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Covet Fashion - Dress Up Game

Covet Fashion - Dress Up Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Crowdstar Inc located at 875 Howard, Suite 100 San Francisco CA 94103. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Finding the right look isn't as easy as one might think. Create the perfect look and win votes, vote on other's creations... whether it's dinner with prince charming or hiking in the jungle, the perfect look is a must!
This game is suicide wether to keep going or end it! In just 2days if you dont how to handle your fashion sense and budget you wont last at this game. I just hope they improve covet cash a little more because it makes me love the game. Best fashion game ever! If you will play for a year and more, it's all worth it! Hopefully they will increase the rewards! 100c is not worth the dress up. Come on! Give in.
Let me start by saying it's a really exciting game. The idea of "dolling up" the models is very fun. But, there is a however and that is, you have to be rich or popular to truly enjoy the game. In other words, you have to buy diamonds on top of diamonds, out of pocket, just to purchase the really flashy items that will get you close to 5 or above rating. Or have a popularity that will boost your ratings (that's what it seems). Overall, you just don't get enough daily diamonds and cash to enjoy.
Fun game. Unique challenges. Great for anxiety. Unfortunately it is expensive to enter challenges, so you pretty much HAVE to spend actual money to continue playing and leveling up. Part of why houses fail, and you have to change houses in order to keep playing.
The outfits are fun to create.. I am on level 21 and haven't spent a penny on it. You do not have to spend money. Just watch the Adds... Be patient. Do the daily challenge. I would like to see more smiles on the models. 😀
I've been playing this game for 4 years now & have spent a lot of real money in game. They recently updated & caused a lot of worrying to convert to Chinese characters. Because of that, I missed out on 2 prop packs that I was working towards, spending real money. The only thing they were willing to do was give me 100 diamonds that doesn't pay for anything of actual worth, instead of making it right and either award me the pro packs or compensate the value of the packs. 👎 Don't waste your $$.
I love this game and have been playing for about 6 months. It is really fun and reminds me of playing with Barbie dolls when I was a child. But in order to do well on the challenges and be competitive you will have to spend money. Hair accessories and prop packs cost money and they are expensive in my opinion.
Highly addicted to this app. Have spent so much money which I hate doing with any type of game. The only issue is the house chat. It glitches a lot and it's very frustrating. Sending a simple message seems to be impossible sometimes.
Been playing for yrs & have invested an embarrassingly large amount of $, which was fine in the beginning but, as the in-game costs rose, the perks did not; mainly, no "cost of living" increase . Also, the token challenges have completely disappeared, you cant sort through anyone's entire closet, must click each players closet to see if they have an item (rather than seeing which of your friends has an item in 1 fell swoop), & rally tiles dont seem to be random but, rather, designed to repeat.
It's fun to play this Fashion Game, it challenges you to be wise in spending and if you love fashion it's a great game for you. The negatives are that it doesn't make it easy on finding the brands clothing or when you are borrowing cloths takes a while to find. It should have more categories & separating they types of clothing.
This game has the potential to be an absolutely flawless fashion game, but there is a major flaw - it has been incredibly difficult getting enough cash to get my closet value up to $50k. $500 for the daily challenge + $100 per normal challenge or $200 per elite, feels like a pittance when the average garment costs around $250. The fact there is 0 CASH REWARD for levelling up is infuriating, as this could easily reduce the grind ($1000 would be best). Until that happens, 4⭐.
Yes it costs money to play but so do most games. Its really fun to style outfits. Would have given 5 stars if not for two things I think should be improved. Voting should be more fair. You should not put a level 40 against a level 3! It should be levels that are closer together. Also, hair accessories should be cheaper or you should be able to use yoir covet cash or diamonds to purchase.
I absolutely love this game. It has one downfall, you have to spend a decent amount of money to really get anywhere. If diamonds and or cash were easier to earn it would be dif but as of now it involves buying a product or downloading other apps to earn them. Well i have only found this game on mobil and naturally phones dont have the memory to download enough worth anything and it eats a lot of data. A pc version might help with that problem.
It is a fun game to play although I am having technical issues. The buttons sometimes don't work and I have to go out and in for them to work again. But what really does not work is the special challenges which are at the top. I click on the "let's go" button and nothing happens. I go in and out of the game and still nothing. Disappointed at this.
