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Cooking Tale - Food Games for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by GAMEGOS located at Icerenkoy, Umut Sk. AND Plaza No:10-12/94 34752 Atasehir/Istanbul TURKEY. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
love this game so much..its also help our mind to be good in thinking how we must prepare the dishes with the limited time..but what be more important is, this game no ads...that make us getting so angry...and then if we didn't have enough point..the ads is one way also to help you collect the point to continue your next level..its not a boring game..really love it...you must try this..believe me..its has 1000 level.
like the game, abit hard though. i have to constantly buy exta stuff just to complete levels. but fun
Too many time lapses. Sometimes have to wait 2 minutes or more for customers in a 3 minute round, making some rounds impossible. And yes, I've purchased all the upgrades.
How do you earn dollars so I can upgrade on level 29/30? I have energy and coins which can be earned but can you earn dollars without buying? Frustrated
I would have given it 5 stars, but, the more stuff that added the slower and choppy it gets. Other than that I love the game. Will you try to fix this problem PLEASE? Thanks.
Deleted game after powering up everything and improving utensils and being stuck on the same level for months. It was $9 to get 3 more customers which barely moved and then $15 dollars for 5 more which barely made one star. Games get boring when they are money grabs. I'm bored and I'm done at level 315. I don't mind a challenge, but when it's impossible, then it's no fun and spending real money to barely move an inch and even that's iffy, well that's just not happening.
i am one to always play cooking games, thats always been my go to game. i love this cooking game. Only gave it 4 stars bc ive got all this money saved up and want to upgrade my food and kitchen but it doesnt allow me to unless it pops up and says go to shop. I feel like i should be able to upgrade anything i want whenever i want, not just when the game says its time to upgrade. Fix that and ill give you 5 stars.
I can't beleive this game . It is very interesting. I feel very happy when, I play this game and I love this game very much......
I changed my review from 5 stars to 3. I always serve all the customers and I get a message that I have to upgrade (spending real money) to continue or I lose the level (even though I beat it). And even when I add the extra time that is suggested, sometimes no other customer arrives. I'm beginning to think this game is a money scam.
It's a good game but I think you should give more than 1 cash when I have completed a level with 3 stars. Other than that it's a good game.
i disagree it absolutely ridiculous to take 5-6 months to beat a level you don't give enough customers it doesn't make the game more challenging it makes you hate it and want to stop playing it which I have already you give the excuse and it makes it more challenging I'm a level 620 something and I have three stars on every level and their levels that just unbeatable unless you buy money from your game or from your game . I play games time management games all the time and never had this issue
The game mechanics are okay, a welcome distraction and challenge, but once you get to a certain point, you have to replay the heck out of previous levels just to get extra coins to buy boons to make the newer levels manageable. At that point, it gets repetitive and not at all something I'd enjoy long term.
I find that it doesn't give you your money either free or paid for, which is really annoying πŸ’΅πŸ˜•
This is a VERY fun game. I'm into cooking and baking in real life and getting to play a game like this is super exciting. I would rate it 5 stars if the levels weren't that hard to get past but other than that, the game is anazing
omething about the upgrades. Evwn if i have lots of coins, I cant upgrade if i dont have a wifi or data connection. I dont like it when i turn on the data for upgrades or buy the no burn jar and then turn it off eventually its so hassle. Please do spmething about it please. Please!
This game is super cute and super fun, with lots of different recipes. You can replay levels, fail them, and still keep the points you earn to get boosts with. My criticism is that it should be a bit easier to pass certain levels. All in all, this is the #1 food truck game with a waitress. I've taken away a star because a lot of the score targets to continue are unreasonably difficult. You can play the same level the same speed and get a wildly different score, even using boosts. This is unfair.
Love the game. I just don't like if you can't make it that you have to buy extra items to complete a level.
I don't like the game the way it was to be the game it wasn't that s why the coins have not there I will not play I want a new game I don't like the game
I like this game, but the problems start when u start running out of energy, and when u get to level 40 and up. When u run out if energy you are forced to pay for more, or wait until your meter fills up which takes hours! Then when you get to level 40 and up u need power ups to get through the levels. Everything you use 9 thousand coins to get powerups. You get 3 powerups. Which mean you are good for three levels. When you run out of coins then you can either buy more or go back to the lower levels to farm for coins. So progress is slow. Which is a letdown. Also, I do appreciate the fact that I can practice a new dish but only one customer comes when you are practicing. Lastly, getting an extra set of each station would be helpful in getting food out quicker. Having only one of everything makes it hard and confusing.
