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Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Seven Bulls Games located at Sofia, Bulgaria. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is amazing. Only problem is when I change my graphics level it kinda starts to lag and I have to close and reopen the game back up. One thing I would like added to the game is a max of 16 players. 5 SWAT and 5 terrorists isn't very realistic, usually SWAT teams go in as a team of 8 or more. Another thing I'd like added is glass breaking physics, whenever I shoot glass, I don't get to watch it fall in such a satisfying way. Other than these small problems, the game is great. 5 stars. 🤩
I realy like this game even im a girl.... Its easy to play very comfortable game while staying at home...
The game is cool and the graphics are amazing and 1st of all the the graphics is the most realistic game i ever played in my mobile tablet
I like this game very much. The controls are very easy. I have been playing the game for more than one year....
the game it's so good and ideea but please, i'm on laptop and it's hard controls: why on move it's not WASD or why not be clicked to shoot?
I just bought 2 pistol silencer cases & 1 push knives case. Please add more weapon skin cases with the same price of push knives/silenced pistol case. One last thing, please fix bugs of the game like players can sometimes have primary weapons during a pistol match (Team switching bug). Very one last thing, we've found one critical bug regarding to Round Time in Morocco - Deathmatch Mode, it's stuck in 00:00 and it needs to be fixed.
Mot of the time I'm getting 'disconnected due to high ping' in the middle of the game. Which is very irritating. And game lags also.
this game is really fun but the only problem is the crosshair, its overly big when u shoot and u can't sprint, there is not a br mode
I played this game for moths but i have a complain when i head shot someone my shot didn't register for example ak in this game is 1 shot head shot but it didn't. and plsss make the knife cheap or make it a reward for high level.
Honestly, this game in my opinion has a better chance of being better than any other games out there. Just keep updating, keep improving, add new things and don't break the game. And also, please please please, lessen the cheaters by having a report button on each of our games, so we can report them and get them banned. Or just make a anti-cheat but honestly, its difficult to do that since this is a mobile game anyways. And for the ladt thing, please make it easy for us to get cases and keys.
Ok so the reason i gave this game 5 stars cuz its like just you know too good graphics quality is awesome and like some kinda like real csgo but actually i have fun playing it and yeah one new feature please a friends list cuz many people i like are kinda nice though and please add this new feature in counter attack game please 😁😁😁😁😁😀😀 and a freakin account plz and also those guns that are so cool not on money just free plz
I love this game but I find it a bit boring but I love zombie games can you add a zombie mode please 🙂👻
This games graphics is so cool and the weapons are awesome I'd never played a game like this before I just want to say It's so good 😂
I really love this game. Sure bring some memories. Nice graphic and smooth control. Although i wish to team up with my friends by adding them and start a team match together. The multiplayer games are quite confusing. Like, who's killing who, how to win, what's the class (elf, snowman and santa) function? And also the weapons given are confusing too. The game is just too simple and not detailed.
Don't EVER download this EVER this game is terrible. The amount of lag is there like crazy. I'm going report this app to google and flag it innapropriate
I used to be loved this game but now.. it always crash. Every time when i logged to my game, Especially a black screen. Pls fix this issue
I used to play the game alot and its a really addictive game but at the same time needs alot of work personally if i was part of the devs id make it on steam and consoles or at least change a few things on the phone but anyways thats all i gotta say but i dont hate the game and i give it a 3 outta 5 because you cant expect too much out of a small moblie game and its not like its Activision and they can make hella good graphics
I love this game, best game if u love CS on pc. Just one problem which I am facing is I get disconnected from server with msg "Disconnected due to high ping" my internet speed is good, everything is fine but Don't know why this is happening, @developers please suggest a solution
Please fix the sound effects. When i shoot with awp and switch to my knife fast the sound get cut also.please give quality to foot steps , specially the part it says ( the bomb has been planted ), also we should be able to throw nades and all throwables with the shooting buttun .
