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Cooking Joy 2

Cooking Joy 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Top Girl Games located at 香港新界沙田. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really really like this game I have played a bunch of cooking games and discouraged by having to have $ to play or too many etc but this game is fun and easy paced
This is very interesting game after every 10 lv a new dish open that thing I like very much many free gifts I collect every day and that gifts help me to compete the level easily I really like this game very much
Loved the game until the end. Spent money on diamonds, etc., only to play the last restaurant before the restaurants 'coming soon' alert. Had no idea the app wasn't fully developed otherwise I would not have spent the money. Tried contacting the developer twice to no avail. In these tough times, the least they can do it respond. Google is investigating.
fun. love the new update and the way I want my character to look!! a great game to pass time. Cant wait for cooking joy 3!!
Great game just a pain if you dont purchase stuff to play but Im not going to purchase anything just to play this game so I guess Ill delete it love the game just wish they would do things like the other games I play
Why i lost my levels again nd again thats not right if it will be once again i will delete the game playing back previous levels is so irritating😡
Where is the update? Like so many others I have been waiting months for the update. If you are at the Ramen Bar do NOT spend any money purchasing diamonds because you will not be able to use them past level 190.
Really fun game other than it takes 5 energy (while your only giving one ever 20 mins),chicken really hard to load on grill and have to watch ad every time i want to use settings
Instantly deleted game after 5 minutes!!! Only game I've played where you lose stars for winning levels!! Love the graphics and concept that's the only reason I'm giving 1 star
stuck on level 90 refuse to pay to play a game, lives run out too quick other games as you beat a level you keep lives .Can not get past this level thinking it's now time to uninstall Does nobody answer reviews unless they are positive
Best game ever! No ads, realistic food (makes me hungry 😂) and you don't wait for a long time to regain energy. Lovely game. Highly recommended, if you haven't downloaded it yet, download NOW!
DO NOT PLAY this game!! That is unless you care to spend a LOT of money to get to the next levels. At first the game will let you go pretty far but then to get to the next levels you have to purchase diamonds and the upgrade items in order to get through it. Then when you do get through a level it will only give back to you less than what you put into it to get through it. In addition, you have to watch a LOT of commercials for other game apps, insurance, and prescription drugs. I deleted the app
Love the graphics and the general challenge the game offers but once i hit the "waiting for an update", "restaurant coming soon" i kind of gave up. I've finished every level and there's nothing else to play except star levels. Hope they update soon.
The control of the game by tapping is awesome. It's impossible to make mistake. But i don't like the use of energy to start level. If the energy increase every time you level up then its ok but no it stuck at 50 all the time. Upgrading needs a lot of money but so hard to generate money. I even play all three parts at each level still not enough money. And dont let me start with all the ads at the end of every level. Its annoying
Its beginning to annoy me. Its been telling me "coming soon" since like forever. I updated it thinking it was an update problem. Do something!
I like the game but I don't like running out of energy. The unlimited time is cool but 10 minutes isn'r enough time.
Shame. I finished the island on cooking joy "1" to find there are no other levels. My disappointment was lessened when I saw a CJ"2"! But after playing about 1/2 hour, I unistalled it. Boring, too easy, harder to understand the "rewards". I wish they had just made more levels on the original version. Edit *I guess there isn't a 3.*
I loved this game at first. But it has been months since they added new levels. At this point, I am stuck playing the old levels. And it repeats 3 levels many times before I can play my favorite levels. I contacted the developer 2 times and didn't get a reply. I'm giving up. 😡
I like the difficulty level of the game. However, I don't like how I beat a level and still loose my hearts. I wish you would make it to where if you beat a level you are aloud to not loose lives. That way I can keep playing.
NOT PLEASED I have played Cooking Joy. I love it it so when I realized Cooking Joy 2 was available "I was like YEA BUDDY"!!! Of course when you first play any game its AMAZING!! But soon after something comes lurking out. The game response to your selections DEFINITLEY has a slight delay. I thought this was in my head or poor connection. So I returned back to Cooking Joy to just analyze this a smidgit more, with every selection the repsonese was quick w/o any extra boost added.
