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Craft Island

Craft Island for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by HOMA GAMES located at 76 Rue faubourg saint denis, 75010 Paris, France. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is absolute garbage. You can't play without an ad popping up. I don't understand why they make it so awful. Every about 20 seconds you get a full screen pop-up asking you if you want an upgrade for an ad. You say no thanks and an ad pops up anyways. It's just a short ad and you don't get your upgrade. I think I've gotten ads in 3 minutes. It could be fun otherwise.
I don't know that I'd call this a game so much as something to do between watching ads. Dev is stupid greedy running ads like clockwork every 25-30 seconds while you play AND forces you to watch ads on top of those in order to use special items. Just pass on this craptastic ad marathon. Save yourself the wasted download time.
This game seems like it would be fun, if you didn't have forced ads ever thirty seconds. Seriously, even if you click no to watching an ad for a boost, it still makes you watch one. Most the time it's one of those new, two part ads as well.
Constantly lagged from the very start. So bad that i cant get my character to go on the bridge and when i say no thanks to an ad, you force me to watch one anyway. Which means even if it doesnt lag on everyones device. Your pissing them off with ads every 20 seconds. I dont want to uninstall but i also cant even play it because of lag and ads. Stupid
Ads ads ads ads ads Even when you say no thanks to getting a golden axe or a bag of money or stuff like that, you STILL get an ad. I feel like anyone giving this a good rating must be a bot.
First off this has too many ads !! TOO MANY second of all this is hard to control and I try to take down the trees and it makes me accidentally tap something that's for money like would you like to get this part of the land for 30 bucks and that was a waste I almost got zero dollars third this game is so boring look all you got to do is cut trees and make money a big island and that's why I hate this game so much this is so boring I would like to add a few touches good idea with the idea but no
Fun game but way too many ads. When you decline an offer and it shows you an ad anyway, when you try to avoid items because of the ads, when it pushes you in the direction of that item to trigger an ad. Just a horrible game experience. I will be deleting it.
Ads every 5 to 10 seconds after an ad plays. Won't let you reject ads. This game would be enjoyable with less ads. I'd give this negative 5 stars if I could.
Too many unsolicited ads, the game is not enjoyable. Turn of data/WiFi if you want to play ad free. Paying doesn't do it anyway.
"Do you wanna watch an ad for a reward?" "No." "Cool! Here's an ad to unlock an ad." Way too greedy and not worth the time.
I paid for no adds its only like 3 bucks. The game is really fun and addictive but I wish I could have more worlds so bad. I got to world 10 and I'm stuck at the "coming soon" and its getting boring...
Game is unplayable due to over abundance of forced ads. There are frequent ad supported boosts available, but saying no thanks results in ad bring watched. Uninstalling after 5 minutes.
It passes the time but there are too many ads unless you buy the item to remove them. It seems like every time I build something there is an ad. If I pick up an item and it offers me a chance to use it for one minute if I watch an ad but I press "no thanks" why am I still watching an ad? If I pick up coins I still watch an ad if I don't choose to double the amount. If I'm chopping trees and I haven't seen one in a while I'll get an ad. Just ... too many ads.
Intially I wanted to rate the game 2.5 stars, but I'll be generous with 3. It's good to pass time. The ads are tedious after a while and I don't like how your character gravitates to the axe upgrades regardless of where you try to move. Also when it asks if you want to double your coin rewards and you say no it still makes you watch an ad. For me the game was running slow and a bit laggy. If you want to just kill time I suppose you can play this game.
Dear Dev, You will never have a successful game by playing a forced ad every 5 seconds and charging players to make the game enjoyable. Your game is fun and addictive. However, this is ruined by the concentration of advertisements that you have allowed to take over the game play. You have lost my interest and my money. Please fix this issue so you don't lose the rest of your potential players.
I like the game. I just hate waiting for updates. I mean seriously how hard can it be to design an island for this game. And the ads are a bit much.
Too many ads, even when no thank you is selected you are still forced to watch the ad and you do not get the bonus. Game play is interrupted with the ads ever 10 to 20 seconds.
I saw this game many times as a ad in other places I didn't think it was the real game I downloaded it bought no ads never got ome again besides when I wanted double up my money. beat the game within 6 hours (which is the .99 upgrade you can get) now just need developers to update game with many more worlds so me and my work buddy can battle to see who can finish the game first again
I love grinding games, so this definitely does the trick. 4 stars only cuz it was so short ๐Ÿ˜ž would adjust rating & love to play again if & when more is added. But I honestly loved the simple graphics. It's actually why I downloaded it. It's clean & addictive. Just wanted to be able to continue upgrading, but if more is ever added I'm sure that'll be taken care of as well. Fun couple hours!
This game looks good, but it's only here for making money. Right from the start a better axe dropped, which you can use for 1 minute if you watch an ad... I clicked on no thanks and it still gave me an ad without the axe... Total rip off... It's OK if the devs want to make some money with it, but when I click on no and still get advertisements it's a game that I won't support.
It's okay. Ads are pretty atrocious, so minus a star for that, and it's short. But, that's easily solvable, so, no penalty there. It's a fine game. You can legit "beat" it in maybe, an hour or two? I spent a dollar for no ads, with the bonus of better stuff - makes short work of what they have available. Yeah, it's okay.
