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Cooking Games: Restaurant Game

Cooking Games: Restaurant Game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Appricot Studio - 2D Games located at Dubai, UAE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I know ads are important for some reason. Going overboard with em. Takes away the fun. Got more ads. Than TV have commercials!!! Not to be rude tho Thank you!
This game is terrible needs much more improvements. Here are some of the problems: Print too smallI'm, no rewards, layout of the game is all wrong.Pictures are also small. It needs to be taken out of the game market period.All of ur games needs improvements or replaced. Shouldn't have been out yet until they were worked on some more.
I would have given it five stars if it weren't for the ads popping up all the time. I know this is how we get the games for free but this is too much. Other than that the game is fun.
Pretty fun and fast paced. Good controls. Only default is way too many ads. only reason why I don't rate 5 stars.
very dissapointing !!😑😑 After every level i complete its showing popup of Google play and nothing is happening then a new starts but again its showing popup,so i uninstalled the app plz fix it
I've only played three levels after getting through all the ads every time but they do let you fast-forward which is awesome so far so good
i love cooking games. an i like this one but everytime i try to give the costumers a drink it won't let me so i lose. so im deleting
Playing the game is no problem. How can I enjoy the game when all these irritating ads continuously pop up? Also, the game loads up very slow. Whoever developed this game needs to fix it. Upgrade it!
it's really very awesome game, but they only will update the thing and we can't go back also, if we don t want to update also we should update it and waste our money, but you all can try it's really very good game .πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Way to many adds!!!! Before each level and after each level, so after finishing a level you must watch 2 adds to start next lvl. Too greedy ppl got nothing (from me at least). This trash is in trash. Today is April, 6 2019 . Nothing got changed since my first review, and I got response from customer service saying they will. May be instead of trying to make developers develop good game you have to change developers?
gonna uninstall cant get ads off so you can play game buttons do nothing would like game but not gonna spend an hour trying to get to game let us know when it actually works
It's an amazing game and a good time pass the thing that you can't stop yourself πŸ˜‚ till someone tell you to. Loved it
so far its good but only on level 3. i love the tapping instead of dragging food. but waaaaaay too many ads.
Too many ads. Literally before every level and after every level. Otherwise I imagine it would be a fun game, however I got to level 3 and gave up because of the adverts. Huge put off. Disappointed
The game would be a lot better if it didn't lag so much. Not too happy with it. I really don't recommend playing the game unless it's fixed. Sorry but the game sucks!
Too many ads. Literally every 5 seconds an ad will appear. I regret wasting my 10 minutes of my time on this app. Deleted it immediately.
Slow to load to get to next game it freaks out at times. no its sitll slow been waiting for it to be fixed and its still slow
Wow! A game that actually takes into consideration our individual abilities! I love this game! Even the ads show a different style of gaming and I actually look forward to trying some of them!
Very fun i love it. Can be frustrating at times as it can get hard as the levels go on, but I really do love this game.
Sorry. If I could have given this game a 1/2 star. I would have. WAY TO MANY ADS. One before each game is ridiculous. Players should be able to get through a level and then ads. Or at least give coins or diamonds for watching an every "mimi movie". PLAYED THE FIRST LEVEL....THEN UNINSTALLED. This games is all about ads. Sorry, waste of time.
I like the game! Tho you are offline, you can still play this. I hope this game wont require internet connection in the far level because I dony have stable internet connection.
This game is literally one of the best all-time games. However...the ONLY negative flaw is WAY too many ads. A shame, the ads are bad enough that I don't even want to play.
i cant even play it the consent thing comes up and i cant even push accept Thank u..issue i was having is resolved..im excited the game is fun...i will let you know more later
This cooking game is a really fun game...there are many easy ways for crossing levels... the design and graphics of the game is really amazing... I love to play this game in my spare time... this game is really fabulous.
