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Cooking Family : Madness Restaurant Food Game

Cooking Family : Madness Restaurant Food Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by iKame Games located at 143 Nguyễn Tuân , Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please fix your game! In level 72 new delhi, I used 2 Double Cash but when the gane start, it was not level 72!!! No customer at all!!!!!! I can cook but no customers. After I return to World Map my 2 Double Cash were deducted eventhough I cannot play the level. Lost my precious boost just like that 😡😡😡
I really love this game but.......... Sometimes we can't finish the level and there is no another chance to win also.... So plz fix that other everything thing I liked and even the event is little but harder but love it😊😊😊
I took time in rating 5 star, becouse I need to know, how far will I go before they make it dificult, and when and if that happens, I will leave the game, so far i am having fun.
Love this game, very addictive. Don't get me wrong, it is frustrating as well as you serve all the customers yet it says you haven't completed it and so you either pay for more diamonds/energy or you have to watch continuous ads about other games to recharge your lives, which is okay if you can keep yourself busy while it is recharging rather than sit there watching the repetitive ads.
This game is the best cooking game ever, but only problem am is that have compete all the levels too 115 have even find all the keys but am on able go to the next level it say I should find more key , that I have 116/115 which I dont understand . Please kindly help me look in too it cause I really like the game nd i don't wanna delete. Thanks Please kindly unlock or open the the cite I find all the keys in Rome city already nd the new cite is yet too be opee
I love the game and after finishing New Delhi there is nothing else. I'm still waiting for the new countries to come but nothing. I do believe is the best cooking game but it needs more countries. That's why Im giving three starts!
They need to fix glitch where it keeps turning on automatic cupcake i turn it off and it keeps turning itself on without my consent
This game is fun and easy to play. I love the challenges and it's easy to earn gems. You just watch videos to earn them. The customers are cool and it's an interesting game! Overall, I love the game!
1st restaurant is muffins. Not too hard so far. Love that you can change out the customers, but it's too complicated. Should be easier.
I love the game, but it has frequent crashes and restarts. This happens so often, I may delete app until this issue is resolved.
I liked your game.It is so nice but I did not like one thing which is heart why to play it need heart I like your game no doubt in it but do something about heart I Luke your game but if hearts are finish than l have to wait for half an hour plz do something about it do so quickly nothing else complaint only that much you and about your game than your is so nice,Interesting,awesome, etc and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do something about it as fast as you can nothing else plzzz do it so.🙏
Good game. Finally updated with more restaurants but after the update to fix some bugs it actually received more bugs. Since the last update no matter what level I click on the customers never come in. You can cook everything but the customers don't exist so I can't finish the current level to receive the key to go on to the next level.
This is the best game I have ever played. This is miraculous game and if there is a chance I will rate it 10star. And there is no problem in it so you can happily download it. 💖💗😊💓💌
I loved playing this game up until the last update. The automatic cupcake activates on its own and finishes all my cupcakes even though i dont wish to use them
I just installed it and it was a good game at first.. but when I reached level 30+ there was that time wherein no customers are coming.. I have to replay again but I'll lose a life.. then after replaying it was fine but then again for the next level I encountered the same problem
Still level 86 in Paris does not work even after all the updates. The combo does not give any coins at all even using some boosts. Cannot go to the next level. Please do something again. Thanks!
This is the best restaurant game I have ever tried! So many ways to earn diamonds for free! The levels are challenging but not too difficult. Great job!
Wow this really an awesome game..I luv it. And I'm more eager to go to other levels like first I have done some other item and now I'm doing sandwiches and burgers this types of games r really cool 👍 I would give this a 5-star rating🤩🤩❤️❤️This is fun
I got to around level 50 on the New Delhi level & all of a sudden if i try to use a boost the screen loads but no customers appear & some items will not cook. Please tell me how to fix this as i just this game. Please help
Nice game but why all the unnessary ads all the time. Far to many. Nearly after each game. I would of given you 0 stars but your lucky your getting one.
Love the game! Thank you for the update New world! There IS A Problem...i have Already updated & you keep asking me to update Again!! I Have Only 1 Device...you Need to fix this if someone else is waitong for me to update that is "funneling" or "piggy-backing" my phone So Tired of this!!! Repeat: I Have Already Updated the mostt recent Yesterday Please Respond & Fix! Could not reach you with feedback button in game....Would Appreciate you time & Attention to this matter Thank you
MASTERPIECE! please do not hesitate to download this game! its nothing like regular or similar type of games that mandotory required real money to enjoy the game! u can beat those level with or without the boost! how great is that! this game give u a lot of gems by watching ads! such a wonderful game! thank u soooo much developer!! keep it up!!
