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Cooking Life: Crazy Chef's Kitchen Diary

Cooking Life: Crazy Chef's Kitchen Diary for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Art Ocean Inc. located at 8825 53 AVE ELMHURST, NY 11373. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game.. It will be more better if they could bring clothes every day. And keep updating the game and add more features.
Love the game. The levels are to where you might get stuck for a minute but you can get through them pretty good
Ok to pass the time but sadly unlike Cooking Craze, its unrealistic to quickly progress, it takes far too long to get new lives and the cost of diamonds to upgrade everything or get extra help is also unrealistic
Please fix the glitch....I need two more keys to get to the next restaurant after the steakhouse(spaghetti)I keep surpassing the dollar amount to advance, but the game freezes and I have to keep playing the same level and my dollar amount does not increase even though I get 100 coins over what the level requires to move on to the next, nor is it giving me a key!!! If I purposely dont pass the level,it will take away a life.
I love the game but just not enough time to finish levels we watch more videos than a little bit. I had over 138,000 coins in just a few spins at the wheel i was broke because each spin cost you more and more i feel as if the game is designed for you to take losses i put energy into playing this game and its just not worth it so i am unistalling it maybe it will get better in the future. Good Luck New Comers
Beyond happy with the app and the team behind the app. I experienced some glitch and the support team lived up to their name... it feels good to know that they really do care about the app players and they are willing to do what they can can to make the game even more amazing.
It is nice game l like it everyone can try it. It will not make you feel bored and the reason why I am giving it 4 stars because many a times you have to buy things which you don't want but still it ok it very nice game ๐Ÿ˜„
I just started playing this game and I'm in love already! Fast paced fun with colorful graphics. Alot like Cooking Diary...Hopefully this one will be ALOT LESS EXPENSIVE than Cooking Diary! Great game this one is!
I was Really Enjoying the game until it came to watching the ads for the Rewards or for Extra Customers or more seconds to continue the game. The ads will play, but I Can't get back to the game. I have lost coins and time because of these ads
You don't need gems to get more done. Plus take away the time management then you people have more playing the game. Plus you don't need to buy clothes or anything else like food because this is a game not real life. I like the game & all that but if take those away then it would be a lot better game. That's why only gave it a 3.
I like the game. I just wish it offered lives if you lose a level instead of having to pay to win. Uninstalling.
Awesome game, but the time is really the fast tho? I mean, every I can win the game, the time is always making me lose. So...can you change of the time of its game, and make it a more fairer.. Pls I'm not a fast hand or masturbate expert....
The game is good. I like the option of watvhing ads to gain rubies or continue a level if you lose. However, the ads after each level is annoying. Also, to purchase clothes is too expensive. Something like $1000+ or like 200 rubies for a shoes or a shirt!
My best players keep getting removed from my guild and "only the person that removed them knows why" and won't tell me. One is a friend - she did nothing wrong. Also, daily quests ask for coins to be spent on food / kitchen upgrades even after all upgrades are done so you can't complete daily quests, so you can't get the whole week of rewards. SO MAD. Not many players. I'm down to 4.
The game was great at first and now that I have opened the mousse shop I haven't been able to put toppings on it ever and I need you to fix the problem I erased the game and reloaded it again and it still doesn't work. You need to fix the problem.
Needs more creativity. I've been playing cooking dairy for over a year now and enjoy it. However as others mention the money grab turned me away from the game. I would like to see more creativity far as different event updates, better graphics and game play. I don't want to play the same exact game as cooking dairy so I do hope they add more of a personal touch to it. If other players are saying it's a copy and I have to agree. We need more originality from the creators so it can be better.
Its a really fun game to play, just need to lower the cost of diamonds for equipment and such but overall good!
Started off great, some levels a real challenge but it is now bombarding me with ads, buy this , buy that. You need ridiculous amounts of diamonds just to continue when you need them to get upgrades. The game stalls just as you think you are winning the level and what is it with the emojis? They slow down progress so that you miss stuff, then it's back to the ads nagging at you to buy more.
I love the game very much ,its my fvrt,but i m very disappointed to this update after updating this its too slow plz change the updates..๐Ÿ’”
Keep on crashing. I can't open the app to play the game. I try to uninstall and installed again it's the same. please fix this issues. thank you.
I hope yall are working with Cooking Dairy cause this is a shameless white rip off. At least give a chance to skip the tutorial the first few things ok 5 levels later don't need it. Only thing i like were the cute customers and how they don't get angry as fast.
Well i have jst started playing this game nd tbh i m enjoying this it so far its like a breath of fresh air, u need a lot of diamonds to upgrade stuff nd u get plenty of opportunities to earn em which is really appreciated, the graphics r great too the only problem i have is that i didnt receive the 50 diamonds i was promised when i logged into my fb account :(
Love the game so far!! My only negative is that they've copied the art/gameplay/design of Cooking Diary almost exactly. You would not be able to tell screenshots of the games apart. I wish they were confident enough in their game to do something unique to their own ideas! I hope to see that in the future.
