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Crafting Dead: Pocket Edition

Crafting Dead: Pocket Edition for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Alda Games located at ALDA GAMES s.r.o. BRNO, KLICOVA 1261/2D, 618 00 CZECH REPUBLIC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a really good game but tnt dosen't work and Ii need it for mining sometimes That's why I'm putting a 4 star rating
Things are to easy and different types of Carter's it's not like Minecraft but the craters that are different from Minecraft
i like it but you cant change skins i would perfer you to make a update so you can change but if you can change i is sorry but it is a good game over all of it and if you can make it look like the real mincraft texturpack i think that would be great thx oh and make it more of a real mincraft than a rip off i like the game though so yea thank you so much. Sorry for any miss spelled words.
Good game but ads pop up then after the ads done I'm dead. Controls are trash main thing that needs fixing died trying to climb up a ladder and how come zombies n dogs are spawning inside my base please fix. Really want to play this game but not until those things are fixed.
It's not bad, but it isn't really that good. started me of right in front of a pack of 3 dogs. That would've been okay if I could have turned but for some reason there were no left right controls. Not a very good game. It's nice other wise but, I'm not gonna bother wasting to,me with it right now. If there is an update?; Fine I may, try it again, may.
Addicting game I've been on it for 24 hours and have afew lucky blockmods set upsince it technically is a version of Minecraft and the controls are so confusing. And some good glithies happen to where at night you can always attack the zombies bu they can't attack you at the abandoned castle
I like it, it's every fun, the jump can use some work but other than that I love it and it's Free plus they have alot more animals then I thought and I love that.
I love this geme and this am not for games Is one of my pacions i love it but i cant play multiplayer how i can play multiplayer?
I wish that there were no items when we start off, the leaves would give us sticks (cuz where theres leaves theres branches), I don't know about the structures with torches everywhere yet tho, everything else is fine. P.S.: add a "split controls" option.
Hy is. This game scary 😱😡😲 I don't like scary πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ but I sometimes feel safe πŸ˜… on the game I give it five stars
Would be good if it didnt glitch literally the entire time/: bad guys glitch through walls, controls glitch/reverse, lots of lagging, and building and fighting is just frustrating when you add all this together
its.. ok... I downloaded because my dad wanted to play Minecraft but it was too expensive so we got this... you don't get a drop from your kill and wolves attack you. I would recommend but it depends upon the person
This game is ok it sends you pictures so i would not let it acsses that. There is also a fun glitch. When you play for a long time ot gets harder but even more fun.
It wasn't really ' da' best game because the controls are confusing and it is not as great as the real minicraft..... I don't recommend it
This game makes no sense for one you have to craft all of you supply, second the control's are hard to use.
There's a bug and its annoying the monsters can go through your builds and I work so hard to make a very big house when I finished its night then the zombies come in somehow and I die and the house i made was filled with mobs so I kept respawning and keep getting killed.
Scary Fun Game, Made by i don't know, it has CAMELS, AND DEER, It also has MUTANT ZOMBIES, GIANT BOSS FIGHTS AND MORE, Guess what, we need ideas for this game, how about POALR BEARS In the Snowy Biome, SPIDERS AND CAVES AND CLIFFS we need, How about THE SAVANNAH BIOME, That means the Savannah Mode will be No more, and Finally, we need BIRDS, like chickens have allready added, we NEED EAGLES AND PARROTS, AND THE JUNGLE BIOME, and finally, we need PANGOLINS, for the game, and One more Husk Zombies
I was going all good, but suddenly all the controls changed abruptly, don't know why, and I was looking at the world tilted. Please fix this! I want to play more!
It is really very very good and nice game..... I like it to much.. The controting system is also good... It is more better than mindcraft...
Every day minecraft my favorite crafting game, i play it. Not anymore and just saying i wish you could spawn the mobs like minecraft but this game is still good.
I like tha game! But i got an issue when i accidentally put a block underneath me i fell off from the ground i was stuck and i was like:Whhaaaaat? I think i broke the game!
A great game, I like it and that's saying something because I HATE game that are Minecraft ripoffs, but after a while the screen kinda started to rotate and it was really hard to control, but other than that it is a great game.
i would rate this higher, but there are so many ads that i cant even play the game. an ad every minute? thats absurd. i expect some ads. but there needs to be a balance of gameplay to ads.
In minecraft if we hurt a dog then he bites us in this game the bear and dog both are killing us and in creative mode we cannot die and I this game we die in creative mode also and block are also so late cutting
i personally think the gane is amazing,but the graphics and controlls are a little messed up in my opinion.other than that,the game is amazing.
