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Counter Terrorist Shoot

Counter Terrorist Shoot for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Doing Studio located at 12/F,AtTower,180ElectricRoad,NorthPoint. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I disliked the controls. Its very hard to aim and shoot. But i never played any shooting games before so maybe thats just me. But even so they shouldn't make it so difficult to aim and shoot. Also the ads are very annoying. It pops up all the time
This app only wants to make the players fool because it is playing bird and dog sound continuessly and they don't update this app.πŸ–•. This is headache.
I love this game very much because it have many levels and mode. I love this game 😚❀❀😍😚😁
I just like this game but, I just disappointed when it comes to gun Cause, You will buy it in for real money haystt You're just wasting your money just for this game. I think this developer of this game want to be richπŸ€”
game sucks unless you want to spend most of your time watching the same adds over and over and over and over oh then you can take a few shots the yippee watch more adds
I don't like this game . Free Fire is the bestest game , I don't like to play any other game because I like to play Free Fire . This game is not developed well.
Its really awesome game to play if you think about all things.And guys who say that its controls are bad,actually they can't play.Developers good luck for future.
You have only 1 gun to play and others need to be purchased with cash. Gameplay is so poor. Far better games are available. Content rating is worse.
This game is a terrible ad-fest. Its gameplay is ok, but it's about 60% ad and 40% game. Its overkill, dude. Learn from COD mobile. Less than 1 star rating if I'm being honest.
Wonderful game just can you please add scope or aim button and also change the style of walking of the shooters and just make a new map which will lead this game to get 5.0 stars.Plz update with the following things.GREAT GAME
Well, the combat is good, but to be honest, when buying guns, you buy dollars for it. And it's pretty annoying, because some players want to buy guns, then you make them dollars. IT'S pretty stupid, it's because, this Game Just wants a Promotion for money, and they just want to be really rich in doing so, Buying the guns for dollars is just a bad thing, even promoting the game.
love this game but because of too many ads I'm uninstalling..make it without watching all those ads . I'm here to play ur games not to watch the ads..😐
It is an excellent shooting game. It's the best game I've ever played.everything is more than what I've thought.Best best best game.No.1 game of shooting of mine
This game is awesome. It gives just the feeling of army. I love this game. The bomb deactivating missions are my faviourate mission. Its graphics are so good. They seems like a real place. I love this game really....
This game is okay, but u guys can improve the settings and graphics. I can give u guys a idea u can update the game and give terrorists to plant the bomb and counter terrorists should try to defuse the bomb.Think of some way u may improve ur game and it will be known world over
Ads, ads, ads. Missions don't last more than 30 seconds, and you got a full screen ad every time you finish a.mission. Hell, you even got a full screen ad if you pause a mission to adjust the controls sensitivity. If you try to exit the game, you will get another full screen ad and even clicking the button "exit" the game won't close and you will be back at the main menu. 2 stars instead of 1 for the effort on decent graphics and game play, but it's almost unplayable cause of too many ads
This game used to be so much better. It ran on bad phones. You could unlock things with money in the game and the game had a certain charm. But now its unplayable as all the weapons are temporary after an ad and since levels are short. Its not worth youre time. Unless you want to invest 50 dollars into the now complete trash game and have a iphone 11. Be my guest. And thats not even mentioning the ad at the end of the level, everytime you pause the game.
This game is so amazing and fun. I'm giving this five stars. And also can you make a update where we can also aim. It's kinda hard to kill without aiming. But besides that this is amazing
this game pretty well made for a phone device. though this is a rip off.. it is actually quiet good. It would be betyer if the A.I becomes much more better and you guys add an online server..other than that its brilliant
This game is really what I was looking for,you can play online with some friends. You will really enjoy it download and come try it now.
The game is great, but what lets him bad is so the passing singing this was a pessim idea! remove the bird singing please!
The game and the controls are hard to use too many ads they popup in the middle of the game and you don't see the enemy until they right besides you but the weapons are good if y'all fix the controls and all of the other things it will be a great game
I will say it needs an improvement of adding a "Back to Menu" button after completing a single level.Also set a good default selection for the sensitivity.I recommend to download this game.
Really Nice game I like the different modes like Jombie mode ,Bomb mode etc . I love this game alot I love shooting games alot . Rating this 5 stars . I would give this game a number from 1 to 10 Nine and a half πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
it's a nice game for that you have to protect your small siblings for not to make em and teach violence but really u know it's a nice game. I don't have enough time wasted for describing it but it was actually nice game
Awersome and adorble games experience..it a very cool games..lts my persinal advicve everybody should try once...people who have a loe RAM or lowet then 512 mb must innstall this awesome games..its grapic are very real...
way too many ads. there is literally ads everywhere and all the time. monotone gameplay. you see enemies on the radar.
How many levels does this game have? With no end or final level the game seems pointless. There needs to be a limit on how many levels you can get to I'm currently on level 101. Not to mention the zombies are too hard to take out past level 8.
it was the worst game ever ..birds chirping and dogs barking its irritating!! when u think it would be only thing bad in this game n then the add pops up and as soon as u go back to the game u r already dead .. uninstalling the game after 2 min of playing....
I thought this game would closely resemble trigger fist. And it would be that bad, but ads will pop up in the middle of your game! You can't even close them out until their time runs out... While you game is timed... πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
only ads . if you like to watch ads then download it. this is too much . it is just like i play game between ads. your game is nice but i can't too many ads thats why i am uninstalling this app. there should some limit to show ads.
its good, but never be contented try to enhance everything for a better play.. though i know its that easy work, but i also know you can do it all..
Excellent game and fastest the especially low data consuming while downloading so very thanks to the members who has designed this game it is a really really nice as another one I am giving 5 stars and do expect another my friends will definately enjoyed itπŸ’–β€πŸ’™
This game is really bad I don't like. The front page looks good but please don't download this game. These campany make their games the same. I played seven of their game and they are just the same. Take it from me this game is totally bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game is boring becouse the gun is not sale needs real dolar but i like it becouse its like a special force group 2 fps
I watched like 20 Ads but it only counted 3. disappointed πŸ‘Žand there should be PVP in it like CS:GO because it has that level of momentum.πŸ‘
Its pretty good but control is bad it should be optional so that we player can choose different control option!!!
Very nice game if controls are much better then it will be a fantastic game But its too good to have this game storage with only 31 mb finally i like this game it is so intresting
Please in the future fix the graphics and the control,, but the game was very nice . I am crazy about it
the game looks okay, but the controls only let you change the sensitivity and 'smooth speed' whatever that means. i play fps claw style, and it doesn't let you do that. it only has this stupid area that is a way to look around but also fires
It's a wobderful game that gives its player knowledge and skills to overcome oppositions. At first, it was a bit difficult for me to play. But after the first four attempts with failure, I began developing military stratgies and tatics for city attacks to overcome my enemies. After several attempts, I successfully moved from level 1 to 34 with ease. My recommendation is that the pointer of the guns color should be changed from white to red to help the player see the direction of his gun.
I actually like the game and dont mind the ads. The levels are pretty simple, but it's a decent mindless free shooter. However, I'm giving it 2 stars because the creators are clearly trolling players with annoying dog barks and birds singing songs. These sounds are completely too loud, annoying, and out of place. I mean -- a dog or bird is blowing up your speakers every 10 seconds while you're playing, and it's terrible.