They rip you off on this app. You pay for items or bundles and do not receive them. I purchased a bundle yesterday and I have my google play receipt and my bank account receipt to prove my purchase. This isn't the first time this game has done this to me. Ridiculous. Save your money for a better game people.
I would give 5 stars but too often this game steals my boosters and lives as well as keeps me from successfully completing a level bc it wn't allow buttons to be pushed for extra time or even free gift items. Really love this game, but if this isnt fixed, I'll be deleting it.
Hello.. I really enjoyed playing this game. It is really a family game. Each country has so many restaurants in it, to complete one by one you need somebody to play with. You cannot cope by your own self to serve the costumers. I played with ny children, that's why this is a family game. I just finished Tokyo but cannot proceed. It says to update, I have done it but still no country to go after Tokyo. I hope the organizer can fix this. My children and I can't wait to see what country is next.
Same great game that it always was. One thing, please correct spelling and/or punctuation please it bothers me to see these errs in the final production. Thank you.
I just paid for 3 ($19.99) each Super Girl Specials. 2 on the French level and didn't get the 4000 French coins either time however, I did get the other bonus items. Now I'm on the 3rd level Tokyo just bought another another Super Girl Special for $19.99 I did receive everything BUT the $4000 Coins for this level. PLEASE give me WHAT I PAID FOR. I went to the Settings and pressed the restore key and NOTHING happened. I'm hoping this is a small oversight. PLEASE GIVE ME WHAT I PAID FOR. Thanks
Lost everything after this last update. Game stays frozen will not go past last level. Have uninstalled and reinstalled game several times. So disappointed spent real money on this game.
Love This game but when it gives me the option to get another customer i have to tap on the video button some times more than 100 time before the add plays this is so frustrating. Also the add also freeze. If you dont fix it will have to remove it.
Good game problems game keeps going blank nothing there it needs fixing so the problems seem to be fixed all good will rate it five starsjthis game has stopped so ninstalling
I like playing so far. Just finished the first restaurant. I'm hoping it doesn't get to complicated like most games like this.
The two times I loaded this app, when I got to step 39 the fried eggs placed on plates refused to be moved to the customers and when I continually tapped on plate I got messages to stop throwing food away!! Go figure. Deleting game.
New place (france) very hard. How come one achived 270 points combo with only 7 customers? I really hate the level that needs me to gain point from combo. Please remove it.
I would rate this game 5 stars if not for ads appearing like every time I finish a level (literally every level). It's really annoying. I generally don't mind ads but here they are way too many of them.
I was really enjoying playing the game but now it's frozen in Burger Restaurant on Level 16. I have tried uninstalling the App multiple times but when I log in it goes back to where I was and it's still frozen, I don't know what else to do.
No problems so far. Very enjoyable game. Plenty of rewards during game. Worth a try out. Great game. Just love it. Very addictive.
Some time its difficult to cross a label.inspite of upgrading the appliences.x2 vidio is not working. So its difficult to complete alabell
Ive been playing the game for 10 minutes! So far so good but at the lease plz give us players time too come back to play! that way you'll know how great your game is! One can hardly tell how great something is in ten minutes! Unless its real food.👀
Wat is the update that is available on March 21....still new game level is not updated or installed...do what's new that had come 2 days back?
They rip you off when purchasing the boost packages. Says you 2 each of the items and i never received them Reporting them to my card holder as scammers. Its happened once before. Be aware
A lot of ads and every time Ive tried to use Gems to upgrade I never get the items BUT it takes the gems. Wasted alot of time and hearts due to making food and NO CUSTOMERS!!. Have fun playing this game BUT just might have to uninstall, not worth working for things to not get the reward.
The games was great I love it because I can play with or without the internet, but when I updated the wont play without the internet😢😢 hipe the next updates you will allow to open it without the internet. Ni recommend ko pa naman sa friwnds ko but sad to say hindi ma open yung app pg walang internet😧😧😤😥😥
So many ads... I can see after every 5th round BUT EVERY....SINGLE...ROUND is beyond ridiculous... I ended up watching more ads than actually playing the game... if I wanted to watch ads I'd watch TV.
I play a lot of cooking games I most of the time delete them but i like this one beautful game not hard at all nice game good Job
It a very nice game .I have hade no problems with it. I love the way the customers are different famous people and are from famous cartoons .If you're reading this you should definitely consider downloading it. It a five star game for me.
