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Cradle of Empires - Match 3 Games. Egypt jewels

Cradle of Empires - Match 3 Games. Egypt jewels for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Awem Games Limited located at Neofytou Nikolaidi, 17, S.P. CENTER, 2nd floor, Office 207, 8011, Paphos, Cyprus. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Takes way to long to advance. I do like the new feature of collecting resources. I seem to be able to advance quicker now. Unfortunately the gem challenge is unrealistic to collect 40 gems. So I stopped playing that one
Don't appreciate putting a cap on amounts you can get off tomatoes, bricks and coins. Once you reach the limit, you HAVE to play certain games to be able to receive more.
You earn things, buy things, win things, and they're taken away. Never spending another penny on this game. Thieves
My absolutely favorite game of all time. Very challenging. So embarrassed that I'm not any better at it after years and years. 😜 Something about these match 3 games is simply addictive to me. I'll do anything for free crystals! 💕
I liked it until now I can't play unless I buy energy. I will try for a few more days and see how I like it, but doubt I will keep it. You should only lose energy if you can't pass a level the 1st time and I haven't lost yet.
Its a very interesting game, makes you really think and actually challenging. Not too easy, but not too hard either. Love the graphics and bonuses. Very happy I downloaded this game, well worth it. Thank you 😀😀
This is not the kind of building game I like. It is confusing and you are limited on moves. I was hoping it would be more like Cradle of Rome or Egypt. At least they are easy to understand. I do not recommend this game to anyone.
- Download game - Play a few levels whilst trying to figure out what the chuff is going on. - Run out of "energy" so unable to play another level until the countdown timer does enough laps and refills the energy bar after 20 minutes, or you pay for more energy using the very handy "buy everything now" popup. - Uninstalled. Moral of the story: use pay techniques to improve the users experience, not to prevent the game being played.
I played for three years (spent about $20 per month) and amassed hundreds of thousands of resources. Then suddenly an update took then from me. Not a glitch.. a planned update that removed my winnings, and everyone else's also. Appeals to them have gone unheeded. Needless to say, I've never played another game. Check it out on Facebook- see what the players are saying...
When I started this game, I loved it. It was fun. Why do game developers think that making a game more and more frustrating equals more fun? It does NOT! This is not the first game I have quit when I have tons of resources left because all the fun has been sucked out of it, and unfortunately will probably not be the last.
When I purchase (has happened 6 times TOO MANY) eitherv$5.99 or $1.99 during game to finish it it does not give me my coins and I like my progress. When I go out of the game or try to repurchase it says >you already own this item. WELL I DO NOT !!! This VERY frustrating and my Progress is Lost !! Why does this keep happening. FIX IT PLEASE ?????
Great game but nearly impossible to get anything decent on the spinning wheel and to also find the collection items
I like the game ty for being free. I'm still new to the game not to fond of the numbered moves but on the bright side it has no timer but it has an Energy thing that really bites! Thank you keep up the great work! ʘ‿ʘ
Addicted to this game! Uploaded to Android since my Fire tablet game froze, hopefully it will unfreeze to continue on tablet. Been playing for weeks now without any problems otherwise I would rate a 5 star!
I just started playing this game and so far it's been great , the more I play I am loving it more , one thing that I don't like is it takes to long to upgrade the buildings and the hammers and ect , it takes to long to get the collections, I have over 70 and can't make any headway
I like all the different things you can do, its not very hard and not too easy. The game has a great start to it. We'll see if it keeps 5stars as I keep playing and leveling.
like very much but at times itvery difficult to pass a level. Ive been at least 3 months to pass the ship level I'm on. At times I feel ilke deleting the whole thing.
fun so far the music gets old real fast. but i think its terrible that we win gems that we could use if you kept track of them like coins . but you made bank that we must purchase ( with real cash) to use the gems we already won can you spell ripoff
I like the pace but you can make the loading move a lot faster i dont like to waite to long i will get borde
It keeps my mind occupied which is very important right now!! Covid lockdown makes being in the house ALL THE TIME awful after awhile!!! Keeping busy with almost anything helps to keep the sanity intact somewhat!
This game is brilliant. So many things to do and collect. No pressure to have to keep going back in a certain time. Unlike other games! Highly recommend this game for match 3 lovers.
Use to be fun to do daily quest but now have to get 78,000 points to win which is impossible even in u played all day without stopping .
