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Cooking Team: Restaurant Games

Cooking Team: Restaurant Games for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Snail House Games located at Str. Pecetei, Nr. 29. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I thought I am additcted to this game. Thanks for the advt they provide ample stars and diamonds to complete given tasks.
I'm on level 323 but it won't progress after that board onto the next level!! ... The time is up but it stays stuck on that board without finishing... I have to get out of the game and then relog and start all over again and it does the same thing all over so I end up wasting the 5 lives I have doing nothing!!! ... Extremely frustrating 👎
The game looks like it could be really fun, but no matter how many times I uninstall and then reinstall, I can't tap the burgers to remove them after cooking starting at the second level. I even emailed about the problem and no response.
Okay but the movement is too slow when you get star and diamond. Its quite annoying. Could you upgrade the speed? Else it will be perfect.
I just received a new Google tablet with Delta 11 Pro program on it. I tried to download your game. When I get to trying to put my name in, it freezes and won't go anywhere. Come on now!!! Please try to get the kinks out of this game. I have played it on my other Google pad and I LOVE it!! Everything else with it is great....
Sometimes it seems items are hard to tap like i have to tap them several times to cook or that causes delay on delivering the items to the waiters and ended up failing the goal..
Love dis came. But the upgrades u have to spend a lot of 💰 sad😭, that's why I gave it two star but not boring the game is really really interesting.
Def def def have to spend money to win. Game gets ridiculously hard even though the concept, story, and game is quite fun. Very unfortunate that is cost so much.
This is a great game. It is fun and entertaining. The graphics are pretty good, but it gets really difficult starting with the 2nd restaurant location. I know that the gameplay is designed for the user to end up spending money on extra stuff, but if I do make it worth my while. Don't charge me all that money for a little bit of gems and almost everything needs gems. It's annoying to have to watch ads for everything but all that being said I love this game
The game is very amazing a little addictive some time but over all its really very fun. Just having a problem in pie and steak restro I am not able to add grass on me pie that's why I'm not able to cross the level please fix it soon I am really close to win the game.
I love this game but for some reason, it's frozen at the moment, so even if I manage to make all the dishes and get them served in time, the clock stops so I never earn any more money. a bit of a shame as I was really enjoying playing it.
There are a lot of ads but sometimes I don't mind because the ads can help get extra turns or boosts to help you play. The game is a huge cooking time management game with a lot of levels and ways to improve your ability to pass the labels.
Iove games where you are improving things such as in this game its remodeling an hotel. In other games it could be house.. Its fun!
Thid is absolutely the best cooking game I've ever played. Thank you so much for your time and patience developers I wish I could give you 100 stars no matter what anyone else says about the game it comes highly recommended.
The game itself were fine, it was great from beginning. After recent upgrade i found it much more difficult to progress through and it is really time wasting man.
This is a great game. I love this game veryyyyyyyy much. The graphics are awesome but please update the game more. Make more games like this one.
You game developer's have gone batsh!t crazy with greed. Not only is there multiple ad's for everything, which is fine because you get in game rewards, but you found it necessary to throw in forced ad's on top of that.
Love this game, one which you can get through the levels. I'm at 511, but it just saying next level coming soon.
Awesome game. I'm addicted to it...... But some levels are so difficult, if life line of customer is getting down u can't win easily.... Please make Lil changes in that level, I know it's challenging level for us but one gets frustrated playing again n again same level... Life line of a customer gets down with in a second but less than a sec either!
I've read the other reviews, same experience here. There are levels that are very hard to get through. You have to watch so many adds just to earn freebies.
I like this game. The concept and graphic is nice. My problem is loading it takes too long to get from one page to the next, especially if you are really excited about getting things done. It's a little turn off for me but enjoyable overall.
It's an addictive game but needs a lot of improvement hence why I've rated 3 stars. The customer patience needs looking at, earning more coins needs looking at, and Also earning more ruby's, they all need improving as you have to buy with real money if you want to progress
I was gonna give 5 stars but bruh, at level 41 the goal is impossible to get through. like you can only earn half of the amount needed to get throught level 41. devs, you must fix this asap. if this isnt a problem, then this is the most pay-to-win game i have ever seen. seriously.
this game is my favorite but i have a problem with it.after completing 3th room of hotel game was stoped and tell me wait while we build new room.can you help me?
