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Cooking Town – Restaurant Chef Game

Cooking Town – Restaurant Chef Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Top Girl Games located at 香港新界沙田. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Another cooking dash game that really eats your time to enjoy. Especially the graphics and choices steps and gameplay. Love these kinds of games. I just barely started but i hope there is a way to upgrade my movement speed since its too slow at the moment. OtherRthan that eveything else is very good.
I was really enjoying this game when in the second restaurant I lost all the 3/4 burners. Now I'm in the advanced levels with only 1 pot. The upgrades are not showing an update on the pots either.... please help
The first two cafes are good. The third one Little Bakery is impossible to finish it at all even with maximum upgrade of everything! Just trying to get you spend money on mushroom!
Very relaxing and fun. However after completely all levels for all three restaurants no more challenges. If you choose to keep playing you will soon become uninterested since there is nothing left to achieve.
I've just started playing,but like it pretty good so far. Think it shouldn't take your "life" from you unless you fail the level though 🤔 ***10/7/18 -- edit-- QUESTION---*** When can we expect an update with more restaurants????? I only have a few levels in each restaurant to finish getting 3 stars on and am really enjoying this game so I don't really want to finish and not have any other restaurants because then I will end up deleting this game to have room for something else I find to play. Hopefully there's an update with more restaurants in thr VERY near future! 😍😍
It's good but you should add a place to put down the dishes you fry like the beef we fry it will burn so you should make a place to put down the cooked beef or something else so that it would not burn and we could serve it later. And if it is there in the higher levels than it's... kind of ok.
This is my 2nd review. This is a fun game but it needs improvements. Certain levels do not give me enough customers. Sometimes I have to double click the server to do one command which causes delays.
I love this game, but I have completed all three restaurants, upgraded everything, three stars on all levels. When will the two restaurants under construction be ready to play?
ok good game a bit expencive and not canadian funds so when u buy the cost is more than stated...booohissss! also i have completed all 3 restaurants 3 starred all the way and no other restaurants to play! so now im bored playing the same over and over and am looking for another game...too bad because i actually enjoyed playing his game :{ have waited for more to do with no luck. too bad! uninstall !
i love this game but they need to add alot more restaurants to the game. i finshed all 3 restaurants in a week. i want more restaurants. then it will be a 5 star.
reason I give 1 star is this. why is it even when you clear levels in time get a thumbs up you still lose a life??? other cooking games advance you. even when you buy extras to get more time all of sudden in a flash it over and you gotta pay more real money to get thru. well sorry but I think this is a rip off game. uninstalling it. would not encourage people to download, expensive n a waste of time!!
It's okay, but it is mostly an annoying game. It slams you with piles of customers, but gives you crazy challenges like you cannot burn anything or you cannot throw anything away. Then you get 5 measly lives (hearts) which you use up very quickly to retry levels. It's not a terrible game, but it's annoying and unreasonable. It requires you to be a perfect player and that is not possible. That kills the fun. Uninstalled.
A good game to play and enjoy It kills boredom i ll really want to ask..why up till now a forth restuarant and more is still looked,i keep coming back to see if i can upgrade to unlock but m seeing nothing.
after wining majority of the levels with 3 stars i was unable to no matter what to beat all of the levels with 3 starts. In the begining its fun and everything is fine but the game will not let me pass in order to build another restuarant and move on so it becomes annoying because instead of playing to win the game wants me to spend money inorder to win by buying more gems. i dont think so its just a game...delete/uninstall and play another game that actually allow you to win without paying✌
It was fun until I had nothing more to do on the game. Why not add a burger house or Italian food place to have a better play experience . Once you finish the levels you usually have nothing to do.
i give this game a 5-star because its fun and addictive the graphics is nice soooooo........i reallllllllyyyyy love this game.......so guys install this because its fun......love ya
dropped yet another rating on another game because yet again i am highly disappointed. i loved this game in the beginning that is, until i beat all 3 restraunts with 3 stars in every level and now theres nothing....like what kind of game is that??? very VERY disappointed therefore i deleted the game
Great game. my only complaint is the lives system. it should only take a life if i lose the level. but it takes a life every time I play a level. this means I can only play 5 levels at a time. please fix this, I love the game otherwise but this really sucks.
