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Cowboy! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The absolute worst malfunction I've ever seen in an app. Upon opening, the main screen had what I can only describe as a seizure, and the game itself did the same. Still, I attempted to play it, and only got about two seconds of actual game play before the entire thing crashed. Take more pride in your work, and triple check your codes, because this game is all kind of wonky. You should not put a game on the app store if you haven't devolped it to a working state.
gameplay is clunky and constantly being interrupted by ads. at the end of a throw before you can claim the animals you caught, you have to wait several seconds for the button to appear unless you want to watch an ad, which you can do instantly. just another trash adware game.
Love this game. It's very addictive, great to pass time, and fun. What I enjoy the most is unlike a lot of other apps, this app doesn't shove ads in your face every minute but throws an occasional ad here or there but nothing annoying and gives you the option to watch them to progress faster in the game. It is a wonderful option and also dosen't make you feel like you need to pay to win. Please don't change the game unless you plan on adding more gameplay! :)
Amazing it has so many animals like horses,unicorns, foxes,cats,dog all the animals and the game is so easy so I give it a 5 star rating. This is a addictive game I play I recommend kids 5 and older to play this.
It really fun and amazing it also it has great graphics and amazing detail and art thank you lion studio and other people who created this when I played it just collecting animals and riding them upgrading was easy that why I gave it five stars.
After reaching a certain point pretty early in the game playing is no longer an effective way to get upgrades. You become entirely reliant on the lucky crates in the game and offline earnings. Speaking of which, the offline earnings appear to be glitchy, they don't work for me. This game seriously needs to be balanced.
okay game needs some tweaks the most annoying part of the game is the way they used their ad monetization.You get 2-3 lifes before being forced to watch an ad along with the fact you could watch ads every time and still have to watch an ad after your 2nd, or 3rd life. Next is the collision detector it is off a bit sometimes you get the treasure box, animals, or gold animals then other times you can be right over it and it skips the animal. The lasso also doesn't work well goe all over the screen
When you dont agree to the game's settings to target ads and data mine the hell out of you, it puts up a bar that does not let you play until you agree to the game's settings.
The game itself is great for killing time, but there's an issue where everytime i look at the challenges, they all refresh and i cant complete any of them. Other than that it's good. I'll change my rating if this is fixed.
I hate giving so few stars because I LOVE this game but there is A MAJOR flaw in the coins. After so long it just quits adding to your coin total no matter what. It's very frustrating to get stuck and have to close out the game and hope it's working this time. If this is fixed I'll change to 5 stars!
They block half your screen with their message forcing you to accept their terms on their privacy policy and allowing them to collect stupid amounts of data which isn't following the UK privacy policy guidelines, might want to change that and get a better lawyer, I actually like one or two of your games that you didn't use these forceful tactics on.
Developers place pop-ups over button crucial to gameplay unless you agree to give information unrelated to the game. Would not recommend.
It's a great time waster. Pretty cool take on an old idea. I Uninstalled it. I understand you have to make money from Ad revenue.... But jumping frogs on a stick..... I can handle the banner or click play for more lives.... But ya lost me when I wasn't allowed to back out of ads that would pop up every second game. You have a winner but that ain't cool.
The game is just a useless boring grind, you just sit around on your phone collecting animals and selling them for money so you can get better at collecting animals. Not only that, but you can get better at the game, WITHOUT EVEN PLAYING IT!
I like this game, my only issue with it is that I really want to be able to complete the "Wanted" quests, but everytime I go to check my progress they've all changed and set back to 0, so its impossible to complete any of them. Please fix this and it will be perfect!
theres no real change. same thing over and over. lasso X amount of animals, upgrade the amount you can catch and lengthen road...that's it. not worth the time of day. I would put it at the same level as clicker/tap games.
game is a fun quick time killer. the daily "task" is annoying. it keeps changing when you close out to play the game so you can not ever accomplish any. was tempted to buy some upgrades but going to delete and find a better game.