When are the new levels going to be available? I have been sitting on level 730 for months and cannot go further. I was so addicted to this game but now considering deleting it because the new updates are too slow coming.
I don't like the game but I want to play pastries and stuff like that you like to play pastries with two girls and friends like to play with your friends and you have to play hot dog I don't like b coz I want to play new game
Rating went from 5 stars to 1. Since the update, game stops unexpectedly. I lose energy and boosters when this happens and its annoying. I love playing this game but this glitch makes it not worth the aggravation. Uninstalled and downloaded again, still experiencing the same issue. Please Fix It!
Update! i disagree it absolutely ridiculous to take 3 Years People to beat a freaking Level . this app Sucks Dont Download all They want is MONEY THE game has so many adds cell phone runs your battery down . its NOT Fun cuz its set to force the gamer to purchace . try Cooking Diary I deleted this sorry Game O M G am Angry Am also gonna Do a Review on Google . theses people dont care about fair or fun. Its Money!!
Love love loveeeeeeeee this game i give it for star because like some of the levels are hard but so far best cooking game ever but the change that i want in this game is that it should be offline and a little easy :)
I love this game even though I had to start all over again but I I hate the fact that I keep getting stuck on 23 but I made it to 20 level 24 but I want to get it past 24
I'm trying this game again, I love this game....still. I do wonder why the movement of characters is not smooth it seems as if it is sticking, I get frustrated with the delayed movement. None of my other games have this problem! if that could be fixed it would be my favorite cooking game ever. Well as of late the game is not sticking anymore all good
I love the game but I've been waiting on new levels for a few months. Are you going to create levels beyond 745?
They place the money bottom to the place that you will accidentally used your money points without having uncessarilly using it
I love this game!..its my all time favourite..not like other games it have many levels abd different dishes!..bt the only problems is no mayter how u play some levels wont complete without using extra boosters like customers,coins etc..after some level u have to earn money by playing the old levels and buy boosters..bt still its interesting to play..
I remember playing this a few years ago on facebook and I stumbled on it again via here. I used to love the game, it was fun and addictive. Now? You have to spend money to go ANYWHERE in the game (your real money, not just game money). You can't move forward even on a low level type of way. Very disappointing.
I just got three stars on level 745 and the game is saying check the store for updates. I am ready to continue the tale right now not wait for an update that might happen. It took a lot to get to level 745.
I have this on my Lg Stylo 5. It is fun but today I have been told to close my app and restart. The only way to close is to uninstall and reinstall. Then I lose my levels etc. I don't know why this is happening but I can't play now. Got any solutions? It is also hard to get money to puchase upgrades at 1 cahnce a day. Sharon
I downloaded the game a few days ago and the Cooking tales is different from the other cooking games that i have played before and had tried it but didn't really like it but this game it's fantastic Please keep up the good work I love it
Nice game the only prob is that some parts of the game requires data besides that I really love it they are so many locations and 1000 and above levels to complete new accessories and new tools with new customers.
i liked this game a lot but now stuck on level 310 since months and its just impossible to get the desired score however much you use power jar or boosters.its very irritating have been practising for months and no power booster helps...offloading the game only now
I really enjoy the game. My company is, You don't always progress on talent. It's more about money to buy boosters THEN you can pass a level.. about to delete it
Cooking Tale is my go to cooking game. I enjoy the different recipes. Would love to see more of a discount on the money you need to have for additional items etc.
it is very good game I loved it and we can learn new recipes in this game and it is good for the kids and also good for time pass really I love this game 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩
I love this game, but as you progress in the levels you start to spend your own money more. No thank you. Fun game, but the requirement to spend money just to get to one star to pass the level is unnecessary.
too bad, u have to use real money to upgrade, and without ugrade its really hard to pass level. gud game for time pass but not worth money u have to spend. its really irritating to play same level again and again and again to clear.. uninstalling it.
I have been playing this game for a long time and i have enjoyed every minute of it i rate 5😍😍😍😍😍
I love this game. This is the only cooking game that I know of where you get to make the dishes with using actual ingredients instead of just tapping on dishes to be cooked and then served. For me this makes it a little bit more advanced in thinking of what you have to do. I also like the fact that there's different restaurants and that's different foods that you make as you pass each level.