One of my favorite puzzle games! Pros: Gameplay is fun and varied, graphics are beautiful, events are fun, but the story is what keep me coming back every time. Bonus points if you're a fan of "Stargate"! Cons: At higher levels, energy costs for each level don't scale with the energy regen, so you might play 4 or 5 levels, get no quest items and few resources, and have to wait nearly 2 days to play again! Drop rates are very low, esp for chargers. Timed and Blitz levels also very stressful.
I cant put this game down! It contains vertually every type of game we all love. There is something in here for all gamers. No matter what gaming mood im in all I have to do is play this game. Im 68 yrs. old and this is one of the best mobile games Ive played. congratulations to everyone involved in creating such a fine game! Its a shame there's not more like it.
Why it's not working with custom roms like Havoc. It just force close. Idk why. Samsung j6 (j600f) Havoc 2.9 android 9.0 I solved by enabling storage permission
Another Match-3 Game. I really don't like Games where my Energy gets used up fairly quickly and then I either have to wait or pay for more Energy so I can keep on playing. I also don't like the fact that I have to play the same Boards over and over again until I find the requested Item and then have to play these same Boards some more so I can get all the items required to turn in my Collection. I'm on my second day of playing and it will probably be my last. There are better games out there.
It's a pretty good game, however some levels are super difficult and it's pretty aggravating trying to get all the stuff you need just to finish a task. But I do love playing this game. Update: still love the game although I do get irritated playing the same levels over and over and not receiving the things i need to upgrade my buildings and open new things! I dropped my rating from 5 stars to 3 because of this.
An excellent blend of puzzles, story and building. The clear, colorful and attractive graphics add much to the game's atmosphere. The only downer for me is the almost constant need to buy gems and other items for real money. While the prices aren't very high, the dollars add up. While I can afford it, I'll continue playing this wonderful game. Highly recommended if expense is not an issue.
Wasn't happy with the new update capping resources storage, but thought I'd be open minded and give it a try. After several days, I know I don't like it, or at least triple the storage capacity. The current setting is too low. Some games require being played 20 times before a win, unless you're counting on players purchasing bonuses to "blast" thru levels. I like the new Celestial games, but those require resources to play. Some chargers are never available so collections can't be completed.
Great until now. The latest update hasn't worked. I've lost everything. Now I can't even reinstall the game. It has been PENDING for the past 3 days. Can anyone help
Simple game play. Nice graphics. I don't have the time or the money to get involved with a lot of the tasks, but they don't intrude. I must have spun the wheel of fortune every day for 6 months - but it never lands on 40 crystals!
Use to be my go to first game but it's is getting to hard and boring as you have to play the same game six or seven times before you would win a game, the makers keep taking things away from the game that makes you get extra time they want you to spend lots of money they are getting greedy. There is a forum to write your concerns but they have players that are moderators which try to appease you but they are patronising so don't take any notice. You spoilt a brilliant game with your changes. 🤬?
It started out fun to play. I still enjoy playing the game but they want money to get what you've earned in the game and pay again for more gems or tokens. Game is fun but can be costly.
This game I believe is the best i have come across, very addictive and enjoyable but the cost of gems etc is much to high for the average game player, it would be impossible for a young person to play this long term unless they were patient enough to wait for the energy to refill and to keep playing the game they miss by one move. I have played this for a while and am trying to find ways to lessen the cost as I do enjoy the game. One wish is I wish it would move faster to reach certain goals.
Great game, thank you. Only thing is the game takes to much energy and gives only 1 if you beat the level also takes to long to recharge energy levels to play again
What was a great game now totally ruined by the greed of the developers. Virtually impossible to play without constantly paying to get the necessary resources.
It's become a everyday struggle to get the game started even while I use high speed internet. It shows no connection. Takes nearly half hour after constant refreshing. Also I am sick if playing that collect the cat paw thing. Please give an option to skip it.
I love this game. It's very addictive. That said, it is disappointing that the game stalls your progress by deliberately not providing you with items to complete collections. For example, I'm building the ship at the moment. In order to complete a collection, I need one more jellyfish. I click the "find" button and proceed to the game. I've completed the level more than 15 times and yet, the game will not award the jellyfish. THIS IS WHY PPL UNINSTALL GAMES!!! PLS FIX!!!!
Fun puzzle/matching game. Easy to pick up and put down leisurely. Not too much pressure for pay to win. Puzzles can be a bit challenging despite being a match game. Very entertaining!