Very nice and simple gameplay.Good graphis and weapons.I just wish they had more melee weapons like trench clubs and shovels and I also think they need to make the shotguns more deadlier at close range. I really like shotguns but it's really difficult to use it sometimes.Developers do you have any tips on how to use the shotgun? I may be using it wrong or it's a useless weapon.
The game sucks so much. Some times when I redrawn my gun would be glitched and be something like a void thing causing me to lag so hard. This game is also a pay to get cool things and stuff which also sucks cause who would spend money on this trash games
This game is not that Good.. I just don't like the animations an the Graphics. There is not a lot of Guns in the Game. Also, the Character Design is HORRIBLE. Their eyes are 3 different colors! Their feet don't even touch the ground when they crouch, and their hands don't even touch the gun when holding it. This is basically CS:GO on very low Graphics settings. I am not gonna delete it.... YET.
Am editing my 5 star to 1. How can somebody cheat in the game? Jumping around in the sky and shooting out of nowhere, how is that possible? Some people are destroying the game. How can some one move from Place A to Place B in one second? Pleaae review your game. This has been comtinuing for quite a long time. I hope it is not your work, game developers? Fix it. Then only, i will give 5 stars. Thank you.
Please improve the game movement speed like real csgo and add more practice drill....goodluck........really like the game.
Sometimes i can no longer and sleep in the afternoon because this game has been a comfort to my whole life as if i can not leave this game is a good game and challenge but sometimes i can not imagine what has happened to you i hope you gamers in this game think of myself how it is because you might get sick. When i eat. You eat because you can play all day...
Update: I removed my old positive review. Counter Attack is a cash grab now. It's pay to win, buggy, plus it lags a lot. This game is now unoptimized. They added a P2W booster, which lets you use special attacks in Heroes Arena mode (the mode is kinda similar to Overwatch) faster than free users, and it cannot be unlocked for free. I regret purchasing anything from this game, I will never buy anything from Seven Bulls again until the issues are fixed (remove p2w, optimize the game, fix bugs). 🤷
It a great experience for me one of the best android shooting game I ever seen. But there is some adds that disturb me during the game play. The graphic quality is very good controlling actions and guns all are very good. But in starting you don't to use bombs and other weapons to use only guns and knife. Overall I like the gameplay and you should have to try the game at least once. Thanks for reading.
You know what I hate this at all there's guest but you need to register for guns to buy anything you click is register need suck 1 star only I give
Why I never enter the game? Always stuck in Choose Team before game and then back to the menu. The previous versions is not like this?
When I rotate camera view, the camera adjust itself couple pixels the same direction I was turning to. Feels like my display flicker, super annoying, that's why I am deleting the app
Terrible online and it's a clear rip-off of counter strike but that's why it gets 5 stars it so similar
This is the bitcest game ever found in playstore if you are think to download and play this then first buy any network company like airtel or jio it's always disconnect and says high ping
The game is good but what sucks is that u have to give ur email or some password and if u don't give a password or email u can't open cases or u cnat have a name
Overall good game, smooth graphics, good gameplay overrall(few bugs here and there) but there is one thing that gets on my nerves. When it says "sale" and puts discount stickers on everything, it doesnt lower the price. That kinda bugs me because it looks like they are trying to finesse you out of your money.
I love this game but I keep getting disconnected from the server why?When I am in other games my net is 200b/s to 900b/s and when I enter this game and enter a online match it goes up to 300k I don't understand please do something..
Update the game there are so many hackers consider this review after all the game is great but security is too low
This game is good but the joys tick are really really bad and hard to control veryvery lag and some player are hacker please remove or banned the hacker
Its a good fps game in small size in my opinion but the problem is its sensitivity and sometimes it have some glitches like stuck when u spawn and sometimes movement is also slow and one of the most irritating problem is its network connection plz improve its connection issue atleast try to reconnect the server . BTW its a good fps game that everyone has to play at once. I was hoping that some issues to be resolved and have a better gamplay experience in the future.