This app is a disgusting money grab. You are offered premium items every few seconds, but it is nearly impossible to click no thanks instead of watching an ad.
This could have been a good game but it runs and looks like a potato and ads literally every 5 seconds as well asl when they give you offers than make you watch ads even if you reject the offer. Absolute trash don't waste your time
Got a bug on world 6 where after I built my dock and left to get enough wood to finnish the ship to world 7, the dock ceased to exist. The road runs off the tile to where the dock should be, but the dock or a prompt to build it again isn't there, making it impossible for me to move on. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, I hear a lot of people complaining about the ads. And honestly there's a plain and simple way around it, just play offline. No ads, ever. Simple as that.
The ads are not even funny, Every time I crafted something they need to give me an ad, they're doing it for the money istg
It's a good game, but one thing i wish you can add is low graphics because my phone is always lagging when playing that game. Remove the shadows, the flying parts of trees and plants, and the details on the sea. Please fix this
This game has potential, but tidal waves of incessant ads eliminate the possibility of having any fun.
If there is an option for an ad to get a bonus, that ad should be optional. Especially when you give the option of saying no. But even if I click 'No Thanks' an unskippable ad still plays, and I don't get the reward? Looked neat, but I'll pass on the Ad-Bait.
The game itself is ok but definitely needs work. It seems to have been thrown together quickly in hopes of being a cash grab game. WAY too many intrusive ads. WAY too many optional ad popups. If you choose not to watch an optional ad, guess what... forced ad coming at ya! Settings has a toggle switch for sound, but there aren't any sounds. Sound effects and music would be a plus. And for God's sake, cut waaaay back on the ads!
Don't spend money on this. Even if you want to remove the ads. Cause even when you buy it. You still have to deal with ads. Other games I've played if you buy the remove ads. Then you never see them again. Not with this game. Its just a scam to get money from you.
Wayy too many ads. It is like how it was advertised to me, but $6.49/wk to get rid of the endless ads is too pricey.
Mildly entertaining. Definitely not worth all the ads they make you watch. Wanna get a free item to use for 1 minute just for watching an annoying ad? No? Well, here, watch an annoying ad anyway! NEWS FLASH PEOPLE! If the item is worth the ad, I'll watch the ad. If it's not, and you make me watch anyway, I'm deleting your worthless game!!
Fun time waster concept but even when you select "no thanks" on an ad, it still makes you watch it anyway. Extremely annoying.
I honestly liked this game, The concept is simple yet fun. But there is one Caveat, The controls are absolutely HORRIBLE, This is because the controls are WAY too sensitive combined with the horrible lag. I would change my rating but only if they fixed this.
Between what they make you agree to just to play the game and all the ads the way they pop up it loses all fun to the game.
There is no experience! I'd love to play this game or shall I say I better graphic version not this rushed version! But all you get to do ever 1 minute and I'm serious 1 freaking minute!!! Is watch ADs and ADs and some more you guessed it DUMB ADS!!!!!!๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป
Could be a good time killer but the game offers items in exchange for watching ads, if you say no thanks, you are forced to watch an ad anyway. Don't offer items in exchange for watching an ad if you are going to force players to watch ads if we say no anyway. Also, decrease the frequency of the ads. If I could, I would give this game less than one star because of the frequency of the forced ads.
Wont even launch. Game just gets oast the logos and then gets stuck at a fully green sceen, not just loading bc i just let my phone sit for like 30 minutes and still nothing.
Good game needs more levels. Challenges maybe building were we could buy things from build a raft to go to different islands make it more fun for others craft axes so we don't have 2 pay or even the adds people want play it if yer have adds every 2 seconds. Am at lvl 10 nothing to do am bored if am honest hope you guys do something.
Addicting and quite entertaining to play. But too many ads and somehow it always make my phone get too hot and laggy. It doesn't happen to any other games
I used to like this game...but since the update it's just ad crazy, you don't have to anything and all of a sudden an ad will interupt your game. When an option for a better axe comes up and you say no to the ad, it forces an ad on you.. a word to the devolpers.. NO MEANS NO!!! don't force an ad on people. I understand the need for ads in free games, we all get that, but don't force them on us. It makes people wanna delete your game.. then you get no money because no one's watching your ads..
TLDR: Fun game, yes the ads are excessive, but it is a well-balanced and enjoyable experience that needs more levels. Yes, the other reviews are right the ads are excessive, especially when you decline using an ad for an item but it gives you one anyway. I understand that ads help the developer to create more content, so I did flip-flop between having ads enabled and not having them enabled. That aside, the game is really enjoyable and well-balanced. I just wish that there were more levels.
3 ads in the first minute. 1st ad after only 5 seconds of play. Ad was for a much better game, so deleting this one and playing the other game instead. Cant comment on the game play, because spent 5 times longer watching ads than actually playing. Would give lower score, but 1 is the lowest. Shame on you developers for such a cheap cash grab
Good game, too short/tooany ads. The game is fun, but it is very short and feels like there could be more to it. Also. Way too many ads. If a power up drops. And you decline to pick it up because you don't want to watch an ad. You shouldn't be forced into watching an ad. If that gets fixed and more content is added it will increase my rating.
