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Cooking Spies Food Simulator Game

Cooking Spies Food Simulator Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Mighty Game Studio located at Rehman Pura Narowal, Punjab. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I rate it a 3 because its a good game but you cant cook what tou want to its always a recipe but when your doing tye recipie you dont find the cooking supplies and bake it it gives you all the ingredients so all you do is stand there and put them in the bowl please fix the game so you can do freestyle and cook what tou want to.
Intructions! intructions! intructions! Ads! ads! ads! I wanna cook what i wanna cook no more intructions! Or ads
It is not what I thought it'd be , I thought that I will do whatever I want to do cook anything but basically they just give you instructions on what to do but it's a nice game 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 I even learnt to cook other things , bit there are only about 5 recipes
Okay I've completed all the dishes with all full of 3 stars and ... Nothing else to do.. No free explore mode.. Why we must follow the rules that developer set?.. Boring...πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ At least give us do what we wanted to do.. Free explore! Create creative dishes by ourselves, please developer upgrade it πŸ’ͺ
It was a really fun game and it was just what I was looking for. But i wish at the end it would let us make what ever but no guides just the recipe
I will give it 1 star only why because when you play the game it will stuck into pink screen I wass so angry about this I like the gameplay I watch it on youtube but when I was playing it will turn in pink screen can you fix this for me I will give you 5 stars if you fix it
This game is not even close to the way the real cooking simulator but can the developer update that other people order why don't the developer take a look at that game
It has toooooo many ads everytime you finish your recipe and your going to put it into the delivery the pop up
First of all it's a online game. Then we didn't avoid adds.. every level ends one add pop-up there. but the game is good to play. If you want simulation game this is ok..
Everything looks fine,but maybe there's a little bit you need to fix or add,like a music,please put some music in the menu,i only hear a one song,and it's repeat again and again and again,and the music sounds familiar, please put another to make the game enjoyable
It's not such a good game.and when I play it's just a light pink or purple color and it has music and then 10 secs later it's starts to lag and do weird think and then 5 secs later it duz the weird music again and it's not a game it's just music
It's a good game but the instruction is too much like this is a simulation game so please let us do want we want
The controls could use a little bit of improvement, but the main point that makes me give this 3 stars is the fact that the game is done through levels, I wish it was casual, with sandbox type of orders, where everything is random and not "locked" on most dishes, this game has potential so I hope the game will function like a actual shop with a actual chef cooking random dishes all at once.
Umm nice but there are only 9 items to cook . I thought this game would be like table manners dating game . I also dont like the controls πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
It's not bad but I don't think you should let players follow the instructions on the top most of the time
Great but could you make it free I mean to cook what you want that would be great no levels just having fun cooking what you want
i was playig on mypc and i was like playing on my ipod and there was no way to make it were it is like i was playing on pc that made me mad because it looked like a really fun play wishi can play it but i cant can u fix that because i really want to play iy but i cant i want to play on my pc and play the game not o my ipod so if u cn do that that is great thank u :)
it tells me what to do and its the walmart version of the 14 dollar kitchen simulater i mean it ok but let us do what we want o and its boring idk why i got it lol
This game is relaxing and fun 🀠, the sound is amusing and the background is fabulous. I should totally recommend you to download the application right now.
Im speachless,like how does a offline game require internet connection like Dafuq?,and the lag is so painful,if you want people to download your game then fix the lag and the whole online thing or just remove the offline tag and replace it with a online one so that people can know that the game is online.....if those two problems are fixed then ill maybe change my review and download the game.....
I would be giving it 4 stars rather than 5 because there should be a map on the top that where the things and where we are
It's a very realy amazing game beacase it's give a task like make a omlate, coffee, milk and I like to make things in game
The idea of the game is great, but the execution sucks. The controls are very slow. The graphics are mediocre. With some work, this could become an amazing game.
I played this game and i was so exited and then a checked it out. But my screen turned into pink and i heard some playful music and calling a phone and typing on a keyboard sound. I thouth this game was wonderful but its not.😐 I rate this a one star sorry you need to fix this
I want to walk faster, and i don't like the way it morphs, it looks so weird. So please can you fix these problems? Oh, and can you add more levels?
I rate this 2 because it only has 12 recipes and in real game we can cook any anything but if you do that everyone is going like hope you add that feature
Ads pop up every 30 sec, i understand this is how the game makes money but it is pretty annoying. The game is only about following intrusions so the player can not really troll or use their creativaty. I recomend this to the age under 10 maybe? This is from a 13 year.
It is so boring its dumd and it really has no effort put into it. It has to many ads and you can't do anything you want you really can't be yourself plus it freezes to much it allways gives you instructions and it and it also lags to much one day i came on the game and it was stuck on the loading screen when i reset my phone it still was stuck on the loading screen please make this game better
You cant do much,you can just tap,move around and watch the things do itself. And the worst is the ads,lots of ads.
It would be more fun if you could cook your own recipes instead of specific ones and can actually screw up the orders and less ads.
Awsome this I the best virtual app ever!!!! But I wish it works without internet...I'm hoping for lots of more recipes and some challenging ones.. anyways It gives u a feeling like ur cooking in real life!!!