I am aware on how to use the boosts, what I am trying to tell you is they are not working, like freezing time for example. In addition, when you use them the quests are not satisfied. So They DON'T Work!
This is a good game but, it requires spending entirely too much money if you want to progress after making it past the 1st resturant! I had to stop after realizing I had spent over $50 in such a short period of time. The upgrade items cost wayyy too many coins and you need diamonds for everything which keeps you spending to make progress. Side items (drinks, soups) etc should refill automatically & the earning of coins & diamonds should be rethought because it just starts to become a rip-off
UNINSTALLED. The game suddenly freezes and the navigation button of my cellphone doesn't respond. And then the cellphone screen suddenly turned black. The sound of the game still continues but Black screen.
You still have not fixed one of the complaints more than one we do not get all our coins at every level you're cheating us out of our coins you have not done anything to attempt to fix this at all. I'm only a few levels in this game and they are absolutely right you have not fix this problem I will probably wind up uninstalling this again it's been almost a year since I played this game and you still haven't fixed it
Since i have updated the app i stop getting daily bonus rewards and the levels are sometimes really really difficult moreover the upgrades costs so much. I love playing this game but now i am very disappointed.
love the game. when I log into the game it would give you rewards but which you would have to watch an ad for each of the pots you would pick and you would get reward but now when I log in there another thing that pop up but I don't get any rewards from it which makes it harder because I don't get any diamond when I log in to be able to get extra customers so for that I'm taking it off my tablet.
The time challenges are to fast, need money to play game. Way to many adds. Shame could a be fun game if it wasn't for the money begging...
It's a fun game! The only promble is that it keep freezing up... 😒that's the only promble i have wit this game.other then that i like!😊
Game was fun at first with good graphics until I realized the coins you win doesn't fully add to your total or doesn't add at all. Like for example if you win 120 coins on a level, at the end it should add to your final total (say for example its 1000). But I've noticed it would either not add ANY of the coins I've won or it'll add like 50 coins instead of the full 120. No wonder it's taking me forever to save up coins to upgrade things. Not really worth my time to play anymore.
Awesome. Love this game very much, but to continue upgrading in the game one has to spend money and the other thing is, money gained in the pig, when full by ones progressing in the game, one has to buy them to get them. Other I do not find fair, is that there is limit of upgrading objects to obtain more progressing in reaching the amount of money, while playing.
I love playing this game until now. It does not give u time to do anything. I am thinking about deleting.
نتایج ترجمه Hi, I liked this program so much that I played it so much that I was really addicted and reached a high level, but now, unfortunately, I can not enter the next stages because the construction part of my restaurant will be ready soon and the cooking part will be downloaded and when I click It tries again, even before, I had to delete the program twice and reinstall it, but now I can not because I got here with difficulty, please help me 😔😔
Nice game but i want to be able to select what i prefer to use to decorate my restaurant like other games have this option..i need like three sets to choose from because the design is ugly
I like this but little difficult to finish mission for high level. Timer is not enough .However I like this game.
Awesome game but poor technical support. Took away all video boosts and upgrades are outrageously high with no option but spending money. Not to mention you get NO rewards or prizes for completing the rooms and designs. Its like every aspect to be customer friendly they removed (video boosts, growing prizes for completing Restaurant rooms) and are strictly about money. Great game just need to be more customer focused instead of money focused. Such a shame.
This is the second time this happens to me - I open the game and I have 7 gems. I start to watch videos for the extra free gems and my gems went down to 3. This is not fair. I want my gems back. Update: After I contacted the developer I went in my game and I saw there were coins missing as well. And all the developer said was that they will fix it in the next Update. But I want back what I lost.
You need to fix the data issue because you can't expect us to always use data just to play a game. It's too much and i think it's unfair, this is a game afterall to gambling
This game is so good even though is kinda hard but is so fun too i think you should try this game you can fix the restaurant just cooking love it 😊👌
3 stars because I really do like the game, but I am going to have to delete it as I've reached the point where I can't go any further without spending a ton of money. I got pretty far by watching ads to increase my coins, but as soon as I made an actual purchase the game no longer provided that option. I have no problem spending money on games I like, but this one is particularly expensive. So basically, like every other "free" cooking game, the only way to get through the levels is to spend.