I was really looking forward to this game, until i realised that if you opt-out of 'analytics and support' and 'advertising' a message pops up saying that they will now have to show you even more add's! I think that constitutes as blackmail and is against GDPR. Also the game doesnt inform you of how Lion Studios will use our data (again, against GDPR) but, will provide links to 3rd party advertisers privacy policy. Thank you Lion Games. But, no thank you!
this game is very well done its kinda like some idle games i play. for all the peolle that say its laggy or what not, that is probably kist yoir wifi being a b¡tch because i have pretty bad wifi because of where i live and it still works fine. so yeahh all i can say is its a pretty nice game! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
sorry but you lost me on not being able to opt out in the privacy options. I did manage it only to be plagued by the same options when it came to collect money and couldn't move on unless I checked the boxes, totally unacceptable and against data protection.>:)
I was having fun but now at some point in the game it just won't record any of my winnings. I can't keep moving forward. I've tried everything. Even watching adds and the money won't go up it just stays there and I can't but anything or move forward. I'll give it a few days if not fixed will have to delete
When it offers to double your money the game doesnt double your money. I'm getting over 500,000 points if I double it. That should be over $1 million and I still have $435,500. Might be a glitch. It is annoying though. If the game isn't gonna double your money it should offer that feature.
So addicting animals are awesome what you could do to make it better is well I don't like how you can only have some animals in your rope I wish you could get more in sted of upgrading it to make update it to more than max
I have thousands of unicorns, it's amazing I get to ride a panda?!?! Woah~ I'm so obsessed with this game, I never get bored I always upgrade and I have 868,344 it's just amazing, great game dev, gg! :D Sincerly, Kathy Gular
I really like this game it's one of my favourites, but here is a really fustrating bug that it doesn't save all of your progress when you close it, and then it takes 20 more minutes to get back to where you were. Please fix this and I will are 5 stars
sure, the game play is fun but its like a thousand other games of the sort. Don't bother unless you LOVE ads. There's a banner across the bottom of the screen and they constantly popup in game play separate from any bonus or extra. In five casts of the lasso (most basic game play function) I dealt with 75 seconds of mandatory, non-closing ads. When you have to repeatedly close the game to get out of its ads just to go back and try to play.... its not worth it. this game is nothing but clickbait
been waiting for the new world. candy world is now available if you have completed outlaw world. well I completed outlaw world weeks ago yet candy world remains locked. utterly pointless update. uninstalled.
Unplayable. I had the app installed for 5 minutes and it manually closed 3 times. Uninstalled shortly after. Trash
Animals phase through you lasso. Not exactly something that should be happening. Especially I'd that's how you're suppose to progress. On top of that, it's loaded with ads and your back button on your phone isn't comparable with going back a screen, which is really screwed up since you can do it in just about every other game I've played
It's okay? I wouldn't give it more than 2 stars, because after you catch a few animals or so it shows a screen saying "double", and it takes a while for the actual "claim" option to appear. I personally think this is a waste of time. When it could just be adding to your current balance right away rather then making you wait an extra 5 seconds or so. Not to mention the amount of adds mixed with this way of gathering money is ridiculous in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.
The game is good but bottom screen ad is frustrating. When playing, if palm touches it , then game pauses and it redirects to another pop up page. it is happening again and again. The game has ads already in every step. so i request you to remove this bottom screen ad. if required move it top. it will give more visibility and less frustration.
Today is the first day of mine playing this game still I love it. Problem is that in the game I try hard still the animals I win in the level are not golden 3/3. (there's at least one animal that is not golden). Some times I have won 1 or 2 animals in the level! After each and each level there is ad. Please don't show so many ads in this game. Now I have got more lasso to catch more than 3 animals 😁😁. I have uninstalled the app😭 I loved the app!
Game is great but the only problem is a adult ad call ed gresasy money( downloaded the game) was working but it made me forcefully touch the ad. lost the reward but worked on 2nd try. IF IT DID NOT WORK ON 2ND AND 3RD TRY I WILL GET MAD! Almost all the games have working ads. please update ad bugs.this only happens on android?
Yep. It's good but remove the amount of ads ok? It's fun and VERY expensive. I mean to get 1 more spot in it lassoo u need to get over 200k at on point and I end up trying to save up everything and then having to it again. But it's fun and I get to see lots of different animals. I really do hate the ads. They are always 30 seconds long and they.are.evrywhere. After everything. I finish one round gotta watch and ad! At least make it 2 or 3 rounds. But it's a good game. Would recommend.
love the game, but the money i earn each round is now not being added to my total...i reached 705million and can't go higher....i thought it was maybe a money cap, but then i spent some all the way down to 600-something million and it still won't add any more money earned. fix this and I'll re-rate to more stars.. really cute time killer though
Don't get me wrong it is a really good game, but after each round there are ads. Overall the game is very good!