Addicting, relaxing, friendly Fashion Houses and so many options. I love all the options and collecting looks. Downloaded through Mistplay, but definitely keeping this one! I do wish for better sorting options; by price and currency, and an "other" category, since some items don't appear under the normal sorting lists and end up being very hard to find. That aside, I'm completely addicted! I truthfully haven't spent a dime and I'm still finding ways to afford to enter challenges.
I play everyday. I love it. It just gets better. Haven't played a better one yet. Love it more now. I only wish I could sell back some of the designs that never get worn. I'm unable to buy anything for real money so for me I have to make outfits with what I have. They're not always what I want them to look like. It doesn't matter though I'll still play everyday. You guys (and gals) are great. Thank you.
Game is fun but a little expensive to play and difficult to get 5 stars needed for good prizes. Same players get 5 stars over and over, and best levels often. It doesn't give players incentive to want to play a lot often. Scores can be discouraging if you do not get good ones.
I strongly advise against anyone playing this game. My experience has been awful. I was cheated out of money bought items only to have them disappear and when i tried to get the "support"to help me i get serveral directions to fix the problem when it didnt work i tried to tell " support" and they never responded. I it pitiful shameful way to people that really enjoy playing the game. Im sorry but the only reason i gave one star is because it wouldnt get away with not giving any.
Sure, this game has great graphics and is fun to play but it costs too much real money to level up, you must compete with higher levels so it's almost impossible to win the highest prizes, it's of no benefit to use an expensive item more than once, you use more "cash or diamonds" to enter a challenge then what you are awarded for entering and, has anyone noticed--- you are in some ways penalized for "borrowing" from your team. More frustrating than fun.
Fun but hard to play without spending actual money because they don't give you much in game money. Plus my friend on Facebook is connected to the game too but the game won't allow us to be friends or borrow each other's clothes. Which my friend only got the game for me so that's kind of annoying. So fun game if you have disposable income or don't want to progress in the game. Edit: MASSIVE SERVER BUG PROBLEM RECENTLY Been kicked out the game at least once anytime I play now
I am learning from this game. I've refreshed this game multiple times because I can't really afford to pay for more money and I'm learning that I suck at budgeting if it is not real money that I am using. This game is very fun. A little hard to play right now because I'm having to wait for results and daily diamonds to enter more challenges. However, I've finally entered a Fashion House and so I won't be refreshing again.
I appreciate the different body types and ethnicities. Please consider when having challenges that reference age (teenager - grandma) there is a model that fits that age range as well. Please also consider bringing back the style of afro before the current one and close cut fades. Male models of different body types once and a while would be cool and being able to see the complete outfit before purchase would be helpful. Thanks and keep up the good work!
This is one of my favorite games. I play everyday and have for years. The variety of clothing and accessories are endless. The only thing I wish were a little better is how long it takes to advance levels without spending money (I'm on level 14 and have been playing daily for years) and also better hairstyles for lower levels.
I used to play this game years ago and loved it - it was so much fun! Some changes were made that make it less fun now though. I remember building a closet quickly and being able to use items without having to "purchase them again." I also remembered winning lots of clothes in the challenges without scoring as high as it requires now. Bummer.
First, make a new email acct with no personal info and use it only for this game. As soon as I set Covet with an empty acct, it got locked for too many tries at logging in. Next, don't do any of the offers! Sometimes you get diamonds at completion, sometimes you don't, sometimes the challenge to get the diamonds changes unfairly. If you try to get support, you may get through, you may not. If you can get over those two things, and the slow start to level up, you can have a bit of fun.
Very pretty game with bright interface but 2 stars. The game every time lost connection with the server. So few parameters for filtering clothes. Why is not possible to outfit all complet before buying? I want to wear top and skirt but when i wear skirt, the top desappear. It's difficult to complet look.
To get ahead at all you have to spend money. A LOT for very little in game help. Been playing for a while now but thinking of uninstalling soon due to i just can't AFFORD to play it anymore. If you're looking for fun without spending a lot this is NOT the game for you. Update: Barely played the past 2 months, I have logged in maybe 2 to 3 times. Just can't afford this game. It's a great concept but when I looked back at how much I spent on this game it was soo not worth it for the small rewards.