This is the best cooking game ever!, i really love this game than other cooking game i have been playing all this while. There are more restaurants, yóu can play without data,no need of diamond and Money to open another restaurant
The game is a lot of fun, but you have to click a certain way which gets confusing. Also, the little piggy bank is supposed to give coins,diamonds and boosters. I have yet to get any coins or I would have gave 5 stars.
Am enjoying it for now, I don't know how it will end but I think the game is had why one star please make it to be three or more so it can be a little bit fun
The idea of this game is superb. Just need some technical improvement, fixing of bugs and some advance options also the typing is a little annoying and get the name in small letters not capital, they actually seem to be blaming. But its nice 😊 Also not able to choose the furniture seems a little pointless. Add a option allowing us to choose it. Thanks! I now after coming on level 152 deleted it. I got frustated it wants so many couns and stars 😩
Good game if you have money. They make it impossible to advance in game, do not give you opportunity to get free coins, unless you want to watch 2 minutes of advertising after EACH GAME. It took me 3 days & I spent $40 to realize this game is a rip off. These makers of the game are by far one of the greedy ppl yet. Ive played probably 50+ cooking games, and never had to spend this amount of money.Other than how extremely expensive it is, its actually a good game. But,won't get another $1 off me
There should be a way for you to also get free stars ..alsoway for you can get through the game faster and also 51 each tournament that's too long .it should be only least 20 or 18 or something but it is fine but then it's too long and it's kind of boring after a while
Levels after 41 are extremely difficult to pass . The price of upgrades are unobtainable. I really enjoyed this game at first, too. Shame.
The game is really fun, really cool graphics and good way to pass time. It would be cooler if you were able to design the room yourself not use what the game offers and it takes a while to upgrade your equipment it cost way to much coin to do so so early in the game the cost of everything is my only complaint so far.
Love this game it's so cool!🍛 U can upgrade team upgrade food u can test your skills if u can do fast has u can u see what I mean I am getting better at my skills try is game love it 🌮. They show something say a sign say be careful dont brun your food or don't throw away this by accident or u well lose try it is so amazing and awesome try it 🌮🍛🥓🐖🥤🍦🍟🍔🥦🥕🍅🍪🍩🥞🍫🐔🍝🥗🥢🥬🌯🥒🍜🍕👍👍👍 and u can upgrade everyroom
i've had so much fun in this game no too much ads and the game is relaxing but i hope that i can manage my own outfit, on my chef. overall very good not dissapointed.
So far so good and you can earn money by watching videos at will they seem to still try little maneuvers to urge you to buy coins but I would say this game is more fair than most I'm on the second restaurant level 17
The game is lovely but u can't play it without mb and no much money from the ad that why am giving it 3 star
It's OK could be better the boosters don't work I have tried to use them fix it your boosters that u have on the game they don't do what it suppose to if u click on it to use for a level it doesn't even work
I hate the boost do last entire levels, the upgrades are too expensive always. The game will be great....if the boost will last which each levels, while playing the game.
I like the game, only doesn't give enough time to complete tasks, also not enough coins given to upgrade
I like the games but very difficult to pass the level, u need to have a lot of help from its power up and u can only buy that power uo using diamond. If u dont have enough power ups ull be stock at any level.this games suppose to be killing my time but instead it making me stress
Nice game. I downloaded it cz I thought it was a cooking game. But it also a renovation game with no options. That's a good idea. 2 in 1. And this is no matching puzzle game so I'm glad with that.
I love the game it is so addictive but there is to much adds that is disturbing the enjoyment of the game.
I just started playing this game was doing well but now it's got stuck to where it's showing a donut with the Oreo but the Oreo is not unlocked so I'm losing can someone fix this please I would like to see how this game is I was enjoying it to this happen thank you.
I really like this game, but now I have to Uninstall..when I open the app it automatically closes so that I can't play it....tragic Update! It's great...my android was making the app crash. I fixed it.
I just bought something and it didn't give me my rewards. When I click on it it says I already own this item but I received nothing. 😔 Update- one of the rewards you can buy says free but it comes up as 4.99???
Buttons too hard to press, order going to the unintended person. If a game is face paced you will never win. It's impossible.
Its not a bad game to play. The only thing I would suggest is allowing the gamer to customize the decor..
I love this game so much! I like how the leves start easy an get hard with every part you open up. Just wish there where more ways to get money. I've been stuck on lever 207 for some time now. Having a hard time upgrading my kitchen.