I dunno why this game has such a low score? It delivers exactly what it says it does, and it's pretty fun if you like that sort of thing. I think people are being to harsh on this, it's loads better then a lot of 4.5+ games I've played! Plus you can pay to turn off ads and it's not expensive at all.
really like this game. already completed all the world's and have gold medal on all the animals. there are a lot of ads but im use to it by now. that's almost every game you play for free now. like the new update. can't wait for more world's and animals
I LOVE IT.but you should get more worlds and you should get for players for them to be able to catch more animals than 48 .and the like the game in the game to have more animals to win.
90% of my experience is adds. Oh you just sold the animals for money, ADDS! You want to upgrade your lasso, ADDS! You want to enjoy the game, AADS! You get my point. FIX THIS! Other than that the game is really fun.
i will change this if you fix your ads. Well i have played just under 2 minutes and it already pop up 2 ads and also i couldt skip them. Its ridiculous how many ads are poping up lately in every game and they just trying to force you to pay for no ads. I understand that they have to make a living but its annoying to bombard us every step we make with ads just to force us to pay.
I love this game it wasts time searuslly it does. Ofc there is ad but its fine the developers have to get money while letting us have fun right? And I am not a bot. Can you add more land i am about to finish the 3rd one.
adds. adds everywhere. you spend more time watching adds then actually playing the game. and its mediocre at best. not worth. 1/10
I love it-- and it's a great time killer but it has some bugs that annoyed me... so I gave the app 3 stars. Because when I leave the game and come back for my offline earnings, I click the double up video button everywhere. even in the best wifi. But it never allows me to double up even when I wait. but it does allow me to double up for the online earnings, which I do not get. plus... sometimes I collect animals and they dont show up on the rope. please fix this and I will give you 5 stars.
ridiculous number of ads. would be nice if there was ads only once in awhile. but its after every single time you play pretty much would love it if there was way less ads
This game lacks graphics and control, everytime you try to get the animals the lasso would nnot collect them even if it touched them. Then the ads I get it its a game, but having ads evertime I collect all of the animals is just insane. I do not recommend this game
Give them a 4 star because it was thrilling while it kept me intertained. Too bad they never created the level they kept promising they would load up. Other than that good pass timer.
I remember having this when there was no ads, I Uninstalled due to a lack of space left, after a year or so I got it again and I'm am quite disappointed, the ads are everywhere! If you don't agree with the game it makes you watch an ad. I want to give 2 stars but Ima just give 3 for putting in extra worlds.
I just downloaded this and the ads make this game unplayable. There is an ad bar at the bottomwhich is fine but every other click there is a 30 second ad that automatically plays. You can eventually skip some but its not fun to me if the entire game is ads. If you cut some of them I'll definitely try this again, because the game is cute and seems fun, but until then it's going in the delete bin. :/
It's a good game but when you finish cowboy tow I don't know how to upgrade to Outlaw world, I do know that you click on the globe at the top right corner of your screen and it says that you have to be 8/8 at something to upgrade to the next world and I am 8/8 of something. Otherwise great game just a little bug. Please fix this.
I love this game so much, I don't sit and play for ages, but it is fun to pass the time when ur bored, I love all the animals you can earn and ride on, and it is rlly good, it's never glitched or lagged, no ads, rlly great game :)
I thought It was good but it isnt as great usually I give good reviews but every time catching something theres an add
the game glitches out and doesnt give you the money you earned from the run. theres no way to fix it that ive found. the watch ad for miltiplier never works. the missions sometimes dont give you rewards. great idea, i would love it if it actually worked how it was supposed to.
I would give this 5 stars for lion king but 3 things need to be fixed 1 when it downloads it takes ages 2 there are so many ads 3 on the ad it says that u need to catch the unicorn or anything but when I played this game u needed to do a lot of things that is not usually in lion kings games so this a my rate of cowboy
Do NOT download this game. They ask for your consent in taking unnecessary information and if you deny the request they remind you of it with a tedious pop-up that doesn't go away and ruins gameplay by not letting you touch the top screen; which is used to back out from 'medals' etc. Usually I would use the return button on my phone however that doesn't work which forces me to get out and restart the game to get to the main screen. If I could give no stars I would.