I give this a one star because there is ad's every 4 mins and it is a good game but its way to many ad's
This is This is a very good and cool game You got to learn how to make coffee Pizza omelette. But in this 4-5 ingredients available If there are more more ingredients, I will gift 5 star. But need to more improve.
This game is fine but, why do we need internet connection in an offline game? And there's always ads after every action. But this is alright. It's a good game.
it's okay for a mobile game, I just wish it worked more like the PC version. being able to control the amount you pour, what you pick up, being able to break things (really just like playing on pc just mobile) would be great.
I would rate this 5 star if only you would fix some things like the music that keeps repeating again and again, and whenever I choose the menu I like it keeps on showing the way on how to cook it even though I've cooked it many times. This game may be a masterpiece but I can't do much what I wanted to do in the kitchen excluding the menu picking. Well overall this game is a masterpiece in some other ways
Overall the game is good didn't like the fact that there's only 8 things you can make, and it's doesn't necessarily let you make what you want.
Dont play this. Tutorial treats you like an idiot, you cant do things freely (that means you cant use wrong ingredients and make inedible trash)
First its online Second we are not going to avoid ads after every level Third its a very good game Please make more games like this but no Ads and offline
I like the game but when you do all the things you need to do there's no other things to cook you just do it over and over again boring if you ask me😴 play it and see if you agree with me. And I agree with a button were you can change the music.
It always shows me check your internet connection again and again. I have reinstalled the game 5 times but it shows me the same thing. I even checked the wifi connection of my phone and it was all well and good. I will recommend the app developers to fix this problem as soon as possible. Other than that the game is good to go. THANK'S FOR READING...... πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Nice but the graphics shall be better and all recipies shall be free and we can serve customers snd ask about dish
I only give 2 stars for. This game because it's. graphics are not too good and and it's music is just like that if a small kids watching baby tv on YouTubeπŸ˜’
I was so excited to play this .i installed then when i opened it it just started playing music and the screen was pink. Please fix this i was really interested in this game
Good Job but there is too many ads I can't enjoy the game because of the Ads if you will fix the ads i will make this 5 stars thanks
I hate it it is the worst game that I ever played!!!!! Suggestion:make it freely to make any dish like cooking simulator in PC and I'll rate you 5 stars ok?
This app is garbage, when i download the app i just saw a pink all is pink but i hear the sound of it, this gaebage waste of time! Please fix it i wanna try this game its good but it has a bug, please fix it i really like this game
This game containes so many ads I mean it pop every 1min , unfortunately it always teach you what to do which make the game pretty boring . Although, this game was amazing !
The game is really awesome ..but can you make it more real,please?..like egg be more realistic and the restaurant be more realistic too not just a photo!πŸ˜…...and thanks in advance ❀
The tutorials should be optional Also wayyyyyyy too many ads. Seriously. Money grabbing at its finest.
Good game but controling is a bit hard and also the recepies r not various just four foods to make and everytime with tips appeaing above the screen . It would have been better if we could make foods on our own and cut vegetables or meats non-automatically.
Graphics and movement are great it's different from other cooking games like the sounds but I think you would get more in to it and feel more real if u could turn the music of
So interesting game specially for those who really like about this job. But just a little bit hard to manage the movement of the game. But so nice game😍look so delicious all of the drinks and dessert
this game is so fun but there's one thing that I don't like about it it is when the music plays over and over πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Why the game have to teach us how to cook when we completed the tutorial??can you let us do what we want and see what to do on the menu? And also the graphics are good but kinda laggy. I kinda liked the game but the childish music needs to be better. I don't just hate it I'm just saying.
I'ts not working I've been waiting for two hours but my screen is only pink I only wasted my time by waiting for two hours,please fix the game 😑😑😑
This game is good enought for me to play and the problem is that the game could be like a lil just a lil more real plzzzz make it a lil more real i could really use that....thanks
Easy navigating and recipes. I would be glad if there will be more recipes. i hope that i can use the kitchen freely.
the game it self was great its a bit laggy and even with my wifi turnd off the adds came throw and the adds are all fore the same thing i cant do enything i want to do wich is the resun i wanted to get in the first plays so if you want to mess up a resipe get a real cooking sim
It's a really rubbish game!!!! The buttons are really confusing and the game itself is borring 😑😑😑😑. I would give it zero stars if I could! And also the graphics are really bad!!
It's not the best I was hoping for something more realistic and something that would made me create more adrenaline rush this game is good for maybe some 6 year old I don't recommend to older the graphics is ok and all
The game is quite fun to play, though there are some key points making it really annoying. There WAY too many ads, every 5 minutes there is an ad, and when I serve the order there is yet another one. Also, i dont think that there is a need to show where everything is and mark it according to the instructions, and there shouldn't be any instructions if the LED is right in front of you on the recipe.
i wish i could give 0 stars. all i wanted to do was poison people.. but this.. this poisoned my brain.
I completed it now what it doesn't give you free play or anything it just makes it so you can make what ever is on the LED
you dont get to cut your own fruits or veggies and it always has enstrusins at the top but over all its a deccent app.
This game is too boring. In that game we want to pick up something and cook it. And another one it online game they put this is offline but it online.i don't like this game.sorry
So there are only 9 dishes you can make in the whole game. They are all tutorial dishes dishes and you don't actually get to cook. I thought after the tutorial the game was gonna start but it it ended with nothing else to do but make the same dishes.