This game is ADDICTING, and fun. I'm giving it four stars, because when I'm voting & just using the app sometimes the screen will start flashing and I have to clear the app and start again, and it has nothing to do with my phone, I don't know if others have experienced it other than me ... The support group is always eager to assist and answer your questions, they are so kind and helpful, always. Other than the flashing problem, it is wonderful! And I love it♥️ - Seidian
I had tried this years ago and was frustrated as the time between creating the look and receiving the results was over long. The prizes are too little to create funds to enter more events and events are not level specific so you compete against people of a much higher level, (or who have spent a fortune), and have access to better items. Nothing has changed it could be good, but isn't, uninstalling again!
Covet was fine until they had a glitch that removed most of our friends. Not only did they blame it on Facebook but then just they completely ignored those of us that were trying to get some answers and a solution. Borrowing from friends closets is a huge part of this game but now we are forced to buy all items ourselves. I don't recommend covet to new users. It's just a constant source of aggravation!
Everytime I try to enter the "new planet new life" challenge, it keeps restarting the app and I am unable to do anything with the challenge. There is no specific question Or troubleshoot to address this issue so I am extremely frustrated at this point. This is not the first time this has happened. I have updated the game and restarted my phone, logged out & then back in again & nothing has worked.
I've played Covet almost since it began and so have witnessed many changes, some for the better, some, not so much. It's a fabulous game and for a long time it was configured to make it possible to enter most of the challenges; recently, it has become much harder to obtain diamonds and more of the challenges are flashbacks which require garments costing thousands of diamonds! You really have to choose the challenges you enter accordingly. Shame really.
Love the game but annoyed as hell that when I tried entering the last challenge for the sprint to spring series it kept giving me an error message and having me restart the app. Never let me even get an outfit to enter after the challenge and now I'm missing out on getting this prop pack. That's the only thing, for good prop packs you have to pay actual money
I have been playing this game for several years and have always really enjoyed it. However, since the last update I have been getting error messages whenever I try to open various challenges. I can't style the model and am missing out on rewards. I am currently unable to enter the daily challenge for this reason and won't be getting the $500 for entering to help fund other challenges. Might need to fix that bug, guys. It's incredibly frustrating.
The game is fun but it is very difficult to level up. You need in game cash and dimonds to be able to buy items. But there are not many possibilities to earn them. So you need to use real cash (am not doing it). The vote system is also not really fair - as it matches lvl 50+ with beginners. Of course the beginners don't really have any chance to win as the higher level have more options.
I love this game, and would definitely give it 5 stars, however, it is extremely expensive if you want to be able to be successful in style challenges. I really think that if you do put all this money into it then you shouldn't have to buy an item again just so you can get max bonus score. And hair accessories and props are way too expensive at almost $10 a piece. I understand that you all work really hard on this game but every time I turn around there's a new feature that requires more money.
I've been playing Covet Fashion off and on for years. I really enjoy the game and the different choices of styles. However, I just wish you could get more cash values for each challenge. $100 or $200 is not enough for each challenge when you're putting more value in the items that you purchase. Also, I wish it was an easier way to get more diamonds, without having to buy them with real cash. The only way to do that is to get a perfect score and the only way to do that is to spend real money.
This game is fun however I often feel limited, you can't enter alot of challenges unless you spend real money on clothes, hair accessories and prop packs. They should have additional ways to earn money within the game. Other than the offers where you download random apps you don't need or shop online.
The worst part of this game is the voting, I believe there should've been a system to over-rule the scores of the undeserving looks. Another problem I find is how expensive the hair accessories and props are. I've played Design Home and the prizes and daily money are more than what covet gives. Cool game but it's way too expensive.
Quite enjoyed the game however it has gotten extremely expensive to play. It always yields to players whom have started years ago or have many prop and hair packs which is super expensive and difficult to earn. It makes it hard to compete when most looks are based on the picture accompanying the challenge rather than individual style. Some looks are horrendous but covered in multiple props and hair props earning 5 stars for a wow factor. Actually not worth doing these in app purchases
Covet use to be really fun but now it's meh. It's become way to expensive, and the only real way to succeed and get high scores is by spending your own money. It sometimes helps pass the time, but ultimately it's become pretty disappointing.
Very meh fashion game with confusing app set up, which makes it difficult to navigate. I wish it was set up more like Design Home, which I believe is from the same developer. You have to wait days for results, which is fine, but the wait time should be listed on your finished design, so you know when to check back. You run out of cash quickly, which makes it impossible to design more styles unless you spend your own cash. It could be great but, with all the above and the slow pace, it's dull.