This game can be really fun and a great game to enjoy if only it goes all the way through I have to constanly repeat my self quit a few times before I hit a game its really a hard game to play I type out free and this game came on so Im trying my very best to past the levels but its asking for buy things which Im not cause as I said its suppose to be free but Im not gonna give up I been playing this game lots of time pass at least 4 levels couldnt pass no more so I gave up but this time Im not !
It is fun and challenging, but unless you buy those super sale bonuses, you will not win. Trying to just win without buying anything is almost impossible.
I can not pass any level without having to spend money or cash and even then I still cant pass it. Please fix that soon. Its truly a great game. But please fix that problem soon.
Level 18 and you're already trying to get me to spend money.. uninstalled. I nailed the level. Not one unsatisfied customer and still no stars. Don't be greedy! Let me love the game first before making it difficult to succeed without spending money or using boosts. Bye Felicia
I just started playing this game and so far i like it. Right now the levels are not hard but i think it will get harder as i go. I think i will continue to play it. I guess i will recommend this game to a family member or friend.
5 star game fun, challenging but rewarding as levels can all be done without the use of using actual money to buy things or upgrade equipment. Fun for all the family ❀️
All the up grades take those dollar bills .. I have thousands of coins.. But you only get a couple of the dollars.. Im deleting.. Good graphics though...
love this game ive been playing since i was ten years old and now i am twelve almost thirteen been playing almost three years
Get to the point impossible to move forward. To developer: Than you for the response, but...I play the game regular. All the cooking utensils are upgraded by coins. I know all the recipes and constantly move. I keep playing until I have enough for three power ups st once and I still can't move forward for weeks. When I used real money for three more customers, it was a waste, so I'm not doing that again.
I just downloaded onto my phone. I have been playing this for years and love it. Glad to see it available for my phone. After a bit I will consider connecting with facebook.
I like the game yet it makes you use your boosters when you really shouldn't have to. One level your goal is only 260 points, which should be easy to obtain, but it keeps saying use a booster! Also when you run out of energy you can re-up by watching a video yet it says a video = 5 but it only means 1 energy.
So far I haven't had a problem with it. I do love the fact you can replay levels for more coins. Ok, I liked it enough to uninstall and start over! Changed my mind. I had over 4 million in coins and 71 in dollars and it just disappeared one day. I still like it, but if that ever happens again I will stop playing it!
It's too bad I love this game but you can't earn money to buy the upgrades for your kitchen it's a money grab which is unfortunate as the game itself is fun to play. The first 10 levels are easy after that you need to spend your money if you want to get ahead.
Fun to play. I go til I can't get past a level thin I get out of the game and wait several days and.then go again till I hit a level I can't go any further than I stop a couple then start over in a couple of days.
Very very bad game..for past 1 month..i m trying to win a level..but i can't able to win Level 584...i wasted 2lakhs coin to win..tat level..bt i can't win..i have upgraded my tools also bt also i can't win...i have used boosters also bt also i can't win...even i updated the game..bt i did get any new levels..
This is hands down my favorite cooking game, my only issue is i have passed level 745 and it wont let me go through the gate? It just says go to playstore to check for updates but there arent any. When will you update the game so i can move forward in it?
Please update this game and make it more easier to win the levels cuz I'm stuck on 23 and I'm getting all the orders right in the customers are satisfied but I don't know how to how to get past levels 23 please make some improvements on this game cooking tales please make some improvement for next game so it'll be easier to win the levels and more prizes so you can that's why I gave it three stars out of five stars
It is a relaxing game but after a certain time it takes a lot of energy and time to complete one level. That is the reason for giving it 3 stars and not 5.
this game is good but at the broccoli level you can not go away. If you want to go you gave collect or purchase for the green money.
Love it.. the game is easy... you only need to buy power ups sometimes to pass the game... but the money came from the game also, you dont need real money to buy....
I love the game but I just hate that after you upgraded to a certain level than you have to use your dollar money and you don't get them as fast as they come. Takes forever I understand we have to purchase the money to upgrade but I think it's crazy. considering that all the upgraded are by cash now. Give more cash when you watch videos are something. I don't care just make it simple to get more cash to upgrade. one more thing why can't we use our gold coins to upgrade we did at first.
Very nice game. Main thing is good about game is power ups can be bought by coins. so we can proceed further in game
I love ❀😍playing this game...its very interesting and always feel curious to complete further levels😍😊And time goes on....we didnt come to know howπŸ˜‹
I'm trying this game again, I love this game....still. I do wonder why the movement of characters is not smooth it seems as if it is sticking, I get frustrated with the delayed movement. None of my other games have this problem! if that could be fixed it would be my favorite cooking game ever.
