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Cosmic Challenge Racing

Cosmic Challenge Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Ivanovich Games located at Av. Via Augusta 15-25 08174 Sant Cugat del Valles - Barcelona. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really great app but the other racers keep passing me and I always get second place when I'm finished a race please make the other racers slower so I can finish first place please. Also can you add unlimited tracks. please I would like if you gave cosmic challenge racing the unlimited tracks update and spacecraft customization update please.
Looks pretty good but I just found it a bit too hard to constantly change direction so quickly - maybe this isn't my kind of game.
Best futuristic racer in the store...crashes sometimes... can't log in to face book either. Love the tracks, editor, and ships!
This game is AMAZING. I absolutely love it. First thing is that the graphics are incredibly stunning. The ships feel so amazing to pilot and i'd go as far as to say that this is the best racing game on the playstore! I can spend hours on this. There is one minor bug which is that i can't get the rewards from ads sometimes for no reason. I would recommend the developer to add multiplayer sometime as well. I recommend this game very much to f-zero fans out there.
Really good racing game in the style of Wipeout. But it keep crashing after Γ  minute of playing. In using a Samsung S10, contact me if you wish.
Pretty incredible, the graphics, the sounds, the ships, and most of all... the gameplay. I would have wanted if you could add more stages, and ships.
Nice concept about steering in the air. Boring level design. And textures the same in different locations. Good game without the cherry.
I like the game but something went wrong in the splash screen in version 2.997.. when intro started. But went to black screen forever.. I try to keep wanting. But it went 3 hours to wait for the game to be on. I love the game keep it up! even I rate 4. But it's ok
Great game play but the music sucks!! Tip the reason people loved this game was 70% the sound tracks and you ability to choose. And were all 2000 dance tracks add this and you will see this game take off with the over 40s keep up the good work πŸ‘ also doesn't work with android 11. Works with 10 or below. Hope you have a fix soon
Useless game don't waste your data and time. After installing can't run the game. Crashing on the splash screen. Gave all permissions but still crashing while starting the game.
I would have loved this game.... If the loading screens didn't crash randomly Everytime I try to start the game up! Maybe this is gonna be fixed in a future update but this game hasn't been updated since August... Because of this, I can't get past the tutorial. Also why the hell do you need my Google Drive data? Do you want to stalk me or something?
This is a really good space racer if anyone loves either the F-Zero or WipEout franchises. I think the coolest part about the game is it's in-house track editor. My only gripe with it is that there isn't really enough peices to use. I would really love something like square turns, crossroads, etc be added as part of the editor. I do also believe that the champaign could be unfinished. Other than that, this is worth the try!
Terrible controls. And why tf do you want access to my Google Drive data? It's none of your business what I have in my Google Drive data. Uninstalled and reported!
It's been great to play this amazing game.😌❀️ Some levels are too difficult and irritating but it's great feelings after winning them. Finally I reached to the end and waiting for update.πŸ˜…
Adjusting gyro sensitivity doesn't work, default is extremely low. Can't stand touch steering, so must uninstall.
I hate games that reward you with stuff in game for access to your facebook account.. the game itself is alright, nothing spectacular but not bad either, seems to be able to be played offline, ran the tutorial track twice, once connected, once not connected, and it ran offline, thats a plus, but not really enough, didn't like the controls as they are, i prefer tilt myself.
Hey man this is perfect that COWON make this game is sick the space cars make me impress they look so cool! thanks for making this 😊😊😊😊😊
Ive got a quick answer from dev, when i had a problem. Guys, if you ever enter turnament and see "Unlimited Attepmts" to buy, mind that it is a mistake of devs, it only gives you 50 attempts. Brilliant game in overall, but physics in-air could be better. Good and quick service too. 4 stars > 5 stars.
Game won't even load. All I get is a few credits and then a black screen on my new galaxy A71.. tried reboot the phone and still just black screen. This game lasted all of ten minutes before I uninstalled.
This is a good racing and its easy to earn money and buy a ship but the only issue is the left right pad controller it is difficult to turn when you are going to crash this game would be super good if it has touch left right controls like beach buggy racing overall a very good game.
I like the graphics and the gameplay, I love that you are not limited to pressing two buttons only. however, loading times are so long that I could play other games while this one fetches data. there are pay-this and pay-that buttons ALL OVER THE PLACE plus annoying unstoppable eternally long video adds. waaaaay too much ads. then, the game pushes notifications even when I don't use it. THAT is a strict no-go. eating up battery time when not in use? uninstall.
The controll options are alright but they don't feel too good, the game feels sluggish and turning is a pain for me. The game looks fantastic and its good for like a lunch break or something. Overall I think it's alright.
so bad it made it so impossible i mean what kind of game. is this its so freaking bad i hate it ok don't download this app it's a waste of time.
A very NICE but tough game. I WANT YOU ALL TO INSTALL THIS GAME. ALTOUGH IT WILL TAKE SPACE BUT ITS GRAPHICS ARE SO SO SO NICE THAT IT WILL MAKE THE GAMEPLAY INTERESTING. The most interesting thing is it is not addictive so its a perfect game and also offline............THANK YOU
Everytime I start the game it shows the names of the two dev teams than proceeds to what seems to be a permanent black screen. I would've loved to play this Wipeout clone but unfortunately it doesn't work for me, sorry but I give one star.