Level 75 rome i need 2250 with 27 customer which I all served with five combos but can only make between 1500 and 1800 even dough I have all food upgrades how is it possible to make an extra 400 even with three extra customer for gems and why should different amounts be made with all upgrades and five combos
I finished all 5 countries and so far I enjoyed playing it. Waiting for the new countries to open. Ads really test your patience. But I hope ads will not show every after level, it's so annoying. But some ads are good because you will get either coins or gems. Other thing is there is a level that if you accidentally double tap, it will automatically go to trash bin and you'll lose the game. But, overall it is really a good game. Hoping for more countries to open.
I really love this cooking game ... Very enertaining & even my gkids love to play it with me! Thanks!
This is the best game I had ever played. Please install this game if want to have fun. Really nice 🤗 Fully satisfied with the game 👏👏👏👏 No complaints at all........😎😎
I was waiting to review the game after playing a while. The games is good, it allows you to watch videos to earn gems up to a point then that feature along with the feature to earn more coins is shut down to make you buy gems. You can play a perfect game and not complete the level, you need to spend gems for 1 more person which you should have been given enough people in the first place.
It would have been higher. Fun & good game BUT there are advertisements in advertisements!!!! I understand, the profits come from ads. but there's a different between too much and normal. But ofc if you want not to have ads, you must pay for it. most challenges need boosts for you to complete,when the free ones gone you must purchase them. way too greedy but I guessed it's a strategy for most games. I normally go for purchase game, consumed less money. Ah well uninstall. fun till you bored.
I love the game so much and i cant stop playing on it, despite the fact that theres a lot of ads that's so annoying...
I love this game. One of the best. Only problem I have is when I go to collect my daily gift whether it's coins, gems, or boost the 2 times that is there doesn't always work.
This cooking game is so much fun doing this Corona Vivus. Plus theres a way you can gain diamons to help you along the way. You just need some patiece dealing with comercials to get free diamons. Yeaaaaa
Feel like uninstalling this game.I enjoy it very much at the beginning,bt now i just cant pass stage 70 from Tokyo.The emoji with the heart eyes are impossible to get.Why is the subcriber only responding to certain peoples reviews.I have been asking for help several times now.
I am so addicted to this game. Sneak time at work just to play a few levels, stay up late playing. Wow!
The game is fun, but since the update today when I'm on a level a couple customers come out but then they stop coming out but time is still ticking but I haven't served anyone new. Then I have to use my gems or loose gems because it thinks I didn't finish the level.
For some reasons I mistakenly deleted and now I have downloaded it back but after playing the first level the game just quits on it own I don't know why. I have tried several times but still
Lovely game...very gripping and earning diamonds is easy..just by watching few ads...and targets are achievable unlike other games where it becomes impossible after a point... still hooked to this one
After finished at level 115, i can't go to the "New World". I press the "Let Go" button but it doesn't response. Please fix it
Love the game. Hate the ads, but at least you can get extra time with the ads. I end up watching more ads than playing it.
How long do I have to wait to vet to the next level? I would have given you a 5 star but 2 weeks of waiting for "your team" to create the next level is super annoying.
Level 4 in Rome isnt sending customers and its timed. Ive tried it several times through out the last 4 hours. Please do something about this. Other than that i love the game and so happy that you guys opend the next country.
So far I like it.. Just think the burger & bacon sandwich stand is set up a little different, it's a little hard to get back & forth with the buns & burgers being so far apart. But so far it's a fun game
Best cooking game I have found! It's easy to go back and do extra jobs on previous levels to get money to upgrade items. And I like that you can watch ads to get extra time or customers instead of spending gems. I beat all the levels. Hoping for more soon!
Loved this game at first but won't let me watch videos to increase my gems or coins such as daily bonus. Please fix as I was enjoying the game and don't want to uninstall it. Thanks
I love this game but now I don't know! You can't collect gems you have to constantly use gems to complete the levels the Tokyo is completely crazy you can't win without using gems and you can't get the gems maybe you need to do a update!!
Very cute and relaxing cooking app. Get it and you will smile withe game always. Its a ni e way to spend free ti.e in your day.
At first this game is fun until I reached to the pizza level part. There is no way you can please over 10 customers due to many add ons on the pizza before you can even put on the oven unless you keep buying gems. Please make it easier. There is no use of having the pizza serving plate since. Please do something...
Great game..got to level 115 and can't go any further, not sure why...but I'm ready to get the plane to the next part..but I'm stuck...
I love this game but I don't like that haert that always wast my time before I can play my game it's anoys me for that I give it three star
This game is not that bad graphics pretty good gameplay same you guys should try this out it is really not that bad.
