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Crazy Kitchen: Cooking Game

Crazy Kitchen: Cooking Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by FlyBird Casual Games located at 9/F, MW TOWER. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Play to win - as the game advances it becomes impossible to progress without paying to get diamonds and boosts. The tasks are set up such that they cannot be completed without paying diamonds.
I really like this game, except you have to buy to continue the game. It should allow you to earn power ups like you are able to earn coins.
If you like watching ads over playing, this game is for you. The more you progress the more ads and then they start appearing back to back where you have to watch 2 or 3 ads in a row all 30 seconds long each before allowing to play one more round and then the ads return. It's to bad as it's a fun game but the ads are way out of control. 😡
When the game needs to be download first before to actually play it. Even if I have a very stable internet connection I'm still getting a hard time downloading it.
I was really enjoying this game until i got to France. Do not like needing combos to pass a level when i neither get enough customers or time to do it in. I dont mind the ads as you get decent rewards for watching them but would prefer for there to be less of them. 100 gems just to continue a level?? criminal! I have played the same few levels about 10 times expecting to pass one at some point. It really is insanity. I refuse to spend real money on every other level. Developers, sort it out!!
Good and addictive game. But now just irritating. For some levels if we don't use diamons or ads can never pass that level. Want to be difficult, but this is too much. Even after upgrading all the properties cannot pass some levels. Also when we lose the level it comes to use add 30 sec more for 100 diamonds.... thinking of uninstalling.
So i have played up until level 16, and i am trying to pley on, but i cannot play the new content that i have unlocked through getting all the keys. Every time i try to play level 16-1 it loads to 10% then stops and wont go any farther. Its just this level, and i have a feelimg that its not loading the new content. Please help.
I really enjoy the game, like others there's definitely some levels where they don't give you enough customers to win the level. However, my big issue is that I had loads of money at the end of USA, but in starting France it's all gone!!!
I installed another cooking game but it began to get very annoying. Every five mins, you don't hit the level. Yur locked out for 30 minutes which really breaks your momentum!! This game is seriously addictive!! I love that the chef is animated and he applauds u!!!! I'm loving this game!!!
Please don't pay for anything. They have ALOT of "transaction errors", and then convenient excuses to never refund the money. Ok game, but it's a money scam.
This game is easy. I love how fun it is! It's got a lot of great variety of food and keeps you on your toes. The food looks so yummy πŸ˜‹! I recommend this game to everyone!
It's a fraud game. Target of custemers has to be serviced is just imposs in given time even after using boosters. It made me very disappointed. I hv to uninstall this due to d same.
Once you get to France Level 6, it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat this Combo levels without diamonds, and it is impossible to get 200 diamonds to slow the timer down, without using real money to purchase diamonds, unless you want to wait 6 months to get 200 diamonds. It was such a fun game up until this point. I hate when programmers get greedy. Now I have to UNINSTALL.
DISGUSTED! I really liked this game but theres a level i cannot pass. Ive spent lots of $ on gems but cannot pass. Its one of those that comes up with combos 150. U make all these dishes and the meter does not move. Third day of tryin will uninstall if no one contacts me. Ive spent $80 on this game! Disgusted!
Game is really fun but ads get suck and have to restart the game very time an ad comes on, would give 5 starts if it wasn't for the ads.
Super fun and addictive. I want it to be easier to get boost with paying not being the only option. You feel a little forced to spend money but you dont have to.
This game is good fun for a little while until you hit the point where some levels can only be won by gathering enough of the "combo" points. Here it becomes impossible to beat without the booster which slows down the combo counter... You need to save up diamonds to buy these or pay real money to buy more of them usually. It's seriously frustrating that it seems impossible to win these levels without the booster. Having to give up on this one and I'm only a little way into it.
I really enjoyed this game. I finished the first world and the 2nd world will not download. So after spending money on the in app stuff I can no longer play. I reached out on the "contact me" option in the game and got zero response. Up until this happened I would've rated this game much higher.
I never knew this game till I tried it so awesome one of the best cooking games especially since there no ads that I feel finally free from them because literally every game I played it's got annoying ads
I love this game so much. Its very fun and challenging. The problem is once you hot about level 70, it basically gets impossible to get all three stars on each level. I am also a part of the Facebook group and I have seen so many posts about how hard it becomes. Great game up until that point!