Great game, addicted, but it stops.. been waiting for update on next level/ restaurant to open. Still waiting... going to uninstall.... such a disappointment!! Also need to fix the energy/lives. Even though you didn't die, you lose the energy/lives, so you could only play 5 levels before you're out of lives...
Game was fun at first ,then made level hard to pass unless you buy .overall STUPID GAME !!!!! JUST WANT MONEY !!!!!
Very fond of this game but all of a sudden the new restaurant was not getttingbupdatted .so I uninstalled the game. Loved playing this game.
You have to buy too much lighting, diamonds and coins you enjoy the game but just don't have the money to buy all the extras
Would have been a 5 star but have waited for over 3 months to continue in the game...been playing the same 3 boxes that long😐 this is how many more months later...still playing the same 3 boxes been 2 more months still playing same boxes...give a bit then will delete game
Its fun at first then whenever you get on up into the game of course it gets harder but the time doesn't allow you to finish the orders before the time Runs Out and you can play the same game for three weeks in a row and never get enough time it cuts it off before you can even play if it doesn't fix momentarily I'm going to just delete it not worth it
VERY FUN GAME!😁I sure wish I was able to wear a different outfit and different hairstyle everyday in the game.that would make the game alot more fun!😁😀
Its very nice,no adds affordable things. Is really good game but one thing I don't like about it is that you can't buy the dresses although is affordable (10 coins) but they won't allow you to buy it. Apart from that the game is the best cooking game ever
I really love dis game because it's very helpful, for example if u are unhappy there's no other choice than to concentrate, so at dat moment all ur worries will suddenly disappear,so the only problem is when you are out of(energy) despite the fact, that am still ratting you 5 good star(🌟)
You make the games impossible the higher level you go. I will not pay for the gems and it takes a week or two to collect. Also the replay or use ??? Comes up and your so busy playing that you have use your gems or extras when you really didnt want to use them .
Was fun until I hit waiting for an update, and have been waiting for a long time with no information. Don't spend money on the game if you are anywhere by the ramen levels or be stuck with unusable stuff until they update, if ever. I am still waiting on the update....I downgraded to a one star due to lack of communication and updates by the programmers. I have been waiting almost a year and no one will answer contact requests.
Can seem to get past Jessica's task. Level 190 keeps say coming soon. Its four (4) months now. What's happening?
I would have given this game a five star because it is really good, however, the time provided to pass the harder levels is not enough. You have to serve 51 customer in 90 seconds at the game speed it is not enough time.
Hey I enjoyed all the levels of this game.. but there was a problem. I'm waiting for 6 months but the next levels are not coming yet. Still waiting. A new update is needed to open the next levels. Otherwise I will uninstall this game and suggest others that don't download this game😡
I really love the game,its nice and entertaining but i would love you guys to either reduce the number of energy per play to 2 or something lower than 5 or better still increase the number of energy to 50 or more i just don't like the little time I'm spending on the game. Thanks so much i really recommend the. #fromnigeria🇳🇬🇳🇬
Superbb entertaining game.....I am soo addicted...but still I am giving 4 stars because...I had completed all the levels....I had been waiting....since very very long time for next restaurant to unlock...it's showing comming soon....next levels are not yet opened(new restaurant)....when will you update new levels??
It's a nice game for playing when bored at home. In this we have many levels that may be tuff to pass some times. A great game!
so far so good but it's my first time. well change it to 2 stars from 4 because who the heck wants to play less than 5 minutes and be out of energy ridiculous. Started playing again and I have been able to continue playing as I have not lost a level and apparently I'm not losing energy to good levels as before. Well energy continues to go away even thought in the levels that you do not loose so its a shame...but they do give free time.
I enjoy discovering new levels.Just hope that this game would have levels that would never end but keep on discovering new levels,customers, dishes, characters, ingredients plus a bakery store.