I really like the concept of this game but I hate the controls. Its too hard to move around. I'm constantly struggling to move closer to trees to cut them down and then accidently buying the land near them instead. I wish I could just tap on what I want instead of moving close so I dont accidently spend all my gold on things I dont want.
It's a cute game BUT I paid for the ads to stop and they haven't, so give me my money back TODAY or I will be filing a complaint against the developer to the Google store for theft.
all it does is freeze. like not the gameplay, the start up menu. i was playing it fine last night! now i have woken up to continue this new game of mine. and i get nothing? app should be set up better for chrome book.. the chrome book is part of *google*? is it though? apps never seem to be fun beacuse of the app game play (controls) please fix this!!
The overall game is meh. It's exactly what you think it would be, just chopping trees. The objectives you're working towards could be better though. I also don't know what these 5 star reviews are talking about. THE ADS ARE A PROBLEM! Every 3rd tree you chop, ad. Every item that drops from a tree, ad. When you collect wood, ads. Legit had an ad every 10 seconds, unless you wanna spend $10 to get rid of ads (which is a ridiculous price considering most games only cost 0.99-2.99 to get rid of ads)
This game is getting fun it's so good you should buy it it's easy peasy you must use three of them three of these things to get and then you can easily come this is good you should come there now
A good and easy time waster. 2 main complaints 1) SO MANY FORCED ADS. I'm happy to watch ads to earn things. But if you say no, they push one anyway. 2) (updated to add) the game was short. They have added to it a 2nd world which I am now exploring! Update: after 2 days, I finished world 5 and the new ship says "coming soon". Looking forward to it!
This game is broken!! I'm sure it would of been a good game, but it takes a long time to load, then when it does it let's me chop down one tree and sometimes it won't even let me do that it just loads the main screen before it crashes and kicks me off! Hopefully now that I brought it to ur attention u can properly fix it for the next person. If so I'd gladly play it again and I'll change my rating to a 5 star! Lol if I can get past level 1 I will at least!!
It's a good time passing game but there needs to be more levels. I got ad free pass and now I can't do anything since I'm on level 10:/
Ads after every little thing "you wanna watch an ad for an upgrade? No? Well you're going to watch one anyways" not to mention when you first open it. The game doesn't allow you to play unless you agree to them giving others info on you, like you have to check agree to terms along with agreeing for them to use your info you have no choice. Also I got to open it ONCE before it just started crashing every time so is it really worth it?
Aside from the annoying amount of ads, the game play isn't really bad but when i reached the 6th world, there's nothing i can build anymore or not even a ship to sail on the next world. So literally im stuck in 6th world with huge amount of gold and woods and there's no way i can spend them. So thats it, The end of the game and its only a few hours that I've installed and played it.
As it stands currently, the game is not good. It obnoxiously forces an ad at you without any warning. Additionally, it gives you the option to double some rewards by watching an ad...and if you say no, it still shows you an ad anyway. Overall, not enjoyable.
Enjoyable game, but the ads are terrible. I paid . 99ยข thinking I was removing ads, but it was only good for 6 hours. So after feeling ripped off and tired of all the ads, I'm uninstalling the game.
I don't often write reviews (not at all, actually) but this time I'll make an exception. Once I turned off my wifi, I really enjoyed this game! I have little patience for most mobile games these days, but this is genuinly a fun app that I spent a few hours just grinding out to the max. However, I see grounds for improvement. For one: janky controls need an immediate fix. A level of customisation of your character would be nice too. Less ads, preferably. & more levels! I wanna play more!
Oh absolutely not. You refuse an ad for a bonus and they give you an ad ANYWAYS. Im sorry but this is not how it works. Absolute terrible game.
It seems like it could be a good game, but as others have said, making you watch an ad when you've said no is too much. I don't mind watching an ad for an upgrade, but if I don't want it you shouldn't make us watch the ad anyway.
so, once I paid for no ads, this game was a lot of fun. I had the same issue as everyone else being forced to watch an ad even if you say no to a golden axe or extra coins. imo, the no ads purchase should be no ads at all, even for the rewards and without the no ads purchase, saying no to a reward should mean no ad. I'm definitely looking forward to new levels, but agree that the number of ads is irritating enough to make the game unplayable.
Total ad-pocalypse. Forced ads after every action ruins the game when you play for 30 min and realize 20 of them were spent watching ads. Upgrade something? Ad. Unlock something? Ad. Level up? Ad. Decline an ad for a bonus? One would think THAT would mean no ad, but no, ANOTHER unskippable ad! Greedy devs get nothing from me, I'll happily play in airplane mode just to enjoy knowing they get no ad revenue from forcing 30 second unskippable ads down my throat every other minute.
No issues with this game other than a little laggy once you get into the millions of coins and wood. Got the ad free version and the .99 golden axe pack is nice! Simple grind for free or little out of pocket. EDIT: Been getting upgrades like crazy. Not sure if there is a cap or anything. Ive gotten well over 1-2000 lvls in some upgrades. Mayve add a cap per world for how many upgrades you can get. Maybe increase the cost and boost of each upgrade?
Decent gameplay when I turn of mobile data and wifi so ads dont pop up. Before doing that I got an ad every 10 to 15 seconds. If you get this, turn off wifi. If you dont turn off wifi, dont download this.