I love it it so awesome and I love how you can make all kinds of food instead of just burgers and stuff like that
Too many ads and also 5 different things going on at the next starting level? lol. My fingers are going to fall off, lol.
after reading all the comment i think i am deleting it.. first it really has too many ads 2nd it nit easy to win... after each level i keep upgrading everything and i keep losing.. this game is soooooooooo bad
your ads kill the whole game it's a ad everywhere you look I dont mind 1 or 2 but soon as I opened your app it's a ad after every round it's a ad its ads everywhere you killed it for me after watching ads I dont want to play anymore it takes the fun out of it thanks but no thanks
i hate the game because it allows show me act we I'm play the game a big White box set in middle of it. i hate it
game is fun. adds are atrocious pay for no adds right away or you will spend more time watching them than playing. But I guess have to pay the bills right. loading time is pretty long.
way too many adds. Can't play due to the adds. $18.00 for a starter pack, how ludicrous. waste of time to play. UNINSTALLING
I like the game but I have way too many ads and when you try to hit the food to give to the customers it don't do it right away
It's so enjoyable, I love it, but I'm in level 10 right now & I've finished working at the first three shops, now I wanna start working at the coffee one, but it keeps saying coming soon, I have no idea how to open it, I'm so sad cuz I love this game so much!
so far so good...just downloaded this game and im really enjoying it!!!! but just as everyone else has said/complained, there are TOO MANY ADS!!!!! Ive only completed the first 6 levels so far and have had 12-16 ads pop up already!!! 1 before the level starts and one after and one or 2 inbetween. yall really REALLY need to fix this!! id watch t.v if i wanted to watch just commercials!! come on guys, tighten it up!!
Only just started, but seems good. I will update after 100 levels. It is ad heavy, but its free and gives gems generously. Just fast forward them or turn your wi fi off, but you will miss out on double coin ads. Food looks good too.
I will rate it 5 stars. If the creator of this gamw will remove the to long adds before and after the game. Because is to much real annoying and disgusting.
Too many ads. It interrupts the game play too much for interest to be maintained. I installed. And quickly uninstalled.
Well i agree with the others...way too many ads. they pop up when you finish a level and try to go to the next...they pop up before you even start a level...and you have to wait to close them. i would watch ads to get free gems but not like this game has them. and I'm only on the 4th level! trying to replay the levels to get the key and here come the ads. Btw i never download games from ads unless i choose to watch the ads. sad cause game seems nice but will delete.
i like this game so far i just dont like how long it takes 2 load. other than that oh and the too many ads.
Too many ads for me and it slows the game up with every ad. Would of gave ya a Five for what the game was but the ads did it for me.
Played the game for maybe 40 minutes to an hour just now.. The game is fun to play, but I already notice 1 down fall & it happen to be when you watch an Add to double your coins you don't receive them unless you sometimes play that certain level again which is an inconvenience.. Therefore I have to give it 3🌟🌟🌟
Nice game...but...it takes time to open it ..also to each level,consume time again to start...bored... Try to fix it...
Cooking stop is a really intresting game... I love to play this game... It is actually a good timepass... I cannot stop playing this game... amazingly designed.
would love try it but wont let me get pass the accept or deny part try clicking it nothing . sucks so guess wont be able say so 1 star for now
Hi!When i finished until level 90 in this game,and it cannot go up to further level,as i also had managed to unlock all the key.Is it level 90,is the last level as i can't continue the game.
it's a very good game for a time pass like if you are not anable to do one shop you can use another shop but you should have level to that but it's a nice game and the + point is if you uninstall this app and then download again on which level you leave the game you can start the game.
it a okay game.. I would rate higher but it takes at least a minute to reload in between levels, the prices are ridiculously high to upgrade after level one. 3 🌟
would have given 5 stars if the game didn't keep asking me to buy the stop ad bundle for$20..... I like the game play and the graphics are good too. To have to pay $20 just to stop the ads is a little extreme.....Ijs
πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽIts a fueled ad app. 4 sec ads through every game. 15 and 20 secs of ads for double coins. Lucky if you get a double. And more ads within ads. Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads 🀦😡 Gave me a sore πŸ€•
irate five stars because this game is a good time killer. But everything is so expensive for as in upgrades. Please work on that to improve your game thank you