Very simple and fun. This game doesn't stress me out like other time management cooking games do and is still fun.
Playing the easter edition and it's quit giving me dice saying it's reached it's upper level...anybody know what this means..I wanna finish the challenge but cant
On some levels you do not earn coins per customer completed. It does not start counting coins until you've completed several orders. You aren't able to win with even a price doubles booster.
It is so amazing,l❀️it so much but l also have another game and it's just the same thing before I descover it from the same source but they are both amazing. I love it.😚
I do enjoy playing this game a lot, i think it's a fun way to kill a few minutes. I only give this a 3 because it just seems you need to sink in a lot of rl money into the game, the higher in levels you go, and then you might be good for a level or two, but then it's like you gotta do it again. It's very frustrating and annoying, even with the pretty good strategy i have come up with
I don't like how if you want to look at a ad for extra access or other options, it starts the whole game over...... and I don't like that. And some levels are impossible to beat without it trying to get you to buy something....
I like this App, I enjoyed playing it. The graphics is good but the problem is I can't update the app when it's needed. Even I install then re-install, still I can't update. Even when I'm done playing one country and need to transfer to another, I can't download it even I have internet connection What's wrong men????
The game was nice actually I enjoyed it but it's really hard to download the next level even though I have a strong connectivity.
Would've given it more stars, butsome levels cheat you. I get having to upgrade and occasionally use a booster to help. What I don't get is how in the beginning french levels some are impossible. I'll have the customers in and out quickly&be on top of everything, yet somehow my last customer arrives right when the time runs out? I don't even see the order? I KNOW I was not slow on these levels, especially since they're in the early teens of the French. Why is my last customer so late? That's low
This game is amazing but i don't like the timer cast you have to be very fast so can you please like get the timer away but everybody should play this game that's why i always win cause i have fast hands so everybody should play this game but again please don't add a timers and i hate that even my hands are fast i still hate timers and at least this game doesn't have too much ads coz i very very hate hate hate hate hate ads thank you very much i love this game
Not a balance game. Lots of rewards, deliberate short game playing to force watching adverts to get more playing time every 5sec. Very annoying. Lots of other cooking apps available. Uninstalling now.
I really liked this game. But when I got to the France level the combo levels are so hard! Even using boosts cannot pass them. Spent money on boosts and wasted it since they make it so hard.
So I hear people complain about adds alot here's a tip: when a ad shows click off the game then click on it again (it doesn't work on some games tho)
This time I'm not able to complete the level of Spain..it's too tough to get even likes..only one plate with so many ingredients..Apart from that, on selection of the countries ,I'm also not getting gift box having Double booster and Quick Cooking booster..I don't know how I got the gift open for a few times now no coins are getting added to open the box..In the first country,the coin is 119/120...It increased to one coin after I played few levels but now not increasing..Why??? Please reply...
It is tough, but eventually you can pass the levels, I have completed all of them and I have not spent a dime! I am wondering when are you going to come out with additional levels? It has been quite a while and the next restaurant still says coming soon...
Loved the game for a while but like with the other restaurant style games I've played recently, at a certain point you can't get past levels without spending money.
this game was fun for a while, but then it got very very hard and was pretty much impossible without buying something. I hate that. Who wants to guess what their response will be? Lol!
Everytime i fill the steaks, i have to continuously tap on the steaks, so they will go to the person, not worth playing
I Like this but its impossible cos it takes too long to earn diamonds to buy boosters to pass a sub-level... yada yada yada. I enjoy this game but it's getting ridiculous
I just started playing this game. Was enjoying it until ads froze my screen. App stopped working. Because of this I am unable to claim my prize. Happened 3x in a row. Three strikes you're out. Games are supposed to be fun and relaxing, not aggravating. I'm deleting this game.
Only issue I have with the game is the goals later in the game, first world alone, gets nearly impossible without the use of items and or needing to spend gems to increase the time if ads aren't available, a bit predatory in microtransactions. The time limits are too precise for some levels starting at the burger and has no leeway, extremely rushing you with too many customers at once.