You've made the same mistake, like all the other apps. If the player wants to watch an add for a bonus then yes you can give them a big add. If the player decides to continue its probably because they Don't. Want. To. Watch. A. Add. I've only come across like 1 game that does it right and it's so disappointing. You can be a ad spammer fairly, did you know that?
It is amazing because it never gets old and also im almost up to ancient oasis. I would really love having more locations after ancient oasis. Everything else is fine but one other thing. When you through your lasso it doesnt get everything in its path ,so if you could fix that it would be awesome. Theres nothing else important so yeah its just a great game and i would consider getting it cya.
probably would be better if it was not for all the stupid adds. Has an add like every other play. Then force adds down your throat to level up stuff. So if you like adds on top of adds then this game is for you.
This game is excellent but after every level, there are ads.In those ads there is only black screen means nothing!So,I have to close the game and go back into it,in every level!Please do something of it.
The game has potential to be an awesome game. The play of it is fun. The reason it looses all stars are the amount of 30 second videos you are forced to watch. You play about 30 ⁹percent of the time and 70 percent commercials. It gives you the opportunity to watch are to double the rewards which is good but almost Everytime you choose no it forces you to watch one and no double prize. I only recommend this game if you like to watch are.
Absolutely amazing I liked everything about this game it's so nice everything is going well and the animals are awesome so I have nothing bad about this game but please add more lands and thank you for the game!
I love this game, but there are WAAAAAAAAAAAY too many ads. An ad after every round. Yes, the ads are skippable but it isn't fun to wait 10 seconds after every round for the X to appear so I can close it and get back to the game. The game itself is amazing though! I love the idea and it's really enjoyable besides the ads! I especially love the variety of characters and that you can ride animals you catch! I am about to run out of space to type this so a quick summary: A good game but to many ads.
This is just trashed by the number of ads its unreal. There is no way around it you will spend more time watching ads then playing the game even if you pick not to double your rewards you still have to watch a ad after the end of almost every turn. The game will also glitch and not add your winnings to your total making each play feel like just more time lost. Ok and entertaining idea for a game but poor execution that seem to built on ad revenue for the developer.
This game fills you with unskippable ads. Oh, you didn't claim the double earnings? Then heres an ad. Oh, it said that you cannot claim your reward because there are no ads available? Nah, thats fake. Heres an unskippable ad with NO reward. Oh, YOU DIDN'T AGREE TO THE GAME SETTINGS?! LETS JUST BLOCK THE ENTIRE GAME FOR YOU!!!
way too many ads even when i realized that ill get an ad every other run and decided to just double my money and watch an ad so its at least not a waste of time. But when i get an ad after it says "no more ads availabe,come back later." and then give me a second ad after just watching one. That just screams money hungry.
See it was pretty good the first few maps, but then it got laggy and the animals you captured barely give you any money. You would have to rely on the boxes and there would only be two of them. I recommend this game to people who have time on their hand because of the lack of money.
It Is Amazing! This app is really good when you feel like Animals! I have no troubles at all with this app! <3 this is a very nice made app!
The increase of price in animals is completely useless as the levels progress as the price rewards are miniscule compared to the price of upgrades, making the game completely rely on cash boxes, in game purchases, or just getting money offline not playing the game at all
I would've rated five but it doesn't let me move my lasso at certain points in it. I've had this for a very long time but, and I like the new update, but it makes me not be able to use my lasso at some points while catching animals. But other than that it's one of my best games
I had been playing the game for almost an hour when I realized the coin meter thing had been stuch at four thousand. At this point I had already made almost 200,000 coins. Yet everytime i played, it only added 15 coins. It had been really great and fun but after that I am most likely going to uninstall the app.
These ads are getting ridiculous, I can see it if you want to double your score for watching an ad , but not when you click continue , I click continue and have a 30 second ad , I should just pushed watch ad and double score , I am giving this game till Oct 6th (my birthday ) and about 3 weeks away to fix it or I will delete it
Really good game. I love it. It's a game when you catch animals and you bring them back and get money. I'm already in the second world and I've only been playing for a month! It's so fun and addicting.