I really love this game! I've been playing it since 2018 and I didn't have any problem at all. The reason for the 2 stars is because for the last month finding my Facebook friends - so I can borrow from them - is Impossible!! I have tried everything and I had no luck! Please fix this soon so I can get back to my 5star rating.
It used to be fun but I've noticed since I've started playing again if you don't pay oodles of money (real money) for the extras, you have no chance at winning the rounds. No chance whatsoever. Or even of getting a high enough score to get even the lowest level of prizes. Which takes away from the game, and I'm not sure how much longer I'll last.
I love the game. Its super realistic. Its competitive. But it is very expensive thats why I only gave 3 stars. The voting isnt set up well. There are a lot of glitches that can affect your score. I wish they would be a little cheaper. Some playets could buy the real outfit w/ the $ they spend. Yhe prizes could be better than a booger green sweater. Other than that its fun
IS POLITICALLY BIASED. Great graphics, interesting prompts. While a number of reviews complain about needing to pay real money to get a good score, this has not been my experience. If you are careful about how you spend in-game cash and diamonds, and follow the prompts and pictures, you can regularly achieve a score of over 4.00. Also, as you level up, the gap between scores of paying and non-paying players lessens with a bigger closet and more facial expressions and hair accessories.
It is a fun game and designing outfits is great, but unless your willing to pay 50$ min per log in you don't have the in game funds to do any of the challenges. So you can't actually play. I used to play as a kid, it took me about 3 years to have a large enough "closet" to enter challenges. But only around half because there are lots of challenges that you have to pay to play for no matter what. Basically if you're a new player starting a closet don't bother. Playing for free only last an hour.
This game is awesome! There is a huge online community (facebook) where I learned a lot of tricks to level up in a week or 2. I've been playing for almost 2 years and now enter every challenge without spending much of my own money (I do buy the packs for flashbacks to help level up). About crashes - need to clear cache. Joining the online communities tell you everything you need to know to be super successful and have a ton of fun!
The bugs from the last update with the inbox still persist. Only the last 5 are visible. No response from Covet other than to close the ticket so I had to open a duplicate. the inbox issue from July 2020 has not changed. no response when info sent other than to claim it's fixed and close the ticket.
I really enjoy the game and it's graphics. There's no time where it freezes or crashes so that's awesome. The only drawback i can note is the cost of items to complete challenges. I like that i can borrow but the wait time for judging to earn more coins, cash , and to borrow again kind of sucks.
I have been playing the game for about 6-7 years on and off and I really enjoy it. It is slow levelling up without spending money on the game which is mainly because the reward you get for challenges just doesn't match what you have to spend on it half the time. If you join a good fashion house and join the community of players it really is more fun and you level up a lot quicker.
I dropped my five stars to 4 due to the voting experience.. the description will ask for a damsel to be in distress and then the top looks are pristine, glamorous, flowy looks. EVERYthing that wins is a ball gown even when the theme demands differently. Also if you fail to match the picture or "SUGGESTED" items you're almost automatically facing failure.
I have finally uninstalled this game. Developers don't listen. This game costs way more than it's worth to play. You win 500 stars from a challenge that ends up costing 2k to enter because the challenge is season specific and you have to buy everything. You can't collect daily stars...daily if you have over 75, which is BS because you'll never collect enough to play the game WITHOUT spending money. It's addictive, but I've FINALLY had enough of wasting my money.
Game is fun but a little expensive to play and difficult to get 5 stars needed for good prizes. Same players get 5 stars over and over, as well as the best level score. Their Customer service is not very helpful neither. Really enjoyed playing for 6 years, but game has change so much it is no longer as exciting.
It's okay. I wish there were more ways to earn diamonds and cash.. otherwise you sit around waiting to earn it.. just so you can enter one challenge. I do enjoy playing and it can get addictive.. but again they need to find away to make you earn more money. The creators could also do so much more with the game and take it to next level..
Genuinely love this app, and how fun the challenges can be. Gave it 3/5 due to the crazy amount of covet cash/diamonds you're spending in comparison to the rewards, which is sometimes less than 5% of what you spent. It also takes a very long time to level up due to this; it definitely takes some of the fun and light heartedness away, and ends up stressing you out or boring you. Last but not least: the sheer lack of diversity (two body types and six shades; yeah).
