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Cosmobot - Hyper Jump

Cosmobot - Hyper Jump for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty decent game. Ads seem reasonable. What the hell on the price for ad free mode though. You'd rather I watch 40-100 ads rather than pay .99 or 2.99 for ad free mode? Cuz theres no way I'm paying 13.99 for ad free, nor will I be playing this game for very long with ads kicking me out of the immersion every 5 minutes
Ok the music in this game? So cool. The customization options? simple and effective. and the upgrade system is my favorite i dont feel like i have to grind for hours just to get upgrades im having a lot of fun with this game
Gameplay is fun, graphics are good. However: ads while playing without pausing the game ? Excuse me ?
Overall fun game to play, with different designs for different levels. Although it does get somewhat annoying to play the same levels over and over again unless you either beat the game or buy the launch boost upgrade and then click at just the right time at the beginning. But the launch boost upgrade uses a lot of coins. Luckily theirs no necessary in game purchases that hinder the game if you don't buy them. Another downside is that you need Wifi to access some of the content in the game.
I just have it a random rating because I can't really play, a static screen pops up, unmoving, so pls fix this
Great game. Reall good for passing time on the toilet or on the train for instance. Super fun, would recommend :) only problem I have is the ads
Wish the revives weren't automatic. This game's higher levels already have small margins of error, so it's easy for revives to be wasted on minor mistakes. Reaction jumps need updates. More than once I clearly tapped the screen but the reaction didn't register, causing me to lose. The fact I have to restart from the very beginning instead of the start of the same level sharply reduces playability. The screen needs to be widened. Too many times I've died because of the game's offscreen jumps, which are sometimes obscured further by the leftmost interface. This game has potential. But ultimately it relies too much on this: time your jump so you don't hit this narrow barrier. That's 90% of the higher levels' challenges.
The game is very very fun and intuitive but the main story is short, I beat the final boss on the same day that I installed the game and it took me less than 110 tries.
I love tactilebot it looks like tactile wars! I love this game i hope the owner of tactile wars could love me! :)
HUAWEI P Smart. After this last update game is not loaded. After devs logo screen turns black and nothing happens. pleasefix the issue
Forced Ads. Its one of those games where your progression is haulted (for $ome rea$on; they make you watch an ad.) everytime you make it to a new check point forcing you to start over each time. Does anyone else rememver when games used to be about having fun? I do.
best game ever so addicting can play online off line you guys should add a head to head race player vs player maybe add more eyes and robots
Really great arcade game. Super addictive. Not many ads and doesn't force you to buy in app purchases.
MIND BLOWING game😱😱😱. I finished it today. Controls are awesome and so is the gameplay. There's one thing though - in the special levels(🔩), twice it occured that I finished with 21 stars, yet the game stopped and I had to restart it and I lost my character. I strongly recommend you to correct it.
In this game you must be both patient and quick. There are minigames during the jumps which make the game complete and addictive (destroyer <3). Love the artwork, music and gravity mechanics. The last level is quite challenging, I love it! There are some ads, but worth it when you crash a cosmobot a dumb. 173 cosmobots were destroyed. Sorry Megan... By the way Ankama, does Megan says "inglorium? No way!" ? Great job, as always
Nice game. There are 3 in-game purchases (add free, double coin, more rewards) which are way too expensive (14 eur each, 4,50 eur when on sale) and way too annoyingly placed in the UI.
Its very well made, great game and very challenging to play. Great skins to use although I wish there were more and atleast buy them with coins.
after playing for about ten days, suddenly i have no access to the gift boxes at the main menu or the daily challenges. i get the message that i am offline even though my wifi is perfect. please fix.
The game itself is decently fun, but telling people they can only open reward chests by watching an ad is a bad way to go. If I earn or pick up a chest, just give it to me.
The gameplay is great and bgm+art makes this great all around. My issue is that i have to be connected to an internet connection to be able to benefit from the daily and the box. Can you expand this to anyone connected to Wi-Fi AND Mobile data to be able to benefit from that.
More adds than the game is worth. Also when you die, a female voice informs you that "You are trash". Not something that anyone wants to hear from a video game. Enjoy, or most likely not...