The buttons are hard to push while playing, I be hitting the buttons but they don't work while trying to go fast ugh!! Costing money that I don't have much of, and I'm not 🤑. I'm not investing all my money like I've seen people be using half their party checks on these games, and that's crazy, cause I won't do that. I'm cheap, I'll get the cheapest deals they have 😊😊. After about so many games I quit. Them asking for money all the time, takes the fun out of the game, and from playing too.
No way to grind for coin to upgrade equipment, which eventually leads you to be stuck and with only two options, either buy coin with real cash or uninstall. I'm uninstalling.
I've been playing this game for maybe two days but it refuses to let me pass buying the atlas. I have the stars I click on the challenge to complete it but it gets to the second slide of their conversation and refuses to let me continue and I have to close the game. I open it back up to try again and it's the same cycle.
Great game but we can't gain a lot of gems that's why it gets harder u can't play alone u must have an assistant to help that's why i gave u 4 stars
Update: I can No longer take all of the ads. DRAINING! It takes away from actually enjoying, the game. I got to the point i declined the opportunity for extra coins. But, irregardless still got hit w/another ad just to start a new level. It seems like the Ads are made more important than being able to actually enjoy playing the game. There are many other cooking games like "Cookout" that don't drown you in ads. Uninstalling. It has potential but, no time to wait for full potential
During the 3rd room, task won't complete as dialogue between characters blocks. Tried pressing the arrow button repeatedly, exited and entered game 3 times, seems to be a bug. No place to log this but here. Basically can't advance in the game from here on as it's the only task on the list to be completed
I will only give 3 stars because the lag makes me annoyed a lot of times. But so far enjoyable to play.
I agree with the other review here. I have been playing for almost a month now. I spent a little money so far to progress in game and previously there have been no issues. But just today, it seems I've had issues with the controls. It's hard to put the food on the plate and I end up burning the food because it's STUCK to the pot or plate, there is about a 3 second delay and NO, it's not me. I really love this game and rated it 5 star in the past but have edited it. Please FIX
Uninstall. Can't talk to anyone, use the boosters, and coins too high to upgrade. Wish i could give it a negative million stars!
There is an issue with the game where i am being notified I win a level... then get charged on my account... then get notified I lost. Hoping this issue gets corrected
There is a bug in the game that stop you from earning the coins whenever you lose the game and a msg prompt you to upgrade your staff or items
This game is great fun and very addictive no pressure to buy things to progress either. I'm still figuring it out that's why 4 not 5 stars, but no doubt I will add the last star in a few hours. So yeah download people it's great.
I was enjoying this game although I agree with other players that it became nearly impossible to win a round after the second restaurant. Ultimately, I will have to delete because it abruptly stopped working. I've won the round on I'm more than 5 times but it won't end
I love this game at first. However, after finishing the renovation of the 2nd room of the restaurant, levels are impossible to win, the equipments are expensive and winning a level only gives a bit of earnings that's why it's impossible to upgrade equipments. Hope you can fix this for us to be able to finish the game. Thanks!
cheats you out of rewards dor watching ads, makes u watch them twice for the one reward, items seem stuck to the pan and u lose the round. I guess its deliberate since its a common complaint.
Great game, it gives an aware of being faster at a restaurant so that you will not lose clients. Being careful not to burn food as well. It's a nice game to play, despite the ads it a very beautiful game.
So addictive, fun, exciting and just want to keep playing. Lots to do and good chances of getting coins and gems etc. Loving this game x
Hey guys this game us pretty entertaining. There are different activities so you don't get bored with the same thing. The rewards are decent so you can feel progress.. this gets a 😃, and two snaps 👍🏾
The game is fun so far. I dont like the fact you have to remove the fries manually. They seem to burn way too fast. Graphics are great.
Iam willin to play this game. But its not staring. Only introduction part is there. Pls help me to play that game
It is so so fun I like how it lets me design my own place. But there is one thing they need to give us 100 stars for when we start the game so when we design it and it says we need stars we have some to be able to make it look better
A very very good game it is. Its very usefull to pass the time during lockdown. And i think inthis game watching ads is beneficial because by watching ads we got rewards and i suggest that one who wants to play 2 games in 1 so he or she should play this game.☺😊
At this point I'm taking it off my app cos I've tried everything to no avail the worst is I can't open the kitchen equipment to upgrade...and that really sucks...thanks do far.