The game is really cool, but it has bugs... I use a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and to some challenges I can't participate because wherever I enter a challenge, it keeps showing me "there is a problem with the connection to the game servers" and it isn't because of my Internet, I've tested it in other apps. If it weren't for this bug that keeps stressing me out, I would've gladly given the app 5 stars.
It takes a little too long to get enough currency to be be able to do anything. I understand it's a free to play game but I don't make much progress because I can't afford half the stuff there. Not enough prizes nor are the prizes worth it :/ I want to enjoy this game but it's hard to.
Alot of fun keeps my mind off things at first I had only given it ⭐because I couldn't figure out how to search designer stuff that is madnditory you use for challenge which I still haven't but I have gone throu all the buttons and seen how to manually search on my own so going to give it 2 more stars because it is fun but.. I KNOW I'd win more n spend more IF I knew how to find things requested by the personal I'm styling. It is fun tho & I do reccomend it!! :0)
I like playing the game, but I would like it better once I learn how to navigate through it. I don't like how little is earned compared to how much items cost. When at the lower level there are fewer choices and less opportunities to earn diamonds. This is costly but shouldn't have to be.
The graphics are great. But the game is a big rip off! If you look at the other reviews you will see it takes money $$$ to play successfully. Very little is free or earned by merit. There is no end/win/lose you compete but not against anyone who is on the same level as you. Prizes are mostly cheap and unusable and the ones that have a decent value are seldom used. Money (cc) is hard to come by unless you dole out real $$$. In the beginning I had nearly 5,000 friends, now I have about 1,500.1yr+
I really like it. Is the most complex fashion game I ever played. But it's really hard to level up and not to go bankrupt entering challenges. But I think it gets easier when you reach a higher level. Also I don't think it's fair to pair someone with a higher level with someone on a low level. I mean people should be paired for voting with other people with the same level, that would be fair. And also it would be more fun if the rewards for entering challenges would be higher, not just 100-200$.
This app is AMAZING! You can create outfits and enter challenges you have to dress up the model give her a cute outfit, you can give her a different skin tone that has a diverse scale, and you can add makeup. Once you get to a certain level you can enter a fashion house which is really great because clothing in the game costs money(not real money)and so if you run out of the money and you dont have enough to bye a item you need you can borrow from another member in your fashion house. So good!
Been playing on and off for a few years and its constantly getting harder and harder to get a good score and level up without spend tons of money on this game. They make everything more expensive to play but don't increase the amount they give you for entering challenges which leaves players frustrated and eventually give up because there is no way to compete with the players who either have $100s to throw at this game or leveled up before they made it more difficult.
The big problem with this app is that it needs an ENORMOUS amount of free space on your device. If you have anything else on your device then eventually you will encounter the same problem that I have ... you just cannot join the game. I was enjoying the game despite the winners always looking identical .... (that algorithm needs attention by the way) but I'm going to have to uninstall it or buy a new phone.
Great looking game and huge selection of fashion items etc. Some of the challenges seem a bit restrictive in terms of how much can customise your look. I really don't like that you can't progress far without spending real money on item and that the items are really expensive! Shame. UPDATE: this game will not load for several days at a time about once a month meaning you miss loads of competitions.
The graphics are amazing, clothes are awesome. This is VERY expensive. If you have the money to spend, wonderful! It's WRONG to only be able to use something once & then you have to buy it again. In DesignMyRoom you also get 5 items for a price but if you have 4 chairs at a table it's 1, just 1 item, you have 4 left! It's fun. You can dream of the perfect outfit. Have fun!!!!!
After playing & leveling up for 3yrs. My account was blocked and said I had violated terms of service on multiple occasions.. I had never done anything any different than normal always voted properly always did the challenges properly bought packages they never told me what I did wrong just when I went to get on there one day I just spent on the game as well and had money and diamonds but my account was closed bc multiple violations of TOS so I wrote support four X asking why & still no answer
I really enjoy the idea of this game but you guys are really making things impossible. I understand this is a business but things like taking away the double diamond weekend for tap joy offers make this game hard to play. Everything is expensive and next to impossible to get great scores without spending money. Please keep us in mind with your decisions to do things.