Love this game but I've been in the fried fish restaurant forever,so excited to just update it thinking I'd be able to open a new restaurant but sadly no,how much longer till a new one opens please x
It's absolutely awesome game!!!! But, just need some improvements like, more decorations, more outfits, more hairstyle, more restaurants and also, improved much better the graphics. Hope, you add this to the next update ๐Ÿ˜. Keep this up๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š!
Love this game but, it could use a little fine tuning. The games controls are to hard to use. Fix this and I'll up the stars.
Even though it's a carbon copy of Cooking Diaries, which I played for over a year and no kidding spent well over a grand on it. Ridiculous. I like this better because there are so many ways to get gems and money and so far I haven't been bombarded with buy this you only have 15 min ads. Thanks for making a superior game!!! I for sure love it!!
Its a great game. Hate energy type games tho takes too long to wait. Hard to upgrade things without actually spending money on diamonds so that is truly annoying. Also the search for guilds is messed up even wen u put in the parameters it still only would bring back ones that r already full. Other than that i do like the actual gameplay.
edit: thanks such a good game but anything it's like cooking diary dress up kitchen so why it's not copy???
Why the game keep on crashing everytime I open the game? Need to on and off the phone alot of times? I have update all the restaurant tools but still cannot go to a new level? Why is that so?
This game is the best!! You can design your restaurant, you can design your character and you can play the game as and actual chef!! You need to download this game!
You can play for a little bit, but then if you don't spend money you can't get any further. Some places is timed people don't come out, some time you have to double tap, which waste time. When I complained they said your not fast enough. I went 20 games without a miss, missed one then won 15. They cheat you a lot. You can play the same level for weeks, pay money you will win the next try. Haven't played in months.
Just a remake of cooking diary just different restaurants. A p2w game forcing you to buy diamonds for upgrades deleting.
I can't download the second restaurant! I tried to uninstall it once then download it again, I thought that for the second time I installed the app I can download the second restaurant but still I can't have the second restaurant which is the doughnut shop. I'm disappointed.
Just began playing and I like the game. It is similar to Mytona's Cooking Diary with one major exception. It's much easier to get diamonds needed to upgrade. The rubies in Cooking Diary are few and far between unless you purchase them. I don't mind buying stuff to advance in a game, but not constantly. This game might be the same way, once you advance levels. Don't know as yet.
Please fix the issues with the internet my internet is fine! I can't help my guide mates because it says I have no internet again my internet is fine! Other than that i love this game!
Really enjoying game, fun progression without too many ads with plenty of opportunities to watch ads for bonus/rewards by choice.
Layout is good. You must use boosts to win levels alot. This game will eat $$$$. Example you need to serve 16 ppl in a minute 30 sec. They only give you 15 ppl. You have lots of time left but no more customers. Buy an extra 30 sec and 3 more customers for $2. RIP OFF .
Just started and its a lot like cooking diary. I hope it doesnt take as much space tho. Overall a pretty good game
If you want to play This game,. You got to have the talent,. Interest and speed#๐Ÿ’ฏโšกโšกโšกโšกโšก !
If you want to improve the game lower the price of the gems and coins or increase the amount you receive.
I like the game. There are the various snafues and the numerous popup ads. As long as I do not have to achieve levels then it is entertaining enough.
Every round when it comes time to give a wing/leg in the corner left/right the waitress freezes and cant give it to the custom.That makes the game suck because you cant get passed the level. When that happens you wait hours for more energy. Please fix this glitch. Also every restaurant game shows tiles to hit to serve the customers I have yet to find them. Help with that also Thank you. You fix those 2 problems & I'll rate this game alot higher because other than the 2 glitches it's a fun game.
Very fun game!! Great graphics, easy to control movement, great that they offer gems for rewards!!! Awesome game!
The three booster icons are too big and too close to the snack bars (far right side) which makes it quite annoying when trying to select snacks during peak time and ended up selecting the dish boost. Maybe move the 3 boosters elsewhere. Another major issue: for some reason the upgraded stuff doesn't take effect until returning from other restaurants which makes me lose level after level despite maxed out upgrades.
I like that so much for my game but it is really good for me I get to know what I do so fast good get all 4 star get winner myself I am great good job love ๐Ÿ’˜ ๐Ÿ’ฏ
This game is a money grab, It should not cost over 100 gems plus coins to upgrade things and the amount to purchase boosters is ridiculous and also Im on level 34 in the dessert part of the game and i have beaten this level 3 times only for it to freeze and i have to close it out and replay the level again after using 200 of my gems to get more time, until you fix this i will not play again.
Game is very nice ! graphics much better than cooking diary. 1โ˜… less because of annoying ads that comes automatically after some stages! and please don't change the game icon of boy.
Love it this is better than cooking diary because it takes alot of space I'm glad this is similar but not hard to get gems thank you for making this wonderful game it really helps me concentrate and not being bored ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— I'm addicted to this game it's the best