I gave the game 4 stars because they take the jewels you earn and make you buy them back,i wish the jewels you earned are yours and you dont have to buy them back!!!!
This game would be great if it weren't such a frigging money pit!! Support staff has a 'sucks to be u' attitude. Gotta have plenty of cash if you wanna play this one!
You will reach a level that you can no longer win without paying for boosters to advance. If I could give it a negative number I would. Skip it don't waste your time.
I do like this game, however I have recently changed devices and had to start allover. Some form of sign in would allow players to take their progress with them when upgrading devices. The game variations are brilliant. Awards achievable. Very enjoyable.
Revised - not as advertised... game was different than the ad that led me to download it. Also, I no longer have a choice of where on the board I play - the game forces me to play where IT wants me to go, & it doesn't matter if I can pay the rubies for it or not! Uninstalling immediately!!!
Love the game but Too difficult to earn crystals, have to buy them. Some of the goals for the achievements seem to be almost unattainable between levels (100,000 to 850,000). Was able to get rewards and crystals by watching ads, 5 or more a day. Now it's once a day if I'm lucky, and it's not always a crystal as a reward.
My game is stack because there are no moves and I can't restart the game or exit either it stack on this page displaying "no more moves" over a thousand times. What should I do to get it back? Don't want to loose all my efforts
Been playing for a few years. Recently spent $5.99 to get through the ship. Now the daily resources have been greatly reduced. The double daily wheel spin to watch an ad is no longer there. The twice or more a day of watching ads for rsources. The daily 10 energy points for watching ads. It is now dropping less items. If you want to just play a match 3 build game, this one was not bad. However, I refuse to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on any game. After spending a few dollars...
Play every day, love this game. Each play does not last long unless you pay. But well worth the wait. Ship level is very hard otherwise i would give it 5 stars.
Not a game you can really get into. The time runs out within minutes and you have to wait hours for the time to fill up again unless you want to spend a fortune in real money getting nowhere. Looks like the game is just a cash machine for the developers. I see your reply and thank you. Yes as you say you can earn more energy but to do this you still need energy to do it. I am deleting what could of been a good entertaining game.
Some of the levels are impossible without using too many of the boosts, which then requires buying more boosts. Too much of a money sink.
Enjoying this game loads of puzzles only drawback is charger items hard to get to complete collections
Fun game but don't get much of an opportunity to increase the gems needed to achieve the level. With each building level your energy required to play the game is increased and you only gain one energy every 2 to three minutes. So limited in playing unless you want to buy either gems or energy.
Disappointed. I really loved this game at first but there are far too many quests/challenges AND you are never given the appropriate materials to complete the quests. It's a bummer to see the challenges just stack up on the side and not be able to complete them because the levels don't give you what you need. Also, there is hardly a place to use coins...what's their purpose? You can't trade them in for gems or anything else. It's near impossible to make progress on this game.
This game is challenging and relaxes me when I need a break or before going to bed. I use it to to decompress and it forces me to sit and change my focus. This is actually the only game I like outside of Spider Solitaire that I haven't gotten bored with. I don't buy anything ... just play til I use up my free energg and it's served its purpose until it reloads the energy for the next time I need it. 😁
I was enjoying this game, but ever since the update, I spend all my 'life' trying to win one game. My idea of game playing is to advance, not sit and play over and over and over and...... the same level. If a change is made, I might play again, but for now, I am uninstalling.
I have already been playing this game for about three years and I quite enjoy it but for a few things certain games are all but impossible so you cannot get any further and you do not get enough bonuses throughout the game
It's fun, but I've been playing for a while and I am just stuck. Can only play 20-30 minutes without spending $$ to get more time. I want to enjoy it more... but wind up not playing it
Love this game, it's awesome,but it's getting harder to play running out help or wanting to buy so you can get farther in the game.
I started out liking this game u til I discovered some of the shenanigans going on - like increasing the number of cells in the puzzles as I got close to winning
Game is fast paced and energy refills quickly. If you die on a round it is cheap to replay it and the cost of power ups is reasonable.
I absolutely love this game! I play it everyday since I found it, probably for two years now. I don't really play match free games much but this isn't like your ordinary match three game. There's a lot of different twists and it's not super easy and it's challenging at the same time. What can I say it's just awesome.
Love playing this game but don't like the new game layout after the latest update. The previous layout was great and easy on the eye.