The further I get in the game the more it crashes. Emailed support since I am loosing tons of diamonds and boosts and no response yet
Hands down the best cooking game out there to date!! Hurry up and make more new restaurants as I have played all levels thru! 😁
Love this game. The only thing I wish were different is the amount of diamonds you can earn and how many you need to use for boosters. It should be more diamonds that you earn and less diamonds needed for boosters. Other than that it is a great game.
This game was fun until you get to level nine then you get the key and it makes you do it again you can not go anywhere eles fun game but could be better then all the adds they make you not want to play not just this game alot so i am thinking not to play any more cooking games
I played all this games Restaurant Cities before. I seriously couldn't wait till this game opened up a new restaurant, and they did & made this game better!
Why its always show pop up like "Can't connect to server." but when i checked it up my connection is fine.
This game is interesting but it is hard for me to continue with my level 16 because it says i must download when i try downloading it says server what what...i really enjoy playing this game n would like to continue playing another levels
The game is good there are stages that are hard but you can pass through it just by watching ads that gives you help
Although I understand the reason for ads, this game is ridiculous!!! An ad after every single round, you spend more time looking at ads than you do actually playing the game!!! Too bad, fun levels when you actually get to play!!! Refuse to pay to do add free!!! Bye-bye, deleted!!!
This is an amazing games! The graphic are so cute. I really enjoying it.😍. Already complete all the levels without paying anything. Just need to be more and more quick.Finished until Brazil and waiting for the new restaurant !!!! 🀩
The game is overall fun but the time they give you to make the food is really impossible. It really makes you want to delete it. Just change to time. 2nd review I'm deleting this game. Not enough time to get the food out.
Fun but definite money grab. I was having a great time in game and made it all the way to level 40 without losing a single life...and now, even with a fully upgraded kitchen, I can't complete a level without usings diamonds. Even with the boosters the game gives you. I even went back to level 22 and can't finish without using the diamonds you have to purchase cause the game gives you like 4 a level but it takes 100 to get more time. Thanks, but no thanks.
In Paris level 113 and 115, I have served 5 Combos but the bar only shows 1 customer and never add to combos to my score. I kept having to replay that 2 levels. I suspect there's a glinch in the system. How can it +1 customer only when I have served 5 customers in a row? The combos did not add to my score!!!
Everytime i update the game with the new version, all data from previous version will be deleted so i have to re-download all levels in the game.
I love this game, but they make it impossible to win some levels without using upgrades. I'm not talking about pans and plates, but the extra coin upgrades. I understand that the player need insentive to buy, but it's getting ridiculous. Even if you do extremely well on the level, you will fail until you use "add three more customers". It's cheap. It happened three times now. I never failed an order and the customers bar never reaches below the halfway mark and I will still lose.
After the free gift from a customer, most often there is a glitch that gives a blank screen. You then have to leave and re-enter the game to continue playing.
There are a lot of levels that you can't pass even if you are very quick because you have to serve for instance 60 customers, but in the specified time only 58 customers come. That's really absurd. I know I should watch some ads to pass the level but when you use boosters AND watch an ad and you still can't pass a certain level (not because you're too slow, but because the game is badly developed), that's really stupid.
I really like this game. Just wish not so many videos to watch. The game is fast paced and a lot of fun.
It was good at the start but now everytime i try to play it says i have no Internet. Even tho my Internet is perfectly working
This is a really fun game but to beat the levels you're going to have to spend some money I think it's set up that way and all of the ads are really annoying
This game is great for engaging your cognitive brain mannerisms. It elevates your eye coordination and it's a interactive programming module that builds up your velocity of repetition!
I love this restaurant game. Challenging, but never impossible, levels. And thanks for the Christmas gift ... I've been waiting for a new restaurant!
When I reached level 16 it didn't worked any more and while l was connected to the internet it said that it could not connect to the server 😞
The game is good but the developer is very clever. I have been playing the game perfectly and now I am in a stage where I must buy. I can fast serve the dishes without throwing or burning any. I didn't even lose any customer but they on purpose give me less no of customers. I have to clear 19 orders but you only get 16 customers the only way to clear this level is to buy more customers. This was a big let down for me and I decided to remove the game.