So far its fun, but i know it will get to a point where the "money grab" will come into play and if i dont buy I won't win and be able to play on. I will NEVER spend real money on any game!!! There's to many online that I can play!
Like this game but levels are difficult and when you buy booster packs they don't give you all that you pay for. Some levels eat up all your boosters and cost more to win.
Earlier I praised this game. Now not so much. the screen keeps going black on me and I lose my progress. Buying instant cook and lose it cause the game crashes. upgrades cost to much, dont win a lot of money in order to get the upgrades. Early levels it was comparable but the upper levels they cost more and you win the same as before.
Wat is the update that is available on March 21....still new game level is not updated or installed...do what's new that had come 2 days back? No improvement even in March mid week update...when can I expect the new level pls...its damn boring to play yhe existing countries and level 😴
Love the game, but Paris 24 tier 2 is impossible to beat. It is this new combo coin only level, i hate it. You need 465 points to beat it. Combo 5 gives you 40 points only and this level gives you a maximum of 42 dishes only. So even if i make all 5 combos out of the 42 dishes, i will only make 320 coins. Not even close. Now i am stuck.
So nobody's gonna point out the bad english in this game, i can't even figure out what some of the daily tasks are and the upgrades are so expensive. The ads are so much i have to turn off my wifi everytime i play.
At first I really enjoyed this game was going to give a 5star until game keeps freezing please fix this I really enjoy this game
I will give 5 stars once I get my key to pass the levels. I've have done all 45 levels 3 times over and only got 44 keys. I need one key but it's nowhere to be seen. Please fix this.
I'm hoping that this game does not change into all the other games I have tried. I love playing this game. I have all day always retried and love this.
Gone from loving to hating game!! Really enjoyed gameat first,was 1of the more fun games I've tried.Frustrating when tells u watch video for double daily reward, free gems etc then says Sorry no vids available now.Sometimes u watch 6 videos&still dont get your boost etc.Been trying same level for over a week,no matter how many boosts u use, just cant win!!Grrrrrrrr!!!!! And to make matters worse,I updated game&now cant wat h any videos for free items, price doubler, gems,etc😤
Well I can't get my rewards when I watched a advertisement won't let me colect my rewards but it keeps giving me videos with out a reward not good I just move to an other level and all the money I have previously gone that I don't like I work hard for that money thinking about waiting game .
I am liking this game not only does it show people that the customers love what cooking but also you get their orders right.
Fun. Exciting. Challenging.Leaves you smiling and looking forward to the next level. Congratulations!
Recmended this game. We will enjoy plating this game, no boring. We will find diffrent food in every country
It is reeeeeeaaaaallllyyyy fun!!!! I love that you can serve celebrities in this game and you can collect and choose whatever customers you want!!! And you can unlock different types of restaurants with different types of food and no such thing as glitches,long loading or in app purchases!!!! I love this game!!!! You should really download this game!
That game is so much fun and in this game we have to do all the things ghastly so I love this game and my younger sister has gone crazy on this game so thanks for this games
I liked this game at the first and at the level 45 and on the game is not working properly i selected the level the customers are not avaliable they are not coming and if i reply it ...then the customers are avaliable ...its a waste of chance ...we have only 5 chance though in should waste because of no customers...it make me angry...
After playing a ton of similar games and getting stuck because of in app purchases,this one was surely a pleasant surprise. If you don't mind ads,you won't need to purchase anything at all!
The game's fun but I hate that there's not enough customers and time run out and they make you watch an ad for 10 extra seconds. They should make you watch ads for something more worth than only 10 sec. It's just too much ad watching
I really like that you can get another 10 seconds or more customers w/o losing a turn, but I HATE that if you tap on something more than once, you lose your turn. It's ridiculous. Please fix that. The sides take forever to fill, so if you tap on it before, i.e. all 3 fill, the game ends. And,, then,, if you wait, then you lose the customer, and the game ends. I think you've changed the rules lately and the game is becoming increasingly annoying. 1/6/2021...Uninstalled. Fix your game.
Love the concept of the game but since updating I only get two or three customers on my level ,then the game just stops,very dissapointed!!!
I love this game. I never fail.(I am not trying to brag) I play this game everyday and it make me happy when I am sad. I get awesome surprises that I love. I can change the characters and that is very cool. This is the first game I play everyday. Yesterday I play this game morning to night. I couldn't stop playing it. When I went to sleep I was thinking of that game even I got a dream about it. The dream was that I got the biggest high score in the world. That is why I give it a 5 stars.