I love the game but its so dificult i wish it can be used on v.r without controler so the maker of this game should make an v.r in this game
Scary... Dogs like wolves in the daytime. And they give you 100 blocks and the monsters just destroy your home at night.
so when i downloaded the game and started to "play" it wasn't even letting me it said sorry this game is out service 1 star
So this game is really fun but it has a challenge theres zombies and other stuff you need to defend off so it makes it fun and it seems that then zombies are harder at night you have to try it
everything's awful in this game the control awful graphic awful literally I tried to look the other way and then lose character just start spinning around in circles
I love this game so beautiful because of so many reasons but the number one reason that I don't like it and it didn't get a five-star it's because the pig the deerthink it's unsanitary to have a deer in a Minecraft fake Minecraft not real MinecraftI only got it cuz it was free and then I had a lot of fun and then they had that talk day in 2019 now as you know what should be 2020 reading it in like 20 21 who knows maybe 2006 who knows right I mean come on who would know well I just love the game.
This is like minecraft but bad and ppl there is no "free minecraft" u have 2 buy it and even if the game was like minecraft, mojang would just repot it to goggle play and got deleted
This game is really stupid! no offense but..still.. you can't move anywhere and you can't jump! !! Those game is nor good and I would not recommend it to anyone. don't download it's a waste of time! !
If it would have a knife and have superhero powers and superhero players like flash I would rate it 5 stars And not have glitchs I would rate it 100 stars if it had 100 stars
I kinda love it 😁 I love the animals πŸ€— And also the graphics They look realistic And also can u add some villigers? And also add some furniture UwU❀
What a broken game enemies run into a wall until they walk through them. Ads pop up in the middle of the game.
I'm not want to tell Alda games but the health is in the top left you can find it there that's all goodbye or a creeper blow you up
Well every time i get out of the inventory its does not show the item bar then i have to make a new game.
This game is stupid, I can't move around and right in the middle of the game while playing a ad will pop up.
This game is pretty laggy but it's pretty fun to me to the lag is unreal sometimes mobs would glitch through your base and when it's night multiple mobs just teleport to you and almost kill you but other than that it's a pretty okay game. Game devs I suggest you read the comments and do what you can to update this game to make it more fun
When you are using the controls they move so fast just by one slight touch if I could give this 0 stars I would!
This game sucks I will not recommend playing this game it was terrible you didn't collect anything from mining the chickens when you kill the chickens they did not give you anything all I had to do was play the first 30 seconds of the game and I deleted it it was terrible I would not recommend playing this terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible game I would not recommend playing it not not recommend playing it it is a waste of space it is a waste of space it's terrible this game would and
I like the game but they need to add to drink water and more then two recepies and roasted meat needs things that are not found easily which is charcoal.There should be a proper camp fire to cook food and if they add water they should add jars and rain catcher and dirty water in the ponds which should be boiled in a camp fire and collecting hide of animals should be added to make more proper clothes and farming and fishing and guns most importantly and spitting and other zombies should be added.
I will give it a 5 star but I kinda wanna say that u should add more monsters but not like Minecraft. Example: a white box big kinda and his front and beside have a scary face
I died in 5 seconds because every time I tried to look around it made me look up straight up and I died to a dog and it didn't even show where my health was it's just is boring I was looking for a fun zombie game! And I didn't have aarmor I don't know how to play this game and it was boring and I don't know how to play this game and there was no armor.as soon as I started I died! I started in the middle of nowhere where attacked by zombie dogs and the bear thing and it was night and I died.
4 Stars. It's a great game! ^-^ The only issue I have is for some reason, Zombie Dogs, Bears (?) and those Four-Armed thing manages to go through the walls and into my custom made home. Having spikes everywhere works, but about 80% of the time. Overall, it's a fun game. Edit: 3 Stars. The controls became inverted for some reason and no way to change them on the settings menu. ReEdit: Uninstalled the game to see if the inverted issue would be fixed. It did, but my save file was no longer there.
this is a cool game and you shound add when your in creative you can make it to survival plz add that plz plz plz plz
The only thing wrong with the game is the controls are really hard and that is it all I can complain about.
almost a good game work on the gameplay graphics are good sensitivity in the controls need improvement and when being attack it propelled my character into the air above nearby blocks that shouldn't occur three stars for now im searching for a game of this type havnt found the one as of yet
I like this game very very very much it is like that game in my old mobile I have played that game. That game name is Building g but now I search that game name so that game is not the in play store. But I like this game very very very much
Basically another bootleg of minecraft but I know how much you put in to this game but make your own stuff minecraft is also a building and crafting and survival game and if you don't want to then fine get sewed it is not my problem I'm just trying to help you .ps sorry ok for the problem but don't just make a bootleg of a popular game.
It has potential but i like to have a directional pad like control and also the food would be better if you could cook it in a furnace or something instead of cooking it with coal in a crafting table other than that its cool
everything overall is good however, i cannot acess Creative Mode, If your Reading this, Game Developers, Please find a way to acess Creative.
I'm enjoying it but frustrated with it at the same time. I completely seal my fort but I randomly have wolves spawn inside. They kill me and then I loose the place I was working on and then I have to start all over.
The game is really nice and boring... In survival mode we have to collect sufficient resources to survive but there is so many monster and we can't even collect properly....i want a new mode in which creative and survival can be mix so that it will be more fun.. please create spawn animals and villagers and create more new modes.......