I'm highly disappointed with this game right now. I've been playing this game for years and to this day I still enjoy it. However there is a glitch in this game that has been extremely irritating. This has been the 9th time I've tried to play in a challenge and it glitches out and tells me I need to restart the game, I restart and go back in only to have it tell me yet again I need to reset. This has made me loose a ton of in-game money. Do not download this game until this problem is solved.
I used to make fun of people playing this game, I also sucked at saving money and was like 12, anyways I totally understand why it's so fun! you can choose things to wear, vote, get voted on, and the styles are beautiful!! tbh I actually wish you could vote on both of them but oh well lol. TOTALLY RECOMMEND for ones who love styling in a bigger world.
I had a misunderstanding and Covet support team helped me ! Thank you so much! I was furious at first,but now i am ready to give you the 4 star. 4 because some of the new items are still TOO EXPENSIVE for people who dont play with real money,please give us(poor players) the opportunity to earn more money in the game,without having to invest regularly real money. That would be perfect! Thank you! Much health!
It's a good game to be creative and put up looks using actual garments made by designers and makers, I especially love fantasy styling challenges because it gives me the chance to put up looks I've always imagined. There are other themes as well like sci-fi, modern, classical, retro, country and etc. The only fault of this game is the unfairness of the voting, you could literally go up against high-leveled players with access to more hairstyles and make-ups when you're still only at low levels.
I am one year away from turning 60 and I play this game to relax, where else can you SHOP EVERY DAY?! The game gives you challenges in many different senerios and at so many levels to switch it around and just PLAY with fashion that as women aLot of us find out of reach??? I am one of them and I've really LEARNED ALOT for my own wardrobe! Definitely an A+!!!!!
Customer support is the absolute worst I have ever encountered. I've been waiting for a reply for 3 days, yet they replied just to tell me someone will reply soon. They refuse to up our $$$ prizes, AND they took away double diamonds. This makes it impossible to play the game. I sure would HATE being a newbie on this one and trying to level up now. This is RIDICULOUS.
Ok so, I'm addicted to this game. It's for every girl who loved dressing up barbies as a kid, + it's all real items/brands you can shop for. My problem is this, the challenges can be very expensive because of the required items-its often excessive. I understand they are here to make $ but I feel they are a bit greedy (sorry Covet,I❤️U otherwise) The monthly pass doesn't cover enough items..I've spent A LOT on this game&still struggle to enter challenges.
Love it, played since 2017 and keep going on. Its okay if you dont want to spend your real cash on this game, you can use watch ad feature and earn diamonds for it. Or you can complete offers to get more diamonds. I played until reaching level 69 rn, did spent real not-so-much cash for it.
Pretty great game. I've been having some problems with it crashing lately, so I knocked a star off. It's easy to earn diamonds and cash (I never spend real money, idk why everyone else has such a problem not spending money), there are lots of prizes, and the new models are great. Almost all the clothes are real fashion pieces from actual brands. I do wish the closet had a betternsearch option, or a sort by price option, though!
It's a fun game, but unfortunately because it brands itself on using real-life "haute couture" fashion, the items you need to buy for challenges are very expensive and of course you don't earn in-game currency very frequently (since your looks rely on using the most expensive items to get a high score), so you have to spend real money. Sure you have the option of earning "free" diamonds, but the offers are broken, either being expired or requiring subscriptions for shady services.
I really like playing this game! The more you play the better it is as you start to go up levels, get cooler hair and makeup etc. So score higher. The one thing I don't like is how expensive in-app purchases are. You can very easily play Covet without in-app purchases but if you do decide to use them, they're a little pricey for a game.
I'm seriously addicted to this game! I will say though, something that I've noticed is that lately a lot of the challenges have seemed to be really expensive but the payout has remained the same. This creates an imbalance where I am putting in some cases about $1000 in covet cash into a challenge and getting only $200 back along with a prize or two that may or may not be something that I'll actually end up using in the future. It's kind of frustrating but I love the game enough to deal with it
😠I once loved playing the game UNTIL 2020 Winter season update. Now I'm lucky if I can log into the game 1 time after that I can no longer log into the game without having to repeatedly uninstall it, restart my phone, and wait a couple hours before the game room let me log at least 1 time, and repeat. I've cleaned my cache both in game and in my Covet app storage. Very disappointing. Especially with how much money I've invested n the game.
