very good game but it has so many Ads And some times , you build something and the next time you come to the game and you see that the building you build was not there , And there's no Enter pearls , but this game is so Amazing
This game was the best minecraft game ever! I rate it 3 because there are some problem. Just a little problem. For example I build something from the game then I log out, after I came back its all gone! And there are some things that is not in the game for example wither, wither sceleton, horse and many more! But this game is the best. Hope you can fix this. πŸ™ƒ
I like the game BUT their are a lot of problems in the game. Problem 1. you cant install this in apple devices Problem 2. There is no ender eyes no animals to ride and some animals and mobs are not there 3. You cant join you friends if they are far away you and you friend should use the same internet at least can you do some codes so we can join each other if you did these things this game if i can i would rate it more than 5 starts thank you if you did i really thank you if you do sorry if my words are hurtful bye stay blessed
I have been playing this game for the last six 7 days.The game that we are getting to play for free is a very good thing, this game is completely like Minecraft.But much change has yet to be done within the game which can make the score a better game. This game has a lot of glitches that should be corrected. For example, many times the game you play is not saved, it is very difficult to play online with your friend, which should be corrected. I hope to see something new with the next update.
This is the worst game I have ever played. I thought that this will be just like Minecraft , but there is nothing special about this game it is just a normal game. First when I started playing that time I saw there is no operating option, I was not able to select any block. Please fix this game otherwise this could be a good game.
Amazzzing, you can build whatever you want! The Possibilities are ENDLESS. Plus, it's kinda like free minecraft. Just easily turn off ads by making sure your wifi is off. One thing I suggest though is so you don't need wifi to play together and you just have to be near eachother. Nevertheless it's a great game, totes worth it!
I really love this game, but the reason I gave it 4 stars is that there are no enderpearls and there are missing some blocks like pistons to make secret bases in multiplayer. I also want to ride horses, donkeys and mules, but they are not in this game. In one of my world, I found almost 10 saddles, but they are useless in this game. Pls fix these problems, otherwise it's a very nice game. I play it with my sister everyday and pls add nametags too. Pls and thank u! 😊
It's a pretty good game. The ads are very excessive and when playing multiplayer it's annoying when you get kicked out every two seconds because the host got an ad. Also this game is missing a lot of things. For example there is a end portal frame but no eye of ender or ender pearls. So going to the nether is kinda useless if there is no end. Overall it's an OK game.
It is a good Minecraft rip-off actually, the textures are little bit confusing but I like it because it's more like the older Minecraft versions (Without Nether Reactor Core) and more stuff. Great job but you need to improve this. Ads is little annoying but it is good to play.
Hi, the game is much appreciated by my child, he loves it.but lately he has problems, can someone advise on please. He reports 1. Buttons for moving forward have disappeared and is moving by slipping the finger on the screen. Is this common? Anyone knows how to get the buttons back displayed on the screen? 2. He cannot change blokcs used to construct. How to get back in using more bloks at the time? 3. Hearts are not displayed any longer. He wonders how to get them back on screen? thanks!!!!
THIS APP IS REALLY GREAT!! Altho I only rate this 4 stars bc theres alot of ads. IDK why but theres litterily ads popping up from like aflter 1 or 2 minutes. Pls fix this :( Maybe on the next update pls :> Anyaways Keep On Making Games Like This One!!
From the ad, I thought this game was going to be great, but I hate to say that this game is not good at all. First for some reason the plants are black on the top πŸ™„. Second this game dont have no security cameras in it at all. Third some animals dont have eyes, which is creepy as heck! Fourth, It doesn't save your buildings at all. Please fix thiiis, I dont like giving bad reviews, but just remember you made me do it 🧐.
It's a great game, some of the animals could use some work, but the game itself is good. I just think that there are Way Too Many adds, an add pops up every minute, it kinda disturbs the gameplay, if you're in a sticky situation and an add pops up, there is no escape. Just please lessen the pop up of adds, the game is still great :)
(My old review) It is like the real game but the creepers look TERRYFYING. Can you change that please. And also it is alot better if i could do the commands. (My new review) I like it beacuse it's like minecraft but not really because this game is like the first version of minecraft it doesn't have all the updates that minecraft has. But i still like this wonderful game.
I like this app is very cool but I don't like when have so many ads because when me and my brother were playing at 2 coming one by one and we kind of got tired of that so I said give you five stars because it's very cool game
This game is fun like Minecraft in building, but there are some things missing in the game to make it more fun, I think the following updates is important to make the game more fun: 1. adding fish and salmon spwan. 2. adding wings in equipment collection. 3. making friends and allowing them to join a game by a join request. 4. add Enderman eyes and Enderman pearls. 5. Adding horses and donkeys spwan. 6. adding horses ammor and saddler. 7. removing ads. Please if you can make these updates.πŸ‘πŸ»
Its fun but also kicks me out any time i play it. i will love if some of these were added. please add spawn people spawn dad spawn mom Or even spawn teacher and also cars ,bikes ,airplane,helicopter. And fruits , drugs,kings,queens,clothes,different types of furniture,and food like burgers . and instead of villages add a city,a lot of clothes,posters and bags pictures,phones, computers ,and tech stuff and cameras,also add more people skins
Hello, The reason I gave this four stars because, When ur in the "Survival mode" If u break a gold, diamond, iron, and coal org doesn't come. It annoys my for some reason, but I really love this game. Esp the "Creative mode" I made 10 houses and I'm very proud. Guys no need to pay for Minecraft if u don't like to! Just use rip-offs I would recommend that lol. Have a great day and bye!