I love this game. So happy love food and something clean up in house. Because really cooking team chef make smell foods. All kids love food. Level100.
What an amazing game we literally fight over the phone with my husband and kids and as a result we all bought iPads so everyone can have it on their devices...I love it
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I rely loved the game, it was great but there are too much ads that popup. I could have given 5 stars
Coin and gems earning is really hard after completing some level game became really hard and boring..
I like this game and play often but when I open to play it doesn't load the game for me to play it gets to the screen and then logs out I have reached a high level
This game is interesting and funning also it also teaches how to be fast in cooking and how talented u are at cooking it game bring knowledge to me and also my friends that played it ilove this game and am also thanking the person who brought this game up u are so sweet and a loving for brining this game up we all love u
It is a lovely game, but its like we keep on repeating the same thing for 51 levels it gets boring after a while, and may end up in uninstalling.
It would be 5 stars if we had the ability to choose decor options. For that reason, I dont want to play. Otherwise good game, just need that fix.
Liked it at first. The help icons DO nothing. You can't get ahead unless you make a purchase. DO not like the missed item message makes impossible to get ahead.
It's a very cool game... You have to spend to much money and work way to hard for one Star!!! Add more ways to get stars and I'll love this game! But if you spend money you all could make it easy for the ones who do! Give us our money worth! Stop cheating us with the prices too!!!
Her is an update. Well the daily bonus doesnt happen daily i have only been able to collect the first one but none of the other bonuses, other than that great game.
I love building rooms etc by earning stars but they are all match 3 games which gets annoying. I'm so happy to find a game like this which involves cooking which i enjoy as well as building.
I love this game. i already passed all level in this game. when will come new level of this game ☹.
There are so many bugs in this game. I didn't receive my daily bonus. Sometimes i thought that this game was a scam. But i hope you can fix that. I like the game tbh, it is just sad that I can't have the bonuses. I received it but only twice or thrice and that's all.
It is a nice game should be little easy and coins and rubies earning should be more so that it will motive the player
I enjoy the style of the game. The giving food to others and regenerating the restaurant. However, I am very upset you don't actually get to choose the items when redecorating. So not really decoration game like I thought. I hope they change this so you can see the other items. Other than that I still enjoy it.
Love this game 💞 but from hotdog restaurant the levels are very difficult to win..and the equipment are very expensive by the way the game was very interesting.
The game could be fun but I press the button but it doesn't work. It seems as if it was designed to make money and not for enjoyment. I've spent money to get pass the levels but moving on because it is a waste of my time.
Cooking Team it keeps your mind working all of the time. I enjoy that about the game but I wish that you could get more stars at a time.
Juz loved tis game.. Was so interesting to play ...the levels are so easy so we'll not evn lose the life bcoz the levels are so easy to win and renovation was so peaceful to see 😌😌really amazing...
Ausome game but I have only one regret in this For decorating the rooms that and all it's better give the choice to choose which u want for this I. E when we are replacing the floor or sofa to ask choose one front this three like that like how garden scapes and that and all apps are asking when we are playing like that
I'm obsessed with this game... I really like the game... I'd completed all the types of restaurant but there's showing that new restaurant coming soon for last 3days.. When will the new restaurant open????? I'm early waiting if no restaurant will not in 2days I'll surely uninstall the game. ☹️☹️☹️
Waaaaayyyy too many ads, great game but the ads make me not want to play. Plus I don't like that we can't pick the decorations for the remodeling
The game is definitely great, graphics are good. One thing I'm not happy about is for the upgrades since it costs too much money and it should be range when you first star the game since it will be a new restuarant, not starting the upgrade at more than 2,000 coins, that's too much. I like playing the game and wanted to finish the hotel, but at this state I'm quite dismayed..
The game has some bugs as in not giving you all your coins when finishing a level . Also are there going to be any new levels ?I finished all of them and its been quite sometime and i still see no new levels on the game
I love this game, i really do. I can't stop playing it. Every stage challenge me. The life reward is so expected. But there's 1 thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is the piggy bank. It robed my money although it has reached the max 5000 coins. It's really frustating. Please erase the piggy
Love this game but I don't understand why you can't buy coins if you need to. By the time you watch all the ads you don't get enough coins. Maybe I don't know where to find it but I don't think I'm blind lol. 😁
Like so many other cooking games, to fast for most people. Please devs remember us oldies (who have the money) dont have anymore a fast reaction time us the young ones, but we also like to enjoy the game at a slower rate. Maybe you could install a button to slow down time.
