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Cover The Tracks

Cover The Tracks for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Gismart located at Huckletree Soho, Ingestre Place London, W1F 0JL UK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi developers,this game has a bit of an error When I get to the "Hide the army crate in the ground" Place,my game just Crashes,would you mind to fix it?
The Ad is a big lie, that voice was from a popular roblox YouTuber called "JOHN ROBLOX", you guys just down pitched his voice like the player wouldn't suspect a thing, you guys could've just made your own ad-voices, but you instead steal someone else's speech. I'm so disappointed in trash mobile games now, like it's the main nazi war where everyone has to steal from each other. What can I say? Truly pathetic.
An ad pops up after everything. Makes it hard to enjoy the game cause boom there's an ad. U get threw it and then play for another 30 seconds before boom the next freaking ad. It's ridiculous and you don't get to enjoy the game.
Can't really knock the hustle off these developers. But it's just the same game, different backgrounds, and a ton of ads to make money. There is no reason to ever download these games unless you want to support their pockets.
I'm always skeptical when puerile say there are too many ads, but this is one of those times where they weren't even kidding a little bit. at least let me finish a level before you play an ad, like damn.
I was having fun up until the point where I couldn't move on to the next VIP client. The game had me stuck at 5,000 stars and I could only do basic missions.
If you get stuck, oh well no hint. Very slow with not much sound, could just be the fact I'm listening to music, lots of ads, what can you expect? Didn't like the game...
THAT AD TO ME TEACHES KIDS TO BE MURDERS. This game MAY NOT be exactly like the ad but that ad needs to be changed. Im sorry about this rating but I do not think you should keep that ad. As many people know, the ad is the thing that brings people in just like a fish and bait, if you put out a ad, children will install the game, and have no intentions of what the ad is. They will not know that it was murder. Like I said sorry about the rating but I could not stand here and NOT speak.
I've got the 5000 stars, I've upgraded every tool and bought every item for my desk, but it won't let me meet the next VIP
This was horrible because it was false advertising and to many ads almost every move you make there's a ad!
playing the first level I appreciate the time and energy into it but so far not really about "covering up" or crime
To many ads every thing you do is met with an ad. The ads are kind of what you do but not really. The games has good potential but many ads and false advertising.
Not great. Choices don't matter, 45 min of ads in an hour worth of play. There really is no game either, watch two adds, top here, stuff happens, repeat
This game is not for kids. Better off you change the blood colour and change the people into evil villains or aliens so kids can actually "save the world. Anyways I like the game but I don't like how it looks.
the add has literally nothing to do with the game, don't buy this it's boring all you do is cut logs. it's fake.
Too many freaking ads after you play like one level like a 30 second ad pops up please fix this and try no wifi
Well this is not really one of the person that's forced to give five stars I just wanted to say that there is way too many ads like there's a lot of gameplay though but one thing I want to move is that so much ads and more levels and sound the same on and on Android more murder sorry I just like murder so can you add that please?
Super boring, no audio at all, and way too many ads. The controls are also unresponsive and feel off. It's almost like they devs made an animation and you progress it by tapping somewhere random on the screen.
I really like the game but the ads are really annoying and whenever I try to do a certain part of a level it keeps kicking me out.
At first this seemed like a nice game until i finished collecting the money in the car after that I couldn't finish the level after that one that's why I gave this one star
Ok I saw the ad for this and I in love with it but when played there was fun level I went deeper in the level and it was the same levels like what I don't know why are y'all playing games with me no I'm not in the mood ok jeues chris like what make sure there new level I'm so darn tired of doing the same level over and over again ok FIX IT NOW thx 😊 Xoxo FIXIT
It's an ok game but when it comes to using a camera you can't see anything so you don't know how to take a picture. The box on the screen turns Green but that's it, you can't see anything at all
Scam game with no graphics and so many ads it's an ad streaming service. And these guys are just a ripoff of Lion Studios and Voodoo (which both make horrible games), and they're lazy corporate billionares in their office looking for a quick buck.
Fun but far too many ads. Its either watch an ad or spend money you don't have and go into debt just to get a tool.
It's kind of like going slow and there's so much ads, but however it's a really really good, very fun, and interesting game!😐
This is a good game i reccomende it for 8 and older and mabe 7 good graphics lots of mysteries not to much ads
Tried to give the game a try since I'm bored but the game won't load at all, every time I try to play the game its stuck on a black screen.
First off the ad is NOTHING like the real game whatsoever and it's not even fun to play you just get bored the second you install it they need to change the ad and even if the ad was like the game still very boring and not fun at all they need to ad something or change up the whole game to match the ad. I installed it BECAUSE OF THE DUMB AD they need to change it and add more just not enough.
Asked for a review after 5 seconds of opening the app, well here you go. Game is boring and terrible ad to game play ratio.
Hey does this game support Samsung because when I play 1.the screen went grey and when I got onto a level it was all pink and blurred
Game was good to start now boring doing same stuff over and over again same levels repeatedly nothing new to do
Fake advertising. 1st of all, there are no bodies, just helping villians and mafia bosses! 2nd of all, too many ads. 3rd of all, who tf would watch ads to get a simple upgrade that does basically nothing?
Boring and tedious. Zero challenge. Ads every 5 -20 seconds literally. " puzzles" are on the level of, " what color is the red fire truck?" More of a test of moronic patience than a game.
The first time you use the camera the screen is black. And it stays that way for everything pertaining to that mission.
On the first level I'm doing it correctly and the game won't let me pass the level!!!! Is it just cutting trees game? Scam!!!!!! 😭😭😭😡😡😡👎👎
Good fun, up to the focus frame part for Carleone where it is just a black screen with a camera overlay
THIS GAME ALMOST HAS NO COVER THE CRIME SCENE LIKE IN THE ADD No 5 stars until you add more cover the crime scene levels
I'm really enjoying the game so far but the ads are far too much every single step was met with them I buy something ad, I i finish a level another ad so I started playing it offline.
This game had a really high chance of being amazing but everytime I complete the second level it closes me out of the app and forces me to restart the level.
It's obvious that there was some level of effort that went into this game, the coding is for the most part okay. The models and the overall level design is slow, repetitive, and boring. It's obvious they push out sub-par quality games to create an income, which is a good strategy to maintain a mobile games company don't get me wrong. However, when it comes to actually playing the game it is a horrifically dull and boring expirence, you will get bored after 2 minutes.
Very boring played for like 2-3 minutes for just to come across endless loop of loading nothing wifi was on but no ads(for once)would be better if it was more like a puzzle game instead of drag your finger and hold