Pay to Play. Like most games, once you reach a certain level you have to pay or watch endless ads. I guess FREE is only for a limited time. I wish you could just buy the games flat out and be done with this money grabbing shaming of people. All these game apps are that way. Fun for a while but then you pay and it adds up really quick πŸ˜•
This game is a bastard, how can one download a game to feel alright but instead the game will now add into the person's problem.... I actually uninstalled some of my apps and other games I had just because of space for it to enter. Now it's download but can't play it, it's so annoying 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😑 BAD BAD
I love the game.. I rate it 5 stars because i love the challenges.. But😁, it doesnt conect me to the server.. My game is upgraded with the last version.. I updated it on the 21 of september.. And it still doesnt let me play, its loading until 10% and that is it.. What can i do?
Im really liking this cooking game! They do have opportunities to make cash purchases, but there are plenty of ways around it. You can play levels multiple times to earn coins and diamonds, so you dont have to spend actual money. There are lots of random "helps" and events. Im really enjoying it. I play a lot of cooking time management games, and this is the best one i've played in a while!
Get to level 6 and timer runs out so fast! Did all upgrades! If this doesn't change deleting game! Was fun but really at level 6! Bye game! Don't need the stress!
At first I loved the game but later the pop-up ads started to annoy me so much because they appear sometimes after every level, I know that these ads are essential to keep the game free but they're way too many, however I like the ones which are rewarded. In addition recently the turkish cuisine has stopped on level six and I'm not able to serve food, plus it's very short is this all your knowledge about turkish food?
It is a nice and addictive app.....in the beginning. At Italy I can't get past a stage for weeks now, so it is no fun at all anymore. You need diamonds for boosters and real money for diamonds as it take too long to get free diamonds to buy the booster. I will try once more and then I will delete this game.
Great game. Easy to play. Great controls. No lagging. Would recommend this game. It has good graphics
The game is fun and you have to be quick with the orders. Cooking time on donuts and waffles are quick, but the appearance of the customers are faster than you can finish... I think the time that is given Need to be adjusted. I got up to level 63 and each time I tried to get past it was not to be. How can you expect the gamer to serve 2500 order in 50 or 60 seconds it is complete impossible. Change the time limit . I end up removing the game from my phone. And drop the rating.to a 3...
This Games Runs Slow On Certain Levels For You To Buy Diamonds! If I Didn't Have Some, I Would DELETE This Money Hungry Game! Real Talk!
Ridiculous amount of ads and then to get rid of AD you want me to pay $3 for it that's not going to happen the game will be deleted I spend a lot of money on games this will not be one
Really good but very difficult to play after few level impossible to reach the level so I'm going to uninstall the game
Been playing this game for awhile now. Some levels you have to spend money on to get past. But as for Lisa Alexander comment, I would have told her to uninstall it then! It's either her phone or her internet connection! Pretty childish to threaten to uninstall. Just do it!
I love the game but I don't play as often because when you serve the customer on some level they don't allow the customer to pay you. I feel it's cheating because it be the last of the points we need to complete a level.
I wish I could have given it a zero, because I'm tired of it taking all my gems when the game pauses, when the videos during the game freezes and it makes me lose that level, or the 10 times I tried to play it tonight and it just went back to home screen. you have one week to fix the bugs that I've been complaining about for three months now or I will be deleting this game
T this game is the worst game I have ever played because when I go to the upgrade and to download the other restaurants to play their game levels it will not let me and I also literally have Xfinity Wi-Fi and a great connection but it keeps sayingfailed to connect when obviously it has already connected and it keeps telling me it's connected but it will not let me play the game levels in the other restaurants download them so I can play the other game levels in those restaurants and go to the go
Game is good till the 3rd restaurant. Gets really hard, to the point where you have no choice but to use boosts in order to win the level. Yes, you can earn diamonds, but you eventually run out and have no choice but to purchase them in order to pass. The pictures above don't match how the game really plays either. No matter what they write in response to this review, nothing will change. They got you this far in the game so they made their money on ads we watched and will move on
The game was really fun but got to difficult to fast. I even used the thing where I cook instantly and still couldn't get 40 dishes in the time they give you. The whole game is designed so you will end up having to pay for diamonds to get any progress. Such a shame on a otherwise fun game. This will be a delete from my end.