I will give 5 stars review because.When you tap the weapon in your weapon inventory,Just tap.That said "Edit Weapon".And when you put two finger on the weapon,and you move you two finger,and it just like memes like your watching CS:GO memes.Like a "glitching"😆
Probably worst game ever. Bad animations. There's no timer after the bomb has been planted, guns have bad accuracy and u always run into campers. Im never playing this dumb game again.
my device can suport 90 fps but,in game still having lag isue,i like using sinper like awm after i change to melee the sniper gunshoot sound just stop...i hope this bug fix next update
Its a great game and I like it as an alternative for csgo because my pc cant run csgo at a smooth frame rate but the fact thatbthis can run at 60fps is great.
Its good its just lags when the servers are full, even on low setting, if theres anything to help fix this it would be much apreciated. But nice game overall, better than critical ops and standoff 2 combined, pretty much csgo mobile game.
It would be nice if they added a gun game for practice mode. Nice graphics, relatively few bugs, and nice weapon mechanics. Being a gamer myself, this game has potential, and the fact its offline makes it a great time killer. Good work lads.
It could be good, or not... But it's unplayable to me, who on earth dediced to place the settings button behind the claw trigger. SMH... At least should be movable...
Game is good but need more development, As multiple time's server has been disconnect please improve the server's also update the friend's Adding option in the game where in we are able to add the other unknown players...
I like the game its pretty good but i like to play claw on mobile fps games and this game has bad touching stances meaning if I play with more than two fingers the aim will be veryoff
Fun to play, the graphics are decent, with but there's a slight issue, now and then happens at least once in a match maybe twice, when you are on automatic shooting when you point at someone to shoot IT DOESN'T SHOOT! only way round this is to get knife and do bit of stabby stabby 😂 that's the only frustrating thing of the game, as that's how we don't win, apart from that it's great.
The game is great but not good, you randomly disconnect from servers and the game kicks you for high ping when really you have a low or medium amount of ping and parts of the map randomly dissapear
The hackers ruin the game. It doesn't happen often but the fact it does at times is a huge issue. Other than that, honestly the game is a great free game. I would support this application more, but developers need to be more secured with proprietary coding so hacks don't leak to the hands of rogue former employees or the public. A true disappointment but a potentially good game that is a fan based version of the original counter strike.
Best fps game the graphics r same as css(counter strike source and the controls r soo good to use who ever said that the control sucks they got display problame download it and be a proooo(I take my words back the new update litterly ruined it now u lag u get kicked a lot they kicks u when u are gonna win but still I loved that game so 2 stars)
This game is very fun! It is not a pay to win game so you dont need to buy anything, controls and shooting is so easy, the graphics quality is okay, but not that bad. I just have one problem, you walk too slow, can you please add a sprint so we can run faster, thank you! I'll appreciate it if you do!
I started playing the game and it's really good but plz do some for the offline mode it's really boring and in the mode u can even kill ur own teammate which is completely disappointing and the last thing is the way bots hold their gun🥺🥺😭 So it's a request to bring an update for offline mode devs, otherwise the game rocks and yep, I will be waiting for the update...And plz reply to the review so that I can get u people read it..
This game was epic!!!!but i think it needs to be updated... when im behind the enemy the BOT enemy they track me down they can see me even though im behind them..and the equipment menu doesnt want me to use grenade.only for defuse i hate that. There are no first aid kit anywhere on the menu. And sometimes the sound of gun shots just mutes.. and then goes back again its breaking..when sometimes my teammate is in battle they crouch and look at the ground for some reason..
Could be a good game, but it keeps on crashing. Not bad when it plays though. Goodish graphics and good gameplay.
В целом забавная игра, в которую трудно играть сначала, но вы можете научиться! An altogether fun game that is hard to play at first but you can learn!