Its a great game and its really fun. My only issue is that you run out of coins easily after only buying a few things. I am not willing to spend money on this game but if you did it would fix the issue for sure. Maybe make things cheaper im sure everyone will be alone happier. I see a lot of reviews saying the same thing so obviously it's an issue. But its still really really fun and you can play awhile before going bankrupt.
Enjoy the game - but it has become boring to be honest. The winners of many challenges all look pretty much identical, plus they are all using the same props and accessories - which I suspect many of us don't have access to, as it's just too expensive and there's next to no chance of getting them any other way. Why can't 'featured' props be unlocked for the challenges to level the playing field a bit?? We get a few random free ones every month, most of which are frankly useless.
Dificult to level up some and bugs You need to spend money here like if your buying real clothes in live Seriously? And I igree with that but hello not that much so in few days I dont enter to game so today I did again enter a daily challenge and even with fill all the requirments the there was a messagge saying that I wasnt completed , the money disapear and the clothes that I bought too.. So I dont going to lose my time and my money here.. bye..
I enjoyed the game at first the challenges were interesting and fun but recently I am becoming more frustrated with this game than enjoying playing it. The rewards for entering the challenges (if you win at all) are not worth the money it takes to enter them so you constantly are low money. They need to give better rewards otherwise I may stop playing at all.
I have never gotten into any games until this one, and I have most certainly never spent actual money in an app! This game is super addictive, & I find myself playing it way too long and yes, spending actual money. But I guess it's no different than paying for Netflix or something. I do wish the clothes were not SO expensive, or the rewards were bigger (spending thousands of diamonds or in-game $, and only winning $100-200 is lame) and that it didn't take so long to level up.
This is a beautiful game to play if you don't mind spending real money for it. This is the 1st mobile app game that I spent a lot of my money to. I have spent hundreds of USD for more than 2 years for this game. I continue because of how much I had spent. This game always have new stuffs to sell or make us pay. If you want, you can not buy & use the hair accessories but be prepared to score low & not win the prizes. You can still style with whatever you have & progress slowly with the bad scores
I would give it 5 stars because it's an awesome game, my main issues with it, it's entirely too expensive if you want to get far. You don't level up fast, if you want a hair accessory it costs you $8.99...when you buy diamonds you really don't get as much as you should. BUT my biggest problem with Covet Fashion is, the customer service either doesn't get back to you or when they do its days and days later.
I believe the game is awesome: but let's be real: we are going thru a pandemic all across this planet: alot are unemployed...And just want to find we can sit back and enjoy...would have given a 5 but I would probably have to pay for that too. PLEASE LOWER THOSE PRICES! The amount that we spend in real money is nowhere near fair for the one or half of an outfit that we MIGHT get out of it.
This is the only game i play. I love fashion and being able to act as a stylist thru this game. Love the clothing , the hair, the make up and different style challenges. I rarely spend any money out of pocket. I always do the $500 challenges, let my diamonds increase with the daily rewards and i borrow items from other players in my fashion house.
This is definitely the BEST game my grandkids play on my phone! They love it– I like it. I wish the items could be sorted by price and the diamonds separated from cash. It's fairly easy to play and level up so far, and we haven't spent anything on this game so I have no complaints. Plus, I actually bought one of the dresses and got a discount!
I love the game, it's a lot of fun and a great way to relax and/or pass the time. But the amount of money you have to spend on in-game purchases can add up...FAST. Diamonds/cash, prop packs, hair accessories, it's too much. You should be able to purchase hair accessories or prop packs with diamonds/cash. The entry rewards for challenges should be higher. Some of the garments are outrageously priced! Not everybody has a ton of money to shell out on a game!
Customer service is ridiculously bad. Black Friday sale was a joke. The rewards are terrible compared to the money you have to spend. Scoring is just completely wrong. Some score best look and then a similar or same look is under 5. The game could be great but they really only care about money gamers spend and nothing else.
Really lovely outfits, awesome graphics, but not a lot of room for creativity because everything costs too much. The meagre bit of money they give you at the beginning is basically gone after your first design, and you can't ever really use the items you want to use because you never earn enough without investing real money. It was fun the first day and then I was basically just grumbling about how I wanted to use things I couldn't afford.
Frustrating. I would participate in more challenges but I never have enough diamonds to purchase what I need. I am not spending money to buy diamonds or cash. This is supposed to be a free game for fun, not purchases. Also, I never know how my styles compare to other designers. I see a style score, but am I finishing first, second, third...