Good game would have been a lot better game if there was a not a timer on it would have been a great addictive game
I really like the game but the constant spamming of special coupons to buy over and over after every game got to be to much. Once I say no to a deal stop asking me. Maybe in the future but not now. After this happened 5 times in a row I uninstall.
Fun game, but I've reached the point where I cannot move forward without paying continuously and so I'm uninstalling
Wonderful fun game but you have to spend alot of money to advance. Kind of like a trap. Great game but you will surely spend money to play. Im deleting.
I love this game but have lost too much money because of the bugs. I buy boosts and it freezes and then kicks me off. They take my life and boosts even when I win. It freezes right after and then it doesn't count. I have sent so many reports with screen shots and they don't do anything to compensate my loss of anything. And yes I spend money on games I like because I don't do anything else for entertainment that costs money right now. It would be nice if the support team would work with me.
No support at all. Very difficult to play from the end of donuts level without extras. Too many adds.. No enough time to learn new things in the game, too fast and too many confusing orders..so I can't enjoy that, I'm sorry but I deleted it.
Love this game. Im such a foodie and this gives me a chance to make food and even if i accidently burn it......i dont have to smell it..lol. Love the sound effects as well.
After certain levels. Levels are set as you have to watch the advertisements otherwise your level will not be completed.
Level 7 made me cash cow effect when buy this for 99 cents you as player can unlock benefits legendary golden piggybank you know what I was Facebook gamer allure died when I saw animation game lost 3 stars when I saw that behavior you do realize your withholding players bonus so they will pay? Anyone else should know they can opt out find something better there r other game dev who don't do this. Some your controls aren't tap efficient you might want hire more facebook users to iron out kinks.
Don't like the fact you must use a boost to win game , I think if might be harder but not impossible. Still enjoy play for the most part,
Not working anymore. App closes after loading. No problem with any other app on my tablet. Cleared cache-plenty of space. Hasnt worked for 3 days now. Wish I hadn't spent so much $$ in the app
This cooking game app is amazing! The graphics are so cute and easy on the eyes! I haven't played long yet, this game is one of the very best I've played so far. If I do happen to notice any glitches or improvements needed ...I'll post them. I love it!!
Amazing fun and addictive sorta but I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because the game doesn't carry over the money from country to country. If would be awesome to do a patch where the currency is carried over and adjusted to each countries currency.
The game was fun until I couldn't get passed the levels no matter what I tried..Their robot response (based on other reviews) is the levels are supposed to be "fun & challenging" but it's not fun anymore if you can never advance..
Quite difficult and challenging game.. I can't actually do this.. But if you like these types of games.. Then you MUST download it.. Right now.. No better game than this .. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Loved it at first. Then I ran out of gems so I bought some of the packs, but now I've gotten so I need a boost on every level. I don't mind spending money on a game if I feel I am getting fair value, but now I'm getting to the point where I'm spending too much so I'll be deleting it. Disappointing.
Hi there, I really loved the game but the thing is that it suddenly stopped at level 80 in Brazil and it says all the next levels are coming soon, It has been almost 3 weeks. Is it going to take so long? Thank you :)
It WAS fun, but unless you upgrade EVERYTHING, you cannot pass certain levels. And then you will run out of time and unless you add 10 seconds by watching a video or "add 3 customers", you lose a heart. And some levels the time they give you seems to be purposefully 10 seconds short. You should not have to upgrade in able to pass, it should be a choice. Not cool.
Fun relaxing and addictive. Not hammered by ads either or constant pleas to buy in-app purchases. Very nice.
I like to wait to give reviews because often times when you keep playing games, you'll begin to see unfair activity. I noticed that once I started paying for diamonds; it appears that the game sets up moments to pay again. Also, as I used my boost on a combo round, it literally did not add my combos when they were clearly collected. It ignored my combos and wasted my boost. This isn't the first time this happened. This game can be addictive but becomes less interesting with such encounters.
The game is challenging at times but the challenge is not to cook fast but to wait patiently as the customers in some challenges comes pretty slow. Then the ads, some ads forcefully redirect you to playstore and then when you return resets the entire game, therefore losing the progress of the level. It is so annoying.