Great Game. Well polished. Artists & designers should be applauded for their efforts and PRODUCT MANAGERS SHOULD BE SCREWED FOR STUPID AD PLACEMENTS
Wow! It,s so cool, robots going into space, thumbs up it,s like your actually in space. You get to actually see space and move in it. And there are other skins. you can pick any one. BEST OF ALL!..... they're don't cost real money....I mean some kind of do..... but let,s just say YOU SHOULD PLAY THAT GAME!
More beautiful content from Ankama. Didn't mind buying the "ad jammer." My only complaint is that there's no good spot to consistently tap since you're constantly jumping all over the screen.
The one complaint I have is even if you buy the ad jammer there are still ads for their other games. An ad is an ad, (it continually pops up during the initial launch) and if someone purchases an ad blocker it should block all ads. Please fix this so I can change my ratings. It would truly be a great game!
yeah well I love this game seriously. I think add more prizes and features like changing my costume . have a pet
Really nice toilet game, however too easy. Very quick to finish the game and there's no replayability. Daily quests can be done in 5 minutes. Please add some challenge to the game to keep us engaged!
Does appear to attempt to connect with Google Play Games when I hit the trophy icon (not at game start) -- however there's no indication that XP Achievements are actually possible as the game's writeup suggests.
Nice name graphics characters action and everything cool make more games like a fighting & adventure with that cool robot
Gameplay is fun but ads show up while a game is ongoing. I even paid for an ad blocker but that was only for opening chests (I didn't know). Besides that, the game is pretty straightforward.
The controls are spot on, the currency is fine. I kinda wish you had different characters to play as, but that's just a personal preference
The only thing that is bugging me on this game is the fact that my achievements keep resetting and it is annoying but otherwise the game is great
Very nice game! A bit short though in my opinion, I hope future updates will make the game longer. A button to be able to quit the game would be appreciated.
I would have given this game a 4 star review, due to the excessive ads. I purchased the Ad jammer, which is supposed to eliminate the ads for good. Well that was a lie. The ads were reduced in frequency, but I still get ads when I start the game, right before I launch, and right after a round. Very shady business practice. I want a refund!
It is a super sonic game, its music is cool, the robots are really good and have models, and the graphics are awesome too, I love this game so much, super powers and actions, it is like the bow, when you are shooting, but it needs for the moment it shoots target. PS. If you play too much you'll never stop.
nice app it's a very great game i would recommend too bad it very popular and the popular games are usually boring games made by VOODOO and companies like them and can you add more skins premium and non premium
Experience? Butt-clinching!, especially when you get to the higher levels. Stay patient and shoot straight for the center. Good luck!!!
What a bullsh*t servers this game have, I'v spent many and many hours of playing and achieving multiple points in Google play games app but they are disappeared like I didn't simply acquired them!!!. I give it one freakin star.
Awesome game it is very responsive, challenging, and fun, but it is very limited as it is not an infinite jumper. This is what cost it three stars. I will keep it hopefully they will add more levels or an infinite mode.
The game is well made ...i love the music and the art style. And the gameplay is so smooth. Nice work!
the game is just slaughtered with ads, and the gameplay gets repetitive, just a waste of any Person's Time.
Love it. Simple enough to dip into from time to time, and not lose the thread of what the game is all about, and cool enough to catch your interest. Great graphics, great sound, and just fun to play. (In some reviews I see people complaining about the number of ads ... I personally havent seen an ad in the game havent asked for - to open a gift crate, you need to watch an ad, so I do.)
game doesnt load. blank black screen after opening. I installed, cleared cache, restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried every combination of above.... but no avail. I will change rating after response from developer and solution to issues. using samsung galaxy note9, latest updates.
I love that the game starts immediately so you can try it before having to make an account. Already love it :)
Excellent game - i love Ankama games. Well made, looks great, controls very easy to get used to. Only one gripe-almost full screen ads that pop up on the launch screen so just as you're about to start, you tap to launch and you end up tapping on an ad instead.Not sure if this is accidental!!