Choose character w speed sometimes my player gets shot no chance to move or fire back Graphics ok gameplay a little tough because reaction time
This so incredible its like a valorant but pls add some sprint cuz my character is like turtle...Thank you!
the play with bots option is a lie! my wifi disconnected for 20 seconds and the game didn't even put me in a room with bots
Really good game but it would be even better if you add more modes make and guns Also add iron sites or scope And if you really want it good you could add customizations for the guns Keep up the good work Daniel
Hmmph.. 😞 I have Changed my review to 5 - 4 stars.. Why I changed it.. Because The Controls are very hard to move. BUT I really liked ur game since last 4 months... The Graphics are Hella Good!... But I do keep in mind Playing it until the update shows up 🧐...Overall the resolution, aiming, sensitivity are Excellent ... 👍I know u really work hard to make the game 😊👏! Soon I will Support ur Company and buy some skins! Soo Keep Up The Good Work!! Fantastic ❤️💪.But I'm not forcing youtodoit
this game is really fun but the problem is that many people like me want to have skins stickers are easy to get but skins arrange
It's just sucks - too many adds and you get disconnected automatically from the match even if you have good internet or wifi and the reason they gave - due to high ping
Pretty good for fps tbh.... My suggestions are they should add search and destroy on AI so newbies can practice, also they should add low hand throw for nades and change the AUG and SSG's Scopes like they are not AWP theyre assualt rifles right???.. And lastly add more maps and guns
The game is perfect! The gameplay,graphics and controls are very good but there is one thing I dislike it's the blood it is just the same blood image every time and I hate it!
Hey i have an issue.....when i open it ...it closes everytime ........if u say " ur phone ram or android version is lower to this game" but,my phone ram was 4 gb also android 10........thats why i give 2 stars.....
Most familiar game to cs go, but on mobile!! Super good graphics and doesnt take that much storage and wifi. Only thing is that if auto shooting was improved like in standoff 2....By that i mran that u dont have to wait before it starts to shoot and it auto shoot could shoot in gas, but i really just want the auto shoot to start shooting immidietlly as ur crosshair will be on an enemy. But over all its pretty amazing!! <3
So far so good i dont really rate games but this one is just good af i just want one thing can you add like a friends list or adding friends because i met someone and we want to be friends but we cant play together because you cant add players thank you in advance
Great game I've ever stream and played...it's super cool the way the guns reloading and the two times zoom scope is super smart...Keep up the good work...
Great game. Lots to improve on if ya care. Knife only mode. Pistol only mode. Throw away weapons not to be sitting around during deathmatch. Pain when fighting and you pickup another weapon. No respawn where others are. Gungame mode weapon change on respawn not to keep changing back after first change. Hosting own room allow you to remove players. Bullets go round corners. You die when your in cover.
Now I kinda don't like this game, the teams are not balanced.I was playing a defuse and all joined t I was alone at ct. Please make a system in which we can balance teams like if t has 2 players ct has 3 the person has to join t.
personaly i love it the maps are amazing but there are a few things that bover me (btw sorry for my english),i think you should add a ranked game mode it would be fun, the SG assault rifle is a little over powerd and the most anoying thing is when you get a kill marker but dont get the kill it happens a lot in TDM so maybye fix that.thanks. and make the milestones a little easier :D bye. and an new update pls :) EDIT: where is the update ?
The graphics are good and the controls are fairly accessible, and thats where the "good stuff" ends. Frankly, this game needs a lot of work、and i mean, A LOT. First off, I can never for the life of me, see when im being shot, forget hearing cuz all the guns sound like automatic peashooters. I am always being killed by people that spawn behind me & ghosts, (not there). Okay enough ranting, simply put, fix your audio, game sounds and HUD for when you are being damaged. Then i might play again...
This game sucks it doesnt let me shoot the bullet isnt hitting when the crosshair is on the player pls delete the game and find a real game
A fun game that you can play with your friend and you can play bomb mode and dear developer add zombie mode please i want it to your game bye bye :)
I would've rate this game 5/5 but but I gave 5/3, your asking why here's why, if it was not for only pay to get case/key's or level up to get random case/key's I don't understand why everything is ok it's smooth works but plss can you do something about it? and don't mind :)