It's a good cooking game with some interesting sub games but sometimes the time limit for sub games is far too unrealistic. Unfortunately I've completed the game and I am currently waiting for it to update to add in the next levels which probably means I'll end up deleting it and finding something else.
Would be 5 stars if it let me past level 16 without saying "Failed to connect to server. Please check your internet connection and try again." THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY SERVER OR INTERNET. The damn ads play with no prob. I've cleared my cache, restarted the app & my phone! What the hell is wrong with this game?!?!
We have to spend a lot of money πŸ’° to play this game max you can play is level 40 later you should buy diamonds then only you can play just keep buying diamonds spend to play
Although I understand the reason for ads, this game is ridiculous!!! An ad after every single round, you spend more time looking at ads than you do actually playing the game!!! Too bad, fun levels when you actually get to play!!! Refuse to pay to do add free!!! Bye-bye, deleted!!! Decided to give this game a second chance, tried the easter game, once again good first, but when I got further into the levels, played 8 levels, not one bunny so no rolls of the dice!! Deleted once again!!!!
It is exactly what I was looking for in this Cooking Game Craze of Age. Welcome to my 2020. The Challenges are optional and diverse. The menus are versatile. And the Levels require honest analysis. I am encouraged to - just keep playing. Also -- Chef -- is ever present with an applause and smile for productive inspiration.
The game is fun. I just downloaded it an hour ago and it's crashed twice. So the level I won didn't reward me a key. I didn't get my daily bonus extra 6 jems, because it crashed.
Its an very intresting game .I love it,most nice thing in it is that the game runs very fast there are many levels in itπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
It's a fun game. But, I've made it to level 105 in France and I have to wait and wait and wait! I need gems and/or boosts! Some of the levels cannot be completed without a boost, which is BS in my opinion!!! Levels should be hard to complete, but not impossible without extras. I've read most of the reviews and the replies to them and...no, sorry but no. Some of the levels just cannot be completed without extras and having to wait for days to get the extras or gems makes it a whole lot less fun!
Love this game wish you could take your money to the different worlds when u level up but thats my only negative about this game ive been playing it for months everyday and not to many ads or pop ups
I am really NOT a fan of these type of games, but this was interesting so I gave it a chance. The time allotted to cook a burger was insane! It went from raw to burnt to a crisp in just seconds!! I am probably very slow since I don't usually play, but that was ridiculous!!😲 So I gave it a shot, but uninstalled. But this is just my opinion, you may really enjoy it, it's definitely worth a try!πŸ€”πŸ‘ *By the way, I encountered VERY minimal ads,so I gave the 3 stars⭐ !!
Just like ALL these games...you got to pay if you want to play. I just delete them when they start not allowing you to continue without paying out a fortune every 30 minutes. We play and sit and watch the ads they get paid for, you would think they wanted you to keep doing that. But nope! After the first round it's $1.99 here.and $2.99 there. (Sigh)
I love cooking games like this one it's not rushing you earn money easley and your customers are patient
The game is overall fun but the time they give you to make the food is really impossible. It really makes you want to delete it. Just change to time
I love the game but it's just so hard with the time and y'all don't give any money and diamonds in this game so I'm going to play it for a little while but then I may have to let it go
I updated the game a few days ago and it's freezing on level 6 in the new restaurant in Turkey, I contacted your support in game 3 days ago and none answered, I also contacted you on your Facebook page and still no answer, could you fix this issue please??
Good but timed levels don't give enough time. Also it freezes often after watching videos making you lose the level and any boosts. Once you get to the BBQ place you have to use all your gems to pass levels
(I would have rated it five stars if I didn't have my complaint.) This game is amazingly addictive. But after a while of playing it, when I opened the game again, I could not play any level because I "failed to connect to the server". And even when I came online, nothing changed. That is what I don't understand. The game is offline. Why do I keep seeing the same pop-up over again?
Love the game. Don't like it when it force's one to upgrade. Happy with what Im playing on. I'm 72 just want to keep what I have. It force's me to get rid of one other game.
Would have liked to give it 5 stars because it is fun, however some of the levels are made to where you cannot win. No matter how fast you are, they do not give you enough customers in the level so you are forced to buy them.