Very good game overall. Not to easy, not to difficult, to lvl everything up. Well balanced in that department. The ads, are not bad as people are making it out to be. You don't have random ads pop up. Just for special items or maybe one when you go to get the automated wood. Which then, most of them you can ignore quick. Hope to see the great work continue from the devs. Only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is, one I have really had ocd with odd numbers. Two, waiting on the new level.
This game is merely just a time waster, if you got time to kill play this game. The features I absolutely love is when you have multiple islands you don't go back each individual island just hop on a boat and select what island you are wanting to go back to. The upgrades really do help the grind of the game. My only problems with this game is after playing for 30 minutes or so my phone gets boiling hot and its only with this game.
I do not like this game this infinite damage thing kept on coming on my screen and I basically had to watch it cause it would not let me click no thanks really bad do not recommend this game I tried to enjoy it but I did not and so many adds like what I had to watch one very 5 to ten seconds don't recommend really bad just delete this game of f of the play store.
I would say, this game is really fun at the start, trying to get everything was fun. The bad parts is what brings it down 2 stars, if you took the game and made almost every part upgradeable maybe that would make it better, if you also made every part interactable like making a mine to go into that would be cool, and selling the stone for more money, if there was also a way to get more axes and other trees and a new island or at least a island restart with more stuff that would be really cool.
This game keeps you busy when you have nothing to do. But it has to few worlds, as you come to the last world available you have to wait for the developers to add to the game. At the moment there is no goals to achieve.
I might've enjoyed the game if I wasn't forced to "enjoy" 5 second fast forwarding possible up to 30 second ads almost every time I tried to click on the "NO THANKS" part of your frequent powerup drops. Or upgrading a function. Or collecting from wood generator. Like every 1-3 actions gives a forced ad that is skippable. Otherwise if you accepted said powerup it's the same ad but not skippable. Also bottom bar ad on all the time ok you got to many ads bro. Chill b
F2P: Beware for ADs. It will be hard to play since ADs do pop up more often then needed. Also forced to watch ADs even when you click on "No Thanks" button, so I try to avoid dropped items...P2P: AD removal purchase will make this game a lot more fun(read before you buy). Only time you watch ADs is when an item drops or for upgrades if you don't want to spend in-game currency...This is a good app to play. Only three stages so far which isn't bad for a new release. Can't wait for future updates.
This is a really fun and addicting game, I just wish that the graphics of it will be less pixelated but that maybe just because of my internet connection
Too many ads. Ads ruin the game, too frequent. The game asks you to allow it to collect personal info before you can play...that in itself is shady then it bombards you with ads. Just stay away from this commercial piece of garbage. Could be fun if it weren't for the pushy ads interrupting you every 30 seconds and the sketchy data collection.
Pros: graphics are good, and it's a great time killer. Cons: way to many ads. The character gravitates to the power up regardless if you want to go near it. You're forced to still watch an ad even after declining the power up and there's only 2 islands, not much to it besides cutting down trees and leveling up certain buildings. You can't choose what you want or where you want to put stuff. I finished both islands in under 24 hrs.
At first glance the game looked interesting. However once starting you can't go a minute without having to watch an ad that's at least 30 seconds long. Cut some trees you get an ad. Get a drop from the trees you get an ad. Decide you don't want the drop you get an ad. Just stand there and haven't gotten an ad in 30 seconds, you can an ad. It makes it unplayable.
Really like the game. I've completed it all the recent update just seems like they are after the money. No new levels for a while. Lowered stars due to this! We want more game play.
2 minutes in and I'm forced to watch an ad. It went like this: Chop some trees, build stuff. Sell it to get money to open up new paths. Suddenly, "Want this upgraded axe, watch an ad!" No thanks, I just want to explore the game a little. Boom! Still have to watch an ad. Not a good experience. However, I will give it 2 stars (instead of 1) for the concept, because it does seem like an interesting concept.
Way too many ads its too bad cuz its really a fun game i would have giving it 5 stars if there were no ads like every 2 min or so and when i pick up the axe it asks you if u wanna watch the ad to get this upgraded axe and everytime i say no thanks to the ad it forces me to watch the ad anyway and i dont even get the axe
There's a difference between putting ads on a game to make it free, and making a game with the soul purpose of playing ads. This game is the epitome of the second, ads everywhere, when chopping down a tree you will constantly have power ups pop out, if you touch it, it asks if you'd like to watch an ad to gain the power up, if you select no you are forced to watch an ad anyway. So you spend the majority of the game trying to avoid these all together, ultimately ruining the experience
Do you like games where you are asked if you want to watch an ad, and when you click no, you get an ad, anyway? Do you love playing a game for 15-30 seconds before a 60 second ad you can't skip or stop just randomly plays? Do you secretly live to see ads after entering/exiting the menus of the software? Then boy howdy, is this the game for you! After hours of "gameplay" I still have no idea what the game is like, but I can tell you all about the other games the app is advertising...
It would be nice to actually play the game but as I can't seem to move my character more that three steps before having to watch an ad it really is an excersize in futility. Looks like it might be fun but since two minutes of game play consisted of only 15 seconds of actual play I can't be certain of that. 2 stars for potential I guess.
6 minutes. Within 6 minutes I had 5 adds start playing, and that was only PLAYING, not for voluntary multipliers. It only took that long to delete this garbage. It's too bad because I'd probably have played it longer, but im not getting any kickbacks for this add-machine so it isn't worth my time.