I just want to know when will the update for the next to places be available I know this game hasn't updated since July and I am wondering when will the next update be for the next to locations.... Great game don't get me wrong but I would like to know at this point when the update would be would love to keep playing and not have to delete. Please and thank you
I'm enjoying the game, but struggling to move on to the next building, I'm done with the first 3, got all the stars, but still doesn't want to load the others. Just showing construction the whole time, help please???
I'm not happy with the game. It's not nice at all when you use lives every level, win or lose. I can see using them if you lose, but NOT regardless of winning or losing! Uninstalled.
I like playing cooking town. i have completed the first three restaurants. Is there any more other then the three? I see where it looks like two are under construction but there is no way to build them.
I like the game, but it's not fair that even if you when you lose a life and some stages are very hard to even get one star and you don't give alot of helping items out like adding extra time and you ask for too many mushrooms definitely not a 5 star game,i it's on, but my opinion doesn't matter if all haven't changed it
I like the game very much. But in the higher levels there seems to be too much for my phone to keep ill with and so the girl ofteb doesnt pick up what I tap...lots get missed. Also, its kind of hard to upgrade because its all lumped in one category and gets confusing what is food and what is equipment
interesting...addicting...things are expensive and u dont earn enough...some level u can barely get one star...skates players should get same as they get shrooms... u can not take heart (life) if we pass damn level...only 3 house's (restaurant) common guys 👎👎👎 edit: still waithing for new restaurants
Its a fun, addictive game! The only problem I have with it is that you need shrooms to buy boosts and its hard to earn them, then sometimes my number of shrooms will suddenly jump way down for no reason. Watch a video to get free coins or shrooms and lose 15 shrooms lol. That's not okay.
really enjoyed the game but seriously no more levels just the three..I played Cooking Joy and similar issues..very frustrated. any news to next levels opening up. if not done with your brand in more downloading your games.
I've finished the 3 restaurants and the 4th restaurant is not yet available, is there a problem from this app ? Looking forward for your response. Thank you.
played the three games and have been waiting on new restaurant's. im going to delete the game its just taking up space. why put a game out if you're not going to keep it up.
changing from a 5 star review to a 1. my fresh herb station wont let me click on it at all and I'm losing all the levels because of this. I've done all the normal things to fix it and nothing has worked. thinking of just deleting the game and calling it a day.
Need more than 3 restaurants...each month I have to wait for new restaurant rating goes down...and don't tell me to download the other games...already have them...still waiting on new restaurant
Fun game, however, I am already done?!?!? Only three restaurants available to play. Have completed each restaurant. Now I can only replay levels. Bummed! Also don't like that even if you pass a level and are just trying to up your star completion for a level you lose a life. If you pass a level, regardless if new or not, you should be able to keep your life.
This game is so much fun, very challenging, and addictive !!! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the game does not allow me to go on to more restaurants. I completed the first 3 restaurants entirely, got the maximum number of stars in each, and fully upgraded them. I really love playing but may quit soon because playing the same levels over and over without advancing is pointless.
rollar skates boost is not fast, got to 21 level won't let me pass . only have two hands wants you tho make to many salmon. it should also have a tray so you can make extra food.!!!!
I like playing the game but its to hard to move to a new location & you have to use to many shrooms. those things need to be changed you loose interest in the game
This game does NOT let you proceed after the 3rd restaurant. I have read that some people were allowed only 2 restaurants. Something is fishy. Don't waste time on this game.
I would of given it 5 stars but with only 3 restaurants...there hasn't been any additions forever! I've been waiting for months & months been patiently waiting. I guess I'll have delete. 😥
This game was really fun until i passed three worlds and then realized there are no more levels to complete....it was just starting to get excited.i even paid to keep going. what a waiste of money.
I love this game. need more levels... what's next??!?!??!!! 1/7/19- still need more restaurants. i passed all three with three stars in all levels. i see the little men working, but not building anything.
I love the game but hate that I have completed all levels in three restaurants and no other restaurants are available. I am now playing the same levels over. Will more restaurants be available?