Ok good game controls perfrect,just everything about it is epic! But theres one thing thats anoying,its that mobs spawn right next to you at night time
the game is alright it's just hard to kill the animals the only thing that I like about the game is build houses. if you like Mark crab this is a game for you the only thing I hate is too many apps and the animals are hard to kill if you play Survival be careful because there's animals that could kill you and it's just hard played survival
This game is pretty good and I understand that the multiplayer is not functional. The MENU button works for me, but a lot of people had an nonfunctional one. It's better than I thought it would be! :) thx for making this game
πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Žworst game ever when you die your spawn point gets destroyed into a hole and my chest disappeared because of it and I had a diamond sword in that chest
1.Why the dogs come in side the home. 2. Please change the dogs they unnessaryly bite. 3. Orals this is the nice game in crafting
This game is awesome but there is one thing i dont like is why is there no caves in this game but still cool
When ever I play other game the notification came in that app a new game is waiting for you but it is good . If the app not showed that I will be giving full 5 stars but nice game 😁
Awesome game.I have some problems.1.The bears,zombie dogs glitch into my house or castles through walls.2.Zombies are supposed to be sleep in day time but in day time I encounter many zombies.3. The multiplayer mode isn't working.
I don't like the fact that when you press the jump button on creative mode you instantly just fly. Also, this game could use some more item choices, just saying.
this game is the best ever it is so much fun the graphics and everything is just like Minecraft but with zombies and stuff it's so good I don't have Minecraft on my phone and I can't get it so this is so this is such an improvement it is really good I just can't say how good it is because it's just outstanding one of the best apps I've ever seen thank you for making this game it's so much fun
This is a very good game it contains realastic and other , it has a house build By the game if you wish you can live there or it contains diamods and gold which you can take.It is OP GAME
Game is good but ads, plus ads on screen, plus ads when you check inventory and ads when you get optional extras. Way too many ads for me to enjoy the game.
This was s a horrible game if you are looking for a game like Minecraft this is not the game it is so laggy and it is so hard to find diamond and it is so hard to even break a tree
There are no items that make this game 1/4 as good as minecraft,The only thing need is some cool block from minecraft
I love this game but is to hard to play and please my tutorial for the game i don't know what I want to do this game and it's to hard to play i will play your walking zombie 1 and 2 or i will play also your new game ww2 i love your all game but i don't like this i will want to customize control and make short story like your walking zombie game i will play this game daliy and make game easily Hop you make changes on this game
Hello :) Usually I write review but I delete it but this game is super you don't need to find things it already with u and it is very nice. But the reason I give 4 Star because of 1 bug actually I download the game on 22/9/20 and today is 24/9/20 today now only when I was making basement so something happens I don't know what but when I want to go front or any direction and I move the joystick so it happen that it is going opposite direction so if u will fix this than I give 5 🌟. Have a nic day
This was a good game but when I try to jump I go all the the way up and take for every to get down and I can't sleep I'm giving it a 4 star only cause the animals were really cool
It's terrible the mobs can go THROUGH your walls so there is no point on building a house unless you put traps in ti
Junk . You can't separate tools ???? So if you get 3 of same tool like diamond or gold tools you have to take all 3 at same time not just 1 . . You die you lose it all rather than 1 . I've lost so much because of this stupid set up ? MAKE IT SO YOU CAN TAKE 1 AT A TIME !
I hate it it is so slow there are adds like Evey 2 minutes also I just gliched threw the ground I can keep going butt il stop there oh also it is the werst game if played
Why it sucks: 1. This game claims is kid friendly when it's not, it was contain blood and gore 2. It's filled with bugs and glitches 3. It's a cheap rip off to minecraft 4. Mediocre graphics Redeemed qualities: 1. It's too much fun 2. Decent gameplay
This...Game is awsome!! But theres a weird glitch.. if your afraid ofjetobrine DO NOT download but I do recommend downloading if your not!
The graphics is good but the controls are very hard like they are too sensitive. Also please add spawn eggs. I would love if the multiplayer would work because I am not going through with that. Thank you for taking your time to read my review have a good day.
Can you add multiplayer option for the game, it should played using mobile data or wifi please, please
It is to sensitive and very stupid controls and it needs to be where you can ride horses and make a farm and interact with the animals
WORST GAME EVER. First of all it suuucks when you die i had 23 dimands and some random mobs spawned literly on top of me and died .mobs spawn in your house then you die the contrals bearly work,usally i dont rate games that bad but this thing got me so mad
GREAT GAME JUST NEEDS SOME WORK! Fantastic mobile alternative to 7 days to die but it has it's drawbacks. 1. It needs hills, caverns, valleys, bodies of water, mountains, rather than just steadily rising blocks. It needs the ability to swim in said bodies of water. Other modes are also necessary, most imoortantly, hardcore survival mode where you start with nothing and get only one life and when you die; you spectate the world. This mode needs to work on multiplayer when it comes out.