This game is very addictive and challenging. If you need sethingbto.psds the time quickly this game will do it.
Lost Everything This update wiped out everything I'd built up. Unless you loosen this game up and hand out a LOT more CHARGERS I will abandon the game I have loved for 18 mos. This was a catastrophic update.
Relatively new to this game. Interesting and compelling, but compared to other games this is an expensive one.sort of enjoying but stuck because I have no clue how to open the ship puzzle
I know you said its random, but I have know completed 45 puzzles trying to get a charger piece for a colletion I finished a week ago. Now I need to get 5 collections to open the boat, at the rate you give out the rewards for completing the puzzles, it could take forever, why not just put a price on it, I mean that is the goal, isnt it, getting people to pay to play your game. I have decided to buy that last piece, so congrats to you.
Very interesting game... I have been playing this game for years. Please remove the Play button on start up. It's useless & look stupid.
Rare to find a decent match three game that has enough story to keep you engaged, and doesn't need you to actually spend on in app purchases to make progress. Good distraction on my short commute, not addictive to distract me from family stuff, still totally free to play after months upon months of play.
I loved the game until today with the storm and the limited resources. Everything changed you can barely upgrade buildings ect, the puzzle for the ship and key one are harder. I seem not to be able to win the boat was that way too to where I quit playing them. You hardly ever give chargers are never available to finish the collections. I was having fun just building the town.
Good fun to start with but on the higher levels be prepared to spend days and weeks to complete levels, at the lower levels skill is used..at the higher levels pure luck, not skill determines the result. New up date has left some levels impossible.
Overall quite good but the frequency of the Cats and Paws challenge is way too frequent now which is spoiling the enjoyment as you need to pass the level in order to have yours paws counted and as it always ends on a Monday, which is a work day, its always a problem to get last minute points and this affects your place in the charts.
It's a beautiful n fun playing game but from recent times it's really troubling alot to start the game I have a super fast net even then it is saying no internet connection please solve this problem as iam addicted to this game
Not too keen on how the drops you need take forever to get and to win some levels you need to spend money. The gem rewards are few and far between.
Not only is the ad for the game 100% misleading, but it shows animal abuse, harm & death. Disgusting & unacceptable! I'll never purchase or download anything from this company!
This game is amazing, I have been playing for years. Very different from the average match-3 game. The levels have different mechanics, the tiles are different in every building, you can unlock new buildings, the graphics are very nice, a lot of seasonal and weekly events... And the customer support is very good : they helped me very quickly. An awesome game that I recommend to everyone.
The words at the beginning disappeared too soon. Created anxiety. Game is fun and moves right along. It says use bonuses but some of the bonuses had not been explained yet. Has my interest so I will continue playing.
I have played this game for a couple of years. Just upgraded like it said to do. Now it says no internet. Bull I just downloaded the updates. Everything else works but this game. It's a rip off and the trouble through the years has become repetitive. Deleting it.
I enjoy making the matches, but why do all the games have to have snakes in them!! Rather not see them. Of course, my personal opinion.
Game is fun and challenging like how some of the boards make you really have to think to complete it. The only down fall to the game is how fast you can use up your energy and how long it takes to get it back.
Please take away the arrow pointer. It is very annoying and gets in the way. I do not need. Or have an opt out option. UPDATE: after closing game the problem did go away. Thank you for your help.
It would be helpful if we had more guidance on how to play some of the more tricky barriers. Some access to help also needed.
Been tapping my brains out and can't get the game to respond. It will on occasion work but it takes forever. It looks like a very fun game, to bad about the double, triple and quad tapping. Uninstalling
If you like games that make you spend your credits to achieve absolutely nothing then this game is your dream come true! Like all games on social media they are only interested in your money, so if you are able to spend a fortune on crystals then this game is perfect for you. If you are unable to afford to spend a fortune on crystals then be prepared for the game to allow you to progress sooooooooooo slooooooooooooooowly, you may lose the will to live, or just delete it!!!!!!
I really enjoy the matching puzzles and progressing my city, but the notifications when loading in and the most recent update to put in a cursor I can't turn off reduced it to 4 stars.
I have been playing for a while and almost had the ship opened. After the Easter update, the game crashes at the bunny screen. Thank you for your quick response! Happy hours is a great addition to the game.