It is quite mind reseting to play, but all you buy , to re-wear you have to pay, if you just touch just bought item it disappears and you have to buy it again. You can't just design out of your head as there are tasks to fulfill, and you can never fulfill from your purchases. You have buy again, but there is no way to earn, only when you complete look you get amount not enough even to reclaim back one item. I am deleting it.
Its very expensive to get the top l looks, especially when you change the season, and then you don't much points if you use the clothes from another season. I even paid the monthly fee for when you use clothes from another season it doesn't affect your score, but that didn't work well like I thought it would, really didn't help my score at all. I use to spend mad money on this game, but again is gets too expensive after 2 years or so.
Great game but the borrowing policy is stupid. Why would you make it so that after you borrow one thing you need to wait three days to borrow again? It's ridiculous, there's absolutely no point in that. We shouldn't have to wait anytime at all to borrow from someone. Please fix it. Taking away the people you borrow from for days at a time is really dumb...
I used to really enjoy this app. Lately gave me nothing but problems tried troubleshooting. Tried everything they told me but still can't get the app to open so that makes it infuriating. Then they wanted me to unistall the app and reinstall the app. No not going to do that just to start from start. Once I unistall the app it's going to stay that way. FYI I wouldn't spend a dime for anything on this app because they don't care. They just want your money and not fix any of the issues.
Covet's developers apparently are getting more greedy every day, raising prices without actually increasing the rewards and the only way there was to play, tapjoy's double reward days, apparently came to an end. Not only, if you ask tapjoy they say it's Covet who decides if and when, but covet customer service will keep lying pinning it on tapjoy and once you tell them you know the truth, your ticket will just be closed with no answer. Just like they keep pushing you to buy the cc pass
I was pretty surprised with this game app. Its probably one of the best ones I've played so far. Most of them don't have great gameplay to begin with and u gotta pay just to keep playin' the ftiggin' game. Just for once, u just wanna enjoy something worthwhile - if only for a brief moment of time. I enjoyed it very much and am totally addicted.
The concept is pretty amazing BUT: there's little creative freedom due to high cost of everything in the game. This game is classist at the core - you have to pay A LOT of real money, to actually be able to have creativity and level up. Outfits are compared regardless of level. You could at least split voting into 10 level bundles or smth, instead of comparing lvl5 to lvl46. Everything is set to get you to pay $$$, and I wouldn't even mind, but not THAT much. It's ridiculous.
Update: The rating system is awful (and must be fixed). I can have an identical look to top looks and barely get 4 stars. Also, constantly being nagged to rate the game, without the option of already voted, is irritating. I like the gameplay, but really don't like the fact that you need to spend a lot of money for the best chance of scoring stars. Also all the top looks are extremely similar, and I'm wondering who really votes.
I can't enter most challenges bc once I'm almost done styling the doll my screen starts to jump, distorts background, and freezes,causing me to close then restart the app but the same thing happens after. Ceared cache force closed sent feedback NOTHING. Update fixed NOTHING. Sprint to Spring is dead, dally challenges too, costing me RL cash. I thought the spring update might help. No. I can't play! I'll give it a few days or latr Covet. I'll get over it. Just fix it! SMH
The app is like playing with paper dolls, loved it when I was young and still do. This game is very expensive, you don't get much cash for entering the challenges. There are still challenges that require clothing and accessories that are the same color, style and season that require an unnecessary purchase. There have been many improvements that have made the challenges more culturally diverse, current and added free gifts for entering various challenges. Cheers to forward moving progress.
Really a great game...those who have issues with level up and money req to buy clothes...it's my advise to only enter daily challenges(500 bucks) for weeks. You will get enough money to spend on new clothes and accessories. I applied this trick whenever I don't have much time to play and now I have sufficient money to spend.😀😀
You have to spend a lot of money to get anything decent which I knew coming in so that isn't really my issue. My issue is the amount of data this app uses. For the past few months, I've only done the daily and play for around 5-10 minutes a day but the game consumes around 5-7 GB of data even if I force close it and do not allow background data.
It's fun, but make no mistake that this is absolutely pay to play. And it's expensive to play, which is where the dinged stars come in. I'm not one for shying away from giving developers money, and make in game purchases probably more than I should... but the cost needed to establish a closet with enough variety to participate in the different competition is extensive. If you're going to charge insane amounts, just charge for game up front and be done with it.