A good gameplay but I find it slow-paced sort of. Also, please let us choose what things to put around. I work hard for a star but unable to choose a design to put around. I find it a bit unfair 😥
I have been really enjoying this game however when you reach a certain level it's virtually impossible to beat unless you buy gems
A pregnant woman and staying at home is bit bored this App makes me enjoy my time at first. Nevertheless, there are more to hate, 1.It's difficult to earn more coins to upgrade the cooking tools, 2. Time is little but too fast, 3. Waiters are too slow to give the orders, 4. Way too much challenge that even if the time is still not up if we can't give the waiters order it would automatically Fail the Goal. This is really annoying and frustrating it gave me headaches i'll uninstall it -Mrs.Supiter
Hi players and developers of this game! First of all thank you so much beacuse just like these restoration games other games were only having a jewels saga type games and I don't like it and this one has a cooking one. So, thank you so much for this. And at this point I'm not facing any issues if their will be any issues in future I'll sure be share with you all.
Im on lvl 205, and it seems to be impossible to go through. My waiter is fully developed. I use the helpers. Im stuck since 4-5 days, and its very annoying. And yes, there is a bug in the game, sometimes the items stuck, i have to click on them several times, which is also very annoying.
The idea of the game is good but.... When you can't actually choose the decor you want it's a bit pointless. Also quite early on in the game it becomes nearly impossible to complete the levels you waste a lot of lives. I won't spend real money so don't see the point in playing anymore
I'm on level 372 and I've spent money on gems just to upgrade your ridiculous 3000 + coins it takes to upgrade because passing the bord doesn't actually make more than 200 coins and that's if you're almost finishing the level, starting each level at the beginning you only making 14 - 55 coins, they have levels where you can't trash the food, burn it, waiters get upset!! EXTREMELY frustrating & real money out of pocket, No more, this game is a ripoff.
I enjoy this game.Love it it's fun butbnot until u got in hard level hahaha i love it the quality of this game!!and now I'm notbbored anymore!!!!
It's really an amazing game. Would love it more if we were given the chance to choose the decor for the restaurant.
It's a great time Game is very interesting I love it to play It's a mind relaxing game All should try this game It should be make fun
Game itself is very nice and enjoyable, however the fact that you have to watch frickin ads to progress and upgrade your gear is disgusting. If you can win more coins without having to grind like an idiot, I will give 5 stars.
This is a great game to pass some time. I like that it time you its almost like in fast food industry. The graphic pretty unique.
I completed all the levels which you have given, and waiting from last 2 months, and you guy's are still not upgraded new levels, what's wrong !
Great game, however I stopped getting my daily rewards. It will show up on the screen but I dont get anything. Its been two weeks 😩😒
I like this game a lot but why must we use real money to pay for diamonds or coins,pls adjust that. Thank you
Very enjoyable...but have to wait for you to update the game so I can continue the next level....I have pass all the level now, and waiting for next level...still not update yet..
really like the game but it's hard to earn money to pass levels and with most games when you log in you get something but with this game you don't so for that reason I'm going to have to earse it
Its a good game but too many adds at the end you get stuck due to coins ...there should b some solution for it... Else you will left playing it ... Do something we stick to it ...
I have 3 more kitchens to unlock. I am not sure if its my phone or the game structure. But sometimes clicking the items to cook seem really difficult like it's stuck. Perhaps it's the phone! At level 320 it becomes harder because they have set the challenge to 350 meals to cook within just 1 min and 30 secs? Too many tasks to do in that short time. But then, how else will they collect their money if it was too easy. Well done guys! Intriguing gameplay. Best cook game 5*. Thank You For Reply 😊
I love the game,but it doesn't give enough stars nd gem..and it gets hard at the third restaurant which makes the game boring
Its a good game but too many adds at the end you get stuck due to coins ...there should b some solution for it... Else you will left playing it ... Do something we stick to it ...i didnt get the daily bonus too
At first it was fine. But after finishing the renovation of the 1st room, They have set up very unrealistic goals. To cook in 2 min 10 sec for 250 coins. I have tried the same level 50 times. To no avail. Please set up goals that can be achieved. I m uninstalling the game.