Not pleased with this "game" at all. There were way to many ads. An ad would pop ever 10 seconds or so and every if I hit decline on and add offer, it would play a video anyway, and I wouldn't get the item..waste of time in my opinion.
Could be a good game, but everytime you encounter a special item (which you encounter regularly) you are asked if you want to watch an ad to get the item. If you click no, you still have to watch the ad and don't get the special item. Result is watching 20-30s ads every 30-60s. Too interrupting of gameplay, lost interest extremely quickly.
If I could give less than one star I would the game play is nothing like it was advertized. You cant do anything without an add every few seconds and the app taking you to the playstore every few seconds. Even when you say no thanks to videos it plays them regardless. I understand its free but at least make it enjoyable! also the control sucks on it :/
Oh God the ads. The game would be fun if it was for after ever tree a special ax falls where you can watch an ad to get.... if you click no than guess what. Ad anyway.
It's a nice game to pass the time but there are way too many ads. It will ask if I want to upgrade something for a few minutes and I click no thanks only to get an ad anyway.
Don't bother. You get about 20 seconds of gameplay before getting a 30 sec ad. No tutorial, controls are clunky and in the 5 minutes I played, most of that was spent on ads, or asking if I wanted a bigger axe. Actually let us play the flipping game and dial back the ads!!
This is a great game idea, the only things annoying/ bad about it are the ads and the controls. The amount of ads you get makes it seem like the developers want you to play other games instead of this one. The controls could be much better if an actual joystick or buttons for directional movement were added. Aside from those things, I like the game, especially the fact that the advertisements for it are the actual gameplay.
Fun but level 10 is it for now? I've paid to remove ads but I try to continue to the next level and it says coming soon every time. Are we going to get an update?
Fun game, but does not follow ad service TOS, you cannot serve an ad after declining to watch an ad. This has been reported.
Its a fun game to pass time. Paying the one time fee to get rid of ads permanently is totally worth it. The only sad part was reaching world 10 and realizing I've reached the limit.
I love the game, but there's like literally a bajillion ads. I made sure to come to this in the Google play store to warn you guys. It's an amazing game, but an ad that's at least 15 seconds and usually like 25 seconds every two to three trees you chop down is just insane!
Forced ads literally every 5 min, without reward. I remember when people took pride in the stuff they created, but now through pathetic parenting we have people like the creators of this game. These people should have done the world a favor and rid it of themselves long ago, but no. They decided to make scam trash like this. Their family tree should not just be trimmed, but dug up and burned. At least the learning curve of the world would sharpen.
This as a game is fun to play. It is not fun, however, to get ads literally every 5-10 seconds. Devs are aggressive with it to the point of being garbage
The game itself looks like it could be interesting but with all the forced ad even if you don't want to take the axe, makes it hard to get into the game. Those ad comes every 30 seconds give or take.
Do you like ads? Well do I have a surprise for you! Download this ad generator game and enjoy! You'll get an ad after every 7 seconds, doesn't matter if you press a button, there's an ad! Not enough for you? Just try and progress, there's more ads! Download this game and kill yourself tomorrow!
Finished the content that is available rather quickly, which was disappointing because it's a good concept and a good way to pass time. The ads are very overbearing, roughly every minute or so, and every boost pick up gives a choice but forces you to watch even if you decline. Not a bad choice if you use airplane mode, but not really worth keeping.
Item drops, you pick it up, hit "no thanks" you get an Ad. What's the point in even saying that you have to watch an Ad to get it when you are forced to either way?
I am curious what the max level is for the upgradeable items like axe force, sawmill stock and production. Also if you don't want the festering amount of disgusting spam with the ads, disable the wifi on your device and no ads come and you still get to play *AD FREE* It's incredible.
Way too many ads. It interrupts the game. Walk over a bonus it asks if you want to watch an ad to double the reward, even if you click no....you're gonna watch an ad. Only 2 levels, even with all the ads I have nothing to do after just 4 days of playing
This game started out pretty cool but every 30 seconds it ends up doing the commercial and also when it ask you to double your score or just give your bonus flat-out as it is it still goes to commercial there's no way they can tell me they need that many commercials just to pay this game off 3 minutes I lost count after about 60 commercials!
This is an interesting concept for a game, and a good way to spend time when you're bored. There is a goal and you can achieve it at your own pace. Developer, please heed....when the only way I can have any meaningful gameplay is to put my device in airplane mode, you need to relook at your priorities. There are too many forced ads. I will watch bonus ads all day to get rewards, and you get money. Your desire for more money ruins the gamplay. As for me, airplane mode and no more money from me!
So. Many. ADS. That is the only thing I need to say. Good premise for a game but the ads spoil it.I bet a pretty penny that 40% of gameplay time is ads. And if you say no to a reward video, you still get an ad! Also gameplay wise there is not much to do and only two worlds. AND THE HOUSE DOES NOTHING EVEN AFTER SPENDING THOUSANDS OF COINS! Thoroughly Dissapointed
Decided to buy an ad free experience since so many were popping up to find out later in the game you have to watch ads to expand the island. It also only goes to 10 different islands. You can put in effort to make the Golden axe not worth using fairly quickly. I currently only need 2 hits with my axe to take down the hardest tree and haven't put in too much effort. The sawmill and workers only seem to be worth it if you are moving slow. They also both don't do anything if you can't see them.