Frustrating and tedious - This is not your typical match 3 game, in that there's some building involved. You will play the same levels multiple times. These are not necessarily bad things. The frustration come in the form of quests and collections. The items DO NOT DROP. I swear, I played and won levels with quest items no less than 90 times and the item I needed did not drop. Also, the sheer amount of quests is ridiculous. At this point, I have approximately 12 open quests.im walking away.
Frustrating, the game logs itself out then you cant log back in..happening daily now..annoying, enough to stop playing...
I have been loving this game for a long time, but now am unable to get into it as I continue to receive a message saying my device is not connected to the internet, when it quite clearly is. I notice in the reviews I'm not the only one having this problem. Please do something to rectify this issue before you find that many people uninstall.
good, i love this game but where're the sounds?( It doesn't turn on, well it already turned, but i don't hear i hope u understood me and try to help
Best Game Ever!!!! I've Been Searching For A Game Like This!!! Perfect Blend Of Match 3 And Building Your Empire. Love It!! Thank You So Much!
I'm hooked on this fast moving game that has the best rewards! I can't always get the game to come on on my phone, but I thoughorly love this game!
I have to use this new phone to download this game starting from zero all over again! After playing for more than 5 yrs, I have achieved 100+ levels on my existing Samsung J6. Now at Level 101, my J6 handphone got hanged after several attempts since yesterday in trying to open this app/game!!
I gave the game 2 stars because it is interesting and has the potential of being a fun game. The low rating is because it is not really a game to play for fun. It is a game to see who is willing to pay the most money to be in the number one position.
Fun to play to some extent, but it's annoying how you can play a level multiple times and never get the item. Clearly, the goal is to get you to spend money. I don't like that about it. If I win a level multiple times, then give me the item! What kind of reward system is that?! Getting to the point where I may uninstall. I like the theme and the graphics, but is it worth the annoyance?
The ultimate goal of this game is to see how much money you will spend before you realize you can't beat it..which is sad, because it's a good game, it's got enough challenge to keep you interested, but you can only get so far. I'm on the verge of deleting it..
I have a love hate relationship w/these types of games. fun to play but downfall is it's a hurry up & wait game. You always need something to finish something else. To level up you need stars, to get stars you need energy. Once you have enough stars you can level up but only if your experience level is high enough if not then you need more stars which takes more energy etc... The energy takes way too long to refill, it gives you hints to use elixers & potions which cost real money $$$ nope
So I found this game is different from the other match-3 games out there. The theme, the characters, it's perfect for me! Though, for newbies, the game is a little bit confusing since it's unique, so stick with the quest until you get used to it.
Very addictive and keeps you thinking but you dont get nearly a fraction of energy back when you complete a level. Need more freebies
I love playing this game. I do wish we could move through levels more quickly when we choose not to spend money on the game. I spent money the first two years and can't any longer. It makes it feel super slow sometimes, but I still enjoy the challenge.
It started out great but now l run out of water to fast so l don't be on tolong and now l am starting to run out of interest n that is no fun. I need to get my interest back or l will not be playing long. Need more excitement.
Challenging game but love it !..totally addicted ! been playing about 3yrs now, but it doesn't have to be played everyday...lots of twists & tricky levels but not impossible & not a regular match 3 game which is great 👍 Super game
Fun! I gave 3 stars because I'm frustrated with the genies and the ship...it would be a lot more fun if those challenges were on the same level of difficulty as the rest of the game. Right now they just get impossibly hard. No fun if impossible. As I've said before it doesn't make sense to keep the ship and genies so much harder than the level I'm on...feedback doesn't seem to go anywhere.
Really enjoying the game play. I was a little frustrated to begin with, that is until I joined the official Cradles of Empire forum on Facebook. The advice was invaluable and now I realise a lot of patience is required and a good set of friends to swap energy. This makes game play last a little longer. UPDATE OCT 2020 : GAME IS BEING RUINED BY GREED OF AWEM. YOU ARE BEING FORCED MORE AND MORE TO SPEND. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PLAYERS 🤬
At the 3rd level itself they gave me a bonus hammer but it does not work and without that the game does not proceed not at all recommended do not play this game at all. If there is a glitch at the beginning itself there will be so many more inside
Use to be my go to first game but it's is getting to hard and boring as you have to play the same game six or seven times before you would win a game, the makers keep taking things away from the game that makes you get extra time they want you to spend lots of money they are getting greedy. There is a forum to write your concerns but they have players that are moderators which try to appease you but they are patronising so don't take any notice. You spoilt a brilliant game with your changes 😡
Saying "great game" or "fun" is not a review, I'm still trying to learn this game other than it being an m3 game. Will someone please write a real review about the game please? The graphics and colors are great but there are many tasks to do and I'm sure it would help if I heard from other players what it's all about. Thank you. I did see a couple of actual reviews, thank you for those. I always read reviews from others when I start a game cause I trust players know the ins and outs of game.