Thus game is great and addictive but there are some certain levels that are to hard to pass and that makes the customers to leave
I like this game but I think this game has some calculating problem as most of the time the winning money doesn't get added. I really hate it😠😡😡
When trying to use the help items they don't work. Like the freeze time, fast cooking time none of those work when I press them. It'll out the check but it won't work when you play, so I'm going to be installing this game unless something is done about this.
Game Is pretty slowly it dictate to you on what to improve rather give you alot pg option to choose from
I have enjoyed playing this game at my own own pace for many months. However, after I updated the game, I now have to do a download just to play one level in the Rib Restaurant. Fail the level, download again. As I supposedly downloaded the whole restaurant I am finding this hours delay between levels extremely frustrating! The download button has to be pushed multiple times over the course of several hours.
It wont work,in the very beginning when trying to cook the little patties,they always burn because when i try to take them out of the frying pan they wont move & so they burn.It seems like the game just freezes,WOW.👎👎👎👎👎
Impossible to pass levels. No matter the coins or settings. Food does not cook fast enough. Not enough equipment
I would give it 5 stars, but this morning I played and passed level 41 3 times and it won't give me the credit for it, seems to be stuck.
Very fun game. would be nice to be able to earn more diamonds through the ads and daily tasks,, since they are whats needed to upgrade waiters. on level 126 now and do enjoy but frustrating. Also been a few times that right at end of time on a level it will show coins going up to my total but the amount doesn't increase like it sticks so I lose the level by like anywhere from 3-5. would be nice to choose furniture and decor since you have to work so hard for only 1 star per level.
Ok I love this game, but i am about to delete it. I have spent money on this game. However I am unable to use any oil f the helpers. I click ok n them and nothing. The count doesn't go down. Very frustrating.
The game is very fun. It helps you learn how to manage a restaurant. Love it. It is really cool thatyou have the opportunity to runyour own resturant in this game.
I like it but dont love it yet. I dont mind see the ads, but if the ads loading is long, it will kill the fun of playing the game. Plus, the scene changing from one to another, the loading is long. So 3 stars now and if you improve the loading I give 4 or 5 stars
Love the game but make the items in cooking load on there own instead of tapping on them. Add a gift in tasks to fill up and add pets. Also the game doesnt work offline.
Its a good game, to help pass time.....cool graphics, and its one of the few games that allows ya to get gems without having to pay for them!! So that is always nice....
Not sure what's happening, in the Android app, when I try to start this game for the first time, and it asks me to enter my name, the keyboard does not pop up to let me enter it so I can't start playing. I just updated to Android 11 before installing this game.
Awesome game but I think this should have a maintenance update and a fairy tale version with a character creator
I really loved it. I actually wanted a game with such a pattern. It helped me increase my speed in gameplay. LOL
It a fun game, and would have given it 5 stars but I bought lives and diamonds and never received them.
Been searching for a truly fulfilling cooking game. This is soooo gamer friendly plus it has other dimensions with fixing up the restaurant. I'm deleting the others
Good game, but freezes and sticks on Lunch Restaurant level 33, even after achieving goal, game freezes, no activity. 😤 Some overlap on the waiter orders and cooking controls. There should be a way to revisit old restaurants to make money.
The game is good but.......honestly could you not have settings whereby the player can turn of the awful music and just have the cooking sounds? Why do you only have one control, either both are on or off, which is ridiculous.
None of the boosts work! So called helpers don't do anything. Servers far too slow to enable you to pass a level and you can't improve on it because the boosts don't work! Started out fun but now is annoying.
After a while it takes forever to earn coins and to beat the level so that you can upgrade the place. Not enough time to earn the amount required to go to the next round!
1) the price for coins to upgrade kitchen and kitchen appliances is to high.2) Not enough cooking time to enjoy the game feels rushed when cooking.3) To level up kitchen staffs skills doesn't seem to help the game play much. 4) hearts go quick because kitchen equipment is priced to high and not enough time to complete a level. It could be a great game but adjustment on upgraded kitchen equipment and plates need to be lowered a bit and more time is needed actually cooking food.
I dont know why, when i play the game it seems hard select the food and make i lose the game many times!Its look my screen has a problem. But it is not. Its the game. Its happens when i update the game . Please improvise it
The game was fun. It become harder when it goes to 3rd restaurant and the cost for upgrade became higher. And there's a thing in this game, what I prepared was for that almost time-out waiter, but when I tap it, it goes to another new waiter OMG.