Never have I experienced ads like this in a game, literally every 20 seconds when your in the middle of playing the game. I've had it installed for 5 minutes, was quite enjoyable but uninstalling as we speak, ads totally ruin the game
I dont know why people hate this game some of them give 1 star and also some have give 2 star but is not even that bad is just the ads i sont no really the differents?
Fun simple game. 1* for the ad nightmare. You can't do anything withought an ad popping up. Every minute a boost item appears (hard to not collect) and it asks if you want to use it, if you watch an ad. Problem is, no matter what you pick, the ad plays.
Well, let's see here, there's too many ads. Like, I can count the amount of times I haven't got an ad on my hand. 2, it seems as if you can not afk. Like, you always get 400 wood and thats it. However, the wood collecter area does not gather wood. I don't quite understand. But, it's a good time waster.
This game was ok, but very short. I was able to build everything so far in under 2 hours. There are lots of ads, which is typical for a game like this, however, the biggest issue is that youre offered a perk if you watch an ad, then you're forced to watch an ad even when you choose not to get the perk. If that gets corrected, you've got a good start for a fun game.
Not bad. Just wish there was a setting to lower graphics for phones that can't handle the lag of the game from various in-game things (i.e.: water graphics, running animations, etc). It's WAAAY too laggy for me to play. Also, there are too many ads. Like 1 ad per every 10-20 seconds.
I paid twice to remove ads and still have to watch ads. If I knew how to contact someone that runs this application I would be asking for my money back. Why pay for something and not get it
Come on man....I know it's a free game actually really fun but an ad every 20 seconds is a bit much not worth the time.
Was game, HUGE battery drain. Only like 10 levels so it doesn't take long to beat all of em. Better leave your phone plugged in, this game guzzles battery. Very fun to play though if you are on airplane mode. Will rate higher when more levels and better battery usage are update. Would like a bunch more levels please. No new levels for a while and ads have gotten worse and non-skippable. Down to 2 stars.
..if i click "no" do NOT take me to an ad. Game is nearly unplayable with the amount of Ads it forces you to watch, even if you can fastforward through them.
This game has the potential to be good however the amount of ads simple make it unplayable.... There's things constantly coming out of the trees (gold, better axe, ect.) And each one wants asks u if u want to watch an ad. If u say no then u watch to small clips of ads that take about 15s and if u say yes u watch one ad that is 15s... I'm sorry but that is the key thing that makes this unplayable... Don't show ads if we say no to the power ups or double gold...
The game has an end which is refreshing, but the end is too easily reached and too quickly. There is a boat that can be built and I would assume that the boat could take you to another island. If the creators continue to develop the game in this manner, then I will totally increase my rating. The only other thing I would recommend is to decrease the forced add frequency just a little. It takes away from gameplay instead of being the choice to accelerate growth.
This game has the potential to be a lot of fun but it's absolutely riddled with ads. Half the time when you click to decline an ad, the game forces an ad on you regardless, then you don't even get the bonus that you would have received Ed for clicking yes. The ads are also randomly triggered by cutting trees, collecting wood, and upgrading the ax, which are basically every aspect of the game.
to many ads even when i pay to remove the ads they was still there no matter what i did and only having 10 lvl to play i had them done in less then a day so not worth the money i waisted on this game to remove add because it did not amd kinda pissed me off
Brilliant game, however, way too ad heavy. I paid to remove ads only to find after an hour or 2 I couldn't progress. There are currently only 2 world's. I appreciate it is a new game, but if I had known there was so little developed, I wouldn't have paid anything. Hoping for an update very soon. Only downloaded this morning and can't even play.
Completed in an hour or so... Satisfying to chop down trees but easy to finish. I was hoping for some hidden rewards for finishing parts of the island 100% but nothing. Instead, the best tway to win is get to island 3 (best economy for trees) as soon as possible and upgrade axe to max. Also recommend turning off ads! Just disconnect from Internet...
This game is meant to make money by throwing ads at you ever 30 seconds or getting you to pay up. They think so highly of themselves that they have one year subscription for $100 to the VIP or whatever... Oh and someone else mentioned the remove ads for 0.99 is only for 6 hours. Be warned, Just don't do it!
Wouldve been better if it didn't have so many ads if you want improvement don't go ad heavy first off. Just add in game purchases like cosmetics for example.
The game itself is fun to play. Progression can be fast or slow depending on how you focus, with no real requirement to progress. The game looks really good and is generally satisfying. There are ads shoved down your throat for any action you take. Level up, ad. Unlock a new area, ad. There are power ups dropped from chopped trees and you can watch a 30 sec add to obtain said powerup. However decline and... ad. You can pay to remove them but who wants to do that? It's forced and not earned.
I've played for 5 minutes if that and had so many ads even if I opt out of the x2, I still get an ad. Save yourself and don't bother downloading.