Amazing game i wish i could het it to work properly. Too many bugs and the ads never load so it just freezes. Tried paying for the no ad thing but it wouldnt go through
Its really fun and can be intense!! You dont have to purchase anything right away though. Take your time with it and keep building your tokens and stuff up first. Put aside a few bucks here and there if you choose to spend I say.
WOW what a game! Amazing graphics, fairly responsive controls, and some of the best AI programming I've ever seen. Track builder makes it so things never get repetitive and there are so many ship options to unlock! I usually play car racing games, but this one is a whole new level of excitement. Auto-throttle is a great function since it allows you to focus entirely on steering and braking and I like how the races are actually long and exciting, not brief and instantaneous 30-sec runs. Well done
I injoyed it i wish i would have a clan were you can recruit people and have world chat too and also have clan wars thru out the game and race diffrent clans too and have voice chat too thats all and it is fun over all i really like it so keep up the great work.
Great fun, fast and exciting. Some of the ads never load meaning I have to close the game and re-open, also the mid air rotation feels a bit awkward and janky. I feel like a virtual stick would be better than buttons just because of how quick some of the corners are. But just minor criticisms.
I am giving two star because this game has too much potential but don't have much ist is a analogue map will be great on side don't give playstore forward ads on app I have played asphalt games I got ease of maps
Great graphics, fantastic gameplay, but the ads take forever to load, they load themselves without your choice sometimes, and the don't even load when they're selected. Fix and this could be lovely.
This game is so awesome! Looks great with smooth gameplay, but it really needs a season mode and online parties with friends for competitiveness because I get bored eventually. Update: Stopped at Sector 5 - Level 8 and can't go further, is that the end?
Had to uninstall because the screen froze before the title screen came up, which is a shame because I really enjoyed the game. There's also a problem where, if you click to watch an ad to get free Kohins or Tokens, interactive ads don't work in that sense, because after you finish with said interactive ads, you don't get the Kohins or Tokens that you were promised. On the other hand, the editor is great, music is catchy but not annoying, ships look cool, and just a good game all around.
Sorry for the rating but I've been stuck at the beginning "Ivanovich Games" for minutes and haven't bee able to progress beyond that screen at all, despite me restarting the phone. Please help
Keeps crashing. I have a Pixel 5 running Android 11. I've restarted etc but the game is not compatible. Uninstalled.
This might be the best game for the world and it's not just about being able to play it in any way that makes you think that the world will win and not lose the world cup and the rest will have a good start on that 8th world championship in a week with no chance at any time since they were the only teams that have played a major league.
4 stars are for the graphics and also for the control all are extraordinary. But it would be more good game if you would have more stages and also challenges bcs after a stage it is not download after we finish the last final round
The only thing good about this game is only track editor, other than that its just plain, there is no sense of speed, control are too easy, the gyroscope sensor can be used to control pitch/lean or whatever it is so it would add more dept to gameplay, but you wasted it on air controll instead, well it was just my opinion though as someone who loves wipeout and f-zero.
This is a really good game, good graphics, not in-game ads, custom mode etc. Controls are kinda bad (especially for the gyroscope) but it's not a big deal. The sci-fi thematic of the game is cool. The only problem that this has is not receiving updates frequently, has been months since the game got an update and a game needs new content to keep alive.
I want to like this i really do. So first the good bits. The consept is a classic. Graphics are amazing. Its easy to navigate the app and settings etc. But.........??????? The controls. Very difficult to get used to whichever setting you choose. Also it takes an eternity to start up. But potentially a great game here.
Concerning controls are terrible on the speed on the right button you should be able to slide your thumb up and down to alternate the speed instead of just flooring it either on or off and same with the steering its other full right or full left with no increments in between like slowly going to the left or slowly going to the right the same as the speed there's no going slowly up with the speed or slowly down with the speed this is the way it should be. Both control should be vertical controls up and down with increments in movements
Fantastic game. I have seen top 10 space racing games on Android. On 10 was breakneck, cosmic challenge on 3 and space racing 2 was on 2, 1 was space race ultimate battle. This game should be on 1 because you can costomise your ship with different skins. Space racing 2 can't do this. Also the circuits are very big and cool.πŸ˜€
This is one of my favorites, it's just a bit glitchy,but this game is futuristic, excellent graphics and gameplay making it fun and I'm on the edge of my seat
I will give 3 star after update, because it is not opening at all. I couldn't play the game. An 195mb update ruined my gameplay. Fix it by giving a update
No doubt one of the best mobile games I have ever played The graphics are great even for a PC or console game and the gameplay is just as good. One thing I personally like is how all the vehicles have a good balance and you don't have to unlock all of them. Also the track building is fun and easy to use and you have multiple environments to choose from. The game is like f-zero and trackmainia put together, but possibly better.
NOW THIS, This is a great mobile game,from the track design (short fun and challenging), to the graphics etc. If you're a fan of Wipeout Or F-Zero And you want something similar on your phone then this game is for you.
Looks and plays fine, but no controller support! Another awesome game ruined by mobile controls and no options for real gamers.
This game is amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what a game its great best space racing game ever its great the graphics l love them especially the fact that you can make your own tracksπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ awesome lovely to the game makers keep it up