Have only been playing for a few weeks. So far, it has been fun, challenging and most importantly, interesting enough to keep my attention. The game is a tiny bit confusing to me, at times..but I figure it out and I'm sure there are instructions or soc media people who could explain anything may hold me up.
Game started out for but has gotten more and more frustrating. Chargers are required to complete collections but are ridiculously difficult to get. For the ship, I have completed over 40 levels without getting the charger I needed. Of the last 12 completions, 4 of the rewards were coming objects while 8 were 1-3 energy. Disappointing, to say the least. If this reward rate continues, I'll probably delete the game.
I played this game when it 1st came out and although difficult with slow progress enjoyed it. YOUR UPDATES ARE AWESOME.THANKS
Very colourful, pleasant game. Graphics and characters are glamorous. Light and easy. So far no financial demand.
Enjoy game and options . 1complaint when you fill 🐖 to collect you have to pay .I feel if you win this points you should receive then without cost
u are saying that a certain object is in a certan place but inspite of playing umpteen times we dont get them which is very frustraring and sometimes Im on the verge of unstalling itwell almost. Its next to lmpossible to complete all the levels in Genie There should be some rewards for every level as an incentive
For any game you want a player to keep playing.... early in the game and it just isn't good to have to spend money so soon.
Been playing this game for about 3 years it was good but know you can't get anywhere without spending money so I will pack it in soon
I actually quite enjoyed this game. But the pressure to make you spend money puts me off. Why spend money on a souped up Bejeweled game? To celebrate, I will uninstall the game
i love this! i don't care if i have to play several games to achieve the task. furthermore, i love the music! it is challenging, fun and the storyline is morally good! thank you!
The stories are interesting and the puzzles are challenging. Your fees for buying are a bit high especially the piggy bank for those of us on a strict income. I love the game.
the game takes your energy when you play why not give energy back when you beat a level that way you won't run out quick and plus it takes so long for the energy to replenish
Well balanced until you run out of energy then it's a shutdown for awhile and turn back on to only gain access for one game but it's not bad and family friendly
Love,love this game but, sure would be nice if irlt would be possible to get more chances of getting green emeralds
GREAT AND ENJOYABLE... I find this Puzzle Game App to be very entertaining, adictive and fun to go through especially on my free time. The only downside about it is that there are optional payment packs for extra items and energy which shows up as advertisement a lot...I choose to play the game at my own pace though, and not spend any actual money.
It takes entirely too long to to get the simplest of things, then when you get the indicated object you need three more items to be able to use the initial object.
Yet another game I can't play because I can't update it through Google play. I had been enjoying it, but it's not worth the headache. Well, more time for the games that are easy to maintain.
Love game . Been playing while . Take while to build things as lots collections and very differcult to find .
I am trying to open this game from last 8 days but i cant able to open because they say no internet connection but ny net is working properly. I can play other games but not this one so if it ll not open o ll delete it.
Relatively new to this game. Interesting and compelling, but compared to other games this is an expensive one.sort of enjoying but stuck because I have no clue how to open the ship puzzle. Still going and enjoying!
Great storyline and the puzzle matching games are fun too. Very good graphic and easy to follow. Love this game
I've been playing this game for years and until recently when i upgraded my tablet and lost all my gameplay, was really enjoying it. I send emails and contacted Google, but no one got back to me. Not really very happy about this
Okay, so first you took away our energy refill after using genie lamps, claiming it was a glitch that was fixed. Then, you wiped out all our resources while promising that the game upgrades would make up for it. The update arrives and oh look! It's super resource demanding! Tens of millions in resources accumulated over years of gameplay, gone, and now I don't have enough to play the new levels. Great strategy, Awem. I was willing to spend money on this game until this shameless screw over.
Fun, challenging, and beautiful graphics! I have to agree, though, that the cat treat challenges do come way too often. I just tried to install the update, but I am also getting an error message saying "no internet", when my settings say clearly that I am connected to my wireless network. Now I am stuck! Please fix this!