Honestly I enjoyed the game and even made it to the tenth world, however I played it through so fast I was hoping there would be more worlds. Please keep up the good work and please add a lot more worlds, I'd love to keep playing. :)
This was over all a very fun game, but there are a lot of things that could have been better like the white man in world 1 that chops down trees could get an efficiency upgrade, the houses you constantly buy could actually do something and not last a button to sell all beacuse k have wasted a lot of time just standing by the sell spot. Don't take this the wrong way it is a fun game
Great idea. I would love the game more if there weren't so many ads. I would play the game and an ad would pop out of nowhere and interrupt my game time. Not fun. Would not recommend this game to anyone. It also lags way too much.
I have never once complained about ads in a game (considering they are never as bad as other people say) but this.. this is too much. A 15 second (UNSKIPPABLE) ad even when you click "no thanks" on the power ups? Come on! The gameplay is decent but the ads are just the WORST.
Fun game, but if you sell the no adds option, make it so. It only removed the forced adds, which is unfortunate. I am gladly supporting good games, but this alone takes 2 starts away.
Really great concept. WAY to many ads. I get if you want to watch an ad to get power ups, or jump ahead a bit, but even if you say no to a power up, it STILL makes you watch an ad. Remove the ads except for when I want to watch them for a boost/bonus and it would be a good game.
Pls team I have no idea why u have do many ads,it is good to havr few for more than 5 to 10 min but I get it every minute,I am really mad when the trees drop something and I say no thanks still I get a ad but I still don't get the item wth I am sooo mad when I get like that if u don't fix it and you are gonna be greedy then I am not gonna be your player,u can improve the game by adding in-game purchases, pets and something interesting u guys are boring too much by ads pls change it pls
The game is simple and relaxing, although I understand it's free and need to make money somehow, the add every 20 sec is an overkill you spend more time trying to leave the ads than playing the game, another game goes to hell for greed
The new update has improved game play and added levels. Power ups are easier to avoid but clicking on no still plays the ad. Farms have changed and no longer produce when you are on a different level. It is certainly a move in the right direction as it is no longer all but impossible to play without removing ads but is still aggravatingly full of adds. Be careful as some remove ad options appear to be temporary.
After about two hours, I realized that there's not really any "crafting" going on. Lots of tree chopping, and lots of ads. Not really much else. (Ads aren't the worst I've seen, but even when I decline a bonus they still give me an ad! At least those ones are "skippable" but still...)
It's just too bloody hard to play with all the adverts. You click no to the ad and it comes up anyway. Would be an okay way to waste time without the ads. Don't waste your time.
I decided to give this game a shot despite all the reviews that complain about ads, but the moment I was given an ad IMMEDIATELY after I declined watching an ad for a reward I closed the game and will be uninstalling. This game is nothing more than a cheap cash grab forcing you to watch ads so the dev can make a few cents off your wasted time. Don't bother with it.
It's fun, until you reach the 10th island, and then that's it. I've been there for 3 weeks, and no update that gives me new places to build and explore. I have so much gold and lumber that it's glitched, and I can't get any more. Definitely don't waste your money on their subscription.
Run Away.. Zero stars. Non stop forced ads. Unplayable. The character actions are automatic. You just choose direction. Every interaction pops up an ad. When finding a reward, even if you skip you get an ad. There's only 3 options in the store. .99 cents stops ads for a short time. $3 gets rid of ads. And $15 gives you an axe upgrade.
Honestly the game is fun to play but it forces you to watch a freaking ad like every 20sec of game time, you get am axe drop which you can watch and ad for 1min unlimited damage or something like that, but it forces you to watch the ad even if you denied the offer. That's hits in my nerves.
I really wish I could leave less than a one star review because the ads are ridiculous. You don't have time to chop down a full tree between each ad and it doesn't matter what you choose for the video ads, no thanks or yes, you still are forced to watch them. And it's funny because a lot of the reviews that are positive are fake reviews.... Really says something when you have to create fake reviews just to get a positive rating....
Cut 1 tree down, ad. Collect 20 wood, ad. Begin building my first place, ad (I managed half the building before the ad started). Finally finished my first building and start cutting a tree after it, ad. Not a good first impression. So I'm going to watch an ad as I Uninstal this game
I've played this game for maybe 10 minutes and 2/3 of that time I was being forced to watch ads. Select to not watch an ad? You have to watch it anyway but don't get the "reward" because you choose you didn't want to watch the ad. It looked like it would be a fun game but it's really just an app for watching 2-3 ads every minute with minor gameplay in between.
At the time I'm writing this this game is only 7 days on the market, there's currently only 2 levels which I've seen as a common complaint but again, it's 7 days old. I actually really like how this game is set up, I gave it only 4 stars for a few reasons. This game is very relaxing and is set up nicely, the colors and the art are cool too. I will admit there are way to many adds and I think they're contributing to the slight lag in this game but seeing how young it is I don't mind. Out of room
HUGE battery ruiner. Super PREDATORY microtransaction system. Extortionate costs of real money. Stuff like this shouldn't be allowed on the play store. (I didn't spend a single penny on this) Advertisements after EVERYTHING you do. Even when you say no to a reward, you get an ad anyway. World 9+10 there's a permanent ad on screen. It's just a cashgrab from a scummy developer. If you're gonna play it, turn your phone's WiFi and data off. Deny this asset flip cashgrab any money.