I like cookingπŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ tale app i like this app this is one of the 1 st best cooking app game i know this app from2 years but iam playing and uninstalling and again downloading
Now I am stuck at 42 this game never allows you move on this is the fourth time I thought I should give it a try again but...... Still this game is the same last time when I installed this app it was more than two years ago now that I have finished my studies I tried this stupid game again and found that it is still same...... I remember last I uninstalled this game for the same reason and because of the same level that is on 40's...... Ahhh
Love it! It gets challenging as you go along. Not too hard but not easy either. Like that the levels are harder as you advance.
Great game to play; good for ppl who may not know how to cook.. lots of glitches still need fixing- game will freeze or shut down.
Keeps cheating!! No matter how fast or if use boaters can't get more than 1 star on 5 different levels!!! What a rip off goodbye!!!πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ί
I had reached level 745 like an year before. Now I cant see levels beyong 745 and I dont see any update beyond this level. Love this game.
So is this what u people do? Make games that are difficult to make people pay. Lmfao just say its a game for rich and who haven't been hit hard with debt or anything due to covid.
Iam stuck on a level 407 and have used boosters also, everything possible, but still not able to cross that level. The main problem is that when I use boosters a person comes in the play many times who does not pay and all my boosters go waste. I feel the makers dont want us to win the levels and keep spending money. Ridiculous game, plse dont download the game if u wish to maintain ur sanity.
Why this game is not coming up with new restaurants after the last one ( Chilli Wagon) , the app is saying to go for an update, but not providing new levels after update also. What should I suppose to do now?
It's a fun game and has enough challenge. But after a certain level, you need to replay previous levels over and over to get enough coins to upgrade or boost and finish the level. I think that's very boring, monotonous and tedious. You should give more coins and money after finishing a level. Or create events, daily quests, achievement system, mini games, accessorizing characters, online play with others, etc. to make it more fun. Otherwise just delete the app and play a better different game.
This game is fun! unfortunately like so many others it gets impossible to advance without spending money!!! Seems like that's all it's about anymore.
Very fun game starting out. Easy to pick up the recipes, and I thought the pace was great. But then this game puts you in the same position all cooking games do. You cannot beat a level because your equipment is not fast enough--upgrades quickly become too expensive to add to your kitchen. Result: too slow, angry diners, no next level love. This game Requires Real Money. I reached Level 44 and was completely defeated:( Just play til it's no fun then uninstall. like I'm about to do now ;)
When you don't win a level they should give you a second chance to win it because it's a lot of customers you have to fix food for and they leave very quickly they should do some improvement on this game make them stay and wait a little longer for their food the customers cuz everybody don't move that fastand I'm tired of being stuck on level 23 I want to get past level 23 and 24 so I can win the game so I can take it off my phone
Woudful game I love it it's very relaxing some level are harder then other but all all it's fun to me love it
I enjoy it. But sometimes the levels are very boost dependent and that makes it not as fun.. pay to win is boring. Over all i enjoy it 5hough and would say it's worth playing if you like fast paced quick thinking games
Seemed like a good game, Cant get past level 21 cant use coins to upgrade can only use the green dollars and there is no way to get enough green dollars unless willing to use real money which i am not gonna do it looks like i shouldnt of even downloaded an hour ago waste of time
I really enjoy playing the game.The only problem is the daily reward.The player must imagining were is the cash.
I love this game. Great to past time. I also love how easy it is to earn energy and bucks to spend. There is a bug that needs to be fixed, when you are playing sometimes it doesn't collect your money for the dishes and you looses a turn as well as energy. Its also hard to report since there is no way to go back and screenshot the board. I have also lost money on premiumware purchases this way. I also would suggest starting some sort of cooking competition where we can compete against other teams. Competitions are great ways to keep the players engaged. We can create cooking groups and compete against other cooking groups.
It's a cheater game, it intentionally not let the player cross the stages. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Do Not play this game it's a cheating set up game. You will lose your money. The game is cheap. Fix your game for a later review. I played for free. I never buy anything. The graphics are great. May I ask you what did you do with the being able to get 3 customers. This game has problems I just played the game for all to read I think the game has great plan and could be a great game to play. I have made it to level 55. All I am saying is fix it for enjoyment to PLAY. .T. what my 9.00 gone.so bye
Great game make more ☺☺☺☺☺☺ there are no bugs and this is basically what I love about the game....keep it up