The controls make it difficult to have any precision in movement. It was difficult to choose what I wanted to do and instead wander aimlessly. While it was a neat itea to collect and expand especially doing so with others. (Which I never got to that point) Having a lack of more precise control, no clear goal or direction to head, and no motivation to do anything, it was a great start but definitely has difficulty keeping a players attention for long. Hopefully they improve it in the future.
Way too many adds. Every 30-45 seconds an item will drop. If you pick it up you are given two options. Watch an Add and get the item, or watch an Add and don't get it. You collect wood and coins to buy upgrades to buildings across the islands. When Upgrading, you have two options; Watch and add and get the upgrade for free, or Watch an Add and spend ingame resources. The stores asks that you pay 2-3 bucks to turn off adds, and 17 bucks to get an item in the game that cuts down trees faster.
Hey do you want to watch ads for 20 seconds of play time then is the game for you! Ads ads and more ads. Even if you pick up gold and not play for the double gold bonus guess what ads!! Sell your logs and ads. I get you need to make your money but at least let people enjoy the game before bashing them with more ads than play time
This has way to many ads the game itself is fun but the fact that I cut down 4 trees and then get and ad. And then on top of that it ask if I want the golden ax if I watch and ad I click no thanks and it still make me watch an ad. Yeah played for not even five minutes im good.
I absolutely love this game. The only problem is that I wish That the game would be Updated more frequently so that there would be more worlds To move on to. If this could happen you would have my full support In the future. When the updates come I'd like there not to be just one new world but multiple. Thank you so much for this game I absolutely love it.
Very easy to complete levels. Was enjoying until reached level 10 then nothing but " coming soon" at the boat. Finally had an upgrade and not even really sure what was actually upgraded. Have upgraded items to Max level and just doing circles now. Could of been a decent time passer but no effort on behalf of creators.
It could actually be fun if the ad time wasnt literally 50% of the experience. And no, the ads are not optional
As others have stated, this is a good game with a lot of potential. I've already beat the final level (as of writing this) & enjoyed myself. The downside is the number of ads that happen throughout. There are other free to play games that don't have this level of ads. I have a vpn turned on when I play this game just so it blocks them or most of my time would be spent trying to skip them. I'd be more willing to watch ads for the free stuff if it wasn't for the constant ads randomly popping up.
Difficult to control your character, and ads are intrusively common. The fact that it gives you the option to get a powerup by watching an ad then shows you an ad anyway when you click no is particularly annoying.
I'm leaving my rating as a 1 because when an ad pops up it asks if you want to watch the ad or no thanks if you don't. As soon as you choose no thanks, it automatically starts an ad. Forced ads are a great way to lose support. Good concept but not worth my time.
Too many ads! There will be a pop-up asking if I want to watch an ad in return for a 1-minute upgrade, I'll click "don't watch," and an ad will play anyway, without giving me an upgrade. Other ads will appear every 30 seconds.
Love this app. Don't live the overwhelming amount of adds it plays sometimes but it's great if you turn your WiFi off. You cna pay it out and about and it'll keep a easily entertained person happy for a while.
Great concept and somewhat fun... however it lags (alot), too short (only has 2 levels that I completed in about 1 hour), and way to many ads (every 1-2 minutes). I did not like that even when I said no thank you to something that I was forced to watch an ad anyway. Seems a lot of people have the same complaints. These issues need fixed. I will keep for now and see what the next levels bring and if they correct some of these issues if not, I will delete.
I went out of my way to rate this app. Hey there's this upgrade, it cost this much but if you watch this ad, it's free. You say no thank you and the app gives you an ad anyways. If that's the case then why in world would you ask. Ads every 30 secs. I get they help the developer but dam I'm trying to play a game, not watch play half of it and other half of ads.
I really like this. Ads were getting annoying so i turned off my wifi and i now play offline. My problem with the game is i got to level six when my game crashed and wont restart k my samsung tablet. I liked the game so i uninstalled and am now installing it again. If it crashes again i give up and will lower my stars to 2, if possible
This games is a good time killer but what's annoying is the ads, even when you reject ads it still plays and you don't get any rewards. It has limited levels and after a while you hit a dead-end. So it's a good short term game.
Fun game. Don't fall for the payable upgrades!! I paid for no ads yet I'm still getting ads and have to watch ads to get ANYTHING as far as upgrades you find in game. Change that and I will give 5 stars.
500 characters isn't enough for this review, but; forced ads are horribly intrusive. Even while saying no to item drops, you're still ad forced. Buying the $1.00 package for no ads and 6 hours of infinite damage and big axe makes the game noticeably lag. But it only stops forced ads; bonus optional ads you still have to watch. My game crashed on world 3. Tried force stopping the game in the android settings, opened the game to a flickering screen. Uninstalled then reinstalled, lost my progeess.
Just don't waste your time. Besides having ads jammed down your throat every minute or so (not as bad as some games) it is quickly and carelessly thrown together. And it shows in the gameplay. After saving up logs for an hour, and SPENDING THEM ALL to advance to the 4th island, you are greeted with a "coming soon" screen.... If it doesn't exist... Why did you let me buy it.. This game is full of half cocked content and you don't know what something is until youve wasted all your money on it.
This game is bad. I mean it would be chill if theur wasbt so many adds. I didnt double up a thing then it gave me a add. Please put less ads and let me just play. I will make this a 5 star when you do this. Thanks!